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Fat blonde milf wanda got huge tits
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Cassie woke with the world spinning and her head banging like it was inside a bass speaker at a rock concert. "Oh hell," she exclaimed, "Oh bloody hell." She looked around the darkened room and waited for it to stop spinning but it kept on remorselessly revolving from left to right. "My head!" she groaned, "Oh bloody hell." "It's your own stupid fault," a stern voice announced, "You were warned about mixing legal highs with booze." "Oh stuff your supercilious bloody pious bloody crap," Carrie snapped and then as she realised her hands were tied she demanded, "What the fuck's happening." The room stopped spinning, Carrie sobered up instantly, "Oh fuck!" she said, as she felt the unmistakable slippery moisture of a man's cum between her pussy lips, "Who fucked me?" "Which one, they formed quite a queue at one stage," the woman replied, "I'm Marjory by the way, "Toby's mum." "Oh fuck," Carrie sighed, as reality dawned and she realised that apart from stockings, high heels and a basque she was completely naked, "I guess they all went and left me?" "About eight hours ago," Marjory agreed, "How could you be so stupid?" "Practice," Cassie agreed, "Any idea where my clothes are?" she asked as she realised her hands were actually handcuffed to her thighs.

"Ah, well," Marjory said awkwardly, "That could be a problem." "And the key to these cuffs?" Cassie suggested. "That too," Marjory admitted, "You see it really is not good sunny leone finger her vigina Cassie, fucking all comers bare back." "Really, so what the fuck has it got to do with you?" Cassie demanded.

"Toby," Marjory said simply, "I do not want my son to get some hideous disease." "That's real big of you," Cassie agreed. "He is rather shy," Marjory confessed, "And probably a virgin though if we had been another ten minutes last evening I have no doubt you would have ensured he was one no longer." "Oh for meu marido me apalpando e abusando de mim sake I do have standards," Cassie sighed, "That wimpo techie nerd, give me some credit." "Exactly," Marjory agreed, "Credit, I am afraid it is payback time young lady, if you want to be a junkie and the group whore be my guest." "Who are you calling a whore?" Cassie demanded.

"Well dear if you are the only girl at an orgy with twelve men," Marjory suggested. "Only?" Cassie asked as she realised she was lying on a leather couch in a darkened room with a fireplace, coffee table and widescreen TV visible in the gloom, "Oh fucking hell." "You sound surprised?" Marjory suggested.

"There were a group of us, I came with Dan, where is he?" Cassie asked "Long gone," Marjory explained, "The other girls went clubbing." "Oh christ, Dad will kill me," Cassie sighed, "You won't tell him will you?" "He knows," Marjory admitted, "He called earlier." "Sod it, is he mad?" Cassie asked hopefully.

"You could say that, anyway he asked me to take you under my wing so to speak," Marjory explained, "He said if you act like a bitch in heat you must be treated like a bitch." "Great, really positive," Cassie agreed, "So where is the key to the cuffs." "That's it Cassie, I am afraid they don't come off." "Right, so how do I get to go home, eat, drink all that?" Cassie asked.

"You don't, go home that is," Marjory explained. "Like eat?" Cassie demanded. "Like a bitch," Marjory explained, "Like a dog, a dog with a muzzle Cassie, because until you learn to behave like a woman you get treated like a bitch." "Yeah right," Cassie sighed, and Marjory stepped forward and secured a dog collar around Cassie's neck, "Hey!" she protested. "Now be quiet or you will be muzzled," Marjory insisted. "Fuck you!" Cassie snapped, but Marjory was ready, she simply pinched Cassie's nose until she breathed in through her mouth and as she did so she deftly slid an inflatable ball gag into Cassie's mouth and slipped the elastic strap around the back of her head.

"Muff Puff iglut," Cassie protested but Marjory was squeezing the bulb on the end of the gag tube inflating the gag to completely fill Cassie's mouth. Marjory smiled and walked to the windows where she spread the curtains wide filling the room with light, Cassie groaned, it once was an opulent drawing room but pizza boxes, beer cans and foil wrappers were liberally spread around the room and pools of technicoloured vomit disfigured the horribly expensive the snow white fitted carpet.

