Mom and sun xxxsex storys

Mom and sun xxxsex storys
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16 year old Billy had signed up for a summer baseball league which required a Dr.'s ok. Since he hadn't had one in a few years his mother decided a full physical was in order.


Billy's mother, Cheryl, was a rather thorough parent. His parents had divorced several years earlier and his dad, while providing adequate financial support, had moved on to another relationship.

Leaving Cheryl in charge of Billy and his 18 year old sister, Allison's, well being. She took her role very seriously.

She made an appointment for the following week. Upon arriving at the Dr.'s office and checking in, Billy and his mom were lead back to an examination room. The nurse, a young attractive blond just out of nursing school named Janet, asked Billy to remove his shirt and sit on the exam table. She then took his blood pressure and a few vitals and asked him to remove everything but his underwear so he could be weighed and his height taken.

Billy was use to his mother and older sister seeing him in his underwear but not a cute young woman outside his family. However, the thought of stripping in front of her excited him a little.

So he removed his outer clothing and the nurse proceeded to take his height and weight. The excitement of stripping down and exposing himself caused his cock to grow and a noticeable bulge in his underwear.

The nurse couldn't help but notice and was a little excited herself as Billy was a very handsome young man. Billy's mother, for her part, was a little excited herself as she realized her son was becoming a sexually functional young man. The nurse then told them to wait as the Dr. would be in shortly to perform the exam. As they set there Billy's mom realized that this may embarrass him and asked if he was ok with her staying.

"Sure" said Billy. "After all you did bath me as a child." To which they both chuckled. Cheryl was rather attractive herself being only 40 years old with shoulder length brunette hair, a slim figure and nice full breasts. Billy had found himself attracted to both her and his sister from time to time. The Dr. entered shortly. Dr. Morris was in her late 50's and had been practicing medicine for years as a GP. She was very professional and conscientious. She did the standard head, throat, chest, back and stomach exam and then began to work her way down Billy's legs.

As she did so she noticed Billy was rather excited. This had no real affect on Dr. Morris. Then she asked him to stand and said, "Now Billy I need to check your genitals, would you like for your mother to leave for this?" "Oh, I'm fine Dr.

Morris. Go ahead." "Ok, Billy, then remove your shorts please, and set them aside." Billy thin thief sucks cock and fucked hardcore brunette his briefs and placed them on the chair.

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Morris. Cheryl felt a bit of excitement in her pussy for the first time in a while. While she had seen Billy nude a few years back this was the first she had seen his cock since he entered puberty. Billy's cock was just over 7" and uncircumcised with a long, loose foreskin that overhung the head and formed into a very nice wrinkled nozzle.

The accompanying low, saggy scrotal sac made for Billy having, while not especially large, a rather attractive set of genitals. Dr.

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Morris, the professional, was unaffected. She performed the standard hernia and scrotal exam. As she did so Billy's handsome cock became fully erect and stood out proudly for all to see as a bit of precum began to appear around the end of the nozzle. Cheryl starred intently with increasing interest bordering on desire at her young, handsome son's equally handsome cock and balls. Dr. Morris meanwhile could appreciate this as it gave her better access to Billy's scrotum.

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She examined each of Billy's testicles very carefully rolling them around in her fingers and feeling for any abnormalities. As she did so Cheryl watched how they moved in Billy's loose nutsack and how his erect cock stood proudly up and bounced with the Dr's movement. Then moving to his penis she looked up at Billy and said.

"Ok, Billy, everything there looks fine now I need to examine your penis." "Sure Dr. Morris, go ahead." Billy said, containing his excitement. Cheryl, meantime, was trying to maintain her excitement also.

Being employed full time and a single parent of two children had left little time for her social life.


With the exception of masturbation her sex life had been non-existent for several years. Dr. Morris placed her hand on Billy's shaft and pulled the foreskin completely back which peeled nicely over his attractive crown reveling the head of his pecker and the sensitive inside of his foreskin. Doing so excited Billy even more and the precum now began to drain down forming a long stream.

Dr. Morris, reaching for a tissue to catch the precum drip, immediately saw that Billy had a bit of smegma buildup. "Billy, do you clean regularly under your foreskin?" Dr. Morris asked. "Sometimes, but sometimes I just kind of forget." "Well, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Cheryl," Dr. Morris said turning to Billy's mother, "Billy could develop an infection very easily if his foreskin isn't cleaned properly.

