Beautiful virgin twat vs fake penis hardcore and blowjob

Beautiful virgin twat vs fake penis hardcore and blowjob
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The week after Alyssa and I had sex, my life changed. I went from being a nobody, to the center of the attention of almost every popular girl at school. I had went from dodging pesterous jocks to being surrounded by hot girls. The attention was not just at school. At work, it seemed every naughty guy gets in natures garb homemade hardcore I turned around there was a girl standing behind me. I really enjoyed the attention, although I was not really sure why my status had changed.

One night while helping my older sister, Charlotte, with her chemistry homework, she made a comment about my instant popularity. "Ernie, I am glad you found time from your busy schedule to help me," she started. "It is no problem at all sis, family first," I joked.

"So how are you adjusting to you new found popularity?" She asked. I pondered on her question. "It is strange, but enjoyable. I do not understand why though." "You don't understand? Are you serious?" She seemed surprised by my response. I looked at her dumbfoundedly. "Of course I am serious.

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I do not understand how I went from being King of the Geeks one day and the next being constantly surrounded by girls." "To be so smart, you sure are dumb," she laughed. We continued working on her chemistry, but my mind was stuck on what she had said.

By her comment, I assumed she knew something. If it was so obvious, why hadn't I figured it out. The thoughts of our conversation soon evaporated as we sunk into my first love, science.

I helped her work out some chemical equations and explained the concepts of the molecular structures of some atoms. She seemed confused, but all the science talk had me excited. She finally told me to stop. It was getting late, and we had school the next day. She left the dining room table and went to take a shower.

When she was done, I took my turn in the shower. The one bad thing about living in a house full of girls is that if you are the last to shower, there is not much hot water.

By the time I had soaped my hair up, the hot water went away. So with icy cold water, I rinsed the shampoo from my hair as quickly as I could. I turned the water off, and my teeth were chattering because I was so cold. I dried, and dressed. I hurried to put my sleep chubby cougarwith huge natural boobs takes huge black schlong and t-shirt on before hypothermia set in, then I left the bathroom and headed toward the warmth of my bed.

As I walked by Charlotte's room, I remembered how our conversation had ended. I stopped, the door was opened so I cleared my throat to get her attention. She was brushing her hair while listening to some music through her ear buds.

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When I cleared my throat she looked up and pulled the buds from her ears. "What do you need, Ernie?" "Earlier, you said I was dumb, what did you mean by that?" She laughed, stood up and moved toward the door. My twin, Dedra was already asleep so when Charlotte was close enough she began to new porn game honoka fuck pov play free. "You fucked Alyssa and all she has talked about is how good you were, and how big know, is.

The girls that have been hanging around you are all sluts, just like Alyssa." "What did Alyssa say?" I was curious to know what she was saying about my love making skills. "Do you really think that I would stand around and listen to another girl talk about doing the nasty with my little brother? Sorry Ernie, if you want to know, you are going to have to ask someone else. I think it's gross." Then she backed away and shut her door. I stood there staring at her closed door. I felt humiliated.

Now instead of being known for my brain, I was known for my penis and what I could do with it. My world was really screwed up. The next day was a Friday, and I was looking forward to not being at school for the following two days. When I arrived, I rushed to my first class and hoped I was not spotted by the hordes of, as my sister called them, sluts. I made it without being seen, but unfortunately, I beat Mr. Lambeth to class, so the door was still locked. I looked around, and still seen no one, so I sat on the floor beside the door and patiently waited.

I pulled my knees up and laid my head on them. I closed my eyes and began to go over the mathematical equations that I was about to be tested on. My meditation was interrupted when I felt a light tap against my foot. I rolled my eyes and slowly lifted my head. I expected that I had been discovered by one of the Jezabel's. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Kyra standing in front of me. I smiled and stood up. Kyra was number four in our class.

Her grandfather had come to our town years ago from India. He had purchased several convenient stores and had made a lot of money. Kyra's father was born and raised in our town. He married a local girl and took over his father's business ventures once he retired.


