Tiny french mihonsakaguchi fucked in car

Tiny french mihonsakaguchi fucked in car
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Warning: this story contains graphic rape and murder. Don't read it if this isn't your cup of tea.


Conversely, if this is your cup of tea, so much so that you think you should try hurting someone in real life, please reconsider, as you are too stupid to get away with it and too soft for prison, where you will be raped more savagely than even my twisted mind could imagine.

If, however, you are somewhere in the middle, then please enjoy. Girl on Girl Crime "I can see why Danny likes you," said Susan with a smirk, caressing the suntanned thigh of the girl tied to her bed. "You're a nice little piece of ass." Katie looked away. At the beginning of the ordeal she had met her kidnapper's gaze with indignation and defiance, furious that this psycho would threaten her. But there was something in the German girl's eyes that frightened her. It was a combination of hatred and lust.

"Did you really think you could steal my man away without suffering the consequences?" she asked. Katie couldn't have answered her if she wanted to: she was ball-gagged.


Her wrists and ankles were handcuffed to the bedposts, her limbs spread-eagled, her body vulnerable. Susan had tightened the cuffs as far as they would go so that they dug into her skin. It was nothing compared to what she had in store for her. "The thing about you is," said Susan, still caressing her thigh, "you're the type of slut that's good for a fuck, but utterly disposable.

I don't blame Danny for fucking you, not anymore. I just wish he had realized that once he was done with you, he should have thrown you away like the trash you are." She took a drag off her cigarette.

She looked down at Katie's bare feet, noticing the girl's ankle bracelet. "This is cute," she said earnestly, touching it. "Did he get it for you?" She had been with Danny for three months and sixteen days. At first he was just a good fuck, a summer fling and nothing more. But at some point, she didn't know when it happened, she had fallen for him. It probably wouldn't have led to anything ultimately, not marriage certainly, but still she had been crushed when she learned about the American whore.

She was beautiful, of course, and that made it worse. Susan had always been a little bi, and the combination of jealousy and lust she felt for her rival tormented her like nothing she'd ever experienced. She became obsessed with the couple, following them and sending them threats. Eventually she had had to return to Germany, and they no doubt thought they had gotten lesbian amateur teens use strapon dildo on webcam with their infidelity.

But they were wrong. She had dropped out of school, just for now until she got things sorted out, and returned to America. It hadn't been hard to track down the couple, as she knew where they liked to hang out. Kidnapping the bitch and bringing her to this remote cabin in the countryside had been more difficult, but she had pulled it off. Now it was time to enjoy the fruits of her labor. "Let me just lay out the situation for you, Katie," she said, pushing the girl's skirt up over her hips.

"In return for all the pain you have caused me, I'm going to make you give son attacking stepmom in kitchen some pleasure." She ran her hands over Katie's panties, causing the girl to squirm and squeal. Then she took the cigarette from her mouth and extinguished it on Katie's inner thigh, eliciting a scream through the gag.

"I'm going to rape you. It's not going to be very fun for you, but I'm going to have a great time. And when I'm done, I'm going to kill you. Slowly.

By this time tomorrow, you will be buried in about eight different places in the woods. Do you understand?" It appeared that Katie understood, for she was crying and fighting desperately, which only turned the other woman on more. Susan slowly pulled the girl's panties down to her knees. "There, there," she cooed, pretending to soothe her victim, who was becoming increasingly agitated. "What are you complaining about? You've got the easy job," she said. "All you have to do is sit there, get fucked, and die.

I'm the one doing all the work." She wanted to get those panties off, but because Katie's legs were spread, she couldn't get them past her knees. Fortunately, she had come prepared. Using a pair of scissors, she cut the girl's underwear away.

Her pussy was nicely trimmed. "Handy little instrument," Susan said, snapping the scissors in front of Katie's face.

"And very versatile. I might just find another use for these." She finished stripping the girl, pulling off her blouse and bra, and admired her well-toned body.

The bitch was a dancer, from what she understood, and it showed. Susan ran her hands over her small but well shaped breasts, then down her ribcage to her smooth stomach and finally to her pubic mound.

She had a pretty cunt, and Susan might have been jealous had she not been so turned on. She sank her fingers into the squirming girl's pussy pool party with sexy milf pornstar and hardcore began to finger fuck her.

With her other hand, she began to unzip her own jeans. No need to be modest, she had a pretty nice body herself. When she was completely naked, she straddled Katie's hips and started fucking her, rubbing her own cunt slowly over her victim's. As the pleasure increased she picked up the tempo, grinding their pussies together as hard and as fast as she could.

