Amazing milf sucks like a real pro

Amazing milf sucks like a real pro
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Jade was on a subway train headed for the outskirts where the Arena was,a sports palladium which doubled as a venue for concerts,and that's exactly what it would be, her first concert ever.Her nerves sprang in vibration.She was so close to her first taste of liberation only by chewing her gum did she remain somewhat grounded,but her hands shook.

It hadn't been easy getting away, it had required a whole web of intricate deceptions with her friend Soraya doing chilling imitations of her Mom's voice to finally make for a solid alibi.Years of built up trust being gambled for a girls night out. She wore a hooded sweatshirt to fit in in with the theme of the evening and some loosefitting jeans which barely but decisively highlit the contours of her body.Jade generally avoided tightfitting clothing,she didn't like the way it felt,cutting of her circulation, and she didn't like the attention it drew,guys became weird,making gestures for her to come over,their beedy eyed stares and comehithery whisperings,but then again, try oh try as little Jade might there was no hiding her finest feature,for her face,one she hadn't even yet learned to seductively express was out in plain view,there was no running from it's naked beauty,and naked is a word I choose carefully,for she wore no make up,she'd tried once, but she could see in the mirror it cheapened her,it did nothing to accentuate anything,in this regard she was beyond improvement.

She was welltreated it must be said,and despite her modesty she was only rarely advanced upon,somehow males developed speaking impediments day with a pornstar diamond kitty loves her fans and she needs anal brazzers adressing her,so much so, she naively began to think many boys were innate stutterers.

Within the last months however the advances had stopped completely she hadn't even really missed them,they never went beyond a few lines anyway,but unbeknownst to her there was a reason for this cessation,namely that a particular,very popular basketballplayer going by the name of Justin had labled her of limits,she happened to like him ever so much but it seemed his every attempt to speak to her was thwarted by what were amounting to be a gross number of divinely inspired interventions.But tonight, it was she who would be looking to advance on him,she knew he'd be there and she was willing to be a poser and endure a masoginistic rap concert to prove it,maybe,just maybe, she could get him to kiss her ,oh, she could only hope!

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Upon their arrival she and Soraya had quickly mingled into a mob of people surging through the front gates,most were half cloaked or somehow hooded,she was pleased at her choice of attire,she felt inconspicuous and overlooked,she had her ticket scanned and her hand stamped,but as she walked through the metal detector she bleaped like a censored profanity and was ushered to the side,she was relieved she would be searched by a woman,but the firmess of the frisking seemed exessive and the female guardian had a wry smile and one of her eyes was bloodshot and rabid looking,she got an uneasy feeling as unknown hands delved into her cushiony body for a thorough feeling up,but she shrugged it off as the beat of the opening act reverberated through her ears,all she could hear was a deafening base and some guy yelling like crazy,it was no gentle introduction and she didn't like the feel of the place,there were far too many men in one overoccpupied space to her liking.She couldn't see Soraya anymore,and for a second panic set in and she felt very vulnerable,as if anyone might drag her of somewhere unnoticed,it was chaos.

That's when relief overcame her as she spotted her school's basketball jersey's,a whole swarm of them,and there he was, her hero,her saviour, she almost felt absolute love for him even though she could hardly recognize him under the shifting lights,she didn't procrastinate,she saw this girl was trying to dance with him,but he didn't seem interested,or a horny hooker met on milfsexdating net aware of her,come to think of it,he seemed a litle dazed.She pushed through the others lowering her hood slowly,like a virgin undressing in front of a man for the first time,and she gently stroked his shoulder.He turned to face her and that's when she saw it,he was out of it,his pupils were summersaulting into narcosis,he recognized her, but called her another girls name,Justin was on drugs heavily,he didn't even try to talk to her, he just began touching her body,fucking groping her like she was some stripper,she broke loose, chubby big tits babe laeh loves the taste of cum him off her,and he slurred spit, some of it on her jumper.She couldn't hear what he said,the music which sounded increasingly aggresive muffled it, but he was swearing at her violently and he reached for her only to be blocked by some moving bodies,suddenly, as if waking from some dream she began hearing the lyrics which were first unintelligeble,something like"slap a bitch if she wants to come up for air,suck that jimmy ho,what's that?,you won't suck dat jimmy ho,fuck dat gimme yo -ass-yo ass." it was like the whole room feel into trance and amidst the beargarden she could see girls being accosted and pulled on,she even spotted a girl in a darker corner having her face driven into what seemed to be this guy's abdomen as other men circled round,one fellow even wore the eagle emblem of the to serve and protect security logo,she'd quickthinkingly recloaked her face and made for the exit,stage left,but what about Soraya?,oh god, whatever became of her?,she scanned around in wild desperation but realized immediately the futility of it,she'd call for help outside.As she dashed through the front gates she she was disgusted to see the security bouncers with their hands out,expecting tips.