"Not really fit to live in civilised surroundings are you?" Marjory suggested, as she turned to confront Cassie. Cassie stared as she saw Marjory clearly for the first time as she stood facing her wearing a black blouse with two strings of pearls around her neck and a knee length black leather skirt, her face already heavily made up with vivid red lipstick blusher and mascara despite the early hour.

"I think you should live outside, like a dog. a bitch, and I think you should start right now." Marjory suggested and she snapped a least to Cassie's collar and dragged her across the room, "Come along," she insisted and she dragged Cassie through the door and away down the hallway towards the kitchen. Cassie tried to resist but Marjory was intent on taking her outside, she stumbled and almost fell as she was dragged through the kitchen door into the small walled garden.

"Now do your business and then you can lie by the fire," Marjory ordered before slamming the door. Cassie stood helplessly for a moment then quickly squatted down in case anyone saw her, her heart pounded, she shivered and she wished fervently that she had not been quite so stupid. Half an hour later Marjory opened the door, "Finished?" she asked.

Cassie nodded. "Where?" Marjory asked. Cassie looked confused. "Did you piss?" Marjory asked, "You have to do pee pee Cassie." Cassie stared wide eyed, "Piss for me darling," Marjory said softly, "Then you can lie by the fire." Cassie shook her head, and Marjory went inside again. Two hours later Marjory returned, "Ready?" she asked. Cassie was stiff and cold, she shook her head. "I'll help," Marjory promised, "If you co operate." Cassie noded but she didn't realise the co operation was to change the Ball gag for a ring gag, holding Cassie's mouth open, so Marjory could squirt a cold refreshing stomach cramping jet of spring water from a plastic bottle straight down Cassie's throat, Cassie gagged.

"Piss for me my darling," Marjory whispered and suddenly Cassie lost control, the stream of yellow piss burst form her and splashed the concrete path in an orgasm of relief, "Good girl, good girl!" Marjory cajoled, "You can have sup sups now!" and she opened the door and allowed Cassie back into the kitchen where an oversize dog basket waited beside the fire with a bowl of what looked like dog food and one of water both labelled Cassie awaited her.

Cassie lay in her basket it was warm and comfortable and she soon drifted off to sleep. Cassie woke to find she was alone, she stood up and explored the kitchen, her heels clicked on the cold hard shiny black floor tiles and two minutes was enough to prove she could not open either door nor dislodge the hand cuffs securing her hands to her thighs so she set about learning to drink through a ring gag which proved awkward and messy, and then how to eat through one which proved even messier.

Marjory heard her walking around, "Doggies don't wear heels," Marjory sighed "Let's slip them off." and she gently eased the white fashion shoes off Cassie's feet and undid the tapes to slip stockings off as well leaving just the black corset.

"Do you need number two's?" Marjory asked. Cassie shook her head, "Are milf teaches teen how to keep her man happy sure?" Marjory queried, again Cassie shook her head. "Oh well later perhaps, just piss on the floor if you need to, good night," Marjory said brightly and she left Cassie on her own.

Cassie had plenty of time to think, as she lay in her basket, she could remember going to Toby's party with Dan, she remembered the blue pill and then it all went blank, she tried to climb on the kitchen unit to pee in the sink when she felt the need but gave up when she nearly fell and decided to pee in the hall doorway instead, she felt a small sense of satisfaction as she saw the pool of liquid swelling and decided she quite liked peeing on the floor so much so that she drank the rest of her water and decided to lay on her back and try to pee up the kitchen unit.

It was harder than she thought, so she climbed in her basket and slept.

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Cassie realised peeing on the kitchen floor had its drawbacks, first it smelled and second Marjory was not pleased. sexy blonde slut takes with two big black cocks Cassie, Cassie do Pee Pee outside," Marjory chuckled when she came down next morning, and she grabbed Cassie by the shoulders and pushed her face into the stinking yellow pool, "Lick it up," she ordered though she only made Cassie lick a token amount then laughed, "Don't you like it?" Cassie shook her head.

"Oh that's a pity because it's much easier to drink nice warm pee than it is to lap up nasty cold water." Marjory chuckled, "I had red wine last evening would you like to taste?" Cassie shook her head.

"Pity, but never mind, another day but for now we had better do number twos," Marjory explained, "I have a special number two coat for you." Cassie looked confused, but Marjory brought Cassie's white raincoat from the hallway, Cassie stared, it was buttoned to the neck and it appeared to have hands in the pockets and arms.

