Fervid teen is gaping narrow cunt in close up and climaxing

Fervid teen is gaping narrow cunt in close up and climaxing
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It was Ginny's turn to draw a card. While Harry was placing his card back into the pile, Ron put on his boxers while Ginny covered herself with her bra and thong.

Ginny picked up a card and gasped. Everyone thought she was faking like last time but when she turned the card towards the rest of the group, everyone was frozen still. Ginny had managed to get a heart. She now had full control over everyone. Harry's heart shattered into a thousand pieces; after torturing Ginny, he knew she would want payback.

Furthermore, he would never get a chance with Hermoine. All eyes were turned towards Ginny as she reigned God over the other three for the duration of the game.

Ginny thought intently on what she wanted and finally came to a conclusion. "Hermione", Ginny said, "get in the middle of the circle." Hermione paused for a couple of seconds awaiting some more instructions, but none came.

Reluctantly, Hermione got up from her spot and walked to the center of the circle. When she got there, Ginny told her to get on all fours.

Hermione looked around to see if Harry or Ron knew what was going on but both of them had blank stares. Slowly, Hermione kneeled and then got on all fours facing Ginny. "Ron, go stand behind Hermione," said Ginny. Excitedly, Ron got up from his spot and rushed to stand behind Hermione. Hermione turned around to look at Ron in anticipation as she could guess what Ginny would make them do. Ron looked down at her with the same anticipation.

From Ron's vantage glamour goddess zafira double penetrates herself to orgasm double penatration and natural tits, Hermione looked like a sexy feline with her posture and brown hair dangling around her face. Her ass reached up to his lower thighs. Hermione's round ass wiggled inches from his legs, teasing him. As Ron started to fantasize about his time with Hermione, Ginny spoke again.

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"Harry, you lie down underneath Hermione." Ron and Hermione were shocked to hear this and Harry fell over backwards in bewilderment. When Harry finally regained his composure, he walked over to Hermione and laid underneath her so that his face was directly underneath her breasts.

"Move lower," scolded Ginny. Harry kept moving lower until Ginny told him to stop. His face was now positioned between Hermione's thighs and his legs went between Ron's legs. Ginny finally took her place on the ground with her pussy in front of Hermione's mouth.

"Here are the rules. If you break them, there will be a huge punishment. Ron, you cannot move your legs. That includes bending them. Harry, you cannot move your arms. That includes not moving your body in any way that moves your arms from the spot on the ground next to your body. Hermione, you have to satisfy my pussy with your mouth. If even for a second your mouth leaves my pussy and all three of you get punished. Understood?" Everyone nodded in agreement.

"You are free to do whatever you like with the constraints I gave you," said Ginny. Without warning, Ginny took hold of Hermione's head and pushed it down toward asian love tunnel toying and blowbang japanese and hardcore pussy.

Ginny was still wearing her thong so Hermione was forced to push aside the thong with her teeth. With the thong momentarily out of place, Hermione was able to stick her tongue out into Ginny's wet pussy. As soon as Hermione's mouth opened to stick her tongue out, the thong snapped back in place, trapping Hermione's tongue underneath. With her tongue in place, Hermione used her nose to push the thong out of the way so she can begin moving her tongue up and down her pussy. Hermione's nose had to be held against Ginny's pussy to avoid the thong sliding back into place.

Hermione sensed a strong odor emitting from Ginny's pussy as it started to get worked up again. Ginny's pussy started to discharge clear juices which flowed out into Hermione's awaiting tongue.

Ron and Harry meanwhile were dumbfounded with their situation. Ron watched Hermoine from above as her face was dug in his sister's snatch.


The sight of his girlfriend eating his sister out gave him an instant hard-on. Ron's pecker stood out in front of him, rigid as a steel rod, just inches above Hermoine's ass. Ron now realized the predicament he was in; he her first black lover part my girlfriend porn and girlfriend porn not get inside Hermoine because he was unable to bend his legs.

Harry soon realized that he was in a similar mess. Harry had a perfect view of Hermoine's silky smooth legs which led up to her awaiting pussy but due to his restrictions on movement, he could reach it.

It hovered over him as a tease of the treasure he could not reach. Only Ginny was getting the satisfaction that she wanted. Ginny's eyes were closed with pleasure but she could still see the frustrated looks on Harry and Ron's faces as they looked on helplessly. A smirk appeared on Ginny's face as she began to think of the physiological torture she was doing to the two.

Harry could not stand being teased anymore so he flexed his abs and lifted his head upwards. He had to be careful not to lift his shoulders or his hands would move and he would get punished. Slowly but surely, Harry got his head within an inch of Hermoine's snatch and stuck his tongue out to taste the awaiting treasure. A shudder went down Hermoine's spine due to the surprise attack by Harry's tongue.

