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Very hot secretary fucks boss pussyfucking and bigass
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Daddy was reading the newspaper in the living room. Mama was preparing dinner in the kitchen as she always did at this time of day.

Upstairs the siblings, Joe and Ellen were discussing things. They were 9 and 6, Joe was the oldest. He was a very able reader for his age but Ellen only knew the names of most of the letters. They quarreled a lot as siblings usually do, but this time they were talking together in their best of mood.

They took great care not to be heard by their parents because they were talking about certain things they knew their parents didn't want them to talk about.

Joe had learnt some words at school and certain facts of life from beautiful nerdy teen got her ass fucked by her bf older boys and now he was educating his sister. - You know that you have a vagina which is also called a pussy? And I have a penis and a scrotum which are also called a cock and balls? - Yes, it's for me to pee, Ellen said.

-Yeah, but the cock and pussy do something else as well. Like what? she asked. Look, do you know how to fuck? Joe asked. No, said Ellen, what is that? - That is something dads and moms do at night while the kids are asleep, said Joe. The man gets on top of the woman and puts his cock into her pussy and moves it back and forth. That is called fucking. They both like that. The woman says Ahhh. and Oohhhh. and This is so good. Ellen thought for a moment. Then she said: You are lying.

- No, this is the truth, I swear! I also thought that this was untrue, then one night I woke up and I had to pee. Then I heard that mom and daddy were fucking. I didn't see them, but I could hear through the door. I could hear what mom said and daddy was breathing heavily. And their bed was squeaking! And I can show you pictures of people doing it! - Can you? Yes show me said Ellen. Joe went silently to their parents room and came back with a magazine with pictures on every page.

He turned over several pages and then he showed her. -Look here, now this man has a big cock and he is going to fuck this woman.

Look at her pussy! They studied the picture. - Daddy doesn't have a cock like that, said Ellen. She had seen her father in the bath a little while ago. - No, not usually. But when a man starts fucking the penis grows and hardens. That's called an erection, said Joe. - Why doesn't the pussy have hairs? asked Ellen. She knew that grown up women had hairy pussies, she had seen her mother many times and also pictures of nude women. - She has shaved herself for the pussy to be seen better, said Joe.

After a while they turned over the page.

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The picture showed the woman lying on her back in a grand bed. She had her legs spread apart, both hands in her crotch, holding her pussy lips open. The man was on his knees between her legs, held his cock in his right hand and aimed it towards the open pussy. - Now look at her pussy! She has opened it up for the cock to enter! said Joe.

They hurried to the next picture where the man had the tip of his penis inside the opening. Ellen was astonished. Those pictures told the story much more clearly than any words could have. - Doesn't that hurt? - No, this feels very nice, said Joe. They turned to the next page. There were two pictures.

The first one showed the man with his cock completely hidden in the woman's womb. The second one showed him spraying his semen all over her face. - Gee, said Ellen.

Can you fuck this deep in the pussy? - Yes. And look here. This is called cum and it comes from the cock when you have been fucking for a while. If the cum goes into the pussy the woman may get pregnant and a little baby starts growing inside of her. All this was new to Ellen. When they had looked at all the photos, Joe took the magazine back to where he had found it, under daddy's underwear in the bottom shelf.

--- The following day Ellen was alone at home with her mother. Dad was at work and Joe was not home from school yet. Ellen couldn't stop thinking of the pictures and what Joe had told her. She had to ask her mother without letting her know what she and Joe had been doing the day before. - Mommy, how did I start to exist? - Darling, just like every kid. You started growing inside my belly and when you had been there for nine months you wanted to come out, so I went to the hospital and that's where you were born.

- Yes, but why did I start to grow all of a sudden? - That is because mom and dad are so much in love with each other, said her mother. In such cases babies sometimes start to grow. - Yes, I know, that is like Betty in the next block. She is in love with a boy and now she has a growing baby in her belly, I've seen it! - Yes, quite correct, said her mother. - But why don't babies grow inside the fathers too?

said Ellen. - That's because all the dads are boys, and as you know boys are different from girls. All the boys have penises but the girls have vaginas.

The vaginas have a big opening for the baby to get out, but the boys penises have just a tiny hole on it. That's why only the mothers can deliver babies but the fathers can not. But then what are the fathers for? - They are necessary so that the baby can start growing. - Yes, but how? - Look, darling, daddy gives mommy some semen and puts it into her for the baby to start to grow. If the woman doesn't get semen she will never have a baby. Ellen thought that this didn't fit to what Joe had told her.

He had said that the penis spurted some cum into the pussy, but mama said that the man put semen into the woman.

She didn't know that cum and semen were the same. So she kept on asking: - How does the man put the semen into the woman? - He uses his penis, darling, said her mother. - Does he? said Ellen. Does he pee into her? She thought that things were cheating blonde dirtbag busted sucking dick on hidden spy camera to fit a bit.

- No, he doesn't pee. Make him cuckold cum covered xvideos cuckold redtube revenge youporn teen porn puts his penis inside the vagina and then he gives the semen to the mother. Then maybe a baby will start growing. Now you stop asking these questions young lady, this is enough for today. Ellen knew from the tone of her mother's voice that if she kept asking her mother would get angry. So she decided to stop asking for the time being.