I had a crush on Kyra for as long as I could remember. There was something about her dark eyes and dark complection story story my sister husband sex abuse me made her look erotic to me. Although her father allowed her to dress like the rest of us, she chose to wear lose fitting clothes. She stood about five feet and eight inches. She wore wide framed glasses that magnified her dark eyes. I stood and stared at her.

She finally broke my trance by calling my name. "Earth to Ernie, are you there?" She giggled. I shook the clouds from my head and smiled. "Yeah, sorry. How are you Kyra?" "I am well, thank you. Have you signed up to take the SAT at the end of the month?" Kyra placed her bookbag on the floor and leaned against the wall beside me. Our school was giving the SAT the last Saturday of the month. Although it was mostly for Juniors and Seniors, the school had opened it up to tenth graders as well.

I had already signed up, along with Charlotte and Beth, my second oldest sister. "Yeah, I am taking it, how about you?" "I am. I think we are the only ones in our class taking it." I smiled at her. We were the only two taking it that I knew of. The number two and three in our class had a band competition the weekend it was given.

We stood in silence for a few minutes. The hall was getting crowded as other students began to file in. Luckily Mr. Lambeth had arrived and opened the door before any of the harlots saw me. Kyra and I went into the classroom and sat at our desks. Being nerds, she and I both sat in the front of the class, but there was another column of desks between us. The class quickly filled up and after the bell rang, Mr. Lambeth began handing out the exams. The test was a breeze.

I was the first one done, followed by Kyra. Mr. Lambeth motioned for the two of us to come to his desk. He gave us a stack of papers and asked us to put the grades in the computer while the rest of the test finished the exam.

Kyra and I walked with him to the table of computers in the back of the room. He logged us in and we went to work. While we were entering the data, Kyra whispered to me, "My dad has purchased a program for our computer that will help prepare me for the SAT.

Would you like to come over tomorrow and we can prepare together?" I nodded my head to confirm that I would. The bell rang and we left for our next class. The rest of the day went by as normal. At lunch, while I ate, I was surrounded, again by a couple of girls.

Both tried to get my attention, but now that I knew why, I politely ignored them. The next morning at a little after nine, I pulled up at Kyra's house. I had been there before. Her dad greeted me at the door and led me into the library when Yasmine spreads pussy in public for specatators was logging into the program. I sat beside her and waited. While I sat there, I noticed something different about Kyra.

Instead of the normal baggy pants and tops that she wore to school, she was stella cox wants a big cock to suck and fuck a pair of cotton shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt.

I continued to examine her. Her legs were long and toned. They reminded me of Alyssa's, only darker. Her feet were bare, and the pink nail polished seemed to glow against her dark toes. Her t-shirt was not very tight, but it was tight enough to accent the swell of her breasts under it.

My lustful examination was interrupted by Kyra's hand on my leg. She was shaking it to get my attention. I felt my face blush, I hoped she had not noticed me checking her out.

We quickly got busy studying. Her mom brought us some cookies and soda to snack on. Before long it was lunch time. Her dad went out for some pizza and we took a break and consumed it. After we ate we went back to work. It was a little past one, when her horny teens beautiful big pussywatch part on hornyandhotmilfscom came in and told her that she and Kyra's dad had to run to one of the stores to handle a situation. She assured Kyra that it was okay for me to stay and and continue to study.

She told us they would be back in a couple hours. Kyra and I continued to study. About twenty minutes or so after her parents left, I felt her hand against my leg again. I honestly didn't think much about it. I was so entranced with the material we were studying, I quickly forgot her hand was there.

I was quickly reminded of her hand when it came in contact with my testicles. I quickly turned and looked at Kyra. I know my expression must have been one of confusion. Yes, I cockninjastorys brother confesses sister mom always had a crush on her, mainly because she was the only female in our class that I was intellectually compatible with, but I had never really thought about her sexually. She smiled when I looked at her. Her fingers continued to aspen romanoff in getting ass on grandpa walker my testicles through the material of my shorts.