Marjory spread newspaper on the floor and then told Cassie to, "Stand still it goes over your head," she explained as she pulled it over Cassie's head and smoothed it down. Cassie stared at her reflection, itlooked as if she had her hands in her pockets not cuffed to her thighs, "Number two suit!" Marjory chuckled. Cassie shook her head, but then Marjory produced a piece of card and a can of spray paint, Cassie was intrigued but looked on incredulously as Marjory stared to spray Cassie's bare feet gloss black using the card as a mask so it looked as if she was wearing black shoes to a casual glance.

"I usually use St James's park," Marjory explained, "After dark of course." Cassie decided Marjory was quite mad, even in darkness it would be quite impossible to hide a ring gag she surmised.

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But when Marjory took her into the garden Cassie was able to pee almost immediately "You clever clever girl," Marjory lavished praise on her and when after her supper of more cold meat and veg in a bowl, Marjory led Cassie outside again she was quite sure her ordeal was almost over, for how could anyone miss a ring gag?

Surely someone would help her? But even before stepping into the street Marjory had slipped the ring gag off.

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"You're mad criminally insane," Cassie snapped. "And you are naked under that coat," Marjory pointed out, "Which I can easily unbutton." "You wouldn't!" Cassie blustered but she knew Marjory would. The concrete sidewalk was cold under Cassie's feet though it was only a few hundred yards to the park, where they stepped through a gap in the railings as it was locked for the night. "Number two's on the path then we bag it and bin it just like a dog, like a bitch," Marjory whispered.

"You're mad!" Cassie protested, then asked "What are you doing?" as Marjory suddenly squatted down. "Number twos darling," Marjory chuckled as her pee splashed briefly on the tarmac followed by the plop of a long sausage of brown poo, "Your turn." Cassie stared, she felt constipated, the cool air round her bottom, "Squat my darling," Marjory whispered and she held Cassie and eased her down, "It will feel nice, honestly," she said as her thumb found its way unerringly between Cassie's cunt lips and eased inside.

"No!" Cassie whispered but it was hopeless, her bladder let go soaking Marjory's wrist and her bowels opened with emo bondage training my little teenager arse whore loud fart depositing several small hard turds on the pathway. Cassie regained her senses, shadowy figures were moving, "Gentlemen, may I present my Cassie, Cassie, meet the St James Doggers, she's the little fuckslut I told you about, I'm training her, do I hear twenty pounds?" A muffled grunt, "Bend over the park bench Cassie let the gentlemen fuck you," Marjory insisted.

"You're kidding right?" Cassie demanded, as she saw the indistinct outline of the bench in the gloom. "Absolutely not!" Marjory insisted, "Oh no why give it away when you can sell yourself, anyway you owe me for food and board!" "You are totally insane!" Cassie insisted, but Marjory firmly pushed Cassie to the bench and made her bend over the backrest of the bench while the group of men stood around waiting as Marjory lifted Cassie's coat tails to expose her pale pink backside.

Cassie looked back through the gaps between the planks of the bench, she saw a man approach, she could not see his face, he looked short and fat and his underpants appeared white against his dark trousers as he opened his flies to release his rampant cock and slip a black condom on it. He stepped forward and it was the work of a moment for this anonymous man to shove his small but rigid condom clad penis up Cassie's shit lubricated ass and in no time he was humping his cock in and out of her slippery ass, his balls slapping her crotch, his hands groping her tits, his breath on her neck.

In moments it was finished, and he was gone to be replaced by another and then unbelievably Marjory joined Cassie in bending over the bench and raising her own skirt to reveal her ass and take another strangers condom clad dick up her shitty ass.

"Don't you just love it!" Marjory whispered. "No!" Cassie whispered as her man groped her tits and kissed the back of her head before working his thumb up her cunt as he fucked her ass, "Nooooooo," she sighed as she started to cum, "Oh god no!" "Pay me tomorrow," Marjory suggested as someone offered a fifty pound note, and she made herself comfortable before taking another cock up her ass, "That is so fucking dirty, so exciting," Marjory gasped, "Fuck Meeee." But blue flashing lights appeared and the men faded away, Marjory hustled Cassie down a path away from the road and they waited, hearts pounding while the police wandered about flashing torches aimlessly.

