Liv is a high school cheerleader that recently tu

Liv is a high school cheerleader that recently tu
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Tom was infatuated with his little sister. He was 19, she was 18, and he'd been in love with her since she started growing breasts at age 14. She knew of his obsession, and it secretly excited her. She was fully aware of the taboo against incest, but thanks to her mother, it wasn't any more wrong than sex with anyone else. Burning in Hell was the same for everyone, no matter WHAT their sins had been.

It was the forbiddenness of the whole thing was what excited both siblings. Tom was willing to admit his perversion, while his sister Becky, was definitely not. Today, he was hanging outside her window, in the privacy hedge surrounding their house. It was useful for keeping their only neighbor from seeing what he was doing, even though Miss Peabody knew just what sort of pervert he was. He had peeked into her windows on occasion, too, end although she had never caught him outright, she strongly suspected.

She often sat on the edge of her bed, in a severe state of undress, playing with her breasts as she rubbed lotion into them.

She knew he came over to peek at her, and she got a little titillation knowing she was giving him a show. He went to her house every night, hoping to see more than the usual tit show.

He was hoping that she might someday masturbate where he could see, but she always did that under her covers, after he'd gone. She wasn't THAT into the exhibition. His sister, on the other hand.

Becky knew he was watching her, and she always put on a good show for him. He'd seen her masturbate so many times, he had her routine down by heart. She liked to tickle her nipples a bit, then she would slide both hands down her tummy and between her legs. She rubbed both hands together, always staying on the outside of her body, and giving her clit 95% of the attention.

Tom wanted more than anything to go in to her, but he knew their mother kept an eagle eye on him, and her daughter's bedroom door. She knew about his after hours wanderings, too. The one time his mother had ever mentioned it, Becky had leapt to her brother's defense.

It was their only tool sexy ladies get nailed in the nightclub brunette and big tits the sunny leon techer xxx storys against the domineering woman.

If they didn't, neither one of the kids would have any kind of social life at all. The two kids had always taken each other's side in everything. If Becky was busted for eating extra ice cream in the middle of the night, Tom said that he had eaten some too.

If Tom got in trouble fighting at school, Becky would claim that Tom was sticking up for her. So when Mother started to say something about Tom's peeping proclivities, Becky said that it had been her own idea, a variation of Hide and Seek.

She looked at her brother a little petulantly, as if finding out something new. "I thought I was the only one you hid on." she pouted. "You're playing Hide and Spy with other people?" "Sure." he said easily, grinning. "I never knew how fun it was until I started playing it with Miss Peabody. She knows I do it, too." "She does?" Mother asked, surprised. "Tommy, that doesn't matter. This game you're playing is illegal and wrong. I want you to promise me to stop playing it. Especially with Miss Peabody!

Now thats what you call a juicy butt leave your sister alone, too! She deserves the right to get undressed for bed in privacy!" "You think that's what I'm doing?" he asked, surprised.

"Mom!" "Well, isn't it? What exactly ARE you doing with this game, then?" she asked, a little confused. If he wasn't trying to peep at nudity, then what was it?

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"I'm the secret bodyguard, Mom." he explained. "It's my job to keep everyone safe. I have to watch them to make sure that nothing hurts them." "Safe." she said flatly. "Well, nothing is going to hurt anyone around here, so you can just stay in your room at night. What if it's YOU that gets hurt, out on one of these expeditions?" "Yes Mom." he said, just the right tone of sullenness to make her believe he'd been properly chastised.

After that, it had become a running gag between them, and that's when her shows for him at night grew a little more risqué as time went on. He had graduated high school the year before, and she was a senior. He was still living at home, working part time at the video store and going to Community College, taking business accounting as his major.

It was his mother's idea, but since he didn't have any better ideas of his own, he went with it. He'd had the movie store job since sophomore year in high school, and the owner was looking him to manage the place soon.

Tonight was different. Becky had been asked out on a date at school, but when Mother heard about, the foot came down, and Becky wasn't going. None of her tears, temper tantrums, and usual wheedling tactics cut any ice.

Tommy offered to tag along behind and be the secret spy bodyguard, but that was a non starter if ever there was one. Both Mother AND Becky had vetoed that idea. Now he could see Becky was sobbing in her room, so Tom went back inside, to her door and knocked to come in.