At the dinner table Ellen said all of a sudden: - Today mom told me how the babies start growing in the mother's belly. The daddy puts some semen with his penis into the vagina and then the baby can start growing! - Oh, no said Joe, not wanting her to talk about what he had told her. - Yes, sure! said Ellen, it's the truth. Mama told me. Isn't this true, daddy? - Yes, this is the truth, he said.

- Will you soon put semen into mom's vagina so that we can have a little baby? - Well, I'm not sure of that, daddy said. - But if you do, can I watch it? said Ellen. Her parents laughed a lot as if she had been telling a good joke. Then they both said at once: - No, you can't.

--- Three weeks had passed and Ellen had stopped thinking about sex. Her parents were going to a dance in the evening and had nice pounding with hottie hardcore big dick a babysitter. She said her name was Dianne. She was 16 and Joe and Ellen admired her. Once she was there, their parents left. Dianne told the kids that they were to brush their teeth and then get ready for bed.

The kids obliged.

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A short while later the doorbell rang. Dianne rushed to the door and someone came in. The kids were not asleep yet and they could hear that there was some boy talking to Dianne downstairs. Then they heard some music and it was clear that they were playing a DVD. They heard that there was some movie running but they couldn't hear what was said. - Should we go down and take a look at the movie? It was Joe. He had gone out of bed and into his sister's room. - No said Ellen. If we do, Dianne will get angry.

-No, not if we go in to the kitchen and from there into the dining room. We can take a peek from there. They went slowly downstairs. Dianne and the boy didn't hear them because of the movie. They were sitting in the sofa holding hands and stairing at the TV set. As the kids came slowly into the dining room they could see european teen pickedup for bj and car sex tube porn TV set as well as the others.

They were behind Dianne and hid in the shadows. They were watching a porno movie. A naked man was holding his erect cock and stroking it. There was also a woman who came and sucked on his cock. After that the man fucked her and the kids watched. Joe leaned towards his sister and whispered to her. - Now he is going to fuck her and put his cum in her pussy he said. See how big his cock is.

That is because it is filled with cum. - What is cum?


said Ellen. - You know, remember what mama told you the other day? The semen? That's the same as cum. That's what the boys at school say. After a while they went back the same way they had come and escaped unnoticed. They decided sexy marital device play with wild fucking go to sleep.

Time passed by and the boy had left a while ago when their parents came home. They were a little bit tipsy but not really drunk. They spoke loudly, however, and the kids woke up to their voices, but didn't move. Mom and dad paid Dianne and she left immediately. The two went upstairs laughing and joking and passed the doors to the childrens' rooms and went into the master bedroom.

They didn't notice that the kids were awake and neither did they think of closing the bedroom door. They had lit a small lamp only. It shone into the corridor. After a little while they were both in bed. The kids stayed in their beds and didn't move.

After a while they heard some sound. Squeaks and moans and heavy breathing were heard. Then they heard a whisper. Heavy breathing and moans. Silence but some deft sound from the bed. Suddenly mama said -Yes. and they heard daddy moan. Then there was a squeek from the bed.

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They knew perfectly well what was happening. As if by a mutual agreement the kids both rose and went into the corridor. They were very silent and took great care not to be heard. They moved slowly until they could see the bed through the open door. They stared at what was to be seen. Their father was on top of their mother. They were both completely naked. Daddys ass was moving up and down rhythmically. Mommy had both her feet held very high and they could see her pussy around daddy's cock every time that he lifted his ass.

Ellen knew this was fucking.


Mom was whispering something into daddy's ear. She had her eyes closed and she was smiling. They couldn't hear what she was saying. Suddenly she stopped whispering and started talking half aloud so that they could hear her.

-Oh, it's so big. Will your big cock spurt into the little pussy? Is it going to cum so much that it will leak ot of the cunt? Oh, yes, yes, She said yes every time that daddy thrust his cock in. German amateur milf big xxx romantic family dinner was breathing very hard now.

Then all of a sudden he started to move much faster than before. At the same time mommy started to breath faster too, and she also spoke louder. -Yesssss,- fuck meeeee,- fuck me,- give me your cock deep in my cunt. Give me your cum, let your cock fill my pussy with cum,- yesssss, ahhh,- - Oohh. it's soooo big and hard. Is it going to fill my cunt with cum?

Is your beautiful cock going to fill my cunt and fuck it hard? Yes, yes. She said yes each time dad put his cock into her. Daddy said nothing, he was just breathing very hard and fucking. Then suddenly he started moving faster and faster.

At the same time their mother started talking louder.

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- Yesssss . fuck my pussy . hard . fuck me . fuck me, give me your hard cock in the pussy, yeahhhh, oohhhh god,- Daddy thrust into her hard and then lay still for a while.

Then he pulled back and thrust in again, very hard. He was breathing very heavily. Daddy put his cock deep into mother's pussy and held it there. It was as if he got cramps in his ass and he was breating heavily the same as mom. Then they went quiet and the kids knew that it was all over, so they silently went back to their beds and soon fell asleep. Now they knew everything about fucking and how the daddy put his penis into the vagina and spurt his semen in there so that a little baby perhaps could start growing.

About two hours later mama woke up and had to go peeing. All of a sudden she realized that they had left the door ajar. Shit, she thought. But the kids were fast asleep. She was confident that they had heard nothing. We did it so silently, she thought, not knowing.