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Asian hot legal age teenager enjoys sucking pecker schoolgirl japanese
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CHAPTER 21: Martin 'Marty' Allen Mansard took over the overseership of the Mansion on his forty-fifth birthday, within a week after being called into the office of the law firm in charge of the legacy of the Mansion.

At that time like the ones before him he was read the original will and had the pertinent portions explained to him. Then they read the pertinent parts of Ambrose's will and handed over the personal letter that had in the last couple of generations become a ritual, just like the letters that out-going presidents leave for the in-coming ones. In the letter was contained a welcoming to a very exclusive club, the generational owners of the Mansion and some pertinent details to ease his way in carrying out his responsibilities to the home.

Included was the address and phone number of Sully's construction company, since they had been the only company authorized by several generations of the law firm to do remodeling and other constructive work on the mansion. This was because of their excellent work, cooperative spirit, reasonable rates and continued good reputation. The construction company had now been passed down to the four sons of Sully and Maci and had been put under the headship of the second son, who showed a very practical business sense.

All of the brothers had received very profound training at their father's hands and it had been augmented by the continuing cooperation with the excellent workmen from the local Witnesses congregation. The Witnesses had their own businesses, but in rotation would fill out The Sully Company's special skill positions when needed.

It made for a very potent work force for the trio ffh completement fou french illico porno.


Because of this and their reputation for very quick results, they had taken on some very large projects throughout the state.

And if the job took them out of the nearby vicinity, they just networked with the body of skilled workers in other areas. The Witnesses had been joined by other very skilled workers who wanted to learn their methods for their own companies. And a noticeable improvement in the quality of each of those companies was noted. It mostly involved very detailed planning of the construction process and closely timed involvement of each of the skill levels as they were needed.

The process would go on twenty four hours a day, when possible. Another result of the interaction of the Mansion owners and the Sully Company with its Witness partners, was the growing neighborhood welcoming committees in response to the great reputation that the Witnesses had gained. In direct competition with this, in each of the neighborhoods that were interested, a group of responsible religious authorities would form a committee to help new neighbors to move in and get settled into their new (to them) premises.

Along with the free help, a non-confrontational pamphlet was provided to each new family, characterizing in fair-minded language the special practices and beliefs of each of the available congregations in their community.

Church attendance was soaring in each of these neighbors with the religious bodies concentrating on loving services to the people and the much reducing of political activism and social insurgency. Instead of fighting to improve society, they were now serving it to improve the atmosphere and it was making national news. They were doing something that they were particularly skilled and inspired in doing.

Marty moved into his new abode to start out all alone. The neighborhood welcoming committee was of great help to him in getting everything in to the house from the rented storage containers in the yard and into their proper places in the mansion. Marty deeply thanked them and let them know that he wasn't very religiously motivated, but would keep tabs on their efforts with possible aid to them over the future of his Mansion residence.

They thanked him for that consideration and invited him to attend their church bazaars and picnics anyway. He said that he would definitely consider them. After a couple of weeks, of familiarizing himself with the house and the responsibilities associated with it, he came to the conclusion that he needed some help in maintaining it. He knew that Sully and Maci, she the daughter of the deceased mother who had previously co-occupied the house (across the street from the Mansion) that they were now living in, were in residence there with Sully's retirement from the business and his moving out of town to avoid the possible appearance of watching over his son's shoulders in the running of the company.

So, exactly at noon, Marty strode over to the front door and knocked respectfully on it. Soon, a very graciously mature lady opened and greeted him, she knowing who he was. She then invited him to come in and sit with her and Sully as he laid out his purpose in his visit.

After providing the requisite root beer train poran vedsaxe or bus you jazz porn the occasion, she gathered up her long and elegant skirt and sat primly by her husband. Marty was very impressed with this mature couple who were obviously very in love with each other and also very welcoming in their manner. "Thank you folks for inviting me in. I am, of sunny leone pron hot girls, very familiar through the history journals kept by the previous masters of the Mansion as to your involvements in its history.

You and your father Manny figure prominently in it, for sure. And so do you and your mother, Maci. I am sorry to hear of her loss to you.

And your loss of your father too, Sully." "Well, speaking for both of us, they both coca dawn loves bbc stretch coca dawn loves bbc stretch long, eventful and productive lives. And were people that we are very proud of to be identified with." "As it should be! But, to cut this pleasant visit to not be too long, what I am here for is to inquire as to your suggestions on me getting help for the maintenance of the Mansion.

I find that I can't do it by myself. And besides it is lonely there for me now." Maci, while holding Sully's hand now took over the conversation, "I see your problem, one that every one of the other masters struggled with.

I myself am too busy tormenting Sully's life to take up any of those duties. And in addition have the grandchildren who visit to be spoiled and then send back to their exasperated parents." All said with a wide smile. "But, I think that I can make some suggestions." "It might be of help to you to select your Household Manager candidate from those young ladies who have lived in the house or been closely associated with it and are familiar with it.

I have two daughters in their twenties who are unattached that might like to take that on. And Brenda the widow of your immediate predecessor, has two daughters in the same range of ages that might want in to this also. They can always work part time for you and part time for their family business, if they want." She pauses and continues, "I wouldn't be surprised if the descendants of some of the previous master's 'play fems' petite babe maya bijou soaking wet pussy gets pounded be approaching you for entering your 'hobby' life, too.

They will undoubtedly prove to be fun playmates, but xxx tgra sex videi sex stories of them would be of poor candidacy for a more important place in your life.

There are exceptions to that rule, though including Brenda and Heidi, who distinguished themselves in their masters' life. So, you might want to keep a guarded option open for them too. A curious factor in the happiness of the masters is that they tend to truly fall in love with their House Managers and have on occasion married them and raised families with them, so you should keep that in mind as you select among them, too.

You might ask yourself, if this position works out with her and I fall in love with her, would I be wise to marry her?" "Thank you for those helpful thoughts, Mrs.

Maci. I will definitely ponder over them. And until another welcome social occasion, I will bid my farewell." As he was guided to the door by Maci, he thoroughly had enjoyed the presence of this fine lady and gratefully accepted her innocent kiss on the cheek as he moved out the door.

When he had left, she remarked to her beloved husband, "Just another remarkable man to take over the reins at the Mansion. I think that he will be a very interesting new neighbor." And Sully added, "And yes, he should cut a notable swath among the lusty women in the neighborhood, too." This said with a squinted expression on his face. "Not to worry, Sully. We have many lusty productive years ahead, and you will take up all of my intimate sensual interests forever!" "As it should be," he smiled.

And later, as he took her older and more fragile body, still lovely though, into his arms for the night, he whispered into her ears, "I honor everyone that had a part in the preparation for you to be my beloved wife. I am just so very much in beautiful shemale gets fucked in hardcore fashion with you, Maci.

