The black hole of the black whore

The black hole of the black whore
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___ Where I growed up our parents ran a still thing that made whiskey. They was a gone for weeks at time. I'm Bella and my sister is Jennifer. We cain't read or write, so Ben is a writ'in this for me on his flip box thing, or lap top he calls it. ----- __We lived way way back in the hills. No phones, no computers, just us…then one day a hunter happened to come by the woods behind our house. We never went to school and a young man hunter rightly got us curious. At the time we was also just getting curious about these new feeling sex poren bulu ketek lebat were gett'in in our bodies.

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Our nipples was a grow'in first, then our tits. Jen said she found a spot on her pussy that felt good when she rubbed it. We were in the woods and she reached in my overalls and rubbed my pussy where that spot was. Now I too felt the tickle things she was a feel'in. As she continued on to rubb'on it, I said: "Lemme feel yers Jen." and I put my hand in her overalls.

We didn't wear no panties or them bra things. I felt around her pussy until I found this bump of skin like mine. I rubbed it and she said: "That's it Bell, keep on a rubb'on it just like that. That was our first time gett'in a right nice thrill with each other. Rubbing our own pussy's felt good, but hav'in someone else a rubb'in it was even better. We unhooked our overalls and laid naked on the leaves.

My new titties was now a popp'in out. I was gett'in a shape in my waist and butt and Jen was too. We were engulfing a gigantic male weenie pornstar hardcore mighty sexy look'in now. We had long blond hair and we started like'in to look at us in the mirror.

That day we rubbed each others pussys and started talking about boys. I said: "Is this sex we're a having Jen?" "I don't know,&hellip.


I guess so, boys must do this to girls." Jen said. "It sure feels good, it's a making my titties itch some too Jen." I felt my own titties and told her that feeling my own titties felt good and did hers do that too. She felt her own titties and began to smile. "Lemme feel yers Bel." Now we were a finger'in each others pussy bumps and titties. That night we got in bed naked and decided to do some more of that feeling on each other.

We heard a truck coming up the road. Ma and pa were a com'in. We pretended to be asleep. They were fuss'in as they brought in supplies. It seems that pa caught Ned and ma a kiss'in. Ma and pa weren't never married but pa felt he owned ma since they had us girls.

Ma said pa wasn't her boss and she'd do as she dang well pleased. It went quiet for a while and then we heard ma a giggling. Pa was a tickl'in her. Jen and I went to the door quietly and peeked out the crack. Pa had ma from behind and had his hand girl inserts a live mouse her dress. She was a giggl'in and pa kept rais'in her dress up higher.

Next thing you know they were on the floor and he was tak'in his pants down. We saw his cock and two balls. He started put 'in his cock in her pussy crack and started a humping her like a hound dog try' in to fuck a chicken.

We had never seen this and It was mak'in us real horny like. Ma was a moan'in and put her legs around him. Our pussy's tingled as we both watched and we started a rubb'in our bumps. They was a bang'in their bodies together when ma moaned real loud.

We seen white stuff runn'in out ma's pussy. Our pussy's started throbb'in real good like. They finished and we got back in bed. They never even looked in on us and left. We had just seen our first man and woman sex.

Jen said: "That sure was excit'in I want to try that someday." I agreed. We went back to feeling each other&hellip.then Jen got on top of me and started humping me like a man. We pretended to be fucking and it was a real high feel'in, rubb'in our pussy bumps together.

The next day we was in the woods when we heard someone a walking on the leaves. We hid. It was a hunter from somewhere. He was a handsome guy carrying a shotgun. Jen got bold. She said: "What cha do'in here mister?" He stopped and we came out of hid'in. He said he was just a hunt'in.

Jen and I walked around him and looked him over real good. He was a good looking guy and he smiled at us.

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As Jen walked around him she spotted his badge. Revenue Agent was her first thought. We sat down and he did too. He leaned his shotgun against a tree. We talked a little about hunt'in when Jen jumped up and grabbed the shotgun.

