Horny japanese needs a weenie hardcore blowjob

Horny japanese needs a weenie hardcore blowjob
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1 Alex's heart was racing as she sat the quarters down on one of the washing machines. The laundromat was empty, and she prayed it stayed that way. She took a deep breath and opened the lid. The laundromat was in the basement of her apartment building. It was pretty sexy fuck date with teen lucy tyler during the day, but at night there was rarely anyone there. Alex hesitated a moment longer, looking toward the door, then pulled her shirt up over her head.

She hesitated once more, knowing that the sooner she got it over with, the better, then slid her shorts down her long slender legs. She had found out in college that acts of voyeurism turned her on; some people would call her an exhibitionist (some others would call her a slut). She had felt moisture between her legs right after she stepped out of her apartment (stepping out actually confirmed that she was going to go through with this).

Now she found that her legs were wobbly. Her shirt and shorts went into the washer, then her bra followed. Finally she worked up the courage to slip out of her panties, and she dropped them in with the rest. Now she was completely naked, with nothing to cover herself. Being so naked and exposed in the frequently used laundromat sent a spark of lust between her thighs.

Alex put quarters in the machine and set it to wash. It would take twenty minutes to wash them and ten to rinse. They'd probably dry pretty quickly. She had killed time when she first got here, so she thought it was only fair to set the timer up five minutes. She had accidentally leaned against the machine, and found that the metal was extremely cold to skin that wasn't used to being bare.

She braced herself before she sat down, but found that plastic, though cold, wasn't nearly as cold. Leaning back a little, she sat with her arms story fast taim xxx com her sides and her legs tightly together.

Part of what she agreed to if she had lost the bet was that she had to shave between her legs. That left her feeling even more exposed, but she had to admit that she liked it that way. Thinking she had heard something, Alex sat up straight and listened as hard as she could.

Her arms wanted to cover her breasts as best they could, but she wasn't allowed to cover up. She waited anxiously for someone to step into the laundromat, but no one did. She sighed relief. It seemed like a long time, but even without a watch, she knew that it had only been about five minutes since she stepped out of her panties. She wondered how she could pass the time when all she really wanted to do was get back up to her apartment and masturbate like crazy.

She once again held her breath and listened intensely. This time she was sure of it: she heard footprints. Even if she wanted to, there was nowhere to run. She simply sat and prayed that it was just the janitor or a maintenance man (or woman) and they would walk right on by the door without taking any notice of her.

A young woman about her age took three steps into the room before noticing the naked girl. "Oh!" she said, purely out of surprise. "I mean, hi! I'm sorry, I just wasn't expecting to find.anyone else down here.

I'm Kim," she said, offering her hand to Alex. "Alex," she said weakly. "So.you live in the building?" "Yeah, third floor." "Really? Me too. Although I haven't been living there for long." Kim emptied her clothes basket into a washing machine and started it as she talked. Now she looked directly at Alex. "Look, I don't mean to pry, but.what are you doing down here naked?" Alex blushed.

"My clothes are in the washing machine." "So you just came down here, stripped your clothes off and threw them in the washing machine? Damn, I wish I was that brave." Alex wished she was a little braver herself. She had contemplated backing out of it even though she swore to Nicole that she wouldn't. "So, do you do this often? Just sit here naked while your clothes wash?" "I lost a bet." "Oh, really? What game did you bet on?" "Actually, I lost a drinking contest to my best friend, Nicole." "That sounds like fun.

Y'know, umm, actually, I'm kinda new in town and I don't have any friends here. You think you and I can hang out sometime?" Alex had been contemplating whether Kim was coming onto her or not, and Kim had mistaken her expression for something else. "Hey, it's okay if you don't want to.

I just--" "No, it's not that. It's just.I'm not a lesbian." The look of astonishment on Kim's face was almost comical, then she laughed. "No, no, I'm not like that either. I just want somebody to hang out with." Alex blushed and offered a shy laugh.

"Sorry. But yeah, I'd like to hang out sometime. And I can introduce you to Nicole." The two of them chatted for a while and Alex almost forgot that she was naked.

They talked about all the crazy things they did in high school and college (Alex had once made out with a girl; Kim had had sex with two ex-boyfriends at the same time; once, in high school, she had been on the bus with the football team. They were coming back from a big game where they had destroyed their opponents, and she rewarded them by standing up at the front of the bus and slipping her cheerleader skirt down to moon them.

They happily applauded, but were disappointed when she wouldn't give them an encore. Once, during fraternity initiations, Alex had masturbated brunette teen gets her mouth fucked hardline front of three guys.) Alex also told her about Nicole, and how she was one of the most outgoing people she had ever met.

Well, either outgoing or crazy. Soon her washing machine buzzed and came to a stop. She got up and transferred them to the dryer (the washing machine feeling cold on her bare skin). Alex was busy feeding the dryer quarters, and didn't see Nicole enter the room. Once the dryer was going, she spun back around and found her best friend standing there, watching her.

Nicole offered a wide grin. "So you actually did it, huh? I really thought you would end up chickening out." "Hey Nicole," Alex said, taking her seat. "What are you doing here?" "Oh, I just decided to come by and make sure you didn't chicken out. Who's your friend?" "This is Kim. Kim, Nicole." "Hi," Kim said. "Hi," Nicole replied. Turning back to Alex, she said, "Having fun yet?" "Oh, yeah, sitting naked in a laundromat. It's a real thrill." It really was.

"Does it look like I'm having fun?" "Well, I'm glad you're enjoying it, because you and me are gonna have a rematch. Same deal. Loser has to come down here and throw her clothes in the wash." "No way. You already beat me yesterday. I'm not about to do this again." "C'mon, it's not that bad, is it? You only had one visitor the whole time, two counting myself.

Besides, I'll take three shots before we start. You want to get me back, don't you?" The thought of putting Nicole through what she had been through tonight was pretty tempting, and she thought she knew a few guys in the building that she could send down here to 'wash clothes' while Nicole was waiting for her clothes to finish washing.

Alex sighed theatrically. "Okay, but what do you say we raise the stakes?" Nicole smiled maliciously. "What'd you have in mind?" "The loser has to sit in that chair while she waits for her clothes to dry," she said, pointing to one directly in front of the door, "with her legs spread." "Fine.

We'll drink tomorrow. I hope you're ready to spread your legs," she said as she walked toward the door. She turned back long enough to say, "Nice meeting you, Kim," and left. The dryer stopped, and Alex tugged on the handle.

For one horrifying second, she thought that it was stuck. Then she relaxed, pulled again, and the door came open. She dressed and left after exchanging room numbers with her new friend. As soon as she was safely inside her apartment, her clothes came off awesome teenie bouncing on one eyed monster homemade hardcore. The combination of the heat from the clothes straight out of the dryer and her own sexual arousal had gotten her hot enough to sweat, but the moisture between her legs wasn't sweat.

Nicole had bought her a dildo for her birthday as a gag gift, and she had used it many times on occasions such as this. Now she went and got it out of her sock drawer, and returned to the living room. She sat down on the carpet and spread her legs. She had masturbated in every part of the small apartment that she could think of, but the living room was her favorite place, because sometimes she liked to pretend that she had an audience.

She teased her pussy with the head of the big rubber dick, rubbing it up and down her slit and occasionally allowing the head to slip up inside her. Soon she had all eight inches in her, and she worked it in and out fast, rubbing her clit with her free hand. It wouldn't be long now. She tried to be as quiet as she could, but a soft moan escaped her lips anyway. She lay back on the floor, bending her knees and spreading her thighs wider.

As she came, she felt her own juices flowing down between her legs. She would probably have to scrub the carpet after she cleaned herself up. 2 Holly lay on top of the comforter on her bed.

Her gown had been tossed aside, and her panties were around her ankles. One hand was playfully pinching her nipple, the other stroking her slit. Holly had a bit of a voyeurist streak in her. Sometimes she would leave the door cracked while she changed clothes. The only ones that might catch a glimpse of her would be her parents or Jimmy, her older stepbrother.

Still, she found the idea exciting. Sometimes, she would ffm petites francaises adorent lecher et partager queue out of the house, strip all her clothes off, and finger-fuck herself in the back yard. She lived in a small neighborhood, but they had a privacy fence around their back yard and it was always dark anyway.

The thrill of being naked outside and the thrill of being caught excited her tremendously, but lately it had become too.routine.

A lot of the thrill had gone. She thought and thought about how she could make it more exciting, and actually seriously considered turning the back porch light on while she masturbated.

She knew she wouldn't, though. It was too risky and she wasn't that brave.yet. She did, however, find a solution to her problem; tonight, after her parents went to bed, she would sneak out the back door as she always did.except she would leave all her clothes in her bedroom.

From the time she left her bedroom to the time she got back, she would be completely naked. She'd walk naked down the hall, straight past her brother's door, naked through the living room, naked through the kitchen.and finally, naked while she masturbated on the back porch. And of course, she would have no other choice but to make the trip back naked. Everything was quiet, and had been for a little while. She sat up, slipped her panties off her feet and dropped them on the floor next to her nightgown.

She got off the bed and moved toward the door, pulling it open just a crack. She listened intensely. There was nothing for a while, then she thought she heard something from the direction of her parents' bedroom.

Deciding to wait a little longer (she hated to think what would happen if she really did get caught), she lay back down on the bed, feeling daring enough to leave the door cracked as she massaged her pussy. A single finger traveled up and down her wet slit. Occasionally she would slide her finger inside her, teasing herself. Pretty soon she realized girl fast time pron xxx she had better stop before she comes.

Holly crept back to the door and strained to hear. Nothing. It was dead silent, except for the air conditioner in her mom and dad's room, and the fan in her own. Slowly, she eased the door open. She stuck her head out, looking in both directions.

All clear. It took a lot of effort to take that first step out into the hallway, but once she had done it, she was thrilled that she had. She gently eased her door all the way shut, still listening for any noise.

She tiptoed down the hall at the speed with which she normally walked. She stopped when she reached her older brother's door. Slowly, cautiously, she snuck past it, and she froze when she heard a sudden noise. For one horrifying second, she thought he would open the door and see her standing there, totally and completely naked, in the hall. Then she realized that it hadn't been the sound of a doorknob turning; she didn't know what it was, or care, as long as Jimmy stayed in his room.

She tiptoed faster. Even moving at a good speed, she hardly made any noise at all. She slipped through the living room and into the kitchen, and finally out the back door. She walked out into the middle of the back yard and sat down on the wet grass (she usually got sister brxxx storys sleepin sher bad the porch, where there was the least possible chance of her being seen, but now she was feeling braver than usual).

It felt good to her bare butt, and a few blades rubbed against her pussy. Walking through her own house naked had excited her more than she would have ever imagined. Now she quivered as one finger stroked her tiny slit. She slipped it in her as far as it would go, and it surprised a moan out of her.

Normally, she would have sat up straight and looked around cautiously to see if anyone had heard her and was coming to investigate. Now, however, she was too excited. She might care five minutes from now, but at the moment her attention was completely on her little kitty. She slipped a second finger in.

Now she was aware of how sensitive her clit had become, and managed to stifle the moan. The only wet group shlong sucking striptease and hardcore that escaped her lips was her quick, harsh breathing. She thrust her fingers deeper into her, simultaneously thrusting her hips forward for maximum penetration. Hot liquid rushed out of her lips, running down her fingers and onto her hand.

She worked her fingers furiously, savoring every second of the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. She collapsed onto the grass, arms and legs spread. For the moment she didn't care that she was covered in dew and blades of grass, and even her own juices. For the moment she only thought about how great it felt to be naked; naked and dirty in her own back yard.

The grass felt wonderful on all her bare parts. Her hands went to her breasts, rubbing and playfully pinching her nipples. One hand moved down her smooth belly to the smoother skin of her little pussy. She wanted to stay out here and play some more, but knew she had to go to bed sometime tonight.

She got up and brushed herself off as best she could, then started for the door. She eased it open gently, peeking inside much like she had peeked out of her own door.

After making sure it was safe, she stepped inside and shut the door behind her. She tiptoed back through the kitchen and living room, and down the hall. Once again she froze at her stepbrother's door, but this time she heard no noise when she started back.

Instead of going to her room, she went to the door almost straight across from her own. She always got dirty, and always took a shower afterwards. This time she didn't have to worry about taking her clothes back off, though. Still feeling brave, she decided to leave the bathroom door open while she showered.

She would be behind the curtain anyway. The hot water felt great on her body. She built up a good lather and rinsed it off. Usually she showered and went straight to bed, but tonight she would break that routine. She slipped a finger, then two, inside her pussy and began working them rhythmically. She realized that she had never masturbated in the shower before, and wondered why she hadn't thought of it.

It didn't matter now. Holly got down on her knees and bent forward, bracing herself against the foot of the tub with her free hand. The shower head was aimed downward, and most of the water fell on her ass. The sensation was wonderfully stimulating. Then she had another idea. She stood up long enough to retrieve the hairbrush next to the sink.

Getting back on her knees, she worked the hard plastic handle into her soft cunt. The handle was a little bigger than both of her slender fingers put together, so it was a little more than she was used to, but it felt great inside her. The combination of the hot water and the new sensation of something big and hard inside of her sent her over the edge, bradar and sistar marathi xxx she gasped for breath as her second orgasm jolted through her body.

She stood up, pulling the hairbrush out of her pussy and washing it off in the water. After she washed up, she stepped out of the shower and dried herself off. Wrapping the towel around her slim figure, she stopped and reconsidered, then threw it in the clothes basket. Surely she didn't need a towel around her to step across the hall. 3 Anita was shy by nature; she wasn't the type of girl that wore tight shirts and short skirts. Today was a different story, though. She had lost a bet to Jenny, her best friend, and that left her in nothing but the skimpiest bikini she had ever seen during her trip to the beach.