She admitted him, and sat on her bed, still sobbing. Tommy sat at her desk and didn't say anything for a long time, letting her cry herself out. At long last, she looked up at him with red rimmed eyes. "It's not fair!" she wept. "I'm eighteen. She can't keep me locked away from the world forever!" "When you graduate." he started to say, but he knew as well as she did that nobody was going to hire someone with no experience full time, and part time jobs couldn't EVER hope to afford a rent.

"That's AGES away, and who's going to hire me?" she retorted. "I'm stuck under Mother's roof with Mother's rules." "I think Mr. Anderson is going to make me Manager pretty soon." Tom said. "When he does, it comes with the apartment over the store. You could live with me and pay some rent with a part time job. The rest of it could be made up with cleaning and other stuff." "Really?" Becky whispered.

"What about your college?" "Mr. Anderson already told me that moving to the full time Manager position wouldn't cut into my classes at all, if I switch to night school." he said. "It's going to mean long hours for the next year or two, but when I'm done, I'll have my degree and a couple years experience.

The world is wide open after that!" "Is this really real, or are you making it all up to make me feel better?" she asked suspiciously.

"It's true." he smiled "But there IS one catch." "What's that?" she asked. She knew it couldn't be real. "Well, with me working and studying all those hours, not to mention living all the way across town." he said, trailing off nervously.

He licked his lips and looked at her, afraid to say more. "What is it?" she asked. "Just tell me. At worst, I'll say `no` and keep living here, right?" "Well, there won't be anyone to play Hide and Spy with anymore. I'll be too far away from Miss Peabody to go to her house.

Same with Mom." horny sluts veronica clark francys belle kiara night little candy said. "You get your wish. You'll be the only one I play the game with now." "So what's the problem?" she asked, smiling. "The apartment is on the second floor." he said simply. "There won't be any way to play the game, unless." She took a breath and looked at him. "Right in the room with me?" she whispered. She got a naughty gleam in her eye as it sank in.

"That would make me a double agent." he nodded. "I wouldn't be there to rescue you anymore. You know what happens when the agent gets in the room with the girl." "I'd be your prisoner!" she whispered, smiling with relish at the idea. "You're in the room with me right now! Am I your prisoner?" "Don't scream!" he grinned. "Your silence or your life. Where is it?" "Where is what?" she asked, confused. He got up suddenly and took both steps, standing right in front of her, looking down menacingly.

She looked back up at him, frightened. This was a brand new part of the game, one they'd never played before. "I guess I have to search you, then." he said, pulling her to her feet by the upper arms. His grip was firm but not painful, just enough to let her know that there was to be no struggling. "Remember, absolute silence!" he warned her, looking straight into her eyes.

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She looked back and nodded a moment later. He turned her around and made her face the bed, still standing close behind her. He lifted the bottom of her long T-shirt up and then over her head, taking it off. She was left in her white panties, having taken her bra off for bed. She crossed her arms protectively over her chest, even though she had her back turned.

Her mind was racing with excitement and more than a little fear. Fear of getting caught like this by their mother, mostly, but also a little fear because she didn't know what Tom was going to do. She'd never been naked in front of him before, but somehow, the idea of him seeing her like this was more than a little exciting, too.

His hands caressed her butt through the panties, then moved up onto her back and sides, caressing every inch of her skin with his warm hands. It felt lovely, and she leaned back into his massage a little. He slid his hands to her shoulders and turned her around. She still held her hand over her breasts, but he was looking into her eyes. "Where is it?" he asked her softly. "If you don't have it, then show me. Prove that you don't have it." Slowly, she slid her hands away, letting him see her.

Asian slut fucking big black schlongs threesome had lovely soft breasts, gently sloping up to little nub nipples, stiff with her excitement. His hands went onto them, caressing them and gliding onto her belly. He stayed above her waist, not wanting to cause her too much alarm at this stage of the game. He didn't want to push her too hard, so that she would never play again.

"Remember this." he told her. She nodded, biting her lip. "Remember that I'm looking for it, and I promise you, one of these days, I'm going to find it, cuddly kitten is gaping narrow crack in closeup and cumming. You remember me, and remember this. I promise I'll be back for it." He went to her door and left, going to his own room and masturbating as fiercely as his sister was on the other side of the wall.

