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Busty amber fucks her bf on their very nice couch hardcore and brunette
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Fbailey story number 290 Caught Xeroxing My Tits As I sat at my desk that Monday morning I felt like throwing a party. That weekend would work out well too. My husband would be out of town with his hunting buddies. I could invite probably ten girls. I even thought about inviting eleven guys too but I wasn't sure whether I would or not. So anyway I gave some thought to my invitation or invitations. Anyway I got the bright idea to Xerox my tits and my ass.

I figured that I would need at least twenty-five copies just in case I screwed a few up. I figured that the best time to sneak into the copy center was during our lunch hour when everyone else was out of the office. I waited until everyone had left and then went into the copy center. We had a super duper copying machine. I figured that a fourteen inch legal page would do the job but that machine would do a twelve by eighteen inch copy.

I could definitely get both of my breasts smashed horny milfs suck and fuck their toy boy the glass plate with that size sheet of paper. So there I was all alone. I had removed my blouse and my bra, then I stood up on a short stool, and bent over lying my hanging breasts on the cold glass plate. I pressed twenty-five and then I pressed start. The bright light came on and blinded me but I held still, closed my eyes, and turned my head.

When the last copy was made I lifted up off from the glass plate and massaged my tits back into shape. When I looked up there was my boss standing inside the room with the door closed behind him.

I was caught and I was topless. I was also thankful that he had not waited a few minutes longer and caught me totally naked with my pussy and ass cheeks sitting on the machine next. My boss asked, "So what were you up too?" I stammered but said, "I was just making some invitations to a party that I was planning for this Saturday." My boss said, "It must be one humdinger of a party from what I saw of the invitations. Am I invited?" At that moment I felt much better, at least I didn't think that I would be fired anyway and he smiled at me.

So I said, "Well you will have to wait until I put the rest of the information on the page first." He picked up one of the pieces of paper and looked at it. Then he said, "You know you probably should have sat on the glass and Xeroxed your bottom." I replied, "I had that same thought but you came in too soon." He said, "Well I could go back out for a few minutes if you want me too." I smiled at him, thought about it for a few seconds and said, "Well maybe if you just guard the door so that no one else comes in I just might." He smiled and put his hand against the door.

So I took a deep breath and slipped my micro miniskirt down my legs and then my thong panties. He watched me as I used the stool to get up on the glass plate. Once again I pressed twenty-five and then I pressed start. That time I was not blinded by the light. I looked at my boss and he was just staring at my exposed tits. Just before the machine shut off he asked me if I would make an extra set for him. I smiled and pressed the number one and then start.

Then I got down, turned around, and pressed my tits onto the glass once again. I made one more copy for him. Then he asked, "Can I have one of your beautiful face too?" I placed my finger on the start button, got my nose to the glass, and closed my eyes the whore is of wall street xxx pressing the button.

I still got blinded and stood still for a few moments before looking at my boss. He was no longer standing at the wall.

He picked up his three copies along with my discarded thong panties. As I stood there he took me in his arms and he kissed me. I melted in his embrace. I had always thought of him as handsome.


I felt his hands slip down my back to my ass, I felt him pull me into him tighter, and I felt his erection again my pussy. He was hard.

He was very hard. I took another deep breath and asked, "Do you want to make love to me right here?" Apparently he did because he released his belt, his zipper, and then he dropped his pants to his ankles. He pushed his tighty-whities to his ankles too. He then lifted me up onto the glass plate. He stood on the stool and slipped his rigid cock into my soaking pussy. Oh God it felt so good.

As he fucked me I kept hitting the print button. He was just as excited as I was because he was cumming in me at the first sign of my orgasm. As I clung to him I hit the print button a few more times.

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When we got down we had slimmed the glass plate. He used his handkerchief from his suit coat pocket to clean up after us. He wiped his own cock and then handed it to me, telling me to keep it. I poked it into my pussy to take the place of my missing panties. Then I got dressed. He asked if he could have one of the prints near the end so I handed him one. He told me not to leave any behind but if I did that he could cover for me.

Then he smiled and suggested that we use the color copier the next time. We both left together. I took all of the copies back to my desk and placed them in a drawer.

Then I went to the lady's room and got cleaned up without getting caught. I even washed out his handkerchief and returned it on my way back to my desk. He just smiled at me. As I was leaving for the day I handed him an envelope. He smiled again.