The bottom was really nothing more than a few strings with a small, narrow triangle to cover her female parts, and the top was a big band about two inches wide that went all the way around her.

She'd had to shave all of her pubic hair off to keep any from being visible. The deal was that she had to wear it to the beach and stay there at least thirty minutes.

Anita thought it would be one of the most humiliating days of her life. What she never would have guessed in a million years was that she would be turned on by all the looks the guys were giving her. Some whistled, some winked at her.and some openly stared. The girls hadn't exactly had the same reaction.except for the blonde in the blue two-piece. She got in the water for a while, then lay down on the wet sand.

She hadn't brought a towel (Jenny said that she would be tempted to cover up with it). The tide was receding. The waves collapsed on the beach and came up high enough to wet her feet. Guys stared. A familiar sensation tingled between her legs. She had only been with two guys in her entire life, and picking up some stranger would normally be an absurd idea, but now she actually considered it.

It was either that or get herself off when she got back. Besides, she didn't think it would be too hard to find a guy willing to go home with her. A guy coming out of the water walked past her, looking at her and smiling as he did. She smiled back. She turned over on her stomach, giving her back a chance to tan. When it was time to go, she got up and started for her car.

She changed her mind, however, when she saw the public showers. They were small and square, much like a public toilet, but outside, and with a shower instead of a shitter. If she washed off at the beach, she would just get sand all over her legs again, almost up to her thighs.


Rinsing off there, however, only the bottom of her feet would be dirty. She stepped in one of the booths and turned the knob. The cold water made her step back against the door and gasp at the same time. She splashed some on her to get used to it, then stepped back in front of the stream. It warmed up considerably by the time she had rinsed herself.

She noticed her top had fallen down enough to expose most of one nipple. She started to adjust it to cover herself up, but instead she rubbed her nipple. It sent a jolt of excitement through her body. She hesitated a moment, then gave in and took the top off. She hung it over the door, then stepped out of her bottom and hung them likewise. She slipped one long, slim finger between her pussy lips and into her waiting cunt. Being naked in such a public place excited her, but now she was masturbating in a public grandpa fucks cute teen at the street. She leaned forward and spread her legs for easier access.

A gentle moan that was barely audible escaped her lips as a second finger joined the first. There was an opening about a foot tall all the way around the bottom, and there wasn't a lock on the door. She could probably stand on her tiptoes and see over the top. It would be all too easy for somebody to discover her, and the thought of it sent her over the edge. Waves of pleasure pulsed through her body, and she continued thrusting her fingers inside her pussy, milking the sweet orgasm for all it was worth.

After rinsing off again, she cut the water off and reached for her bikini, only to realize that it wasn't there. She thought she might simply pass out, but somehow she managed to calm herself and hold on to consciousness.

She bent over and looked out of the bottom, hoping that they had simply fallen off the door. They had, and now they were a few feet away. She once again felt like fainting when she realized that she would have to girl one boy three sex vidoe out of the booth to retrieve it. Anita took several deep breaths before finally building up the courage to open the door and step out to get her bikini.

Standing on her tiptoes, she found that she could see over the top, and there was nobody on that side of the booth to see her.

Steeling herself, she quickly opened the door, took five steps, grabbed nina masturbandasu padre xxx porngratis bikini and got back into the booth. Nobody had seen her, at least she didn't think so.

She quickly stepped into her bikini. She didn't care that it had a little sand on it; all she wanted to do was get home. She stepped out almost cautiously, then started for the car.

She stopped, staring at a piece of trash. The first thing she realized was that the wind wasn't blowing hard enough to knock her bikini off the door. The second was that that wasn't a piece of trash. She picked it up and, for the third time that day, she thought she might faint.

She looked around, seeing nothing but ordinary beachgoers.


She held the piece of paper tightly in her hand as she walked toward her car. Her cheeks were bright red. The piece of trash was actually a polaroid. It showed a clear picture of a slim figure bent over with her legs spread and two fingers buried in her pussy.

The picture was so clear that Anita could see the beads of water clinging to what she knew was her own bare ass. 4 "Mandy," Mr. Brown repeated. "Um, yes?" "Would you like to try attractive bitch garbielle clayton gets her ass wrecked pornstars brunette answer the question?" "I.I don't--" "Yes, I know you didn't hear me." Mr.

Brown stepped up to the board and scribbled out an algebra equation. "Mandy, we've probably got.five minutes left in this class. If you can solve this equation before the bell rings, you won't have to stay for detention." "But I--" "If you had been paying attention, you'd know how to work it. But please, do try." Mandy reluctantly stood up and walked to the board. Ordinarily she wouldn't have given a damn about detention or the extra attention she was receiving, but fate had played a cruel joke on her: she was the only one in the class that was completely naked, from the top of her head to her neatly trimmed toenails.

It was this very thing that she had been pondering, which led to her being called to the front of the class. No matter how much it was explained to her, Mandy couldn't understand why they had to pose as nudists in a small hick town like Alberta, Georgia. The way she saw it, someone in the WPP had played a cruel joke on them, brunette wife likes black better interracial blowjob there was nothing they could do about it.

The only good thing about this was that she wasn't using her real name. Mandy took the piece of chalk from Mr. Brown (that name also sounded phony to her) and, for a moment, only stared up at the overly-complicated math problem. She tried not to think about what the rest of the class was looking at. She tried not to think about how exposed her whole body was, and had been all day.

But that was hard to do when you were standing naked in front of an audience. Mandy thought she might've seen such a problem as this before. After simplifying it, she would have to cross-multiply. She started writing in her shaky chalkboard handwriting. She messed up, and when she reached for the eraser, she accidentally knocked it off the shelf of the chalkboard. It occurred to her that she had never been this clumsy before. It also occurred to her that she would have to bend over to pick it up.

This she did quickly and without thinking, flashing the class a brief but fantastic view of pussy lips. She couldn't cover up or hide herself, or they would know she wasn't really a nudist. She wouldn't have cared about that, either, if her mom hadn't threatened to make her join the cheerleading squad.

Yeah, her mom really had it hard. She also had to stay nude, and every once in a while she would have to run to the grocery store. Wow. Mandy wondered how she would feel if she had to spend seven hours walking around naked in a public school, five days a week.

5 It was Jennifer's idea, so Emily ended up picking the game. To everyone's surprise, Britney played too. "You know, Britney," Jen said, "if you lose, you'll be dancing in the nude for your own brother. You don't think that's gross?" Britney just shrugged her shoulders. "It's not like he's gonna touch me or anything." "Whatever," Emily said. "Just as long as you don't chicken out." "So how are we gonna do this?" Jen said.

Emily spoke up: "Okay, you all know how to play Texas Hold'em, right?" The other two nodded. Bill, who sat in the corner, watched with intensity. "Good. Whoever ends up with all the chips is the winner. Since there are three of us, the two losers will have to play another hand to decide who strips." "Why don't we just say whoever runs out of chips first loses?" Britney asked. Emily shrugged her shoulders. "Fine by me," Jen said.

Emily shuffled the cards and dealt two out big tits milf fucked in the ass on casting couch everyone. . Even though she was only fourteen, Emily was almost an expert at Texas Hold'em. She couldn't believe she had just lost to two amateurs like Britney and Jennifer. "Woohoo!" Britney said, standing up, and made a gesture as if she were a stripper taking off her bra. "Somebody's gonna get nekkid." Emily's face burned a bright red.

"Take it off, girl!" Jen said. Bill, who had been quiet nearly the whole time, continued to sit patiently, his eyes fixed on Emily's slender figure. "But." Emily said.

"You're not chickening out, are you?" Britney said. "Because I've still got the pictures. Want me to email them?" Emily said nothing, only sat in silence. When they had first thought of the idea, they all decided it would be best if they took some nude pictures of each other, just in case the loser backed out. Emily almost shuddered when she thought how she spread her legs apart, then her pussy lips, in front of the camera.

They had taken quite a few, with her face in at least three of them. No, her life would be over if Britney emailed them. Slowly, she stood up and started dancing, as if erotic music were home alone arab woman gives head in proper pov scenes. She couldn't bear to look at him, looking at her, so she closed her eyes.

Her shirt was the first thing to go, of course, then she wiggled out of her pants. She had to open her eyes as she did so, and that only made her more aware of everyone's eyes on her petite body. She danced slowly, dreading the next part. Finally, when she could put it off no longer, she reached behind her and unfastened her bra, turning around so they couldn't see her bare breasts at first.

She danced on, hugging her body (and for a long time concealing her breasts from prying eyes). Never in a million years had she thought she would lose against Britney and Jennifer. That's the only reason she agreed to this ridiculous idea in the first place. She wondered if they hadn't cheated. Emily turned sideways it was the most concealing position as she slid her panties off her hips and down her long, slender legs. Bill watched her with awe. Brit and Jen watched her with smiles on their faces.

Emily kicked her panties aside and stood still for a moment. "Well," Britney asked. "Well, what?" Emily returned. "Well, don't just stand there. Dance." "Wh-- I'm already naked." Britney made one of her 'pffft' noises that were her own, and said, "So far you haven't shown Bill anything but boobies. I'm sure he wants to see more, don't you, Bill?" "Well, not if she doesn't--" "See?" Britney chimed in. "He said he wants to see your cunny up close," and she giggled at her own words.

"Come on, be a good little doggy. Come over here and stand in front of him." Emily hesitated, then gave in. She had to do what Britney wanted, or her pictures would get sent out.

She stood directly in front of him and spread her legs, as directed. When Britney was satisfied, she had Emily turn around and touch her toes.

It was humiliating enough just being naked in the same room as the boy for whom she carried a secret crush. Why did Britney have to torture her like this?

"Hey, I've got an idea," Britney said "We can all play again, and if Emily loses, she has to fuck him." Emily wasn't appalled by the idea; not at fucking Bill, her secret love. But if that meant Britney and Jen would be watching the whole time, possibly even teasing her, then yes, she was appalled by it.

"Hey, wait a minute!" she protested. "You can't do that!" Britney laughed. "I can and I did." "But how's that fair to me? Shouldn't you have to fuck him if you lose?" "I'm not naked. And I'm not fucking my own brother. But, to lesbians rubbing in scissor position till orgasm it fair." Britney put her finger to her mouth and paced around the room.

"If Jen or I lose, the loser just has to get naked and masturbate. Fair?" Both the other girls looked at her like she was crazy. "I'm not playing," Emily said. It took her a minute to work up the courage to speak.

She thought standing naked in front of friends might sometimes do that to people. "You lost," Britney said. "You don't have a choice." "I'm not playing," Emily repeated. "Then leave if you want, but your clothes stay here." Britney waited to see what Emily's response was. Emily could have argued her point further, but she knew there was no use. "This is the last one," she said.

"No more after this." "Of course not," Britney said, smiling. 6 The Colt was only two blocks from Harry and Maddie's apartment, and tonight there would be a live show performed by Medini the Hypnotist. Harry wanted to go, but Maddie's mood almost made him want to just say fuck it and stay home. Maddie didn't believe in hypnotism, and that's why he thought she was being such a bitch (and since when did she need a reason, anyway?).

They got to the restaurant and ordered. Harry hardly touched his. He was like a kid at his first trip to the circus: he couldn't wait for Medini to come out and perform.

Of course, hypnotism wasn't the only trick he would perform; he was also an illusionist. "Can you honestly tell me that you wouldn't rather be at home in front of the tv with a cold beer?" she asked. That whiny quality of her voice had returned. "No, I can't, honestly." "Well try lying, then." After this last bit, Harry tuned her out completely. Medini came out unexpected; one minute there was nothing, and the next.poof!

A ball of smoke appeared out of nowhere and faded, and there he was. After introducing himself, he said he would hypnotize someone for his first trick. Maddie had the nerve to stand up in front of all those people and say that he was a fake; that the whole thing was a setup, with someone in the audience acting out whatever he told them to.

"Well, why don't you come on up and find out for yourself," he said. Harry honestly didn't think she would do it, but she proved him wrong. She climbed up on the stage, flustered. "I take it you've never been hypnotized before? Don't worry, it doesn't hurt a bit." She glared up at him and, following his direction, sat down and stared at the old-fashioned pocket watch as it swung back and forth.

In a few moments, Medini asked her to stand up and she did so. Harry noticed she didn't look flustered anymore, and for a moment, he could hardly believe it himself; was she really hypnotized? "What is your full name?" "Madeline Ann Pritchett." "Well, Miss Pritchett, tell me: have you ever shaved between your legs?" "No." "Well, stand right over here," Medini said, indicating a well-lit area to his immediate left, "and take your clothes off.

Fold 'em up nice and neat, if you will." Now Harry was in full disbelief. She was already down to her underwear when Medini said, "Hold up, stop for just a second.

He turned toward the crowd and looked directly at Harry. "You don't have a problem with." he twirled his finger, indicating the stage," this right here, do ya? Because it's not too late for Miss Pritchett to keep at least a little bit of her dignity." "Oh, no, go ahead," Harry said.

He was sincere, even more so than when he said 'I do'. "Okay, Miss Pritchett, take it all off, and don't forget to fold 'em up." To his utter amazement, he watched as his young, better-than-thou wife stepped out of her panties on the stage. The crowd cheered softly, and there were a few whistles. Harry, along with the rest of the males in the audience, watched intently as she bent over to fold her clothes, which lay on a chair nearer the back of the stage.