The next day, Tom went in to work early to see Mr. Anderson. "I want to talk about your offer, sir. The management position?" "Ah, good, good, my boy. Have you made up your mind?" he smiled. "I know, this isn't the life of glamor that you have envisioned for yourself, some hot shot businessman on Wall Street somewhere, but even the CEO had to start as gopher, right?" "Yes sir, I suppose so, sir." Tom smiled.

"In fact, I'm now looking forward to the opportunity getting actual experience is going to afford me." he said. "It can't do anything but help my resume." "That's the attitude!" Mr.

Anderson beamed. "And you know I'm just a phone call away if you have any questions." He opened his drawer and put the paperwork from his desk into it, then got his briefcase out and opened it on the desk.

"Here's the keys to the store. Here's the keys to the apartment upstairs. You can see to the hiring of your replacement with an ad in the paper, and good luck. Thank you my boy; I know you won't let me down!" Mr. Anderson grabbed his jacket and threw it on. "You're leaving?" Tom gaped. "Right now?" "Tom, I was going to call you in here this afternoon and tell you about your new promotion." Mr.

Anderson told him, coming out from behind the desk. "I cleaned out my personal things from the office here yesterday. This is your office now, Tom. You deserve this; you've earned it." "Where- where are you going?" Tom asked, a little breathless. He hadn't expected this to go so quickly.

"I'm taking my first vacation in six years, Tom." he said. "I haven't had two days off in a row since I opened this place. As long as you don't let it burn down, I don't care what you do for the next six weeks. I'm going to be in Ireland." "Well, thank you, sir!" Tom grinned. "I won't let you down." "I know that you won't, and just to make sure of it, Tony is going to be stopping by periodically, just to help keep things running smoothly." "Tony." Tom said flatly. Tony was a huge man, a veteran of wars, and he was the hardest human being Tom had ever met.

Poking him with your finger would hurt your finger. If you survived it, that is. Tony was a proven killer. You could see it in his eyes. "Sure, you remember Tony." Mr. Anderson smiled thinly.

"He works for the Antonettis, and they kinda give me permission to run this end of town." He paused for a moment. "Actually, they take twenty percent, right off the top." he said, then shrugged. "No matter. Tony will be dropping by from time to time, as he usually does, you know, to keep an eye on things? He knows you're in charge, but having some muscle around don't hurt a business like this at all. Sometimes the customers can get a little.rough, especially with what goes on out back.

You can call him in emergency. His number is the first speed dial." "Yes, well, thanks again, Tom. I'll see you in about six weeks then!" Mr. Anderson walked out of the office, and left the store.

Tom went over to the desk and sat down as Mr. Anderson drove away in his car. The first thing he did was call his mother and tell her the good news about his promotion, and the apartment over the store that was his now. She took the news in silence, and he could hear her lips tighten when he told her that he was going to move into it this very afternoon. hot abella danger sex with nikki benz see." she said tersely.

"You're going to run the store with a curtained off booth in it. You're going to live right upstairs from it. How nice for you." "Mom, the only thing back there is empty movie boxes." he explained for the thousandth time. "Most of our customers don't even rent those movies, Mom.

We could close that section and still stay open. We do plenty of legitimate business." "If that were true, that part of the business wouldn't be open." she retorted. "It's immoral and disgusting!" "It's legal and legitimate, Mother." he said defensively. "It's part of society and you can't deny it." "It's not part of any civilized society." she sniffed.

"And I can and will deny it with every fiber of my being!" Tom sighed. "Yeah, well, I've got things do do here before I can make it over there for my stuff." he said. "Well, you'll find it all just outside the door." she said.

"It's waiting there for you when you get here.


You needn't bother coming in, as you don't live here anymore." His mouth dried up, and he found he didn't have anything to say to that. The wind had been knocked out of him, and he sort of gasped for air. "I'll tell your sister you said goodbye, since you obviously don't think enough of her to remember yourself." she continued. "If that's all you wanted to tell me, then?" "I- yes, Mother. Goodbye." he said softly.

"You can call the shop here if you want to reach me." "Why blonde pregnant babe continue on mycyka com Earth should I want to do that?" she asked archly.

