Horny babe with pussy tattoo gets fisted

Horny babe with pussy tattoo gets fisted
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"Please keep your seatbelt on till plane is fully at a complete stop, Por favor, sigan el cinturón de seguridad hasta que el avión está a una parada completa" the women speaking with sexy Latin voice maybe early 20's over the planes intercom.

I a woke from a wet dream as usually, cock stiffin my pants thank Goodness I have my briefcase over my lap. Because the women an her daughter would have been terrified of my new grown 12 inch cock in my fitted navy blue jeans, I also had busty teen love it form the back from dirty old men mid-top black nikes and a black polo V-neck sweater I looked causal for this long boring trip.

" Now have now safely landed San Juan Puerto Rico./Usted ha llegado sano y salvo en San Juan Puerto Rico". I waited for everyone to get off the plan before I got off I like to always be the last one off, but really too I love checking out all the fine sexy women from all over coming to visit San Juan my home. It took a while for my cock to get soft from the site of all the young beautiful half naked ready for the Puerto Rican beach female body's.as I walk off into the ale with my black and gray medium size briefcase of cholthes.

I see the beautiful women greeting everyone goodbye and with an instant I knew it was the women one the intercom, she was 5'6 maybe about 130 lbs Hazel green eyes carmel tan skin from the beach sun, long jet black hair to her mid-back she had on red lip stick on those dick sucking full lips, and when she smile, she light the room with her sexy white teeth.

Two buttons open on her button up white shirt so you can see her black bra holding up her big doubble D's. she looked so good in her "".ummmmmmmmmmm, is all I can think". "Good bye thank you for riding with us and have a safe trip" she smile and wave at me as I past her.

"Thank you very much. Muy hermosa las cosas que haría que si era su hombre(You very beautiful the things I would do to you if I was your man), I said as I walked off. She just smiled and blushed. As I walked the hall try to find the exit, my phone goes crazy with text messages once I turn it back on. 60 messages from friends saying there sorry for my Grandpas passing. I quickly fall apart again realizing why I had come in the first place. My Grandpa funeral was in the next four hours at 7:30 pm, I landed 3:30 pm I had to hurry an catch a taxi to get freshened up and dressed for the wake.

I get in the first taxi I see and to my surprise it one of my childhood friends that's driving the taxi. " yo Juan, man I'm sorry bout pops this ones on me I'll take the short cut what times the funeral"? I rised my eye brown and said 7:30 pm. Once he arrive to my building that now I'm renting since grandpas gone I'm gonna be living part time here in the summer in San Juan, an part double penetration session with a busty hottie facial boobs in Miami beach florida in my condo when I go back to work.

I walk to my grandpas room and sadly look around his bed neatly made, everything organized, he was a neat freak that old man. " Good times Abuelo, good times". I close the door and walk to my old room man the memories in this room is priceless.

I had the best young pussy out here. Puerto Rico is different then America you can't fuck some one younger then you. But back in those days in Puerto Rico girls and boys started losing there virginities at 8 years old maybe younger. Fucking was just like buying milk at the store. Memories such memories, as I laid down on my full size bed from childhood, I looked around everything was there same place I left it 15 years ago. " o shit " I took off my sweater and kicked off my sneakers and walks to my bed, I pulled a box out from under it and pull out my school book.

Laying down I look through the pages of old friends laughing at old school dances school year pics funny off graud pics, then before the last page a photo printed picture fall out. " Jessica " the picture show a beautiful red head girl, with freckles. Hazel green eyes, sexy tiny heart shaped pink lips small round face her red hair divided into two long braided braids.

Her baby hair on her fore head always looked so sweet, Gold stud earrings on her small baby looking ears. She must be like 32 now, but in the picture she must have been barely 11 yrs old.

She wear a green Barney sweater and smile just enough to see her bright white teeth. " Jessica," my dick got hard I zipped my pants down and pulled my pale red 12 inch dick bulging veins all around fulled with hot horny blood, big phat mushroom head and a shaft like a horse cock, took it out laid monkey and girl sax sex stories story the bed with my dick one hand and the picture in my other.

I spit on my hand as I remember Jessica. " Class dissmissed" Mrs. Rodriguez announced to the class room. As I pack all my things into my back pack I remember Jessica walking up to me and asking If I could help her with her home work, she lived only two buildings down from mine.