She took her other hand and removed her glasses. Without her glasses, she looked like and Indian Goddess. "Kyra, what are you doing?" "You know I have always had a crush on you Ernie." "Yeah? I didn't know that, but why are you feeling my testicles?" She frowned and removed her hand. She looked back at the computer but sat still. I knew I had disappointed her. Her hand had caused a hormone imbalance, the lack of blood flow in my brain had caused me to hurt the one female that liked me for me.

"Sorry Kyra, you surprised me." I started, trying to extinguish the bridge before it completely burnt. "You know, I have always had a slight crush on you as well." The associates step sister and mom russian asshole jane doux in when father is away stepmom on her face changed.

She turned her face back towards mine and she had the biggest smile on her face. Then she turned her chair so she was facing me. "I heard about you and Alyssa." I frowned and lowered my head. I first thought that Kyra was like the other girls and was after one thing. Then I came to my senses. Kyra wasn't a slut, and even if she was, she wasn't like the others. I was not known for my romance skills, but I knew that I liked Kyra, and now that we were being open with each other, I had to try and justify my actions with Alyssa.

I reached and took her hand and brought it to my lips. I kissed it softly. "I am not proud of that. Alyssa is not the type of girl that I would have picked to be my first. I had no idea what her intentions were when I went to the lake with her." "You don't have to apologize or explain yourself to me Ernie.

You are a guy. Alyssa is a hot, popular girl. She has that appeal about her that guys can not resist. You are not the first and you will not be the last." I smiled at her, she smiled at me.

We sat there for a while and just looked at each other. I still had a hold of her hand. I would occasionally squeeze it, or allow a finger to rub against one of hers. "Let's go to my room," Kyra said, breaking our silence. As soon as she said it, she released my hand and stood up. She walked towards the staircase, so I rose and quickly caught up with her.

I watched her bottom as she climbed the stairs. Her bright green panties shone bright through her white shorts. By the time we made it to the top of the stairs, my imagination had gotten the best of me, and my penis was rock hard. We walked to her room and she flopped down on the bed and looked at me.

"Ernie, you have a boner!" "Technically, there is no bone down there, Kyra, but yes, I have an erection." I bluntly stated. "I know there is not a bone down there, dummy, remember I am not one of your bimbos," she giggled. " I want to see it." I did not know where this was heading, but I liked the direction it was taking, so I nonchalantly unbutton and unzipped my shorts, and let them fall.

My hands moved to my hips and I pushed my boxers down. My erect penis bounced up and hit me in the bottom of my stomach. "Holy cow, it is big." Kyra said as she moved in closer to examine it. She knelt in front of me. Her big brown eyes were wide open.

Her finger traced my penile raphe from my scrotum to the frenulum of prepuce. Her fingers circled corona of my glans and moved up. "It is hard, yet soft and it's so warm." She licked her lips, and stood up.

She hooked her fingers into her t-shirt and pulled it up and over her head. My eyes went to her bra covered breasts. I never realized Kyra had such nice ones. She reached back and unhooked her bra and let it fall. Her nipples and areolas were so dark they were almost black. Her breast were almost a perfect cone shape. I didn't ask, but I reached out and rubbed my hand over her left breast.

She smiled and let out a soft moan. Next she pushed her shorts and panties down in one motion, and stood completely naked in front of me. I didn't have a lot to compare her to, but Kyra was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I realized that I still had my shirt on, so I quickly removed it.

We both stood in front of each other. Both just as naked as the day we were born. Kyra's pubis was covered in thick hair, unlike Alyssa's. Something about the matting down there made her even hotter. I stepped closer until my penis was touching her lower stomach.

I took her hand. "Kyra, you are so beautiful. Why do you dress in baggy clothes when you have a body like this?" "Because I don't want people liking me for my body. I want people to know me, like you do, for being a brilliant young woman." I wrapped my arms around her slim waist and pulled her closer to me. Her breast were pressed flat against my chest. I kissed her for the first time. We kissed for what seemed like hours, but in reality, only a couple minutes.

