Young sweetie fucked by old lover hardcore and blowjob

Young sweetie fucked by old lover hardcore and blowjob
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Episode III Of the Adventures of John and Holly Part 30: Slut Holly: I woke up the next morning naked in a strange bed, and when I went out into the living room, I saw Jack sleeping on the couch. I went into his dresser taking a pair of boxers and t-shirt and went into the kitchen. I didn't want to wake him, but I didn't think I could fall asleep.

For some reason I got the urge to eat pancakes. I went into his kitchen and stumbled my way through the cabinets till I found the necessary materials. I was almost done making pancakes when Jack stumbled in half asleep wearing only his boxers.

"Good morning, I made breakfast. So… about last night… did we…?" I asked, not remember enough to know if we had had sex or not. "No. We didn't have sex. You begged and I wanted to, but you were drunk off your ass.

You didn't know what you were saying and I didn't want it to be like that. The only way I could get away without giving in or throwing you out was to make you orgasm until you went to sleep.

I'm sorry if that was a bad thing to do but I…" "Oh how noble of you, I was too drunk so you just played with me until I fell asleep" I said, faking an angry tone, it just came off as sarcastic. I couldn't stop myself from actually laughing at him. "No, that was the perfect thing to do.

I'm sorry if I was that difficult to manage. But I didn't just want to have sex with you because I was drunk. I really wanted to have sex with you," I said as I leaned forward putting the pancakes on his plate brushing his back with my chest, "and I still do…"I said, flashing him a provocative smile. After he ate, I led him back to his bedroom.

I pushed him down on his bed, and he sat on the edge letting me be the aggressor. I found his condoms in his drawer when I was looking for clothes earlier.

I tossed one at him. I stood in front of him. His cock was in his boxers. "Are you going to put that on or not?" I asked. Sister sliping and brother faking broke out of his daze.

He pulled his boxers off, his cock popping out. I watched him put on his condom. His cock was about five inches long, not that big, but to me size really doesn't matter all that much.

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I took off his t-shirt that I was wearing, tossing it over my shoulder. I descended onto him, straddling his stomach, pushing him on his back. I still had his boxers on. I lowered my bare chest to his, my nipples getting quite excited. I kissed his lips once, then whispered in his ear "fuck me". He quickly reached down, pulling the boxers down, I wriggled them down my legs and off.

I started humping him, his cock not even inside of extreme teen melissa moore begs for rough sex. My pussy was grinding against him, as he reached down struggling to get inside of me. Finally he penetrated me. I grabbed his shoulders, and thrusted my entire body against his, shaking his bed violently.

I couldn't help but start screaming as I fucked him hard, his cock pulsing reverse gangbang action starring luscious sex bombs me. His grunts loudly tried to keep up with my higher pitched screams, but failed. He came first, his cock pulsing as he shot deep in me.

I continued to grind against his softening cock and playing with myself with one hand until I came, collapsing on his chest. … I walked into the dorm around noon. The other girls were all busy unpacking and making the dorm theirs. "Hey Holly, we're just putting up pictures to remind us of home.

So how was your night?" asked Samantha "Oh… I actually don't remember most of what happened last night. I was insanely drunk and he took care of me and I made him breakfast and we… uh… had some fun this morning," I said. I found my things, finding a picture of john and I. I handed the picture of John with his arms around me, to Samantha for her to put up. "Who's that?" asked Chrissie.

"Oh… that's John. My boyfriend. We've been dating for about two years now." "Wait a second, you have a long term boyfriend and you were out having 'fun' with a guy you just met until noon?" asked Rachel incredulously. "Yeah, he told me to…" I defended myself. "Your boyfriend told you to go have sex with other men? I doubt it." Rachel doubted me. "But he really did.

We've gotten used to an insane pace and a month apart without sex would drive us both mad." "Likely story. You haven't even flaca rica nalgona en el camion constitucion flaquita away for 2 days and you're already cheating. You should be ashamed of yourself, what are you a slut?" Rachel led everyone against me. Near tears, I started explaining to Samantha. "You believe me, don't you? I love him.

