Xxx fulle sex stories story beak

Xxx fulle sex stories story beak
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No wrong goes unpunished, and no punishment goes without enjoyment. As one woman, Kally, will soon find out the hard way. Its a late night in the big city as Kally is hard at work on a pole at the local strip club. A young 22 year old girl with a talent for showing off her body, for the right price. She slides over the pole like it's apart of her body.

Gracefully navigating every inch. She is dressed as usual, a tight white button up shirt with a leather waist trainer hiding a lacy blue bra underneath. Her hands touching her amazing 38 C breast gliding down to her short plaid skirt covering a matching lacy blue thong above her fishnet stockings tucked into knee high leather high heeled boots. Her body moves wildly, dancing, shaking everything she has to the guys surrounding her, throwing hundred dollar bills one after another as the clothes start falling off.

The waist trainer pops right off landing at her feet as the shirt gets slowly unbuttoned hanging only by her shoulders, softly falling to the floor, after a few more laps around the pole and more bills flying at her the skirt gets unzipped, tugging it side to side, lowering it down her hips, her thong pulled deep between her gorgeous ass cheeks is pulled out as Kally bends over.

The men go crazy. After slowly coming back up she notices the dark figure of a man standing in a corner watching her every move closely. Soon all that is left is the stockings and a smile as she walks backstage to get ready to end her shift and go home. She doesn't wear much even when going home. Just a short skirt over a pink and black thong matched with black, thigh length stockings covered by black heels. A barely buttoned white shirt and matching pink and black bra underneath.

As the other girls head home first, Kally is the last girl to leave. Slowly walking down the street towards home and bed bound. It's a bit of a long walk especially after a long night of dancing on a pole. Its quiet tonight in the city, too quiet really. Almost halfway through a bad section, Kally notices a shadow trailing behind her, getting closer.

She gets stepping quicker, but high heels aren't meant for speed. Before she realizes it, It's already too late. A hand covering her mouth and another holding her wrist, twisting her arm behind her back, pulling her down a dark, deserted alley. It seems like several minutes before she's shoved against a metal door hard enough it opens, revealing herself inside a shadow filled warehouse. Whatever has her in its grasp doesn't let up for a second as she is pushed and pulled into the darkness.

She sees nothing as she is stopped and pushed against a small, cold metal table and she is forced to bend over against it. Feeling slightly stunned and numb with fear, she doesn't try to move from where she is placed.

It isn't long before her attacker returns with something in his hand. The dark figure grabs her hands, locking her wrists in heavy metal shackles before another chain is locked onto the middle of her shackles.

She hears footsteps walking away from her, feeling a small enough amount of courage to look towards the sound only to hear metal on metal as the chain on her restraints is pulled upwards to the ceiling.

She watches as it begins to tighten it's hold on her. Pulling. Dragging. It makes her stand odia sasura bohu sex story and leaves her with only her heels barely touching the cold concrete beneath her.

She looks up at the dim light above her wondering what's going to happen? Why is this happening? Before her thoughts can get any further the attacker, this evil man, walks over to her and enters the light. Shocked, she realizes it's the same man watching her from afar at the club earlier that night. He says nothing, only a wicked smile and a look of hunger in his eyes. The hunger for pain. To inflict it on others. They lock eyes for only a second before he's alluring slut rides a big cock for a wad of cash her, kneeling down as he puts shackles around both of her ankles.

Her legs are spread apart wide enough for anything to get between them, or for support wolf by purchasing that full movie to get inside her if it wished.

She can her foots steps again, he a walking circles around her as if looking at a piece of meat for a beast. She tries to move, to pull against the restraints that rob her of freedom, only to hang limp in failure. After what seems like several minutes of being watched she hers him walk away again. He doesn't stay gone for long unfortunately, as he walks back and stays shrouded in shadow, allowing only his hand to be shown in the low light.

To her horror, in his hand, a knife is held lightly. As if a part of him. More walking. He's behind her. She stops breathing, fear taking over as he's right behind her. His breath on her neck as he starts to do what he loves. Tormenting and inflicting. His hand raised up to the base of her neck, the tip of the knife against her skin.

She can feel it pressed harder to her skin as he slides it downwards, cutting her soft skin as well as her shirt, stopping at her waist once the shirt falls open. Her bra is then unhooked with a quick snap as he continues cutting her shirt off. The strips of cloth fall to the ground first as the bra, torn and ripped falls next to them.

Her breasts are exposed to the cold air, forcing her nipples to get hard. She feels a hand touch her back, covered with a leather glove, admiring her body as I slides around her.

She's pulled against him. His hand glides over her breasts with ease. He rubs both her nipples, moving them around in circles with his fingers. It is long before her fear let's her go and she tries to pull away from him, to no avail. He quickly stops her thrashing by pinching and twisting her nipples as tightly as possible, squeezing them so hard they could bust. She tries to hold it in but can no longer.

She screams loudly. Its music to him.

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He lets go only to continue with her wardrobe. He slowly begins to cut skirt apart down the middle from behind rilynn rae gives her plumber an upskirt view, letting the ruined item fall between her legs. All she has left is her thong, stockings, and shoes. Its humiliating, degrading to her to be force to expose her body against her will.

To a monster that delights in torturing her body. No words can come to her lips as a ball gag is quickly inserted between them, bound tightly so it can't come out. That's when she feels a hard pull on her crotch. Her thong has been ripped from her body. She stands there, bound. Naked. Afraid. Its then that she sees its this mix of feelings is doing something to her body.

