Latina got fucked hardly as option to usual consequences

Latina got fucked hardly as option to usual consequences
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I am not sure if I would call the events of the night consenting rape or simply poor decisions, but it resulted in the most bizarre sexual experience of my life. I had just turned 21 and was finishing my senior year of college. I had been a slut so far in college and had no intentions of changing that now.

I was out to the bars one Friday night and honestly, on the prowl to get laid. I was attractive, 5'6 brown hair, blue eyes athletic build with perky 34b tits. I usually had no trouble picking up guys and that night was no exception. I met Frank that night in the bar and we hit it off pretty good. I was wearing a short black skirt and deep anal and throat tube porn low cut blouse.

He commented several times about how sexy I looked in it, I couldn't disagree. Eventually he asked me back to his place and after pretending to be skeptical I agreed.

We arrived at his off campus house and went inside. Once inside he introduced me to his female roommate Jen. I was a little surprised but quickly got over it. Frank did let it slip that Jen sometimes liked to join when he brought women home.


I had been in threesomes before with both men and women so that did not bother me at all and just added to the excitement. We all sat in the living room and drank some more, with be cuddled up to Frank and him groping me. My head was getting real fuzzy from the drinks. It was a feeling I had not experienced before from alcohol.

I am not sure what they slipped me but I did not really feel in control of my body. To top it off my body was very touch sensitive with every touch seeming to send shocks through my groin. Frank first pulled my blouse off and I did not resist at all.

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Jen came over then, took off my bra and started sucking on my tits. I was electric; every touch was making me want more. I reached around Jen and rubbed my hands up her back while Frank was serving as a pillow for me watching. He helped me pull Jen's shirt and bra off and I was relishing the touch of her breasts against me while she sucked on mine.

She managed to work my skirt and panties off while she did it and I hardly noticed. I did not mind being naked and having all the attention on my body. Eventually Jen disappeared and frank took over molesting me. I was so far gone I didn't care, as long as I was being played with. He pulled his pants off and stuck his cock in my mouth, I eagerly started sucking him weirdly thrilled at the opportunity.

I vaguely noticed Jen was back and allowed her to spread college girls compete tbe the biggest sluts collegerools com legs to expose my wet pussy to her. I moaned as she gently played with my pussy, opening it up.

Suddenly I felt a long tongue thrust inside me. I took a break from sucking Frank to look down. I should have been shocked, but oddly wasn't, to see a German Sheppard licking me with Jen reaching around him doing something I couldn't see.


Instead of stopping it, I moaned at the intense pleasure and went back to sucking Frank. My first orgasm of the night hit in a flash as the dog licked my pussy. The dog was lapping up my cum like it couldn't get enough, his sandpaper tongue licking everywhere on my pussy. I could hear Jen and Frank talking, but couldn't understand what they were saying and didn't care.

Frank pulled away and helped Jen with the dog. The picked his front legs up and put then on the couch.

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Jen had his cock and was gently stroking him, guiding him to my open and wet pussy. As soon as the tip of his cock touched the opening of my pussy he thrust his hips hard. He was buried inside me almost instantly.


This dog did not have the niceties of starting slow. As soon as he was in me he was fucking me faster and harder than I had been fucked before. Jen and Frank were cheering me on telling me to take it, and I was taking it. I was cumming hard and loving the fucking I was getting.

Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, I felt him swelling inside me. Though I did not know what it was at the time, I felt his knot, about the size of a grapefruit, trying to push into me at the same time.

I screamed when with one hard thrust he forced it into me. The pain was sharp and intense as he stretched more than ever. The pain was short lived and quickly turned to pleasure as I stretched to fit him. I was cumming again as his know grew inside me and was hitting all the right spots. I came again hard as I was being pounded and helpless to stop it.

I was still cumming when the dog shot his load into me. I felt bloated with his cum, it felt like gallons pumping into me, I'm not sure how I took it all in. When he stopped cumming and turned around I thought it was done, I was wrong. His knot was stuck in me and he could not get it out. There I was, naked on the couch, two people watching me with my legs spread and a dog cock stuck in me, and I was still having orgasms from him being in me.

Jen held the dog so he wouldn't hurt me while Frank started kissing me and rubbing my tits. I was in that position for what seemed like an eternity. Then with a pop we could working out lass booty gap hardcore and blowjob, his knot came out of me, and all the cum came pouring out after it.

I gasped when it happened and reached down to feel my wide open pussy, still stretched from his size.

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I closed my legs, feeling the cum squish between them. I was exhausted.

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I couldn't move and ended up passing out cute blonde explores her tunnel with a toy I was. I woke up with the sun in my eyes and a pounding headache. My body ached and my pussy was still feeling stretched and abused. My ass cheeks were glued together with dried cum and I had no idea where my clothes were. I slowly got up to look for the so I could leave. I heard talking in the next room so I peeked in. Frank and Jen were sitting on a bed watching a video.

Jen was masturbating while Frank watched. I inched in meaning to ask them where my clothes were when I saw what they were watching, it was a tape of me fucking the dog! I stomped in buck naked and sore, shut the video off and took it. I then demanded my clothes back. They were surprised to see me up, they were mumbling something as they scattered to get my clothes. I got dressed and left with the tape, though when I saw them around town they always gave me a smile.

I admit when I got home I watched the tape.

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I also admit to masturbating to it a couple times. I also admit a deep desire to possibly try it again sometime, though I never have.