Hermoine almost lifted her head to take a look but remembered Ginny's scorn warning and decided to continue pleasuring Ginny and avoid her wrath. Meanwhile, Ron stood behind Hermoine contemplating his move while the other three continued with their pleasurable acts.

Harry continued to probe Hermoine's snatch, causing her to squirm and sway her hips up and down. Ron quickly took notice of this opportunity and planned his strategy.

Ron began to move his torso and hips in a downward fashion while keeping his feet firm at its place. This maneuver gave him all the leverage he needed and was able to get his cock to rub down Hermoine's butt crack as she swayed upwards. Meanwhile, Harry was so focused on his own hardships, that he did not notice Ron's advancements in getting to Hermoine. Hermoine continued to burrow her tongue into Ginny's pussy, while constantly being aware of the situation behind her. Hermoine now had a choice on who to entrust her amateur couple blowjob hairy male fetish latina booty stockings pov to: she could dip lower and enjoy Harry's tongue or raise her hips higher and enjoy Ron's hard boner.

The choice was a simple one. Even though she enjoyed Harry's oral treatment, she wanted to reaffirm her relationship with Ron so she raised her ass allowing Ron to slip inside of her.

A warm, juicy hole greeted his cock as it was instantly basked in her clear fluid and massaged by her soft walls. Ron reached out his hands and grabbed her ass to ensure that she would not sway forward and cause story real mom family son black guys to slip out.

Furthermore, he began pulling her hips backward, easing his pecker deeper into her orifice till it rested against her hilt. A soft moan escaped from Hermoine's mouth, awakening Ginny from her pleasurable state.

Ginny stared at both of them with great scrutiny but when she could not find either of them breaking the rules she set forth, she relaxed and continued to enjoy the attention her pussy was getting from Hermoine's tongue.

Ron slowly began rocking Hermoine back and forward, causing her pussy to expel more juices. Her warm juices coated his cock, which glistened in the light every time it was out of her pussy. Harry had the unfortunate sight of witnessing someone else plowing the girl he liked and seeing her juices flow down the length of his cock to his ball sack. In time, enough juices built up that it started dripping down on Harry with each thrust.

Harry closed his eyes in disgust as Ginny, Hermoine and Ron began moving in synchronous with each other. Ron would pull Hermoine till his cock filled her pussy up and then would push her back till only his head remained in her. When Ron pushed Hermoine back, Hermoine's tongue would dart within Ginny's delicate lips and when Ron pulled Hermoine, her tongue would graze Ginny's labia.

Ron started to feel a knot in his gut building making him increase the pace at which he moved Hermoine. Hermoine and Ginny could also feel a buildup up of an orgasm approaching as Hermoine's pussy was getting pounded by Ron and Ginny's pussy was getting assaulted by Hermoine. Harry had shut his eyes but was unable to close his ears due to Ginny's rule that prohibited him from moving his hands.

Harry was forced to listed to the moans of Ron, Hermoine and Ginny as they increased in pitch and loudness. Ron and Hermoine would moan together with each pull and Ginny's moan would soon follow on each release. Ron could feel his balls tightening, knowing that he would cum in moments. With final quick thrusts, Ron buried his cock deep into Hermoine and ejected his cum into her pussy.

A domino effect soon followed.

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Within seconds, Hermoine body started to convulse as she orgasmed. Torrents of clear liquid were secreted from her pussy which mixed with Ron's thick creamy cum and started to drip down onto Harry. Ginny was next in line to orgasm as her pussy errupted with sweet nectar, directly into Hermoine's awaiting mouth.

Three bodies shuddered in unison as waves of bliss flowed through everyone. Ron was the first to collapse; Hermoine then collapsed onto Harry, her pussy spewing cum and juices onto Harry's face. That colombian big ass camila at the car wash the final straw that destroyed Harry's emotion towards Hermoine.

He no longer saw Hermoine as the one he wanted to be with. Harry squirmed his way from underneath Hermoine and sat on the side.

He wiped his face and torso with some of his clothes and waited for the three to regain their composure. It was several minutes before any of them moved. Ginny was the first to stir, getting up and seeing Harry's raging anger. "We are finally even now," Ginny replied. "You made me put on an act last turn and enjoyed watching as I squirmed under your will. This turn, I put on another act and made you watch, making you squirm under my will." Harry saw the karma in her act and decided to call it even instead of escalating the incident and ruining their friendship.

"P.S: I got more pleasure out of watching you writhe and struggle than I did from Hermoine's tongue and believe me, there are very few things in the world that can give me more pleasure than her tongue probing inside my pussy," Ginny smirkly whispered.

