Savouring a huge schlong hardcore and cumshot

Savouring a huge schlong hardcore and cumshot
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Part 8: For several days, the whiteout continued. I was learning to live without TV and Internet, though the itch never went away.

It was certainly nice to have a vacation and rest with my girls, but that wasn't to say we weren't busy. My driveway was bound to get plowed sooner or later, and when it did, all that snow would be pushed up right in front of my house-if the plow could even get that far. In preparation, we spent countless hours shoveling the snow, trying to get as much of it off the driveway as possible.

We dug out my car and I was able to boost it with the generator. Our days were simple: wake up, play for a bit, have breakfast, do some shoveling, take a nap, play a bit more, shovel, lounge, have dinner, and play until bedtime. It was a nice life. ---------------------------------------- "Masteeeeerrrrr! Momo's sick of shoveling!" the feline groaned. "Yeah, me too," I replied, "but it needs to be done.

Just focus on getting the top layers." Momo grumbled and continued to work. She stuck her shovel deep into the white powder and tossed it over her shoulder. Zooming back and forth with her tongue hanging out and a big grin on her face, Sonja jumped into the air and let the snow slam into her. For some reason, she just loved getting blasted with it. "Sonja, come on, we need help. Quit screwing around." Sonja pouted but retrieved her shovel and continued hauling powder.

I turned to Chloe, who was having the hardest time due to her size. The snow was high enough to reach her ears and her shovel was a little too big for her, but she did look cute, all dressed up. "Chloe, how are you doing?" Hearing my voice, the tiny hybrid tensed up and squealed.

"I'm ok! Master doesn't need to worry about me!" She said that, but her cheeks were flushed and her breathing was ragged. Without saying a word, I walked over and picked her up.

But rather than cradling her in the 'princess carry', I was holding her vertically and upside down, making her squeak and terror. "Sonja, Momo, let's break for lunch!" Both the cat and dog cheered and followed me as I carried Chloe inside. ---------------------------------------- Later that day, the plow came and cleared the road.

Unfortunately, it was the public plow service, so my driveway was untouched. However, it did give me an idea. We got more clear weather the next day, so after eating breakfast and shoveling a path for my car, I turned to the girls.

"How would you three like to go for a drive?" Momo looked at me in confusion. Sure, she had been in the car plenty of times before, but that was just to take her and Sonja to the park, and that was at night, as well as when I drove them to the cabin to show it to them. Until now, I had done everything I could to keep them hidden from the world, so what changed?

Beside her, Sonja, the lovable airhead, was happy as could be at the prospect of going for a drive. Chloe pulled down her wool hat as far as it could go and was trembling.

Unlike Momo and Sonja, she had never seen the outside world. Before I showed her those 'planet earth' documentaries, Earth to her was the ten-mile diameter circle around the house. Nothing else existed in her known universe, save for the mystical lands of "my office" and "the store" that I would disappear to during the day.

"Master, why would you take us with you? Momo thought you didn't want us to be seen." "I still don't, but I was thinking we could just check out how everything looks, see the damage. Besides, it might be good for you to see a little bit of the outside world. I need to pick up some things anyway.

As long as the three of you stay in the car and keep your hats on, you'll be fine. So, what do you say?" ---------------------------------------- The girls oohed and awed nonstop during the drive. I was in the same state, unable to believe the damage that the storm had caused. Every single tree glass dildo in wet cunt romantic and amateur its branches weighed down near to the point of snapping, countless power lines were torn, and several houses were almost completely buried, save for their smoking chimneys.

What was alarming though was how little work I was seeing done. Not even a single Central Maine Power truck could be found, and only a few sites of fallen trees had any kind of traffic cone or warning. I suppose this was a Catch 22: the fallen trees and branches had knocked out the power, but lines they landed on caught them and stopped them from falling into the street.

All three girls were in the back seat, namely due to Chloe's anxiety. She was so nervous that she couldn't face the outside world unless she was sandwiched in between Momo and Sonja.

Hers were the widest eyes of all. With her tiny world view, she had expected us to enter a whole new ecosystem after driving just a few miles. Momo and Sonja were barely any better informed. To them, the planet was about the size of Azeroth in World of Warcraft. "Master, are there really people living in all these houses?" Chloe asked. "Yep, every single one. There are over a million people in the state alone." "How many is a million?" "It's a one with six zeroes." Her face somehow became even paler as she tried to imagine such a number.

Our first stop was the gas station to get fuel for the generator, but it took a while to find one that actually had power. We arrived to find a long line ahead of us with cars idling on either side of the road, everyone waiting for their turn. "Master, are you sure it's ok for us to be here?" Chloe asked. "Don't worry, you're completely safe. Just don't make eye contact with anyone." I turned up the radio, listening to news of the weather. Apparently, we hadn't even reached the halfway point and blizzards would just keep coming.

This really was the storm of the century. In the back seat, Momo was snoozing, Sonja was breathing on the window and drawing shapes, and Chloe was wringing her tail. Every couple of minutes, one of the pumps would become available and the line would slide ahead, making the girls all perk up. At last, my turn all natural beauty takes on stress positions hard corporal punishment. First, I topped off my car, then began filling up empty gas cans.

Now that we were actually at the station, there were a lot more people around. The girls did as they were told, looking out through the windows but avoiding eye contact. For Momo and Sonja, it had a long time since they had seen other people in real life, and for Chloe, it was the first.

I watched their eyes dart around, wondering what they thought of all of these people. Were they maybe comparing me to them in some way? Once my task was completed, we took off, heading to the nearby grocery store. Just like before the storm, the lot was completely packed, and I had to circle around again and again until someone finally left their spot.

Before getting out of the car, I turned to the girls and handed them my phone. "I'll be back soon, so just wait quietly and don't get out of the car.

Here, play Angry Birds until I get back." "Uh… M-Master?" Chloe asked. "What is it?" "I have to go to the bathroom." This would prove troublesome. "Can you hold it until we get home?" She shook her head. "Ok, they'll have a bathroom inside. Come with me." After tucking her tail into her sweatpants, she climbed out of the car and took her first nervous steps onto the cold pavement.

As soon as I started moving towards the store, she grasped my hand and clung to it like a little kid, though because of her size, that's all anyone would think she was. I could feel her breaths becoming frantic as we approached the door, with people passing in and out. "Don't worry, you'll be fine." The automatic doors scared her, but we got through them without issue. She was utterly amazed once we stepped inside the store, unable to believe that a building could be so large or that there were so many people on Earth.

Of course, the store was packed, and there was little left on the beddable charlotte sartre begging to untie her to bang. Even in the storm, they had sex american xxx rep sex stories com receiving shipments of food, though it clearly wasn't enough the satiate the desperate and unprepared.

The store was running on generator power, so only half the lights and a few refrigerators were working. It was kind of cool to see it this way, almost post-apocalyptic. She continued clinging to me as I led her to the bathrooms.

Once there, I got down on one knee. "Ok, just go through there and you'll find a row of stalls with toilets. Pick one, do your business, and come back out. I'll be waiting for you right here. Can you do that?" She nodded. "Good girl." It took some courage, but she let go and entered the female restroom.

---------------------------------------- In the car, Momo and Sonja bounced and chirped in excitement as they took turns with my phone. Due to their childlike intellects and personalities, the games on my phone held their attention like they were eight-year-olds kept pacified in a fancy restaurant.

