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Sex xxx secs vidmatexxx storys
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I hope you have enjoyed all my previous stories. This incidence which I am narrating happened about 4 years back with a lovely Marwari girl Sonali, who is my close friend Sanjay's girlfriend.

Sanjay and me have been friends till now from last 10 years and had been more known to the world outside a friends as brothers. He moved to Bangalore about 5 years back and met Sonali Jain who worked with him as Junior assistant in the same company. Sanjay had been constantly doing things to impress her and one day he gave me a call asking me as how to impress Sonali and make her his girlfriend. I gave him tips and tricks and asked him to play safe and trap her.

My tips and tricks worked and Sanjay got Sonali liking him and they got together. They had being going around to movies, shopping and spent lot of time together after the office hours. He used to pick her up and drop her home every day. Sanjay gave me a call and thanked me for getting him Sonali as girlfriend.

He had been describing me about her beauty and I always visualized her as some angle. Once I planned to go to Bangalore and tour Bangalore & Mysore. I planned a long weekend where we had holiday on Thursday and took casual leave on Friday, making a 4 day long holiday trip to Bangalore and Mysore.

I informed Sanjay and told her to make himself free for 4 days and take me around Bangalore and Mysore; and also introduce me to Sonali. He agreed happily and even planned to take Sonali on the trip. As planned I landed Bangalore and went to Sanjay's longest and biggest deepest dildinsertion and rang the doorbell.

The door opened with an unbelievable beauty standing in front of me with a bright smile; and said "Hi"… "Hi Rohan". I said "hummm Sonali?" She said nodding her head up and down "Yes, How was the journey, come in". I walked in and my heart beats strap on daddy what would you prefer computer or your girlcrony increased.

As I walked in I could not believe that Sanjay was able to trap the most beautiful queen on earth. Sonali was 21 year old, 5.4 feet tall, black chest long thick hairs, broad forehead, parrot nose, deep lovely deer like black eyes and inviting luscious lips.

Her skin was typical milky white and tight like a Marwari girl should be. She was wearing tight short t-shirt and a low waist blue jeans shorts.

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My eyes rolled over her whole body admiring the unmatchable beauty. I measured her body structure with my eyes and gulped those structure deep in my mind. She had a perfect to perfect body shape, I must say 10++ out of 10.

Her figure to my eyes looked so perfect to 34-28-36 clearly showed the hour glass structure. The short tight thin material of the t-shirt clearly projected her perfectly round 34 size breast cupped high up by the white bra inside. Her pointed firm nipple were jetting out clearly and visible over the thin t-shirt material. Her skin was spotless. Her glass flat tummy, with a perfect small belly button. The low waist jean mini shorts just covered her pubic area. He clean hairless thighs and legs stood like pillars of the great temple of Goddess.

As she walked in front of my eyes popped out in amazement. Those tight jeans shorts were sticking so tight to her that her ass cheeks showed its firm roundness and bit lifted upwards, and bounced as she walked. I just skipped few heart beats and felt my balls tingles, my penis got semi-hard in few seconds with itching under my pants.

I just felt, if she was my girlfriend, I xxx moti girl and patla boy porn facing have closed the doors and just nailed her on the wall, screwed her on the floor, humped her on the sofa and had every inch of her body chewed and licked and loved her like rabbits in all her 3 holes.

I had no words to say and silently followed her closing the doors behind. I sensed silence in the flat, was Sanjay not there? I looked around and asked her if Sanjay is there. She replied that it's a long mess up in the project he was involved and he is in the office from yesterday, working with the team to clean up the code and set back the project in line.

She told that Sanjay wanted me to call him once settled at flat. She gave a killer smile and asked "Rohan, coffee or tea". My heart skipped another beat and want to say YOU but ended up saying "Something cold to wet my dry lips" and I licked my lips looking deep in her eyes.

She shyly looked away and said "Mango Juice should be fine, right Rohan".

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Me taking a deep breath thinking inside if I could have those two mangoes behind the bra, smiled inside and said hot mom an son fuke you can offer" and I winked at her. She went inside the kitchen to make the juice. The animal inside me was coming out. I just wanted to forget that Sonali is not my best friend's girlfriend and push my luck to take the beauty to bed and feel my stiffening penis slid inside her and my itching ball kiss her ass checks at every stroked.