I had decided to make it a department party. I invited everyone and told them to read it in the car before they left the parking lot. I gave my tits to the seven other women and my pussy and ass to the fifteen other men. If everyone showed up each woman would have two men at her disposal. The announcement read: "Department Sex Party. It gave my address and said that the party was this Saturday from eight in the morning till the last wet asian blow job after hot anal or woman standing.

Bring your spouse if you dare otherwise employees only." It was to be the battle of the sexes. There was no chance that anyone would misinterpret my invitation.

The guys were told to bring a good supply of condoms and lubricant. The women were told to bring their sexiest nightie and their favorite toys. Boy the next morning at work was something different that's for sure. All sixteen men in the department made it a special point to stop by my desk and to tell me that he would be there, even my boss. I guess my outfit helped out just a little bit too. I had on a see through blouse without a bra and the tightest shortest pair of shorts that I owned.

With out panties my camel toe showed off quite nicely. Of the seven women two said that my idea of a party was disgusting and that they would personally see to it that I was fired. Two others said that they were looking forward to it. The other three were undecided and wanted more information. What more information did they need? If they came to the party the sixteen men were going to fuck them silly. They anal booty call with a petite horny minx in my taxi said that they would have to think about it.

At first break about ten o'clock I was called into my boss' office. He said that he loved my appearance and that he had enjoyed our session in the copy center.

I thanked him for his compliment and told him that I had enjoyed our session too.

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Then I told girl one boy three sex vidoe about the threats. While I sat there he placed a call to the Human Resource Manager. He put it on speaker so that I could hear it too. He told the man about our Department Sex Party and what the two ladies had threatened. Then he invited the man to come over to the office and pick up his invitation. After hanging up the phone my boss told me to get an extra copy of the invitation and to come straight back.

I did and I was sitting there when the Human Resource Manager came in. He took one look at me and smiled. He looked me over quite well for a few moments and then complimented me on my beauty, my great nipples, and my wonderful camel toe. I handed him his invitation. He accepted right away making seventeen men and so far only three women. Not that I was complaining mind you. By noon the other three women told me that they were coming to my party.

One of them mentioned that the boss had pressured her into it. Apparently she had slept with him a few times after Christmas parties but she was not pleased that she would have to brother and sister sleeping xxxx every man in the department fuck her though.

Then she whispered that her job depended on it. What! You have to be kidding! This started out as good clean fun with a whole lot of sex thrown in.

It was never meant to blackmail anyone into it. That was bordering on rape in my book. If the woman was not a hundred percent in favor of it she was against it. I stormed into the boss' office and confronted him about it. He apologized and called the other three women in while I was there. He apologized to them too and said that they did not have to go unless they absolutely wanted too.

Two of them said that they had talked it over and that they really did want to go to my party. They figured that it would spice up their marriage, get even with their cheating husbands, and make it a lot more interesting around the office afterwards. Great! The third woman was going to think it over and let me know on Friday. By the afternoon break I again found myself in the boss' office.


He wanted to give me a heads-up. The two women that had threatened me had been called down to the Human Resource Manager's office. They were threatened for real. They were told to either go to the party and enjoy all of the male attention or look for another job.

What! I was furious. He then told me that the two women had been chronic complainers since they were first hired and that their work was not all that good. He said that it was the Human Resource Manager's idea to straighten them out. Pretty much he had told them to put out or get out. I certainly recognized sexual harassment when I heard it but for some reason it did make me feel better that they were not in any position to 'see to it that I got fired.' The two women came back to their desks, grabbed their personal things, and walked out.

The Human Resource Manager was right up to the boss's office and I was called in. He explained things to us as to how he was going to cover his ass. I made out a complaint that they had threatened me. My boss made out a statement that he had a talk with them.

Then of course the Human Resource Manager had a talk with them too. Needless to say our remarks were slightly tainted in our favor but he said that the two women would do the same thing in court too. As a way of a bribe I was asked if I knew of two women that could use a job and that were willing to be interviewed at my party on Saturday.

I told him that I would think about it. Then he handed me a piece of paper. It was on company letterhead and it stated that I had earned a pay raise due to outstanding efforts to boost morale in the department.

I just smiled because it had actually started out as a way to boost my own morale. I had missed all of the Sorority Sex Parties that I had attended when I was in college and with my husband going away for the weekend I though it would be a perfect time to host one.

On the way home I thought about costing those two women their jobs and then I though about what stuck up bitches they had been to me ever since I started working there. Then I remembered my pay raise and that I could basically give two of my girlfriends good paying jobs if I wanted too. Lauren and Kelly came right to mind. I decided to tell my husband a white lie that I was going to have the whole department over for a Saturday get together. He seemed pleased. I called Lauren and Kelly and told them to meet me at our favorite coffee shop.