Her shirt fell to the floor, and when she bent over to retrieve it, Harry realized he could see everything. Medini himself watched her between occasional glances toward the crowd. "Quite a girl," he said, smiling. That got a little laugh from the crowd.

Turning back to her, he said, "Okay, now put your clothes down on the stage and sit down on the chair." All of the men and some of the women watched her intently.

Medini disappeared behind the stage for a moment, then returned with a razor, a can of shaving cream, and a pan of water. After he instructed her to spread her legs and shave herself, he turned back to the audience. "Now, who wants to be hypnotized? Do I have a volunteer from the audience?" No one volunteered. "Don't worry, I'm not gonna humiliate you. Well, not like her, at least." Still, no one offered. "Okay, I guess you guys just wanna sit there and ogle the naked brunette, eh? I don't blame you.

She's quite a looker. Tell you what, lemme just have one volunteer for a quick trick. You, the girl in the hot black dress, why don't you come up here for a minute?" The woman stood up, stopped midstep, then continued on up to the stage. Medini lifted her up. "Okay, now just stand there and focus on the watch." She stared at it for a second, then broke away. "Mr.Medini, I.I don't want these people to see me naked. I--" "Don't worry, you don't got nothin' to worry about.

Just one quick trick. Most of the audience will probably be looking at her anyway," indicating Maddie. "Besides, I promise, you won't be naked here on this stage. Okay?" "Well.okay." Medini set his watch in motion once more, as he said, most of the crowd was watching Maddie as she rinsed her freshly shaved pussy.

When she was finally all clean, she stood up and tuebx porn sex stories uttar koria for Medini to give her more orders, just as she had been told to do. When Medini had the new girl under his control, he ordered her to bark like a dog.

She did so obediently. The few that were watching clapped. "Now, my good fellows, if you would be so kind as to direct your attention over here for a moment, I promise you won't be disappointed." With that, he told the new girl to step out of her dress, and she did so.

The dress she had been wearing didn't allow for a bra, so she blonde teen vlada t got cream pornstars and romantic there in nothing but her sheer panties. She was soon told to discard them as well, and did so obediently. "Now, didn't I tell you?" he said to his attentive listeners. She's almost as hot as Miss Smooth Shaved, isn't she?

No, even hotter!" Turning back to her, he said, "Walk down the stage and back a few times so everybody can get a good look at you, dear." The girl did, and Harry was pretty sure that, for the moment, not many people were looking at his wife, himself included. Medini looked at the audience. "What? I didn't lie.

She's still wearing her earrings." He stopped her after she had made three trips. After instructing her to put on her clothes, he woke her up. "See, there? I told you you had nothing to worry about, didn't I, dear?" He helped her off the stage, lowering her back down with one hand. Abruptly, he turned to Maddie. "Oh, that's right, I forgot to make them kiss," he said, looking at his other victim.

Most of the audience didn't know whether or not he was joking. For the rest of the show, Maddie was his personal assistant and volunteer. Nobody bothered guessing how he pulled off his illusions; they all had other things on their mind. The pretty girls that usually assisted illusionists couldn't even compare to this. At the end of the beautiful doll is popping out her gaped slim crack in closeup, he had Maddie stand at the front of the stage, and he once again disappeared behind the curtain.

He came back with a saucepan and a jar of milk. Setting it down behind her, he filled the pan full, and told her to lap it up like a cat. She did so happily, her butt sticking up in the air. With the spotlight on her, it left nothing to the imagination. When she finished, he apologized to the audience super sexy blonde teen masturbating on webcam telling her to get dressed again and waking her up.

Maddie stood with a triumphant look on her face when Medini explained to her that he couldn't hypnotize her, but she was a bit puzzled when he said goodnight to everyone, and even more confused when she saw the time. Harry was thankful that Medini told her not to mind how her pubes had gotten shaved.

In two weeks Medini was doing a show in some restaurant downtown. He thought he'd go, maybe even take Maddie. 7 Ashley and Kate had been playing the game for a full week now. Bootylicious brunette rides hard on a bbc interracial cumshot it was Ashley's turn to guess who.

Science class was where the game usually took place, and she walked carefully into the room and took her seat, looking all around. Last time she thought Erin had it, because he went so far as to look over and wink at her. Later she found out that Kate had put him up to it. The stakes were pretty high: if she didn't guess who held the remote, she would have to sleep with him (or her, as Kate told her this morning; all bets were off).

She was hardly concerned with what Mr. Harad was saying; she was too busy looking around the room. Suddenly she straightened up in her chair; whoever had the remote had just pushed the button for the first time, for the vibrator in Ashley's pussy buzzed to life non stop satisfying for wet wet cracks almost made her moan outright.

She looked around once again, the vibrator still giving her waves of pleasure. That ruled out this girl is bored but jerks cock least five guys, unless they had the remote hidden away in their shoe. But what about girls? Ashley had never been with another girl, and had no desire to. She resolved to keep a closer eye on everyone. The vibrator stopped. Thank God. Ashley had almost came right in the middle of class.

She just hoped she could fight it off again. The thought had crossed her mind that Kate herself was holding it this time, but Kate didn't seem like the lesbian type. Although.they were pretty close. Two guys had already winked at her (one of which she had already ruled out), and now a girl mira sunset dana weyron lesbian seduction masturbation fingering the same and smiled.

The vibrator buzzed to life inside her, and she once again sat straight up and suppressed a moan. Whoever it was had good timing; they had caught her off guard both times. "Is there a problem, Ashley?" Mr.

Harad said, breaking away from his lecture. "No, sir," she said, then, "Well, yes sir. May I go to the bathroom?" Harad sighed. "Alright, but hurry back.

You don't need to miss the material I'm covering." Ashley hurried out the door and down the hallway.

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The vibrator stopped again. She supposed it was out of range. She hurried into one of the stalls, still not deciding if she should climax or just try and cool off. Taking a few deep breaths, she decided to wash off at the faucet, then return to class. She stepped back in the classroom and, just as she was sitting down, the vibrator once again buzzed to life.

This time a small moan did escape her lips. Mr. Harad looked at her. "Is there a problem?" "I.I'm just having a few.you awesome cumshot compilation hd assjobs legjobs handjobs Mr. Harad continued with his lecture. Ashley wiggled around in her seat. The vibrator stopped once again, but this time it didn't stay still.

Occasionally it would vibrate for a matter of seconds only to stop again and start right back up. When class was finally over (and Ashley was ready to come in her pants), she stood up to leave. Mr. Harad told her to sit back down for a minute. Customarily, whoever had the vibrator would tell the other person who they thought had the remote while they walked to their next class.

Now, as it were, Kate walked up beside her and leaned over. "Who?" she said. "I have no idea, so I'll just say.Ryan Coolidge." Kate smiled and shook her head, then started to leave.

"Wait, who--" But Kate was gone. When everyone but Ashley had gone, Harad shut the door. "Ashley, come up here," he said. She did so. "Ashley, you and I both know that it wasn't cramps that made you disturb my class. Now do you have a good explanation?" Ashley said nothing, only hung her head. "I didn't think so. You know the routine. Three licks." Ashley bent over the front of his desk as cute asian sucks on a stiff shaft. The first lick she thought kind of odd.and she realized why on the second.

He wasn't using his paddle, but his bare hand. Not only that, but he let it linger on her tight jeans after he smacked her bottom. Someone had a real sense of humor, because right then, the vibrator buzzed once more. Harad came down a third time. The only reason she had decided not to say anything about Harad's groping hand was that she had a secret crush on him.

And she would worry that he might feel the vibrations from between her legs, but now she had bigger problems. She grabbed onto the desk in one last attempt to stop from climaxing, but it was useless. Waves of pure pleasure pulsed through her young body, and she held on for dear life.

She knew Harad would figure it out when he saw the wet spot on her jeans, but for a brief moment, she didn't care. Finally she collapsed onto the desk. Harad didn't say anything; he fished in his pocket, and put the little vibrator remote on the desk.

"When Kate first told me about this, I was sure she was full of it," he said. Ashley's mouth was still hung open from shock. She didn't even notice what he was doing until he had her pants (and panties) off her hips. She had to put a hand behind her to stop the vibrator from slipping out. He pulled her pants off over her shoes and walked around her desk.

"You wanna fuck me here?" she said. She was almost glad. She was glad it was him and she wanted him now more than ever. "No, I just thought you might wanna wear some clean pants to last period." With that, he pulled a clean pair of pants her size out of one of her desk drawers. "No panties, sorry. You, uh.you gonna wear that thing to last period?" he asked, indicating what she held behind her. She finally managed to wipe the shocked expression off her face and she smiled at him.

"Maybe," she said, and thrust her ass into the air so he could see her moving the vibrator in and out of her slick little hole. He turned red in the face. "Well.here, better get going," he said, handing her the pants. "How'd you know what size to get," she asked. "Kate told me." "So.your place after school?" she asked. "That'd be great." "Okay," she said, stepping into her new pants and buttoning up.

"See you then." 8 Kim knew she was pretty, and sometimes she worked to show it off. On this particular evening, she wore a very short skirt, showing a lot of leg. It had turned cold, and that made her nipples stick straight out through her thin cotton shirt. She was a very adventurous girl, always trying new things. Nobody topped her at truth or dare. This evening, however, she found that she had taken things too far.

It wasn't just cold, but windy taut pussy cant live without being hammered hardcore massage. Her skirt was of the pleated variety, and it often blew back and forth--twice, it had blown straight up.

She wore a red thong, but had even taken that off and stuffed it in her purse. The wind gave a violent push and her skirt came up--not just a little, either. The waistband came up to the bottoms of her breasts.

She gasped and looked around her--not a fake 'oopsie' gasp but a genuine one--and saw no one. She started to readjust her skirt, then hesitated. Then she readjusted it, but slowly. Kim lived near the river and often frequented the little swimming hole known as Break Point.

In the summer it was usually crowded, but you didn't see too many people this beautiful little sweetie gets her yummy slit and tight ass hole fucked of year. There was only the occasional family picnic in the park area. There was no one here today, however, and she playfully slid her skirt down to her knees before sitting on the cold swing.

She looked around mischievously. The skirt was now around one ankle, and the wind threatened to take it from her. She half buried it with some sand using her feet, and enjoyed swinging in the cold breeze.

She stopped in a hurry when the wind finally did carry her skirt off. The wind carried it a little, threw it down, then picked it up again. Kim almost had a grip on it when it took off for the third time, and blew into the middle of the road, where it came to a stop. There was not one car coming, but two. Kim was already standing beside the road, in plain sight when the cars had come into view.

She could run.or she could get her skirt back. In an instant she decided, and leaped toward the road. She instinctively turned away from them, and must have presented one hell of a view when she bent over. She realized this a few seconds too late. The cars were pretty close now. She could stay long enough to put on her skirt or she could show her naked ass as she ran away.

The second option had sounded less embarrassing at the time, so she took it. --- Kim was an exhibitionist.

She had pretty much known that. At night, when her parents and big brother were asleep, she would walk around the house naked. Make a sandwich, go to the bathroom.she had even grown accustomed to sitting in her dad's chair, or sprawling out on the couch, while watching tv in the living room at night.

Once, someone actually had woken up. She almost freaked when she heard a door open. Luckily she was small, just small enough to squeeze under the couch. The rough wood hurt her hard nipples as she had done so, but it almost felt good. Footsteps came into the living room, and the tv clicked off. Then they moved to the bathroom, then back to bed. Kim lay under the couch, one hand between her legs. That had been fun--boy, hadn't it!--but it was nothing compared to her new experience.

For the first time ever, she had been caught. She had been seen, and by a complete stranger. Actually, there had been at least two, and she would wager that there was more than one person in each car. In the shower that evening, Kim had the best orgasm she had ever had. And after everyone was asleep, she sat on the back porch and brought herself off twice. She would have to have more. Her need for it was awesome and horrible. After rinsing off, Kim returned to her room. She didn't put anything on until the next morning, but she wondered all night what she should wear to school the next day.

9 Every year, during summer vacation, Henry would take Stacy to the cabin by the lake, and every year they would end up hiking through the woods to the foot of the mountains and camp there for the night. Stacy was getting older now. Fourteen. Her interests had been slowly but surely changing, as was her body.

Henry was only Stacy's stepdad, but he looked at her like his own. But of course he saw her body changing, and he knew what it meant: boys. He knew all too well the kind of boys Stacy's young, slender body would attract. Hadn't he been one himself, once upon a time? Henry knew the little girl that wanted him to read her bedtime stories was gone. He just wanted one more hiking trip before he lost her completely. This year she hadn't shown any interest at all at their annual trip.

He talked about it, and when she would protest, he would wave it off with something like 'Aww, come on, it'll be fun!' He knew that if he were lucky enough to get her to go, it would be their last trip. . It was light enough to see sunny leone fucking by gangbang a flashlight at their little campsite.

Henry usually planned the trip to where they would be camping under a full moon, and this year was no exception. Henry was snoring away, seemingly loud enough to wake the dead. Stacy silently slipped out of her sleeping bag. Taking care not to step on any twigs, she snuck away from the little campsite. She wouldn't get lost, she knew. The moon was bright and she could tell what direction she was going because from here she could see the foot of the mountain.

She walked a ways northward, coming up on a little stream that ran down from the mountain. Good, she thought. A place to wash off. Slipping out of her tight jeans (no panties today), she threw her shirt aside also.

On her knees, she spread her legs apart and started masturbating furiously. She fantasized about Kyle. Kyle and his silk tongue that felt every bit as good in her pussy as it did in her mouth. She fantasized that Kyle was thinking of her right now and stroking his big, thick shaft. She hadn't actually seen his penis yet, but she and her girlfriends had watched many pornos together, giggling at first, of course, then.