The one advantage she had over a man in this situation was that she could keep up this pace for half an hour without fear of coming. Oh, it was going to be a heavenly night. "Oh, I forgot to tell you, sweetie," Susan said.

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"Do you see that camcorder on the tripod?" Katie didn't respond. She looked like she was going into shock. Susan slapped her hard on the face. "Answer me, Bitch! Do you see it?" The girl was sobbing through her gag, but she nodded her head. "That is for posterity," said Susan.


"You're going to be immortalized. Think of it: Five years from now, long after you're gone, some pimply faced teenager will still be able to jerk off to your death throes." This elicited more sobs from the girl. "The first copy, of course, will go to Danny. He needs to understand that he can't play games with me. He'll be hurt at first, which he deserves, but he'll get over it.

In fact, a part of him is going to enjoy this tape as much as I will. He probably never told you what a demented pervert he is, because you're just a fuck-toy to him, but I know him better.

I promise you, he'll get off many times on your demise." Still rubbing violently against Katie's loins, Susan took a pillow and pushed it down hard on the girl's face. Katie began to thrash about even harder, fighting for air, but there was little she could do, secured as she was. With one hand on the pillow, Susan reached for the large metal dildo on the table. Spreading Katie's pussy lips, she pushed the back end of the toy as far into the girl's pussy as it would go.

She tested it. Then, satisfied that it was firmly in place, she guided her own pussy over the business end and continued her frantic grinding. With both hands now free, she was able to put all of her strength into suffocating the bitch. The thought of the scheming cunt dead beneath her was such a turn-on that she almost came. But she wasn't quite done with her yet, so she backed off. She looked down at the pillow. Gillian wasn't moving beneath it.

She tossed it aside and took the girl's pulse. Good, she was still alive. "Not yet, bitch," Susan muttered. "You don't get out that easily." She went out to the kitchen for a bottled water and to let her victim recover for the next round. When she teen babe cece gets her hairy twat nailed and creampied pornstar hardcore, Katie had regained consciousness.

"You're still with us," Susan said. "Not for long, I'm afraid." Katie was trying desperately to say something, but Susan couldn't make out any of her words through the gag. For amusement's sake, she decided to hear what the slut had to say. She removed the gag. "Please don't do this," she pleaded, her voice shaking. "I didn't even know Danny was seeing you when we first met! I didn't want to hurt you, I swear!" "Is that all?" asked Susan.

"Really, I didn't mean-" Susan re-gagged her before she could finish her thought. She retrieved the scissors from the table and looked at them thoughtfully. After a moment's deliberation, she brought them to Katie's left breast and snipped off her nipple. The girl screamed in agony. "Oh, I'm so sorry," said Susan. "I didn't mean to hurt you." As she stared at the girl a look of intense anger came over her face. She raised the scissors above her head and then stabbed them into Katie's stomach.

There was a wet, "squick," sound and a spray of blood as they tore into her intestines. Susan left the scissors there. They were turning her on. It was time for the finale, but she wasn't sure how she wanted to do it.

Her gaze fell on the bitch's denim skirt, more specifically on the belt. Perfect! As she guided herself back onto the dildo, which was still protruding from Katie's cunt, she wrapped the belt around the girl's slender neck and pulled it tight. Almost immediately Katie began to make choking noises, which only fueled Susan's passion. "This… is… it," grunted Susan.

"Say hi to the devil for me, bitch." She squeezed the belt tighter and tighter.

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Soon Katie's face reddened, then went purple. Her tongue protruded from her mouth, and her eyes bulged. Susan fucked her as hard as she could, enjoying every moment of the girl's death. A string of saliva leaked out from Katie's mouth onto the pillow. Her eyes were going bloodshot. Susan continued to crush her loins ferociously against Katie's pussy, but the girl was gradually moving less and less.

First her head stopped moving. Then her arms. Finally she was still except for a few twitches in her legs and face.

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Susan knew it was time. She could feel the orgasm rising inside of her. Squeezing the belt as tight as she could, she came for what seemed like a full minute, ejaculating onto the dildo and the girl.

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When she was done she just sat there for a few minutes, her body quivering. She was exhausted but satisfied. She got a cigarette from her purse and smoked it, looking at the corpse.

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She removed the girl's ankle bracelet at tried it on. It was quite fetching, she thought, admiring herself in a mirror. Then she tried on Katie's denim skirt, which was very sexy. She wondered if Danny would like this new look. In the following hours, she dismembered the corpse. She used a chainsaw to separate the head, arms, legs, and torso. She then cut the torso in half. Unfortunately, she was unable to remove the dildo from Katie's cunt.

She had to leave it there, her favorite sex-toy, a seventy-five dollar value. Perhaps some lucky female CSI agent would find it.