The though and imagination of me making her naked and having sex made my penis got hard and if formed a clear tent in my pant. Oh my god, I just wanted to hid it soon before Sonali would see me like this. I grabbed my travel hand bag to cover my hard-on and went to kitchen and asked where is the bathroom, so that I can get fresh.

She pointed her finger towards another room saying you can use that bed room and walked towards me and pulled the hand bag to take it with her and assist me to settled in the room. As she pulled the bag I pulled my bag in reaction to ensure I cover my hard-on, I pulled it back with hard grip.

She lost her balance and twisted her legs and fell back towards me with her hands trying to grab the bag strap and my body. In that action to grab support from being down on the floor, she leaned head on my stomach and held my pant belt in her grip. As she fell on her knees, her soft fingers gripped my pant belt; her palm pressed on my hard-on. As she balance she saw the hard standing tent in my pant.

She looked at me in surprise and blushed with her cheeks turning red like a Kashmir Apple and avoided my eye contact in shame. I said sorry, I hope I did not hurt her. She said no and walked to the bedroom with her head down and strong blush.

I followed her with a mixed feeling of fear if she thinks wrong about me, with excitement of her attractive body walking in front of me with her ass swinging sideways.

She pointed to the door of the attached bathroom and said that you can get fresh and she will prepare the mango juice. In case if I need rachel steele gynwith son milfga, I can ask her for that. I said ok and she looked at me with the side of her eyes and smilingly walked back hurriedly to the kitchen.

I took my towel from the travel bag and rushed to the bathroom, closed the door. For the first time I had my heart up to my mouth and lips completely dried up. I just wanted this beauty on the bed and make love to her like a mad man. I stripped all my cloths and pulled my underwear down to floor. My penis just sprang out and I had my penis standing straight and stiff.

The first was a No in my mind, thinking that she is my best friends girlfriend. Then my inner emotions came out with a Yes in my mind and I held my hard penis in my palm and started jerking imagining Sonali naked with me on bed and I am moving my penis in and out of her vagina. I gripped my penis squeezing hard and jerking hard. After 5 minutes of jerking, I felt my balls clench and then fountain of my semen started jetting out shots after shots.

My penis spurted the white juice so hard that it spurt and fell at least 5 feet away and gasped air with a moan "uuuuummmmmmmhhhhhh". Knock Knock!! Sonali: "Do you need any help?" Me: thinking in my mind just you on bed baby that's it "No, Nikkithha, I am ok. Thank you" Sonali: "The juice is ready, come out will drink it together" Me: with my juices just out in zarin khan xxx sex stories story smiled "Just a minute, I will come and will have the mango juice together" Sonali: "Ok, I am waiting" Me: "OK" I hear the bedroom door close.

I relaxed and smiled at my sexual release, quickly took the shower and lightly dried my body but still keeping some wetness of the water trickle on my muscular body. I slightly opened the door to check the bedroom door was closed. Since my underwear was in the bag, I just wanted to confirm that the bedroom door is closed and I can walk freely in the room.

I was all naked and I pulled the towel over my head drying my hairs, I quickly ran to the bed room door and locked it from inside. My penis was still hard due to the thoughts continuously running in my mind to get Sonali somehow to bed and love every inch of her body. I locked the door and continued drying my hair with towel and stroked my penis few times and murmured "Agar, who meri hothi toh uske har inch ko kiss karta, choosta aur pagalon ki tarah din main das bar toh andar dalata.

Ek bar mil jaye toh bas, uuufff kya sexy maal hai. God Tussi Great Ho". I jerked few more stokes and again cummed. I took those white juices in my palm and walked back to bathroom to clean it. Still drying my hair with towel on my head I walked all naked in the room and then lightly dancing and making actions by moving hips in F**king style.

I pulled the towel and threw it towards the bed. Then came the most SHOCKING moment and my heart beats just stopped and I stood there motionless. The fell right on the shoulders of Sonali who was sitting at the edge of the bed looking at me with her eyes wide open. Her face looked tensed, impure amazing chick endures naughty sex hardcore blowjob cheeks with blushing and her body shivered. She did not take her eyes from the pride of my standing 7 inch long penis.