" si ok Jessica" I waited for her to gather her things I watched her I liked how she bent over to put her books and things in her leopard printed school bag. She weared her school uniform shirt so that when every time she bent over I could see her power ranger printed white panties. My cock tingle. " ready Juan" she grabed my hand an we was off to my apartment door 202 on the second floor. She talked about gym and how Cindy got catch jerking off Andrew in the boys room, she must have looked talking about it cues she keeled gigling every time she aid the word cock, suck, jerk.

I enjoyed these words coming from her young 10 an a half year old mouth it was quite Drity for her age. As we entered I yell out to see if grandpa was home bu o answer, I looked in his room no one but the tv was left on an there was a ciggar burning out flames of smoke still leaving from its flamed tip. As I close his bed room door I saw a note, "My lil Jr, Im gone wont be back till 3:00am. Love grandpa P.S I went to the casino new girls out there dont worry bout me.

love Grumpy". I laughed out loud, " what's so funny lil jr" she smirked. " hey don't call me that ok only my abuelo can ok, it was what he called my dad before he pass away, and don't ask any fucking question about what happened to my parents or you can do your fucking home work on your own", she look amazed never seeing this side of me before but at school I contain These behaviors show only the good little boy side.

" Juan I'm sorry, please let's get started I won't upset you any more now I'm really sorry Juan".

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I gave her a pissed off look to let her know I wasn't playing. She followed me to my bed room. I held the door open and told her she can place her things over by the study desk I be back with another chair, as I went in the kitchen to grab kinky threesome action with a raven haired looker chair I had a very sinister idea for how she can pay me back for me helping her do her home work, the thought made his dick jump and twitch.

When her came back in his room he saw her reading her school note leaning forward into the book as if sreachng for something, her legs crossed in the chair.

Her red hair done her usual two braided braids down to her little A cup tiny mosquito bites for breast, just little hard perky nipples on her chest she was develop yet at all.

Her legs looked like lolly pop sticks. She looked bout 70 lbs 4 feet 7 inches. My dick started to get hard cause her body reminded me of that little dark long pigtailed hair girl with the pale skin an baby blue eyes that early morning I rode my bike to school an the mid 40's man was pounding that little 12 yr old pussy with his dick making her cry. " Jessica how dose this sound, I do your homework for you, you can eat what you want watch tv, go online what ever you want mi casa su casa"!

She yelled in a cheerful yeahhhhh. An got up an went to the kitchen I Quickly started her home work, she came back with 3 sandwiches 2 for her one for me and two cold can cokes.

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In half hr I finished her homework now after she ate watched tv used my computer it was time for her to pay me back. I know at her home she has no cable or landline for computer so she differently had a great time, and got her home work done.

I got up locked my door my cock got rock hard. The hardest at 6 inches an 9 inches wide my viens full with lust for a skinny tiny body short body. And Jessica was my target. I turned off the lights she didn't say any thing she just keeped on gemma minx and amber hahn strapon fun tv. I started taking off my uniform till I was only in my boxer briefs. I slowly walked behind her, quietly listening to her childish laughter of a 10 yr old.

I got down to my knees behind her back, an started kissing her neck, she pulled back, " Juan stop eh um what are you doing"? I pulled her back but closer an whispered " It's time for you to pay me back for doing your homework an showing you a good time" she try to resist but I over powered her weak little body. " please Juan stop, No Para ahora". The sound of her cries made me need her more. I grabed her by her braided hair an pulled her to my full size bed. " Juan please your hurting me, stop let me go home", I winked at her an smirked at her same way she smirked at me early when she pissd me off, " Jessica your going home don't worry, but only after you pay me back or I tell Mrs.

Rodriguez you cheated on you work tomorrow. She stayed shut quite.

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" Good noe sssh relax you owe me don't insult me for being good to you. I unzipped her skirt an pulled them down to reveal her white panties with the power rangers printed on them, unbutton her white school blouse, and reveal her tiny lil nipples so perky an pointy.

She started to cry louder as I pulled down her per lovely dames ride dicks in an orgy panties. I spread her legs to only discover the most beautifulest sight ever, her pussy was smooth bald, not one single strand of hair started to grow there yet, her lips were puffy but still very small as I spread her outter pussy plump lips the pinkest thin lips press tightly together hiding her clit, I hear hear still crying and breathing hard, her boney chest rising up and down, I open those tiny thin lips to reveal her whitish pinkish hymen, closing sealed the entrance to the inside of her skinny little undeveloped body.

I blow on it. She stop cry, I can tell she was holding her breath cause her chest stop moving up an down.


I slowly started licking her virging pussy, she gasp for air from the first lick her body move up in the air I grabed her legs back down took keep her body back on the bed. Holding her thighs down, I slid my tongue down from that pinkish whitish clit around her hymen an down her ass, her crystal now started to sound me like moans now, an it seem like he was now pushing down towards my face.

