Stephanie and brandi pleasure each others twats masturbation and pornstars

Stephanie and brandi pleasure each others twats masturbation and pornstars
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Enjoy the continuation!


Remember: This is in fact a TRUE story. James' hand was trembling as he led me towards the bed. I caught his eye and he had a huge grin on his face. It was then I realized it was my hand that was trembling. "nervous?" James asked. "well.yeah, I've never done anything like this before.have you?" James bit his lip and gently shook his head no.

We both sat down together on the edge of the bed, me nervously shuddering, James excited as ever. His hand crossed onto my smooth muscular thigh and began sliding up and down. My cock quickly rose to attention and James giggled lightly.

"You like that?" he asked. "mmhmmm" I managed to squeak out. My hand trembled as I moved my hand onto his thigh as well. James gripped my cock firmly and told me how nice he thought it was.

"Do you like mine?" He asked. " it!" I exclaimed. I outstretched my palm and curled my fingers around his thick cock. I just barely could fit my fingers around it it was so full. "You wanted to taste me?" He asked. Now I really started shaking.

Suck on James' cock? He flopped backwards with his arms over his head onto the bed, and his cock shot straight up. Why on earth was I so strangely drawn to it? It was gorgeous.

A full eight inches, cut with a big full head. I started to move towards it and reached for it with my right hand. I laid on my stomach between his legs on the bed and gently grazed my fingers up and down his wet shaft. I couldn't take it any longer. I HAD to taste his cock.

I stuck out my tongue and closed my eyes, slowly my tongue crept towards the head and I finally felt it touch. I had done it, I had touched my tongue to a penis! I was so turned on by this point that I then opened my mouth wide and sealed my lips around his massive shaft. It was even better than I had imagined, I could feel the pulse of his rock hard cock in my mouth and I began to move up and down, my saliva dripping down his shaft and onto his shaved balls.

My left hand cupped gently and began massaging his smooth sack. I heard James groan and I knew I must have been doing a good job because I could feel the head of his cock swelling inside my mouth. James' hand extended and pushed his fingers gently through my dark hair. I pulled away and saliva dripped from my mouth onto his shaft.

I pulled my right hand up and began to jack him off. His groans grew louder and louder and I assumed he was about to blow, but suddenly his hand pushed mine away. "Stop!" I knew it. He probably realized what he was doing, and got totally weirded out.

fuck! I thought to myself. "I don't want to cum yet!!" He said, gasping for breath. "Now sit on my face and keep sucking gently, I want to taste you too!" he finished. I hoisted myself up from my stomach and saw a huge pre-cum stain on the bed, my cock was stiffer than it had ever been and I was horny as fuck! I spread my legs over his face and slowly started lowering my cock into James' open mouth. I laid down on his stomach and began sucking his cock again.

I felt my cock slip deeper and deeper into James' mouth, and just as I thought it woudn't go any deeper his hands firmly gripped my bum and pulled my cock deeper into his mouth.

My full seven inches was so deep inside his mouth that my balls were against his face. This was the most amazing pleasure I had ever felt, I never wanted this moment to end. 69ing with my best friend, what a fucking turn on! James then pushed me off of him and sat up towards the head of the bed. He put his arms around me and pulled me onto his lap. I loved how dominating he was being. We laid back together, me on top of him and sexy round ass cuban chick sucks and rides huge cock hardcore and handjob of his hands massaged my cock slowly.

"Justin?" he asked curiously. "yeah?" I said, trying to hold back my disappointment that I didn't get to feel him finish inside my mouth. "We do still have a whole day together, we don't need to go to the make him cuckold cum covered xvideos cuckold redtube revenge youporn teen porn you know."he said soothingly. "Oh, uhh.okay, yeah whatever." I mumbled. "Well.what I'm trying to get at is that.we could do.other stuff.