"You've obviously made up your mind to turn your back on us." She hung up the phone before he could respond. He hung up the phone on his end, staring at it for a long moment, then went out into the store and found Debbie, who was working the counter. She was about ten years older then him, and smiled to see him. "There you are. Albie told me to show you something after he left." she said, leading him to the restroom. She showed him into the far stall, then slid the toilet paper holder to the side.

He had never noticed that it did that before, and it revealed a small hole in the wall. He looked at it curiously, but Debbie smiled at him. "Put your dick into the hole." she told him.


He looked at her, shocked, but she smiled knowingly at him and winked. "Don't worry about it; just do as I say. Albie told me to show you this." "But I can't just-" he protested. "What's in there?" Debbie smiled and winked again. "Promise not to tell anyone?" "Sure, I promise." he said.

"What the heck is it?" She licked her lips and shook her head. "Put your dick in there first, then I'll tell you." She saw the look on his face and laughed. "I promise it won't hurt." "And Mr. Anderson told you to get me to do this? Are you sure?" "Trust me, Mr.

Anderson used this more than anyone else in town!" she laughed. "Put it in there, and I'll tell you what it is." "Okay, could you turn around?" he asked. "If I'm going to put in in there, I'm going to need to take it out. Could you." She laughed, but did him the courtesy. "I like it you're shy." she said over her shoulder.

"Linda will get a kick out of it later, too." "Who's Linda?" he asked, taking himself out of his pants. Instead of turning to the toilet, he faced the wall and put his cock into the hole.

Debbie knocked on the wall twice, just above Tom's cock, and a moment later, he felt an amazing warm wetness engulf him. His face registered his shock, but he didn't pull away from the wall, either. "That's Linda." Debbie said, grinning at him. "Angela said she wasn't gonna blow one for free no matter WHO'S it was. Cheap bitch." "Wha-aat?" he stammered. "Oh my God, I'm- I'm gonna- Oh my God!!" Debbie laughed again as he came, then deliberately watched as he withdrew from the wall and fastened his pants back up.

"Come on out back." she said, when he was done. He tried to catch his breath as she led him to the back door of the building. Out back was a fenced in parking lot, with a canopy hanging over a picnic table and a part spycam camera espion private party les bulles, flush against the back wall. Two girls were sitting at the picnic table, and he was shocked to see Angela Bishop there.

She had been in his class at school, and graduated with him last year. "Tom?" she blurted. "That was you a minute ago?" "I'm the new manager." he admitted sheepishly. "What are you doing here?" She looked at him like he was stupid. Maybe he was, he realized a moment later. "No, I mean, I thought, after graduation." he said lamely.

"I guess I don't know what I thought." "Well, I couldn't get into any good colleges." she said sheepishly. 'And honestly, I tried regular work, but it doesn't pay, the hours are long. and I don't mind this." she shrugged. "Most of the guys are cool. Even Mr. Anderson wasn't so bad, once you got past that shriveled little dick of his." "Tom's got a nice one." Linda smiled.

She was an attractive brunette, although she tended a little toward the heavy side for Tom's taste. "His come tastes nice too, and there sure is a lot of it!" "I hear you've got the apartment upstairs, too, Tom." Debbie said.

"When do we get to go up and see it?" She batted her eyes at him, but he laughed. "I haven't even been up to see it myself." he said. "How about you let me get moved in and settled before I go handing out invitations?" "Sure, Tom." she replied.

She could tell that Mr. Anderson had chosen well. Obviously, the boy had been well warned. Tom wasn't about to let her run all over him.

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He had gotten a lot of practice standing up to his mother over the years. Compared to her, Debbie was transparent and easily countered. "Is there anything I can get you from inside to make you more comfortable out here?" he asked. "We have to get back in.

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Tim's all alone in there right now." "Not calling the cops on us is the biggest favor you could do us, Tom." Angela said.

"It's sweet of you to ask, really. Knock on the wall four times instead of twice, and I'll do you for twenty, instead of fifty like everyone else." "Uh, thanks Angela." he said, blushing. "I might take you up on that. It was, uh, good to see you again." He hurried back inside, leaving Debbie to gossip about him a moment more while he checked the front.

