Busty amateur redhead is paid for some wet public sex

Busty amateur redhead is paid for some wet public sex
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As what I thought as typical teenage behavior and still being a virgin I was obsessewith masturbation. While I used to fantasize about the girls in grade school, 5th grade was when I d started masturbating, to be exact, on into high school, I used a hundred faces in my quests to ejaculate.

But all along my favorite stand-by was the woman next door. In my mind she was a ringer to Ann Margaret, whom I had a huge crush on. Her name was Barbara. She was probably 28 yrs. and a goddess. I rubbed the hide off my cock dreaming of her. When I was 15, I started baby-sitting for her. This was a step closer to her in my mind. After she and her husband would leave I would make a beeline to her dresser and closet to go through her underwear and lingerie.

I loved wearing her asian slut seduced to suck and ride long cock and bra.

Masturbation always was soon to cum. I was always very careful not to leave any seed to be found by her. I must have ejaculated quarts of cum into my hand and then ate it to get rid of the evidence.

When I wasn't in her own home masturbating I would be in my backyard masturbating to her as she worked in her backyard on the other side of a 6-foot fence. I always thought I was safe from discovery. Little did know how exposed I was. I was 17 at the time. Fairly well developed, or so I thought, I used to check my length and girth and was at 6 and one half inches long, by 6 inches around full erect, even at that young age I had developed obsessions about my favorite toy.

I had always and still do hate my balls. I always thought that they were just dumb looking. They just hung to far down, especially when hot. Pubic, leg and underarm hair was also something I disliked but kept that clean-shaven. Anyway it was at this point in time in my life when one day Barbara was in her backyard doing some chores or something when I looked out the window noticed riley reed jumps her boss for a hardcore fuck break there.

No one was home at my house so I went into action as usual when I was home alone and she was in her yard outback. I stripped, went to the patio, pulled up a lawn chair behind the barbeque so I wouldn't be right out in the open and started stroking. The day was hot so my balls were hanging low. I hate those things. I had the brainstorm to tie them up. So I went found some cord, tied a hangman's noose, slipped my balls through the noose threw the other end over a beam on the patio roof and pulled it lovely kitten stretches tight snatch and loses virginity and tied it off on my chair.

Now I was set and just sat and fondled myself as I watched Barbara mill around her yard through the fence. I suppose 20 or so minuets passed with just lightly stroking and watching her when she went inside. I thought she'd be back out, I was very comfortable and quite relaxed, so I decided to wait and see.

After about 15 more min. my balls were extremely stretched out and a deep purple color. I was wanting relief and started to pick up the pace a little. I gradually started to feel as though I was no longer alone. I looked around the yard but there was no one. I turned around and there was my fantasy standing 10 feet away smiling. But she didn't look like a fantasy just then. I'd been busted. Caught stark naked with my balls hung from the roof and masturbating. This was not what I had in mind when I started.

I promptly jumped up, got tangled in the chair and went to the ground as far as my ballsac would let me.

She said don't get up on my account and came closer and put her foot on my chest. She looked at my balls and said, "that's got to hurt doesn't it?" My only reply was to groan "Ahhhh" and groan, yes Mrs.

White. One minute earlier I had what I thought was a beautiful erection in her name dripping with pre-cum getting ready to release what was sure to be another great orgasm. Now I had an extremely stretched ballsac, a shriveling cock and pre-cum dripping everywhere.

Then she spoke. I've been watching you jack-off in the yard when I'm out in my yard since you were in 5th grade. I know you go through my cloths and wear my underwear. Have you been jacking off in my house also? I just nodded yes. Where do put your semen when you're in my house? I haven't found any stains or wads of tissue paper anywhere.


I eat it, I said. She smiled and said, you're a well-trained young man aren't you. I said, it seemed the only way to keep things clean. She asked, do you like to eat your own cum? I said, well yes I always do, doesn't everyone? She just chuckled.

She had a beautifully evil chuckle. She took her foot off me and helped me back into the chair. She said, you've had your fun with me in mind for years, now it's my turn with you. I learned some tricks when I was in the Peace Corps. that I'm going to pass on to you. I'm sure you won't mind, will you? I shook my head no. She then tightened up the noose on my balls and used the rest of the cord to tie my hands to the legs of the chair.

She looked at my purple balls and said, that's hot but your cock needs help, I've seen how big it can get but I can make it huge, wait here, I'll be right back. I was staring to calm down a little and consider the situation. I determined this might be fun. When she came back she had a jar and some orajel in her hand. I watched her as she rubbed a little orajel around french fuck faces mey li head of my cock.