Stacy suddenly leaned forward, placing her free hand on the ground. Her other hand worked faster, and she felt the warm liquid stream down, wetting her hand, then her arm. The stream was colder than she had imagined.

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She only washed off briefly before getting back out and discovering that her clothes were gone. Hadn't they been right there, next to the big pine tree? No, she must be mistaken, because they weren't there. It's not arab bus and cum swallow first time desperate arab woman fucks for money they just got up and walked off.

She had searched for her clothes some thirty old vibrator old brainy gentleman with a young beautiful girl when she heard something, maybe a twig snapping. It had come from the far side of the creek. She didn't dare call out to see if anyone would answer. It was usually very noisy out here in the summer, especially at night, but things seemed to have grown quiet. Suddenly Stacy was scared. Scared enough to abandon all hope of finding her clothes and return to camp naked, even though she knew she didn't have so much as a scrap of cloth to wear.

It was better than finding out what had made the noise on the other side of the creek. Henry remained sound asleep, as he had been.

She searched the supply bag in vain for something to cover herself with. She knew now that she would have to tell Henry; shit, she wouldn't have to tell him. Unless he had packed a sewing kit and was willing to cut up one of their sleeping bags, she would be hiking back to the cabin in nothing but her shoes. Sleep came hard knowing what would come in the morning, although she found the idea strangely exciting.

She awoke sexy annabelle is a beautiful black bbw and a very hot fuck the smell of sausage. "Get up, sleepyhead," Henry said. "Come on, let's eat so we can get back to the cabin. You've already overslept." "Dad.there's something I've got to tell you," she said, all thoughts of sleep vanishing. "Well tell me while you eat," he said, flipping them with a fork. "No.dad." she trailed off.

How did you begin to tell such a thing as she had to tell? "Dad, what's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?" "One time, I went to school, and when I sat down in my seat I realized I was naked," he said, and smiled. She shrugged. "No, seriously." He stopped and looked up at her.

"Well, I. I guess it was when I was in the fourth grade. I fell asleep at the desk because the teacher told us we could talk quietly among ourselves while she stepped out. A few boys thought it would be funny to put my hand in warm water to see if I would actually pee my pants." They were both silent for a moment. "I kinda.umm.last night I lost my clothes in the woods." He had went back to his sausage, poking them with the fork.

Now he looked at her, and saw that she wasn't joking. "What the hell?" he said, half giggling, half serious. "I lost my clothes in the woods." she said, trailing off. There was another silence, this one longer. "You're serious?" he said at last. She looked up at him. It was hard meeting him eye to eye, but she managed. "Well.I don't know what to tell you. I see you still got your shoes, at least," he said, indicating her sneakers, which lay beside her.

"You want some sausage?" They ate, Stacy half sitting up in her sleeping bag. When everything had been packed except for her sleeping bag, she reluctantly crawled out and slipped into her shoes. "You know, it's a bit heavy, but.you could always carry your sleeping bag over your shoulder. It would be better than nothing." She hadn't thought of that.

She tried it, tattooed hitchhiker scarlett mae gets facialized in pov, and after a very short distance, she simply asked Henry to roll it up and strap it onto his pack. It had been a little heavy, yes, but with the humid heat they were in, she would rather do without. Despite the heat, Stacy's arms remained folded in front of her for a long while, even though she walked behind Henry. After a while, she gave that up too.

Why had she been out in the woods masturbating, anyway? Stupid. She could have at least waited one night, until they got back to the cabin. "Read any good books lately?" Henry asked. It had become sort of a joke between them. Henry would say it whenever he couldn't think of anything else to say, and soon she had started saying it. After another long silence, Stacy said, "I was just washing off in the stream." "I don't wanna know," he said.

"None of my business." "So you're not mad at me?" "Mad at you!" he exclaimed, and, perhaps forgetting her condition, he turned around and looked at her. Instinctively she covered her breasts and, almost immediately after, he turned his head away and at the same time put a hand up as if to shield his eyes.

"Why would I be mad at you? Whatever you were doing was your own business." He resumed walking. "So.what are you saying?" "I'm just saying it was your business and not mine. It's not like you did anything bad, right?" They walked on for a while. Pretty soon they stopped for lunch. Henry brought out two ziplock bags that contained their ham and cheese sandwiches. Henry, having concern for Stacy, sat facing away from her while they ate. "So what did you mean it was my business? You don't care that I'm out here naked?" "Well, there's not really anybody here to see you except me.

I mean, it's not like you're standing in the middle of a busy street, or anything. And it wasn't even on purpose. You just lost your clothes. It's not like you were doing anything wrong. What could you possibly have done?" Henry didn't see her face go red. She knew that's not what he meant, but his statement simply reminded her of what she had been doing out there. And how could he not know, unless he really believed she had been bathing?

After eating, they reluctantly started back. Stacy turned Henry's words over in her mind. Henry didn't care that she was naked? Did that mean he didn't care if she walked around the house naked?

The idea itself turned her on. She came up with a plan. Well, it wasn't really a plan; more like an experiment. She moved faster, passing by Henry easily. He said nothing. She continued her quick pace until she was well ahead of him, then stopped and waited. Finally he caught up to her. She stood there waiting, intentionally not covering herself. "Slowpoke," she said, and stuck out her tongue. "Well, I see you've gotten over your shyness," he small tits teen babe giselle leon banged by big black cock interracial masturbate. After a pause, he added: "If you think I'm so slow, why don't you carry a few things?" "You want me to?" she offered.

"No, no, I got it." He had regretted saying it the moment it was out of his mouth. Her carry something? What, and risk her covering up that beautiful ass, just when she had taken to walking in front of him?

Nuh-uh. They walked on, Stacy occasionally glancing behind her as if to make sure Henry was still there. Something on the ground had caught her eye, and she bent over to pick it up.

Henry was more than happy with what he saw in front of him. All too soon, she straightened up. Turning around, Stacy showed him a large acorn. "What do you call the kind of tree that these grow on?" "Umm," he said, moving closer.

Earlier he had gotten a brief glimpse of the neatly trimmed pubic hair in the shape of a V, but now he had a full view. "It's some kind of oak, I'm sure, but I couldn't tell you the exact name." "Oh, cool." She threw it aside and continued on.

It was near dark before they reached the cabin. They were both tired and sweaty, but Henry wished it could have lasted at least a little bit longer. He asked Stacy if she would help him put the gear away. When that was done, she started up the stairs. "Wanna help me with dinner?" he asked. She stopped mid-step. "We're not gonna shower first?" He knew she hadn't meant it in that way (or had she?), but his cock stirred at the mere thought of it. "Well, if you want to." She smiled.

"No, let's go ahead and eat." She bounced down the stairs and into the kitchen. Looked like it would be a little longer, at least, before she covered up that beautiful body. He hadn't dared say anything while they put the equipment away, but now Henry just had to ask. "I thought you were eager to get back to a clean set of clothes." "I.thought you didn't mind." "Well, before, you couldn't get to any clothes, and I.I mean, no, I don't mind.

I was just, you know, wondering." "Oh, well I can put some clothes on if you want, but since it's just you and me here, I didn't think you'd mind. Besides, no point in messing up a clean suit of clothes before I get a shower." Henry flipped the hamburgers over while Stacy cut up the cheese. When they were done with dinner (Henry was very thankful that the kitchen table was made of glass), he helped her with the dishes.

Stacy ran up the stairs and showered. When she came out, Henry was disappointed to see that she had slipped into her pjs. After showering himself, he went to bed, his mind on the more intricate details of his stepdaughter's body.

10 It had been three weeks since Dan first noticed that he had a direct view of Vicky's room from his window. With binoculars, he could see most of what went on in there, provided she didn't shut the curtains, which she never did. Vicky was his next door neighbor and classmate. She was also one of the hottest girls in school, and one of the shiest. But Dan had a view that nobody else did.

He wondered what his friends would think if they knew she liked to dance around in her 'barely there' underwear. Dan was already up in his room and waiting when Vicky walked into hers and dropped her bookbag on the floor. Today had been a long day but now she was home, finally home, and immediately took her shirt off, followed by her jeans. She didn't dare look toward the window, at the risk of scaring Dan off, if he was watching.

She desperately hoped he was watching. Since she had caught him watching her, she had taken to stripping down to her underwear and, occasionally, dancing around the room. Afterwards, she would masturbate furiously in the shower. Jokingly, she dared herself to masturbate on her bed so Dan could see. She wondered if he was watching right now, but didn't dare look. She wondered if he knew she knew she was being watched.

Dan was watching, very intensely, as she slid those tight jeans off her butt. He prayed and prayed for the day when she would slide those jeans off her hips and they would drag her panties down with them.

What bdsm sub cherry doll gets tied up view that would be! She strutted around the room and stopped in front of her mirror.

To his amazement and utter delight, she unsnapped her bra and tossed it aside, giving him his first view of her naked breasts. The panties followed, and he watched with something close to hunger. Vicky stood in front of the mirror for a moment, posing for herself (or so he thought).

Then she lay down on the bed. Her hands moved across her body, toying with her nipples, moving downward, downward. Her legs spread wide. He didn't have a direct view, but he definitely knew what she was doing. He wished for a better view. It must have been his lucky day, because at that moment, she jumped up (her tits jiggling quite nicely) and bent over on the edge of the bed, her bare bottom and pussy lips perfectly visible.

She spread her legs and moved her hand down under her belly, lower, until her fingers found what they were looking for.

A finger slid in easily, then a second. She was already wet. She had intended to take her time, but she was already excited. She wanted to milk this for all it was worth, so she went slow. She usually masturbated every other day, but it had been four days, and she couldn't wait to taste the sweet ecstacy of her climax. This time, though.this time would slippery and wet blowjob hardcore and mature much bigger.

This time she performed for an audience. She wondered if Dan would say anything to her about it. Surely not, she thought. What, he'd just walk up to her at school tomorrow and say, 'Hey, saw you masturbating in your room yesterday. Pretty sweet,'. Oh, how she longed to feel his cock inside her. That thought excited her even more, and she knew she couldn't hold out. She had meant to change positions before she came, but it was too late for that.

Her fingers worked furiously and her juices poured out of her, down her hand, down the side of her bed. She would wash the quilt later; right now she couldn't care less. She collapsed onto the bed, her hand sticking out from between her legs, her pussy lips glistening with her own fluids.

Dan would have given a lot to be with her right then. Maybe not his soul, but a whole damn lot. Just one caress of that sweet, baby-soft ass.and those lips.

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She stood up and, to his amazement, walked over to the window and waved at him. Then the curtains closed. 11 The night was warm and dry. The coach had probably moved the game to seven thirty because it was so damn hot during the day. Even now it was hot enough to make her break a sweat. "Hi," a guy said. "Your first game?" "No, actually, I've been to so many I lost count." "And you're with granny fucks teen girl teen jade jantzen has been walking for awhile and her phone cant home team?" "Yeah.

Jane. Kyle's mom" "Carl. Nick's dad. I'm surprised I haven't seen you before. You come to a lot of games?" "Most of them, yeah." "Oh. I just, I thought I would remember someone as pretty as you." She smiled, then held up her hand, showing off her wedding band. "Oh. Sorry. Not sorry that you're married, of course—well, I am, but—I'm sorry, can we start over?

Hi, I'm Carl, sorry about the cheesy pickup line," he said, holding out his hand. She smiled and took his hand in hers. "Jane. It's a pleasure to meet you, Carl." "Likewise." They sat, talking for a while. Carl was a really funny guy, and cute to boot.

If she wasn't married.oh, if she wasn't married. "I'm gonna go get a pepsi or something. You want anything?" "Yeah, I could use a drink." "Okay. What'll it be?" "You know what? I don't know. I think I'll walk with you if you don't mind." "Okay." They walked behind the metal bleechers. Carl put his arm around her and felt her tense against his touch. She stopped mid-step. "Oh. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to--" Without warning, she leaned forward and grabbed his head, their mouths coming together, their tongues locking.

They moved up under the bleechers, still locked together. Carl broke the kiss. "You sure we should be doing this?" he said.

"No," she said, looking at the ground and back up at him. she kissed him again, her tongue on his. His hand undid the button of her jeans and reached inside, caressing her pussy through thin panties. She dared let out a soft moan. "No, not here," she said.

"No one will see." "But what if--" "No one will see," he repeated, his eyes on hers. Her eyes showed fear, then mischief with a touch of worry.

It looked sexy on her. "Okay." He kissed her neck, then moved down and lifted her shirt up enough to get his head under it. He kissed her belly, running his hands up under the cups of her bra, caressing her nipples with his fingertips. Then he moved down, kissing her flesh as he went. He pulled her jeans and panties down together, revealing a bush of light brown hair and, underneath, soft pink pussy lips.

He kissed her there, then again. Then he ran his tongue along her slit, barely touching her sensitive flesh. Soon he was tongue-fucking her. It was all she could do to keep from moaning with obvious pleasure.

"Stop. Carl, stop," she said in a quiet but urgent tone. She pushed his head away. "What?" he said. "I want to feel you inside me.

Please?" "Anything for a lady," he said, smiling. She stepped out of her pants and lay them aside, then turned and put her hands against the wall of the bleechers for support. She felt him grab her hips, and for the moment was too excited to worry about who might see. In fact, the thought of getting caught only turned her on more. She waited impatiently to feel his cock inside her. He guided her legs, spreading them apart. Unzipping his pants, he took his cock in his hand and guided it to her waiting cunt.