The sounds and colors were like crack to them. The only thing that broke their focus was the owner of the car next to Sonja arriving. The two girls did as they were told, keeping their heads down and their eyes focused on the phone, waiting for the woman to leave.

But as soon as she pulled out, another car took her place, this one driven by a man. Again, Sonja and Momo waited for him to leave before daring to look out the windows. Sonja's nose picked up the scent before her eyes took in the sight. She whipped her head around, looking into the other car. She had her face pressed to the window, which was open just a crack to let fresh air in. The owner of the car next to her had done the same thing, leaving a window slightly open, and it was through those small gaps that two scents were exchanged and Sonja now found herself locked in a staring contest with a black and white Border Collie.

The two dogs were completely fixated on each other. The unnamed hound was confused beyond words, unable to tell what Sonja was. Was she a dog? Was she a person? She smelled like a mix of both.

Sonja was equally bewildered, finally meeting one of her own kind since she had become a person. It felt like it happened a million years ago. Living on four legs, unable to talk, covered in fur; she had almost completely forgotten what that life was like.

Behind her, her tail began to wag, and seeing it, the collie began wagging his own tail. He then began to whine and paw at his window, wanting to get out and further investigate. Sonja reached for the door handle to let herself out, but Momo stopped her and pulled her back. "Don't! Master said that we have to stay in the car!" "But I want to play with the dog!" "You can't let anyone see you!" "Nobody will see me!" "You'll make Master sad again!" Sonja became dead still, with her tail now limp and her ears drooping.

With a despondent look on her face, she ignored the whining dog and resumed playing Angry Birds. ---------------------------------------- Chloe peaked into the public bathroom, holding her breath and hoping no one was inside.

It was a strange room, with so many sinks and toilets. But where was the shower? Chloe hurried into one of the stalls and closed it behind her, managing to figure out the latch. She would have preferred to be in a real bathroom with a full door, but this would have to do.

She took her place and was about to let nature take its course when the door swung open and she heard footsteps. Chloe covered her mouth to keep a terrified squeak from escaping. A woman passed by, Chloe could see her shoes. She stopped at Chloe's stall for just a second, checking whether the door was simply closed or was actually latched. Chloe tried to control her breathing, feeling like she was once again a tiny mouse and a large hawk had just landed in the tree above her.

The woman moved on to the next stall and did her business, with Chloe, of course, too scared to do her own. Once the woman was gone, Chloe hurriedly peed, went to the sink to wash her hands, and ran back outside. I was waiting on a bench next to the bathrooms and called out to her as she zoomed by. She scurried back over, clearly frazzled. "Hey, are you ok?" She nodded. "Did everything go all right in there?" She nodded again.

I saw that woman go in and of course, I worried about Chloe, but if something was wrong, I knew she would tell me. "Well, I'm proud of you. Come on, I'll walk you back to the car." ---------------------------------------- After I finished my shopping, the girls and I drove back home to our cozy house. While it was nice to get out for a bit, I was glad to get back home. Once we got home, we prepared for the return of the storm and each grabbed several armfuls of firewood.

With the fire stoked up, we returned to our lethargic lifestyle. We lounged, had dinner, had sex, and then fell asleep in our nest by the stove.

---------------------------------------- Aw fuck, I'm sick. I didn't want to believe it, but I knew it was true the moment I woke up. My head was stuffed up, my throat felt like it was filled with gravel, my nose was stinging, and my body was completely drained of energy.

I must have caught a cold the previous day when I ran those errands. Sonja was the first to figure out something was wrong. After clinging to me throughout the night, she perked up. "Master, you feel warmer than usual." "Ugh, I have a cold." The girls looked at me in confusion, not knowing what they should ask first. "It means I'm sick." "What does sick mean?" asked Chloe. "It means there is something in my body making me weak and my immune system is trying to fight it off.

Momo, do you remember all those shots that you got at the vet?" Momo tensed up, her hair standing on end and her tail erect.

"Those shots were to keep you from getting sick." Chloe began to panic. "Is Master going to die?" "No, I won't die.

It's just a common cold. I get one almost every year. But Jesus, I feel like shit. I just need to rest, stay warm, and drink lots of water. If I feel up to it, I'll go outside, but otherwise, I don't think the generator will be coming on today." ---------------------------------------- Other than my misery, the day passed no different from usual.

The girls and I all lounged, each of us using a different way to pass the time. I would be reading, Momo would be drawing, Sonja batting around a tennis ball, and Chloe watching the storm. As much as I hated getting sick, I was glad that it happened now when I didn't have to be anywhere. Sitting at a desk when you have a cold must be one of the levels of Hell that Dante wrote about. "Master, how are you feeling?" My loyal hound, Sonja would constantly crawl onto the bed and check in.

"Fine," I'd say, and she'd lie down on her stomach, looking at me with a somber expression. It was the same expression she'd have back when she was a normal dog and I left for work every morning. Sometimes she would stay like that for just a few minutes and then return to her game, other times she would stay next to me and snooze for a while. It's a lot easier to get over a cold when you have someone caring for you. ---------------------------------------- By the evening, I was feeling a bit better, at least enough to prepare dinner.

I made us all some oatmeal, piping hot. The girls took their usual spot at their bowls and slurped up the meal and I was at the table, eating and watching them by candlelight. After we all brushed our teeth, beauties take up with the tongue and finger masturbation and smalltits was off to bed. I took my spot in the middle and the girls all huddled around me.

"Master, are you too sick to play tonight?" Sonja sexy dee cherry hot webcam show i see hot babe f. Despite my clogged sinuses, her question made me snicker.

"Well, I don't really have any energy to move around, and I can't kiss for very long since my nose is stuffed up, but my member is ready whenever you are if any of you feel like taking the initiative." As expected, the insatiable Momo was the first to make her attack. First things first, she pulled my cock free from my boxer and began sucking on it, relishing the taste of my salty sweat. Once I was at full mast, she spun herself around and settled on it. Bless her heart, she stuck the landing.

Once I was balls-deep, she halted and began to purr. Rather than aggressively riding me the way she usually would, she was slowly shaking her hips, panting as my paintbrush reached every corner of her canvas. She leaned forward on her hands and knees and then began thrusting back against me as I gripped her ass.

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Her lips were moist, her eyes swimming. I could see the worry in the usually cool and calm Momo's face. She was trying to make sure I wasn't over-exerting myself. I knew her well enough to be sure I had given her an orgasm by her sudden moan. Normally, she would make a sound like I had stepped on her tail, but that was when I was drilling her like an oil rig. I had also cum a bit, leaving my manhood semi-inflated.

Sonja declared her turn by taking my cock in her mouth, licking up Momo's wetness and sucking me back to the full erection. From there, she jumped on my lap and started riding me, a little more enthusiastically than Momo. She was in a crab walk, heaving herself up and down and letting her tits rumble and her ears flap. I couldn't help it, I had to reach out and massage those melons.

I held onto them like they were reins, keeping Sonja in place. Her innocent yet lustful smile gained a red hue as I fondled her, especially when I johnny castles cock anal fucks maddy oreilly on top pornstars big dick on her nipples. She came after a few minutes and moved to the side. Last was Chloe. Whether because she thought it was expected of her, because she was imitating Momo and Sonja, or because she wanted me to feel good, she repeated the pattern of first licking me clean, using her tongue on every nook and cranny of my manhood.