You have enriched my life so far beyond anything that I expected in growing up. I will love you forever!" 'He knew,' she acknowledged to herself and then with tears in her eyes rolled over in their marital bed to again share her womanly bounty with this devastatingly good man, that she called her husband. And they gently fucked their ways into a profound sleep for the night.

When Marty returned to the Mansion, he immediately moved to the secure office to consult all of the information on the available four young candidates that Maci had suggested. He was printing some of it out, when he heard a rap on the play room's door through the monitoring sound system for the house.

He then peered at the personage outside the door and observed a fine looking young woman of about fifteen years old in age. She pleaded to the voice box outside, "Please Mr., let me in. I will make it pleasant for you if you do." With that he unlocked the door for her and bid her to enter quickly before the door relocked itself and to then make herself comfortable in the play room busty oriental vixen has her pussy slammed he could join her there.

She did so, and he noticed through the nanny cam that she immediately removed her clothing and looked around for a place to store them. It was a children's play room, you know. When he got down to the room and secured the windows and the entry through the kitchen to guarantee their privacy, he welcomed her onto his lap on the comfort chair installed in the room for the adult monitor of the children's activities to use. With that, she moved up to assert her place on his lap and to introduce herself to him.

"I am Mona, the granddaughter of Lisa who used to play with your predecessor as a teen in the old mansion. My mother and dear grandmother have told me stories about the pleasures that have been provided here. I am of the age now where I want to learn of these, so that I can enjoy them for the rest of my life too." "A noteworthy and optimistic goal for sure.

What would you like to learn about first?" "Anything that you want to teach me, since I know very little about 'fun' sex. I have already experienced the serious reproductive type with my father." "I see, was it successful?" "Yes, it was. But an aunt is raising him, since the family recognized that I was too young for that responsibility. The family blames me for this, since they think that I seduced my father and he makes no effort to refute that.

So, being with you will be a very desirable deliverance from their accusing looks and his efforts to get back into my panties." "Do you think that you will be happy to share yourself with me, an older man?" "It has only been with an older man that I have openly experienced sex so far. And the sex was wonderful, you know. Even when taking in consideration of who it was that was plowing into my tender and fragile young girl's body." "Hmmmm, isn't that laying it on a little too much?" With a big smile, "Oh Yes." So, with that he began to smoothly move his hands over her arms and her back, reaching around her body.

As this caused her body to closely cuddle up with him, she started to practice her lover's kissing with him. This advanced things very quickly between them. And soon he was removing his clothing, too. With that he moved his hands and attentions to her impressive B+ firm and conical shaped boobs. He gently caressed them and then moved on to tonguing and kissing them. Then at Mona's direction, he began to nip and suckle at the nipples. He could feel the reactions in her pussy region that was settled on his dick mounded in his lap.

This was obviously going to be a truncated love session, since her desires were overpowering her desire to learn. So, the frantic pussy found the anticipating cock and they met for a lusty collaboration, that resulted in his taking up residence in her loving home in her young girl's belly. Since it had already produced a child, the V.J. was very welcoming to it, but further baby productions had been forestalled by anti-pregnancy methods.

But, they didn't affect the pleasure senses at all. And as she bounced on his lap with his cock massaging her interior love tunnel, they both quickly moved up to a joint climax with their love juices mingling and coating the privates of each of them. "Oh that was wonderful, she offered." 'You're very welcome, he added.

Maybe next time, we can delay it a bit and enjoy a longer trip." "I will look forward to that, Master. And if you will excuse me now, I have to run to get back to my home before any suspicions arise." "Okay, my little lovely.

Here is my cell number, it is a secure line, but memorize the number and burn the paper anyway. Then text me before leaving to arrive again, please." With that, he got a pretty view of her bouncing butt cheeks as she prettily moved across the room to redress for leaving his lusty attentions. She turned and smiled at him as she left through the outside door. First things first, Marty called the Sully Company and asked for someone in charge.


When a male voice came on the phone he identified himself as the new master of the Mansion. On the other end of the phone the voice identified itself as George the manager of the company and Sully's son. He was very familiar with the Mansion, because his father had rebuilt it after the catastrophic fire. "And what can we do for you now, Mr. Mansard?" "Yes, sir. What I need is for you to draw up and remodel the child play room into a more suitable room for my intimate interests.

There are no children here now, and are not likely to be any for the near future. Could you do that for me?" "Surely, I will send my brother Mike (our resident architect) over to you tomorrow if that is convenient and you can then share with him on what you have in mind for the room. And then we can work up some plans on it. Is this a rush job?" "Not really, but I would like it done without too much delay." "We'll then get right on this Marty, and thank you for using Sully Company again for your building needs." "Very well spoken, sir.

I will look forward to your brother arriving." Then Marty busied himself to get some background info on Brenda's daughters and Sully and Maci's, too. In googling their individual names and checking out their facebook accounts, they came across as just your garden variety of 'pleasant girls.' Some of them might actually work out better in the accounting shops of Brenda's than with him.

Marty being a tax attorney, who had no intention of retiring, just cutting back on his partnership duties at a reduced share of the profits, might see some use for them in his work too.

He would just have to see. And there was the problem of how many of them would serve his intimate needs right along with his household ones, if they would take that job. He contacted Brenda, who lived just down the street a ways with Heidi and the live-in children and grandchildren and invited her to send the two mentioned girls for an interview as to the Household Manager position.

They were Fancy and Sissy, twenty-four and twenty- two in ages. He made the appointment for the day after tomorrow, so that it wouldn't interfere with his interview with Mike on the remodel. And then he called Maci back and made the same offer to her in regard to her two daughters, Sally and Flora for appointments in two days.

Maci said that she would pass it on to the girls. After this call, he got a knock on the front door and a very small and attractive lady in her later years was at the door.

She introduced herself as Heidi, who used to live in the house and asked to come in and discuss an important matter with him.

Marty was familiar with mom son sek japan 3 gp, since he had seen her every year of his youth and had played with her in childish games for many of those years on the Family Weeks vacations.

And after Heidi got in, and seated herself on the new conversation couch, at least newer that the previous one, he seated himself in the newer comfy chair, too. "I was wondering how things are going for you here in residence? I remember you from your repeated visits in your youth. You were a lot of fun to play with" "It is a bit hectic right now, but I have sown the seeds of the cure for a number of challenges facing me now.

Two of the daughters of Brenda are candidates to me to be of considerable help in those challenges if they are willing to take on the duties involved with the Household Manager, at least one of them." "I think that they would do very well for you.

But, they do almost everything as a duo almost like twins though they are two years apart. They even date guys as a duo, that is one guy with the two of them. They are two very lusty girls. But, I guess you will find that out soon enough. What I actually came for was to ask if we could have an intimate relationship, too. The younger guys aren't interested in an old broad like me, and couple caught smuggling now in trouble with customs older guys want very young women.

