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IHNC 8 Lisa's Surprise Becky sure looked cute. Collapsed against me, passed out in my arms, still dressed, but exhausted from the animalistic fucking we'd just had. What was becoming of me? Was I now just an animal? Sure it felt great, and now she was carrying my third child.

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But didn't I owe it to my wife and my first two children to be honest and tell her. There was no way I could keep this secret forever. And now one of Becky's friends, and my student, Lisa knew.

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Even if she'd only guessed before, the banshee howls Becky had given would have left no doubt in anyone's mind. I tucked my sticky and shriveled cock back in my pants and lifted Becky to her bed. She was out cold now. Sure she was only a month along, but I made a mental note to take it easier on her now that she was carrying a precious child. My child was now growing in her young womb.

That made me twitch. Here I was the guy who never wanted kids; whose wife had to almost beg for children because I was worried over how they would affect our finances. Now I had twins at home and another on the way with my mistress. I looked down at Becky asleep on her bed and put a blanket over her.

My mistress.


It sounded so funny and Victorian; like I was royalty or something. I let myself out of her big boobs mom ebony girl, spent a moment cleaning up in the upstairs bathroom, before following the sound of blasting music from the TV downstairs.

As I came down the hall I saw the back of Lisa's head on the couch and almost walked right into the room, but something stopped me. I don't know if it was a sound or smell, but when I stopped and actually paid attention I noticed it. Lisa sat on the couch with her back to me, but was rocking back and forth, making slight moaning noises while watching some music videos turned up far too loud.

On the back of the couch was something small and white. Where those her panties? I wasn't sure, but I think she was masturbating! I couldn't get a good view from here, and knew she'd see me if I walked in. Then it came to me. If I went out the front door and in the garage, I could come in from the kitchen witch looked out on the living room. I'd still be behind her, but able to see the front of the couch instead of the back.

I didn't even stop to think about it, just quietly backed away and gently opened the door. Outside I again, quietly closed it and practically ran into the garage. Once there I peeked into the window and spied in.

I couldn't see much of the living room from here, through the kitchen from the garage door, but I saw Lisa's books on the floor and the TV had some half naked woman dancing around, grinding against half naked men and women, all while singing about sex.


I took off my shoes and set them on the floor. Then I gently opened the door and stepped inside while quietly closing the door and holding the knob until it was closed so it wouldn't make a sound as I let go of it. I tip-toed closer to the pass-through window in the kitchen to spy into the living room and beheld what I had suspected.

With her legs spread, panties off on the back of the couch and skirt flipped up she was going to town on her clit with one hand. With the other he'd lifted up her shirt and bra and was squeezing her small Asian tits. Her face was screwed up in contorted pleasure and I think I was just in time for the big finale. Even though I'd just had a great time upstairs with Becky my cock still stiffened at the sight and I mindlessly stroked it in my pants.

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She chirped little moans out, obviously trying to be silent and having the music blasting from the TV must have been distracting, but soon she came and her girl juices practically shot from her pussy.

I'd heard of girls who squirt, but never seen one in real life. Japanese cousin fuck english subtitles don't think she even knew it was going to happen because after she had come back to herself she saw the mess she'd made and started freaking out.

"Oh shit!" she muttered and came running into the kitchen with pert little tits still exposed, straight into me who still dumbly had my hand on my stiffy.

She almost yelled in surprise and slapped her hand up to her mouth, letting out only a small quick shriek.

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I pulled my hand from my groin, but it didn't help as I was now poking up my pants enough to be visible. "Lisa. I'm sorry…" I started, but then we both heard the bedroom door open upstairs. "What's going on?" I heard Becky say over the loud music. Lisa's eyes widened in horror. "Nothing…" I stalled, "Lisa just spilled her drink on the couch." I quickly got a glass of water and walked past Lisa to the living room and splashed it where her girl juices had landed.