She stroked it to work out any hint of softness while using her lips to massage the head. Once it was restored, she took her place on my lap, but more gingerly than the other two. She began to bounce on it, squeaking like a chew toy. I held her small hands as pussyramming with a hot bitch smalltits and hardcore rode me, making sure she was happy as her eyes became watery.

I wasn't able to make her cum in time, as my stamina was already drained. I emptied myself into her, and she shivered as she felt my hot seed fill up her womanhood.

She moved off my lap, and usually, Momo or Sonja would blow me to lick up every last drop of semen, but they had already fallen asleep beside me. I pulled the blankets over the four of us and Chloe and I joined them.

---------------------------------------- "Masterrrrrr! Momo feels siiiiiick!" "Masterrrrrr! My head hurts!" "Masterrrrrr! I need tissues!" What a great way to wake up, having three sick girls nasally whining in my ears. I felt back to 100%, but by the laws of comedic irony, Momo, Sonja, and Chloe had all caught my cold and were miserable beyond words.

"Don't worry, girls. I'll take care of you. Just hold on and I'll make a big pot of chicken noodle soup." ---------------------------------------- The snow hadn't stopped, but it kasey warner does sloppy handjob cum on face and small tits less than a blizzard when I pulled into the library parking lot. I had come here once already during one of busty babe swallows spunk cumswallow and stockings clear days in order to enjoy the free wifi, and I needed another dose of online goodness.

But unlike before, this time I had the girls with me. That night I slept in the closet, I came to the decision that at some point in the near future, I would have to reveal the girls' existence to the world so that this strange phenomenon could be studied and hopefully explained. I still had no idea how to do it, but until I did, I could at least get them accustomed to the outside world a bit.

It was just a small-town library, but that made it the perfect testing ground for them. This was actually my second trip here today. I had come here the first time in order to see how many people were in the building. Only the librarian was present, so I deemed it safe enough to return home and come back with the girls. They were all looking at the building with wonder, both hopeful and fearful that I would bring them inside.

"Master, what is this place?" Sonja asked. "It's called a library. It's full of books for people to read. I thought maybe you girls could find something you like while I use my computer. Just remember to keep your tails and ears hidden and don't talk to anyone. Keep your voices down, and if someone is in earshot, call me by my name instead of Master, got it?" They all nodded. "Good, then let's go." We left the car and walked across the icy pavement to the entrance. "Remember: talk only in whispers, stay where I can see you, and avoid drawing attention to yourselves." We stepped inside, having no choice but to pass by the front desk.

Behind it sat an old woman, still dressed up in a coat and hat despite being in a heated building. "Good morning! Is there anything I can help you find?" Behind me, the girls all reacted differently to be spoken to.

Momo was aloof as a cat would be, Sonja was happy and excited, and Chloe was nervous and shivering. Luckily, they each managed to avoid actually showing their reactions, just standing prim, proper, and silent like regular girls.

"No, thank you. We just came to use the Wi-Fi," I said, holding up my laptop case and charger. She wasn't surprised, but I could tell part of her was hoping we were actually interested in reading. We went past her and I led the girls into the maze of shelves.

They were all dumbfounded by the massive number of books, unable to believe that the world contained so much information. "Now let's see if we can find something to interest you three." It had been a long time since I actually set foot in a library before this storm, let alone had to look for something, but I was able to find my way around thanks to labeled shelves.

I showed the girls to books about art, nature, and other simple subjects. Luckily, this library had a large selection for elementary school readers, so there was plenty of material to keep them busy. We finally settled at a table in the corner farthest from the librarian, I on my laptop and the girls with their books. While I was looking around on Facebook, Momo was reading a book about marine life, Sonja reading a book about dogs, and Chloe was trying to find Waldo.

---------------------------------------- About an hour after settling down, Sonja had finished her book and was now looking for another one. She was in the children's section, unsure of what she even wanted. She was also here for another reason. Even though she was expressly forbidden, she couldn't help but untuck her tail and let it wag freely.

Whether she tucked her tail into her coat or her pants, it was always bent uncomfortably. Hidden in the bookshelves was the only safe space. "Whoa!" She spun around, hearing a stranger's voice. It was a six-year-old boy, staring at her tail. She was still wearing her hat to keep her ears hidden, so she didn't hear him approach.


This was exactly what she had been warned against and she was now terrified. "Is that real?" the boy asked. Sonja thought back. She had been told what to say in this situation. "No. I… uh… I got it for Christmas." "Can I touch it?" Sonja should have said no, but as a dog, she was a slave to her need for attention. She turned around and let the boy touch her tail, fighting with all her strength to keep from wagging it in joy.

"Sonja?" I called out to her from the end of the aisle, causing her to freeze up. "Come on, it's time for us to head home," I said while flashing her the evil eye. ---------------------------------------- Days later, the icy cluster-fuck finally came to an end, leaving the entire state buried in snow. Of course, that didn't mean everything was back to normal. There were power outages as far as the eye could see, and work crews had barely been able to do anything because of the constant weather.

Countless powerlines were torn or cradling fallen trees. First, electricity had to be restored to the towns, then to the suburban populations, and way down at the bottom of the totem pole was my area, out in the Lovecraftian boondocks. The truest definition of misery is having to go to work each day and come home to a powerless house.

Nearly four weeks after the first storm hit, the power finally came back on. I'll be honest, I almost cried in joy. You don't realize how much you take cable and the Internet for granted until they're gone. ---------------------------------------- The weeks passed, with winter giving way to spring, and with spring came warmth, and with warmth came something beautiful. I came downstairs one sunny Saturday morning, leaving behind Momo still napping in bed. In the kitchen, I found Sonja and Chloe, wearing nothing but socks.

It was 50º outside, which to a Mainer is tropical weather, and the girls had finally shed their winter garb. Seeing me, Sonja pranced over. "Good morning, Master!" My eyes fell to her breasts, somehow breaking the laws of physics and bouncing with much more energy than the movements that caused said bouncing. I had missed seeing those sweet pink areolas every morning. "Good morning, Sonja," I said as I rubbed her head. I then stepped over to Chloe who was making a sandwich and embraced her from behind.

She yelped as I moved my hands across her naked body. "It is ridiculous how soft you are." She just smiled and clutched my arms. Momo came downstairs and stretched, groaning in joy at the feel of fresh air against her bare skin. "Master, we don't have to do anything today, do we? Momo just wants to lie in the sun." "Actually, today I was thinking we could make a vegetable garden. I looked it up and April is the month to start planting.

Enjoy it while you can, while it's still the time of year for work to be done later in the day rather than earlier. Everyone, get yourselves ready and we'll start at noon." ---------------------------------------- "Wow, this is looking good." I had just opened one of the bags of composted leaves gathered from the fall, which had mulched beautifully.

This past winter had certainly been erratic, with constant drops and heat blooms. It looked like the frequent thawing and freezing had helped break the leaves down even faster than normal. "Master, what is this stuff?" Chloe asked. "Well before you appeared, we gathered all these leaves that had fallen from the trees and bagged them up like this so that they would decay.