I still have all of my teeth and anything else needed to please a man and would like to continue to utilize them. I am financially solvent, Ambrose left me that way after taking care of me for my caring for his intimate needs for many years. So, I don't need any monetary help from you, just 'dick' help, if you please." "Boy, british milf with big boobs and hairy pussy I thought that the Masters of the Mansion were lusty and direct!

Would you like to give an audition to see if this might work out?" "You Betcha, Big Boy." And she then moved over to open his zipper and fetch out his dick. She worshipped on it for about a half an hour with many suckings, lickings, nippings and fuckings into her mouth. She then lifted her skirt, with no panties underneath and backed up to the couch, pulling a towel nearby to be under her bottom and encouraged Marty to use her as she was obviously ready for it.

He moved up to her still lovely pussy and worshipped it for several minutes until he could tell that she was losing her patience and then he pushed right in to her right up to her cervix and then pumped into her with her legs together to sensitize her clit and with that she came very loudly and physically and he followed right after.

She was right, she was still a sex dynamo and she was another fine option in his lusty endeavors and he let her know that. When she stood up he realized how small she was, she couldn't have been over four feet eight inches, if that. And couldn't weigh any more than eighty pounds. But, her pussy was really deep and tight to make things really pleasurable and he was determined to regularly get some of that. When she got back to Brenda, she reported on him, that he was a fine, gentle and generous lover, just like Ambrose was.

And he was a fine candidate to be a lover to Brenda's girls. And that she wanted to continue seeing him, and recommended him to Brenda, too.

A lot of smiles over that. And cum on pussy part 3 a plan, too.

CHAPTER 22: Mike showed up in the morning sunny leone bf story jabardasti rape sin his tape measure and sense of humor intact.

He looked over the room and wondered if Marty wanted the small private room removed. Marty briefly thought it over for a moment and then said 'no,' that it might come into good use someday. He also are you ready to swallow a hot load of cum cei that whatever was removed from the room and was suitable to be returned to it someday would be wrapped up and stored in the now vacant basement.

No need to waste furnishings that could be used later. He was sure that the law office would approve of that plan. So the discussion centered around a very large bed with surrounding and suspended mirrors, a set of stocks, a fancy bureau with a make-up mirror and sex related decorations throughout.

Mike said that he would have to check up on a couple of porn sites on the internet for inspirations, but that he could do this. He made his measurements, checked out the structure and smiled his way out with Marty to return home.

Marty could hear his laughter as he was backing out of the driveway. The next day he prepared himself for the audition for the job of Household Manager with the first girls, Brenda's daughters.

Brenda has a reputation for being killer good looking even at the age of 58 and after having had ten children. If her daughters took at all after her, he was going to be thrilled, he knew. As he was puttering around the house, doing nothing important he heard the door chime go off. He knew better than to answer without checking through his security suite, so he quickly moved to it in the secret office.

And on the steps young amateur lesbo has oral and dildo sex casting european and reality saw someone that he didn't know.

He weighed as to whether he should even acknowledge the man's presence, but he had Brenda's daughters coming soon and he didn't want any drama for them to walk into, so he decided to meet his matter head on. In a very stoical mode, Marty addressed the man at the door, "Sir, who are you and why are you at my door uninvited?" Marty could see the guy cringing on the porch and looking about to see where the voice was coming from. But, the guy shook off the fright and handled the nervousness and addressed the voice that he heard, but couldn't see the origination of.

"My name, is Henry Phieffer, and I am the grandfather of Mona, who reportedly visited you a couple of days ago. She has come up missing and I wonder if you could tell me anything that might help in my efforts to locate her. Would you please let me in to discuss this in private, without the neighbors hearing all of this? "No, I don't think so. I have no knowledge of where she might be now, and admit to no other knowledge about her, either.

I have no children or grandchildren, but am sympathetic to your evident distress. Please, meet with the local police and enlist them to address your concerns about her." "I have already been there, but they will not take her disappearance seriously until she has been missing till morning with no contact to her home, or that there is some evidence of foul play. Neither of those situations are satisfied yet. But, I have a very bad feeling about this, especially since her teen pregnancy and the way her parents have been treating her.

I beg you to take her in and protect her, if she shows up here and then contact me if that happens. I will leave my personal and secure cell number on my business card in your door." "I can see your distress, sir. And I will help if anything comes into my ability to do so. If you have any other questions, please contact my attorneys at the number that I will supply to your secure number.

And God Bless in your search for your granddaughter." "Thank you, sir." And with that he walked up the walkway to the street sidewalk and out of my view. He was no more than out of view when Marty heard another chime from the rear door leading into the unused children's play room. So, he buzzed her through and moved down to engage the young woman to find out what was the situation with her. He also got a cell call from Brenda's daughters, but asked them to postpone the audition until late that afternoon due to an emergency that had come up.

When he got down to the children's room, Mona was curled up in a ball in the comfy chair there and had tears leaking from her eyes and dripping down her little girl cheeks. He moved over to take her up into his arms and held her tight while she got control of herself. "Wait until you are ready to talk to me, Mona," said in the kindest tones of all by Marty.

With that she reached her arms around his neck and virtually welded herself to his body. But, at least the tears stopped leaking. When he felt her nuzzle up against his neck and relax her grip on him some-what, he again with great gentleness inquired of her, "What is the matter, Mona? What can I do for you?" She then looked up to his eyes with a very young heart's eyes and opened up to him, "It is my Dad, he tried to rape me again today, when mom was gone.

And when mom came in and saw what was happening, she completely blamed me and attacked me with a hairbrush that was handy. I jumped out of my father's grasp and ran past my mother as she tried to grab me and have been running ever since." "Your grandfather, Lisa's husband was just here. Can you trust him?" "Yes, grandpa, is a letch just like you. But, he would never hurt me, ever!" "Could he be of help to you now?" "Yes he and grandma Lisa could be of a lot of help." "May I call him back here to discuss this situation with you and me?" "Yes, Marty.

And thank you for asking." "No problem, little one." So, Marty called Mr. Phieffer immediately on his cell phone and asked him to return and to come to the West Side door of the Mansion. It only took fifteen minutes for him to appear at the door again, and Marty then let him in. He rushed over to gather Mona up into his arms and then fell back into the comfy chair to hold his sobbing granddaughter. With that he glanced up to Marty with the greatest display of gratitude that Marty had ever received in his life.

While grandfather and granddaughter were comforting each other, he called the law offices of his Tax agency and asked to speak to the lead attorney. He laid out what was the situation and asked someone there knowledgeable about such matters to come immediately to his home to assist him in determining how to handle this situation.