She got up, covered her face and ran to the door to unlock it and go out. I don't know why but my reflex was to run towards her and grab her from back and pushing her hard on the door. My erect penis pressed hard on her ass cracks from the outside of her dress and I held both her hands and tightly held them against her bear tummy.

I planted a kiss on her shoulder from back. She struggled hard under my grip and pushed and twisted to free herself. The aroused gorilla inside me was not ready to leave her that easily.


I gripped hard on her hands and pulled her body hard on me. Sonali cried in pain of being squeezed so hard and strangled to fight back and get herself free from me. She was pulling hard and twisting her body to free. I loosened the grip and allowed her to turn and in a swift movement I lifted her both hands above her head and clenched them to the door; and pressed my whole weight on her with my penis hard on her bear tummy.

Sonali: teen gets cum in mouth pornstars and blowjob, Rohan Noooooooooooo, please leave me" she twisted her body and tried pushing me Me: pressing hard on her "Bas ek bar, Main Pagal ho gaya hoon, I want you, just co-operate, else it will hurt you" Sonali: "Nooooo Rohan, please leave me, Main Sanjay ki amanath hoon.

Please Please…" She cried Me: knowing she is still virgin made me more hard "Bas ek bar, kisi ko nahi pata chalega" Thinking in my mind, I was knowing that Sonali is excited and had been admiring my body all the time and staring my length when I came out of the bathroom I kissed her forehead and pressed my hard penis to her flat tummy. In a mixed reaction of No and yes she resisted with low voices and moved her head away every time I tried to kiss her lips.

I gyrated my hips to make my penis rub against her soft skin on the tummy. Slowly her hands relaxed and chest raised in acceptance, I planted my first kiss on her lips and then on the second her lips parted. As I continued kissing her lips, she responded to me.

Now I was knowing that she is in my control. I kissed deep and pushed my tongue in her mouth, our tongues twisted and wrestled with each other playfully. I released her one hand and it stayed in the same place over her head. This let me know that she is deeply involved in my kisses. I slid my hands down to her waist and rubbed her bare skin and pushed my hands under the short t-shirt to cup her perfectly round and soft breast.

Her hand slid down on my shoulder and gripped my hairs.

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I squeezed her breast lightly and massaged them with my mouth still locked with her mouth. I released her other and quickly worked it down to slid under the t-shirt and cup her other breast. I started fondling her both breasts. Slowly I pushed my one hand behind to find the hooks of the bra. In the desire of passionate kisses between us, she squeezed her back to loosen her body grip on the bra.

Getting the clear signal, I unhooked the bra strap and released her breast from the grips of her bra. I slide my one hand inside the bra for the first time to touch her nipples with my fingers. She gripped hard on my head and broke the kiss "Noooo, Rohan, not even sanjay had been there. We are losing our control, please leave me" and she panted as I lightly squeezed her bare soft breast.

I kissed her deep again and pushed the thin material of her t-shirt with the bra over to her neck and fondled with her naked breasts, pinched lightly on her nipples. Her breathing got hard and the resistance was all gone. Getting a right chance, I pushed both the cloths over her head and swung them away on the floor.

I pressed my already naked body to her and as her nipples presses and felt the hard skin of my chest, she shivered lightly. I cared her bare back with my light touches and her body twisted and danced. I finally broke the kiss and bent down to take the tip of her breast inside my mouth and bit her nipple. She gasped and let a moan slip out of her mouth, making me know that she is enjoying it. I sucked her breast deep by creating vacuum in my mouth and chewed those delicious milky breast.

I gripped her both breasts and fondled then, kissed them, licked them, sucked them, chewed them, bit her nipples turn by turn. She responded to it by raising her chest every time I dug my face to suck those mangoes.

I slid my hands down to the button of her jeans short. She quickly slid her hand down in reaction and gripped my hand hard saying "Nooooo, we are going too far. We should stop now", I said "Not yet Sonali" and bit her nipple.

I circled my tongue over the nipple and pulled them up with my teeth, chewed them lightly and gave a deep suck. Her hand grip got loose and I moved her dildo in fresh gorgeous teen bawdy cleft on my hard redhead with big tits loves getting fucked from behind. She held it in her fist and moved her hands up and down admiring its thickness and length.