I heard Becky still coming down the stairs, and saw Lisa still in shock staring at me with her eyes and naked tits. I motioned quickly at her top and as she fixed herself I grabbed her panties and stuffed them in my pocket just in time before Becky entered. I looked at her innocently, "Do you have any paper towels?" "Sure, I'll get them," Becky said innocently as she moved to the kitchen.

"Can you turn that down?" Finally Lisa found her voice as she grabbed the remote and lowered the volume on the TV to a much lower level, "I'm SOOO sorry Becky!" "It's OK…" she said handing me the paper towels. Then realizing her hair was a mess and smelling sex said, "Excuse me. I need to get cleaned up before we continue studying, OK?" "Sure," I said. "Fine," Lisa said at almost the same moment.

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Becky then went upstairs while I bent over and began cleaning the couch of the spilled "water". After she heard a door close upstairs Lisa said to herself, "Oh… My… God…" I tried to calm her down, "It's OK. This will clean up fine and Becky will never know." Lisa was still panicky and tersely whispered, "<You were watching me!>" I stopped and considered what to say. "Yes, and I'm sorry.

That was wrong of me. I'm sorry." "You and Becky just…" Lisa was still frazzled, "I mean…" "You looked like you had a good time also," I tried to turn the discussion from myself. She turned beet red and ashamedly crossed her arms over her chest, trying futilely to cover it more and remembering she'd been exposed to me just a few moments ago, "I didn't mean to. I just… couldn't help it… I…" "Look Lisa," I finished wiping up the mess and threw the towels in the trashcan as I heard the water of the upstairs shower turn on.

"You're a maturing young woman. You were in an erotic situation and it turned you on. It's natural." She still strutted around and kept crossing and uncrossing her arms, so I moved and placed my hands on her shoulders to hold her still a second and looked her in the eye, "It's OK. You were just experimenting and it's natural.

It's nothing to freak out over." I think I was finally getting through to her since she nodded and seemed to settle down a little. I sat on the couch, right next to where she had sat masturbating mere minutes before and she nervously sat in the matching chair.

I tried to change the topic, "So where are you thinking of going to college?" That did it. She relaxed and literally gushed out ideas of colleges and majors for the next fifteen minutes until Becky came back downstairs in a pink set of fuzzy long sleeve and pants pajamas with little clowns on them.

"Sorry for taking so long," she announced and joined the discussion as if nothing had happened. Eventually we did actually get back to studying there in the living room for a few hours until Judy came home. She told me my wife was waiting for me for dinner, but invited Lisa to stay for dinner with them and offered her a ride carmen in rainbow knee socks gets shafted afterwards.

"Sorry, I really need to get home tonight," Lisa responded. "Mr. Font, can you give me a ride home?" "Sure. No Problem." We said our goodbyes and Lisa got in the passenger seat of my car as we drove toward her place.

Now alone again Lisa said, "Um, Mr. Font?" "Yes?" "Can… Can I have my panties back please?" she quietly spoke. "Oh shit!" I fished them out of my pocket and handed them to her.

"Good thing you said something. I'd forgotten. Good thing THAT didn't end up in my laundry or my wife would have gone ballistic!" I laughed. Lisa was silent for a moment, but then cautiously said, "And she's not mad about Becky having your child?" "I… Well I…" I stammered. Lisa was right. Eventually Rachel would find out and my marriage was almost certainly over. I couldn't think and talk and drive. It was too much so I pulled over.

"What I mean is, yes. She doesn't know yet. I never meant for that to happen. I love my wife. Really I do. We have two beautiful kinky nightclub orgy with stunning starlets brunette big tits. And… Well, Becky just sort of happened." I knew I was rambling and not making much sense, but I couldn't do any better.

Silence dropped like a brick for several moments and it was too heavy for me to break it. Lisa did eventually, "I promise I will help you keep your secret if you help me get into college." That was the best news I had since I heard about my new child, "You have a deal." And I got the car back on the road and took Lisa home.