The attorney sent out by the office must have broken every speed limit by a wide margin to get there and when he came in, Marty let him know that everything from the first interchange with Mr. Phieffer at the doorstep was recorded visually and vocally. He was much assuaged by this. He then asked to speak with the little girl in private to sound her out as to the drama in her life. When she was done explaining everything including the pregnancy at the hands of her father, he insisted that the police be contacted and to have them send a woman sexual dani daniels sex in outdoor investigator to the house.

She also arrived in very quick order and requestioned the young girl as to her distress. I then produced a CD with all of the recorded evidence since the first appearance of Mr. Phieffer at his door for her to verify what she was saying now. She was very grateful to get that. The question came up about where to hide her until things could be sorted out. Grandfather suggested that she might stay right here until the police decided what to do with her, so that she wouldn't be unnecessarily traumatized beyond the already current damage, with her being hassled around at a police station.

The lady investigator thought this through and called the station to have a uniformed lady officer come to the house to act as a guardian over her, while things peter north hot asian fucking tube porn being sorted out. Marty told them that he had no problem at all over that. He put them up in one of the large guest rooms upstairs. And the grandfather withdrew from the home to not bring undue attention to it by extreme anal fun 0258 tube porn presence there.

When questioned later by the family, he just averred that he was scouting throughout the neighborhood seeking information on the whereabouts of his granddaughter. They were hesitant to accept that, but had no good reason to disbelieve him.

Marty then celled the girls to cancel the meeting for the day. He told them that he would get back to them later. He also cancelled out the meeting with Maci's girls for the next day indefinitely.

Beautiful doll is popping out her gaped slim crack in closeup

Since the Mansion maintained a very private presence in the neighborhood anyway, no one was the wiser as to Mona being in residence there. Later that night, he got a call from Maci, as to the cancellation of the audition for the girls.

When I advised that her girls were blameless in the decision and subject to recall as soon as a serious problem was handled she was very calmed down then. I just couldn't tell her anymore, because of the police involvement, unless I wanted them and my own lawyer to take my balls for the stupidity of doing so. Both Mona and the plain clothes lady office were having a relatively good time upstairs.

I was serving them their meals and they had a serviceable computer terminal at their use in the room. Neither of them left the room for the room for the duration as it had its own bathroom facilities.

And no one else came to the Mansion for three days. On the fourth day, the lady lead investigator returned to confer with us and bring a relief officer to let the plainclothes lady get back to her family. She filled us in on what was now happening about the case. A lot of threats and wild charges were being thrown around by the father's attorneys. "And some of the assertions have been against you Mr. Mansard. But, we are not stupid at the police department.

We have long known of the sketchy activities of you and your predecessors. But, we have never acted, because mostly you do no harm," she added.

"We would naturally prefer that all of you had left the young girls alone, but there is no evidence that you or they ever caused any real harm to any of them, in fact you and your cohorts have indeed helped a lot of them.

For self-serving reasons, it could be asserted, but with positive results none the less. Just like Brenda's two daughters who are going to be interviewing with you in the next few days.

We have our sources, too. In fact a number of the ladies in the department wouldn't mind hitching themselves to your star, myself included. We are not as young as your usual fodder, but we can hold our own in the lovemaking department, for sure." This admiring tirade ended with a gigantic smile on her part.

"But, as to this case, it looks really bad for the father. Mona's assertions now have a great deal of corroborating physical evidence and witness confirmation, including the reluctant mother and Mona's fearful siblings.

They felt that they were in danger, too. And were too terrified by how Mona was being treated to ask for intervention for themselves, either. CPS had built up their own considerable case against the parents, too. Both of the parents face long prison terms for their individual parts in this horror. They have already had their parental rights suspended pending their court cases being finalized. The other siblings have stated that they would prefer to be cared for by their grandparents, the husband of which you have just met.

We understand that your predecessor knew Lisa personally. Mona has categorically stated that she would prefer to stay with you. We are suspicious of what this might mean, but since CPS is very over taxed in cases now, they are seriously considering Mona's request to stay here, and even her grandfather is supportive to it, since it would reduce their load of responsibilities for the whole family of children involved. It has been suggested that if a certain police investigator ………&hellip.would take up residence here, and pay her way in residence, that Mona's request would be a slam dunk, even if it became known that you had or were going to be intimate with her.

A certain investigator has volunteered for this assignment, since she is single and intrigued by the atmosphere in this home. We would like to have you consider this, and if you become positive in thinking of this, you can have a pick of several officers to take up this cause. I will be appearing in that line-up, you know. Please let us know about this, mandy bright milf fucked by bf and stranger soon as things are moving along rapidly in Mona's nughty america sex stories prin xx and decisive decisions will be made soon." "I will consider this with my legal team and get back to you A.S.A.P." Marty asserted to her.

"Good idea. The heart of a very young girl is at risk, not to mention the dreams (highly smarmy smile) of a mature woman, too. Ahem…&hellip." Marty smiled and she turned and left with the relieved officer. Boy, what a lovely dish she is, he reflected on.

CHAPTER 23: The next day, Elena Menendez, the Sex Offenses Lead Detective, again visited the residence to see how things were proceeding. The plainclothes female officer reported that Marty had been nothing but caring and respectful person in accommodating them. She remarked that she could get used to living in this grand house, even if she had to give up her three ports regularly to qualify.

Maybe, even insist on that, since Marty was 'hot stuff' even for a middle aged man. Elena nodded in concurrence. Then she moved down to the living room to address Marty on what was to happen from then on. Marty was speculatively sitting in his comfy chair, so Elena took up a place on the facing couch. Marty patiently awaited her initiating the coming discussion.

And bought for himself a great deal of respect for his intelligent and waiting attitude with her. "As you can imagine the situation here in regard to Mona is in deep discussions with several authorities. They all are very grateful to you for being so accommodating. But, they recognize that something more stable has to be initiated in this situation. So in concert they have come up with this suggestion.

If you decline a substantive agreement with it, Mona will be removed from here and either placed in custody in some institution or in a foster home. I would think that you would like to avoid that with the substantial sympathy that you have already shown for her welfare. And between you and me, for her place as one of your lovely little teen lovers, also.

So, with their full knowledge of the issues involved with her being here, but also with her fervent desires to do so, we have decided that she can do so, if there is a continual female third party presence in the home. That is twenty four hours a day, until all issues are put to bed in regard to her future and her parent's trials and assumed incarcerations. No one involved in this decision expects the intimacies between you and her to cease, they desire it to do so, but realistically realize that that is not likely.

But by having responsible third party observers in the home, the abusing of her would be avoided. All of the parties in this decision making greatly want protection of their own part in the decision to leave her here to be covered if some-how this all blows up in everyone's faces." With Elena pausing to calm down again and to gather her thoughts back together from the emotional overload in this discussion, Marty nodded in acceptance of understanding her assertions.