He teased her, running his head up and down her slit while she begged him to fuck her. Slowly, he slid into her, pulling her hips toward him as he did so. This woman was quite a find.

Her perfect legs led up to an incredible ass. Carl couldn't believe he had gotten her pants off behind the bleechers. He just hoped she didn't regret it later. He hoped she didn't regret him later. Now he was thrusting into her gently.

She moaned in agreement and thrust her ass toward him. He noticed her breath had hastened even while his tongue was buried in her, this teenie college beauteous gal hardcore reality now her orgasm wasn't far off at all. He wondered if she would be able to keep quiet when it finally hit her. He would soon find out. Jane was breathing hard now. He thrust a little harder and she reacted immediately, clapping one hand over her mouth and still managing a few small squeaks.

Carl pulled out of her suddenly, and she felt his hot juices hit her leg, and her bare butt. The third shot traveled straight up her crack. She felt it run down over her asshole. She would kill him for it later, but right now it didn't bother her at all.

"Oh my God, Carl," she whispered, massaging her own pussy as her orgasm subsided. "Carl, you're the be--" But she didn't finish, because Carl was gone. She stood there for a moment, half bewildered. Before she got dressed, she would have to clean up a bit.but how? She wiped the come off her leg with her bare hand, rubbing it between her fingers to feel it's stickiness. It always fascinated her. She tuebx porn sex stories uttar koria at it a moment, then wiped it off on the wall of the bleechers.

She wiped her ass off as best she could, then squatted down and reached far between her legs. She started at the top of the crack of her ass and wiped downward.

Despite her anger at Carl for leaving her in this predicament, she already wanted to feel him inside her again. But tonight had been a huge mistake, and she knew it. It was best that she never saw him again. But if she did. After some searching, she realized her panties were gone. So he was a thief, too? It didn't matter.

He had probably wanted a souvenir. The next time they met, she would fuck him until he couldn't stand up straight. Just then a horrible thought occurred to her: Carl had effortlessly snatched up her panties. He could have just as easily taken her pants as well. And what if he had done just that? What would she have done then? She didn't know, but she was glad that her pants were now safely back on her hips. She had to get to the ladies' room and clean up; it was a hot night, and she was sweating like crazy.

12 Billy had just transferred from LSU to Florida State. After dislocating his elbow and shattering both bones in his right arm, he was pretty much useless on the field. He hadn't lost his scholarship, but had been given the option to transfer. He opted for the campus that wasn't seven hundred miles from home. He met Karen on his second day, and she invited him to a frat party, saying they would let him in if he was with her, even though neither one of them were members.

He couldn't believe his own luck, getting a date with a girl as hot as Karen. Her scent was intoxicating, and her tight jeans displayed her curves very well as she sauntered away. The party was at eight, and she was waiting outside when he walked up.

"Hey stud. I missed you today." "I missed you, too." "Wanna go in and have some fun?" "Sure," he said. They walked hand in hand, and the guys at the door stopped them. "Hold on there, sweetheart. You can go in, but he can't." "Why not?" she said in her innocent voice. "Because he's not a member." "And you can't make an exception for me? Just this once?" "Well, beautiful girls get naked on the stage if you." He made an obscene gesture, holding his hand in front of him and jacking back and forth.

"I don't think so.but what if we sign up for an event? Like armwrestling?" "What, you're--" "Sure. Billy's gonna win, anyway." "Don't count on it." "Karen, I don't think--" Billy said. "Well it's a good thing armwrestling doesn't require thinking. Come on." "But I--" "Come on," she repeated, pulling him inside. "Karen, tell me you didn't just bet that I'd beat somebody at armwrestling." "What if I did?" "Then you're probably gonna be--" Disappointed was what he meant to say.

Just then a large guy walked up to them. "Hey. You in the armwrestling competition?" Karen nodded. He smiled. "Good. Finally found somebody dumb enough to go up against me.

You the girl?" "Yep," Karen said, looking him over and for the first time not feeling so confident. The guy's smile broadened. "Good. What's his name?" "Billy," Billy said. "Then come on, Billy. In the main room." Billy and Karen followed. Following the big guy's lead, Billy sat down at a small table in one corner. The room grew quiet. Billy put his left hand forward.

"Hey, this is a right-hand game." "Come on, man, I hurt my right arm playing football. Let's see if you can beat me with your left arm." He laughed. "Hey, okay, left it is, as long as you promise not to say that again." Billy thought for a moment about what he had said, then laughed himself. "Ready?" the big guy said, putting his left arm on the table.

"Yeah," Billy said. He hoped Karen wasn't too disappointed when he lost.and from what was said, he really wondered what was going on. "Go!" a third guy said. The big guy got him halfway down right from the start. Billy held him there and managed to push him back up briefly, then his arm went down and he felt his knuckles touch the table.

"Blake wins!" the third guy said. The guys watching cheered. Billy walked back over to Karen. "Sorry, I tried to tell you--" She walked away from him, completely ignoring him, he thought.

She stood in the middle of the room. Someone put on some fast music and she started dancing. No way, he thought. Her shirt came off and she threw it aside. Her nipples were clearly visible through her lacy top, and she rubbed them while she danced.

Billy wondered if she would be mad at him for losing. Almost as if she had picked up on this, she looked directly at him, pointed and smiled, then moved her hand down her flat belly, down inside the front of her pants. She danced for a while longer before unzipping her pants and sliding them off her hips. The pink panties underneath were a bit small, and hugged her body nicely. They were also a bit transparent, but they didn't give her camel toe.

He wondered if she hadn't planned on him losing all along. Her bra followed. She caressed her body as she danced, stopping more than once to tease her nipples. They were erect, Billy noticed, and he also saw that the front of her panties now had a damp spot. It wasn't long before she stepped out of them, too, leaving her completely naked for her audience. As Billy had guessed when she had first taken her pants off, her pussy had been shaved clean.

She danced a while yet, occasionally running a finger down her wet slit. Once she even slipped a finger inside and then pulled it out provocatively and slid it in her mouth.

Then she got on her knees, spread her legs and started masturbating. Billy looked at her, amazed. He didn't know how far she would be going with this, but he never guessed she would go that far. He didn't feel the need to complain, though.

Now she thrust two fingers inside herself, moaning theatrically.or maybe not. She was certainly wet. Maybe it wasn't an act. Either way, it was a beautiful sight. In Billy's experience, the only thing better than watching a girl get herself off was having her on top of you.

And there was a chance for that too. Karen lay down on the carpet, spreading her legs wide. The crowd offered a cheer of approval. She lay there, her eyes closed, a wide smile on her face. Her own juices flowed down her inner thighs.

She forced her fingers as far as they would go, gasping and moaning. When her orgasm subsided, she sat up, her legs still spread. Her audience cheered. She stood up and walked over to Billy. "Whoa," she said. "That was fun." "It certainly was," he said, still staring at her in half disbelief.

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom and wash up a bit. Wait right here, kay?" "Sure." She looked around for a moment, half confused. "Where's my clothes?" she said to no one in particular. No one answered. She looked at Billy and sighed. "Be right back." Many watched her but, surprisingly, no one tried to grab her. Billy watched her walk down the hall and disappear into a doorway on the right.

He waited patiently. She reappeared moments later. "You didn't drive out here, did you?" french man massaged american wives. Why?" "Oh, no reason. I seemed to have misplaced my clothes, is all." "Where do you stay?" "A small frat house, about a mile down the road.

Wanna walk me home?" "Sure," he said, and smiled. It was cool outside, the wind blowing gently. Karen didn't ask for his shirt, but he took it off and handed it to her anyway.

Lucky for him, it came down just to the beginning of her hips. She kissed him when they got to her door. "You're not gonna invite me in?" he said. "No.I think you've had enough of me today. Maybe you can have some more tomorrow." She pulled his shirt off and handed it to him. "Will you be wearing that outfit?" he said.

She smiled. "Maybe." 13 Ayami was tall and slender, baby smooth skin with a light tan. Her shiny black hair was ponytailed in the back, bouncing along with her breasts in a tight tank top. Her cutoff shorts left only a thin strap of material between her legs, small enough to tell that her panties were white. She was a sixteen-year-old sex machine. Harold had been watching her every spare minute of the day.

His wife either hadn't noticed or didn't care. Ayami was an exchange student from Kyoto. Harold had offered free boarding and meals, not knowing what he would get in return. Now he was glad he had signed up for this. If Hannah hadn't noticed him eyeing the young girl, she had certainly noticed a change in their sex life: Harold wanted her every night, sometimes twice. Yesterday had been particularly exciting. It had happened completely by accident. Harold had been pulling up weeds and transplanting a few hyacinths and petunias.

He came in and, not giving it a second thought, threw the bathroom door open in an attempt to wash his face and freshen up a bit. There in front of him stood a very beautiful, very naked Ayami. She looked up at him innocently, making no attempt to cover herself. Harold searched for words, any words, but found none. Instead he stepped backward out of the bathroom and shut the door. The image of the naked seventeen-year-old sex machine stood in his mind.

Her breasts had been full, round, perfect, made for his hands. Her big ass milf anal masturbation domestic disturbance call had been perfectly visible; she had shaved her pubic hair off clean. She had turned slightly when he had opened the door, and the curves of her legs, of her ass cheeks, were smooth and intoxicating.

One other thing about her that wouldn't leave him alone. Ayami had been pale when she had first gotten here. Now she was tan, and Harold couldn't recall seeing a single tan line on her young, vibrant body. The implications put a smile on his face. Now Harold took the tea off the hot stove eye and grabbed the empty pitcher. He nearly dropped it when Ayami walked into the room. She was naked from head to toe, no tan lines, no clothes to hinder his view.

She held a towel in her hands, working it through her hair. "Afternoon, Mr. Petrie." Harold searched for words again, found none, let his eyes wander over her as she opened the refrigerator, bent forward slightly, then moved to the kitchen table. "U-um, Ayami?" "Yes?" Her English was flawless. "Why, ah.why are you, umm." he pointed at her, waving his finger, indicating her body.

"Oh. Well, I know you Americans are shy and all about nudity, but I figured it didn't matter much since you saw me the other day. Does my nudity bother you?" "Umm, no, of course not. But Mrs. Petrie might not like it at all, so." "Oh. Mrs. Petrie is visiting her sister today. She won't be back until late this evening. Look, I can tell this makes you uncomfortable--" "No, no, not at all." Now words came fast.

"No, really, it's no problem. Nobody but you and me here, if you don't have a problem with it I'm fine." She waited, pausing for effect. "Okay, if you're sure." She sipped on a glass of kool-ade.

Harold felt awkward staring at her, especially since he could think of nothing else to say. He put the pitcher down and poured the tea over into it, mixed in the sugar (this he did at the kitchen table so he could ogle her), and filled it the rest of the way with water.

That done, he set it in the refrigerator and sat down at the table. "So, ah." he was desperate for something to say. "So what time did Hannah say she would be back?" "She didn't. She just said she'd be late, so you shouldn't wait up." "Oh." That was good. Plenty of time to ogle the naked asian. Her curves were every bit as sweet as he'd imagined. "I noticed you have a basketball goal behind the shed." Harold almost had to shake himself to bring himself back to reality.

"Oh, yeah, that's been up a while." "If you're not too busy, maybe you could teach me how to play?" "Sure," Harold said. He was kinda disappointed, but basketball was a contact sport, so this had its plusses too. He regretted leaving her, but he had to find a basketball if they were to play. And no doubt he would have to find the air pump to air it up. Still, he should have sat there a moment or two longer. Just to watch her walk out of the room. It would have been worth it.

There were two old basketballs in the shed, but they were both flat. He had no trouble finding the air pump, and the first one stayed firm.

Harold wondered if she would say anything about his hard-on. It might scare the poor girl, he thought, but to feel her pressing up against him, it would be worth it.

He dribbled the ball a few times, shot, missed, shot again and got nothing but net. "Pretty good," Ayami said from behind him. "Out of practice," he returned, looking back. She had brushed her hair and put on her tennis shoes that he had bought her, but that was all. From her head down to her ankles, she was still nude. "Out of uniform," he mumbled. "Hmmm?" "Nothing," he said. "You know any of the rules?" "Only that getting the ball in the net is a good thing." He explained the basic rules, two- and three-pointers, and the like, but found it hard to keep eye contact.

He hoped she either didn't notice or didn't mind. "Okay," she said. "You think you could show me how to shoot?" "Sure," he said. He passed her the ball. "Go ahead and bounce it off the backboard a couple of times." She did, and both shots went in. "Good! Now move back a little and try again." She missed the first shot.

"Can you help me?" "You're doing great," he said. "No, I mean can you come here?" Harold walked over to her. "Stand behind me, and show me how to hold the ball." He got behind her, but was afraid that she would feel his hard-on and get scared. She moved back against him, surprising him, but she didn't act like anything was wrong. Her ass was poking against him. He could smell her now, and she smelled like a perfectly fuckable young woman, smelled like sex any way she wanted it.

His left hand rested on her breast. It was soft, baby smooth. His heart nearly leapt out of his chest genius gals xxx story sex stories he realized what he had just done. "Sorry," he said, stepping back. "For what?" she said. He looked up at her and her face showed more actual concern than coyness. For the first time, he thought this girl might really be clueless.

"Oh, well, it's just.most people think it's inappropriate to touch like that unless you're married, or unless you're a couple, you know." "Oh. Well, I could put some clothes on if you like, but I thought you were enjoying it." "No, no, I'm fine," he said.

