Cute sweetie is opening up tight cunt in close range and climaxing

Cute sweetie is opening up tight cunt in close range and climaxing
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"AWWW SHIT GIRL SUCK THAT DICK AWWW FUCK GET ALL OF IT IN YOUR MOUTH FUCK!" Mr. Jonas said in delight as his smoking hot new intern slurped his dick. This was a feeling he hadn't felt for a long time simply because shit had been changing at the house. His wife Lisa had recently given birth to twins and began to fuffill her duties as a mother therefore sex was rare.

Marcus AKA Mr. Jones had almost a perfect life which is how he appeared to everyone else. A trophy wife, a big house, a top job, and also 2 new newborn babies with a wonderful son Tevin who was to go off to Kentucky as one of the top ranked basketball players in the country. But he had secrets. The fact that he cheated with every beautiful intern he had come work for him.

He also fucked his wifes bestfriend Tasha. Nobody knew these things because Marcus was a powerful/ wealthy man and you know what they say. Money talks. "Ohhh mr. Jonas!" Rayana, his new intern moaned in a voice that would make any man melt. "Please fuck me daddy!" Mr. Jonas thought that maybe for a moment he mightve been way over his head. He also kinda felt bad about the fact that he was cheating poan sing ka rani morkig e ka xxx storys his wife, a wonderful women who worked so hard to make their marriage work.

But Rayana was so sexy she stood at 5'5 and she had ebony brown skin she had DD tits and had a round back side with nice thick legs with a clean shaved pussy. This beautiful women was in his office sucking his dick which she did on a A+ level asked him to fuck her. He couldnt turn it down.

Before you knew it mr. Jonas had rayana bent over his desk her legs spreaded wide fucking her really hard as she yelled out loud moans. "OMG MR. JONAS YOUR DICK IS SO BIG PLEASE GO FASTER BABY DEEPER BABY!!!" Mr.

Jonas then sped up the paste fucking her harder making his balls smack her fat ass. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK! "OH BABY DONT STOP KEEP GOING BABY OMG!" Mr. Jonas obviously turned on my his new intern began to go even faster not caring how loud she screamed because his office walls were sound proof. "LET ME RIDE YOU DADDY!!" rayana begged. Mr. Jonas then took his dick outta rayanna layed on his desk and let his intern ride him.

"OH FUCK BABY YOUR DICK IS SO BIG OMG YOUR GONNA MAKE ME CUM!" rayana then bounced on mr. Jonas's dick until she came all over it letting out a yell of satisfaction. "Oh daddy you made me cum!" Rayana said. "Now it's my turn baby." marcus said, he then got up and put rayana on her knees and she began to slurp his dick until he british teen blowjob and computer game aamirs delivery a big load on her face.

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"AWWW SHIT RAYANA!!!" Mr. Jonas said in satisfaction. "Can i use your shower Marcus?" rayana asked. Mr jonas sitting on his deck still horny and hard then nodded his head and she went into mr. Jonas's special office shower. He was not done he then went in behind her minutes later and then fucked the shit outta her making her cum 4 more times. Marcus had fucked many women in his days, but it was something special about Rayana.

She was different, she made him feel young even though he was 45 and the way she fucked and sucked you would think she was more mature in age but she was only 23. That night when marcus drove home all he could seem to think about was rayana, nobody else. He needed her he wanted to have been fucking her right then and there. Sometimes he even wished he could come home to her instead of lisa, his wife, he felt bad thinking like that but it really was his true big big 10 meter cock sex. He then arrived home to his wife who looked tired as hell holding both of the babies.

"Hey honey your home late, how was work?" "Yeah i had to look over some files and it took awhile." marcus hated lying to his wife but never in a million years could he tell her what he'd really been up to. "Aww thats ok baby can you please take of the babies please?" lisa asked. "Of course" mr marcus said with a smile on his face. "have you been taking care of them all day by yourself?" marcus asked. "Yes" "Where was Tevin?" asked Marcus. "He left to go pick up his girlfriend from home they were going on a date tonight." "Ohh man kids." said marcus.

"You know marcus she's comming over for dinner next week it'd good for you to be here to meet her." "Of course i'll be there to meet her." said marcus. He was unusually excited to meet his son's girlfriend. Simply because he wanted to meet and judge the women who would be dating his son. Soon Marcus and his wife got the kids to sleep and went to their room. "Baby i am so exhausted from today." lisa said. But marcus didnt care all he knew was that he had a slut mum sucking sleeping teen daughters pussy and lets young boy join in dick and needed to fuck.

He layed down next to his wife and began to kiss her on her neck softly.


Lisa let out moans of enjoyment as Marcus began to pull her shoulder strap down. She wore no bra. He then pulled the other one down and pulled the dress all the way down. His wife was naked now. He then got up and took off his shirt and pulled his shorts down exposing his long dick. His wife crawled over from her side of the bed to his side where he was standing. She began to suck his dick. Lisa gave great head but Rayana's head was untouchable. He then began to fuck her face. He got turned on to the fact that she choked on his dick and continued to stroke and suck.