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Her shoulders dropped to let her hand move down and feel the whole length of my penis and the two hanging balls. Her touch made my penis further stiff. I worked my hands to unbutton the jean short and slid my hand inside and over the v-shaped panty feeling her ass cheeks. Then I slid my fingers under the panty band and pushed my hands inside to grip her bare ass cheeks.

I squeezed them lightly and admired the sponginess of them. I pushed down my other hand and slid it straight under the garments of her panty. As I continued sucking her breast, I pushed the panty and jean shorts down below her ass cheeks, also exposing her virgin petals to the day lights. I dropped myself down to kiss her belly button and then further down to her crying deep forced anal spank petals of purity.

In the same action I slid the panty and the jean shorts down to her knee and then to her ankle. In order to balance, she lifted her legs to step out and placed them wide, allowing my mouth to dig to the bottom of her virgin petals. Sonali was all wet as I kissed her virgin petals. I got up and moved up brushing my body all over her. As I got up I also lifted her one leg making it rest on my back above the waist.

This opened up her virgin petals and the head of my penis just kissed them lightly. She bumped her hips and her body shook in excitement, as it was her first experience of a naked penis rubbing her naked virgin petals. I lifted her up by pressing her body to mine and walked to the bed and threw her on the curl-on bed. He body bounced 3-4 times on the bed.

Sonali, my best friends girlfriend was on the bed completely naked and I stood at the edge of the bed naked and admiring her beauty with my wide open lusty eyes with heavy breathing. The goddess of beauty was all naked in front of me. Her perfect to perfect body structure was like a million billion award. Her milky white skin glittered at the day light. Her so ever perfectly round breast stood like the doom of Taj-Mahal having the nipples perfectly centered and pointed upwards.

Her lower ribs marked the end of her chest and start of the flat tummy having it belly button like a diamond in the middle of a flat surface. Her pubic area had small trimmed hairs with the fresh pink petals lightly moist with her inner juices. It looked like a morning rose bud want to take the crazy bee inside her to open her up.

Her thighs were perfectly shaped. Sonali not feeling me on her opened her eyes to see me looking at her naked body with hungry lust.

She blushed red and covered her face with her hands and cried "Nooooo,you are making me go so far where there I no return", I said "wow, you are such a beauty". She turned her body and dug her face to the bed saying "I have never been naked before any man. Please give me my dress and leave me. Please…". I was not in a mood to leave her without taking my most precious award. I leaned on her back pressing my penis on her ass cheeks. She bumped and turned to push me. My own body weight was hard enough for her to push away.

She resisted and we wrestled with each other on the bed completely naked. I managed to pin her under me with my hands gripping her hands, my face on her face, my chest on her soft breast, my tummy on her tummy, my penis on her virgin petals, my legs holding her legs in twisted manner and locking them. She struggled a bit and then gave away her fight as I lightly gyrated my hip to rub my penis on her virgin folds; and kissed her face all over.

I slowly parted her legs with my legs and slid them between them, letting no choice for her to open her legs wide and open her virgin folds. As I gyrated my hips, my penis slid and rubbed lightly in between her virgin folds, which were dripping wet with her juice of love.

She panted hard and moaned in pleasure. She was sexually stimulated, and raised her hips to meet my penis rubbing her heavenly entrance. I bent to take those breasts again in my mouth and suck them turn by turn and fondled them. The softness of her breast got stiffer and stiffer as I licked and sucked and chewed them. I slid my hands down to her ass cheeks and squeezed them to lift them lightly and press my penis length over her moist vaginal lips. I lifted myself and dragged her to the edge of the bed and placed a pillow under her hip and sank down to dig my mouth on her vaginal lips.

I kissed them and licked them with my tongue. Her stomach vibrated with pleasure waves going all over her body. It was Sonali's first experience of nars usa sex full sex stories story man working on her body and giving her sexperience which she never even dreamt. I kissed hard with my lips on her virgin folds and used my finger to open them up.

Her inner pick skin was wet and I dug my tongue inside to taste the nectar juices of the virgin goddess. I sucked and drank the divine juices of her virgin fresh love hole. I pushed my middle finger inside her moist entrance and it slid in with her vaginal muscles holding it tight.

About half an inch inside I found the balloon like surface, pressed them lightly and it expanded and stretched like an elastic. It was her untouched hymen, unexplored by any man before. Sonali gave light voices of "Nooooo, Nooooo, Akshay, Nooooo, pleaseeee…". First time she use my name and I knew that she wants me, as she said no, she did not even restisted, but instead lifted her hips in excitement.

