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Trickyspa huge tits ava adams gagging bj
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This is the third chapter of an incestual story about an uncle and niece who are in love. Click my username to read the first two chapters. Chapter 3: Around 11am the next morning, I woke up. I was only half awake, and was trying to figure out if the night before had been a dream. I opened my eyes, and rolled onto my back. George was sleeping, he looked so calm. I loved him so much. I put my head back down onto the pillow, and fell back to sleep.

About a half hour later, George rolled over onto his other side which woke me up. I couldn't believe that I was so horny so asian money and sperm for anal specialist, but I knew I had to touch his shaft again. Plus I figured I'd give him something nice to wake up to. So I rolled onto my side and reached around him.

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I started playing with his dick with just the tips of my fingers through his boxers (his pajama pants were on the ground, not sure when they got there.) and I felt him start to get hard. He sighed in his sleep and I was worried I had already woken him up. Horny cuties alone at home on the couch appeared to still be asleep though, and rolled back onto his back.

I sat all the way up, and sat next to his hip. I put my hand down through the waistband of his boxers, and started really stroking it. Just as I started stroking harder, and he got truly hard, he woke up. He hooked his fingers around the waist band and pulled them down off of his feet. I sat next to him, his full cock exposed now. He had his eyes closed and was moving his hips in time with my strokes.

I beat him off faster and faster, watching his face as he was in true bliss. It was only five or ten minutes later, when he started talking. He said "Yeah that's it beat my cock. Make me cum. Make your Uncle George cum." I was so turned on by this that I stroked him even faster and that's when he grabbed my ass cheek. This was the first I had been touched. He rubbed it, caressed it, and put his hand into my pajama pants. He lightly played with my outer pussy lips as I stroked him with such vigor that my hand was starting to cramp up but I knew he was close so I kept going.


Shortly after, he squeezed my ass cheek hard and started grunting as I watched his face for the first time as he came. He was having so much pleasure that I kept going and pumping as he came all over my hand until he was overly sensitive and told me to stop. He pulled his hand out of my pants and opened his eyes.

I looked at the cum on my hand, shrugged, and licked it off. Then I bent down and cleaned his cock with my tongue. I lay back down next to him and we just looked into each other's eyes, knowing how much we truly loved each other. I knew this was illegal, and that I couldn't tell a soul, but it didn't feel wrong.

It felt so right. Monter cock destroyed pussy extremely hard matter how cheesy that sounds, it's true.

I knew we were meant for each other, and just happened to be related. He grabbed the back of my head and kissed my cheek, ear lobe, and neck all over. I had never felt more loved, or that I could be loved like this.

As we drifted off to sleep, I knew that this couldn't just be for the one week end. We truly loved each other, and this would continue at least for a while.

When we both woke up around 1pm, we ate lunch, and then waited for mom to pick me up. I hadn't gotten off, but I didn't mind. We would have other chances. Mom came and picked me up, and I hugged my uncle good bye like any niece would. But then as Mom turned around away from us to go out of the door, I kissed his neck and whispered in his ear that I loved him so much. He kissed my cheek then told me he loved me too.

*This is chapter four to an incest story of an uncle and niece that have fallen in love and have had a few sexual encounters. This chapter will be a lot of buildup with a few non incest sex parts. I'm just letting you know that it WILL tie back into the story.* -It was a month later. Since that weekend, they sarah banks sami parker danni rivers in intern affairs seen each other, and George had been kind of distant from Cassie. Memories of those nights and worries were driving her insane.

She was worrying that he was mad at her, he didn't really love him, and that she wasn't good enough so he didn't want to talk to her.- -Cassie's birthday, November 15th.- I had my birthday presents, and I was going out for dinner with my mom and my close friends. But I still wasn't happy. George hadn't texted or called me to tell me happy birthday. He knew my birthday by heart. Did he just not care? I was sitting at our table completely zoned out, trying to seem happy.

I just kept drifting off into thoughts of George. As I was remembering what he felt like in my hand, what it felt like to be held at night by a man I was desperately in love with, I came out of it too "Cassie! Are you in there?

What do you want to eat?" I looked up and there was a very impatient looking waitress standing there. I said "oh I'd like the lasagna dinner please." This vintage mature in hair rollers was not going well.

I ate my dinner; we dropped everybody off at home, and went home. Mom asked if anything was wrong, and I replied "no, I'm fine." And smiled as sincerely as I could. I went into my room and started to tear up. It was 7oclock by then and he still hadn't said anything. He hadn't talked to me in a couple days. I was lying in bed and drifting off to sleep a couple hours later, and my phone started ringing.

I figured it was one of my friends calling to tell me something they forgot to or a prank call. I looked at the screen, and it said Call from Fav UG- (ug was uncle George, a nickname I had given him.) I started freaking out.

He hardly ever called, even before that night. I opened the phone and sat up. "hello? George?!" He replied "Hey Cassilac. Happy birthday!

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How was your day?" I almost started to cry. "My day was great George, I thought you weren't going to call!" He said "How could I not call my favorite little niece and tell her happy fifteenth birthday?!" I said "well you haven't been talking to me lately and I thought you were mad at me for that night&hellip." He got silent. He said "Cass, I'm not mad. I'm just worried is all." I said "Why are you worried?" He didn't reply at first.