I thought how odd. She then shook the jar, took off the lid, and with a pair of tweezers removed a honeybee. She said this won't be too bad and the result is amazing. I watched in silence as she took the bee and placed it behind the head of my cock and let it sting me.

Shit, that hurt. The stinger was burrowing into my shaft as she brought out another bee and let it sting me on the under side of my cock under the head. The stinger also burrowed into my shaft.

She brought out one more and did the same with it. Let it sting me on the under side a little further down the shaft. She then took the tweezers and removed the stingers.

While my shaft was throbbing, as soon as the stingers were pulled out the pain subsided considerably. She said, if you thought you had a big cock before, watch the magic.

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She said I'll be right back. I sat there looking at my beestung pride and joy when I noticed the swelling start. My cock was becoming huge and red and I wasn't even starting to become erect. When I heard her coming back I heard her talking to someone. I started to worry, a lot, about whom she was with. When she arrived she had brought another neighbor lady, Charlene, and Charlene's dog Ed. I heard Charlene asking, won't ED hurt slut blowjob and sex while people watch massage turns into mighty threesome Barbara said, oh no!

Well, maybe a little but he's young he can take it. When they walked up to me Charlene said in a stunned voice, MY GOD! He's huge! What did you do Barb?

Amateur czech babe gets nailed in public, she said. My god I've seen cocks but nothing like this. He has no hair either! Did you shave him too? Look at his balls My God! Did you hang him by his balls?

No,she said, he did that himself! Charlene asked me why I did that. I said, I don't like them, they're stupid looking. He's not even hard yet and he's huge, Charlene exclaimed! The beestings had taken full affect. My penis was swollen 8 inches around and hanging off the edge of the chair 9 inches.

Even my ballsac was swollen. They were twice their normal size and dark purple. They looked like plumbs. Barbara said now the good part. We're going to tie your legs up and apart to the arms of the chair.

I said OK as I looked at Charlene. She was also about 28 yrs. slim, blonde, fairly attractive. She had never once entered into any fantasies, but here she was. Barbara finished the tying, which left my cock, ball and anus very vulnerable.

My balls in the noose, my cock, huge and swollen on my chest my anal opening pointing straight out. Pre-cum was again flowing. That's when it hit me what Ed was doing there. Ed was a good-sized German Sheppard.

No way I thought. Charlene proved me wrong. Charlene snapped her fingers and said, up Ed. Ed jumped up putting his front paws and legs on my chest. Charlene told Barbara she could have the honors. Barbara said, thanks Char! Barbara then got down on her knees, pulled Ed's sheath back and guided him towards my opening. Barbara said, relax Danny; he won't be that big going in. I craned myself around to get a look and thought; he's not that big.

I felt the wetness of Ed's rod touch my opening and then start in. At first Ed acted like no big deal but when his shaft started into me Ed's attitude changed to the serious. Charlene said, he's in now Barb, watch him go! Ed started to hump. I could feel his shaft starting to grow. He was getting huge. Really huge. And then he knotted up in me.

I was completely filled. His shaft was against my prostate, which was causing me to leak fluids like a faucet. Barbara mentioned, I guess to herself because Charlene was transfixed on my swollen member already, look at him drip now! Barbara reached down and touched me for the first time. She gave my cock a hard squeeze to force out more fluids. This caused my already extremely swollen member to start to become erect.

Ed meanwhile was in high-speed hump when I felt him leave his load in me. It felt really cool. I could feel his semen being injected into me. Ed' filled me up. Charlene said, Ed' shot his wad, but he'll be knotted up in Danny's ass for a while yet. Ed's semen had started running out my opening and down my butt cheeks. Barbara said, check it out Char, and scooped up some of the semen on her fingers and put them in my mouth. She asked, is that as good as your own? I said, no way, she did it again to be sure.

It was about this point Ed became bored with being in me and started to pull out. Having all that dog in me was really kinda nice, I found myself liking it. That was over when Ed started pulling out. His knot was still very large. Charlene was more worried about Ed hurting himself than what he was doing to my virginal opening. I couldn't help but cry as he came out. When he was out I got a good look at the size of Ed's pinky.

Ed had one huge fuck stick and his knot was enormous.

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After he pulled out, his semen flowed freely from my opening. Barbara commented on how stretched out I was. Charlene said, watch this as she took my hugely swollen member and started the head of my cock into my opening It easily slid in. Charlene said, Wow Danny, you can fuck yourself! I could feel Ed's semen on my cock. Charlene said, you know Barb, if he doesn't like his balls can't you help him with that? I thought you had seen some castration experience in the Peace Corps.

when you were overseas. Barbara said, I did indeed and found it very exciting to watch but I don't think we could get away with neutering him here. I found this exchange between the two women very stimulating and became fully erect. When I did my cock slipped out of my opening and started to stand straight.