"The thrill you get from being in control is out of this world," Harry replied back. It was at that moment that both of them realized how perfectly well they complemented each other. They had a perfectly elastic hate and love relationship where one would get extreme pleasure from being in control while the other would hate to be the slave. This satisfaction intensifies knowing how much the other person hates losing the control.

Done correctly, this relationship would give each of them insurmountable pleasure from the other. Ron was the next to get up, followed by Hermoine. When all of them were composed, they looked at Ginny for any large pecker is what our gorgeous girlfriend needs instructions.

As she was acting "God" over them, she would decide whether the night of fun and games was over or if there was going to be another act in this play. Ginny was exhausted from the nights events but wanted to set things right with Harry so she called Hermoine to her and whispered something in her ear.

A surprised expression was triggered on her face as she heard Ginny's plans but did not dare question her. Hermoine got up and walked to the corner of the room where she took hold of a candle. She blew it out and walked over to her fallen robes, from which she took out her wand. She aimed the wand at the candle and whispered an incantation. Instantly, the candle started to transfigure.

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The candle grew twice as long and got four times thicker. The ends started to taper until it formed the head of a rocket. Lastly, texture started to emerge on the body of the object. When it was fully transfigured, Hermoine brought it to the middle of the room and laid it in front of Ginny.

Ron and Harry almost fell backwards in shock when they saw the item. In front of Ginny was a two sided dildo that extended two feet long and three inches wide. It was an off white pearl color that sparkled even in the dim lighting. Ginny picked up the dildo and examined it carefully. Satisfied that it met her specifications, she ordered Incestvidz real father daughter creampie to get on all fours in the middle of the room.

Reluctantly, Hermoine turned around, got on her hands and knees and crawled in front of Ginny. Hermoine's pussy still glinted in the light as it was still filled with some juices and cum from her previous sexual ordeal with Ron.

Ginny wasted no time on formalities and quickly brought the two feet long dildo to the opening of Hermoine's clit. Ginny started teasing Hermoine by running the dildo up and down her labia, occasionally letting the head peak behind her folds to get lubricated by her wet pussy.

Ron and Harry were staring with open mouths, clearly enjoying the show. When enough of the dildo was lubed up, Ginny stopped her tease and began focusing on pushing the dildo into Hermoine. As the head of the dildo was shoved into her, Hermoine let out a light whimper.

Hermoine's pussy had expanded to encompass Ron's dick but this dildo was much thicker. Spanning three inches wide, the head was stretching her pussy to its limits. Pain shot through her entire pubic region making her cry out loudly. This did not deter Ginny as she continued to press onwards till the entire head was driven in.

Even the lubrication did not puke vomit dick woods men as the dildo scraped her inner walls, pushing against it to make room. Hermoine's beautiful face twisted into a stern stare as her orifice was getting ravaged by the giant dildo. Onwards, Ginny continued to push till twelve inches of the dildo was fully embedded in Hermoine, filling her up completely.

Eventually, the pain Hermoine felt subsided as her body got used to the enormous entity. What came next was unexpected by all. A rush of completeness swept over Hermoine followed by a wave of pleasure. Instantly, Hermoine's body started to quiver, her pussy started to contract and a lightning bolt of bliss shot through her pubic region all the way up her spine.

The three of them watched in amazement as Hermoine's he fucks her mom and she watches turned from her stern look back into the relaxed state and her mouth opened to let out moans of pleasure. From Ginny's vantage point, she could see liquid streaming out of Hermoine's pussy, drenching the entire dildo. She took her fingers and coated the other end of the dildo with Hermoine's juices before getting on all fours and aiming the second head of the dildo at the opening of her pussy.


She geared up for the impact as she shoved her pussy into the onslaught of the monstrous dick. The pain was much worse than she imagined, a deep burning sensation filled up her pussy as if someone took a slutty hawt playgirl girlfriends natural tits and anal fisting to it.

Her pussy was tighter than Hermoine's and therefore, had to stretch a lot more to encompass the massive dildo. The pain was too unbearable for her and was deciding to get off when Hermoine jerked backwards suddenly forcing the dildo deeper into Ginny's tight twat.

Ginny felt as if her insides were being ripped apart and cried out in agony. Hermoine turned a deaf ear to her screams and kept ramming the dildo deeper into her till eleven inches of the dildo was imbedded in her pussy. Ginny could feel the dildo all the way up to her belly, encompassing her totally.

It was a totally new feeling that was taking hold of Ginny. The feeling of pain was being replaced by this new feeling and it started sending warm tingles down her spine to all parts of her body. Her body responded with convulsions starting from her pubic region and spreading outwards to her abdomen and up to her chest.

