Nasty teen webcam strip and play no study tonight for this cutie

Nasty teen webcam strip and play no study tonight for this cutie
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It was a few days later I was able to catch up with my good friend Mick. I told him all that happened and he congratulated me profusely, that was, after punching me a few times in the arm for having all the luck. Mick and I had met in intramural rugby, so we were about the same build. He was tushy curvy blonde gets her ass gaped more of a jock than I was though. I had been too busy during the day to meet up with Hailey again.

But we talked on the phone and in the quad whenever we could. She told me that the was the best fuck she'd ever had. And that she had a surprise for me on Wednesday, which was today.

I was excited. Mick and I were having lunch in the commons when a skinny guy with light brown hair came up to us. "Are you Jake?" He said. I nodded. "I was told to tell you that there is a surprise waiting for you in practice room 22B." Our school had plenty of small rooms for the musicians to practice in. This had to be what Hailey was talking about. I couldn't wait. Mick sighed loudly and waved me away. "Wish me luck," I said.


"I hope you get hit by a truck on the way there," he said. I hurried my away across the quad to the music department, found room 22B, and burst in without hesitation. To my surprise it wasn't Hailey there at all. It was Jasmin, sitting on a piano. Jasmin was a petite Persian girl that had waist length black hair, sunny leone mp3 story sexy great figure, and perfect ass.

Though her tits were nowhere as big as Hailey's. She could be pretty boisterous and charismatic, though she had a certain gossipy schoolgirl quality.


She wasn't good enough an actor to take lead roles but she tended to flit about as an extra or messenger here or there. Quite obviously, I was surprised by this turn of events, but before I could say anything Jasmin started talking. "I'm a virgin," she said. I couldn't believe it, a beautiful girl like her? "I know I know. I just never found a guy into me who wasn't a huge asshole. Hailey told me all about you two and we decided we'd let you take my virginity." I was speechless.

Hailey said a surprise but I still wasn't expecting anything this surprising, "So. You think you're man enough to do it?" I summoned up my composure. It wasn't what I was expecting at all but Big toys sex girl sex stories was still having me fuck her best friend for the first time. I wasn't going to turn this down. "Baby this will be a time you'll never forget," I said with a grin.

"Now let's get naked." In no time we'd stripped off her yoga pants and sweatshirt combo and my jeans and T-shirt and stood in front of each other with nothing on. Jasmin had perfectly round C cup breasts with nipples almost covered my her hair and sweet curves to go along. Her pussy hair was trimmed into a shape of a heart. I stood with full wood. She eyed it apprehensively. "Don't worry," I reassured her. "We'll start slow." I lifted her onto the piano and spread her legs. Kissing her lips gently, I slid two fingers along her slit slowly, making her shudder.

As I ran them up and down I went deeper until my fingers were all the way in. "Does this feel good?" "Oh Jake if feels great!" She replied. Her shoulders were thrown back and her chest stuck out, her small nipples at full attention. I moved my fingers in and out of her hole, increasing the number to three. Jasmin began to make small whimpering noises. I increased the speed and used my other hand to finger her clit.

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A few more seconds and she was practically wailing in delight. "Oh god, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming." She repeated. Sure enough, her pussy began to gush and she dug her fingernails into the wood of the piano. Her repetitions became incoherent moaning and finally soundless gasps. When she stopped convulsing I withdrew and kissed her clit once. She shook. "Was that your first orgasm?" I asked.

"No. Me and Hailey have some toys." I made a mental note to ask about those toys. "But it was my first with a boy." "Well it won't be your last," I said and moved to enter her slowly. She pushed me away. Sliding off the piano, she got down on her knees in front of me. "I've never done this before, but I've practiced on my dildo and seen it in movies." I wasn't going to object. She opened her mouth all the way and still barely managed to wrap it around all of my cock. She slid down the length of it and I could feel myself sliding down her throat.

For a first timer deep throating was pretty good. Count me impressed. She slid up and down my shaft slowly and methodically, ramping up my pleasure step by step. She even fondled my balls a little bit.

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This girl was a natural. As she got accustomed to the length she sped up and I could feel myself begin to peak after about five minutes. "Alright here it comes.


Here it comes, Jasmin." I grunted. Instead of keeping my cock down so I could shoot right down her throat though, she pulled me out all the way and stared at my wood perplexed. At that moment I shot my wad and a few burst of jizz flew out to splatter all over her face and hair. A few drops fell onto her breasts.

Maybe she wasn't quite a natural. Her mouth was formed into a little "O" of surprise and I could see the ring her lipstick left on my cock.

"Well I guess dildos don't do that." I said. I helped her to her feet and she regained sense enough to be embarrassed. "Don't worry about it," I said. "Some guys get off on that." She perked up a little at this while licking my splooge off her face. "Like you?" Jasmin wrapped fack ny wife big black coke arms around my waist.

"It's got an appeal." I grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted her up. "Now we fuck for real, and I get that v-card of yours." I put her back to the wall and she wrapped her thighs around me almost immediately, for someone with no experienced she'd obviously watched enough porn to know all the moves. I pulled back my cock and eased the tip in a little. She moaned like she did when it was just my fingers. Slowly, I eased in my dick. At about half way in I slowed for her cherry. "Toys," she reminded me.

I laughed and eased in some more. Jasmin's pussy was tight, and I bottomed out at about three-quarters of the way. I eased back out again, a little faster. Jasmin was beginning to enjoy it now and let off little humming sounds. I kept up this slow easing until I felt I could go full speed without hurting her. When I reached full swing her humming had turned into tiny moans and only got louder.

As I pounded her pussy her tits bounced and that long hair jumped around. She was really beginning to lose herself in the rhythm now, and it was only a matter of time before she came.

Soon enough, her moans were interrupted by a short gasp and a long low wail. Her back arched against the wall and she dragged her fingernails across my back. I winced slightly but kept going into her. A few thrusts later I let myself go, too. I didn't even think of pulling out. I just held her firm ass tighter and pumped a round right in that fresh pussy. The ecstasy hit me in bursts and I drained a full load into her. It wasn't quite as great as it was with Hailey, but the tightness made up for it in other ways.

"You didn't pull out?" she said. "I figured you had enough cum on you for one day." We both laughed and I let her down, my seed dripping from her slit like it had from Hailey's. "I'll take you anytime you like again if Hailey's okay with it," I offered. "Oh don't worry she is. She's never had a problem sharing boyfriends with two women." I added that to my growing pile of lucky breaks and bid Jasmin adieu. Practically skipping all the way to Calculus. Concluded in Part 3