This did not go unnoticed by Barbara and Charlene. They stopped talking of castration and just watched my swollen member become ridged. With the beestings I was 10in long and 10 around. After my member had become engorged, both women just stood their slackjawd. Barbara said, Char, look at the size of his meat, girl loves blowjobs ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions just gets bigger, I think he likes what we're talking about, then she alguien tiene el video completo some one have the complete video at me and said, don't you Danny.

I just nodded yes. Well then! Barbara said, there is one thing we could do if that's all right with you Danny, and that's at least take a testicle mybabysittersclub cute babysitter paid in cum beautiful and hardcore to look at. You've never seen one have you Char? With a smile, Charlene said, no, but I'd like to.

I finally said something. I said go for it; I'd like to see one too! Barbara said, I'll be right back, Char, put some orajel on his ballsac would you? Barbara went to get something sharp as Charlene rubbed oragel on my ballsac. This only caused me to become more excited. My erection was throbbing as pre-cum poured from my spunk hole.

Charlene said, my you are excited, is it because of what we're going to do? I said, yes Charlene I can't wait. Charlene said, I wish my husband could get this big but he has nothing to start with, I had no idea that you were capable of this size.

I said, nether did I. She asked, have you ever had sex before? I answered, no, only masturbation. She said, what a waste! Barbara came back with an exacto-knife and said, this should do! She asked me, which one. I said the right one. She said good enough!

Are you ready, cause it looks like your cock is. Both Barbara and Charlene smiled; Charlene's eyes looked a little glazed over with excitement. Barbara said, first I want to split his pee-hole open an inch or so. When he heals up it's cool looking. With that she slipped the tip of the knife up my pee-hole and pulled up quickly. My God! She ripped my cock open an inch! She said, this will look great when it heals. Charlene said, God Barb, you're an animal.

Barbara said, don't tell anyone will you Char?. My ballsac was still in the noose stretched from the roof. The noose had pulled my balls very tightly to the end of my sac. The whole ballsac was stretched about 8 inches from my body. The sac was very thin where the balls were pulled tight. For the second time Barbara touched me. She took hold of my ballsac to steady me and put the knife against my skin.

Charlene said, this is so hot. Barbara said, I know. I said, I know, do it. With that Barbara made a swift deep cut on the very top of my ballsac.

It was at this point things just happened. I two classy brunettes have some lesbian fun a dull pain in the sac. I felt an orgasm on the way. That hot feeling in the root of my cock told me I was cumming I felt Barbara's hand tighten around my balls as she made another cut. She opened my sac 2 ins. Barbara squeezed under my nut with her thumb and out it popped.

Charlene cried, I can't believe you did it! It's out. She was absolutely giddy. Barbara no doubt felt the orgasm on the way. She told Charlene, he's going to squirt, get your hand under the head to catch the load. Barbara was still holding tight to my ballsac as I started to unload a huge ejaculate. The swelling in my cock must have closed up my cum tube a little which caused the ejaculation to last at least 40 seconds.

It took forever to get my load out. I was beyond ecstasy. Charlene asked Barbara, is he going to stop squirting?

Barbara said sometimes they do that when being cut; he must have wanted it bad. Look at the amount of semen he jerked out. There was a large pool of white warm sticky cum in Charlene's hand. Barbara said, Char, he'll want to eat that, he always does. With that Charlene milked out the rest of my load onto her hand and poured it in my mouth. Charlene asked, do you like that stuff?

I said, yes doesn't everyone eat semen? Charlene smiled and said, Wow! I wish my husband did that! The women and I turned our attention back to what had just happened.

Barbara took the noose off my ballsac and let everything relax. The nut was all the way out hanging by the cord, my dickhead was split wide open and ejaculate smeared everywhere. Barbara picked up the exposed nut and gently pulled it away from the sac. There was about 2 ins. of cord coming out. She said,Char, if we were to cut it off we would tie off the cord here and cut here.

Charlene said that's a thick cord. Barbara said, yes, most of them are, and tough too. This membrane around the nut would also need to be split open to get the nut out. Then she said something that stunned Charlene. If properly prepared, sauted', She said, they are quite delicious. Whoa! Charlene said. Barbara said, I guess we're done here, as she wiped off some of the blood with some tissue she had brought. And with that she and Charlene exchanged smiles and started to leave.

I cried, you can't just leave me tied to the chair with my beestung cock split wide open, what if someone finds me like this!! Semen still dribbling out on my chest and a nut hanging out of my sac, Barbara said, we really should leave before who ever closed that car door out front sees us here with you.

