That girl with the pigtails double penetration doggystyle

That girl with the pigtails double penetration doggystyle
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I woke up to the smell of coffee, I was alone in the bed, but the mess of sheets and covers meant I hadn't dreamed last night - but I could barely believe that I'd fucked both mother and daughter, that Carrie had watched me fuck her mom, then promptly let me fuck her brains out on the same bed while her mother watched.

I wondered what the busty redhead milf lauren phillips screwed by pervert man of the weekend might have in store! Forgetting, of course, that my buddies were due to show up tonight. "Hey, sleepy-head, there's a foot of fresh powder out there, get the hell out of bed!" Guess I wasn't going to get laid this morning, but that was ok; I'd need to recharge after last night.

Carrie smiled sweetly, already dressed in her form-fitting ski pants and top that showed off her stunning figure. Beth emerged from the bathroom momentarily, stark naked; damn it was hard not to stare at her perfect tits. "You shaved!" I observed. "You seemed to like it on Carrie. I might not be able to compete with her body, but I want to make sure you don't ignore me". Not much risk of that, I thought, and kneeled in front of her to lick the smooth skin around her pussy. "Oh God that feels incredible!" "I could have told you that, Mom.

But I want to go skiing. Just think about all the hot guys out there on the slopes!" "Hey! What about me!" "Don't worry; I like your ripped body and your hard cock and your tongue and your stamina.

Besides, you saved our ass by letting us stay in your hotel room last night. But time for a different sort of play." We ate and headed to the lifts. I couldn't stop thinking about their beautiful bodies, though they certainly made sure to keep reminding me every chance they could. Sitting on a chairlift in between them, with some random stranger on the other side of Carrie, I'd stroke her pussy through her ski pants on the way up the hill while she moaned in pleasure and gripped the stranger's thigh.

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The poor guy tried to follow us down the mountain after that, but both Beth and Carrie were awesome skiers and the last time I saw him he was standing at the top of the 10 foot rock face the three of us had just leaped off of one after the other. No clue how he got out of that. Realizing no-one was around, Carrie lifted her shirt and flashed her tits at me, and not to be outdone, Beth did the same.

I could have sworn I saw her licking her lips while looking at her own daughter, though I can't say I could blame her. But the highlight of the day came on the 6-person gondola. The first time we rode up, Beth decided to grind into my lap while the other people semi-pretended not to notice. We skied back down and stood in line for the gondola again; I was wondering what might be in store when Carrie and Beth were whispering to each other and giggling.

The second time up there was a young couple and a single guy with us on the gondola. I sat between Beth and her daughter, and as soon as the trip up started, they both put their hands on my legs and started to gradually work their way up to my dick, which was hard as a rock by this time. By the time they started massaging my dick through my ski pants, the other three people were looking a bit uncomfortable.

Both guys were clearly enjoying it, though the one with his girlfriend was pretending not to, and she was looking just a bit pissed. About halfway up, the gondola stopped.

"You think there was a power failure or something?" asked one of the guys. "I don't know, but if we're going to sit here while everyone else is skiing, I think we should at least have some fun" replied Carrie, and she promptly pulled down my ski pants, kneeled in front of me, and started giving me a blow job. God, I could hardly believe this was happening. Her tongue was absolutely amazing. Meanwhile, Beth leaned over and gave me a wet sloppy kiss, while grabbing my hand and pulling it under her ski pants into her crotch so I could play with her while her daughter was sucking on me.

By this time the single guy was rubbing his hands over his dick in niew xxx story 2019 sex stories pants, and the other guy had given up pretending not to watch and was trying to huge fat black mama gangbanged by three men his girlfriend.

"Just for the record, I am not going to let you fuck me while everyone else is watching." she said. "I know what you're thinking, but stop thinking it right now." Beth smiled.

"I bet I can make him stop thinking about you if you want" and she promptly stood up, stripped her top off and pulled her ski pants down around her ankles. She twirled around slowly so all of us could see her. Anyone on the ski slope who happened to have looked up at the gondola could have seen her too. She turned to the boyfriend. "You like?" He just stared, mouth slightly open, as she stood in front of him and spread her freshly shaven pussy lips.

Then she turned to the girlfriend "You sure you don't want him to think about you?" "Bitch." Beth smiled. "Time for my afternoon fuck." Carrie stopped her awesome tongue-work on my dick, which was just as well since I was close to blowing my load, and didn't want to cum just yet; I wasn't sure how many times I could cum in a 24 hour period and wanted to make them all last! Beth stood in front of me and turned so her back was facing me, awkwardly straddling my legs since the ski boots made it hard to get her pants completely off, and to my surprise, Carrie grabbed my dick and guided it into her mom's pussy.

"That what you were looking for, mom?" she said, as Beth groaned in pleasure, and started bouncing up and down on me. The expressions on everyone else's faces was priceless. Beth paused for a moment and looked around. "I need a tongue" she said. "I'll help!" exclaimed Carrie.

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She stood up, grabbed the hapless boyfriend by the hair, and before he could stop and think, she'd shoved his face between Beth's legs. He immediately started lapping at her clit, while my dick was buried deep in her cunt from behind.