" you like this don't you" I got to my knees slid off my boxer briefs an got into a 69 position an told her to open her my, she did as I said, her mouth felt amazing as dora venter gets drilled in hardcore fashion as I entered her tight virgin mouth.


Her mouth was so tight an her throat felt tighter. I felt her gag a few times but didn't car I keeled fucking her mouth rocking back an forth, she try to talk, maybe o say stop but I ignored her yulps. I continued to eat her beautiful virgin tasteful pussy. The way she tasted I could have ate her all night, but I had to fuck her. I pulled out her mouth to hear fuck me before i go with tiffany fox "pop" sound follow along with plenty of saliva.

She looked scared, but it only mad me need her more want her body, her face looked just like that blue eyed girl, scared humiliated, ashamed. I licked her cunt a few more minutes, then yanked on her braids to get up, I position her doggy style and told her to stay like that not to move in a second I went to my dresser an pulled a camera with my still rock hard cock swing around.

Once I turn on the lights she try to move but I gave her the meanest look ever she just stay froze. I snapped about ten pics of her hymen, I snapped pics of her bent over naked her scared face nervous horrified humiliated eyes and undeveloped body just bent over like a dog. Once ther was no more film I put the camera back.

" you have been good so far do you like playing husband an wife"? Se just shook her head no. I walk slowly jerking my dick slowly with the rythem of my walk, as she just stay position doggy style impatient scared and waiting to see what I was about to do. I bent down to smell her virgin pussy once more before I deflowerized her. I lick her whitish pinkish ass hole, her body jerked I tried to stick my tongue in her tight virgin ass but failed because it was just too tight and small for my fat tongue.

She jerk and moaned a lil. I stood up to the edge of the bed where her virgin bald snatch was I spat on her hymen an tried to drive in her pussy, she screamed so loud I know people next door heard her " Jessica shut he fuck up or Im telling Mrs. Rodriguez. She had rivers of tear rolling one after the other down her rosy round freckled cheeks, she looked so beautiful, " ash sssh baby it's ok I'm sorry Ill be gentel sssh". She look like a toddler crying for her mommy, her face went from pale to red.

" sssh Jessica's sssh", I slowly rubbed my cock against her still tight sealed hymen, until her cries soon again went from crying to moaning. I pulled back a bout an inch then drove once more at full speed into her hymen, wining this time an tearing and ripping her hymen apart to fit my 9 inch wide 6 inches long rock hard cock. I felt her body collapsed on my bed, I just keep on fucking her virgin pussy that was no longer virgin.

She must have passed out from the pain cause her body went limp an became dead weight heavy. She didn't make a sound I check to see if she was breathing, I pulled out an to my surpise i saw blood running down my legs an all over my dick an more blood on my pubic hair, " what the fuck, my dick must have grown" i said to myself. I put my face close to her face to feel for air coming out her nose, she was ok just sleeping I felt her breath. I turned her undeveloped boney flat chested perky pointy nipples ribs showing flat belly 4 feet 7 inches body her face facing mine.

I spread her toothpick legs and jamed my dick in again. This pain a woke her from her mini coma my dick was hot, although impossible I felt my growing more an more as I fucked her very very tight hairless smooth pinkish whitish thin pussy lips back and forth pulling her inside out ever time my dick pulled back she was so tight I felt as if her pussy was so tight the more an more it squeeze my cock would explode.

I pulled out and she was in between crying an moaning her body lola foxx spreads her tight wet pussy I had her legs sexy movies 2019 xxx sex stories I looked at the reddish whitish cream around an in side her bloody pussy, I wanted to taste it, so I did I licked her bloody creamy pussy clean sollowing every thing that was there I suck my tongue in her pin hole pussy that's still extremely tight not even half of my tongue fit.

I licked her ass hole for a for minutes an her body started shaking again, still crying an moaning at the same time. I lick an lick and my dick started to crave for more of her tiny little body, so I got up staring at her tiny boney ass cheeks skinny short legs spread into a spilt her outter pussy lips slightly spread half way open her iner thin lips seal stuck together.

I took my cock in my left hand rubbing up an down her wet now horny pussy an my right hand held her left legs pinned down to the edge of the bed. I looked up at her beautiful young 10 yr old face the sadness an hornyness mixed in her face made me jam my dick deep she screamed an ttried to get away but I let go of her leg and grab her neck, I don't know what came over me but I started to choke her, I just keeped on pumping my dick faster an faster into her tight tight pussy every now an then I would pull out an it would jam into her tight ass cause her pain through out her body causing her to tense up.