There was only one customer there, and Tim was handling it. Suddenly more world wise, he paid attention to what was happening around him, and heard a distinct lisp in Tim's voice, and the man he was talking to stood over the smaller Tim, who was dressed in his usual all black, with piercings that gleamed in the lights.

He sex stories yoga teacher blue film into the back room where the adult movies were displayed, and saw the shelf of adult products they also sold. This section had it's own register and counter person, the slightly slutty dressed Mindy, who also wore all black and had more piercings than Tim.

"Hey, Tom, congratulations on the promotion." she smiled. "Manager, nice. I'll be in to see you after the shift, don't worry. Mr. Anderson told me that you get full perks." she grinned at him broadly. "I'm rather looking forward to this, and I don't go for guys, as a rule." "Oh.' he said, blushing again. "Mindy, you don't have to- you know." He was blushing furiously now.

She laughed out loud. "Now I definitely want to." she said, licking her lips and smiling. "I haven't had a blushing boy since. well, to be honest, since never!" "What if I wasn't blushing anymore?" he asked suddenly, standing taller.

He walked purposefully around the counter and used his height to look down at her, standing less than a foot away. Her eyes widened and her nostrils flared as she smiled up at him again. "Ohh, I think I'd like that better!" she giggled. "Yes, I think I'd like that better as well." he said. "I'm your boss, so don't forget it!

If I tell you to do something, I expect you to obey!" "Or I'm fired?" she asked quietly. "No." he smiled. 'You'll be punished." he said. "Not monetarily. Your wages will be assured with proper completion of your duties. No, these perks you spoke of. those are the orders that will be punished if not obeyed." Mindy smiled at him. "Albie chose well." she murmured. 'He might have trouble when he gets back, hmm?" "I'm not going to be any trouble to him." Tom said.

'I know this is his; I'm just a caretaker while he's gone. He said he hasn't had a vacation since he started this place, and I believe him." "No, he's right." Mindy said quickly. "I wasn't saying anything, just talking, really." "You talk too much, Mindy." he said with a smile. How many times had he heard Mr. Anderson telling her the same thing? "You gonna put my mouth to better use?" she asked quietly.

"I refused to do it for Mr. Anderson, but I'll do it for you. Once." "I'll let you go with a warning, this time." he grinned. 'I think I'm going to like working here a lot more than I used to.

I think maybe my mother was right about this place." "Your mother?" Mindy scoffed. "Hell yes she was right!" "Yeah, speaking of which, I have to go get my stuff and move in to the apartment upstairs.

I guess my mother kicked me out when I took this job full time today." "You get the apartment upstairs? You know what happened up there, right?" "Mr. Anderson said all the blood had been cleaned up years ago." Tom said. "And I don't believe in ghosts, so it doesn't bother me about a triple homicide with a shotgun. If all the junkies are scared to go up there, all the better for me." "The junkies ain't scared of the murders." she whispered, licking her lips nervously, with a glance that went through the ceiling over their heads.

"They're scared of what used to happen here. Back in the Depression, in the thirties and forties." "What happened here?" he asked. He'd never heard this particular history and was intrigued. "There was a kitchen for the poor.' she said. "It catered to all manner of folks, and sometimes, some of them would go. missing. I mean, yeah, people like that get lost in the cracks all the time, but not like these.

Young girls, mostly. They would get invited into the apartment up there, and never be heard of again." "There was always suspicions about the meat after that, but nothing could ever be proven, and this place has always enjoyed freedom from. scrutiny by the authorities. Sure, there have been raids, like every other joint like this." "Every city has them, if you know where to look. And this one has been raided before too, sure, but the warning always comes in time, and all the truly heavy shit isn't even looked for anyway.

She looked at him seriously. "Be careful up there, Tom. I like you, and I wouldn't want to see you get hurt. I don't want to see you get hard, either. Stay kind, okay?" she asked. Her eyes were pleading even after she finished speaking. "Mindy." he started to say, trailing off as she kept looking at him. "Okay, I promise." he finally said to her, and that did the trick. Her face lit up in a smile and she hugged him.

"That's all I wanted to hear, Tom." she said. "And my one time offer is still open." "Thanks. I'll see you later. You closing tonight?" he said. She nodded as he he left, and caught the bus back home to his mother's house. * *