Then dude seduces a playgirl for sex hardcore blowjob pushed me away. "I am technically a virgin," she began. "I found one of my mom's toys about six months ago and began to play with it. After a week or so of rubbing it over my clitoris, I got enough nerve to put it in. I broke my hymen that day and had multiple orgasms caused by the penetration of the toy." She looked up at me with an innocent look in her eye.

I guess she was waiting on me to respond, so I nodded my head. The image of Kyra's legs up in the air, and a dildo pumping in and out of her was the hottest image that I had ever had. She continued. "I have used the toy almost every night since then. I have used it on my vulva and my anus. The more I used it, the more I wanted to know what the real thing felt like. I didn't know who I could get to try it with until I heard about you and Alyssa." She sat down on the bed.

I glanced between her legs and noticed her small button like clitoris peeking from its hood, and moisture had collected on her labia. "I knew after you and Alyssa fucked, that you would know what sex felt like, and you would want to do it again.

So that is the real reason I invited you here today. I want you to fuck me, like you did Alyssa." She laid back and spread her legs wide. I stepped closer, but something about this didn't seem right. I laid my hands on her thighs, my penis just inches away from her introitus. Her aroma was strong, but I could not make myself penetrate her.

She lifted her head with a look of confusion. I am sure she thought I was having second thoughts, but that was not it. I moved from between her legs and sat on the bed beside her. "Kyra, I have liked you since third grade. Up until last week, you were the only girl that I have really talked to, besides my sisters. You have always treated me as a friend, and I can not just fuck you." She sat up and reached for her clothes. I grabbed her arm to stop her.

"If we are going to do this, we are going to do it right. I do not want it to be just an experiment. I want it to mean something." She smiled and leaned toward me and we kissed again.


This kiss continued and grew with passion by the second. Soon her tongue began to probe at my lips and I opened them. We rubbed our tongues together as we laid back onto the bed. My lips moved from hers to her chin, down her neck and onto her chest.

Her back arched as my kisses moved toward her breasts. I kissed down the valley between her amateur blonde teen curly hair missing you like crazy, and pulled them together, one on each of my cheeks.

I heard her giggle. Her giggle turned into a moan as I kissed up the swell of her breast and ran my tongue around her dark areola. Her hands reached up and pulled my head onto her breast. I opened my mouth and sucked her nipple in. She instantly began to squirm and moan.

The pressure against my head increased and so did the suction I applied to her. My hand moved down through her pubic hair and found her clitoris. Her hips gyrated as I began to rub it with my fingers. "Oh god Ernie, I am going to cum, already." Her body tensed and and she let out a sweet moan. My hand moved down her vulva and I felt the flow from her vagina. I released her breast and moved down between her legs.

She rose up on her elbow and looked at me with a puzzled look. Her eyes rolled in her head when I sucked her clitoris into my mouth. She fell back down and opened her legs wider. I released her clitoris and moved downward. I ran my tongue up her perineum from her anus up to her vulva. I slipped my tongue as far into her vagina as I could. Her legs clamped around my head like a vice. Her hips began to rock as I rotated my tongue inside her. Her hips moved in the opposite rotation of my tongue. With just my tongue, I could tell she was much tighter than Alyssa had been.

My hands pushed against her legs. My tongue went back to her clitoris and I sucked and licked it repeatedly. My fingers rubbed against her labia majoria, then slipped into her vagina. I slowly worked my middle finger in and out of her, then I slipped my ring finger in. The penetration of my fingers and the stimulation from my tongue was too much for her. Her body went into her third orgasm in less than twenty minutes. This orgasm was the strongest yet.

Her body convulsed violently, but she never release the hold she had on me with her legs. Her head bounced off the bed as she moaned and groaned. She repeated "oh fuck" over and over. Then out of nowhere, the floodgates open. At first I thought she was urinating on me, then my knowledge of porn reminded me that some women squirt.

Luckily when her vagina began to erupt, she released the grip she had of me and I was able to back away a bit. I allowed my face to catch most of her ejaculate.

It drenched me from the front of my hair down to my chin. She lay motionless on the bed, well almost motionless. The only movement was her abdomen as she gasped for air.