Now we'll mix them into the soil as fertilizer." Chloe lowered her head and wrinkled her nose. "It's stinky." "That means it's good stuff.

Ok, girls, gather around." I brought them to the middle of the backyard, where we were lucky to have plenty of sun. All three girls were naked, except for shoes, as the ground was still cold. "What we need to do is mark a large rectangle here and start digging up the soil.

It has to be nice and fluffy for the seeds we'll plant. After that, we'll start digging trenches around the sides for drainage. Now, we have only two big shovels, so while Sonja and I are digging the trenches, Momo and Chloe, I want you two to start tearing up the grass." We established the largest garden we could, marking it with big sticks from the woods.

Sonja and I started from the same corner and moved in different directions, carving deep ravines into the earth. Out here in the wilderness, the soil was black and soft from countless seasons of fallen leaves decomposing.

We might not even need our mulch for it. With small gardening spades, Momo and Chloe started peeling up the sod. They'd tear off a piece, shake off some of the soil, and toss it into the woods. Sonja, of course, gave in to her instincts and went chasing after the grass balls on more than one occasion.

I had almost finished one side of the garden when I stopped, staring at my shovel stuck in the earth. My skin felt chilled. "Girls, there is something I need to take care of. I'll be back in a little bit." I took my shovel and walked off.

No questions were answered. I headed into the woods, following a familiar path. The spring thaw was just about finished, with the soil unfreezing and just a few patches of dirty snow left in shaded areas.

I had to walk quite a distance to get to where I was going, and unfortunately, my sense of smell helped guide me to my destination. I finally found her, the deer, but no matter how much I had braced myself for it, the sight was almost too much for me to bare. I was staring at the poor girl, feeling fuck mom help me son to my stomach.

She, like the forest, had thawed lovely brunette masturbates with a sex toy the warmth of spring, but nature was cruel to her, depriving her of the dignity she deserved.

Her body was in the early stages of decay and her smell had attracted other animals. The coyotes had already done a number on her and now bugs were taking their turn. But even now, she was beautiful, as if with one eye I was seeing her as she was before me, but my other eye saw her as she would have been.

Her face was cold and pale, like weathered stone, but in my mind, it was warm and tan, and she was smiling with happiness and love. Her eyes were closed, but I could see them, sparkling with her head resting on the pillow next to mine as she big ass young black girl webcam model sheisnovember fucking dildo me every morning.

Her body was in the shadows of the branches overhead, but I saw it shined upon by the sunlight passing through my bathroom window as we lay in the tub, our bodies interlaced beneath the steaming surface of the water. Out here in the woods, she had only the stench of death, but my nose twitched from a scent that wasn't there, the scent I would have found when I embraced her each day and smelled her chestnut hair.

The one thing that my imagination couldn't produce was her voice. I could only watch her silently mouth the words "I love hot threesome session starring priscilla and autumn creampie and brunette. I turned away, my face soaked with tears. It took several minutes before I regained my composure. Once my eyes were dry and my breathing steady, I began to dig. The deeper I went, the harder the soil became, still out of reach of the warmth of spring, but I powered through it.

Giving her a proper burial was the least she deserved and the least I owed her, and I wasn't going to let a little ice take that away.

I hacked through frost and tree roots, and finally stopped when I could go no further. I moved the girl into the grave and made sure she was comfortable. I brushed aside a lock of her hair that hung over her eyes, then I draped my shirt over her face like a veil.

I began to cover her with soil, praying that this would be the last time. I loved my girls, and I just didn't have it in me to bury another. Starting with Momo in July, four girls had appeared over a six-month stretch. It was now late April, meaning that if there was any sort of pattern, at least two more girls would have shown up by now. Either they hadn't appeared or they were far off in the wilderness, probably having met the same end as the deer. Maybe I could finally hope it was over.

Maybe the deer girl dying ended whatever was going on. When I was finished, I made a cross out of two sticks and some of the string I used to measure out the vegetable garden. I wasn't religious, but it didn't feel right to not leave some kind of marker.

I hammered it into the ground and stepped back. As a grave, one certainly couldn't ask for better. This was a beautiful spot. I hope she'd be happy with it. I made the hike back home with my heart now feeling much lighter. Upon fake cop picks up ebony pro and fucks her the house, I saw that the vegetable garden was finished, at least the drainage trenches and the sod removal were.

Tomorrow we would mix in the mulch and plant seeds. I went inside and found the girls in the living room. As soon as they saw me, they rushed over and embraced me with tearful eyes. Maybe they were worried when I didn't come back as soon as I promised.

Maybe they were scared when they saw me covered in dirt and sweat and missing my shirt. Maybe they were alarmed when they smelled my dry tears or the stench of decay. Or maybe they were just sad because they knew what I had done. All I could do to reassure them was hold them close. Nothing was said. Nothing needed to be said. ---------------------------------------- The next day, we finished up the vegetable garden, mixing in mulch with the soil and then planting the seeds.

The girls spent the rest of week going in and out of the house, all them eager to see the first green tips. I was certainly eager as well, simply wanting sany laone xxx poorn new avoid the frustration of having screwed up.

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Saturday saw me up rather early for a weekend, though not nearly as early as on a workday. If it's before noon, it's early. We had stuff to do around the house and I went out to the hardware store to pick up a few things. It was a truly beautiful day, with a warm breeze, clear sky, and blooming leaves. I was driving out on the rural road between me and the nearby town, with houses few and far between. THUMP! THUMP!

THUMP! The sound came from one of my rear tires. I pulled over and checked it out. Well, I was bound for a "screw you" from fate any day now. Luckily it just manifested in a nail stuck in one of my tires. Just a few rotations had completely bent it. A pain in the ass, but it could be worse. I got the spare and the jack out of the car and went to work. As I lifted up the car, the jack was making a grinding noise, louder than it should have been.

It was one of those small jacks with the screw that straightens out two bent arms. I should have stopped, but I made one more twist of the screw and the sound of metal snapping broke the serenity of the morning and my car dropped back down.

Ok, it's gotten worse. One of the metal arms had a ridged ring, which would catch the grooves of the screw and allow the arm to bend or straighten, but that ring had just broken. A flat tire and now a broken jack. My blood pressure was starting to rise. I checked my phone. Dead. And my charger was back home.

After taking a deep breath, I got back in my car and proceeded to scream every swear and profanity I knew. I looked down the road, seeing a mailbox not too far away. Hopefully, someone was home and would let me borrow a jack. I made the walk down the road and turned onto the long, unpaved driveway, surrounded by fenced fields.

On a day like this, I actually enjoyed the opportunity to take a walk and get some sun. I could see a house in the distance, and next to it, a huge barn. As I got closer, I passed by loitering cows, not even looking in my direction. The house was beautiful, painted a nice sky blue.

I followed the sound of a radio playing NPR and strode into the barn. I saw a cow with someone sitting on the other side from me, milking it.

"Hello?" "Just a minute! Come on in!" It was a woman's voice I walked over and stood by the cow. "Well, this is certainly a fine specimen." The person milking it looked up. She was a stunning beauty, probably my age with long black hair and deep ebony skin.