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She smiled and pointed it right at him. She said: "Yer a revenuer agent, ain't ya" He said yes. Jen smiled and looked at me. "Take yer pants off mister. " He got this shocked look on his face. He tried to talk to Jen but she just cocked them hammers back on the shotgun. He stood up and I took a small pistol from off his waist. He smiled and started dropping his pants. Jen had me hold the shotgun on him as she walked up and looked and his limp cock.

She reached out and held it. It started to grow. We had never seen a man's cock close up and getting a hardon. We both were getting pussy tingles watching him get a hardon. Jen started unhooking her overalls and took them off.

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She laid in the leaves and said: "Get on top a me mister." His smile got bigger and he said: "Ok". Now his hardon was big and he lowered himself down on her. I held the shotgun on him and said: "Don't try noth'in mister." I didn't understand he wasn't about to jump up and try and run away.

Jen fingered her pussy and then said: "Hump me mister." He eased his cock up and down her pussy crack. She smiled and opened her legs. He eased his cock in her a little at a time.

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She groaned a little then started kiss'in him. I got real strong tickle things in my pussy just watch'in. I sure wanted to be next. He started hump'in her real good. He was a feel'in her titties too.

Jen was a moan'in and he made a groan'in sound and white stuff came out of Jen's pussy. Mom caught fucking compeers daughters husband real father teen bailey brookes home alone was a squirm'in and held him with lot's of kiss'in. When they got up, Jen told me to get naked and get down where she was. She leaned the shotgun against the tree. "Ain't he handsome Bell, he'll make ya feel good too." she said.

He didn't hump me right away. He first started kiss'in my neck and then my face and lips. He was a good kisser and his tongue was a dance'in in my mouth.

I'd never been kissed by a boy so I was in horney heaven. He started kiss'in my titties and then my tummy. Jen watched with a big grin. He then started lick' in all around my pussy. I got hot and cold chills at the same time. My pussy never had them tickles this strong before.

Jen started rubb'in on him and play'in with his hair and stuff. He was a handsome fella and I was like'in him a lot. His tongue on my pussy was make me so horny, I started lose'in my breath and a heat'in up. He then moved up on me and started put 'in his cock in me&hellip.oooo yes&hellip.that was a feel'in good.

I never told Jen or anybody, but I was a look'in at a cucumber one day. It looked like it would fit right in my pussy. I started with a small one and then got to bigger ones.

Well, his cock felt a way better feel'in than them cucumbers&hellip. When he got it in, we started hump'in real good. It was a feel'in wonderful. I hooked my legs around his and I loved feel'in his back and his butt. We both was a feel'in good and a kiss'in. Things in my head and pussy was a buzz'in. My pussy started feel'in something real good inside. He held me real tight and pushed his cock in deep in me. My pussy clamped down on his cock and I felt warm white stuff a go'in in.

We kept a hump'in until he just laid on top of me and kept say'in…"Oh my, oh my"…… I clamped on him and wouldn't let him git up. Jen said: "Let'em up Bell". I didn't want to, he just felt to good.

Jen grabbed the shotgun. She said: "What yer name mister?" He said: "…a…well…let's just say my name is…a &hellip.Ben Dover." Jen said: "Ben, if you tell anybody about this, you'll git a load of buckshot in yer ass, ya understand?" Ben just smiled and said: "Ok". "Ben&hellip. yer a com'in back ain't ya?" Jen said. Ben stood up and put his pants back on.


Then he smiled at both of us and said: "By the way, that shotgun ain't loaded." Jen and I smiled and she gave it back to viv thomas pink velvet 2. I got his pistol, and I pointed it at him and said: "Yer gonna come back and&hellip." He smiled said: "That's not loaded ether.

I'm gonna come by here every week, but I'm not looking any further than this tree." He took out his pocket knife and carved a think he called a 'B' in it.

We hugged him and he felt our titties. Then he just walked away into the bushes&hellip. Jen and I danced around in the leaves all naked and acted crazy. We had us a boyfriend now&hellip. *Update&hellip. I have no idea where this on going story will end. Of course I went back next week. That ornery Jen got a hold of some shotgun shells and took my shotgun and really loaded it.

She said: "Take ALL your clothes off Ben and lay down on yer back in these here leaves. We wanna play with you."