"We know that you will be arranging to having a female Household Manager in residence very soon. And that they will be here mostly twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. With a relief assistant to give each days off. We know of Brenda's girls skinny bitch cypress pleasures a massive cock pornstars amateur Maci's, too.

We feel that either set would be excellent candidates to serve in this position for you. And that they also will adorn your bed regularly, lessening the pressure on Mona to do so. We figure that with Mona's obvious desires for you and her needing of the comforting of a regular lover, an adult one in an authoritive situation to replace her abusive father, she will chafe to have her desires of you to have completion.

But, she is going to have to learn of sexual politics, anyway. And what better place for her to get a more adult attitude for her future than among people who care about her?" While she caught her breath again, "Well, how very comprehensive of you all.

And taking my interests into account too. Very progressive and respectful of you," said Marty with no apparent lack of smarm! "That's not all. To prevent there from occurring a sexually generated explosion of drama here, they are also insisting on having a responsible third party to be in residence for most of the time, to keep things calmed down.

And they want that person to not want to share your bed or body. (Lots of luck on that, she thought to herself.) So, you will have the pick of several police women or other females that you could suggest to fill this position in the household and I am sorry, but you only have a few minutes to do so.

I have here in my lap a notebook, of the officers that we feel would be qualified for this position, and they are all single by the way. We also know that the mandate for the mansion does not allow you to rent out space in it.

And that you are not rich, but are affluent. So, the officer in residence will only offer up a share of the normal monthly expenses appropriate to her presence in the home. Here is the notebook for you to consider. May I get you something to drink while you peruse it?" "Thank you, there are bottles of root beer in the fridge. Take one for yourself too, if you like from the assortment there." With that she rose up and found her way into the kitchen to do so.

As he considered the several female officers suggested, he didn't find a single one that wasn't single and attractive. He guessed that this showed at least a modicum of respect for him in their doing so. And to his amusement the fixation that must be general in many of the ladies in the department to weld their futures to the type of life obvious in the living in the Mansion, and with the Master, too. When he got to Elena's pages, he found out that she was 32 years old, single horny gorgeous gal gtes her arse hole screwed hardcore and russian had never been married nor had any children.

It did add that she would like to have a family someday. And it included photos of her in casual clothes, and a bikini, too. He noted the picture of her parents and adult sisters, possibly in inference that despite the fact that she was Hispanic, she wouldn't be expected to thicken up with marriage and child bearing. He could see a lot of intelligence in this presentation on her part. It clearly set her above and apart from the other likely candidates among the lady officers.

And in truth, he knew of no other ladies that could fill this role to the satisfaction of the responsible authorities over Mona's care. So, he right then decided on Elena, which she would undoubtedly not be surprised at. And it would free him to do the interviewing of Brenda's and Maci's daughters for the H.M. Position, too. Interesting that the two mothers seemed so keen on him hiring at least one of their daughters for this position, because of assuming that he would be just as lusty as the previous masters of the house were.

But, maybe that was exactly why they so wanted it for them. Interesting. He regretted that there might be some disappointment though for some of them, when he made his sweet sinner sex mobi zoye. After all, he didn't need four lusty Household Managers at one time. After Elena had offered him the bottle of root beer, and he had enjoyed some of it while thinking things through, he then looked up to the expectant lady detective and offered, "Elena, I have decided on you to be the officer in charge.

You are very much qualified for this position and with your obvious sense of humor and allowance for my proclivities, I think that things should go well right from the start for the ambiance of the Mansion and in Mona's life.

I will be transporting her to a school on the other side of the town with her under an assumed name to separate her from the newsworthy drama that she has had in her life.

We will with your assistance vary her appearance to accommodate this, too. And I will immediately do the interviews to get the new Household Manager on line. She will provide at least some protection for Mona, when she is home and not in school. My only request for you, is to turn off the police attitude when you enter my home. You will be here as an observant friend, and not as my jailer. I am sorry, but I insist on that." "I understand and will comply with that.

The uniform, as it were, will change into homey demeanor upon coming home each day. By the way, my lease is up and I can move my few possessions in today." "No problem, you will be much amused I would think to know that you with Mona will be occupying the former outsized nursery right next to my bedroom.

I will have room dividers installed to give each of you some privacy space there. We can talk about whatever else we can do to make your stay comfortable." "I think that I will be fine there." And then she left to get her things to move in that afternoon.

As soon as she left, he went up to check on how Mona was doing and found her engrossed in an obviously enjoyable conversation in the office with blonde gigi allens the young uniformed female police officer. This must have been a dream assignment for her.

No surly drivers to deal with. No squabbling couples to try to separate at the risk of her life. No smarmy fellow police officers to fend off. No wonder so many of them wanted to move in with him. Only one perv to deal with and wonderful surroundings to enjoy accepted intimacies in.

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Must seem like a dream to them. With that thought he moved to the secret office and used a land line to call both Brenda and Maci, to inform them that the interviews were back on now. He was open to interviewing Brenda's daughters today at 2:30 in the afternoon.

And Maci's daughters at 10:30 in the morning the next day.

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He got confirmation from both ladies for their daughters right then. With that he returned up to the guest room that Mona was in and asked that he have some privacy as he had important interviews coming up with ladies to get a Household Manager on board as soon as possible.

The lady officer smiled and said that they were happy where they were and would give him all the room that he juliana un chauffeur de taxi finit dans le cul de juliana. Marty knew that Elena wouldn't be returning till after her shift at or later than 5:00 in the evening. So, after having a light lunch and passing up one to the girls on the third floor, he moved to refresh himself with a shower and change of clothing to accommodate a 'grueling' interview process with the two striking young daughters of Brenda.

When they arrived he guided the two six foot tall and gorgeous girls to the living room, where they sat close together on the couch while he faced them crazy pretty college girlfriends bisexual smoking hot dorm fucking his comfy chair.

He noticed that they held hands while engaging him, but didn't seem all that nervous in his presence. He smiled to them and then, "Thank you Misses Fancy and Missy for coming by today and interviewing for a very important position in my household. I should note to you that you have anal interracial threesome fuck and ass licking brightened my day by just showing up." At that they smiled and squeezed each other's hands.

No comment yet. Seeing no vocal response on their part, he continued:" This position will require you to engage with a number of duties in the house. You will be held to account for administering the household accounts to pay the regular bills for food and housing necessities. Most of the utilities are taken care of elsewhere.

You will be expected to keep the house in spotless condition. That is a lot easier with the upgrades that were made into the new building after the great fire, which includes vacuuming ports spread throughout the house.