But outside were just as out of sorts as in with the place swarming with cabs and people making a run for them,she was about to follow suite when a hand clawed on her and a voice said"you a girly lookin mufucka,isn't ya?How bout some grand daddy black cock?"instinctively, she steered her face away from her assailent and broke loose,waving her hands in an sos pulling a hail mary on her run for dear life and as faith would have it, out the blue,a pumpkin-coloured cab skidded to a halt as she opened the door to her carriage,her own deux ex machina, right on the buzzer, and her driver bless his heroic soul was an innocently chubby middleaged man,with wide droopy eyes one of them crossed,in fact, she thought him to look a little mentally challenged,but with the warming sensation of sudden safety ,mixed with the aftershakes of adrenalin,she sank into her seat gasping,no questions asked.

"Well goodevening there little miss,it's rough one out there huh?so where to?" "Oh god thank you so much for stopping." she 's out of breath "Whoa there, just get settled now,everythings allright,you ok?" "Oh god,my friend!,I have to call the police first,my friend might be hurt!",she reaches for her phone,but her hand's shaking so hard she can't hold it still. "Say,You ain't on anything now is ya,I don't want any troubles or strangeness,now let me take this for you[he pries the phone from her trembling hand] and let's give your parents a ringeling" As soon as he said the word parents a siren went off in her head and she yelled a sudden "No!" Just as she did so a bottle shattered over the cab's hood as some altercation broke out,she saw desperate hands clambering against brannons dick got the sloppiest blowjob ever rear window as the cabby put the pedal to medal and spun the corner turning of onto the freeway,seconds later he pulled over to the side,the mood all changed, his car being scratched badly.

"now what little miss is problem with me phonen your folks up?" "It's just." "It's just your college rules car wash orgy with sexy young teen students lying little hussy gone and snuck out to get high with your rifraffety friends and now youz running all witless clucking for help,well answer me this,YOU GOT MONEY!!??HUH!??" suddenly raising his voice furiously. Her voice became very soft,right now things had escalated so far beyond her scope of engenderable horrors she sank into this calm passivity"No sir" she squeecked in barely more then a whisper His face distorted into a grimace "take that hood down,show your face,and look at me when I speaks to ya?" She felt totally overpowered and he hadn't even touched her.Noone had ever spoken to her like this,and what he was asking from her,stripping her clothes would even be better,but she complied,the cab was dark,unsuspecting vehicles moved by,only one of the lights was on and it was dim,she slowly withdrew her vail hoping he would be mesmerized,go full retard on her like the boys at school and turn all mooshy and stuttersome,but Casby was a man,he was in charge and aware of it,and as his character deepened he became like quicksilver,she didn't quite sense he was evil,but something about him was most surely amiss.Casby looked in her face,the addition of her hair was mindblowing,his expression softened and his jilted eye jittered with what one might think to be love,she actually saw a tear liquifying.

"oh,don't cry please don't cry,you've been so nice." her lip quivered,the hairs on her neck went static she could feel her skin goosepimpling like waterbubbles starting to boil as a ghost of evil overtook her sensibilities,she was scared, and her body told her her she should be.

"I know I far,but I also know I'll never see a girl like you again." Her fear amplified,she could no longer camouflage her breathing,her chest heaved "oh,sure,sure you will,I'm nuthing special really,please[crying],please just take me home" "No, I won't[his face hardened] and I know I'm taking advantage of you,women won't love me see,so I gos to be a taker" He extended his arm to her face and touched her lips,at this point facing her deceived parents seemed a hunderedfold better then where this was headed,if only she hadn't given Soraya her wallet.

"I guess what I'm sayin' is I gonna want something from you,something you'd normally never think to offer" "Oh please." "I'm gonnna want a kiss,a nice long one" Imagine her surprise,at this toadfaced,idiot savant wanting merely the simplest,most tender showing of affection.Her eyes glowed gratefully,she looked at him with a transformed perception,as unsightly as he first seemed she had found his inner adonis,this heroic movie star of a semaritan,she didn't even think about it, she leaned in for the consummation of his prize, beauty leaned.

but the beast stopped her. What could be wrong?Did he feel guilty for extorting this kiss. "Naw girlsie,that ain't the kind a kiss I meant,he lifted his shirt exposing some alreay undone buttons,and teens piss n grandpas 1 dvd rip by icmn pants were beyond filthy they seemed to be stained horribly and the myriadic discolournings caused her innerds to disgustedly churn.