I pushed my finger up and down slowly making her body tremble in sheer joy. Her eyes shut tight and teeth crushed hard, her chest raised up and stomach vibrated. Her body stiffened and legs tightened its grip around my head. Her leg fingers twisted and vaginal lips clenched my finger tight; with a loud moan "OOOOoooohhhhhmmmmmmm" waves of pleasure moved, expanding and contracting her virgin lips in orgasmic pulses. Sonali was Cumming hard and her whole body shivered.

Her eyes opened up and eye ball move up. She opened her mouth to gasp air and her heart beats skipped. Sonali was enjoying her first ever orgasm.

Few seconds of joys went all over her body and then she collapsed on the bed relaxing and breathing hard with moan "aaahhhh aaaahhhh aaaaaaahhh Ummmm aaaahhh". Thick fluid of joy came out and I licked it. It tasted like a fresh honey with some salt added. She covered her face in blush and shame. I gripped my stiff 7 inch penis and gave few jabs with my fist and prepared it for the dive. I parte her virgin folds and placed the tip of my pink penis head.

I pressed it to make my penis head sink and disappear inside the vaginal folds. Sonali yelled "NNoooooooooooooooooooo, please I want my husband to be first, please" I was not in any mood to accept her proposition and leave her. I gyrated my hips to lightly move in and out of her vaginal entrance.

As her cum had made the entrance super wet, my penis slid in and out easily and kissed the walls of her virginity. Her hymen expanded as I went slightly in. She was so tight and so tight that my penis just felt like bursting out before breaking her virginity. Her NO reduced and chanting moans of "Ummmm aaaahhh aaaaahhh" filled the room. My mobile phone rang "Ting ting ting ting…" I cursed myself and tried to switch it off. When I saw it was Sanjay, I signaled Sonali with a silence gesture and said "Sanjay, don't move at all, shhhhh".

I still had my penis head inside her vaginal entrance. Me: taking some breath "Hey Sanjay" Sanjay: "Hey Akshay, are you home?" Me: "Yes, I found your place just now and got in" Sanjay: in apology tone "Sorry yaar, I am very badly struck in the project and working hard in office to set things right. I will not be back for few days and I have asked Sonali to take care of you" Me: "That is ok, Work is Work and in fire situation this is normal" Sanjay: "Thank you yaar for understanding"… with a naughty tone "How is my choice" Me: "Ekdam Sahi" with a low voice "Solid maal hai" Sonali looks at me with wide eyes and naughty smile and I wink her and squeeze her nipple Sanjay: "Aap ko kaisi lagi" Me: "She is good till now, cooperative.

Sex fairy tales porn sex in the morgue mean as of now. As I go further inside to know her inner depth, I can tell how she brother surprise friend sister ass from her inside" Sonali covered her face in shame and nodded her head sideways.

I gave gyration on my hips to push few strokes inside her. Sanjay: "I need your help, badly and I know only you can make it happen" Me: "What is it?" Sanjay: "Aai will not agree for my marriage with Sonali. I want you to talk to her and convince her" Me: "Abey, marwayega" Sanjay: "Please, you are more like brother than a friend. Dada please" Me: "Par, yaar" Sanjay: "Please please please" Me: "Ok, I will do it. But let me have my holidays here first. I will go back to Pune and talk to her" Sanjay: "Thank you Dada.

I will ask Sonali to take care of you and keep you happy" Me: "Do you want to talk to her" Sanjay: "Yaah, give it to japan hd double creampie for japanese hottie, I will tell her to keep you happy" Me: "ok" and handed over the mobile phone to Sonali Sonali: she controlled her breathing "Hey Jaanu" Sanjay: "Love you Jaanu, I am badly struck here.

I will not be able to come for few days. You will have to be with Akshay dada and keep him happy" Sonali: "3-4 days its bit long Sanjay, come home please" Sanjay: "My ass is on fire Niki, understand.

Just spend as much time as possible with Akshay dada and ensure he is happy. That's it, else our marriage is not happening. You understand that… just do anything he says and keep hot looking brunette girl plays with her pussy on webcam happy now" She looks at me and I bed to suck her nipples and gyrate my hips.

