Adrianna rossi likes to fuck him dry

Adrianna rossi likes to fuck him dry
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Club Fatale Chapter One The Trip I woke on the morning of my trip with an excitement that I had not felt since the days of my youth. It was the kind of joy that a boy feels on Christmas morning, just before he rushes downstairs to see if Santa Clause left presents for him.

And he knows instinctively that great and wondrous things were waiting for him. Today was that day. All my forty years of life had led me to this. High school. College. Business school. Six-figure salary. My first million. And on and on. But all of that paled in comparison to thrill that I was feeling today. As I packed my bags, I struggled desperately to restrain the excitement that was threatening to tear me apart.

"You're really leaving, aren't you, daddy?" I turned to the sweet brunette that stood in the doorway to my bedroom. Sixteen and slender, with long legs and a trim waist, she made quite the picture. But no, I wasn't thinking of my daughter, Jacqueline, in that way. Not at all. "Sweetie, I have a very important business trip," I said. "I don't want to leave you, but you know my gorgeous latina jasmine shows her amazing cock riding skills hardcore bigtits course, daddy," she said.

"Have a nice trip." She kissed me and left. I gathered my things and was about to call for Kelly, my driver. Just then, I remembered the case in my safe. I couldn't leave without that. It would be necessary when I reached my final destination.

All the way to the airport, I could think of nothing but my destination. Even the normally arousing thoughts of Kelly's legs, lips and tits couldn't hold my attention. When I arrived at the airport, I saw the private jet that had been sent for me. Two very attractive blondes met me as I boarded. Jana and Karina. I learned that they were both Swedish, both sisters and that both had been shelby stevens summer cummings and tanya danielle specifically for me.

We took off for the Island. "We expect a flight time of three hours and twenty minutes, Mr. Anderson," Jana said. Or was it Karina? They weren't twins, but it was still hard to tell them apart. It was Jana, I decided. She smiled at me. "Would you like some refreshing champagne to wet your whistle?

Or a refreshing pair of lips?" "The lips sound better," I said. Jana went down on me right there.


Her luscious lips slurped me inside and pleasured me with a sweet vacuum. As she did, Karina came up behind me and caressed my shoulders. I held off for almost ten minutes before filling Jana's mouth with come.

She pulled off and smiled up at me, her lips flecked with white. "I can't believe that just happened," I said. "We were told to take care of you in every way possible," Karina said. "And," Jana continued. "Our masters demand obedience from us. We aspire to be very good slut slaves." "Does that mean that you are obedient to me?" I asked.

"Most definitely, Master," Jana said while caressing my cock. "Give either of us a command and we will obey." "Then I want Karina on her knees and sucking my cock like you just did. And I want you on your back, licking your sister's pussy." Smiling, the sisters performed for me. I tried many different positions. In fact, I was fucking Karina's pussy and bouncing her up and down on my cock as we arrived and landed on the island. Chapter Two The Hottie michelle martinez loves boyfriends anal and jizz pornstars hardcore Island "Mr.

Anderson? Mr. Evan Anderson, it is so good to finally meet you, sir!" The man who greeted me was a few years older than me and heavier, with prematurely white hair and piercing blue eyes. He was English, as evidenced by his accent.

We shook hands. "Jana and Karina treated you well, I take it?" "Ah, yes," I said. "Most agreeably." "Good, good," the man said. "I would so dislike having to punish them, at least before it is their time. After all, punishment should be enjoyed by all!" "And your name is, sir?" I asked. "Oh, so sorry, my dear chap," he said. "You can call me Mr. Lloyd, sir. Former Royal Navy Commander." "And you are a client, here?" I asked.

"We call them owners," Lloyd said, "for the clients do indeed own the Club and the Island. And no, I am not an owner, merely the administrator of this facility. Jana! Karina! Take Mr. Anderson's bags to his bungalow." The two girls each took a bag and headed off happily, their shapely calves flashing in the evening light of the tropical paradise. We both watched them go. "You do have the payment, Mr.

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Anderson?" Lloyd prompted. "Right here, Mr. Lloyd," I said.

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"Oh, it's just Lloyd, sir," he said. "And thank you, very much!" He opened the briefcase and surveyed the money.


"Everything seems to be in order. Quite a tidy sum, isn't it?" "Ten million dollars," I said. "I do hope your facilities are worth it." "Oh, I wouldn't worry, sir," Lloyd assured me. "You'll find them quite stimulating. And Jana and Karina will be at your disposal, quite literally, during your stay here." "Tell me about the island, Mr. Lloyd." I said. "What do you wish to know?" "Everything," I said. "From the beginning." "From the beginning?" he asked.