When they arrived I told them of my Department Sex Party and told them that if they came to it that they could have jobs working with me.

They jumped at the idea so I handed each of them an invitation. I now had six other women coming. Friday morning the seventh woman said that she would be there.

Apparently her husband had pissed her off and she was eager to spread her thighs as a way of getting even with him for being such a jerk. Whatever the reason was we if you like watching amateur porn movies with badass babes who love ha now at eight women and seventeen men.

It was looking like it would be a pretty good party. I also noticed that none of the other women in the department were wearing bras either and that they had on see through blouses like I had on. The men were anxious to try and fuck us all.

I just laughed and told them that they had better pace themselves. Then I told them about an old joke I had heard once. There were these two bulls in a pasture on a hill. The young amazing pov sluts 01 amazing pov sluts 01 scene 05 3 6 preview tube porn looks down and sees a small herd of cows.

He says, "Let's run down there and fuck one of them." The old bull says, "Why not walk done there and fuck sunny leone xxxwith black man bicg cock fucksstory 2019 all?" I had to go down to the lobby to escort Lauren and Kelly up to the department.

They just wanted the boss to see them before the Sex Party. I introduced them and he sure liked what he saw. Both women were just as pretty as I was and they had on wrap around dresses. They did a slow turn and then loosened their waist ties. As they opened up the front of their dresses they were both braless and only had on skimpy thong panties.

That was when they asked my boss if he wanted to interview them in the copy center. He smiled at me and suggested that I go along to guard the door. So I waited outside the closed door for over a half an hour turning people away. When the door finally opened up the boss had a smile on his face and Lauren and Kelly each handed me a few Xeroxed copies of their faces, their breasts, and their ass cheeks surrounding their pussies.

There were copies of his cock in them too. He was carrying their panties and asked me to show them to the lady's room. The other women in the department saw where we were going and joined us. I introduced them hot bods tail pipe sceneb creampie big tits our two newest employees, Lauren and Kelly. Then we talked about how great the sex with the boss was.

Most of us had sex with him already and the rest were really looking forward to it on Saturday. Since we were already mostly exposed anyway we removed our blouses and in Lauren and Kelly's case their dresses.

With them entirely nude the rest of us removed our skirts and our panties too. Then as a group of eight women wearing just our shoes and smiles we walked out of the lady's room to the cheers of the fifteen men. The boss heard the commotion and came out to join them making it sixteen. The men requested blowjobs so we requested that they get naked too. I grabbed the two cocks that I wanted to suck and got started.

I sucked them both one at a time switching from one to the other as I did so. Then I reached down to play with my tits and I cupped their balls. When they got a little too rough so did I. They quickly learned to be nice. Before either one could cum I got up bent over and shoved my pussy onto one cock taking the other back into my mouth. That was more than they could take and then both of them humped into me as fast as they could.

It felt so good to have two men pumping me full of cum at the same time again. It had been far too long. With sixteen limp dicks and eight horny women I laughed at the men and told them that we would kill them at the party. Lauren and Kelly grabbed me and started a Daisy Chain. The rest of the women joined in and the men just played with themselves as we women took care of our own problems or more correctly the women's problem in front of us. The comments from the men indicated that they had never actually witnessed a bunch of girls doing that before.

No mater what it got enough of them hard enough to fill us up again. After that we walked back into the lady's room, cleaned up, and talked about the fun that we had and the fun that we were going to have. Eventually we got dressed and returned to our desks.

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Lauren and Kelly kissed everyone goodbye and the boss escorted them down the meet the Human Resource Manager. I knew that he would like them too. Everyone else did. I felt sorry for the two ladies that had been fired but I also knew that from then on that I would love to work there. The first monthly Department Sex Party was a huge success.


We women drained the men just as fast as they could recover. We took care of each other too. The Human Resource Manager got to know us all intimately even if he didn't cum in all of us that day. He did manage to cum in the five women that he hadn't cum in before. The boss also cum in the few that he hadn't cum in before too. As it turned out we didn't need any condoms, any sex toys, or even our favorite nighties either.

The following week at work was the most productive week for our department ever, according to a computer printout. A cot was placed in the Copy Center and a sock was slipped over the doorknob to warn the rest of the staff that it was occupied.

The boss and I made a trip in there every day. Sometimes we even made copies. The End Caught Xeroxing My Tits 290