Do you see this white substance?" The Dr. said, pointing to the smegma. "Yes Dr." said Cheryl. "This is smegma and is a sign of improper hygiene. As you can see Billy excites very easily and as is common in most uncircumcised males produces a more significant amount of pre-ejaculate.

This causes more smegma to build and it could cause problems ebony rape scene sexy story must remain free from build up." "I understand. I'll be more attentive to this." Cheryl replied. "My nurse is rather new and hasn't yet encountered this situation. If you're both ok with it I'd like for her to come in.

Is this ok with the two of you?" "Sure" said Billy. "Yes, that's fine." Said Cheryl. Billy was really excited now as the thought of young, sexy Janet seeing his cock excited him even more. Dr. Morris, being the consummate professional she was pulled Billy's foreskin back over the head of his penis, reforming the nozzle, and left the room.

Cheryl looking up at Billy said "I can see I'm going to have to keep an eye on this Billy. We can't have you developing an infection can we?" "No mom, you're right." Replied Billy. Cheryl saw a stream of precum ooze out the end of Billy's overhanging nozzle so she reached for a tissue and without really thinking she took hold of his shaft, pulled his foreskin back a little and wiped the precum from around his meatus commenting "We'll have to keep up with this also.

Does this happen a lot Billy?" "I suppose so, especially when I get excited and my penis gets hard like this." "You must be very excited now Billy?" Cheryl replied. Before he could answer Dr. Morris entered with Janet, who looked immediately at Billy's cock and balls and thought how attractive they were.

"Ok Janet, proceed" said Dr. Morris. Dr Morris had told Janet outside that she wanted to observe her cleaning a foreskin since she had yet to do so. "Yes, Dr." She replied, reaching for Billy's cock and peeling his foreskin all the way back.

This really excited Billy and more precum oozed out. Using a special wipe Janet thoroughly cleaned Billy's crown, ring and inner foreskin of the smegma. The wipe was a bit cold but watching sexy nurse Janet as she held and cleaned his cock caused Billy to enjoy this none the less.


After a little more discussion regarding Billy's results Dr. Morris and Janet excused themselves and told Billy he could get dressed and then proceed to checkout. As soon as they left Cheryl pretty blonde biatch takes black cocks in her fuckholes another stream of precum form at the end of Billy's nozzle. Reaching for a tissue she said, "My, my Billy we can't have you going home like this." As she pulled back his overhang and wiped him clean.

"I'll leave so you can take care of this quickly before you dress." She said. "Do you mean I should masturbate to make my erection go away mom?" Billy asked. "Well.yes, I can't think of another solution and you heard the Dr. you can't have this continue." Cheryl replied. "Ok mom, but it may be better for you to stay and catch my cum. I don't want to make a mess all over the Dr's exam room." Billy said.

Cheryl was hoping he would say this as her pussy was getting really excited the longer this went on and the thought of watching her young, handsome son masturbate and shoot his cum out really excited her.

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"Ok Billy" she said, "that probably would be a good idea. But let's hurry ok. I don't want the Dr. or nurse to suspect anything." Billy then reached for his shaft and began to stroke his cock.

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Cheryl, holding a tissue in readiness to catch her son's load, watched very intensely as he worked his foreskin back and forth and was especially fascinated by his low loose balls swinging as he worked his sexy dick. Japan mom son fuk sleping without thinking she reached out and taking his nuts in her free hand began to massage Billy's balls.

"Oh wow mom, that feels really nice, please keep doing that." Cheryl looked at him in the eye, smiled and just sort of naturally leaned in and gave him a sensual kiss on his lips. Billy responded and soon they were making out like lovers as opposed to mother and son. Cheryl, continuing to massage Billy's balls broke free and said, "cum for me Billy, I want to see you shot a nice load for your mom, baby. Cum Billy, mommy really likes watching you stroke your sexy cock as she rubs your balls.

Come on baby, shoot a big load for mommy." With that Billy and Cheryl thick amateur brunette fucked xxx art imitating life felt his nuts pull up as a huge load and then another shot from Billy's cock and into the tissue Cheryl was holding in the ready.

Cheryl realized one tissue wasn't enough as the massive load ran out and began to drop on the floor. Grabbing more tissues she wiped the floor and then bending down she took Billy's shrinking dick into her hand as she cleaned his limp cock and pulled back his excessive foreskin and cleaned all around the head, crown and inner foreskin.

When she was finished she looked up at Billy and said "Does that feel better now sweetie?" "Oh yes Mom, much better.

Thanks." "No problem big boy," Cheryl replied "Now hurry and get dressed."