Bangbros sun suzie has an incredible pair of natural big tits check em out

Bangbros sun suzie has an incredible pair of natural big tits check em out
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This story is pure fiction, feel free to comment but if you are going to negative comment then at least have the balls to be logged in or have an account. This story involves incest with young girls so if this is going to offend you then dont read it. Nat has a fascination with Sarah, she just can't stop thinking about her. Every night nat has to finger herself to sleep fantasising about all the things she would like to do with Sarah.


Nat was starting to get bored of fantasy and she would like to make it a reality but she wasn't sure how as Sarah lived so far away. She began to think of ways that she could get to meet Sarah but every time the distance caused a problem.

Nat decided to enlist the help of her older brother Nathan, He also had a fasinaction with Sarah. Nat called Nathan and asked him for his help, she explained that she wanted to meet Sarah but had no way of getting to where she lived. Nathan happily agreed as he wanted to meet Sarah too. One sunday Nathan and Nat set off in his car heading north to where Sarah lived, Nat had told Sarah that she was coming up for the weekend and that she needed somewhere to stay. Sarah told her parents that she was staying at a friends for the weekend and Nat had got Nathan to book a hotel room for the 2 of them for the weekend.

Much to Nathans dissappointment he was just a transport for the 2 of them and he would not be happy when he found this info out. Nathan pulled into the arranged car park to meet Sarah, As Sarah walked over to jav collection big asian tits cm h cup car both Nathan and Nat were turned on just by looking at her, She seemed to have some sort of control over the 2 of them but she was totally unaware of what she made them feel like.

Nathan was getting a boner sitting in the car and Nat had started to get wet.

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The car park was pretty secluded and there were no other car or people about. Sarah got in the back seat of the car and there was an awkward silence as they met each other for the first time.

It seemed like forever but it had only been a few minutes when Nathan said "Right so where is this hotel I am taking you too?" Sarah knew the area best, but as she was about to speak Nat said "Well Nathan as you have driven me up here and booked the hotel its only fair I give you a little treat as a thank you".

Nathans eyes lit up as he looked at Sarah then back to Nat. Nat leaned over to Nathan and undid his jeans, she nice rodeo on black ramrod interracial hardcore into his pants and grabbed hold of his already very hard dick. As she grabbed it Nathan leant his head back and let oout a small moan of pleasure. Sarah leaned forward to watch what Nat was going to do to her brother.

Nat started to stroke his hard dick in her hands and Sarah watched intently. While Sarah was watching Nat wank her brother off she could feel her pussy start to tingle with excitment, she only ever saw this sort of thing on internet websites but here she was in the back of a car watching a young sister pleasure her brother.

She could see the happy look on Nathans face and the look of lust in Nats eyes. Nathans dick was rock hard now and Nat was stroking him in long soft strokes from the tip of his dick to the base. Sarah was strating to fidgit as she could feel her young pussy getting wet just watching the incest play out in front of her.

Nathan reached back and reclined his seat a bit to get more comfy, he was now pretty much laying down in the seat and Sarah was level with him in the back seat.

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He looked up at Sarah and she smiled back at him then mouthed "This is sooo horny" Nathan smiled and looked back at Nat who was now moving her body into postion so that she could suck her brothers hard dick. Nat slowly lowered her head down to his dick and slowly slid his dick into her eager mouth.

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Sliding her mouth up and down his dick while holding him at the base and massaging his balls. Nathan let out a loud moan as he could feel the heat of his little sisters mouth around his dick. Sarah looked down at Nathan as she moved her hand to her pussy and started to rub herself through her jeans. Nathan looked at sarah and could see she was playing with herself and smiled at her.

Sarah leaned forward and kissed Nathan on the lips, odia actress barsha priyadarshini fuckingss storys slid his tongue into her mouth and savoured the feeling of kissing her for the first time. Sarah was still rubbing her pussy but wanted more as her jeans were stopping her enjoying the feeling to the fullest. Nat came up for air from Nathans dick and looked at the 2 of them kissing, she smiled at them and them lowered herself to continue sucking his dick.

Nathan said to sarah to take her jeans off and he would help her enjoy herself, Sarah wasted no time and had her jeans and knickers off in seconds. Nathan told her to climb on top of him and sit on his face. Sarah smiled and climbed on top. Nathan stared at her beautiful neatly shaved young pussy and was eager to taste her for the first time. As Sarah lowered herself onto Nathans face she could feel his warm breathe on her exciting pussy. His breathe sent shivers down her spine making her wetter by the second.

Nathan grabbed hold of her legs and held her down on his face as he slid his tongue into her young pussy. Nat started to speed up the movement on his dick which made Nathan speed up the licking of Sarahs pussy, Sarah was holding onto the door as she ground he pussy into Nathans face, All 3 of them were now busy giving pleasure or being pleasured.


Nathan started to thrust his hips forcing his dick deep into Nats throat, Sarah was grinding her ussy into nathans face feeling his tongue dart in and out of her hot wet pussy.

Sarah grabbed hold of natahns head and started to grind hard and fast onto his mouth and chin, Sarahs pussy juices were starting to run down natahns chin blowjob by adorable horny babe hardcore handjob both of them got closer to their orgasm. Nat was sucking harder and faster on his dick and she could feel his balls tighten and she knew he was close to coming, Sarah started moaning and nathans tonuge darted over her clit sending bolst of pleasure though her body.

Sarah started to moan and groan loudly. "Oh Nathan, make me cum. I wanna cum in your mouth." Nathan couldnt talk but he responded by sucking and licking her llittle pussy harder and faster, He so wanted this cute beautiful girl to cum in his mouth. The 2 of them started grinding their hips harder and fast, Nat was sucking his dick and wanted to taste his cum so much. Sarah let out a loud groan and then her whole body started to spasm as he orgasm ripped through her entire body, Sarah thought she was going to pass out she was in complete euphoria.

Sarah collapsed ontop of Nathan and he held her there feeling her body puff in and out as she tryed to catch her breathe.

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Nathan could take no more of his sister sucking him off and grunted loudly and he shot his cum into his sisters mouth and down her throat.

After a while they all recovered and got dressed, Nathan then drove the 2 girls to the hotel that was booked and left them to it for the weekend when he would pick them up and take Nat home.As Sarah got out the car she walked to Nathans window and gave hime a big kiss on the lips.