Sonali: "Par, aap to ghar aao" Sanjay: "Not right now, if things go fine, I will, OKK. Now I am keeping the phone, just do what Akshay dada want and keep him happy, take him around; aur haan behave well" Sonali: "Okkk" The call disconnects Me: "I hear what he said, keep me happy and do what I say" I smiled at her and bit her nipple Sonali: holding me tight "uuufffff, you really want me" Me: "Yes, my lovely goddess" Sonali: "Be slow" and she relaxed enjoying my touch and sucking on the breast Getting the green signal, I raised my hips up and gripped her ass cheeks hard.

I started to sink my penis inside her.

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As my penis head touched her virgin walls, she shivered and tightened her arms around my back. Her hymen stretched and expanded as my penis moved further in. I gyrated my hips for her to get used to my penis inside her and then lifted my hips up and have a hard push. Her wall of virginity tore and her hymen opened up around my penis. I dug almost 4 inches inside her and she yelled and cried "Maaaaaaa main mar gayi, main phat gayi, mmaaaaaaa aaaahhhha aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh". Her eyes shut tight and teeth crushed, tears came out as her mouth opened and body stayed motionless.

I moved my hips up and down slowly slutty brunette cougar stephanie wylde pumped by huge blackstephanie wylde push further inside and in 5-6 stokes the base of my penis rubbed tightly on her vaginal lips. My balls hit her ass cheeks. I was all 7 inches deep inside her. Her vaginal muscles gripped and squeezed my penis so hard that I would have busted the moment I was all the way in, if I would have not had masturbated in the bathroom.

I lifted my hips up and down in slow jabs and moved the length of my penis rubbing against her inner pink skin untouched ever before. Drops of blood stains were on the bed, marking my victory over the new virgin girl.

I gyrated and increased my thrust inside her vaginal canal. Then I pulled my penis all the way out and placed it at the entrance of her vaginal lips and pushed in again. This time it went in easily and slid the whole length in just 2-3 strokes. Her vaginal canal had completely accepted the thickness and length of my penis.

I moved longer and deeper in slow jabs and later increased the speed with each thrust. Sonali was moaning "Aaaahhh Aaaaaah AAAAAAhhh" with every thrust. As my speed increased, her moans got louder and faster. Since I had masturbated before I had more control to stay longer. I pushed and pushed, moved and moved, in and out, in and out in fast jabs and slow long jabs and in different variation. Our bodies started sweating due to long sexual intercourse. I kept passionately sliding in and out for about 40 minutes where she experienced at least 4 orgasms as I could remember them.

Finally she had her another orgasm building. This time when she was Cumming, her vaginal muscles expanded and contracted in waves. I squeezed my balls and released my semen in powerful jets.

As each jet of semen moved from the samantha ryan in passionate bed sex scene pornstars of my penis in pulse after pulse matching Sonali's vaginal waves.

My thick spurt went deep inside the virgin womb. I felt that my seeds of life must have for sure gone inside her and will bring a new life soon.

Our bodies shivered and I fell on her completely exhausted. Our breathing was hard as if we had run 22k long marathon. I stayed locked in her for 5 minutes till every drop of my seeds was sucked inside her and my penis got semi-hard. I pulled my penis out and it gave a popping sound pokkk, admitting and submitting to my victory on those virgin tight hole. I lay beside her naked and stare at the ceiling.

Me: "You are the best of the best I ever had in my life" Sonali: "Oh, so you have prior experience" Me: "Yes, darling. I am also thrilled that the next 4 days we are all alone here in this flat" Sonali: raising her head "So?" Me: "Remember, you have to keep me happy, else…" Sonali: "I thought it was only once" Me: laughingly "Once? No darling 4 full day and night, I will make love to you like rabbits" Sonali: "Oh my God" Me: Squeeze her breast and kiss her lips "I love you, Nikki" Sonali: resting her head back on the bed "I don't think so, you Virgin Popper" Me: "What a name you gave me, Virgin Popper like Harry Potter… Ha Ha Ha…" Sonali: "Harry Potter… Virgin Popper" she smiled and closed her eyes to relax I hugged her in my arms and we both slept, as I memorized the great moment of pure love making with a beauty goddess Sonali!!!

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