And with that Barbara, Charlene and Ed went out the side gate. My older sister of 2 yrs. was the one who had come home.

I didn't know who it was and franticly tried to free myself before they found me but had no luck. Much to my embarrassment and relief that it wasn't either of my parents, my sister and her friend Denise had fixed themselves a drink and had stepped out to the patio when they found me in my situation. Thank God it wasn't my parents I thought! The next few minutes were utter pandemonium.

The first thing out of both their mouths was, Oh My God! Denise started giggling and babbling, I had no idea they could be that big! Just Look at that thing! My God, Judy, Look at the size of that thing! His fucking meat is huge! His cumhole is huge. And what's that hanging out? Is that his nut? My God, Judy, his nut is hanging out! Would you look at that! His nut is right there. I had no idea a nut would look like that! It's all white and purple.

Look at his asshole! Something is leaking out of his asshole! Is that cum leaking out his asshole? My God! Can he fuck himself? This is soooooo hot looking! At this point I had probably turned 6 shades of red. I thought my life was over. She's going to put it in the paper for Christ sakes! My sister was handling the scene a little better. She was trying to respond to Denise, No, I had no idea he was this big.

Yes it's big piece of meat, it does look split down the middle, I guess that is his nut! I don't know what's leaking out his asshole, it looks like cum though. Denise just shut up a minite,OK?


I don't think it's all that hot. Weird but not hot. After the initial shock of seeing my cock swollen to nightmare proportions with the cock head split, and my sbse chot girl ka xxxii vidy out on display, My sister started in with the questions.

What are you doing! Why are you all tied up! Why is your nut hanging out! What happened to your cockhead? Did you do this? Why did you do this? How did you do this? Why is there cum leaking out of your ass. And then, she asked me with a very strange look, can you fuck yourself?!! Because of the extreme embarrassment I was going through and the fact my nut was really starting to hurt, I was pretty much at a loss for words.

All I could muster was, help me outta this chair! My sister told Denise to help her untie me and I was quickly released but sat back down.

Judy said, Danny, we've got to get you to the hospital! I said, No way I'm going there like this! You guys gotta help me out before mom and dad get home! Judy asked, what can I do! I said, just get a needle and thread and sew me up a little.

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Judy said, OK, I can do that. When Judy went to get a needle and thread I told Denise to gently rub some orajel on my sac where I was going to be stitched at. As Denise started to apply some orajel to the area, for some reason the first signs of another erection began to occur.

Denise murmured, Danny, this is so hot! I said, what do you mean? She said, I have never ever seen a cock like this, your meat is huge, and your nut hanging out, I'm so turned on!

Look, she said, your starting to grow! And with that she put her hand around my member and massaged me to another full erection. Wow! She said, you have a little cum leaking out, but that doesn't look the same as what's coming out of your ass! I told her, no it's not the same and that my nut that was hanging out and was feeling very dried out and that we ought to put it back in my sac before Judy got back so I'd be ready to be sewn up. She said sure, I can do that!

She gently took hold of my nut; bent over licked the blood off my sac and nut and put it in her mouth. While this was not the relief I was looking for, it was some relief. When I looked at what she was doing, all I could see was my cord going into her mouth.

As she stroked my cock, leftover semen seeped out onto my cock and into her hand which she massaged my member with. Denise had suddenly turned primal.

With my nut in her mouth she was starting to tug on my nut and cord to the point of pain when my sister came back. Denise! My sister shouted, whats wrong with you! We need to put him back together and your trying to eat his nut!

With that Denise spit out my nut as my sister pulled it by the cord. That fucking hurt! I said. Denise said, Jeeze Judy! I'm only trying to help him out till you got back! Besides Judy would you look at the size of your brothers meat Now? I've really got him worked up! Yes you do, my sister said as she started to put my nut back in place, just calm down! I did take note that my sister was giving my engorged cock a very careful once-over. As my sister worked my nut back into the sac, she had managed to run her fingers up and down my member several times.

This I found very exciting! As she made my cock even harder the flopping around was a distraction to her work until she said to Denise, a little help here, hold it out of the way. Denise dutifully held my cock to the side so my sister could start sewing. As she started she must have realized she didn't have enough hands, so brother and sister sleeping xxxx told Denise to pinch the hole shut as she sewed.

Judy only put in about 3 stitches when she said, there, that ought to do it! Denise muttered under her breath to Judy that she wanted to finish me off. Before Judy could answer I said, if there's any left it's all yours. Judy just shrugged and said, go for it, you're both whacked. Denise started to stroke my cock again. Judy watched with what seemed a great deal of interest. Denise asked if I had ever had sex, to which I answered, no, tattoo girl creampie tacori blu 1 1 7 tube porn you?


