Oriental adorable babe showing off huge boobs japanese and hardcore

Oriental adorable babe showing off huge boobs japanese and hardcore
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Her long, jet black hair caressed her shoulders as her hips swayed from left to right with each step she took. Her feet were forced into an arch and encased with shadows; her beautiful, youthful legs encased by a paper-thin layer of cream, crowned by satin bows of a silkier shade.

A ruffling shadow held her hips and only concealed her thighs, the shadow meeting the silky cream at the perfect interval. Her eyes were drawn as magnets to the former place of her employment, the coffee shop on the corner, as her mind danced around the thought of 'Will I ever see him again.?

I shouldn't want to see him again; he humiliated me' a dominating force stole her, the poor girl's endless cloudy blue eyes mirrored every once of fear she had ever glimpsed in her life. His masculine voice flirted with her ears and shattered not only her doubts but her defenses. He set a hidden desire within her aflame, "Thinking of me, my pet?" to her it was a ghostly sound, stabbing a chill of lust up her spine and the intoxicating scent of a man as well as his tone and words filled and echoed inside of her small, delicate body.

With all the desperation of every crossed emotion that flooded her, she hung her head, hiding her usually cream-shaded, flushing cheeks as they stung with humiliation and a secretive longing; she shook her head, lying severely.

His tone was firm and perhaps disappointed, "Girl. Do not lie to me." she felt a large weight that stung her heart with new-to-her depths of sorrow. She almost staggered backward as he moved closer to her, his tone softened drastically, "It's a shame that you quit, maybe I'll just give her the same treatment," his glance and the slight leftward-tilt of his head indicated her teenaged replacement, "You seemed to like it, I bet she'd love my cock." Her heart was on fire, lungs bound with impenetrable chains of what she could only conclude was jealousy; she wondered how she cold be jealous, then a sudden, crashing thought of escape filled her.

She turned and her body bolted off quickly, in vain; she was snapped back by the curve of her neck equally as swiftly, "Tsk. Tsk. Now, now my pet. Don't run away from me, because you know deep down that," He moved closer to her ear and gave her a series of fluttering kisses as he pressed her body to his, arms encasing her slim waistline as his tone became ever more seductive and his kisses sent shuddering, erotic pleasures through her body, "Again and again, I will find you.

Every. Single. Time." As his grip became a caressing hold on her hand and they strolled down busty stella cox gets deep anal penetration pornstars hardcore winter-chilled pavement together she found it increasingly hard to regulate her body temperature, her blood rushing and indulging her desires by pulsating in her clit and slowly-stiffening nipples.

Suddenly a ground-shattering, world-dissolving, strike of lightening filled her every pore, he sensed it in her; the first barrier of true submission shattered into billions of irreplaceable, irreparable shards. He could only assume the tortures that followed for her, such a rarity; 'A natural slave, crafted by time, right before my eyes.' He spoke inwardly, with awe of the beauty in his hand. He smiled broadly and kissed her neck, pressing her into the front door of his house, it is a small one, intended for a single male with a pet of some sort.

Then; it crashed over her like a tidal wave, 'I am his pet' the flash of awe, love, joy, and evilangel mark wood fucks foreign bad girl played her face along with a smile on her lips as he pushed her into his home, he smiles and leads his little one to his punishment room.

There are shackles cemented into the floor and a matching pair of cuffs dangling from the ceiling- she is blindfolded and bound with her thighs divorced to his pleasure.

He turns the light on and selects a small imitation leather multithreaded lash, she feels the teasing of the whip trace over her taut thighs and ass, then her belly and perfectly sized and rounded tits. He moves behind her and slashes five hard and wonderful strokes into her lilywhite flesh, causing her petal-like skin to change in color to that of a scarlet rose as she holds back outcries of pain and pleas for more of his leather-clad kisses.

He finishes this abuse after ten minutes and kisses her tenderly, lovingly on the mouth; she is too shocked to kiss back, even as his tongue penetrated her mouth as his hands glided over the ripped back of her shirt as his chest rubbed against her braless breasts and one hand stroking and spanking her full, round ass.

He lifts one arm and by a flick of his wrist her arms are set free, the first place her hands go is onto his shoulders as he kisses her deeply; his hands travel further down and clutch the backs of her thighs, just under the miniskirt she's wearing, his fingers tracing over her thigh highs as he pulls her closer. He slides his kiss down to her neck and bites her violently until he draws blood to the top of her flesh, pulling away after five minutes and strokes the marking with two fingers; she shudders in pleasure as she suddenly realizes how aroused she is as a heated rivulet finds it's way down her right thigh.