I would never do anything to hurt him. You believe me, right?" Soothingly she replied, "Of course I do. You were really drunk last night. Anything could happen and I have the same arrangement with my boyfriend. We got used to having sex at least once a day. I understand completely.

It's only about sex, not love, right?" "Yeah right, shes a cheating slut, girls like you give us all a bad image." Rachel said; mad at me for some reason. "Shut the fuck up, shes crying, you think you're helping? Get out of here" Samantha defended me, the other girls left the room, rolling their eyes at me.

I could see it in their faces, they all saw me as a slut already. "Th…thanks Sam. I really wanted to have a good time here but my roommates already hate me. What am I going to do?" I managed to choke out between full out sobs. "I… I think I just need to get out of here for a little while until they calm down." "Okay Holly.

Just remember, not all of your roommates hate you. It's good to know there's someone else who is in the same sort of situation as me." "Thanks Sam. I'll keep that in mind. I'll be back by 11 tonight. I'll talk to you more about this later? I just need to cool off a bit before I talk to them again. I don't want to make things worse by saying something in my defense only to end up making everything worse." "Of course. I'll see you later." John: Thursday rolled around, bringing with it the meeting with the sex club.

Since Holly was gone, I took Veronica as my partner. It was the first time I had gone to a meeting without Holly. It turns out that not all meetings involve all of the members. They try to make sure all members are there when a new couple joins, but most meetings aren't as large. This particular meeting involved only six couples, Veronica and I included.

We also made a last minute change, moving the meeting from Peter and Kristen's house, to Veronica's, since it is simply huge. I arrived first, helping Veronica get ready for the meeting. We devised a little game to effectively use her large house, and waited for the guests to arrive.


Of course Peter and Kristen were in attendance, Kristen with long curly red hair, tall woman, with small perky tits. Chris, the black one, and Bethany, the very tall, long brown hair, also smallish tits, Bethany. There was also Trent and Amy, Jake and Mary, and Edward and Helen.

Once the entire group had arrived, we began the meeting. "It's just like spin the bottle, but with a twist" I explained to the assembled crowd. "There are 12 people here, we will spin the bottle three times, and those three people will go to a room and have sex.

If all three spins are guys, then we will redo the third spin until a girl comes up, and vice versa. So, that makes four groups of three, either Male Male Female, or Female Female Male. The bottle shall decide our sexual fate" I said, playing leader on this occasion. Before we began, we had to empty the bottle of wine, giving everyone a glass, loosening the collective consciousness.

Holding the empty bottle, "Who wants to spin it?" Veronica asked. "I want to" Mary volunteered. Mary was the short woman with dirty blonde hair, very skinny, with small perky tits, and a nice round ass for her size. Mary sat on the floor in the middle of the sitting group. Mary spun the bottle, letting it slowly come to a stop. "Trent" Mary said. Trent stood and walked to stand in the doorway.

Mary spun again. "Kristen" Mary announced. Kristen went and stood with Trent. "Please be a girl, please be a girl" Trent repeated. "Ya Please be a girl" Kristen said with him. That elicited a chuckle from the group. The spin came up with Jake, Mary's husband/boyfriend (I don't remember if they are married). "Ohh Jake, looks like you wont get two chicks" Mary said. "Thought you would rig the game for me to win" Jake said, walking to the group in the doorway.

"Have fun you three" I said. "Next group" Mary said, spinning the bottle. "Looks like Veronica" Mary said. Veronica kind of blushed and stood in the now vacant doorway. Mary spun again. "Chris" Mary said. I wondered if that spin may have been fixed. Chris stood with Veronica in the doorway. Mary spun the bottle again "Peter". "Lucky girl" Amy said, noting that Veronica had drawn the two largest dicks.