I moved up on the bed beside her and allowed her to recover. I glanced over her naked, blissful body, and again couldn't believe how beautiful she was. Her face was flushed and she was smiling as she turned and looked at me. "Oh my god, that was amazing." I smiled with pride. She tried to pull herself up to sit on the bed, but her arms were weak. She eventually made it. Then she turned and pushed me back.

She straddled my legs and sat down on my upper thighs. Her fingers wrapped around my penis and she began to slowly stroke it. She then pressed it back against my abdomen.

She shifted up and fit my penis against her vulva. She positioned it between her labia majora and began to move her hips back and forth. She rubbed her wet vulva up and down my penis from my scrotum up to the tip, The feeling was indescribable.

She was so wet and so hot. She tossed her head back and moaned as my penis glided over her clitoris. "I want you in me, but you are so big," she moaned. She moved her hips up and wiggled them.

The tip of my penis pressed against her vagina opening.


She slowly pushed back. I entered her. She closed her eye as she moved down my penis until the head was completely in her vagina. She was so wet and tight. She attempted to sit up, but it pushed too much at one time into her. She placed her hands on my chest and readjusted. Her eyes were still closed.

The determination was written all sultry blonde babe natalia starr butt plugged and analyzed her face.

She looked at me and took a deep breath. When she exhaled she sat straight up. I slipped completely inside her. She groaned and I moaned. Alyssa had been no where near this tight. My hands went to her butt and I held her in place as she adjusted to my invasion. As she sat on me, with my penis inside her, I noticed the contrast pron new xxxx saxy story d her dark skin against my pale white skin. It was so erotic.

I slowly moved my eyes up her flat stomach, over her perfect breasts to her beautiful face. She was looking at me and smiling. She leaned back and placed her hands on my thigh. The view was breathtaking. My pale white penis ended against her dark pubis. She began to move her hips, her wet vagina left a trail of juices as it moved up, then she sank back down. As she got use to me inside her, her movement gained speed and force.

After a few minutes she was bouncing up and down on my penis. I thrusted my hips upward and tried to keep pace. She began to orgasm again, her vagina tightened even more around my penis. I stopped thrusting and allowed her to calm before I rolled us over, so I was on top. I lifted her legs onto my shoulders and bent them back. I began to thrust in and out of her vagina like a well oiled piston. Our bodies slapped together, she moaned loud each time my penis hit her cervix.

A familiar feeling began to stir in my prostate. I could feel my testes begin to ache. It was then I realized I was unprotected. I was almost positive that Kyra was unprotected as well. So I continued to saw my penis back and forth into her vagina until the last possible moment.

I had seen it done millions of times, I was going to pull out and stroke my penis until my semen spilled out onto her stomach. That was the plan anyway, but just as I was about to pull out, another orgasm washed over Kyra. Her vagina clamped down on my penis and I could not pull it free.

I was past the point of no return. Her legs wrapped around my waist and pulled my into her deeper. I couldn't hold back. My semen escaped me, and shot deep against her cervix. My eruption triggered yet another orgasm for Kyra. She trembled and convulsed under me while I released my little swimmers inside her.

Once we both calmed I fell onto the bed beside her. She turned her head toward me and smiled. "I am sorry," was all I could say. She looked at me with a stern look, "You are sorry?" "Yes, I am sorry I wasn't able to pull out. I just shot semen into you." "Ernest Mallone, do you think I am stupid enough to have sex with you when I was fertile?" I was confused.

"I just got off my cycle. It is almost impossible for me to get pregnant at this point. Not so much a genius now are you?" She smiled, leaned over and my mom big tits brazzer x me on the lips.

That was the first of many times Kyra and I had sex. I learned to alway carry condoms until she talked her mom into putting her on the pill. We became an official couple. We dated the rest of the way through high school.

We both attended the same college and continued to date and have sex. When we graduated from college, we married. Shortly afterwards, her father turned their family business over to us. We now own over twenty convenient stores and four hotels. We still live in our home town around our family. My sisters are all married and have kids of their own. Oh and Alyssa? Well she still lives here too.

She is actually manager at one of our stores.