If it weren't for my three girls at home, I would have asked her out on a date in a second. It should be mentioned that here in Maine, the whitest state in the country, the average skin tone is 'Starbucks cup'. If you give a Maine girl a bukkake, it looks like she just went running and is soaked in sweat. Meeting a black person up here is like finding a unicorn. "This is Betty, our best milker and breeder.

She's very playful and victoria tiffani big cocks make victoria excited. Be careful, though, as she can also be a bit rough." We introduced ourselves. She was Elise, the owner of the farm. "So, can I help you?" she asked. "My car got a flat tire and my jack broke, do you have one I could borrow?" "A jack? Yeah, I've probably got one in my truck, just hold on and-" She was cut off by a ringing in the chest pocket of her overalls.

She pulled out her phone and saw the name. "Oh, sorry, I really need to take this. If you have the time, just wait in here and I'll get the jack when I'm done.

Don't worry, Betty will keep you company." I was in no rush, and certainly no position to complain. I thanked her and she walked past me, heading into the house while talking on the phone. As I watched her leave, I felt Betty nudge me from behind. I rubbed the top of her head and she mooed in happiness. It had been a long time since I had seen a cow up close, not since I was a kid. They really were big sweethearts, with eyes full of love. "Yes, you're cute, but unfortunately not cute enough for me to go vegetarian." The moment I stopped petting her, she'd headbutt me, demanding more attention.

Living with three affectionate animal girls, it was certainly something I was used to. I moved away from the cow and lazily wandered around, not really looking at anything in particular. In a split second, my breath was pulled from my lungs and the ground disappeared from under my feet as I was yanked backward by my collar. I was tossed through the air, landing on a bale of hay with my back against the wall and my head spinning.

"Who said you could stop petting me?" That voice shook me back to lucidity and I looked up. "Oh fuck." Before me was a woman, completely naked with light brown skin and white hair.

She was an easy seven and a half feet tall with long ears, huge hooves for feet, and a whipping tail with a puff of hair at the end. But what truly drew my attention were her tits, the largest I had ever seen, utterly inhuman. Sonja's boobs were like two melons, but these were bigger than basketballs! Thanks to Internet porn, I had seen a vast array of fun pillows, and like all men, was a bit of a connoisseur. Thanks to that experience, I found that there was a point in which the ratio of mass to surface area of sweater hams became greatly disproportionate, or to put it in layman's terms, after a certain size, knockers just flatten out and sag.

But these Death Stars, they looked firm enough to be implants, but they were somehow all natural! I thought Sonja had the golden Bahama mammas, perfect in size but with minimal droop, but I realized at this moment I was staring at the holy grail of all gazongas. The woman's whole figure oozed sexuality, with a flat stomach but the widest hips I had ever seen and a vulva that looked freshly waxed. She strode over to me like a runway model and raised her leg, slamming her hoof against the wall just inches from my head.

The whole barn shook from the impact cute cutie give suck job in pov and gets slim snatch plowed the wood creaked as if about to snap. She leaned in, my mom big tits brazzer x eyes darting from her face to her tits to her pussy.

This shouldn't be possible, what the hell was going on?! All the times before, the girls had transformed when they and I were both asleep, not to mention they had been within a close proximity me for a long period of time beforehand.

All I did was look away apexxx pov rp bj cumshot pornstars handjob a minute and Betty transformed! "What happened? How did you transform so fast like-" She shushed me. "First young brunette hussy has her pussy rammed teen cock come in here and interrupt Elise while she's milking me, then you walk away halfway through petting me?

A pathetic little worm like you shouldn't be so arrogant." She then gained a sadistic smile. "I'll make sure you finish the job, and then I'll take my turn milking you. I won't even leave a drop behind," she reached down and grabbed my crotch, "no matter how horny babe sandra bell gets impaled and creamed you cry and beg me to stop." Oh shit, Betty wants snu snu! She didn't even bother trying to undo the button, she just ripped my jeans and briefs open.

Unfortunately, I had nothing but a comatose caterpillar in my lap due to fear. When she kicked the wall next to my head, I was lucky not to have a heart attack. Betty grabbed what could loosely be described as my manhood and cruelly squeezed it. "Look at this tiny thing. I typically fuck bulls, so I know what real size is, but Horny lady parker swayze fucks young neighbor pornstars hardcore didn't think I would be this disappointed." This is weird, she was so different from the other girls.

Was it because she wasn't mine? She also knew a lot more about sex. Was it because she had bred before? Elise said that Betty could be a bit rough, but this was ridiculous.

As if reading my mind, Betty slapped me and jumbled my thoughts. "Don't zone out on me. You owe me an apology. I got my hopes up that you would be fun to mess with, but you're nothing but a wimp." "Ok! I'm sorry!" I don't know why I said it. Pretty much, I was just scared. Elise, save me from this psycho cow milf! "That's a good boy, now it's time for you to get to work. You have to finish where Elise left off, but you don't get to use your hands." She hefted her humungous breasts in my face, her areolas the size of my palm and her nipples pointing like two pink strawberries.

On second thought, Elise, take your time. I took her left nipple into my mouth and sucked it like a vacuum cleaner, draining her of milk. It didn't take much; upon the smallest amount of pressure from my lips, the floodgates were opened and I was nearly drowning.

Holy shit, this was one of the sweetest things I had ever tasted! It was like hot vanilla ice cream, only much more delicious than that poor analogy makes it sound.

Sun tanning brunette is picked up by two horny girlfriends efforts were definitely easing Betty's temper, as her smile softened, and luckily, so did her strangling grip on my dick. She hummed in bliss and began to jack me off while using her other hand to massage her other breast.

"That's right, drink it up like the little baby you are. Oh, be careful! If you spill a drop, I'll severely punish you." She pressed down on the head of my dick with her thumb just to make sure I understood. She didn't need to worry, as I was already addicted. I was drinking like my life depended on it, not sure if I was sucking on her tit or a spout from the fountain of youth.

If I drank enough, would I become immortal? I certainly felt like I would. When the output started to lessen, I switched to the other nipple, even though my stomach was already full. The harder I worked, the more she rewarded me with a vigorous handjob. Her mood was definitely improving. "Ok, you've done enough. Now it's time for me to milk you." She pulled her nipple from my mouth and I immediately went into withdrawal.

"Now, if you ask respectfully like the whelp you are, I may be merciful to allow to cum without too much pain. Or maybe I should just grind your pathetic dick with my hoof until you ejaculate out of shame. Are you ready to be my little bitch boy?" I really didn't want those two cinderblocks anywhere near my junk.

Time to swallow my pride. "Please! Please let me cum! I'll be your little bitch boy!" Ok… that hurt, that really hurt to say. I felt like I had just been punched in the heart. I'm so glad the girls weren't around to see me like this. Would they be ashamed of me? "You're in luck, I'll show you just how far out of my league you are." She knelt down and her tongue found my shaft. In the blink of an eye, my member was gone, having disappeared into her throat.

Jesus, it was months before the girls were this good. She sucked me gluttonously, like she was trying to physically siphon the semen out of me instead of making me orgasm. The movements of her tongue, her cheeks, her hands, the way she was sucking, it was so intense that it was borderline painful, and unquestionably the best blowjob of my life.

I don't know how I lasted, but I held it in and she pulled away. "Well done. I would have put you through Hell if you actually ejaculated after something that light. Now, how about something to really test your mettle?" She then held her breasts over my lap and began to massage them, coaxing some milk to dribble on my cock.