Her face went from red to purplish to blue before I let go of her neck. Once I let go of her neck her body went limp, I knew she must of passed out again from the way her pussy felt. It felt easier to fuck less tensed up but still fucking extremely tight. Her flat chest reminded me of little toddler chest.

Only puffy nipples no breast. I starting fucking harder and harder as I could go. Sucking her puffy nipples one at a time my dick started to reach its climax and stiffened up. I dig in deep as I grabed her neck again and squeeze hard feeling her tight pussy get tighter she woke making a choking sound.

I looked up at her trying to fight free from my hand griped around her neck her eyes turning blood shot red. I couldn't hold it any more I drove in till my dick couldn't go past any more. I felt my dick release about a gallon of hott gooey 11 year old boy cumm into a ten year old tight deflowerized young red head school mate. She was now shaking madly, my dick still trapped in her tight squeezing pulsing cunt. It jerks an twitches in her as the last of my cum spills in her baby girl cunt.

I pull out help her skinny weak trembling body to the bath room. She never said anything to me she didn't even look at me I took a shower with her an well I could help but to help her clean that sexy undeveloped boney little girl with puffy nipples for tits, smooth skin body.

As I cleaned her she keeped on saying " ouch ouch ouch" every time I touched her pussy. This made me hard again rock hard again I bent under her wet watery cleaned deflowerized pussy, an I start to lick it, as I jerk my dick really hard an fast making my breathing heavy, every time air blown out my nose from how hard I was breathing she twitch.

I couldn't help it I bent her over lift her right leg up against the shower wall the hot water still pouring on our naked freshly cleaned bodies, I position my dick from behind.

" Juan no please I'm hurting down there Im so soreit burn, it felt so hurt, please I can't take it", an as sonn as she finished her last sentence I just teared right in her swollen extra tight pussy oh sher was so sexy, long red braids now soaking wet stuck against her pale white freackles back two dimples showed at the top of her butt crack. Spreading her boney ass apart naming my phat hard prev dick in her hearing her cries once again turn to moans as she cumms all over my cock, I let go of her leg again and grab her neck once more an start choking her from behind dick roaming her tight pussy ten yr old walls.

Her body gose limp again and her head hit the shower wall hard just like that I came in her just cleaned deflowerized pussy now destroyed pussy. I lets her body fall to the tub an clean up her cumm feel deflowerized and destroyed pussy finish cleaning her up, and brought her to the bed.

Dry her little body. Man seeing her lifeless body made me hard again but it was close to ten pm I didn't want her Mama an Papa to worry. I put her uniform back the way she had I at school.

" Jessica wake up, Jessica teen whore madisson reese sits on big cock of jock up girl" " you need to going fucking home".

She woke up scared and Confussed. " What, Juan I don feel so good I can't move". I started packing her books into her school back helped her to the door, after given her a cup of sunny delight. " ok Jessica you keep this a secret an I won't tell the teacher ou cheated, an I won't how anyone those pics of you naked thati took got it"???

" um well um ok I guess, I guess, thank you for my homework I guess". " Jessica this means your my girl now but only out of school ok, only when we are together in my bedroom ok", " ok Juan I'm tired I'm leaving now" I held the door " promise your not going to tell anyone"?

" yes Juan I promise" scared she just looked at me her eyes watering. My dick twitch," kiss me the, on my mouth and stick you tongue in it. To make sure your m bed room girlfriend" she closed her eyes an tipped toe her lips to mines I felt he little tongue touch my, o it felt so good my dick got hard. I opened the door an walked her to her pink and white bike, " uuummmm just like her pussy". " what Juan nothing Jessica be careful it's dark. "ouch ouch" she yulp as she got on her bike her push to sore to sit on the sit of her bike.

" wow, o fuck I can't even fall aleppo till my one works done fuck" I walked in the apartment locked the door and just smirked an went in my room to finish my homework. " o shit, Awwwww Awwww fuck awww o shit", I came all over my bed and stomach. From remembering about sweet Jessica. I look at the time 6:45 o shit gotta get ready fuck the wake will be starting soon. He made it to the wake an funeral for his grandpa.

Went home and rested, from all the emotion from the funeral. He missed his grandpa. He needed to rest fom the long plane ride an long session by himself with the thought of sweet Jessica, and the over weming funeral.

Part three coming soon Juan's meets up with old friends Juan's crazy Sex adventures Her picture now on the floor.