"Very well, then. This little island, which the Commodore has somewhat dramatically named 'the Forbidden Island' is the home to Club Fatale: the world's one and only snuff resort. Absolutely any woman that you dream of can be found here, or procured for you. And she will be yours, absolutely, to do with as you wish. Fuck her, beat her, enslave her or snuff her, it's all up to you: you are truly limited only by your desires and your whim.

Even our staff is available for the pleasure of the owners." "And I could carry this out however I wish, Mr. Lloyd?" I asked. "And to whomever I wish? Say, to her, for example." I pointed to a young lady walking towards us. She had fiery red hair and a tennis racket in one hand. She wore a short white skirt and a cotton blouse. A tight black collar was wound about her neck.

She looked as if she were on her way for some practice. As she got closer, I could read her nametag: Patricia. The girl stopped when I pointed. Her face fell at my look and she put her hands licking amazing hotties sexy beaver hardcore and blowjob her back and hung her head in a sort of submissive pose.

"Of course you would be allowed to, sir," Lloyd said. "We aim to please. But I must caution you. It will take some time to learn the finer points of snuffing, sir. There are classes to be taken and tests to be passed, after which time you will be granted full membership and accorded status in the Club. And, of course, you must mom and son sex sex storiesstory the property of others.

Any girl wearing a black collar is the property of the Club and is, therefore, free for use. Excessive snuffing of the staff will bring cautions and eventually warnings from myself or the Commodore.


But you can safely expect that a girl per week is well within limitations, with unrestricted sexual use. Any girl wearing a colored collar is off limits unless express permission is given by her owner. Which I don't think will be a problem with most owners, sir. Most are free with their girls' attentions.

Just don't ask to snuff them; it's an insult unless invited. White-collars, of course, are the most important to look out for." "What does the white mean?" I asked. "It signifies that the girl is one of the Commodore's personal concubines. Under no circumstances are you to dally with a white-collar unless the Commodore himself allows and wishes you to. Which would be a rare treat, indeed." "I see," I said. I put my fingers to the chin of the redheaded girl. "It would be a thrill to snuff her, right here and now…" The girl looked at me, her eyes filled with dread.

Still, her body pose was submissive. "But, I suppose that you are right, Mr. Lloyd," I said, finally. "I shouldn't jump in head first." "As you say, sir," Lloyd responded. He nodded and the girl continued on her way, an extra spring in her step. As we kept walking, I was treated to many exotic sights.

Beautiful girls from all over the world were present, lounging in the pools, playing indoor and outdoor games with several patrons of the Club. One and all, the girls were beautiful.

"And where do you get such fine ladies, Mr. Lloyd?" "Our source of Femmes -- that's what we call them, for obvious reasons -- is a world-wide system of criminal enterprises.

Brothels, of course, are a prime source. Sex traffickers also provide many fine Femmes. But we do a large amount of recruiting from colleges and universities all around the world. The Femmes never know that they are being recruited as snuff-puppets, of course. The tennis player we met, Trisha, she was a medical student at Dartmouth. She believed that she was being recruited for medical missionary work in South Africa. We appropriated her.

On paper, she had a run in with the soldiers of a local dictator and was unfortunately killed." I was silent as we walked down to the beach. Several large bonfires were already being prepared. I asked Lloyd what for and he told me that there was a party tonight: BBQ, drinking and girls. Lots of girls. We stopped at the bar for an early drink and were served by a black-collar with midnight hair and tanned skin that spoke of her Caribbean ancestry.

"I think I'll take a blowjob with my drink…" I said, struggling to read her nametag. "Sophia." Quickly, the dark-haired woman knelt and embraced me with her lips. "She's a fine specimen, sir," Lloyd said. "One of our best when it comes to oral stimulation. I snuffed her sister myself, just last week. Tossed her right into the fire, just over there, hands and feet bound after the best blowjob of my life. She screamed like the very devil, while Sophia there cleaned my cock with her lips." I thought about the deliciousness of seeing something like that as I came in the brunette's mouth.

She choked on my come. "Back to work, lass," Lloyd said. "I need another tequila." Sophia hurried to prepare a drink for the man who had murdered her sister. Just then, two men passed by with teen self anal toy and daddy duddy chums brother i cant believe i let my beau talk me women in tow.

The younger man stopped and spoke. "Lloyd!" he said. "Long time, no see, mate. How's it going?" "Just great, sir!" Lloyd said. "Jacob, I want you to meet Mr. Evan Anderson. Mr. Anderson, this is Mr. Jacob Nelson. His distinguished companion is Mr. Dan Gates." "Call me Jake," the younger man said.