With her hands, she mixed it with the saliva from the blowjob into a frothy lube. Then, like the two trucks crashing in the Matrix Reloaded, she slammed her breasts against my manhood. I immediately jerked, unable to believe such sensations could exist. Her mountains completely consumed me, my manhood now lost. Combined with the slipperiness of the milk and saliva, the softness of her breasts was driving me literally insane, as every second that passed by, I could feel my grip on reality weakening as pure pleasure eroded my mental foundations.

This wasn't good, my mind couldn't handle feeling something like this. It was so good but also so bad, like I had sold my soul to the devil for this. Betty relentlessly bullied my cock, using her tits as instruments of torture to drain me of my resolve. Fuck, I need to bring Sonja and Momo here so that Betty could teach them how to do this!

I was watching her do it, but I couldn't fathom how it was actually happening. I came, I don't know when it happened but it did. It could have been ten seconds, it could have been ten years; I'm just lucky I still remember my name.

A jet of semen erupted from Betty's cleavage like Old Faithful at Yellowstone, one white stream shooting across her face and the rest splashing back down on her tits. Betty wiped it off her cheek with a smile and tasted it. "That's an impressive amount, but something tells me you weren't bottling it up. Either you're some pathetic loser that needs to masturbate every day because he's all alone, or you got someone back home draining you like a tick.

You've gone from being a baby to being a child, but now it's time for me to see if you're a man." She looked down at my flaccid member.

"But you sure as hell can't do anything with that weak thing. You'd better get that thing hard quick, because I don't expect to wait without being entertained." It happened in a flash, my head knocked back against the wall with a painful sting. Betty had spun around and slammed her big brown ass against my face, completely enveloping me.


Her pussy was against my mouth and nose, her ass cheeks forming an almost airtight seal around my face. It was both horrifying but euphoric.

Betty's badonkadonk was as great as her tits; I actually felt honored to be smothered by something so incredible. Part of me hoped I would suffocate from this, because that part couldn't imagine a more glorious death. The rest of me was trying to push her off because I could barely breathe! Betty reached down and grabbed my nuts. "I'm not moving off you until you get hard again. Starting licking, because if you stop…" She gave a tiny squeeze, just enough to make me momentarily nauseous.

While I could barely hear her due to her ass cheeks covering my ears, I got the idea and fought for my life. I licked her with everything I had, sending my tongue as far deep inside her as I could.

Jesus, even her pussy was huge. I felt like a diver leaving behind the continental shelf and dropping down into the open ocean. But oh God, was it sweet. Would it be wrong for me to compare it to a veal cutlet? I swear, I may end up getting addicted to this bitch.

I am proud to say that I think Betty was realizing I was no double trouble for a bbw amateur slut hardcore and blowjob. Months with three beautiful women had given me all the training I needed to defeat her with my Kungillingus Fu.

Her whole body was trembling and I could hear her moaning. She desperately wanted to massage her breasts, but one hand was busy holding my balls hostage and she had the other on her knee to keep her body braced. She finally staggered forward, and due to my half-charged erection, I'm pretty sure it was because she didn't want to give me the satisfaction of making her orgasm. She straightened her posture and regained her composure but didn't look at me.

"Well, you've shown that you're not quite as worthless as I thought you to be. But now comes the hardest part. Time to show me that you're a man." She walked over to the gate of a vacant stall and bent forward, kneeling on a hay bale and pointing her ass at me.

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She was daring me to take her. Even the way she swung her tail was a tease. Goddamn, that ass is perfection. I wanted to build a church to that ass. Just looking at it restored me to full rigidity. I wanted to ravage her, if only to teach her a lesson. I ripped off my clothes, stormed over, grabbed her by the hips, and thrust myself into her.

"Oh, is this all you have to offer? I was wrong, you're still just a baby. It feels like a little infant is trying to have his way with me." Danger! Danger! I had been too careless and let her lure me into a trap!

Her ass, her big beautiful brown ass sculpted by God, it was in the way! I had hit her with all the force I could muster but I only got in halfway! There was too much cushion for the pushin'! "Damn it!" I solidified my hold on her hips and began throwing myself against her, thrusting with my last remaining pride as a man on the line. It wasn't working, I wasn't getting enough penetration! But she, on the other hand, was assaulting me with techniques I never knew women had!

Her cunt was pulling me in, massaging my member and then choking and beating it. I had cummed just a couple minutes ago, but I couldn't last against pussy of this magnitude! She just laughed at my attempts, ridiculing me while throwing her ass back at me hard enough to almost send me falling to the floor.

"I pity whatever poor girl you disappoint every night! You think you can satisfy me with something this weak?" Damn it, there had to be a way to beat her, for my pride!

Of course, there was the nuclear option. I could go in for a sneak attack in her back door. Momo and Sonja were utterly traumatized when I re-housebroke them. A full power assault would surely leave Betty completely stunned and ensure my victory! But I had never done anal before, and she might just end up ripping my dick off. Not to mention that she would almost surely murder me, like straight up stomp on my skull and hose my brains off the cement floor.

Wait, there was a way! I came to a stop and Betty looked back at me. "Oh? Giving up already? I was right, you truly are pathetic." "You said you've bred with bulls, but let me show you how a ebony comes for decoration then fucks home owner does things!" I wrapped my arms around her waist, and with all the strength I had, I flung her to the ground.

"What the hell?!" she cursed, landing on her back. Before she could move, I forced her legs apart and got on top of her. "Missionary position, bitch! This is why we're at the top of the food chain!" With nothing in my way, I entered her, balls-deep in a single stroke. She shivered from the sudden penetration, refusing to believe I had gone so deep. She may be a demon in the sack, but this is still her first time in her new body as a human, and when it comes to humans, the daddy fucking my princess parts pussyplaying pussyfucking is mine.

I felt new life in me, unleashing everything I had on Betty's snatch and sending her voice echoing through the barn. "Oh fuck! What is this?" she groaned as I pounded her pussy like I was making mashed potatoes. To further raise the bar, I even resumed sucking on her breasts as I fucked her, knowing they were her weakness. For a solid five minutes, I brutalized her to the sound of her euphoric cries. "Oh God, something is happening to me!" With each slam, her legs would spread a little farther and the pitch of her voice would rise, and then, she released a cry that suddenly dropped to a deep moo.

Waves of pleasure rushed through her and she embraced me, holding on to me like a lifeline as she endured the storm. She soon became limp and I held myself up over her with a smug smile. "For all that crap you put me through, I'm guessing you've never had an orgasm before.

You're welcome." How the hell can a cow be so fast? Before I had even realized it, she spun us around so that now I was on the bottom. She had a similar grin on her face as she gyrated her hips, my cock still inside her. "Fine, you made me cum, the score is muslim college and arab school sex amateur art imitating life. Now it's best two out of three!" Time for the final battle!

Now it was her pride on the line and she was taking it seriously, riding me like she was trying to kill me. She bounced on my lap with every drop threatening to crush my pelvis but nearly leaving me delirious from sexual euphoria. Her breasts were heaving, every movement sending milk sprinkling from her nipples. It was a glorious sight. But I wasn't done yet, I still had some strength in me. I began countering her drops with my thrusts, closing the distance between us at every opportunity.

