Silence sister watch part on cutescam com

Silence sister watch part on cutescam com
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It blindfolded wife unaware she sucking multiple cocks the end of July and I was waiting on my daughter to get home. Today was the last day of school before summer vacation starts.

I was in the living room when I heard the bus pull up to the corner. I get up from my chair and go to the window and watch my daughter come running up the driveway, up the porch, and flying into the living room. She sees me and say:"Daddy! Your Home!" I smile and tell her I took off work today,(That was easy since I owned the company).

She comes running over, puts her arms around me and says: "I love you daddy". I tell her I love her too and she gives me a quick peck on the lips. She releases her hold on me and asked what we were going to do this weekend. I tell her what ever she wanted to do.

She looks at me and asked if one of her friends could spend the weekend with us? I look at her and say maybe next week.

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She looks up at me with those deep blue eyes, pouty lips, and sways her one leg and says; "PLEASE!" So of course I give in and tell her ok. I ask her who she is inviting?

She tells me she has already invited Natalia, (knowing I would give in), She tells me that Natalia would be over about seven o'clock. I got to thinking about Natalia's mother,Svetlana, she is a 32 year old beautiful woman from Odessa, Ukraine. She stands 5' office pussy pleasing for a hot chick tall, blonde hair, a thin hour glass figure, healthy B-cup titties, and has beautiful grey eyes that say; love me!

I realize I am starting to react to the thoughts of Svetlana and that a bulge is beginning in my pants. I shake myself back to reality and the bulge subsides. I look over at my daughter and tell her that we need to go and stock up on things needed for this weekend. She says, Can we stop and get some movies hot treesome and a strap on camel toe I say of course. We go to the store,get lots of junk food, hamburgers,cheese,hot dogs, sodas, and buns.

Next we go to he video store and my daughter picks out two romantic movies and two horror flicks. We get back home about 5:30 and I start making food on the grille,waiting for our guest to arrive. I have described Svetlana but not told you about me or the daughters. I am 35 years old 6'1" 190 lbs. semi-muscular, dark hair, brown eyes. My daughter's name is Rachelle she just turned 16 years old, she stands about 5' 4", long blonde hair, just starting to get a young womans body, A-cup titties,(I buy her bras).

Natalia is an 12 year old version of her mother except she is also the same height as my daughter and just has budding puffy nipples. My wife had died about 4 years ago from a drunk driver, and Svetlana's husband had died about six years ago from an armed robbery.

OK. Now back to the story. I hear the door bell ring and head out to the front door as I am passed by my daughter to get there first. My daughter opens the door and meets Natalia with her small gym bag full of clothes for the weekend. They hug all sunny newxxx play story fly off to my daughter's room with Natalia saying; "Bye mom"!

Svetlana steps in and she is wearing a blue sun dress, with just enough cleavage to show a nice thin bra she has on and wearing jasmine perfume that fills my nostrils. I start to get that bulge again and wearing thin shorts is not helping. I ask Svetlana if she would like to stay for some burgers or hot dogs? but she says she has got a lot of work to do at the house and wanted to get it done while Natalia was away. She looks down and gets a nice smile on her face and says maybe on Sunday if that would be alright.

and I say of course. She turns around to leave and says bye to her daughter who comes running out to get a last hug before she leaves.


Natalia and Rachelle run back to the bedroom again and Svetlana heads for her car. I watch her leave for her car, blonde babes get pounded in various positions see her lovely hips swaying.

(The bulge is now at full tilt) she gets in her car and leaves and I head to the bathroom to relieve myself. (Which only took about two minutes) I went into the bathroom pulled my shorts down and started stroking my inflated cock from the tip right down to the bottom of the shaft thinking about Svetlana.

I kept thinking of those beautiful hips, the way they moved, the smell of her perfume, and those bedroom eyes! I reached my climax as I thought of my 7" hard dick slamming into that beautiful sweet pussy of hers.


My come flew all over my chest, my belly, and all over my hands. After I calmed down, I cleaned up and headed for my daughter's bedroom and knocked on the door and a voice from the inside said; "come in!" I went in and told the girls that the food would be ready in about a half hour and to meet me in the living room then, and I noticed that they had allready changed into their night clothes.

They looked up at me and both of them said; "OK Daddy!" I just gave them a look like, OK!, and headed out the door.

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(I kinda had to smile to myself thinking about Natalia calling me daddy). I went into the kitchen, finished making the food and started to put the food on a tray.

I heard the girls come down the hall and head for the living room. (Let me tell you about the living room and how it is set up; facing the couch on each side is end tables and in the front of the couch is a coffee table, to the left and at an an angle of the couch is an easy chair and to the left of the chair is also an end table) OK, now back to the storie.

I grabbed the tray and headed out to the living room and noticed that the girls had changed again.

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There I found Natalia sitting on the left side of the couch wearing a long white tee shirt that went just above the knees. I could tell she was wearing pink panties with white pocodots as her shirt was sheer enough to see them and that she had no bra on as her little puffy titties where trying to poke out from the inside of her shirt. My daughter was on the right wearing a half top with no bra on and a pair of loose fitting gym style shorts, as I put the tray down, I noticed she was not wearing any underwear as I got a quick glance of a sweet young pussy with just a little hair starting to grow on it.

I grab my sandwich and soda off the tray and head for the easy chair,sit down, and grab the throw pillow put it on my lap to hide my growing stem between my legs and pretended to use it for a make shift table for my food. I grab the remote and turn on the video and the first movie in the dvd player was a horror flick.

As the girls are watching the movie, they keep jumping and moving from the different suspence scenes. Natalia would lift her left leg hp to her breast revealing her panties and then put it back down again.

Rachelle keeps jumping and moving around giving me quick glances of her sweet semi bald pussy and her perky A-cup titties as she was slightly bigger than Natalia latina blonde milf anal black cock interracial and cumshots the breast dept. I was sooo happy that I had put that pillow in my lap.

I had my left hand wrapped around my cock, feeling the precum leaking out from all the stimultion I was getting from the girls. The movie is now over and tell the girls it is 10:30 and it is time for bed.


The girls say; "awh come on just one more!" I tell them no, It is time for bed. Then I get the double wammy of "PLEEAASSEE!" from both of them. I am thinking that I couldn't take much more of this if I got to watch them jump around again, but of course I give in to the "please!"