There are laundry rooms on each floor, and a cleaning closet inside of them each, so that no hauling of equipment or supplies from floor to floor is necessary. I will provide additional help a couple days a week to aid in the deep cleaning expected on those days. You will also be expected to produce all of the meals during the days that you work, except if I excuse you for some reason like take-out. I understand that you two do almost everything together.

I am sorry, but I will not be employing you two to work together in the home at the same times together. So, you will have to suffer a little separation anxiety initially over that.

But, I think that you will have much time together when not working and so can work around that. You may live here with me or transit between here and your home with you mother, that is your choice.

But, while here I want you to dress very fetchingly for my amusement. Whatever else happens will be up to you, but will affect how long you will enjoy this employment. Because of the fusion of several factors in your employment we will combine them for the federal (and state) reports made to the appropriate tax authorities.

"Any questions?" "Will we have to fuck you regularly?" "No that will be up to you, but it will affect your continued employment here. If you don't want to serve me in that way, I am sure that we can find other employment for you." "Heidi, who lives with us has told us many stories about living and serving in this home.

Her eyes sparkle as she tells them. I don't think that I will have any trouble taking intimate care of you, and I don't think that my dear sister will either. And as to the costumes that we would wear here, I am excited to find ones that will please you and we might even work nude on your floor, when you are busy there.

We have noticed that the building is very private as to the activities inside. Would you like to intimately interview us now?" "It isn't necessary, but it is very welcome if you two desire to do it!" With that the three of them moved to his master bedroom and he first of all got to see let me use yours intead gorgeous brown girl's bodies there.

They were light coffee colored, tall, sleek with the kind of body molding that the most pretty black girls have with generous but not exorbitant booties. Damn, one of them was inspiring, both of them were Playboy Bunny material. Just stunning. Marty sat on the edge of his bed naked and awaited the two black beauties' intimacies. They stood hand in hand admiring him in concert and then still hand in hand moved up to him and knelt down each on one side of his legs.

They then used their hands to widen out his knees to that his total equipment was open to them. And then after jointly stroking his cock with their hands they leaned forward and alternated in licking and sucking on his dick. This was accompanied by titters, smiles, laughs and moans. It didn't take long and his member was at full rise. Then they together reached down and lifted him up to be supine on his back on the bed. Then one continued with his dick and the other with his face, with enthusiastic kisses and probing with her tongue.

Pretty soon, it was Marty who was moaning and smiling under the lusty attack of two lovely young women. With him at full mast and leaking precum, one of them moved to take him in cow girl and the other took him with face sitting, they facing off with each other and engaging each other as the stimulated him.

All at once, and too quickly as Marty felt it should be, he emptied up into the lusty girl's belly, just as her sister emptied into his mouth.

He had never encountered two females so coordinated with each other in his life. With that, they moved down to be on each side of him and cooled him down with gentle caresses and affectionate words.

He almost fell asleep in their arms. After they all dressed, he escorted them to the front door, hugged them in concert and told them that he would get back to them within a couple of days.

They smiled down on him and told him that they had very much enjoyed him and promised many repeats bbw lisa jones pussy play tube porn what they had shared and much more. He smiled at that prospect. When they got home they took their mother and told her that Marty was wonderful and a very fine lover.

Brenda nodded and exclaimed, "Just as all of the Masters of the Mansion tend to be." Elena moved into the previous children's room up on the second floor next to Marty's bedroom and set up shop there, sharing the space with Mona for the time being.

Marty was busy trying to think up ways to accommodate this growing brood. CHAPTER 24: The next morning, Elena was the first up and hustled up a breakfast for the three of them, the young female officer having moved out with her moving in.

She then put on her detective persona as she exited the premises to serve her community. Marty expected that things would be a lot more secure for him and the mansion with a police detective in residence.

But, he definitely wanted to move people around in the house to not infringe on his freedom of fucking. At 10:30, while Mona was in her new school, having been picked up this day by her grandfather, the two daughters of Maci showed up for their interview. He repeated the discourse that he had given Brenda's daughters as to the duties that they would be taking on, from notes he made for the recording of the conversation.

These two young ladies also were bright eyed, friendly to each other and gorgeous. Just in the vanilla mode. When asked if they had any questions about the job, the asked if they would be able to live in. He said that he was working with limited resources but, would work on that, when he made a decision as to who he would hire. They then inferred that they would also like to make an intimate interview with him and so they moved with arms over his shoulders from each side and moved up to the very busy master bedroom.

He quickly undressed and then watched as the doffed their clothing in concert after waiting for him to be ready to give them his full attentions. These two young women were willowy in shape, with very full breasts and slim hips. They were lightly tanned and about 5'9" tall. They had naturally blonde hair and wore a very light amount of makeup, just enough to highlight their natural beauty assets.

They each had just one piercing, a gold ring in one of their breasts. One on the right hand side and the other on the left. Could be so that they could tell each other apart, he mused to himself, because no one else but their lovers would know. The resembled each other very much, but not like two year apart twins like the black sister were. They moved up onto the bed behind him as he sat with feet on the floor at the side. They reached around him to kiss and caress his male features, with their breasts rubbing all over his back, neck and face.

This in its own way was just as energizing as the blowjobs that Brenda's daughters had given him. They then eased him to his back and alternated in orally servicing his dick, while the other busied herself in aggressively kissing him. After a bit, one of them moved into upper 69 position, so that he could enjoy her sweet pussy as she enjoyed him. The other moved down to lick, tongue and suck on his asshole.

He was getting really hot with this, and so he rolled the 69 partner and quickly entered her pussy for further enjoyment of her body. He quickly began a coordinated fucking rhythm with her responsive flexing back at him.

He then emptied up to her, with her having a mini-climax of her own. Probably too quickly to get the full response. At this, she moved down to reenergize his equipment as her sister moved herself onto a double sacked pillow pile and leaned her body over it, presenting her booty to be called on.

With him fully risen, he moved behind her and when he tried to probe into her pussy, she only allowed that for a few thrusts and then motioned for him to take the other target.

So, he moistened it up and easily entered her to his full length. She sighed at this and then began a powerful series of pounding back on him, which he had to respond on in kind to, to keep engaged with her ass.

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She then began a profound climax and that generated an equally powerful one in him he horny japanese slut wants his dick hard right up into her colon and then sagged over onto the bed to be comforted by the two Caucasian visions of beauty.

After they were dressed and on the way to the front door, they advised Marty, that they also worked for Brenda's company and would have limited time to work for him. He told them that pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 409 would factor that into his decision.

They also suggested that they would love to live with him, since things were very crowded at their mother's and they together just didn't make enough to afford a place of their own.

He said that depending on what they were willing to do for him, that he would try to work that out in some way. They smiled and said that they would do anything that he could think up for that privilege and kissed him soundly as they walked through the front door. This left a lot for him to consider, taking into account the available space in the Mansion.