"Don't worry,i freshened it up a few minutes for I picked you up" He moved the flaps aside a gave it a tug down and there swungeth the dong,and this was no porno flick cock,this dick had a personality and look of it's own, clearly - and even though Jade had never seen a dick before anyone could see this one was grossly deformed clearly inclining toward the right side.Any medical dickdoc could have instantly assertained it had been knacked,or more plainly, he'd had hid dick snapped while it was fully erect at some point, probably while committing lord knows what kind of godawful sexcrime,obviously, he hadn't had it treated and as a result it hadn't healed back right like a broken bone not set after breakage leaving a clear clink in this cock and probably this would explain why the middle muscle seemed overly developed toward the left,The only available feelings left to conjure were those of a horrorstricken fascination,scenes of her religious unbringing flashed before subconsciousness,a whole new instillation of sexual deviancy would now rudely dischasten our untouched nubile.

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It was her turn to respond but she was almost catatomic,she offered no action,nor any form of refusal.Casby had been driving with his left hand,resting angels of porn tube porn right on gently over the edge of his seat,palm down and motionless-no longer.his hand shook now,not violently,but his composure was fading,his forehead which had seemed so smooth,wrinkled in tension and she could tell a film of perspiration twinkling in wake of the pulsating carlight.He started the car,again she awoke,had he seen the error of his ways?,she sure was sorry for her own,if only decency would reestablish itself,maybe this interlude would give Casby a chance to reconsider debauched intentions.

"What's your adres?" [a quick exhalation]"Marlburrow lane." He starts the car,looks straight ahead,then faces her,for the first time she looks him fully in the eyes,pleadingly looking for him to confirm her hopes.He reaches his right hand over stroking it along her hair,his handsize was amazing,it felt like a bear's claw gliding over then clenching her firmly from the top of her head to the base of her skull,her head felt like baseball with a hand around it,and it was like an amazing warmth came from it's center,permeating her brain,it was oppressive but relaxing.

"Now you listen,I'm gonna drive you home and long the ways over your gonna show me a litlle appreciation,see.I ain out to hurt you ur nuthin,but I want you too stay nice and widemouthed for me,I betta not feel no choppers,so I just want you ta close yu eyes and say AHH,I'll do the rest for us" She closed her eyes and he bent her forward,and drew his other hand over,grabbing her tiny wrists,together before coiling them in cutting plastic strap,she felt helpless and she was,he lifted his one hand away reaffirming his grip on her and he steered her somewhere else now,she kept while parents not at hime eyes closed,she didn't open her mouth yet but suddenly an overpowering acidic smell and this sticky warmth began glowing against her face causing her to try and retract her head but his control was uninterruptable and even putting her whole neck into it ,the trajectory of his hand and her head was unchanged until a large lump probed into her lips,she tried turning her face,but again, she remained fixed,and then Casby's voice almost transformed it was very cool,but there was an underlying anger which scared her.

"Open that hole in your fucking face" .into absolute compliance.His dick was swollen to proportion,she felt an elevator move in her head as the added sensation of the vehicle taking off was thrown in the mix.The pressing down of his hand was very gradual as she absorbed the sausagy taste of his machinery,he hadn't lied, he had at least attempted wash his gear,she could tell because as her head moved closer into his sex his maloderous scent intermingled with the smell of Irish spring which her father used,she tried not to dwell on how fucked up that was,on the other hand it somehow offered an uneasy solace but as the descent continued she could feel it going down too far reaching the limit of her throat,barely missing her tonsil,till he pushed her face down into his hairy pubical mass ,that's when abruptly the foul smell became overwhelming and simultaniously her tonsil was struck,her vomit surged but the intruder blocked it's flow causing it to suddenly burst out,her insides were even warmer then her saliva as he felt them streaming along his ballbag,Jade on the other hand was agasp,fighting for the priveledge of breathing,she felt post vomit endorphins flooding her mind,if at any juncture resistance could have been offered she was now beyond any point of protest.

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The defilement ensued as Casby decided a special ride was in order and he turned into the empty lot of a large shopping center,his motives were plain,the place was filled with speed bumps,he had intentionally let up the pressure as her sopping mouth was airlocked on his dick,bile and spit oozed involuntarily from the corners of her mouth,some of it sticking like strings along his shaft,thick like molasses as she now went down on him like an amateur,no tongue,no vacuum, just the pressing of tensed lips and enough lubrication to slicken the licken.As they neared the first bump,Casby decided to pick up speed,the incredible radiance of his hand and because Casby was controlling the pace allowing her to shut herself of and block out the sexual malfeasences now taking place,this, and the expurgation of whatever butterflies she had felt for Justin not to forget the remnants of her light evening meal she was exhausted.Oh Justin,what a shivalrous molester he should seem as was buried facedeep on the strange,stinking meat of her current assailant.Her head swayed in the increased velocity and as soon as they hit the bump Casby's not so long dick had a a sudden spurt of extended reach and had him touching places in Jade's throat she never knew existed,nor wanted to,as he moaned violently for the first time Jade was introduced to a whole other realm of her gagreflex,she didn't throw up though,but she wretched gasping through her tiny nostril as newer,fresher, stickier spit joined the spitfest and immediately the second bump followed gearshifting her tunnel of swallows into reverse as the next gush came fountaning out into his lap, it only enlivened him as Casby roared pervertedly, piledriving his cock in her aching voicebox,but it wasn't enough,as he grew increasingly restless and aroused he started slurring vexations,"That's right bitch you thought you'd flash your mug like a supermodel and trick the retard,didn't ya!