He whispers into her ear as his fingers cause her head to spin rapidly, "You were a good girl last time; I bet you'll be better this time. Won't you, pet?" She finds it crazy pretty college girlfriends bisexual smoking hot dorm fucking to respond as a crashing guilt fill her limbs and torso; 'I'm supposed to hate him, fight back. But I can't. I'm too pathetic' to her dismay she had in fact spoken out loud. His tone became serious and cut into her like a knife, "Because you enjoy submitting to me and are turned on by being ravished and teased, you are pathetic?" She allows her head to hang as she cries with fear as the tears sting her cheeks; he lifts her head by pushing her chin up to his eye level and though she is blindfolded she can feel his eyes burn into hers, "You are not pathetic my pet.

You are a very strong and beautiful girl." She felt her cheeks flushing rapidly, he tugs the string of the blindfold down and kisses her forehead reassuringly, holding his little one in his arms; she feels the cuffs on her ankles loosen to her freedom.


Instead of running away like she felt she should have, she leans closer into her new friend's chest and feels a pressure lift from summer bailey casting sucking riding long schlong center and an ecstatic feeling fill her from toes to head. He held her closer and savored the feeling of this delicate little girl unfolding herself in his arms, he can feel her body fall limp as she passes out; he carries her to his bed, removes her shirt and rubs a generous amount of cream into the abrasions he gave her.

She moans softly in her sleep as he strattels her thighs and massages her back, knowing that she has taken a lot in the last twenty-four hours, he smiles to himself as he remembers their first encounter, and all that fallowed.

(flashback) It's winter, he passes the coffee shop that he hasn't been to in a while; her hair is so long and dark, she looks sexy even in that dark green apron for a uniform, she looks up as he enters 'Dimmit! I wanted to go home,' she sighs, 'Oh well; I get to keep the tip this time.

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He's kind of cute; I bet he has a girlfriend woman exchanged her panties for a quick sex and cash brunette reality a wife. Wonder why she isn't with him' she shakes it off and smiles kindly at him, walking over to him, "Good evening sir, what may I get for you today?" He looks her up and down subtly 'Either she has good manners with every late-night customer or she can feel it too.

I hope for the latter.' The air around them becomes thicker, she feels electricity shoots through her veins and fears the darkened sensation; the man having this effect on her smiles as though nothing is happening, though the swelling erection in his blue jeans argues otherwise.

"Hmm, well sweetheart, I would like a tall cap." She made the drink quickly and flipped the sign on the door to the 'sorry, we're closed' side. He took an hour to drink the coffee and trace her sexy body with his eyes, 'Finally he's finished!' she thought to herself. "Anything else I can get you sir?" she pleas in her mind, 'say no. It's three AM!!' he nods and requests a dessert, she goes through the memorized list of sweet treats, "We have apple pies, chocolate chip supe hot girlfriend working on my cock, we have apple treats, chocolate candies.

And that's all we have." He stands up and looks at her one more time, concealing his hard-on from her by locking eyes with her, "No, no; I think I'll have you, honey" She didn't realize that he pulled a knife from his belt and pressed it to her side, she didn't show signs of resistance so he slammed her body against the wall and she began to scream and yell for help, she scrambles to the phone and dials 9-1 he cuts the line with his blade and presses his hips into hers, she stops screaming when he reminds her that the sign says closed, and when that happens; everyone in this straight-laced town wouldn't dare open the door, even if they saw a "slut like you" being fucked to tears.

She felt his fingers dancing over her skirt and thought out loud "Why, of all days, do I wear a skirt today!?" He chuckles and rips her underwear to shreds before pressing himself to the hilt inside of her. (Present time) He sighs and mumbles to himself in pleasure, "You screamed so loudly little girl.

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And you cried. But you were so damn tight and wet-- almost like a." Then it hit him, she had been begging him not to do it to her, not because she didn't want it, because she was a virgin; she really had saved it for him.

His cock started to throb again, he licks the stockings up to her thighs and pulls her panties away, his tongue soon diving into her sex and playing with her clit, he moans softly as she finally gets even wetter for him.

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He raises her skirt higher on her waist and slips his seven inches into her body once again; she moans and stirs but doesn't wake up. He moans as he enjoys the warm depths of his virgin girl, "Ohhhh my little whore.


You're so tight, uhhhhn." She opened her eyes, pretending to wake up as he slipped out of her body, not wanting to cum just yet, he was interested in the thought of a blow job now. He stood up and yanked her by the hair off the bed, a sadistic grin playing his lips as he placed himself into a sitting position on his bed; she looked up at him, confused by the unfamiliar surroundings.

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"Kiss it" He ordered, she complied and gave his dick and sack wet, sloppy kisses until he felt himself about to start throbbing; about twenty minutes of kisses later. He moans and starts to pet her hair, drawing her face closer to his cockhead, "Lick it." she obeys and stokes the tip of his dick in slow, long strokes with her tongue, "Swirl your tongue around it.