"Hello? George? Yah there?" He said "Yeah I'm here. I'm just thinking and… Hey I've got to go. I'll talk to you tomorrow." I said "Okay… night fav UG. Love and miss you." He said "Night my favorite Cas.

Love and miss you too." And I believed him. -One week later- I was always thinking to myself: He hasn't called. He brunette gives facial blowjob on webcammore videos on sexycamsorg text me. He talks to Mom still.

Not me. What did I do wrong? I feel awful if he's mad at me about that night. I hope he's not mad. I want it to continue. I don't want it to be a one night stand. I pray to God he's not mad at me. He texted me right when I got out of school. I was so relieved. I opened the message, and it said "Hey Cass. I'm not mad. But I want to not talk for just a little bit.

I still love you. Don't worry." I replied "… okay… George please tell me if you're upset about that night? If you think it's a mistake, I'm sorry but I don't. Please talk to me about this." He didn't reply. -One month later, George and I were on speaking terms but he wouldn't talk about that night. He assured me that he did love me though, and I believed him. I definitely did love him.- It was Christmas Eve. We always spent Christmas Eve with my Mom's mom's side of the family, and Christmas day at her dad's.

We were all in the large living room, watching whatever was on at the moment, talking about our lives, and eating some appetizers. Huge cock fucking tiny twat striptease hardcore had sat next to George and he kept nonchalantly touching my side, my thigh, and my hand.

The first time or two I thought it was accident but after a few I knew he was doing it on purpose. Being 15, my mom and grandma let me drink a glass or two of wine. I started getting worked up due to the fact I was loosened up and a bit sensitive by the wine, George's small touches, and fantasizing about what we could do and where in the house, on Christmas Eve, while family was there. After a great night of opening presents, and eating Christmas dinner, everybody went home.

I hugged George like the rest of the family, then he helped me take stuff out to my mom's car. As we were walking out, I started to get sad.

I didn't know if he was going to go back to not talking to me after this, so when we got to the car I said "George I know you don't want to talk about it and I'm not sure why.

I'm sorry if I upset you but please can we go back to normal?!" He looked over at me a bit startled by my bluntness. He replied "Cassie I'm not upset I'm just worried is all. We're fine." And he smiled that amazing smile at me. I felt a little happier. I decided that day that I wanted to lose my virginity to him, whenever he would take me. -March, 2004. George and Hot babe kate england gets fucked in the forest had been talking like normal, like nothing had ever happened.

I didn't know why he wouldn't talk about it, but I was starting to give up my conquest for losing my virginity to him.- -April 6th- I was at home, smoking with a good friend of mine, Frank. I had always had a bit of a crush on him, but never pursued. He ended up with a bottle of vodka, my drink. We drank it up, and by the bottom of the bottle I was quite drunk and stoned.

He started rubbing my thigh, making me a bit wet. We were just sitting there watching TV and he would randomly comment on something sexual.


All the thoughts of sex, both with George and Frank, were making me horny. I still hadn't kissed a guy, still hadn't been touched by anybody but my George. Frank started becoming bolder with his touches, and started rubbing my thigh continuously and making his way up to my hip and side. He was just lightly tracing random designs and it was an enormous turn on for me. I started just looking up into his eyes. He so reminded me of George.

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His personality, his likes, dislikes, and even his physical characteristics. He almost had the same blue eyes.

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Just a few shades off. I think that's why I liked him, was just because he reminded me so much of George. He looked at me as I was looking at him. We sat there for a moment, both wanting to kiss. It would be my first. He leaned in slowly, never breaking eye contact. Then our lips touched. He kissed, and I somewhat kissed. He leaned back and just looked at me. I wanted more. I put my hand on the back of his neck and pulled him to me.

We kissed again. But it was much longer of a kiss. Then he started licking my lips, and nibbling them. I didn't really know what to do, so I just kind of copied him. Then he started putting his tongue in between my lips and making out with me. I did the same to him, learning along the way. We broke off the kiss, and he started kissing my neck.

He knew me, and knew that I was a bit of an "inexperienced nympho." I was always horny, and made myself cum every day, but had never done anything with a guy. So he started kissing up sex makes playgirl reach the sky hardcore and blowjob down my neck, knowing that I was already horny.

He reached up with one of his hands and started rubbing my boob, and caressing it. I reached over with my free hand and felt the front of his jeans. There was a nice bulge there for me to enjoy. I started rubbing it through his jeans. I heard him groan a bit and then rub my tit harsher.

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He came back up and kissed my mouth again. I groaned into his mouth, and started rubbing his stomach and chest. I took his shirt off, and then continued kissing him. As he was caressing my tit, I was getting wetter and wetter. He started caressing my side, which was one of my biggest turn on spots. I groaned and moved to get on top of him. He turned and laid down on his back, me in a cowgirl position, lightly grinding against his dick while we made out furiously.

He put his hand down onto my thigh, and started rubbing it while using his other hand on my shapely ass. -will finish chapter 4 up soon, watch for ending (: -