Uhhng.what trick you turnin now your fuckin little snout!" Such a pistoning of her shaken young brain ,the carsickening motion of the moving vehicle,the speedbumps,not to mention his muay thai clench of a hand all totaling against her already faded strength were becoming too much.She no longer felt the pain of his drillhammering her,everything became undefined and surreal,but he seemed sensed her going limp and responsively lifted her mouth - suckling forth on autopilot,like a baby on a pacifier - of his dick by the hair and snapslapped her back to consciousness,he wasn't even holding the steering wheel when he commanded her to open her mouth while slamming her head into his belly,his dick in her mouth and thrusting his groin far as he could into her skullfucked visage and quickly jerking her back up by the hair as if waterboarding her and slapping her repeatedly again,soft precise intentional slaps,with a nasty little sting to them,Casby was surprised,by this point they usually didn't look worth fucking anymore,but her tearyeyed, tomato red face,her leaking nose and spitsoaked mouth made her even sexier,"Listen,ya little facewhore,I wants ya ta go bobbing for apples,I got two pretty brunette sex worker elize threesome lingerie dem for ya,and by the way,you know what I don't like about you sucking on my balls?[she looks at him dazed and puzzled unsure what to say] Nuthings that's what!" And it was quite a sight to behold,this lolita,sullied, like a trod upon flower but still ever so lovely gaping her suckhole to involuntarily receive his hairy balls, but she hesitated as a discoloured smudge of her own gastric excavations clung menacingly to his sack,to hideous to dote upon,she sensed his impatience provoking itself and quickthinkingly enswathed the other undirtied ball to bide her time,it was huge,his meatstraw may nor have been but the essence of the milkshake was a fiercely swelling testicle which instantly deposited overannoying hairs all over her drivelling tongue 'the other one skank,don't forget the other one"she was now wide awake with dread as her final shred of dignity lay staked for the breaking,she nibbled around it, "all of it"there was no escape she decided to do it but as soon as she tasted it her newly acquired instinct revisited her oral puke shoot,Casby whinnied with delight as Jade's thinning vomit came rivering over his bloodengorged salami pooling in his seat wetting his situpons as he stroked his manliness,he couldn't last long anymore and he wanted a finaly to saviour, "ooh.oh god.your not getting away with this without your reward.I got some curdled milk just for you.ooh.I just wanna feed you bitch." He quit stroking himself,still driving and reaffimed his submissive hold wild and racy stripper party lesbian college this time by the hair,he swifly clicked the car on autopilot adding his other hand to what little of her head was left to cover,about this time Jade had been used so severely she had no spirit left to conjure,her head was 100 real incest on hidden cam mom mother daughter an empty void being pressed into by some alien male organ,and pulled back up again over and over, her sense of gravity was completely mythed she was now accustomed to nasal breathing her way through it,as the thrusts grew faster gaining intensity she could feel her flesh and his,her lips and his dick joining into a melting pot of carnality,as she felt him stirring contracting in little jumps Casby became increasingly audible almost as if building up to some primordial roar,just as he sounded the horn of the beast the flexion of his wand went the full one-eighty reaching to the sky through her cranium crying tears of joy deluging her taut little gulp tunnel with a sweet soury mix of molten cream finding it's way through the geiser,he'd tilted her head back to see her eyes which startled him during this ecstacy,and he couldn't help it but to pinch her nose shut,she gurgled as if her throat had been slit,but as weak as her attempt was she could only get a few drops to pass by the sides of her lips the rest went down the hatch to meet it's destiny,she tweaked as he allowed her to gasp again,the car had come to a halt,but instead of letting her go,he stood up with her face still firmly impaled on his meat and pull it out but made sure he kept her mouth ajar keeping it sjimmied with his hand sqeeuzing her cheeks to keep her jaw opened as he used his other hand to press into the softening folds of his foreskin expertly depositing the final drop into her duressed mouth,he gestured softly as if he would press her nose closed again and she swallowed it looking straight in his eyes,but not being confident enough to maintain the stare she lowered her own in shameful compliance.He stepped out of the car and told her she was home,she felt nautious,got out, and understood he was right.