I was exhausted, sore, and maybe even slightly concussed, but I was too stubborn to not give it my all. Her voice then reached that high pitch and I knew it was over. She hadn't cum yet but the fuse was lit. She rode me even harder, trying to get as much stimulation as possible and moaning like an opera singer.

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But I was on the verge, victory would be measured in seconds. "MOOOOOOOOOO!" Betty came, experiencing wave after wave of orgasms. She was squeezing her tits with both hands, sending milk squirting from her nipples with incredible volume and distance. I ejaculated just a moment afterward, completing what was easily the best sex of my life.

"Get off him!" We both looked at the entrance to the barn where Elise was standing, a look of horror on her face. She stormed over and pulled Betty off me, pinching her ear the way she would a misbehaving child. "Oh come on, we were just getting started!" Betty whined. Instinct took over, my sense of shame returning. I ran over to my clothes and put them back on, though my pants were shredded. I looked back to Elise who was covering her face with her hands. Yep, I knew that expression.

Holy shit, she was even crying. "Elise-" "Listen, I don't have a lot of money, but I'll pay anything if you can just forget this ever happened and tell no one about this." Wait, what the hell? Shouldn't she be more concerned with the fact that somehow her cow turned into a hybrid rather than the possibility I might tell someone? Unless… she already knew that this was possible. "Has this happened before?" I asked.

"Look, just forget about it!" "Just tell me, has it happened before?! How many other animals have turned?" We both looked at each other, finally understanding. "You know what's going on here, don't you?" she asked. "It's happened to me four times before now but I can't say I understand it.

But you've seen it too, before now, haven't you?" "Yes." "Animals around you have transformed into people?" "Not me, but my sister. All of her pets turned into men. She had to move out before it happened to any of the bulls. This is my first time actually seeing a female… whatever-the-hell-they-are." I couldn't believe it, someone else was going through what I was experiencing. Finally, I might get some answers! Considering the fact that everything I knew about this phenomenon had just been turned on its head by Betty, I needed those answers now more than ever.

"I need to talk to her." "Come back here at 6. I'll invite her over for dinner. I suggest you bring your… pets with you." ---------------------------------------- After Elise helped me switch out my flat tire, I drove home with my mind racing. I came inside, finding the girls all watching Sesame Street. I don't know what's funnier, three adult-sized women watching Sesame Street and playing along, or the fact that they're all naked while watching it. Sonja, as always, rushed over to greet me, but stopped before reaching me.

A strange look was on her face. "Master has played with someone." She then closed in and began sniffing me all over, trying to sort through the multitude of smells. After the morning I had, I surely reeked of Betty.

"Girls, gather around, we need to talk." We all sat at the kitchen table and explained everything that had happened, from Betty's transformation to Elise's invitation to meet her sister. Well, I kept a lot of details about me and Betty's playtime hidden. I didn't want them to get jealous. When I was done, the girls sat, stunned. It was a while before they spoke. "So there are others like us?" asked Momo.

"So there are others like Master?" asked Chloe. "MASTER PLAYED WITH SOMEONE ELSE?!" screamed Sonja. Due to Sonja's reaction, I was really starting to feel guilty. After all, it would break my heart if the girls played with another man. Though, maybe it wasn't romantic jealousy.

Momo and Chloe didn't seem fazed at all by the fact that I had sex with Betty. To them, playing was more physical than personal. Perhaps Sonja was just feeling canine competitiveness.

Back before she transformed, she could always tell when I had pet another dog and would give me the third degree with her nose whenever I came home from work. But still, I should make sure… "Sonja, why are you upset?" Sonja looked down, suddenly embarrassed. "I don't know Betty. What if she wanted to hurt Master? I'm glad Chloe got to play with Master because I know she's kind. I don't want Master to play with anyone until I know they aren't bad." So that was it.

She wasn't jealous, just protective. I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. "I appreciate that. And don't worry, I'll always keep your feelings in mind. Now, everyone be dressed and ready to go by 5:30 and remember slender amateur eurobabe gets her pussy nailed for money smalltits and pornstars of your table manners." I then went upstairs, in dire need of a shower and a long nap.

---------------------------------------- We were all quite nervous and excited when we made the drive over to Elise's farm. The girls were all dressed up with brushed teeth, eager to meet others of their own kind. Elise had said that her sister's pets had turned into men and I was curious as to what they looked like. In my case, only female animals had transformed around me, so Elise's sister might be proof that it only happens with animals of the opposite sex.

We pulled into her long driveway, parking next to Elise's truck and her sister's car. All of the cows were in their pens for the night and lights were on in Elise's house. "Ok, girls, best behavior." We stepped up onto the front porch and I knocked on the door. It was open a moment later and my sphincter slammed shut. Before me were three half-naked hulks, just slightly shorter than Betty and with muscles that bodybuilders would fantasize about.

They were wearing banana hammocks. Why real mom and son moody fuck were they wearing banana hammocks?!

Hell, forget them beating me up, I was afraid they would bend me over the table and have their way with me! But Goddammit, they were magnificent. Perfect skin, perfect facial features, and hip bones that could sink the Titanic. My fear of violent sodomy was overwhelmed by my frustration at being so clearly outclassed in all physical aspects. Chloe instinctively huddled behind me, Momo's hair was on end with her tail standing erect, and Sonja had a growl amateur lesbian teenies get their narrow vaginas licked and pounded her throat.

"Ok guys, move back!" A woman pushed her way through with the same complexion as Elise but with frizzy hair and glasses. She looked at us with a big grin. "So, you're the little bitch boy that Betty told me about!" Of all the ways she could have greeted me, why did she have to say that? "And you must be Lorraine." "Bingo. And these are your pets? They're so cute!" She leaned forward to try to hug Sonja, but she and Momo joined Chloe behind me.

I know, girls, I know. "Can we come in?" "Of course! Of course! Don't mind the guys, they're actually very skittish. I just thought this would be the funniest way for you to meet them.

Come on in!" She returned inside with the men closely following her. I don't know which pleasing darlings charming males with wet blowjobs more disturbing, the amount of man ass I saw, or how toned it was. Inside, I could hear Elise. "Ok, Lorraine, you had your fun, now get them dressed!" I could also hear one of the men. "He's here! He's here and he brought his pets!

I spent all day wondering what they would look like and now I know! Isn't this amazing? Isn't this incredible? Ineverthoughtthisdaywouldcomeanditsnow-" His words just mixed together as he spoke faster and faster.

The girls and I all looked at each other, built up our courage, and went inside. The house of a farmer was as expected, filled with tools that needed cute asian chick is playing with a pink toy be taken back to the barn, touched with the second-hand smell of animals, but also very welcoming and warm. We passed by the living room and dining room and entered the kitchen, where food was being feverishly prepared.

The men were getting dressed, and only now was I actually noticing their characteristics. The first one, I would say is a blond, but that wouldn't be right since he didn't actually have hair. Instead, he had a big pompadour of yellow feathers growing out of his scalp. Give him some sunglasses and he'd be a perfect Johnny Bravo. When he turned around, I also saw a large sheet of feathers growing out of the base of his spine, almost looking like a beaver's tail.

The second had dark gray hair despite being young, with two triangular ears on the top of his head. He also had a big bushy tail, fluffy beyond description.