Its getting warmer, like embers of a fire. A familiar sensation. Too familiar. She snaps back, realizing the great silence surrounding her, where is he? What's next? Then it happens, he answers the question her body asks. He is whipping her like a disobedient slave. Flogging her. Her back. Her ass. Her legs. Nothing is safe from his punishing strength.

The stockings are torn, skin marked, pain taking over every sensation, feeling. It becomes a want, it's growing. Like the urge he has to make torture her. Body and soul. It doesn't stop.

Hours. He doesn't tire, no, he grows stronger with each strike on her body. Her teeth digging deeply into the gag as the excruciating feeling makes her skin so hot she could catch on fire at any second. She is covered with welts, bruises, cuts, and marks.

More. He stops. She is panting for air like a dog. She sees him drop the flogger on the floor, her face drenched with tears. So many foot steps, is it over? Before she can have another thought, a new torment begins. He slaps her ass as he looks at her. Proud of his work.

Art. She feels something touch her, it's against her ass, it wants inside her. She can't say no. Its big. Its trying to tear into her flesh. Its digging into her tight ass, deeper. She tries screaming only to be put in check when it's shoved. Forced. Rammed. Its inside me, she thinks, it's too deep, too busty ebony honey has her pussy drilled, take it out!

She screams in her mind. Its going deeper, its going to rip her open. He is smiling as he made her take an entire twelve inch long, very thick, hard dildo inside her ass. Only a button is still showing on the sinister device. He presses it, watching as it vibrates her entire body. He leans against her, wrapping his arms around her. She can't think. Only feel. The pain.

It's pleasure. More. I need more. She succumbs. Hurt me. And so he does as he grabs her hair, almost pulling it out of her head as his teeth find a place on her flesh and he bites her. Marking her. Eyes wide as he keeps going. Her neck. Arms. Shoulders. Breast. Stomach. Thighs. Until he feels it. He wants her. Quickly he puts a metal table on wheels before her. The chain is released, dropping her onto it hard. Her shackles are locked to the table as a thick, hard leather collar is wrapped around her throat.

Locked to the chain. It's pulled again. Tightly. Her head pulled back. Almost choking. She feels the dildo vibrating harder like this.

Then she feels something else. He's naked now, behind her. On her. His skin against hers. His hands grabbing her, then she feels it, his hard, throbbing cock, it's begging for her. She can't move to stop him, do I want to stop? She's thinking again. Fuck me. He hears he thoughts as he rams his cock inside her pussy. Its deep too, huge. She has a look of need in her eyes. Do it. He can't stop himself, he slowly begins, he's fucking her like a slut.



Her only thought. Her thoughts turn to images, feelings, needs. She needed to feel his cock being forced into her, deep. Hard. She wanted to feel him in her stomach, where she felt like she was on fire. His fingernails cutting into her as he fucked her like she was the only woman left on earth.

He doesn't stop or slow down for what seems like hours.

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The feeling goes through her entire body. His body. She cums over and over from both the huge clocks that are trying to destroy her.

She can't take much more. It hurts just to orgasm, but he forces her to do it. Then she feels him getting harder, his cock is like steel. He's going to cum. He does. It feels her full of his cum. Hot. Burning hot. She feels it sliding down her thighs, flowing inside of her, into her stomach.

She feels him pull his cock from her pussy. Then the one in her ass. Her body feels so empty now. Like she's a hallow doll. It feels good. The fire still burning her from the inside out. He knows this. He releases the ball from her mouth, she can't close her jaw, granny say nbut son fuck takes advantage.

The chain is undone from her throat. Now her head is held in his hands as his cock touches her lips, pushes into her mouth. Warm, wet. He doesn't show any mercy as he shoves his cock down he throat. Balls slapping her chin.


She can't breath. She doesn't want to. She wants his cock there, tasting his cum and her pussy on it. I'm your whore, her only thought as she looks at him, staring into his eyes as her lips begin turning blue. He pulls back long enough so she can breath. Beginning again. Fucking her throat has hard as he fucked her pussy.

He repeats several more tasty cougar amber jewell gets wet and ready. Before long, he needs to release.

He fills her throat with more cum holding his cock there as she tries to swallow it all, his cock preventing that. He looks at her. He's done with her. He denies her air until she passes out. Its almost like a dream. She wakes up much later. The sun is rising. All she can taste is cum. Where am i? She looks around. Confused, stunned, so much pain. It wakes her up. Her body hurts so much. She finally manages to stand up, more cum flows from her pussy.

She's been dumped in a back alley behind her apartment. Naked. Beaten.


Raped. Breed like an animal. She looks up to the sky, wondering who he was? and even more so, will I see him again? The images race through her mind of the ordeal.

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It hits her then, I need more. I want more. The burning comes back. Hotter than ever, so much so it forces her to her knees. Her hands squeezing her breasts as he had done, as she reaches for her pussy. Master! She screams so loud as she forces her fingers inside her pussy, rubbing her clit hard. Thinking of him to make herself cum, over and over, until she falls to the ground on her hands and knees.

She, like a dog, crawled into her apartment. Crawling to her bed and curls up with a pillow between her legs, rubbing her pussy on it until she falls asleep. Dreaming of her master. Her love.