Funny, he had never thought of it being limited before. And the generous but still limited financial resources that he had. He might need the monetary help from Elena after all, he decided.

He spent the rest of the day considering all of this. Just before Elena got home, but after Mona was there, he phoned Sully's Company and canceled the erotic room remodel. He advised them that he was likely to go about things in a different mode for the room and would advise them later.

'No problem,' they answered. When Elena came in with her newly furnished front door key, she looked bushed, so he ordered Chinese take-out for the three of them as they relaxed and watched the evening NBC news.

Late at night, Mona snuck out of the bedroom area and moved to be with Marty in his bed. He was asleep and so she not wanting to be deprived of his attentions for another night, took off all of her clothing and then began rubbing her pussy with wetted fingers.

It didn't take long to produce a little girl cum and then she mounted the bed and moved her pussy up to Marty's face and mouth with him laid on his back. She wiggled her hips to rub the sensitive skin and its hormonal gifts to stimulate his mouth. It worked, of course, and his cock rose in sympathy to the emotions that the activity on his mouth was generating.

She then before he was totally awake moved the covers aside and lowered her pussy on the upright male member. She began plunging and rising on it, alternating with flexing forwards and back and soon he was shooting his male gift up into the proper receptacle for it. She had a small climax with that, but more importantly felt reengaged with him, with his body having mated with hers.

She then lowered herself to kiss him and then left the room to retake her bed. Elena noticed, but since she could see the smile even in the dark, and she walked with no limp and wasn't seeming to be dripping blood all over the floor, she just completely ignored it and rolled over to finish her night's sleep. In the morning, she after getting ready for work, dropped off Mona at her new school before checking in with dispatch.

She had enough active cases with their bound reports to keep her busy, even without reporting in to the office. Besides they because of GPS always knew where she was, in case of need, anyway. She would show up at her cubicle about every third day to catch up on her filings and gather all of the memos that she would probably ignore. Mona, or Gracie as she was known at her new school, began using the city buses for transportation to and from school that day with her return ride.

This simplified everyone's schedule, but still allowed for private trips, if the occasion called for it. And if Marty did it, she often gave him an on the go B.J. just for the fun of it. Both her fun and his.

He planned to later service her in similar fashion when she became experienced as a driver. That day he decided to get the coordination of the housing arrangement in order. He had already decided on the hirings. He was going to split the week between Brenda's girls, three and a half days each.

And Maci's daughters would each work two days a week for a half day at first and they could still work for Brenda part time that way. Mona and Elena would also have to have their own spaces, too. Mona's allowing her to come up and play with him, at times. Well, he had the tiny studio apartment in the former child play area off of the kitchen, the rest of the former child play area with an outside entrance, the basement, the children's room next to his, and the secure storage room, if he needed it.

He wanted the black girls in the room next to him, for sure. And Elena as far out of the way of his fun as possible. He was going to install a red light/green light indication outside his bedroom to forestall embarrassing entries during him being busy.

He figured that he would remodel the children's room off of the kitchen that he had been desirous of making into a new sex romper room, and install the two blondes there and with Mona in a somewhat enlarged studio apartment there.

It would separate Mona from direct contact with Elena, but too bad, he was being manipulated by her. She is cute, though. He could put Elena in a remodeled basement, but he didn't think that that would go over well.

Oh well, he could reconfigure the hidden storage room for her. She might enjoy the mystery of having no one in the house knowing where her bedroom was, except for Marty. That would involve having all of storage objects being moved to a newly rented storage facility.

But, that could then allow a hidden room in it to have a storage server installed. One that only received selected data. And that would be relatively easy to find. The xxx hospital miyakaleefa xxx storys one in current use, would be supposedly closed out and then rerented by a dummy corporation to continue to record the whole enchilada from Marty's in-house computer room.

The one at home was configured to self-destruct if tampered with by an unauthorized person or other system. So he called George, Sully's son and laid out the plan before him. He arranged for his brother Mike to return and they could plan this out together. Since it wouldn't involve many structural changes, Mike felt that it could be finished in a very short period of time. Marty also enlisted Maci to plan for the needed furniture her parents aren t here so i m doing what i want other furnishings for all of the apartments that were going to result from this.

Since she was not busy, she also dragged Sully along to help with a male perspective on this and then brought a list of items per room for Marty's acceptance. Marty then called all of the girls and told them what he was offering, they each were thrilled and promised to fulfill their parts of the household arrangement. Brenda's girls would start immediately, splitting up the week, and each of the females involved would move into their individual rooms as soon as each room was finished.

Marty enlisted a college student's moving concern to move all of the stuff and shelves out of the storage room to allow it to become Elena's private reserve. Everything was arranged and all of the guest rooms on the third floor would remain unoccupied for the next Family Weeks.

That night, Mona snuck over to Marty's room again and locked the door. This time he was awake and so she put on a show removing her clothing, very slowly with sly winks, body movements and suggestive vocalizations. When she was down to her panties, she moved to the bed and 'forced' him to lick and suck on her little girl panties, soaking them through. She did this as she sat above his face. When she was satisfied with the wetness of them she pulled them off and wrapped them around his cock.

Then she insisted that he lick her anal entry. She had cleaned herself out very well, but had anointed her entry port with Hershey's Chocolate Syrup to simulate it being very dirty. Marty was very nervous as his lips and tongue moved up to the dirty appearing anus. Was he going to have to lick up and eat her poop, he worried. But, when he tasted the syrup, he knew that she was just playing with him, so he then enthusiastically engaged his mouth with her asshole.

And she was squealing in passion as he worked his tongue up into her rear. As he slobbered his spittle on to her rosebud and into the hole, she was whining and crying out in passion. She then had him move to his back and she assumed the cow girl position, but instead of forcing him up her pussy, she moved him up and into her ass. She forced herself down to his pubes and then began to rock and twirl her body around.

When she had loosened up enough, she then began to twirl herself around rotating on his cock as she also popped up and down on him. Very quickly they then came, him up into her ass very deeply and her copiously onto his stomach. She gathered up both the cum kinky lesbian action with two saucy blondes his stomach and that which leaked out of her ass and fed it to him directly into his mouth. And then she rose up, with her body laying on top of him and tried to kiss his face right off of his head.

And then laid her head down and went to sleep. She didn't bother to get up, milf sex therapy first time blake morgan was aroused for a romantic dinner with her when he awoke in the morning she was installed on his cock while laying peacefully on his chest and lower body. They then rose up and showered together and she got ready to catch the bus to school. She grabbed her breakfast muffin with egg and bacon from Elena as she sped out the door.

When Marty came in and had his breakfast, Elena just looked over to him and smiled, and then she also rushed off to work. In two days the Sully brothers had a four man crew in the mansion and in just a few hours had the three rooms stripped and ready for the alterations.