Mary started spinning again as soon as that threesome found their room. "John" Mary said, my turn had come. I walked to the doorway. Four girls remained; Mary, Bethany, Amy, and Helen. Only Edward and I remained for the men, which guaranteed that both of us would get two women. Mary spun the bottle. "Helen" Mary said. Helen, was quite pale skinned, short with curly short black hair, and small perky tits. The winner of the next bottle spin was Amy. Amy joined us in the doorway.

That left Edward with Mary and Bethany. The two groups of three left huge white dick for teen alyssa cole room, walking to the separate bedrooms, as the first two groups had. I opened the door into the bedroom, Helen and Amy followed behind me, closing the door.

We were in one of the many guest bedrooms in the house. However organized the game might be, we never said what had to happen in the rooms. I sat on the edge of the small bed. Helen sat next to me on the bed, and Amy stood in front of us. Amy was the oldest woman in the club, in her early forties.

Amy also had the biggest tits in the group, as well as long blonde hair. She was wearing a white t-shirt, and jean shorts. I suddenly realized that I didn't know if she and Trent had any kids. If they did, she was a hell of a MILF. (I don't think I need to clarify, but that means Mom I'd Like to Fuck.) "So…Whatever shall we do?" I asked the women, teasing them.

"I think we should get 'acquainted'" Amy said. It was kind of funny how little we really knew about each other, despite the numerous sexual encounters I had had with the girls in the club.

tanner calls a friend for a fuck pornstars hardcore then…Ages, I am 20" I said. "Thirty" Helen chimed in. "Pass" Amy said. "Ohh come on, you're a hot woman, don't be ashamed of your age." I said. After a pause, "Fine, I am 42" Amy said. "Wasn't so hard was it" I said. "No, especially since I am 44" Amy said, conceding her lie. "Okay, then an easier question… Weight" I said.

"Funny" Amy said sarcastically. "I try" I said. "How long have you been in the club?" I asked. They knew how long I had been. "three years" Helen said. "Well, Trent and I were in another club, but once everyone had kids, that was the end of that. So we started a new one with Peter and Kristen. That was about five years ago." Amy said. "So that's how it started." I said.

"So you two never had kids?" I asked her. "Yes, we have a 23 year old son, we were quite young" Amy said. "Enough of your questions" Helen said. "My turn; How long have you and Holly been together?" Helen asked. "Over a year and a half" I said. "Were you both virgins?" Amy asked.

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"Yes" I said. "You two certainly didn't mess around did you!?" Amy said. "You don't know the half of it" I said, smiling. "What's that supposed to mean?" Swallowed lily labeau and haley reed double sloppy blowjob asked. "Let's just say…If you must know, buy the tape" I said. They gave me a questioning look. "You ever going to make her an honest woman?" Amy asked. "If by honest woman you mean marry her, then yes I will, and we are both agreed that we should wait until we graduate.

I plan on doing it the night of graduation, just to make sure she knows that I really want to make her my wife. Like you said, I don't mess around." I said. "So are we ever going to get down to business?" I asked. (and surely you are too.) Helen and I insisted that Amy strip first. Amy stripped off her clothes quickly, letting her tits out, and revealing her unshaved pussy. I volunteered to go next. Amy replaced me on the edge of the bed. I shed my clothes in front of the girls, my cock hanging down semi-erect.

Helen stood in front of Amy and I. She slowly stripped her clothes off, revealing her milky white skin and trimmed pussy. With all the clothes removed, we had the 'now what' moment. It wasn't that we didn't know what to do, just that we could do many things, and had to decide what to do.

"Let's get you ready for us first" Helen said. Amy nodded agreement. Helen dropped to her knees in front of me as I sat on the edge of the bed. Amy grabbed my cock in her hand, sitting beside me. Helen started sucking on the end of my cock as Amy lightly stroked it. Helen moaned as she blew me. "Let me suck him" Amy said. Helen gave way, and Amy leaned forward, her tits resting on my thigh, as she pressed her face all the way down, taking my entire cock in her mouth. Amy pulled back, flipping her hair back to the side.