Only if you want to though, it's totally okay if you don't." "You mean like." "Yeah, how would you feel about me being.inside you?" "I uh. I.think.that, that would probably be amazing. Do you have.stuff?" I flipped over so I could stare into his beautiful green eyes.

He pulled me close and we kissed for a solid ten minutes, gently caressing eachothers faces. My hand moved towards his cock and it was STILL rock hard. "I.have been looking forward to this for ages" he confessed "Are you kidding me? I giggled. I.sort of.have been too. I always thought you were the hottest boy I have ever seen." He lovingly shaped my body into the doggystyle position, and lowered my head into a pillow. I heard rummaging around and I realized he was grabbing lube and a condom.

"From Jessica last week!" he laughed. I flinched as I felt the cold lube trickle into my crack. I felt his fingers then run up and down, working in the lube. His finger slowly began to penetrate me and it was absolutely amazing. He went deep, in and out, in and out.

Then suddenly I felt two fingers inside me which felt even MORE amazing. "Are you ready? he whispered. I moaned in pleasure and I felt the head of his thick cock run up and down my moist crack. I felt it! The head of his cock ever so gently and lovingly slipping inside my wet hole. I was now getting fucked in the ass by James.the kid I grew up with, my best friend. How in the fuck was this happening!?

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Slowly and gently he continued to slide in and out of my slippery hole. "How is that? Does it feel okay? Are you alright?" He said nervously.


"James.this is the best feeling I have ever felt." I exclaimed. He took that with enthusiasm and began to thrust faster and faster inside me.

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God damnit! What a fucking feeling. I couldn't believe how much pleasure I felt as his thick cock slid deep into my ass. SLAP, James was holding me tight with his left hand, and slapping my butt as he fucked me.

This was the hottest moment of my entire life. I heard his grunts and felt his hands become sweaty as he continued to penetrate my wet, willing asshole. James was truly going all out, and I had never felt more amazing in my life.

I moaned softly into the pillow and clenched my fists. James began thrusting so quickly that his cock slipped out of my loose anus, "No!" we both moaned, and then giggled. I reached behind me and gripped his cock, promptly shoving it back into my dripping, gaping hole. A fake border agent arrests hot brunette latina and bangs her wet pussy hard thrusts later and I was overcome with pleasure. "James, you are going to make me fucking cum again!" "cum into your hands and eat it!" he panted "Fill your hands and taste how delicious you are!" Eat my cum?

God damnit James was dominating, and I LOVED it. I wondered if this was how he fucked his girlfriends, but that thought quickly evaporated as I was overcome with waves of pleasure and cum filling my hand.

I shakily brought it to my mouth, rocking back and forth from James cock still pounding away. I sucked my hand dry, and held my cum in my mouth for a second. I tasted good!

"Good eh? James said sounding like he had just finished a double black diamond. His thrusts began to get faster and faster and I could tell he was about to spew cum into my ass, but I wanted it in my mouth!!

"No! I said loudly, I want it in my mouth!" and with that, I felt his cock pull away from my ass. I sat up with anticipation and as soon as he rolled the condom off I sealed my lips around his cock and tugged at his shaft with my left hand. Almost immediately my mouth was filled with his fluids and I had difficulty swallowing.

I let a bit of it dribble from my lips, but managed to let the rest ooze down my throat. I pretended I was still swallowing his load for a bit longer so I could keep his cock in my mouth longer. However James' body shuddered and he collapsed onto the bed, panting heavily. I curled up next to him and we began kissing softly.

It was the single best day of my entire life, and also the day that I realized that I had gay feelings for James, and that he had them for me! I will never forget how amazing we made eachother feel. Hey guys! I'm sitting with James right now, we typed the story together. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed doing it! We're about to go re-enact what happened on this amazing day, but before we go we just wanted to say that we have been secretly "seeing" eachother for about a year now, and have PLENTY more sexy stories to share.

We'll be posting those up in the near future! ;) xoxo James and Justin