Ahhhhhh. Just like that." She had learned from a sadist friend of hers about giving head, she knew how it would generally feel for him and about what to do if she started to gag; if he wasn't in to it.

He was surprised when her tongue began sliding left-to-right on the underside of his shaft, still only the head in her mouth, she held her mouth wide open for him to see her work on him. He moans and pushes her head down another inch and cups her throat in his palm and with a slight application of pressure from his thumb she closes her lips around him, "Now suck it." She smiled mentally, enjoying the sound of his voice as she obeys every command to the T.

He swallows hard as her cheeks and lips cave in around him, she doesn't like to suck with her cheeks that much; it always seemed, to her, a clich?f sorts, and it bored her like all other clich?

He finally slipped teen cheerleader ive looked up to president oaks my whole life i indeed believe that i enough into her wet, hot mouth; she pulls her tongue back by the base and into her throat, drawing from him a long and very pleased moan. She feels herself get even wetter, no longer able to deny her need; she slips her right hand on top of her pussy, her middle finger vibrating in circles around her throbbing clit, cumming in a few seconds as the tip of her tongue traces over his sack, his entire cock at home in her mouth and throat.

Her cheeks flushing into a deeper crimson as she gags and loses the ability to swallow, his man meat drenched in her spit as she feels wave after wave of orgasm crash over and flood her defenseless body.

He cries out between gasps for air; much to her pleasure, "Ohhhh. YES baby.

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AHHHHH. I'M CUMMING!!!!" He fills her throat with six strings of his cum, pulling back because of the throbbing sensitivity of his still-cumming manhood, nine more strands of his cream gush onto her tongue, he falls back on the bed and his dick falls limply away from her lips as she finishes swallowing the gift her gave her; she crawls into bed with him, exhausted herself.

He pulls her into his arms and holds her petite figure in his arms, "Good girl. I've never came so much in my life." she blushed timidly, her eyes closed and she kissed her love's chest. "Happy Anniversary Master." He smiled and kissed her forehead, today was August eleventh, she was still counting months- and she would until she reached twelve, and then it would be years; every April 11th they were together.

"Happy birthday, baby, now for your present" He covers their bodies with his black and red tiger-striped blanket; tightening a new collar around her neck and locking it in place, she beams from ear to ear before she falls asleep in his arms, happy that she could spend this day with her Master, friend and love. She wakes up at six AM and kisses him on the mouth lightly, then goes and makes him pancakes for breakfast, wearing nothing but a pair of navy paper-thin thigh high stockings and white cotton hipster panties and a pair of high heels she bought from hot topic for a wedding she went to a while back; the heels are navy with straps and buckled cuffs for her ankles.

She keeps her shirt off while she cooks, when he wakes up he smiles and kisses her on the cheek while holding her bare waist between his arms and abs like he did on the street the other day. "Alex" She smiles and leans enjoyable ebon gives wet blowjob pornstar hardcore into him, "Yes Megan?" He pulls her even closer and fondles her breasts lovingly, "I love you more." He only laughs and continues to hold his slave close, "Is that so?" "Yes.

in fact. It is so. I love you more." He nibbles on her neck and mumbles, "I'm your Master. What I say goes. I love you as much as you love me and that's final." He ends the fake fight and she pouts her bottom lip and accepts defeat, he pinches her nipples between his index fingers and thumbs; her moans of pleasure and pain fill his ears as she leans her head on his right shoulder, kissing and nibbling on his earlobe.

She grazes her teeth on the soft flesh, "Mmmm, that feels so good baby." He digs his fingernails into the sensitive flesh, he pulls and twists her hardened nipples and bites her neck while she struggles to focus on cooking his breakfast; she finished cooking the chocolate chip pancakes and set them at the table with a bottle of syrup and a spray-can of whipped cream.

She presses the nozzle down and then pours the sticky syrup on top of it and smiles, kissing him on the cheek before sitting on the tile next to him and eating pancakes as well. He smiles and strokes her head and hair as she eats and he finishes eating his own and then gets up, lifting her from the ground before giving her a sharp slap on the ass and orders, "Go put your shirt on, a friend's coming over and we're going to play videogames.

Ok?" she nods, knowing that while his friend is over she isn't to speak, mainly because she is very shy and partially because she has worked herself up in the past about which suit she should behave; slave or friend or girlfriend. He kisses her forehead after she tugs her No Boundaries kimono-styled tunic; a navy blue garment falling just below her knees.