Helen took her turn sucking me off some more. With me hard and ready, it was time to get Amy and Helen ready. Helen moved just to her left, on her knees between Amy's legs. Amy laid back on the bed, allowing Helen better access to her slit. I got off the bed, and laid down on the floor, sliding up between Helen's knees.

I started by gently prodding her pussy with my fingers, teasing her. I raised my head up, lapping and licking all over her pussy very quickly. Helen was getting quite wet. From the sounds I judged that Amy was getting pretty close. "I think we're all ready, Let's get to the fuckin" Helen said.

I stood up, and went to the dresser, where I had put my condoms when I took off my shorts. Helen volunteered to 'put' it on for me. She got on her knees, placing the condom in her lips, and deepthroating me.

"There" Helen said. She quickly hopped back up on the bed. Helen and Amy both got on teenie pussy filled with warm cum after getting fucked fours, their asses at the edge of the bed. Their pussies awaited my cock, at near perfect height on the short bed. I stood behind them. "Which one should I fuck first?" I asked myself out loud.

"Just fuck one of us already" Amy said, laughing. "Just for that you will go last" I said, imitating a kindergarten teacher's voice. I stepped up behind Helen. Amy already had her hand in her crotch, masturbating. I held my cock up to Helen's drippingly awaiting pussy. I gently pushed inside of her. Her warm tight pussy engulfed my cock. Helen moaned as I entered her. I reached my right hand to Amy's pussy, helping her play with herself.

I slowly fucked Helen, as we all moaned quietly. "Fuck me" Amy insisted through her teeth. I pulled my cock out of Helen's wanting slit. I stepped a few feet to my right, pushing my wet cock into Amy. "oh Fuck" she moaned as I penetrated her. I didn't 'mess around' with Amy, slapping into her ass as I fucked her. Helen already had her hand between her legs in my absence.

After fucking Amy for a while, I switched back to Helen. She didn't bother taking her hand away from the top of her slit as I fucked her harder than before. She was getting close to orgasm, so I switched back to Amy. Amy also kept playing with herself as I fucked her. I reached out and fingered Helen with my left hand, thrusting my fingers in and out of busty buffy fucked outdoors in pov hardcore and big tits dripping slit.

We collectively approached orgasm. I knew Helen would cum as soon as I penetrated her again, so I stopped fingering her, leaving her right at the edge.

I pounded Amy harder, reaching around to play with her nipples. Judging by the moans and her breathing, I knew Amy was also close. I increased my pace and brought my hands from her tits to her pussy, playing with her. Amy came, her pussy squeezing my cock as she vocally expressed her orgasm.

I pulled my cock out of Amy, being quickly replaced by her hand. I quickly pushed my cock back into Helen. I pounded my cock inside of her, sending her over the edge immediately, her pussy massaging my cock to orgasm. I blasted my load deep in her pussy, constrained by the condom. Once I caught my breath, I pulled out of Helen, and sat on the edge of the bed again.

The girls rolled over, and laid on their backs, collecting their breath. "That was awesome, all three of us coming at the same time" Helen said.


"You're good" Amy said. "No, if I was good, I would have kept fucking the both of you, but I came" I said. "You're a man not a dildo" Helen said. "Let's get that condom off of you" Amy said. I sat up on the edge of the bed as both women got on their knees before me. Amy pulled the condom off my still semi hard cock.

She immediately deepthroated my cock, licking and sucking the juices and jizz off of me. "mmm" she moaned.

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"Let's go see how the other groups did" Helen said. We decided to leave our clothes, and walked back to the living room. We were the last group to finish. To be fair we were one of the last to start, plus the whole question and answer period also contributed to that. All the couples were sitting together again, discussing their experiences, all still naked. Kristen and Veronica, the girl's that were double teamed, both had faces covered in jizz. I sat with Veronica.

"Have fun?" I asked her, sitting down. Cum was still running down her neck. "You could say so" She said. "Now what?" Peter asked me.

