Lesbian kissing stockings and chubby teen hd hardcore now that ive been investigated by

Lesbian kissing stockings and chubby teen hd hardcore now that ive been investigated by
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Feel free to judge but this is only fiction. It all started when I was 10 years old, At 10 years old I was developed a little more than the other children I had started my period and already had C sized breasts.I was about 90 pounds and quite tall.


Mom had to work a lot and Dad recently lost his job. Dad picked up the habit of drinking and became a alcoholic. Back then I really didn't think much of it I just thought he liked the taste of beer. Dad was always the one home with me. Sometimes it felt as if I didn't have a mother.

Except when I'd hear them fucking every night, I knew she was there. Daddy always spoiled me rotten. He would always smack my ass and call me beautiful but back then I thought nothing of it. A couple months past and Daddy started acting weird.

He would take me on random car rides and sleep with me in my bed until mommy got home. On my 11th birthday I had a sleep over with a couple 13 year olds who have both had sex, let's just say they knew there way around a arsehole of beautiful babe drilled hardcore and blowjob. They told me how a penis looked and felt.

They explained to me how good it feels inside their vaginas. They also told me before all this I need to learn how to kiss. Being 11 I haven't really kissed anyone before. Not in a sexual way anyways. The next night I decided to do something they told me about.

It's called masturbation they said it felt really good if I do it right. So when Mommy left for work and Daddy was snoring on the couch, I closed my door and striped naked. I have never done or even thought about anything sexual before until now. I laid on top of my covers legs spread wide open, I begin running my finger along my soft pink lips and gently caressing my clit.

I began breathing heavier and I picked up the pace with my fingers. I began rubbing my nipples with my free hand. It felt so good I could hardly breathe. All of a twgirls and one boy sex bathroom the door flew open and there stood Daddy mouth wide open hand on his crotch. I kept going, not knowing I wasn't supposed to do that sorta thing in front of Daddy.

"Sam" he said. "yeesss daddy, oh yes. I mean yeah daddy?" I moaned still going at it. " Sam I." then he went out the door. As soon as I heard his bedroom door shut I came hard. "WOW, that was amazing" I thought to myself still out of breath. I put One of daddy's football jerseys on and a pair of panties and wondered down the hall. I stood in front of Daddy's door and put my ear against it. I heard some sort of slapping noise and it sounded like daddy was saying something so I listened closer.

" oh shit baby, ride daddy's huge cock.

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That's it make your daddy cum in your wet cunt" he moaned. Then I opened the door a little and peeked in. Sure enough there daddy was jerking his cock, he was right it is big. I sat there and watched him for a few minutes.

My insides started to get hot and my vagina started to get moist. It was weird my vagina had never done that before.


I reached Down and rubbed myself through my panties while I watched daddy get ready to blow his load. I must have made a noise or something because he jumped up yanked his boxers up and ran to his door catching me. "Sam what the hell!?" he yelled and I ran to my to my room. A couple weeks later after masturbating to the thought of daddys cock he started sleeping in my bed with me again. One night when mommy was on a business trip he came In My room and laid next to me in juicy teen anal gap is destroyed by penis in advance of camera and put his arm around me.

We laid there for awhile then I pretended to fall asleep. A few minutes later his hands meet my boobs and his cock rubbed against my ass.

It wasn't long before daddy's cock was hard and ready for some action. He carefully slid down my panties and started rubbing his bare cock on my bare ass. Then he slowly turned me on my back slid my panties all the way off and got between my legs. He then spit on his hand and stroked his cock.

He slowly rubbed his cock between my lips over and over again. It felt so good. I never wanted him to stop. He began breathing fast and heavy. He speed up and I felt like I was gonna cum. He was rubbing his cock up and down my pussy massaging my clit and making me so wet. I began breathing heavy but he didn't seem to notice.

He started to cum and I felt it go on my belly and on my clit. He let out a loud moan and stopped. Then he took his boxers and wiped me off. Then put my panties back on and left the room.


The next morning I woke up to the smell of a good breakfast being made. I love when daddy cooks. I walked into the kitchen to find daddy cooking bacon and eggs, in nothing but his boxers. "Good morning daddy" I said with a smile. " good morning babygirl you hungry?" he said cheerfully. "Oh yes daddy" I bent over to get the surp out of the cabinet and daddy came up behind me smacking my ass and grinding on me a little.

After we ate I watched a movie & played a game. It had been dark for about 20 minutes daddy told me we were going for a car ride. "Do you know how to kiss baby? French kiss?" " yeah I do daddy" I replied. " show me " he said and I leaned over and kissed him I slowly slid my tongue in his mouth.

I can't believe I was making out with my daddy. After that day we began making out alot and one day I was "sleeping" on the couch mommy was sleeping in her room with the door closed.

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Daddy uncovered me and started rubbing my pussy, he had to know I was awake because I was rocking my hips back and forth. Daddy ripped of my panties and got down between my legs and started eating my pussy it was the best thing I'd ever felt.

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He stopped shortly after he started and returned to his room. The next day daddy had to drop me off at grams house late at night. He began rubbing my pussy I was loving it. Then he pulled over and whipped his dick out. He put my hand on it and had me stroke it.

Then I got out of the car. He asked me if I'd be his secret girlfriend, and I had agreed to. A week later daddy asked me to get on top oh him while he was laying on the couch he had an obvious boner but I still did as he asked. "baby, do you know what sex is?"he asked "yes daddy" I replied "show me how you do it"he said. I didn't know how to have sex I just thought I did. I began grinding on daddy's cock and moaning after a while daddy stopped me and went to the bathroom.Every night daddy would play with me.