Ginny's eyes shut tightly and her arms became rigid as the rest of her body shook violently. Loud screams of pleasure now replaced the screams of agony. Ginny's orgasm was so powerful, it shook the dildo fiercely, making Hermoine orgasm a second time.

Harry and Ron could not believe their eyes as they saw one of the most beautiful moments of their life. They both just stared with their eyes wide open, mouths hanging low, and drool flowing down their cheeks. When Hermoine and Ginny finally came to, they had beaming smiles on their faces.

They looked down to see a huge puddle of cum beneath their legs, making them smile even wider. "Ron," Ginny ordered, " Go stand in front of Hermoine and Harry, come stand in front of me." Ron and Harry quickly got up and obliged obediently. Harry had a huge boner from looking at Hermoine and Ginny's performance as well as the unsatisfied nature of the previous round.

Even Ron was sporting a hard-on from Hermoine and Ginny's steaming session. Ginny reached out and grabbed hold on Harry's penis and pulled it closer till it was within inches of her face. She could smell the aroma of his manhood, as it stood out proudly in front of her. She blew warm air sweethearts are delighting cocks with blowjob till they get cumshots it and watched it twitch in response.

With a small smirk on her face, she leaned forward and took the head in her mouth. Her warm saliva made the nerves in his penis stand on end. Instantly, Harry felt as if he was in heaven. To add to his pleasure, Ginny used her tongue to trace circles around his cock while she sucked gently with her mouth.

Harry instinctively grabbed Ginny's head and began pulling it lower down his cock. His head pushed deeper into her oral cavity till it hit the back of her throat causing Ginny to gag. Ginny pulled out swiftly, pushing the dildo deeper into her and Hermoine's pussy till both of their asses rested against each other. Both of their bodies pushed back against the dildo, making them slide back to their normal place. Harry's dick was waiting for Ginny as her lips slipped around his cock and ran all the way down to its base.

Once again, Harry grabbed Ginny's head and held it in place around his dick and once again, Ginny pushed back out. The jerk back had the same effect as last time where the dildo was forced deeper into both Ginny and Hermoine's pussy till their asses rubbed sunny leone anybunny xxx storys downlode each other.

Using the same logic as Harry, Ron stepped forward till his dick was pointing straight at Hermoine's mouth. When Hermoine and Ginny bounced back, their mouths wrapped around Ron and Harry's dick.

By this time, Ginny knew to move her head back so that only half of Harry's dick would slide in and not gag her. Hermoine, on the other hand, tattooed beautiful babe loves sucking cocks pornstar and hardcore her mouth down Ron's dick till her lips rested on his pelvis and Ron's dick down the back of her throat.

Her gag reflexes instantly kicked in and she shot her body backwards. Like the previous two times, the dildo stretched Hermoine and Ginny's cervix before their muscles contracted and shot them back towards the awaiting dicks.

After a couple more times of gagging, Hermoine realized that she needed to keep her head back like Ginny. With neither of them gagging, there were no sudden jerks but a rhythm soon formed as Ginny and Hermoine, both, kept bobbing their head up and down Harry and Ron's shafts. The rhythm of their heads soon reverberated across their bodies and their asses began to slide back and forward on the enormous dildo.

With pussy juices streaming out of both pussies, the dildo was extremely slick, allowing both girls to slide up and down faster. As their bodies moved at an alarming rate, Hermoine and Ginny's asses began to chafe each other making a loud smacking sound. Ron and Harry watched from above, enjoying the scene. Both of their cocks, lathed in saliva glistened one second while the cum ridden dildo glistened the next second. A faint glow even appeared on Ginny and Hermoine's, stretching from the ends of their hair, down their arched backs and down their ass cracks.

Drops of sweat were forming all over their bodies as they were getting ready to climax. Even with cocks down their throats, sounds of grunts and moans escaped their mouths. The sounds of Hermoine and Ginny were soon interjected by loud grunts escaping Harry and Ron's mouths.

The four of them cried out together. Harry's body began to shudder violently and a spew of cum shot inside Ginny's mouth. The cum hit the back of her throat and slowly oozed its way down her throat. Ron, at the same time, tightened his abdomen and released a huge load of cum in Hermoine's mouth. Seconds after being inundated with cum, Hermoine open her mouth to scream in pleasure as a huge wave of relaxation swept through her body.

Pearly white cum mixed with saliva flowed down Hermoine's chin and onto the ground. Ginny's cry soon followed as her body buckled spastically and a dam of pleasure broke and swept through her. All four bodies were shuddering in unison as if it was one mass. Fatigue soon caught up with all of them as their bodies did not have the energy to continue. One by one, they collapsed on the ground and fell into a deep peaceful slumber.