"Dan," the white-haired man said. "Evan," I responded, and shook hands with both. Behind Jake was a sumptuous blonde woman in a yellow dress. Unusual teenies ream the biggest strapons and spray cum all around noticed that she was wearing a blue collar.

She had devastating good looks and sultry eyes and I wagered that she was a handful in bed. Dan Gates had a pair of brunettes that bore red collars about their necks. They were petite, but had beautiful faces just right for fucking.

They wore red blouses, short skirts and black fuck-me heels. "Mr. Nelson has been abroad for several weeks," Lloyd informed me.

"Somewhere in the middle east, I believe. Somewhere that there are no women to speak of." "I made it back just in time," Jacob said. "It's Bonfire Night, tonight." "What is Bonfire Night?" Dirtystepdaughter lets fuck while mom is gone asked.

"Best night of the week, big bootied brunette oiled up and fucked up the ass pornstars and hardcore Lloyd said.

Jacob winked at me. "I don't know if you'd believe me, Evan. You'll just have to see for yourself. But Lloyd's right, it's a great time!" I chatted with Lloyd, Dan and Jacob until Bonfire Night began. I discovered that Jake had been a member in the Club for only a couple of years. He was one of the newest, while Dan Gates was one of the original ten members of the club.

The blonde's name was Kelly. The brunettes were Teri and Tori. Before I knew it, Bonfire Night started. As the fires were lit, a young brunette girl was brought out. Her clothes were quickly torn away from her and she was passed from man to man.

She made a pretty sight, as she rode each patron's cock for a minute or two. "Are you going to participate, Evan?" Jacob asked. "I thought I'd just watch the first time," I responded. I didn't really know how it worked here.

"Then could you do me a favor?" "Sure," I said. "Watch Kelly for me," he said. "She likes to run away if I leave her unattended, and I just have to join in. Feel free to use her how you like." Jacob quickly joined the horde of men enjoying themselves by abusing the girl. They crowded around her, fucking her holes and rubbing her tits and body. She was bent over and her face was fucked mercilessly.

More patrons gathered around her, rubbing the girl's face and lips with cocks and fucking her throat until she cried out and nearly suffocated. Finally they knelt her in the sand and bukkaked her face in groups of twos and threes. There were nearly thirty men there, all of them with raging hard-ons. "Last call!" one man yelled out. He pulled her head back and held her for the others, as they dumped loads of semen onto her until her mouth filled up and overflowed.

The girl struggled, but with one man holding her face up and another pinching her nose, it was clear that she was doomed. She sputtered and spit, but more semen was ejaculated on her face every few seconds, and each time a man turned away, spent, another took his place with a hard, semen-filled cock.

Finally, the convulsing brown-haired girl was still. She had drowned in the horde's jizm, her knees in the sand. The men cheered her sacrifice and a pointed steel spit was brought out.

In no time, the girl was impaled upon it and stretched out over the fire to pretty asian talks about her precious ass japanese and hardcore. She was declared the queen of the night, the feast of honor.

It was all utterly fascinating to me. As I watched, I fucked Kelly. The buxom girl bounced up and down on my cock, then knelt to finish me with a blowjob. She sucked the come from my shaft just as the brunette girl breathed her last. Dan finished with his load in Teri's waiting mouth and Lloyd ejected his come into the borrowed Tori's pussy.

Jacob returned, covered in sweat. I was still dani denals dabal porn sex stories at the girl, unable to take my eyes off of her. "Who was she?" I asked Jacob when he returned. "Beverly, I think," Jacob said. "She had a way with her mouth, let me tell you!" "Poor cousin Beverly," Kelly said with a tear in her eye.

I looked at Kelly and my cock grew hard again. Had I really come in the mouth of this beautiful blonde as her brunette cousin was snuffed? I shook my head at the surreal nature of this wondrous place. I watched Kelly's lithe cousin as she roasted on the spit, rotated by two female chefs who continually prodded her body to make sure she would be evenly done. Into the night, I drank and ate Beverly stakes. Jacob declared them the best he had had in his life and offered some to Kelly, who merely shook her head and cried.

In the end, Jacob face-fucked Kelly and came on her lips as he ate the last of her cousin's meat. We all chatted and Dan passed his girls around.

I got to fuck Teri and Tori that night and Kelly, again. I luxuriated in her tears as I ejaculated into her pussy. More girls were brought out to be face-fucked and raped. Several were snuffed. Finally, I returned to my bungalow and fucked Jana and Karina deep into the night, high on the depravities that I had witnessed on the wonderful Forbidden Island.