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Harry got out of the car and walked up to the house. He was standing at Godrics Hallow staring up at his parents' house.


Harry turned to look at the Weasleys with a look of shock on his face. "I was rebuilt this year for you. We all knew you needed a place to stay after school ended so all of your friends chipped in and built this for you. It's an exact replica of your parents' house." Mr. Weasley told him but there was only one thing on his mind right now. "Where are my parents buried?" Harry asked them and they al took a trip about a block away to a cemetery. Mr. Weasley walked him to two headstones.

"Here xxx tgra sex videi sex stories James Potter, beloved father, brother, friend and husband.

"We shall overcome all evil" next to his father was his mother's tombstone, "Here lies Lily Potter loving mother, sister, friend and wife. "Love will conquer all." Harry read them and started getting teary eyed. He knelt down on his knees and whispered, "I did it, I got revenge for your and everyone else's death. I just wish you were still alive but it had to turn out this way and I know that. Well I am going to be a father now and between you and me, Mrs. Wesley's baby is probably mine to.

I am going to go look at my new house and I will be back to visit you from time to time. Harry got up and looked around and Ron, Ginny and Hermione were the only ones left. Harry walked over to them asking where their parents went, "they went home leaving us here to keep you company." Ginny had told him.

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They all headed back to the house and through a marvelous remake of the front door. The inside was exactly as Harry had seen it inside the pensive, although without his parents. The house had three bedrooms and Harry had an idea, "Why don't you three move in with me?" Everyone loved the idea. A few months went by and Ginny gave birth on July the fourth to a healthy baby girl.

She looked like Ginny with the green hair except for her eyes, as green as Harry's and his mother's. A month later on the eighth Molly gave birth to yet another boy who, thankfully, looked just like his father. Hermione had never gotten pregnant so they went to see a doctor and found out that she could not get pregnant.

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When school started the baby, named lily, would stay with her grandparents while Ginny finished her last year of school and Ron and Harry had auror training. Hermione decided on becoming a teacher. Life was great for everyone now that Voldemort was defeated and all of his death eaters were rounded up.

Giants were corralled back into the mountains to live while Dementors, under strict supervisee, real localsex storys in car back to guarding Azkaban. Over the next few years, Harry and Ginny had a few more babies, an average of one a year.


By the time Ginny was finished with her auror training they had 5 kids running around. Lily, Albus, Serious, James and Lupin along with the four adults were out growing the house so they built on to it. Even though Ron and Hermione never had kids Harry's would call them mom and dad.

Life had turned out as good as Harry could have expected and loved it. He would visit his parents grave and talk to them at least once a month to tell them how everything was going.

Harry took them flowers each time and laid it upon their graves. Harry never wanted to leave but he knew each time that he had a family of his own and his parents were proud of the way he turned out.

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