Dora venter gets drilled in hardcore fashion

Dora venter gets drilled in hardcore fashion
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CHAPTER 15: HOUSEGUEST Claire arrived home well after dark and dropped into her easy chair. What a day. Half the soldiers were dead on the scene, another died hours later in the base's infirmary. The rest were in serious condition but were expected to recover eventually, though one of them with only one leg.

He would probably have to tell people he stepped on a landmine overseas. They were also infected with the werewolf virus and would have to start taking the vaccine.

Claire was credited with saving their lives. They took the girl to the base too, Claire wanted the staff counselor on hand just in case she remembered coming out of wolf form with demon tentacles inside her. Fortunately, she remembered it only as one remembers a dream, faintly and not for long.

As usual with these cases Claire had trouble convincing her that she had even been a werewolf, though at Claire's prompting she was able to recount the deep bite she had received from a "large wild animal" a year and a half prior. It put her in the hospital, though the wound had healed remarkably quickly and didn't even leave a permanent scar. Typical shape-shifting gene behavior. She would be on her way back home in the morning, none the worse for wear, though with the standard follow-up sessions with a military counselor in her future.

Probably Nikki Sabimura, in fact. And then there was the paperwork, oh God. With the routine stuff it was bad enough, with this cluster fuck to report it was a nightmare. The doorbell rang. "Who in the world.?" she wondered aloud. She went to the front door and opened it. A fairly nondescript man she'd never seen before stood outside. "What do you want?" she said, a little too harshly. "Oh, I was in the area and just thought I'd drop by," the man said, his eyes glowing red and a hint of horns starting to emerge from his forehead.

"Gruthsorik!" Claire gasped and then leapt into his arms. She wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him deeply. He stepped inside and closed the door behind him. She could feel him changing beneath her, his faux clothing fading into demon flesh, his tongue becoming pointed as it danced with hers. After several minutes of hot and heavy kissing, he began moving his kisses down her neck.

She moaned in response, leaned back and swiftly removed her blouse and bra. She leaned into him again and his lips made their way down her collarbone to her luscious breasts. She moaned again as he licked and sucked them. It wasn't much longer before her pussy was sopping wet.

As if reading her mind, Gruthsorik moved his hands from her back to her ass and pushed upwards, encouraging her. She released her legs and with a little help pulled herself up onto one of his wide shoulders.

She reached down and with only a little difficulty pulled her skirt and panties off. She flipped around and draped one leg over each shoulder, bringing her pussy to his eager mouth.

It was a good thing she had a high ceiling. His tongue moved over her clit with fantastic skill. Claire's moans grew louder, almost screams, and she grabbed his horns and pulled his face tighter to her cunt. "Fuck yes! Lick it, lick my pussy! Oh fuuuuuck!" she yelled, and then she came hard, her juices coating Gruthsorik's face. Once she caught her breath, Claire said, "God, I needed that.

And now I need you inside me." In moments she was wrapped with tentacles that pulled her down from Gruthsorik's face. "Yeeeesssssss," she hissed as four of them entered her pussy and ass. "How did you find out where I live, anyway?" "Oh, that was easy enough, you're in the phone book," Gruthsorik said. "Finding a phone book these days, a very big oral porn was the hard part." Claire tried to laugh but a long moan came out instead.

She left her mouth wide open to accept the tentacle that dove inside. Gruthsorik carried her further into the house as his tentacles pounded her holes. They moaned together as the orgasm built up inside her and released. Her body shook as his cum poured out over it. He sat down on the couch and lowered her into his lap. She snuggled against him as the tentacles retracted from her mouth and body. Sexy ladies chanel and marley in a hot lesbian sex pornstar and brunette the four in her ass and pussy stayed nice and cozy where they were as the pair rested.

- - - "Say, just how deep inside can you go, anyway?" Claire wondered. The tentacles in her pussy stirred in response. One slid out while the other pushed hard against the back of her inner depths. Claire grunted in pain as it hit a tender spot. Her cervix, obviously. "That was teen brunette teasing solo dolly little likes it rough and hard entrance to your womb, of course," Gruthsorik said.

"I generally avoid direct pressure there since a lot of women can't tolerate it being touched most of the time. If I wanted to go deeper, it would have to be through there, but I don't think I actually could without causing damage." "You aren't kidding about that," Claire said. The only time anything larger than sperm can go through there safely is during or just after labor, and his demonstration had been somewhat unpleasant.

Certainly his tentacles had touched it before without offense, but this was the first time one had jabbed directly against it. "Please don't do that again. No, wait," Claire paused, her mind racing. "Yes. Do it again." "What?" Gruthsorik asked, puzzled by the request. "Every time you've fucked me I've been completely willing. I've never experienced it as the victim that doesn't like what's being done to her.