The college moving crew had already come and left, too. The Sully's had brought a prefab room to replace the one that Heidi had stayed in and gave Marty credit for the one they dismantled and took with them.

They said that they had a use for it right away. With the prefab room in place, the former children's play room was repapered and the floors recovered with split bamboo flooring.

The furnishing suppliers then moved the beds and other furnishings into the vacant rooms and they weren't so vacant anymore. The other rooms got pretty much the same treatment and key lock doors were added to each of the rooms. The red light/green light panel was added to the outside of Marty's room. And the workers showed considerable interest in the skimpy outfit that Fancy wore as she went about her duties in the house.

Two and a half days and they were done and on the way back to their own territory. That evening everyone moved to their new digs and the lines were now drawn as to the pecking order among the ladies.

Mostly over Marty and a hoped for future with him. They were honest about it among themselves. Even Mona had her dreams about it. And they openly talked about the many permutations surrounding it. The history of the former Masters was opened up between them and endlessly discussed as to what it could mean in regard to Marty. They all agreed that he would be a prize catch for sure, if he could be caught at all.

They assured each other that the worst thing that any of them could do to pursue their dreams was to in any way interfere with Marty's sharing with the others. What a dream for Marty. While listening to all of this self-serving drivel, it came to Elena that if she couldn't win out over this group of a young teen and a bunch of oversexed twenty-year old bimbos, that she better hang up her tits and turn in her woman card. It was going to be a really interesting next few months or couple of years.

To further complicate things, the tweener neighborhood girls were visiting (make that fucking) Marty too, along with Heidi and Brenda. What a circus it had become! A parade of nude women walking around in sexual insensibility with others hoping to take their place. Everyone wondered what the hell vitamins Marty was taking to handle this.

Actually, he was just letting the ladies do most of the work and he reaped the many cummings as a result. Very many of them. Finally it was time for Elena to put in her two cents. So she snuck up to the second floor on the elevator, bulled her way into the room, locked the door from inside and flipped the switch to show red outside the door. All of this to the amazed expression on Marty's face as he looked up from his latest read, a book of the DUNE cycle of stories.

She then shrugged off her robe to show off her marvelously toned body of a thirty two year old blonde cougar loves eating cum after sex woman. She moved to the bed and pulled the covers down.

Reached over and pulled off his pajama bottoms, not even bothering with his top. She planted her nude body right on top of him and began to kiss him and tongue him vigorously. There wasn't an ounce of gentleness in this experience for him with her. Heck if he had initiated this with her, he could have been arrested for rape. But, that charge for the current exercise wouldn't work, he was smiling too much and the whole thing was being recorded on the server.


After smearing her lipstick and mascara all over his face, she mused that it looked much better on her than him, she then moved down to kiss and suck on his nipples. And they became rock hard. She then moved down to his genital region to first suck on his balls which threatened to sit him up straight, but he sank back down as she licked all around the area before settling on his cock.

She sucked it up into her mouth like a favorite lollypop and proceeded to immediately deep throat him. She could feel his balls rising up to his dick, so she moved his dick from her mouth to her fecund vagina for further sexual processing.

She rutted on him to feel totally her insides and for her to get her clit involved in the process. When her explosive climax came, he followed very quickly with a monstrous cum discharge in her baby port, deep up into the chamber. She got the object of her visit, so she moved tiny teen dad and rose sensual blowjob xxx rough assfuck hump for lexy banderas birthday of him, kissed him fervently and then donned her robe to leave the room.

The whole visit had been only twelve minutes long. When she left the room, she switched the outside panel to green and greeted the shocked face that she found glancing at it.

"Your turn," she snarled to the shocked girl and then quickly jumped into the elevator to return to her room satisfied with her successful foray into sexual politics. Over the next six weeks, she acted perfectly civil and friendly with Marty. Didn't bat an eye at his adventures with the other girls either. She just didn't feel jealous of them at all. And then one morning as he came down for breakfast she broke the news.

The whole police department was astounded. "Old Iron Pants" is pregnant. And everyone guessed immediately who the sperm donor was. And envied him. Though the guys and gals on the force were a bit fearful of her and a bit intimidated by sexual outreaches that were firmly rebuffed, they still had a lot of respect for the way she carried out her part of their work.

She was good and more important she was a faithful workmate. Now she intended to become a faithful wife to Marty. And with the pregnancy, he began to look at her in a very different mode. To sign and seal the deal, she joined him in bed that night and showed him unmistakably what a future with teacher and student xxx pron star as a wife would be.

She was firmly engaged in their lovemaking, but affectionately submissive to his special interests, like anal. She had never gifted this to anyone else in her life, and though she grew to like it very much she would never give it to anyone else again. She continued to just let him have his lead with the other girls, but reserved at least one night a week with her and let the connection grow between them.

And surely enough after the birth of the baby, his life began to center, with seldom and brief deflections, on her. They married with the second child in its third month of residence in Elena's womb. And the police department threw a bash to remember in honor of it.

She was promoted to Duty Lieutenant, to protect her life and motherhood. And she acquitted herself with the same professionalism on that assignment as any of the others before.

Over the years, the delightful rivals for his affections moved on to other targets as it became increasingly obvious that nothing was going to pry him away from his beloved wife and mother to their four children. Only Mona stayed on, as the new Household Manager when she grew old enough, and part time lover with Elena's ignoring sufferance. By the time that Marty passed on, the family had shrunken with the flight of the kids to their own lives and Elena, now in retirement moved to a spacious condo that she shared with her best friend, Mona.

Mona had never married, but had had one secret child with Marty, that Elena had raised with her own. They busied themselves in spoiling a whole lot of grandchildren in their remaining years. Mona went first. Marty didn't leave behind a recommendation for the next Manager, so the law firm interviewed a number of the possible relatives of the proper age group. Their selection turned out to be a feckless wastrel and he was removed from his position after only ten years.

Their next choice was a woman cousin, who was a harridan and a despicable person. She ruined the place that the Mansion had grown to have in the neighborhood, and because the law firm was swallowed up by a giant legal services firm, any interest in the place died out very quickly.

The mistress of the house died in an airplane crash several years into her primacy and no one even bothered to name a successor. So the Mansion went in to decline and eventually was torn down to build expensive condos.

Its legacy had lasted well over two hundred years. The journals and computer records of the Mansion and its Masters were obtained and lovingly stored by the successors of the Sully Company which continued to function for many generations into the future. And since the expected end of times were delayed, the Witnesses continued to serve as welcome adjuncts to its business as long as the company existed.

Some investigative reporter eventually gained access to the journals and computer records and parleyed them into a series of best sellers that made him very wealthy. The surviving relatives at first cringed at the story being told, but eventually just shrugged at the adventures of their ancestors in: The Mansion with Many Hidden Rooms