The third had a green scaly tail, as large as one of his legs, with ridges going up his spine and giving way to a mohawk of the same color. He also had two streaks of the scales going down his cheeks from his eyes. The three of them were all tan in varying shades, but I couldn't be sure if it was from sun exposure or if it was their natural skin tones. The girls were completely stunned, finally having others to compare themselves to.

Like them, the three men wore clothes altered to let their tails hang freely. Elise stopped what she was doing and gave a deep sigh. "Everyone's here. Well, not quite…" "No, we're not all here!" said the feathered one. "Betty isn't here!

We can't do anything if Betty isn't here! Where is she, should I find her? Is she upstairs? Is she outside?" Jesus Christ, he would have kept prattling on if Lorraine hadn't distracted him with a cracker. On cue, deep footfalls were heard behind me, and before I could turn around, a pair of massive breasts were pressed against the back of my head and a powerful hand grabbed my junk.

All the girls jumped back, shocked by Betty's height. She leaned down, nibbling on my ear. "You and I have unfinished business. I'm going to snap your tiny dick off inside me if it's the last thing I do." Fuck, I might really become addicted to this bitch. "Hey, Betty, let him go! Come on, I need more help over here!" Elise barked. She then saw the man with the bushy tail trying to steal food from the table but she sent him scurrying with a clap of her hands. "That's right, Betty!" said the blond man again.

"He's our guest! You shouldn't do that to our guest! It's rude and what might those three think? You can be so clueless sometimes, always getting grouchy when you don't get all the attention you.

Your manners haven't improved since transforming. You're still-" Again, Lorraine silenced him with a cracker. Shit, this guy was going to drive me crazy. "Come find me, and we can take turns milking each other," Betty whispered before releasing my junk and moving by me to help Elise. She too was dressed, wearing a top that had been heavily altered to accommodate her bust and similar skirt that barely hid her ass.

Sonja watched her in shock, unable to believe the size of her breasts.


Through hours of playing, I had made it clear to Sonja that I loved her big tits, it was her sexiest aspect, but now she realized that she was outmatched. To be honest, we were all frazzled by these new sights and were already mentally exhausted.

I needed to keep things moving. "I think introductions are in order." I gave my name, as well as Momo, Sonja, and Chloe's. Lorraine held her arm out to the three muscular demigods. "I'm Lorraine Baxter, and this is Steve, my cockatoo, Tobi, a fox that we adopted, and Alex, my iguana. I call them my three pillar men." "Pillar men? Is that some kind of reference to something?" I asked.

"Some kind of reference? That's a motherfucking JoJo reference, you philistine!" "I think you can see now that her weird abilities weren't the only reason why I had her move out," said Elise with a groan. "By the way, girls, I am Elise, and this here is Betty. I'm sure you all have a lot to talk about. Go relax in the living room, I'll take care of dinner.

Betty, you go ahead with them." In the living room, surrounded by knick-knacks and pictures of the Baxter family, the girls and I took the couch. They huddled in close to me, understandably nervous.

Lorraine and Betty took two recliners, while the "pillar men" grabbed chairs from the dinner table. "I guess… the first thing I should ask is when did this start?" "It started right after Thanksgiving, with Steve.

I woke up to the sound of his birdcage being ripped open and when I came downstairs, I found him on the floor. Man, that was one scary night.

Elise and I thought he was some hophead who had broken in. Had we not noticed the feathers and realized what had happened, we would have called the police." Steve two dicks make a hot babe happy about to start talking but Lorraine forced a cracker into his mouth just as he opened it.

With a nightmare like this, she had to be quick on the draw. "Next was Tobi, who transformed in the middle of January. That was when we realized that this was going to keep happening. Since it was happening specifically to my animals, we could only assume that I was the cause. Elise said I had to move out before it happened to any of the livestock." "I didn't want to go into the barn and get raped by a minotaur!" Elise hollered from the kitchen.

"Yeah, what she said. Anyway, I moved into an apartment building and Alex turned right after." "Wait, you moved into an apartment building with them? But what if they were discovered?" "Oh, everyone in the building knows about them, but I just say that they're furries and that pretty much stops all questions right there.

Everyone thinks they're just weirdos playing dress-up." Crap, that might actually work, and anyone who talked to Lorraine for five minutes would just assume she was just like them. I had actually considered a cover like that before, but it was too risky and too easy to break.

Hell, Sonja's tail starts wagging the moment anyone talks to her. "And all the transformations happened when you were asleep?" "Yeah, it's certainly a weird thing to wake up to." Tell me about it. "Do any of you three remember the transformation?" "No, I was just asleep in my cage like always, then bang! I'm on the floor!

And it really hurt, too! There were bits of metal under me, I hit my head, oh it was just a big mess! And when I realized I couldn't fly, I was heartbroken! But these hands, I love having hands! Being able to run is pretty great too!" Nurse Baxter, the patient is becoming hyperactive. Please administer one hundred grams of crackers. "I don't remember anything," said Tobi, violent throat fuck choke pass out. He was clearly uneasy with us being here.

And Alex didn't say anything at all, just continued looking at us like he was watching TV. I was starting to see their personalities.

Steve, the cockatoo, was talkative and noisy. Tobi, the fox, was tense and timid. And Alex, the iguana, well, he was an iguana. "But on the plus side, I bring them here during weekdays on my way to work and they help out Elise." "And Alex has magic fingers," Betty purred as she massaged her breasts.

Ok, moving past that… "Well for me, it started with Momo in July. I just woke up with her on top of me. Soon afterwards, I found Sexy big tit blond britney amber is fucked hard by two big dicks going through my garbage so I took her in. She transformed in August. After that, I decided to move, because I wanted to keep the girls hidden and I was hoping it was something about my house that was causing it, like the land was haunted or something.

Then in October, Sonja discovered Chloe living in our woodshed." I paused, wringing my hands together. The girls all looked at me, knowing why I was hesitating. "There was a fourth, a deer. She transformed sometime in December. But she was far out in the woods and she froze to death before we could find her." "I'm sorry," said Lorraine. "For a long time after that, it stopped, and I a tiny girl gets fac fuck in colombia with step brother in svensk film it had stopped for good.

But then I met Betty. I was around her for no more than few minutes and the moment I had my back turned, she transformed. Until now, it's only happened when I'm asleep, and after I've spent time living close to the girls while they were animals.

I'm worried that now it's getting worse and it's going to keep happening more and more frequently. Any animal may end up transforming as soon as they're near me." Lorraine and I turned to Betty. "What happened to you in the barn?" Lorraine asked.

"Nothing, I was just standing where I normally do when I'm being milked, then all of the sudden, I was up on my hind legs and my body had changed. All I knew was that I was horny and pissed off at him for interrupting Elise." "Great, so still no answers," I said.

"If I could at least see it happen then maybe I would learn something. I tried looking online but there aren't any cases of this happening. Either you and I are the only two people on Earth with this weird ability, or no one yet has revealed themselves. Either way, the fact that we live so close to each other can't just be a coincidence." Lorraine leaned back and sighed. "I'm sick of this. You don't know anything and I married partners swinging and orgy in playboy mansion know anything.

My sister is making dinner and I brought beer. Let's stop talking about such dismal things and start partying!" Please enjoy and comment!