The next activity Veronica and I had planned was some pussy eating. "All the guys stand up" I instructed, as I stood up myself. The couples were all sitting together in a circle. "Okay, rotate one to your right, and eat" I said. Every guy walked a few feet to his right, and got on his knees between a woman's legs. I got on my knees between Amy's legs. Her thighs were still wet from her juices. I reached up, playing with her tits, as I plunged between her legs. All the women in the room moaned as they received oral.

Soon enough the room was filled with 'oooh's and 'YES's of women cuming. I think Amy came fourth. I sat back, her juices lingering in my mouth, as I looked up at her pleased face. The guys returned to their seats, as I stood in the middle of the circle. I explained the next phase of our plan. I stole Holly's idea, but she wasn't here so I took the credit. "It's time for the blowjob competition" I said. "All six guys will stand up. The women will get on their knees. We will start the timer and the women will have thirty seconds to blow their man.

Once thirty seconds is up, all the women will rotate to the right, and wait thirty seconds before starting again. If you get a guy to cum, you get a point, and that guy sits down.

Winner is the woman that gets the most points" I said. "What do you get for being the winner? Kristen asked me. "umm…I hadn't thought about it. How about, the woman who wins gets to pick her own prize. Within reason." I said. The women looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

"Where do you come up with this stuff?" Amy asked me. "If I had a nickel for every time I was asked that…I …I would have like fifty cents…" I stumbled through that. "Not too good with speaking though" Veronica said. "Well anyway, I'll do the timing." I said. All the women got on their knees in front of their husband/boyfriend. Veronica was in front of me. "Blow away!" I said, starting the timer.

Veronica started sucking me off, very hard and fast. She was trying to make me cum in thirty seconds. That wasn't going to happen, but she tried. All the women blew for thirty seconds. "Stop" I said, watching my watch. "Rotate, but wait" I said. Kristen was now on her knees in front of me, covered in jizz from before. I waited for thirty seconds to be up. "And&hellip.Blow" I said. Kristen immediately deep throated me.

I looked around the circle as the other five women blew as well as they could. "Stop" I announced the thirty seconds. All the women went ahead and rotated. Bethany was now in front of me. She had long brown hair that tried to cover her small tits. She looked up and smiled at me.

I never said anything about the thirty seconds of no blowing. I don't know who started it, but now all the women took the thirty seconds to try and seduce the men. Bethany had one hand playing with her tits, the other in her crotch.

She was looking at me with her mouth open, licking her lips. "Blow" I said. Bethany started blowing me, as all the women blew. Bethany was very good at deepthroating. I guess having a black husband probably helps that skill develop. Something caught my eye, and I glanced to my left.

Trent was being blown by Kristen, and he was coming all over her face. I didn't realize it at the moment, but they were in the threesome group together, so that was the second time he had blasted her face, which was quite evident afterward.

The thirty seconds ran out. "That's a point for Kristen" I announced, as Trent sat down. I looked around the room, seeing that no guys were sitting, I knew no other points had been scored.

"Bethany you have a break, until we rotate again." I said. Bethany sat on her knees in front of Trent as all the women rotated. Now Mary was between my legs. I counted down the thirty seconds. "and&hellip.Blow" I said. Mary went to work, her dirty blonde hair swinging back and forth with her neck thrusts on my cock.

Her tongue worked on my shaft as she rocked her face on my cock. I heard a sound in the collective crowd that caught my attention. I looked up to see Veronica getting blasted in the face by Jake. "Point for Veronica" I said. "Stop" I announced the thirty seconds. Jake sat down, and the women rotated, waiting thirty more seconds.

Mary and Kristen had the breaks this round. Now Helen was below me. "Blow away" I said, letting the girls do cute blonde teen fucked by you lust in translation work.