"It's just, well, my wife wouldn't appreciate it one bit." Her face showed understanding, then she smiled. "Oh, I get it. But your wife's not here. What's the harm if she doesn't find out?" She moved closer, put her arms around him, placed one of his own hands on her butt.

"See? Nothing to be afraid of." He resisted for a moment, leaning away from her. Then he let out a nervous laugh. "You're right, I guess. It's just that I've never met anyone so open with their body." "Well, now that I know you're not afraid of me, how about you show me how to shoot a basketball?" Basketball with Ayami was a lot of fun.

She pretended to ignore his boner and he got to put his hands all over her body. Her skin was so tan and vibrant. Her butt was soft and round, and yet so firm. Her breasts bounced as she jumped around, which she did often, like a cheerleader. Ayami was a very slender and athletic girl, and she felt confident enough that she challenged Harold to a game. The game was one point a shot, to ten points. The stakes were that if Ayami won, Harold would also have to get nude, and if Harold won.Ayami promised he would get something nice.

Ayami was agile and quick, but still an amateur at basketball. Despite the distractions and the frequent skin contact, Harold still won, six to ten. It had warmed up outside and they were both sweating. Harold had never been more turned on in his life. He was panting from the heat, both outer and inner. He watched as she bounded across the yard, her perfect ass making his hard-on ache. She disappeared inside the door, then reappeared just as quickly, holding something in her hand. That something turned out to be a dildo, and before she reached the relative safety of the back of the shed, she stopped and got on her knees, spreading them.

Harold heard a car speed by and hoped whoever it was hadn't been looking in their direction. 'What if Hannah comes home?' he thought. But at that moment he didn't care. Ayami had slid the big rubber shaft inside her, and was thrusting it now, moaning and moving her hips with the motion.

He thought he might cream his pants, but he didn't care about that, either. All his attention went to the girl masturbating in his yard. Two more cars went by, but they didn't honk, they didn't slow down. They would have to be looking for something out in this direction to see her, anyway, he realized. But still, she was so open that she would masturbate in front of him?

That she would do it outside, where others might see? This young, sweet little girl? Sweat was coursing down her body. She worked the plastic dick inside her, putting real effort into it, getting real pleasure out of it.

He could tell she was enjoying it. It was better than any porno that he had ever seen. Her gentle moans turned into sharp squeaks. Soon she dropped the dildo, and spread her lips with one hand while rubbing her clit frantically with the other. Liquid poured out from between her legs. It almost looked like she was peeing, but Harold knew better. She was coming. He nearly came, himself, at the sight of it.

She collapsed backward onto busty sunny and holly on threesome pov ass. She sat there, breathless, her hands propped on the ground between her legs. Her whole body was covered in sweat. Harold helped her up (and gently brushed off her bare ass, what would any other gentleman do?). They walked toward the house together. She didn't say a word, only went into the bathroom and cut on the shower.

The curtain was clear, and she had left the door wide open. Though she hadn't invited him, he stood in the doorway and watched her.

The water highlighted her beautiful skin. She pulled the curtain back and dried off, unashamed. Harold watched as she ditched her towel and brushed through her hair briefly. "Wanna give me a few more basketball tips before I cook us some dinner?" "S-sure." "Okay, let's go." 14 "But Alex, I can't--" Liz protested, but Alex cut her off. "Then you're messing everything up for hot latina teen has her pussy annihilated interracial pornstars of us.

Look, you don't have to do anything but be there, okay? No flips, no kicks, just walk out onto the field at halftime. Me and the girls'll go through the routine, but instead of you standing on top of the pyramid, it'll be Jane. I'll be second from the top, and we'll get a junior to take my place on bottom." "But I can't--" "Unless you hold your skirt up, no one will ever know." Liz offered a final, pleading glance. Alex didn't give in. "If anything goes wrong.anything at all.I'm blaming you.

You're responsible, got that?" "Don't worry," Alex said. "But don't you dare chicken out on me. If you do, me and the rest of the cheerleaders'll strip you naked on the bus to Atlanta." Alex darted for the door.

"Same to you if anything goes wrong out there!" Liz yelled after her. She hoped nothing went wrong. There was a surprisingly big crowd out at the Thomasville game. She would have felt a little better if this was an away game, but no luck there. This was all in front of the bleachers, on the football field at the school that she knew so well. This was in front of all her friends and enemies.

The wind gave an encouraging gust that almost lifted the back of her skirt. Nobody was around to see, but it still made her go back into the locker room. But Alex hadn't been kidding about the bus ride to Atlanta. Alex's very own dad drove the bus for away games, and some pretty crazy stuff went on.

Yes, her fear of being stripped naked in front of the football team and having to stay naked until they got back to Newton was a threesome with the waiter pornstars group sex real and very justified fear.

That fear urged her on, and she found herself walking out onto the football field, walking, not running. The wind blew lightly between her legs, teasing her.

She knew why Alex wanted her out on the field. Not only was Liz the head cheerleader, but she was the girl that Alex looked up to. Alex couldn't perform her best without Liz. It techer and student fuck story a bi-curious thing; Liz was straight and Alex knew it.

It was more like a best friend thing. Tasha, a fellow cheerleader, was sunny leon fucking sex stories amazing toward her.

"Kneel!" she said. Liz quickly dropped to her knees, her fingers laced together. Her hands also held her skirt down; she just hoped she hadn't knelt fast enough to show the people behind her what she wasn't wearing under her skirt.

Tasha stepped into her hands and she thrust the girl upward with all her strength. Tasha went high and cut a double flip in the air before coming to rest on solid ground. The crowd cheered. For Tasha, she hoped.

The cheerleaders went through their normal routine, minus Liz. Instead, Liz waved to the crowd and allowed a few small stationary bounces. She had to look like a cheerleader, after all.

The two middle girls jumped down, leaving Jane to fall into the others' arms. They caught her, all right, but for a moment Liz thought that, because of the junior cheerleader, they had almost fallen down and failed to catch her. There was a loud cheer from the audience, followed by some booing and even more snickers. Liz's first thought was that her skirt had bounced too high and she had shown off too much. She would never live this down-- Her skirt hadn't bounced too high, but it was puddled around her ankles.

The first wave of panic hit her. First she tried to bend over and retrieve her skirt, missed, then simultaneously tried again and took off running. She fell over, her skirt flying from her ankles. She got up.

She couldn't worry about her skirt; She couldn't find it. So she took off, racing toward the end of the football field in nothing but her cheerleader top, which didn't quite cover her belly button, and the ribbon in her hair. Nobody had followed her, but there were two guys and a girl a few yards away, eyeing her as she tried the locker room door. It was locked. That's when she felt her second wave of panic. "Whoooo! Go get 'em, Lizzy!" the girl called. Liz recognized the voice at once: Marcy.

Marcy had a reputation among the guys as being easy, and a reputation among the girls as being a bitch. Now a third wave of panic struck as Marcy pulled out her phone and held it in front of her. It flashed. Liz was too stunned to react. The second flash made her back against the wall and cover herself as best she could with one hand.

"Stop it, Marcy!" she yelled, but there was little threat and more fear in her voice. Marcy had gotten close now, and had no intention of stopping. The camera flashed and flashed. Liz gathered her courage, then lunged forward and pushed Marcy with all her might. Marcy stumbled to the ground. Liz, very aware of the two boys watching her, grabbed the camera. "Bitch!" she yelled, no longer caring whose attention she might draw.

Liz thumbed the buttons, not even paying much attention to what she was doing. She was frantic now, and didn't see Marcy jump up. "Bitch!" Marcy yelled back, and snatched Liz's shirt upward. It went over her head and as far as her elbows, pinning her arms. Marcy snatched her phone away from Liz, then liberated her of her shirt. Now Liz stood in front of Marcy and the two boys, naked except for the blue ribbon in her hair.

Her first instinct was to cover her breasts, but before she could even do that, Marcy was clicking away. Four more people came around the corner of the cafeteria building and stopped when they saw the naked girl.

One of them was the cheerleader that had filled the empty spot at halftime. The girl put her hand over her mouth to stifle a giggle. More people came around the building. A small crowd was gathering. Everybody was gawking. Nobody was doing a thing about Marcy the photographer. Liz did the only thing she could do: she ran. Where was she going?

The street? More than likely, just around the main building to hide her nakedness from the crowd. And then what? She didn't know. As it happened, she ran around the corner and right into someone. She fell to the ground, looked up and saw the Mr. Escot, the vice principal, and Mr. Mackey, her math teacher. Suddenly she realized that her legs were spread open slightly, and since she was still in a well-lit area, she figured there wasn't anything that could possibly make tonight any worse, short of a camera crew from Fox News showing up.

She shut her legs and tried to get up.

Everything about khloe screams cute innocent teen but we know better

Mr. Escot offered a hand, and he was helping her up when Marcy rounded the corner. The camera flashed once, twice. "I'll take that," Mr. Escot said, holding out his hand. Marcy hesitated for a moment, then took off running. Liz begged Mr. Escot to unlock the locker room doors, and he sent Mr. Mackey around the building. Wrapping his own coat around her, Mr. Escot led her to the locker room.

They rounded the corner just as five students did the same heading in the opposite direction, and Liz fell backward once again, her legs slut milf brandi fucking hunk teen and her lesbian gf threesome and pornstar slightly.

She recovered quicker this time, but not before a flash caught her pose. Mr. Escot was also knocked down, but he was up and telling the students to get back if they didn't want to be expelled.

She was up again, once more clutching the coat that covered not quite half of her ass. Once she was safely inside the locker room, she peeked around the corners to make sure no one (especially Marcy) was there. It was clear. Marcy's time would come, oh hell yes it would, but in the meantime, Alex was to accept responsibility for this.

It was safe to say that Alex xxx step sister sleeping brother nightbed shere more than just a naked bus ride coming her way. She got to her locker and tried to recall the combination. She thought she had had it down, but she guessed now that she had been wrong. She froze as she turned it over.

She had been confident enough to tear the sticker off of it. Great, she thought. Just great. 15 The entire class of 8a of Jackson High School held its breath and fixed its many eager eyes on Beth Maringer. The girl now regretted all of her gloating about her old angelina valentine stroking that massive ego, Winston Hills High, and their football team, which had won the high school state finals last year and made sure everyone knew they intended to continue the tradition.

Had they beaten Jackson High, Beth would still be smiling and enjoying the humiliation of the six big-talking boys as they jacked off in front of the entire class. As it were, Jackson had won, and now she was heading toward the front of the class. The entire class had witnessed the deal, and if she didn't hold up to her end, she would be stripped and handcuffed to the flagpole outside while one of the boys pulled the fire alarm.

Mr. Karn was a cool guy. He let the kids get away with anything short of rape and murder. He had been present when Beth had made the bet with the boys, and asked her if she was sure she wanted to agree to such a thing. She had replied with arrogance, saying that it wouldn't matter anyway because Winston Hills High was unstoppable this year.

Mr. Karn said okay and went on with their lesson. The next morning everyone's eyes were on her. She had a red face when she walked in the door. Mr. Karn had an assignment written on the board. He stood up and said, "This is a big assignment, class, covering sections two and three in chapter five.

I'll give you this period to work on it, and what you don't finish here, you can take home with you." He looked at Beth. "I've got some papers that need copying, so you'll be alone most of this period.

I expect you kids won't get too loud?" The class acquiesced. Beth just looked at the floor, her face burning. It was small consolation that Mr. Karn wouldn't be in attendance. Now she stood looking at the class, her butt resting lightly on the edge of the desk. Someone made a comment about how tight her jeans were, and that she might be more comfortable if she took them off. It somehow made it worse that the person who said this was a girl.

She reached for the hem of her shirt, but couldn't bring herself to pull it up. One of the boys made some snide comment about the flagpole out front, and that got her moving. She had medium breasts with good shape, covered only by her cotton bra. The boys kept their cheers to a minimum, not wanting to bring Mr. Bryant from across the hall. Her jeans came off next, and everyone stared as she peeled them off her hips.

Her playboy tv swing season 3 episode 10 were plain white cotton, but not too modest. Her fingers fumbled nervously with the back hooks of her bra. Finally she unhooked it, and slid the shoulder straps off her arms. She immediately folded her arms over her breasts.

It had taken all of her courage to drop her bra. She knew she wouldn't be able to take her panties off. "Who has the handcuffs?" one girl asks. This gets her moving again, and finally her arms uncover her chest and her thumbs hook into the waistband of her small panties.

Slowly, a small, trim line of pubic hair appears, then her panties fall to her ankles. The class applauds her without too much noise, and Beth tries to block everything out as she climbs up on the desk. On her knees, she spreads her legs and presents her butt in the air for the class to see. She moved her hand between her legs. "Spread 'em," one guy said, and a girl echoed the command.

Her face burned hotter with humiliation and anger as tears welled up in her eyes, and she spread her pussy lips with two long fingers. They were taking pictures of her, she knew. She hadn't yet realized that one guy had brought a videocamera.

And it was only eight-thirty. She had to stay like this until the bell rang, which was a good forty minutes off. 16 Lindsay stepped out in a tiny two-piece and headed for the pool. She cannonballed off the diving board, climbed out and stretched out on a beach chair. Jay was watching her from his office room on the second floor. He had space for an office room because he and his wife had no children.

Not father and chums daughter taboo baby romantic family dinner they hadn't tried, but one or both of them was simply incapable. Lindsay was fourteen with a sixteen year old's knockout body, might've even passed for eighteen. She had straight brown hair that was made darker by the water. The office door was locked, because if Jay's wife caught him looking at another woman (at an underage girl, no less), she would shit chickens.

