Misterfake tight pussy pornstar causes agent issues tube porn

Misterfake tight pussy pornstar causes agent issues tube porn
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This is a true story. And while complete in itself readers are advised to read the 3 preceding parts to better understand the whole situation.

Those offended by mature/young gay sex are advised not to read this. Hot and Hard. The Saga of Ajay and Raja Concludes. Part 4. They would often strip me naked and both still full dressed, would kneel in front of me, with mouths open. I would let one suck me for a bit and then the next till I was hard and ready to fuck.

Then pulling down either of their pants to their ankles I would make the chosen boy lie on his back and push his legs to his shoulders leaving his ass, upturned, exposed and wide open. The other would still be sucking my cock and would lubricate it well with his saliva. I would then plunge my cock into the waiting ass and fuck the prone boy with long hard strokes. After Raja had been able to accommodate the length and thickness of my cock and had enjoyed getting fucked by me a number of times, this was his most favoured position and it allowed me to push the full length of my cock, all the way to its base into the waiting ass and feel my balls slap on the lower part dirtystepdaughter lets fuck while mom is gone his back.

He often said when I was fucking him like that he thought my prick would reach to his throat from his ass. Ajay on the other hand liked me to fuck him as I had the first time.

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Lying spoon fashion on the bed and almost half asleep with slow and languid movements. No desperate rush to ejaculate. No desperate pounding of upturned ass hole. Just long slow movements that could transport us to a different plane of feeling.

Another of our favoured positions was the three way fuck, with Raja standing with his hands braced on the wall, body bent at dos tetonas grandes folllan con dos chicos de brunoymaria por todo el hotel waist and ass thrust backwards, legs spread apart.

Ajay would enter him and then bend his own body over Raja's back so his ass was now thrust backwards and presented to me. I would in turn enter Ajay's hole and start fucking him. When we got the rhythm right Ajay would be pulling out of Raja as I was pressing into him, then pressing into Raja's ass as I was withdrawing from him. We would often ejaculate at the very same time, me deep into Ajay, Ajay into Raja and Raja splashing his cum all over the wall or floor.

If by chance we put Raja in the middle and Ajay on the end I always found the rhythm faltering, perhaps because Raja was tight and we could not maintain the correct speed to keep it going or because his cock had a slight curve and would often pull out from Ajay's ass.

We enjoyed these kinds of games and many others for a good while, may be fifteen months or so from the date of their second trip to the hills. The intervening period's exposure to better sort of drinking habits had changed their original way of taking liquor. They were now diluting their drinks to a proper level and able to sip them slowly rather than slugging them down.

Our anniversary bash was very successful and Raja was by now able to accommodate me without first being made ready by Ajay's slimmer thinner cock, though he was still "tight" and would remain so till the end of our relationship.


Our association continued for a few more months after that but I became aware of a lessening of the excitement and anticipation that a chance to visit me had for them.

I got this feeling from Raja in particular. He became more reserved in his manner and it was evident that he was not getting as much enjoyment as Ajay was from our encounters. Raja was still fond of sucking me dry and also still liked to get fucked. Stepmom bianca having a threesome sex with a teen couple he seemed to want something more than what we had to offer him. When I eventually asked him outright he admitted that he was now more interested in girls and in fact his marriage had been fixed by his parents for the following year.

I took pains to reassure him that what he was experiencing was natural and that he could sever the sexual side of our relationship when he wished, although I would like to keep him as a friend and that he would be welcome to visit me as such, at any time in his life. Ajay on the other hand was as interested and got as much enjoyment from our games as he had on the first night itself.

He was still the first one to get naked, the last to get dressed and had almost a satyr's libido, able to get erect and into action very quickly after climaxing. He still liked getting pounded by me or by Raja, but claimed with my larger prick I was able to satisfy his desire better.

The three of us met and had sex at least thirty times over those fifteen months. An average of two times a month. They never wore any clothes when they were in my house. Almost as soon as entering the door we would be eagerly removing each other's clothes. Even if the gap between their previous visit and the current one was only a week we were always eager to see naked flesh, exposed cocks and backsides. Always eager to feel, kiss and lick whatever was offered first. The initial desire would last till out first ejaculation and then I would either put on a pair of trousers or use a lungi.

The two boys however would refuse point blank to use even a stitch of clothing and would spend the entire time with me stark naked.

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They would help me to cook and to clean the house but for them it was forever a game. A lot of time would be spent teasing either me or one another. If I was in a lungi, say doing some washing or cooking, I would never know when either one would suddenly come and slip under the lungi and start to suck my cock.

Once it rose to an erection or got semi hard the boy would disappear just as suddenly as he had come, leaving me with a ridiculously tented lungi which was absolutely hilarious to who ever saw it.

Or going into the bedroom to make up the bed or do some such work I would be greeted by the sight of an ass, spread wide to show the puckered mouth and be asked why I had kept the obviously waiting hole vacant for so long.

Nothing but a complete fuck would satisfy the waiting boy. Needless to say the house work always took far longer to complete when they were around.


Although we played many games and were very free with each other's bodies neither ever once expressed a desire to fuck me. For them I was always the dominant one and the top. They would play any role required of them either fucker or the one getting fucked, sucker or the one to be sucked.

Often I would ask then to 69 to each other while I fucked one's ass. One would lie on his back, head raised. The other would be on all fours, doggy position with cock hanging over the prone ones mouth and mouth ready to engulf the upstanding cock pointed at the ceiling.

At my signal they would start to suck each other while I fucked the boy in the doggy position.


This was often very hot and we achieved simultaneous ejaculation on many an occasion. As I pumped my cum deep in the ass I could feel the pulses of that boys ejaculation as he pumped his cum into the mouth below him and the other boy in turn pumped his load into the mouth above.

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Our last encounter as a threesome was in the plains. I had gone down the hill for some work and we decided to meet at a hotel in the nearby city. They came as promised and somehow we recognised that this was the last time we would be together as partners in sexual games. This feeling though not openly expressed, lent a somewhat feverish air to our desires. Neither of the boys was interested in having a drink.

Both only wanted to start playing the usual games. There was an unusual amount of kissing and foreplay and throughout the night [we never slept at all] our lovemaking was tinged with a sense of sadness and finality. While having our ritual bath in the morning Raja asked me to fuck him again and wanted me to do it standing under the shower, just as I had done on the very first time I had succeeded in entering his ass, without Ajay's intervention, during their second visit to the hills.

I did as he requested and had fucked him beauties take up with the tongue and finger masturbation and smalltits he shot his load of cum across the bathroom floor. I was taken aback when he turned to me and tears streaming down his face told me that his parents were shifting to Chennai the next week and that this was the last time he would be able to meet me.

Our parting as a threesome was sad and had emotions running on high in all of us.

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Their youthful exuberance and humour, their sometimes wicked pranks had enriched my life for the past fifteen months and was now going to leave a rather gaping hole in my being. But in life, all thing have an end and we all realised that one chapter had come to a close. Ajay continued his association with me for a long time and perhaps one day I will recount our escapades together.

There was about two years of time left for that chapter of our lives to come to end. Ajay and I are still friends but without the sexual fission that was there in the past. He is happily married, and though we meet sometimes we rarely remind each other of our old passions or the lust we had for each other's bodies.

Both of us had heard from Raja a few times after he had shifted to Chennai but we never met again. Photographs, curling at the edges from age, show smiling faces, erect cocks and slim sleek bodies. These pictures and memories are all that remain.

Reminders of the passion and lust a chance meeting can generate. Finis. Please post asian slut fucking big black schlongs threesome.