She blushed and said, Yea, but never with any meat like this, have you Judy? My sister answered, no, blushing, not with anything like that cock, but then I haven't been with that many either have you?

No, Denise said, that's why I'm on it. With that Denise stripped off her top, shorts and panties. Judy could only exclaim, Jeeze Denise! Slow down! I could only look at Denise, naked, my sister, watching, and say, Oh My God.

Judy? She said, take her! I've seen you jack-off enough, you need the real deal. Denise was my first look at a naked woman. That image burnt in real well. Long brown hair, very petite figure, very large areolas and nipples, slim waist, long legs and at the top of those long legs was, in my mind, womanhood in all it's glory. Hardly any pubic hair crowned by the largest clit I have yet to see to this day. Her clit must have protruded from her lips an inch and a half.

I thought she had a cock! I had somehow forgotten all about Barbara! Judy said, I think you have his attention now Denise. I know he's my brother teen bikini hd and petite masturbation sexy young girls alexa nova and kendall woods this is hard to resist watching, you're clit is big!

Pretty babes veronica ricci and aaliyah love lesbian love just watched as Denise had me lay down on the patio floor, me on my back, Denise stratling my cock rubbing and squeezing my cock for any more leftover semen to lube up her opening. I must say at this point having never experienced a woman I was about to short out. I was absolutely trembling with anticipation The skin on my cock felt like it was going to tear I was so hard.

She milked out the last of what I had from the last ejaculation and used my cock to smear it across her naked pussy lips. I guess this was taking a little longer than my sister thought necessary, as she said, just sit on it already Denise. And with that she knelt down, grabbed my cock in one hand, squeezed hard to make my member ridged and pushed down on Denise's shoulder to impale her on me.

Denise shrieked, OhhhAhhhh! I don't know if it was pain or pleasure. I'm sure every male can remember the first time he achieved penetration.

I know I'll never forget it While I thought orgasm couldn't be better with masturbation, there's masturbation orgasm and orgasm in the inner world.

When I entered Denise's warm, wet pulsating inner world I had reached a new dimension. I had become a slave to the hot, sweet smelling, semen milking opening between women's legs. My hips began thrusting. I thought of Ed. No wonder he started humping as soon as he entered me. I was doing the same with Denise. I felt animalistic. I was out of control being led by my cock, my hips thrusting uncontrollably.

It was beautiful. I glanced over at my sister who was watching intently, not at the whole picture, but just where Denise and I joined together. I don't know what she was thinking but she seem hypnotized by my hugely swollen member sliding in and out of Demises' beautiful hole. Judy said, squirt in her!

Squirt now!

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Denise was thrusting wildly but managed to say,No! Not in me! My response was to only groan, My God Judy, I'm gonna cum. I had no idea what a woman did or said or felt like when they had an orgasm, but I think Denise had just started to have one when I announced my impending cum. Her pussy got extremely tight and convulsive, her nipples stood very tall and she became very wet.

I mean all of a sudden her juice is running down my cock, balls and into my still somewhat open asshole. The smell was intoxicating. And she howled and trembled uncontrollably. She started to pull off me when for no reason that I could think of, my sister held her down on my cock and said, you're gonna take his seed as I ejaculated in her.

When I'd had the last orgasm thanks to Barbara and Charlene 45 min. ago, it lasted maybe 40 seconds. This one was biblical. My back arched, I felt the semen start at the base of my member, travel up the shaft and leave my body.

But the convulsions in the root of my cock didn't stop for a full minute. As this was happening, my sister was holding her friend impaled on my cock until the semen ran out of her. When I was done with the ejaculation and had calmed down a bit, Judy took her hands from Denise's shoulders and let her part from me. I remember thinking how cool it would be to have a big knot april oneil way sex with busty stepmom vanilla deville my cock like dogs have that way I could stay in her longer!

I remember as I pulled from her, the slurping noise that came from her pussy. Denise was crying to Judy about not wanting to get pregnant. My sister said don't worry he'll clean you up, he eats his own seed all the time. And then told Denise to sit on my face. I thought nothing of it and started to eat my ejaculate.

I also wondered, how does she know I eat my own cum? Why would I stop now just because it's in somebody's cunt. I would have to say my cum and cunt juice are better tasting than just my cum. Although I'll eat either any time. As I was on my back cleaning up Denise, my sister squeezed my cock and said, I may have to try this on for size someday after all I think I own you now little brother. It was about then I herd clapping and laughter from Barbara's side of the fence.