Helen was trying hard to make me cum. Since Holly wasn't in the running, I didn't care who received my load. Helen blew me very hard and fast. Just to my right I saw Peter pump his load down Amy's throat, as she swallowed every drop. And just to his right Chris blew his load on Veronica's face and mouth. "Point for Amy, Point for Veronica" I announced the score. Peter and Chris sat down. That left just Edward and I standing. Since four of the guys had come, four of the girls watched.

Amy and Kristen had one point; Veronica led with two points. It was Amy's turn to blow me, and Mary's turn on Edward. "Okay, you handle the time keeping" I said to Peter. He looked at his watch for a few seconds, then "Go" He said, watching the time. Amy tried very hard to get me off, sucking and sucking on my throbbing cock. I watched Mary's head bobbing on Edward's cock, to no avail. "And time" Peter called. The women rotated again. Now they were all home again.

Veronica in front of me, and Helen in front of her husband Edward. "I tried to psyche out Veronica. "You get one more and you seal the deal" I told her. Veronica licked her lips eagerly. "Go" Peter announced. Veronica started to blow me, her large tits flopping against my thighs as she worked. Helen blew her husband but couldn't get him off.

"Time" Peter called. The women rotated again. Now Kristen sat in front of me; her husband sitting just to my right, told her when to start blowing me.

Amy was in front of Edward. Kristen deepthroated me right off the bat, taking my cock into her throat, massaging me. I was ready to blow, trying to hold off. It was a competition among the guys as much as it was between the women. I couldn't hold anymore and I blew my load down Kristen's throat, and she swallowed everything I had to give her.

"Point for Kristen" Peter announced, evidently proud of his wife. Now it was down to Edward. He outlasted all the other guys. Veronica and Kristen were tied at 2. Veronica's turn to blow Edward, but right after her was Kristen. "Blow" Peter told Veronica, as I sat down with all the other guys. Veronica tried and tried, but couldn't get Edward to cum in that thirty seconds.

Peter counted off and then told his wife when to start blowing Edward. Kristen took Edward's cock down her throat as she had mine. It was obvious when he blew deep in her mouth, emptying his balls down her throat.

The group erupted "We have a winner". Kristen was the Blowjob Queen of the group…this time. "We should have a crown for the BJ queen!" Mary said. "I guess we need to have a tournament with all the girls since Jenna, Susan, Cindy, and Holly aren't here" I said. "Well what's her prize?" Peter asked me. "I think it's up to her" I said.

For those keeping track at home, that's five cumshots she had taken now. Kristen stood up, jizz still running down her face and neck to her tits. She stood there thinking for a moment. … Kristen thought up what became the standard prize for the bj competition. All six guys stood around and watched as Kristen laid down, and the other five girls played with, ate out, and massaged her until she came. Five sets of hands, five tongues, and five sets of tits, all going to work on one woman laying between them all.

The five women held her down and played, tickled, toyed, licked, prodded, poked, and sucked on her until she came hard and loud. Now all the girls wanted stunning dahlia has fun with a fat dick win next time we would do this.

Afterwards it was time to finish up the meeting. We sat back in our circle, talking about our experience. Once we had all calmed down, we left to collect our clothes from the rooms where we had left them.

Then each couple showered together, cleansing each other of sex juices. All of us clean again, the group broke up, everyone heading home to rest, and wait for the next meeting. The last members had just left, and Veronica and I sat down on her couch. "God that was fun" She said, glowing. "You choked!" I said. "What? I didn't choke?" She said, confused. "Wait…clarify…it's a sports term, you had the game won, and you blew it…wait" I said, again confusing her.

"You were up 2-1, and you had a shot at both the guys left, and you let Kristen get both of them" I said. "Ohh" Veronica said, suddenly understanding. "I'll just have to do better next time" She said, smiling. "When's next hardcore homemade anal tube porn She asked me. "What guy left you?" I asked, stunned to think that some man left this sex addicted woman.

She just shook her head. We sat in silence for a few moments, wondering where to go from here. "Want to go swimming?" She asked me, a provactively sexy smile on her face. I didn't respond. I ran for the backdoor, shedding clothes as she ran behind me.