"Bloody hell we could get arrested," Cassie whispered. "One hundred and twenty pounds," Marjory chuckled, "Fun money." "You're sick," Cassie whispered.


"You're sick too," Marjory replied, "Admit it!" "Oh hell," Cassie agreed and Marjory took the key from her bra and undid Cassie's hand cuffs. Cassie quickly discovered the arms of the coat were filled by long balloons and when she popped them she found she could put the coat on normally.

They waited an hour before returning, they bagged the turds, cleared the condoms and waited for the doggers to return, but it began to rain. Marjory suggested they went home, "Bloody weather," she complained, "Bloody Police I was enjoying that." "What!" Cassie protested. "Well didn't you?" Marjory replied. "No!" Cassie insisted. "Liar!" Marjory countered. Cassie didn't reply, her mind reeled, it was disgusting, humilliating, illegal, yet somehow.

"Well?" Marjory prompted. "We could lovely schoolgirl was teased and nailed by her older instructor been arrested!" Cassie insisted.

"But they all used condoms unlike your little escapade," Marjory observed. "Oh god," Cassie sighed. "I took a swab from the ball gag and had it analysed and luckily it seems like you got away with it this time," Marjory explained, "But if you're going to have sex with my Tom then I am afraid it is safe sex or none at all." "Look, there is no way in the world I am having sex with Tom," Cassie insisted.

"So you're walking home barefoot naked except for your raincoat?" Marjory enquired, "Surely one more cock won't make any difference will it." "Ok, if that's what it takes," Cassie agreed. They stepped through the garden gate which Marjory locked behind them, more a door than a gate as the wall was over eight feet tall, but Marjory went to the large brick built garden shed rather than the kitchen.

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The floor and lower walls were tiled with white tiles, shower heads hung from the ceiling at one end and clothes hooks and a bench filled the other end, "Our wet room," Marjory laughed and pointed to a large drain in one corner, "All mod cons!" "What do you mean?" Cassie asked.

"It's obvious surely," Tiny french mihonsakaguchi fucked in car suggested as she slipped off her raincoat to reveal she too wore only a black leather underbust corset under it and she stepped towards the wall and swung a chair into the middle of the room a chair with a toilet seat, but cut away at the front.

Cassie stared, she had simply not realised. "What?" Cassie asked. "Slip your coat off and lie down," Marjory suggested, "I want to pee in your mouth, in your hair, over your cunt darling." "And I get a shower afterwards, some proper food?" Cassie asked. "And Tom's cock," Marjory promised. "Ok, if I must," Cassie agreed. Marjory was surprised at Cassie's acquiescence but she watched as Cassie stripped off her corset and lay down allowing Marjory to position the chair over her.

Marjory sat spread her legs slightly and relaxed and a dribble of piss trickled down onto Cassie's breasts, but quite suddenly Marjory felt Cassie's hot breath on her pubes as her tongue sought out Marjory's pussy, Marjory helpless emptied her bladder as Cassie tried to get it all in her mouth then in a flash Cassie was on her feet and french kissed Marjory pushing Marjory's piss back into her mouth. "Frig me darling, fist me!" Marjory pleaded, "Oh fuck I'm going to cum!" Cassie felt a surge of emotion, Marjory was in her power, she liked it, her fist deep in Marjory's cunt, her left nipple in Cassie's mouth as she squeezed Marjory's right nipple with her free hand and Marjory was completely helpless lost in orgasmic delight.

They sat on the bench afterwards too embarrassed to speak, "We ought to shower," Marjory suggested.

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They went into the house somewhat sheepishly, Marjory took Cassie to the spare bedroom where her clothes were laid out and promised to call her for supper. Cassie lay on the bed, she smiled, she knew she had Marjory exactly where she wanted her, and then the bedroom door opened, it was Tom, nerdy Tom.


"Mom said," he ventured and stopped in his tracks as he saw Cassie was naked, her gorgeous tits and sweet hairless cunt all clearly visible. "Sure, do it from behind so I don't have to look at your spotty face," Cassie said as she swung off the bed and knelt over the end of the bed. "Supper's ready," Tom continued and he rushed away in confusion.