I'd never had a guy's tongue anywhere close to my dick before, but the combination was clearly driving Beth wild with pleasure. It was all I could do to keep myself inside her while she gyrated on top of me. By this time the single guy had his dick out and was stroking it; he turned to the woman next to him, whose boyfriend's tongue was buried between Beth's legs. "Want to join in?" he asked. "Go fuck yourself" she snarled back at him. "Hey sweetie, let me cheer you up" said Carrie, and kneeled in front of the woman, separated her legs enough to stick her head between them, and used her hands to try and expose skin.

"Uh - what are you doing?" Carrie said nothing as she worked her hands under the woman's clothes, and it looked like she was carressing the woman's nipples.

"Uh. I'm not sure." "Stand up." ideal schoolgirl is tempted and poked by her elderly teacher Carrie, and the woman complied. Carrie promptly yanked her pants down, sat the woman back down on the seat of the gondola, and started going at her with her tongue. "I. uh. what are you doing?" she asked again, but didn't resist, and opened her legs wider to give Carrie's tongue access to her pussy.

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The sight of Carrie going at it on the young woman, combined with the feeling of Beth's dripping wet cunt wrapped around my dick, was about all I could take, and when Beth finally let go with her mind-blowing orgasm, the walls of her vagina gripped my cock tight and I exploded, spraying her insides with hot sticky cum while she screamed loudly, and vainly tried to keep the tongue that was lashing her clit officer girlfriends sneaky question big black cock stud contact with the sensitive bud.

"FUUUUUUUUUCKKKKK YES! YES! YES! OH MY FUCKING GOD YES YES YES YES YES!!!" Surely by this time everyone on the ski slopes must have stopped and looked up at the gondola to see what was going on! To my surprise, the tongue between Beth's legs continued to lap, even as my cum started dribbling out of her around my cock, and I had to say it felt kind of nice when his tongue ran down the exposed part of my shaft, then back to Beth's clit, and back along my shaft.

The single guy was jerking all 8 inches of himself, pants around his ankles, and moaning as if he was about to cum, so Carrie paused in her muff-diving, and pulled his dick into her mouth just in time to catch his load. She got the first bit in her mouth, but his cock slid out of her mouth and some of the cum caught her cheek and dripped down the side; she ran her finger over her cheek to collect the rest of his cum, but rather than licking it herself, she put her finger into the young woman's mouth and let her lick the cum off of it.

Carrie then stood up; she was the only woman in the gondola who still had her pants on. She turned to the guy who just came. "You're still hard", she said. Then pointing to the young woman, said "fuck her.


I'm going to fuck her boyfriend while she watches, so she'd better have a dick inside her." Carrie pulled her pants down, kneeled over, and exposed her stunningly perfect teenage butt and pussy.

It didn't take long before the one guy in the gondola who hadn't cum yet was ramming his dick into her cunt for all he was worth; he was long since oblivious to the fact that his girlfriend was a couple of feet away from him.

But that was ok, cause she'd obligingly turned around and bent over and had someone else's hard dick buried in her cunt too, and seemed to be pretty happy about that. I still had a hard-on, and while I didn't think I was going to cum again, I figured no sense wasting it, and slid over in front of the young woman. She knew what I wanted, and wrapped her lips around my dick as she was getting pounded from behind. It felt so good I almost wondered if I could cum, but pretty soon she stopped paying attention to me as she was close to her own orgasm.

She let out a long low moan and her whole body shook, and I think if I wasn't holding on to her, she might have just passed out on the floor of the gondola as her orgasm hit her. Well, some women scream, others just moan. The guy behind her kept up his pace through her orgasm, then pulled out to cum all over her butt. Beth was pretty much recovered from her orgasm, and leaned over to lick up the wonderful juice. Just then the gondola started jerking and finally started moving forward.

I'd almost forgotten where we were! I could hear cheers coming from the neighbouring gondola that we were finally moving again, but Carrie wasn't cheering. "Shit -- I want to cum before we get to the top; speed up, whoever you are behind me. Bill, grab my nipples, and someone get under me and lick me." I guess the guy's girlfriend figured that now that she'd watched Beth and I have sex while her boyfriend licked Beth's clit, she'd reached her own orgasm with some random stranger's dick, had her twat licked by a random teenage girl, and her boyfriend's dick was now furiously fucking that girl, that there weren't any more barriers to break, so she tried to get underneath the two of them to give her first pussy-licking on Carrie's smooth shaved cunt.

I tried to get to one side to pinch her nipple through her top. Beth looked like she was going to go around and play with her other anal threesome with strap on and babysitter ffm, but the combination of all of us, and the swaying of the gondola, sent Carrie over the edge, and she let out a loud shriek and screamed that she was cumming loud enough that everyone on the whole ski mountain could surely hear.

By the time the gondola pulled into the station at the top, we all had our clothes back on, though all the women had wet spots in their ski pants as our cum dribbled out. The gondola smelled of sex - who knows whether its next riders would notice or not, but we all had big smiles on as we skied down the mountain! Stay tuned for part 3 when my buddies show up beautiful september reign pussy fucked by bbc clad stud one of whom brings his own teenage kids.