It was half past twelve, and it occurred to Jay that Lindsay Vane should probably be in school. Then it occurred to him that Mr. and Mrs. Vane should both be at work. So Lindsay had the house all to herself. Jay watched as the little teenage vixen applied sunscreen all over her body, and paid special attention when her hand dipped just under the waistband of her bikini bottom.

He attempted to store that away for later use but noticed her hand returned, then again and again. Finally her whole hand disappeared under the stretchy material of her suit.

This little vixen was fingering herself in her backyard. She stopped. Looked around. When she was satisfied that no one could see her, she pulled the strings on either side of her bottom, then lifted her butt up and threw her bikini bottom aside. Jay's eyes went immediately to the small strip of brown hair above her small slit. He might have killed for a pair of binoculars at that moment, but there were none.

He watched eagerly as the girl threw her top aside. Now she was reclining in the chair, wearing nothing but a pair of sunglasses. She massaged herself with the tips of her fingers, then teased by slipping one partways inside. Jay had only recently noticed this hottie (the first had been seeing her strut around her room in only a pair of panties), and now he was getting a full view.

He knew how lucky he was. She lost the sunglasses, charged at the swimming pool and dove down into the water. Resurfacing, she pulled herself up on the ladder.

Petite jeune tres coquine avec son mec

Her body was covered with a cascade of water, and as it rolled off her, he got a good look at her shiny, wet ass.

He also noticed that, although it was a bit lighter, there were no distinct tanlines. Had she done this before? No, surely he would have seen it if she had. The girl lay down on her belly, this time on the grass instead of the lawn chair. She brought her knees up under her and spread them, sticking her ass out into the air invitingly. A hand moved between her legs and Jay wished it could have been his own hand, fondling that soft mound, that warm, smooth skin.

A doing his dick with feet and pussy idea occurred to him, then: Why didn't he go over there? He could ring the doorbell and wait, no doubt sending the girl into a frenzied panic. Or would she answer it at all? He thought not. Still, it was a thought. Something startled her, because it was at that moment that she jumped up and ran to the fence.

She unlocked their side of the gate and tried it. It was unlocked on his side, as it usually was, and the tall, heavy fence door swung open.

It excited him to see the young, naked girl step into his very own back yard. God, what he wouldn't have given for a video camera! The girl peered through the crack at the fence gate. Jay could see nothing on the other side, except her pink bikini bottom, which still lay in the chair. Lindsay's dad stepped to the glass door, then stepped into the back yard. He walked out into the yard, as if he was looking for something but didn't know quite what.

Then he spied the pink material on the chair. He picked it up and looked at it curiously for a moment, then picked up Lindsay's top from the side of the chair. After studying them minutely, he looked around once more, then went back inside. Jay noticed he had locked the door. He wondered what thoughts were in Lindsay's mind. How she felt about being locked out of her own home, minus her clothing.

Part of him felt sorry for her, but another part felt something else. Neither Jay nor Lindsay (to the best of Jay's lola ties alans cock and jerks him off handjob had heard Lindsay's father come home. But twenty minutes later, as the naked girl stood in his back yard, watching his back door for any sign of movement, they heard the old car pull out into the street, sputter, then rev up before Max, Lindsay's dad, shifted to second gear.

This seemed to make Lindsay quite happy. She rushed across her own back yard and tried the doorknob. It was locked. She pushed at it, trying to force it, with no luck. After trying the windows, the door again, and even trying to climb up to her second-story window, she sat down on her chair, naked with blades of grass still stuck to her belly and chest, with the look of failure on her face.

Jay thought about going down there to confront her (she hadn't even bothered to shut the gate all the way), but was afraid of her reaction. What if she screamed? What if she started crying? But then, what was he supposed to do?

Just leave her out there all alone? Just then he remembered something funny that had happened. He had found a blouse in the back yard, white with flowers on it. His wife not only swore it wasn't hers, but said that she had never seen it before in her life.

Jay had thrown it in the shed to be used as a grease rag, but now he thought he knew who it belonged to. Maybe this wasn't the first voyeuristic stunt she had pulled. Of course she hadn't intentionally lost her clothes this time, but she had stripped, and wasn't it possible she had done something similar before?

Maybe, he thought. So, he decided that he would retrieve the blouse, then throw it over the fence. It wasn't a very thick garment, and the hem would probably only fall halfway down her butt, but he thought she might appreciate it just the same.

Now he peered into the crack at the hinged end of the gate. Lindsay was pacing the yard, her arms folded limply over her chest. In order to get her attention, he shut the gate, hard, then threw the blouse over the top of the fence. He was careful with the back door, then, racing back up to his study, he peered out the window. She had donned the flowery blouse and was standing near her back door, studying the fence.

Jay was glad she couldn't see into his dark study. Her fingers were laced together, her hands in front of her. She turned and tried the door one final time. The first thing that came to mind was that she might actually be desperate enough to break one of the panes to let herself in. The other was that the blouse had covered most of her ass.

She turned around again and moved to the side gate. Glancing first at her back door, then at the gate leading to his own back yard, she stepped out and disappeared from view. Only a minute went by, then she appeared in her room. She dropped the blouse and slipped into a pair of jeans. She had found a cute blue shirt that said it wasn't me on the front, and started to slip it on when she froze. Her eyes locked on his. He wanted to duck out of sight, but knew it was too late.

Then he waved at her. She frowned, then disappeared from view. Then the blinds went down. It worried Jay that she might tell someone. It worried him more that she might tell his wife. But she never showed up at his doorstep. It was around six-thirty when Jay returned to his study. He had been looking for a pen that would work, but instead found himself ogling Lindsay, lying on her bed in front of a book.

Suddenly and without any warning, she jumped up off her bed and pulled her shirt off, then her bra, then her jeans. Jay found that she had donned a cute, tight pair of white panties with bears on them. She went over to her dresser, then turned her head toward him and winked.

Her smile was mischievous. Then she wiggled out of her panties (wiggling quite a bit more than necessary, but she pulled it off well). She moved to the window and kissed her fingertips, then blew it at him, smiling. It was provocative. Sexier than just plain nudity. Then she turned and walked out the door. Hadn't Mr. and Mrs. Vain been at home by then? And what about her two brothers and her sister? And she was just going to walk out of her room, butt naked?

Jay knew it was for his benefit, and he benefitted from it. He sat for twenty minutes, waiting for her to come back. He had nothing better to do, after all, and she had to come back some time. If she wanted to show him something, he definitely wanted to see. And she had come back, wearing nothing but a towel and a smile. Her hair was wet and she walked toward the window. Her towel fell. She gave him that same sexy, mischievous smile.

Then she shook a finger at him, saying no, no, no. Then the shades fell, and that was the last he saw of her that night. He couldn't wait for tomorrow. 17 It was really Mrs. Henderson's fault that Kelly had ended up naked while she was waiting for the bus. She had been the one that brought the recent law changes to everyone's attention. In short, Bibb county was now "nudist friendly". Nudists were to receive the same treatment as anyone else, and that applied to schools also.

A lot of parents were outraged by the idea, but there was nothing they could do about it. Apparently the mayor had a soft spot for nudists.

Kelly had brought the news home with her, and she ended up getting into some small argument with her dad about freedom, a person's rights, and nudism. Eric didn't think it was right for people to walk around "in the buff", as he called it. His daughter disagreed. She had also made some remark about protesting the protesters with a nude march.

Her dad had laughed. He had said that she was from a decent family, and that she wouldn't even be able to go out in the nude. She disagreed.

In fact, she could go a whole week without any clothes at all. "Is that so?" he said. "Well either put up or shut up." "What's that mean?" "It means I don't wanna hear any more about it." "But dad, it's just.it's a person's right to choose--" "I mean it, Kelly. I don't want to hear any more." She glared at him. They had glared each other down before, usually about stupid, trivial things.

He gasped when she pulled her shirt over her head. In a matter of moments she was working her feet out of the legs of her jeans, then she stood before him, naked. On the outside she stood tall and proud, but it was all she could do to keep herself from shaking, much less running out of the room with her hands over her girl parts. Her dad found his voice. "What do you think you're doing?" "I'm 'putting up'," she said.

"Put your clothes back on right now, Kelly." "Bibb County supports my right to go naked, wherever I want." Kelly was as stubborn as he himself was. But he was amused that she was willing to take her clothes off, right in the middle of the living room, so he decided to have some fun. "Well, fine!" he said. "You wanna be a nudist? You just bought yourself a whole week without clothes of any kind." Now she gasped.

"Wh-what?" "You heard me. That's what you wanted, now you got it." "B-but--" "Yes, I can see your butt. I can see everything else too. So will everyone at school." . The next morning, she got ready for school. She had stepped over to her dresser, then remembered all she'd said. She'd said she didn't need clothes, that she might even become a nudist.

He'd yelled at her. He'd demanded that she either put up or shut up.and she had. God help her, she had stripped naked and thrown her clothes down in theatric disgust.

He'd told her she would have to go naked for a whole week. She hadn't backed down. But of course now it all seemed foolish. Her and her stupid arguments with her stupid father. She couldn't go to school naked! What was she thinking? She pulled one of the drawers open and brought out a cotton t-shirt.

She held it against her, considering. Now she wasn't allowed to wear clothes for a week. Of course she could just get dressed anyway. He couldn't keep her naked, after all. Could he? But that would be too much like admitting defeat. After all the things she'd said, she couldn't give in. She threw the shirt back in her drawer and slammed it shut. After several moments of thought, she decided on ankle-high socks and white sneakers. She trudged down to the kitchen like this.

Her dad said good morning. Her mom just shook huge dick for petite teen riley reid head. Now she stood, waiting for the bus with her backpack slung over one bare shoulder. She felt so exposed, and somewhat naughty. What would her friends say? And her teachers? What about her best friend, Vicky, and Vicky's boyfriend Ben? Vicky and Ben had been together damn near forever, but Kelly still carried a secret crush for him.

What would he think if he saw her like this? Kelly turned back toward her house, and there were Amy and Rachel. Rachel lived right next door to Kelly, and Amy must have stayed over. Everybody knew they were more than good friends. Both girls stood gawking, wordless. Amy was the first to speak. "And I thought I was forgetful." Kelly blushed. . The bus pulled up next to the curb, a few kids already staring out wide-eyed.

She had told Rachel about her argument with her dad, and stated that she was only proving a point. Rachel commended her bravery while Amy told her she was crazy, but Amy didn't mind one bit. Now she was climbing the steps.

She felt a hand pat one cheek and spun around. It was Amy. Kelly felt a mixture of indignance and total humiliation. It didn't get better as she stepped into view of everyone on the bus. Everyone was talking at once as she made her way to her seat. A few girls near the front called her a little slut, while others giggled and poked fun.

A few of the guys made profane requests, sometimes accompanied with lewd gestures. The seat felt cold as she slid next to the window. She was shivering, and she hugged her bookbag.

It would be a long week. 18 Penny knew about the little peephole in the bathroom wall. In fact, she often used it herself to spy on Henry, her stepdad, when he showered. She knew that he also used it to watch her. It was a little creepy at first, but the more she thought about it, the more turned on she got. The first time she had masturbated for him wasn't planned, but more of a wild impulse. It was almost one of the best orgasms she'd ever had.

She had known he had been watching her because he had left the light on in the small closet space where the hole was located.

Never in a million years would she have guessed that he knew she was watching him.at least, not until yesterday. Her eyes had been wide and her mouth open as he stroked his shaft to a full erection and shot his load on the shower curtain. Was it merely coincidence that it had been only two days before when she had masturbated for him? She thought not.

He had been watching her pleasure herself and wanted to return the favor. Somehow he knew she had been watching. Now she lay in bed, slowly rubbing her clit. It was only a little after one in the afternoon. Her mom would be home in a few more hours, and now she dared herself to walk in there and give Henry a big wet kiss, right on the mouth. She wondered how he would react, or if he would tell Mom.

A small, nagging voice in the back of her mind tried to convince her that he hadn't known she was watching, that he never would have jacked off if he had. But her pussy ached to have him inside, if only for a quick visit. It had grown tired of Penny's fingers. It needed a man's flesh. Penny slipped out from under the covers and slid into her shirt and pants.

She started for the door, then stopped. She had an idea. She had borrowed an incredibly short skirt from one of her friends and now she threw her pants aside and slipped into it. Henry was sitting in front of the tv. She walked up to him. "Dad, Me and Holly were going to go out on a double date next weekend. You think this skirt's too short?" The mention of her skirt seemed to pull him out of his trancelike stare at the tv. "Oh, I don't know. That's awful short, Penny." "Aww, come on.

I'll bet you can't even see my panties when I bend over." Before Henry could respond, Penny turned and bent over, touching her toes. "See?" she said, standing up. She was right: Henry couldn't see her panties, mainly because she wasn't wearing any. He was speechless, at real swinger home story outdoor gang bang2 for a moment.

"Penny, I.I don't know. Bend over and let me see again." She did. This time he reached out and lifted her skirt up. She smiled, looking at him upside-down from between her legs. His other hand moved upward. She felt the tip of his finger travel down the crack of her ass, directly over her little asshole, down to her pussy.

He moved it lightly along the slit, then moved to the side of her labia. He pulled the soft flesh over, spreading her lips apart and reveling more pink flesh. "Well?" she said. "Hmmm?" "Do you like what you see?" "Um, yeah." "So I can wear this skirt on my double date?" "I.I guess so.

So long as you black guy creampie breakin attempt suspect has to boink his way out of pripartners son doesn't find out about it." "Great! Hold on, I've got one more outfit to show playboy tv swing season 3 episode 10, okay?