She smiles as he holds her in his arms, his friend walks in, "Yo, Alex! You here?" says his friend; she thinks his name is Nicholas, but she isn't sure about it. Her Master replies, "Yeah, in here. Di'ja get the drinks?" his friend gave a loud 'mmmm' as he plops down on the couch. She sits down on her cushion and watches as they play a combat game that she can't follow on the Xbox 360; Alex and Nick win the battle or whatever it was they were doing, she plays a Sims game on her laptop, then ends up talking to a friend she named Charlie because he looks like a very southern boy and she likes to rename people she knows, especially if they have the same name as another of her friends.

She saved the chat in case Master wanted to read it, but at the same time she said that she'd see her friend later, Nick asked Alex if she was a slave, because her shiny new collar had her Master's name on a dog tag before her status and puppy name which is 'slave' and 'ginny'. Alex tells him that she is and Nick orders with a caution in his voice and a seemingly questioning over-tone, "Megan, get me a soda." She smiles and responds, "Yes Sir" and fetches him a Mountain Dew from the fridge and opens it for him just before handing it over.

Alex kisses her on the cheek as she sits back down and messes around on the Internet a follando con mi cuntildeado parte me folla de nuevo, finding one of her favorite BDSM chat rooms on IMVU, the social network she first met her Master years ago.

She smiles as she notices some friends there too and invites them all to an 8 way catch- up chat, her profile icon now being her with a mask over her nose and mouth as her eyes bearing through the camera and into the viewer. She has always been shy but she didn't want to keep her avatar as the icon, so she did this partial-view of her face for all her visitors to see.

Her friends all commented on how stunning her eyes are; Alex smiles and tells her to say hi to all of them for him, and she did, telling him a few of them said they didn't remember him but said hello and sent congrats over winning her heart and owning her anyway. He smiles and pets her hair, both of the men played games well-passed the time he sent her to bed; but before she obeyed she kissed her Master's cheeks and received a hug from Nick, "Good Night Master, Good Night Sir." They both smile and tell her goodnight before she disappears into the other room and a satin-like green tunic that she sleeps in.

Curling up and passing out as she listens to imitation gun fire, bombs, and enemy cries in the background; by the time Master crawls into bed with her she is so far out of it that she can't respond when he kisses and holds her as he falls asleep beside her.

At noon she wakes up and orders pizza for lunch, pays for it and puts it on a plate for him before walking back and jumping on top of the bed; 'he's still asleep' she thinks to herself, she crawls on top of him and says "Wake up!!" her nose touching his while he opens his eyes. She starts giggling when he gives her a 'what the hell!' look, "I got pizza!

Waaaaaaaaaake uhhhhhhhp!" she whines; he gives her a sharp pat on the ass and looks at her until she rolls off of him. He goes and eats the pizza while she slips into her low-rise, faded blue jeans and a violet tunic top that ends mid-thigh, when she walks out she's barefoot and kneels beside the couch that he's eating at, she focuses on ebony teen cream and cum before sex a torment chair sexual teasing rope bondage news for as long as it interests her, when he's finished eating he starts petting her hair, pulling her up into his lap and holding her quietly, lovingly for a while before getting a call from his friend about some technological-sounding problem that she doesn't understand.

She kisses his neck and nibbles on his earlobe to regain his attention by the time he hangs up the phone, "Come here you whore" He pulls her jeans off and pulls his pants and boxers down, his fingers trace over her pink and blue striped thong before pulling them down too; she starts to get weaker in the knees, she looks at him and begs with her eyes.

He grins and pulls her down on his lap while spreading her legs to either side of his, he kisses her neck and nibbles on her ear teasingly to even the score before he rolls her onto the carpet floor and starts to fuck her slowly, in thirty minutes she starts to beg for more party girl public sex forgetful stepsis lands in his cock.

He puts up with her begging for half an hour before getting annoyed and shoving her thong into her mouth, taping it in place with a little part of the cloth hanging past the tape so she can't end up choking on the gag. He pinches her clit between two fingers and looks her dead-on in the eyes, "You better cum" she nods vigorously and moans into the tape, almost screaming while he thrusts harder and faster into her and moaning himself as he feels himself cumming, "Come on slut.

Cum with me" he loosens the crushing grip on her clit and rubs it in circles with his thumb the rush of blood as well as the circular-motioned pressure forces her whole body to spasm ava koxxx milf boy xxx buck against him as he feels her pussy tighten rhythmically on his dick as he finishes cumming.

He pulls the tape off her lips and thong out of her mouth, kissing her lightly before they both smile and, as if on cue, two horny sluts love to be destroyed by enormous black dicks by groupbangers to each other "I love you more" They both end up laughing as they hold each other; resting and soon sleeping because of the few hours of sleep they'd gotten the night before.