"Oh baby let me get in between those legs." Marcus said, Lisa then took her husbands dick out her mouth and layed back on the bed. Marcus then layed in between his wife's legs put his dick into her pussy and began to fuck her while sucking on her large titties.

"OHHH BABY!" Lisa moaned, Marcus felt her scratching up his back. That motivated him to fuck her harder. Soon the whole bed shook and the headboard kept bumping the wall. "OH BABY SLOW DOWN!" Lisa said, but marcus refused and continued to beat his wife's pussy up.

"OMG MY GOD IM GONNA CUM OOOOH!!" She then came on his dick but marcus continued to fuck her until he explode a load into his wife's pussy. His wife was satisfied she then rolled over and covered up. Marcus wanted some more pussy but he didnt wanna wake his wife back up. He then put his underwear on and went downstairs to the kitchen where he met his son Tevin comming in. "Hey dad." Tevin said looking shocked to see his dad.

"How's it going son how'd your night go?" "Aw it was cool we went to the movies out to dinner." tevin said. "Sounds like you're really into this girl." Marcus said. "Yeah i am i can't wait for you to meet her, she really likes sports just like you!" tevin said in an excited tone. "A women that knows sports.She's a keeper!" Said marcus matching his sons playful/ happy tone. "You know son, you have really made me proud and i feel like you have really become a man.

You're going off to a top college, and you have finally found a solid girlfriend." "Thanks dad that means alot comming from you really it does." tevin said. Marcus then hugged his son and the two hugged for a long time to really show love. "Well son it's getting late we better be getting to bed." Striking hottie is displaying her opened narrow snatch in closeup stretching fingering two walked upstairs and went to their rooms.

Marcus had a harder time going to sleep he had alot going through his mind. His son, his wife, his newborn babies. And rayana. When the alarm went off at 6 a.m. Marcus woke up, it was time for work. He rolled over to not see his wife. He got up and saw her walking out of twins room. "Kids woke up?" marcus asked "Yes, i'm going to take a hot shower, i've been beyond stressed. Lisa said.

She then walked passed marcus and went into tge bathroom to the shower. Marcus had one thing on his mind. His wife's fat ass booty. He went downstairs and disvovered his son was gone already. He then walked back upstairs walked into the hot steamy bathroom dropped his underwear in front of the shower opened the shower door and stepped in.

He fucked his wife so hard for the second time within 48 hrs.


which was very rare. "OHH BABY I LOVE YOU MARCUS!" Lisa said as she rode her husbands dick. She rode him until he came inside her once more. "OHH MARCUS THAT WAS SO GOOD!" said lisa in a satisfied voice. "I love you lisa." marcus said as he kissed his wife. After the shower the two got dressed and Marcus went to work. The day at work was really rough for marcus he had a big meeting with the President over the whole corperation.

His boss basically said if he doesnt improved productivity around the job then he'd be replaced. But marcus really didnt care what the boss was saying. While he was getting his dick sucked in a hot shower with rayana in his office. "OHH SHIT RAYANA THIS SHIT FEELS AMAZING OH SHIT!!" she sucked his dick and then let him fuck her on the wall of the shower. "OMG MR.

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JONAS FUCK ME!!" Marcus then fucked her then put her down on her knees and came in her face. He had never fucked a girl so hard before rayana had a limp when putting on her dress. "Mr. Jonas you are amazing." rayana said in a happy tone. "I try." joked marcus.


The two then left marcus's office and went their seperate ways marcus driving home and rayana going who knows. When marcus got home Tevin was gone the twins were asleep and his wife was asleep in the room already. The next week was the day marcus came home early he was highly anticipating this day. Simply because he got to meet his sons girlfriend and be with his family over dinner. He got home early and met his thick ass wife in the kitchen setting the table as the kids sat in their high chairs at the table already.

"Hey hunny hurry and change Tevin and his girlfriend will be here soon. "Why do i need to change this is a nice suit isnt it?" lisa laughed, "Yes baby keep it on." she walked to marcus and gave him a kissed while he grabbed her ass. "Help me finish setting the table." lisa said. Marcus helped and the table was set. Before he knew it he was standing behind his wife kissing her kneck leaning her against the kitchen counter. He unbuckled his belt and let out his dick. "Not in front of the kids marcus!" his wife said.

"Come on baby they to young to know whats going on." marcus said. His wife gave in and before you knew it his wife's dress was pulled up and her panties were down and he was fucking her. Ding Dong! The doorbell was ringing. The two then hurried to pull up their clothes and fix themselves. Marcus was excited to meet the women who was dating his son and of course he was ready to judge her sadly.

"Are you ready hunny?" lisa asked. "of course." replied marcus he then went to open the door and there stood his awesome son Tevin with uma cant continue gaming with her stepmom licking her pussy girlfriend.

Rayana. To be continued!