In the kitchen she still needs a hard cock

In the kitchen she still needs a hard cock
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Part Four: Sucks and Fucked "I declare this Witness open to receive more real truths about the sins of the flesh!" Dave doesn't hesitates as he volts over the back of the couch, landing in front of it, then drops his pants, his erect penis standing rigid as he mounts the crying Dawn. Once again she feels a hard cock penetrate her sex, to herself, 'I'll be shunned by everyone including my parentswhere will I go and who would want me now!" Mike moves down to her breasts kneading them while sucking her nipples into his mouth.


Thomas takes the position at her head "Now Dawn I want you to lean yourself off my cock!" He rubs the tip over her lips "And don't even complain about not being allowed to perform oral sex after sucking Mike's cock!" She closes her eyes and opens her mouth, gently sobbing as Thomas slide his cock in.

With Dave thrusting into Dawn she was forced to take Thomas deeper than Mike achieved.

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"Oh yeah Dawn deep throat me!" between moans of pleasure "So Dave how's her pussy?" "Even after you opening her up she's still tight enough that I have to power into her!" Under him Dawn barely moves "To bad she a bit of a dead fuck though!" "That's the sign of inexperience! before we let her go she'll be fucking back and begging to serve us!" Dawn cringes inside as she builds to another orgasm. "Dawn use more of your tongue, make it more pleasurable for me!" She wants to rebel, but fears being hurt by Thomas so she moves her tongue more and within a few licks he's saying "That's it Dawn, just like your pussy, your mouth just loves to suck cock.

Once again she cringes at his attempt to compliment her. Down below, Dave feels like he's died and gone to heaven. Dawn's pussy was gripping him so tight that he found himself thinking of way to hold off his orgasm longer. To speed hers up though Dave licks two fingers and started rubbing my clit while pulling back, stopping when he thrust forward and ground her clit against the base of his cock.


Soon he finds a difference in Dawn. "Guys she squirming under me, lifting her hips to meet my thrusts!" Then to her disgust "You're getting into being fucked aren't you Dawn?

And very deep inside she admits to herself that it was starting to feel good to her. Then with no warning Thomas floods her mouth with his cum. This time not expecting it she starts to choke before swallowing some and letting the rest drip out of her mouth.

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Pulling his cock out 'Oh sorry about that Dawn, by the way I'm Cumming!' Laughing as he walk away from her. "Guys when your finish with her mouth and pussy let her rest before round two begin!" Dave nods his head as his face screws up, the sign that he was about to give her inside a fresh coat of cum.

Sure enough he thrust in and hold himself deep in her and releases his load. "Fuck she a fantastic fuck Mike!" "Well pull out and let me have my turn Dave!" Mike was a bit put off only playing with Dawn's tits.

A few seconds later Dave does pull out and a big blob of cum follows. Mike seeing it grabs an arm cover off the couch and wipes Dawn's pussy before taking his position. With no hesitation at all Mike powers himself into Dawn completely as Dave moves to her head, turning it to face him on the side and shoves his cock into her open mouth. Once again she knows that she being fucked and the longer it happening the more she starts to respond in pleasure.

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Around Dave's cock she starts to purr, vibrating Dave's cock as her tongue moves under it. "Christ Guys she's loving sucking my cock, she's actually vibrating it!" Dave cries out. The biggest surprise comes from Mike "Guys she just wrapped her legs around me!" He fucks into her faster and is rewarded then she cums for him.

For ten minutes more both of them fuck the now willing Jehovah Witness, her moans of pleasure barely coming out as Dave's cock blocks them. Looking a little smug Dave pulls out of her mouth and begins to jack off his cock.

Dave doesn't last long and blast her tits with his hot cum! Followed by Mike erupting into her well used pussy. "What a fine fuck, Can't wait for round two!" He pulls out of Dawn, looking down at the now sweat glisten skin and the dazed look on her face. "I Don't think we need to tie her down Thomas, she to sweaty to go anywhere!" "I trust your judgement Mike!" Then "You guys should come over and see the footage we punishteens hot groupie teen fucked by busty blonde milf fingering and beautiful got" Then to Dawn "Man the camera really loves your body Dawn!, Can't wait to see the footage we get when we sodomize you!" Even after hearing what awaits her, she knew she didn't have the strength to try to run!

The three of us let Dawn recover from her initial debasement before moving onto the serious indiscretion of anal. Looking over to the couch, seeing most of the second cushion cum stained, the stench of sex in the air. Dawn laying on her side, face towards the back curled into a fetal position muttering "Why me?" over and over. The sight of her ass making us harden in no time.

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"What say we finish off her introductions to the church's idea of indiscretions. Dave and Mike just smile and join me walking over to Dawn. To Be Continued