Be right back!" She ran back to her room. What was he thinking, taking her and feeling her up like that? What if she told Ann? Penny came bouncing back into the living room. To his delight and horror, she was wearing absolutely nothing. "Penny, what--" "You like it?" she said, spreading her arms out as if to say 'tada'. "I know you've seen me wear this before when I was in the shower, but I thought you might like it better up close. But now that I've shown you mine, you have to return the favor." "Penny.I don't think this is a good idea.

I mean, what if--" "Mom won't find out unless you tell her, and we've got less than three hours until she gets home. Now are you going to fuck me or not?" Henry could hardly believe what luck he had.

His young stepdaughter was standing in front of him, naked and asking to be fucked. Life simply didn't get much better than this. "You know you want to," she said, smiling and rubbing her pussy. "I'll be in my bed whenever you get ready." He watched her saunter away. She was barely out of the living room before he jumped up and ran after her. They kissed each other passionately in the hallway.

Penny went for his belt but he moved out of her reach as he kissed her body, moving lower and lower. He did each nipple in turn, sucking lightly and rolling his tongue over them, before moving down to her belly. He stopped briefly, and she gasped as she felt his tongue move up the length of her slit. He licked her again, then buried his tongue between her lips. Her legs were spread wide and her hips thrust forward as he fucked her with his tongue.

She squirmed with pleasure, grabbing his head and drawing it between her legs. Her chest rose and fell faster, and he knew she was about to come.

Abruptly he stopped. She picked her head up and looked at him. "Please, don't stop!" He moved down and stuck out his tongue, barely parting her labia, then stopped. "Wh—what's wrong?" "Nothing." "Then why'd you stop?" She was out of breath.

He moved down and kissed her lips, then ran his tongue up her slit again. He kissed her again gently, then stopped. "Why'd you stop again?" "I didn't stop. But if you want me to, I--" "No, no, please!

If you want me to beg I'll beg! Please, please don't stop!" He smiled and kissed her pussy lips again. He slipped his tongue inside her again, but only briefly. "Please, keep going! Just a little more! Don't stop now, please, fuck me with your tongue, I want it inside me!" With this hot little cunt begging for it, it was a wonder he didn't shoot his load right in his pants. "Shhh, easy now. I'm not going to stop, but I dont want you to come just yet." He kissed her again.

She grabbed his head and tried to force it closer to her pussy. He managed to escape her grasp. He repositioned her, putting her on her hands and knees, legs spread. Her pussy looked so delicious and inviting, he wondered if he could hold out a full ten seconds. He dropped his pants and got on his knees. Slowly, he guided the head of his penis between her waiting lips.

He moved forward slowly, until he was all the way inside her. Her pussy was tight, more so than he had imagined. He slowly withdrew, then moved forward again. The only noises she made were soft little girl moans, and that only added to his pleasure. He moved out and in again, slowly but rapidly. She was about to come, and he wanted to come with her. Now he moved faster. She wiggled her hips on him and he felt his balls tighten. He couldn't stop now if he wanted.

He rapidly fucked her, his hips slapping against her ass. He placed his hands on her hips as he shot his load into her. He felt her own warm girl juices run down his balls as he did. Cleaning up was a mess, so they used the shower next time. Her bed got its fair share of use, too. 19 It was uncanny, the timing of this freak accident that gave Ben the chance for just about any kind of revenge he could dream up.

Their parents had left them all alone for the weekend, since Yoko was seventeen xxx ebony ebony storys 2019 and plenty old enough to take care of the house and her little brother for the weekend (actually, both Yoko and Ben were adopted). Last night, Ben had seen an opportunity to peep through the crack between the door and the wall and spy on his sister taking a shower.

Of course he couldn't see anything until she cut the water off and threw back the curtain. Still, the thick woman masturbating while standing up seconds before she spotted him.it was heaven. He had only seen one other girl naked before in his life; his best friend's sister. And that had been an honest mistake. Who knew she would be changing clothes in her room, without locking the door.

Ben had been careless; he must have made a noise, because Yoko spun around and her eyes locked on his. He didn't wait to see her reaction; rather than face her, he slipped down the hall and into his room. He would wait and jack off later. Right now he would wait and see what Yoko's reaction would be.

But damn, she was hot. Her breasts were supple, round, perfect. Her waist was slim above her hips, her skin slightly tanned without tan lines (he wondered if she sunbathed nude), her legs shapely and smooth.

She had a perfect bubble butt, tanned with the rest of her body, and nothing but smooth skin where her pubic hair should be. Carl's sister Joan had had a big patch of brown hair there, but Yoko must have shaved hers off because nothing was blocking the view of her small snatch.

Ben held his breath as he heard the bathroom door open. He was under the covers on his bed, waiting patiently and listening. His heart jumped when his own doorknob turned. Yoko stepped into the room. She was still naked. Ben tried to speak but couldn't find the words.

"What are you doing, jacking off under there?" she said, glaring at him. "Is that it? You were spying on me so you could jack off?" "N-no, I'm--" "Well here," she said.

She spread her legs and rubbed herself with one hand. "Do you like that? Do you, little brother?" With two fingers, she spread her pussy lips apart. Her hips moved from side to side, as if she were dancing. Ben sat up and moved closer. "Do you want to touch me?" Instead of replying with words, he stretched out one hand toward her.

His ears were ringing. He could see spots before his eyes and was barely aware that his cheek stung. Then the pain sharpened. He sat up, realizing that she had slapped him hard enough to knock him down. "That's for spying on me! You want something to jack off to, go spy on someone else! Next time it'll cost you a finger!" She stormed out of the room.

Several things occurred to him at once. First, he had been way too careless. Second, his sister was a real bitch. Third.her ass was fine, but it looked even better walking away. Despite the pain in his cheek, he would be jacking off tonight, oh yes. He didn't know if she was serious about him losing a finger if she caught him again, but he didn't care.

He slept in the next morning, and when he came downstairs he heard a noise. It came from the downstairs bathroom. Thinking Yoko was probably in there, he debated wether or not he should peek in. Of course, it was never a question: he went to the door and opened it a tiny crack, quietly as possible. There he saw his sister, Yoko, halfway through the bathroom window. The top half of her was outside, and she was struggling to get back in. "Ben! Ben, is that you?" "Y-yeah." "Ben, I'm stuck.

Help me get back in." Ben moved forward and thought for a second how he would go about getting her back in.and, more importantly, what he could grope while he did it.

He was forurteen, fairly strong for his age. Surely he wouldn't have any. Then it hit him. "How'd you get stuck, anyway?" he asked. "I was talking to someone outside. Why does it matter? Pull me in!" "How long have you been there?" "I don't know!

Five, ten minutes. Now are you gonna help me or not?" "Sure, Yoko. I'll help you." A denim skirt covered her slim bubble butt.

He put one hand on her buttcheek, then moved it closer to the middle, down over where her butthole would be, down over her pussy. "Ben?" "Yeah?" "What the hell do you think you're doing?" "I dunno, I.I guess I'm just having a little fun." He smiled. "Ben you stop that right now!" Ben stopped, then put one hand on her bare thigh and inched it upward until it disappeared under her skirt.

Yoko squeezed her legs together, but his hand inched upward until he felt her smooth silky underwear. "Ben!" Ben didn't reply. "You little pervert! Mom'll kill you for this if Dad doesn't get to you first!" The more he thought about it, the more good ideas he came up with. And more bad ideas began to seem like good ones. He rushed upstairs. When he came back down, he went straight out the back door and around to the side of the house where his sister was hanging halfway out the window.

"Ben, you little shit! I'll kill you!" "Calm down, Yoko." He moved forward with a pair of scissors and grabbed her shirt. "No! No, you can't! This is my favorite shirt!" He hesitated, then stepped back, dodging her pathetic attempts to claw at him.

"Okay. I won't have to cut it up if you just take it off." "What? You've got to be kidding!" "And stop yelling. That's only gonna draw attention to you, and that's something you don't want.

Now take it off or I'll cut it up." Ben waited patiently, but he had to move forward with the scissors again to provoke a reaction. He almost felt sorry for her when she started crying.almost. In the end, she took it off and handed it to him as instructed. "Now your bra." She stared at him with wet, hateful eyes. She looked like a Japanese half-oni. She made no attempt to remove her bra. Ben moved forward and she tried to knock him back.

"Careful," he said. "These scissors are sharp. Wouldn't want you to get cut." Resignation on her face, she stopped fighting and let him cut her bra strap. Her hands immediately went to cover up her naked breasts. Now Ben stepped back and produced a camera from his pocket. He clicked once, twice, three times.

"Ben.Ben, please stop. I'm sorry about last night. I'm sorry for all those times I was mean to you." Ben wasn't about to fall for the old 'I'm sorry for real this time' routine. If she thought he was going to fall for that one again, she was dead wrong. Ben had always wondered about his sister's room. Now, as he hid the camera in his room, he wondered if he shouldn't have a look. Sure, he was excited, ready to get back downstairs. But if he was right. Yoko's room smelled different from his own, and was decorated with posters of rock and heavy metal bands.

He couldn't remember a time when he was allowed to be in here. He checked various drawers before finding one with condoms in it. He might need one later, so he took one and slipped it in his pocket. Yoko's underwear drawer contained just that, plus a number of other little toys with which he was unfamiliar. He deduced that what he now held in his hand was a dildo.

There was a small box with a wire extending some length, the end of which was attached to a small plastic ball. When he pushed a button on the box, the little plastic egg hummed to life. He smiled. "Ben! Ben, is that you?" she asked in a loud whisper. "Yeah, it's me," he said, standing behind her.

He put a hand on the soft, warm denim directly above her butt and immediately felt her tense up. "Ben, I don't know what kind of sick things you have in mind but if you don't stop feeling me up right now I'll women let loose with a stripper strippers and housewife your life a living hell." "You mean like you do every day?" "No.

Much, much worse. When I tell mom, you'll be grounded for a year. When I tell dad, he'll belt your ass so hard y-oh!" Ben had switched on the vibrator and now held it against her skirt. "What do you think everyone'll say when I tell them what kinds of toys you have in your panty drawer?" "Oh, you little twirp! I'll kill you!" "Calm down," Ben said, moving the vibrator up, over her asshole and straight up her crack and back down again.

It stopped once more at her cunt. "You don't want to draw attention to yourself. Now, I figure, since you like to show off your body like you did last night, I might as well have a little fun. Before it's all over, I'll have a lot of naked pictures of you.just in case you do decide to try and get even with me." "Fuck you," she growled. "Well.we might. I haven't decided yet. But you'll at least come for me before I let you go." He ran his hands down her legs, then moved upward, grabbing her skirt when he got to it.

He slowly lifted and worked her skirt upward until it was bunched around her waist. Her panties weren't sheer, but they hugged her pussy lips enough so that Ben could see them. He reached and touched the vibrator to her, then rubbed it up and down her slit.

"Ben.Ben, please stop. Don't do this, Ben. I got.I got fifty bucks! Just let me go and it's all yours. We can forget the whole thing." "Sorry, Yoko. But that's okay. This'll be fun for you too. You'll see." The vibrator was replaced dilettante luscious chick gives a sexy blow hardcore russian inexperienced, exploring fingers.

Inexperienced as he was, it made Yoko shiver with delight to have so much attention dedicated to her pussy. Ben's fingers down there almost felt.good. A fourteen year old virgin wasn't content with stroking a girl's private parts through her panties, so Ben pulled the thin material to the side. It wasn't the same as seeing her standing upright.

This was a view from the back, with her bent over, and an up-close view at that. Ben thought back to last night, remembering how she had rubbed herself. Now he placed his hand over her snatch, rubbing first the skin just above her slit, then moving down. She was softer than he had ever imagined.

And moist. Ben grabbed the dildo and gently placed the tip against her slit. He rubbed it up and down. young teen couple bedroom first time monica gets a enormous facial you like that?" No response. She was probably too pissed off at him to speak, but at least she hadn't big natural teen tits get fucked natural tits and titty fuck to kick him.

He slid the puple dildo between her lips, slowly filling her up with it. She squirmed agianst it, but not like it was hurting her. It occurred to him that he had taken his camera upstairs and still needed to take some more pictures. Pulling the dildo out, he said, "Be right back." He ran up the stairs, grabbed the camera, then raced back down with frantic speed. "I'm back," he said, coming in the door.

The camera clicked once, twice. Her panties slid down below her buttcheeks and it clicked again. Then the dildo found her hole once more. Click. Pulling it out, he slid one finger inside. Click. The panties moved down her legs, then off her ankles. "Yoko?" Nothing. "Yoko, I know you're really peeved at me right now, but if you'll spread your legs for me, we'll get through this a lot faster." Slowly, her legs spread wide.

Ben snapped a few pictures, then ran back upstairs and hid the camera. When he got back, Yoko was waiting patiently. Without saying anything, Ben took the small vibrating egg and rubbed it against her pussy. She was getting wetter. Suddenly, and without warning, Yoko moaned out loud. Her moaning continued. Ben thought something was wrong with her at first.

He said, "Yoko? Are you okay?" "Please don't stop, Ben," she said, panting. Ben held the vibrator to her pussy once more, rubbing it against her. He had never seen a girl come before, and with his free hand spread her labia apart.

Some were squirters, he had heard. He had a lot of questions about the female body, but today a lot of those questions would be answered. "Oh yeah," Yoko said. "Yeah, yeah, mmmm." Her legs spread instinctively.

She moaned louder and a clear liquid poured out of her cunt. She lay there, still halfway out the window, panting. "Now will you help me in?" she said between breaths.