And we know from experience I can't just pretend." She turned to look into his eyes. "So do it. Hurt me," she said in a pleading whisper like a classic masochist painslut girl begging for what she craved. A moment passed as Gruthsorik considered it, then the tentacle slammed into her cervix again. Claire cringed and grunted as it began a steady rhythm assaulting the entrance to her womb.

She got what she asked for, it was painful. Her eyes started watering.


She wasn't sure if it was two minutes or ten, but finally she couldn't take anymore and decided to cry uncle. She reached for the tentacle to grab it and pull it out, saying "Okay, that's enough. Stop." It was just out of reach though, the tentacles that suddenly grabbed her wrists saw to that. "No! No don't! Nooooooooo!" she shouted as they forcefully pulled her arms above her head, easily overwhelming her resistance. Shit. She had asked for this, hadn't she.

Shit, shit, shit. Be careful what you wish for, indeed. That, and always arrange a safe word. Tentacles took hold of her legs before she could even attempt to close them. They wrapped around her body and hoisted her into the air like every other girl that struggled futilely against them. "Since you asked, I only go as far as I do into up the ass because I need a straight passage for rapid fucking," Gruthsorik said as one of the tentacles inside her rear pulled out.

"But if I take it slow, I'm sure I can reach much deeper. Shall we find out together?" He didn't wait for an answer as the remaining tentacle started pushing further in, turning the corner as it followed the path of her insides. "Ughhh, Jesus Christ," Claire muttered as the tentacle slowly wound its way through her guts. It wasn't a sharp pain, but she imagined it felt like every gastrointestinal problem in existence, simultaneously, and there was plenty of sharp pain from bbw dors feline gets naked and plays with her big tits brutal pounding her cervix was taking.

She felt it inside, somehow it managed to eventually make it all the way around to her appendix, and slowly but steadily the entire length moved a few inches back and forth in her bowel. She tried to keep it together. She tried to channel her distress into arousal and pain into pleasure. She tried to be better than all those girls he raped that actually didn't go through anything near this. But she heard her voice anyway, broken and sobbing, yelling, "Stop! Please, please stop!

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Please!" A pair of tentacles moved to her breasts. This was not the usual pleasant fondling or gentle squeezing, instead they wrapped around the base of her tits and pulled tight, very tight.

She felt the acute pain of some of the blood circulation getting cut off as her breasts bulged out playgirl with curves adores sexy fuck hardcore and blowjob an unnatural shape beyond the constricting demon members. The one small favor to her ravaged body was that the tentacles lacked the ability to clamp down on her nipples. She saw the tentacle heading towards her tear-streaked face. Oh no. Fuck, no. She turned her head away and shut her mouth tight.

She knew it was useless to resist. It would only gain her ten seconds or so more before the inevitable. She desperately wanted those ten seconds though. The tentacles grabbed her head and forced her to accept their brother into her throat while she howled in protest.

"You know what they say about girls with no gag reflex," Gruthsorik said after releasing her head. "You've gotten very good at suppressing yours, and I've enjoyed that very much by the way, but you're not all the way there." Claire whimpered through her stuffed mouth as the tentacle pushed in too deep and stayed there for too long. Her stomach churned. It had nowhere to go, however. The tentacle was stronger than her vomit reflex. It turns out the only thing worse than throwing up is not being able to.

Her lungs started hurting for oxygen, too. Just about everything hurt now. She hadn't heard Gruthsorik panting, grunting, and moaning as loud as he was since the three-way with Lauren. Finally he screamed out in pleasure as the tentacles unleashed their load on her. The one in her pussy pressed hard against her cervix as it fired its cum. She wondered if it managed to pour straight into her womb. Cum was definitely unloading directly into her stomach.

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She conjured a mental image of it filling her small intestine and gushing into her stomach from the lower end as well. A strange sense of light-headed euphoria hit her, but it was the more the oxygen depravation than the eroticism of the wonderful gooey demon seed causing it.

Gruthsorik quickly brought her back down to the floor in a kneeling position and started to withdraw his tentacles. As soon as her mouth was clear she barfed all over herself. It mixed with the demon cum from her tits down to her pussy. Her total humiliation was complete. Gruthsorik closed his eyes and moaned softly. Of course he would feed on that too. Pleasure was his delicacy but misery was his staple. She wanted to be mad at him, she wanted to cuss him out for not stopping when she begged him to, but she didn't have it in her.

Having no sympathy black rides white dick spoiled kharlie stone gets her way the pain and the pleas of women was his total existence, and that had been levels of pain as new to him as they had been to her.

"Was it… good for you?" she croaked out after several deep breaths.


A stupid question, but she needed to hear it from him, that her sexual torture had been worth something. He looked unsure, maybe even a bit regretful. "Yes, of course it was, but… it's the first time I've felt guilty about it." Continued in Chapter 16: Finale - - - This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.