Sexy blonde fucking in black thigh high stockings and a garter

Sexy blonde fucking in black thigh high stockings and a garter
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We decided to head my motor coach northeast out of Minnesota, through Wisconsin towards the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to see the sights up there. I wanted to show my granddaughter Kristy the beautiful Lake Superior and the tundra like landscape of this isolated part of the United States.

Besides, I didn't want to take any chances of being found in my coach just in case Carrie couldn't resist telling her parents about what the three of us did the other night. Better to be safe than sorry. As we slowly made our way across the Cheese State, Kristy informed me that Mother Nature had called upon her once again and that we would have to show our affections by cuddling, kissing and being close for the remainder of the week.

I can't say that I minded the reprieve because the little minx was started to wear me out. She spent the first day mainly by herself in the bedroom in bed. Evidently her doctor's prescription beauty is nailed in doggie pornstar hardcore just for birth control but it did have some medicinal purpose also. So I parked at a campground right inside the Michigan border on Lake Superior to let her get over her painful cramps.

I walked over the manager, like I normally do when I visit a new campground to introduce myself and to see what's going on in the community.

I found out that we were too early for the summer festivities and too late for the end of winter celebration that the town has and that there was really nothing of any significance going on this week. So I chatted with her a while and wondered back to the coach and sat down with a good book and a cup of coffee. It was the first time I've relaxed like that since I'd picked up Kristy for the summer and I kind of missed it. On the third day, I awoke to a different girl; she was cheerful and energetic and seemed none the worse for wear, so we broke camp and headed out across Northern Michigan.

It took about ten miles for Kristy to speak and her silence was broken by a question. "Gramps, am I a lesbian?" she blurted out the question as if she was asking "Did you have a good night's sleep". "What?" I responded, not believing my ears. "What made you ask that question?" "Well, I really liked being with Carrie.

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Her body really turned me on and I get that feeling down in my pussy just thinking about what I did to her. I loved licking her down there and feeling her little boobies. I don't know, do you think that I am one?" she asked again. I thought about her question before I answered. It was an important question, one that I should have expected and had an answer for her but I hadn't, so I didn't and now had to think it though before I blurted out an answer.

Finally I answered dirty brunette kara faux getting fucked on massage table hardcore and babe another question. "Do you think that maybe you are or have lesbian tendencies? Just because you enjoyed a girl on girl exploration doesn't mean necessarily that you are a lesbian.

It did surprise me a little that you were drawn to Carrie the way that you were, but do I think that you are a lesbian? No, I don't think so, but what do you think?" "I don't know Gramps, I mean I love how I feel when I'm with you and I can't seem to get enough of you making love to me and all, but when I saw Carrie at the pool wearing just her underwear, I just couldn't take my eyes off of her.

By the time we were alone in the changing room, well I just had to have her. Do you think that I came on a little strong?" she explained. I just chuckled to myself as I said, "Well, you certainly knew what you wanted and I think Carrie liked what you did and, don't forget, I had a hand in corrupting the little Aussie too." "Yeah I guess you did see her up close and personal didn't you/" she teased.

"Kristy, I don't think that you are a lesbian at all, you just wanted to experiment a little that's all, but even if you have those tenancies, so what? There's nothing wrong with it is there?" I asked. She thought for a minute and then said, "But if I am one, how come I absolutely love it when I'm with you? Can I be both straight and lesbian at the same time? "It's called being bi-sexual and yes you can be but let's not label anything just yet. What you felt was a simple case of sexual discovery that's all and it's nothing to get all worked up over," I said.

She accepted the statement as a conclusion to the conversation and let it drop but I had a feeling that it wasn't the last time we would have this as the topic of discussion.

Along the way east through the Upper Peninsula, I took the opportunity to try out my old teaching skills and explained to my pupil about what caused the Great Lakes and why. I told her about the weight of the glaciers pressing downward leaving a rich deposit of minerals below them and that to this day are a source of income to both the Canadian and U.S.

governments. We stayed near the famous Mackinac Bridge for three days and crossed over it several times on our way to and from Mackinac Island. On the fourth day we made our way up to Sault Saint Marie and crossed into Canada for a journey back out west to the Rockies along Canadian Highway 1.

Think you re a model suck my cock first was our first night in Canada and Kristy informed me that she "was free from Mother Nature" and that she was horny as hell. I sexy teen hottie play with speculum and fuck looking for a campground immediately. We found one near the freeway, so we pulled over, set up the rig for the night and fixed our evening meal.

After picking up after us, Kristy excused herself and went in the bathroom to shower and get ready for the night. I paced the floor in anticipation and finally when the door to the bathroom opened and Kristy made her appearance, my mouth dropped open and I gasped out loud at what I saw. My beautiful granddaughter came out without a stitch on and looked at me, grinned then turned and walked into the bedroom.

I was about two steps behind her, shedding my clothes as I went. We made love that night for hours and finally went to sleep in small tits petite babe fucks thick cock others arms; content and satisfied. I felt so much love her, more than like a granddaughter but as a lover. We got a late start the next morning due to the fact that I had slept in from my ordeal the night before.

But I decided that we had no schedule to keep and no where we had to be, so I enjoyed the morning with my naked, sexy teen aged girl right beside me. It felt so great to just lay there and love her again and again. We pulled out just before noon to continue our westward travels and had just got it up to speed when Kristy informed me that she was suddenly very hungry.

I told her that I was kind of hungry too so I started looking for a restaurant that would still be serving breakfast. I noticed a truck stop ahead so I got in the french arab gangbang home away from home away from home hand lane and turned on my blinkers.

We pulled in, set the brakes and stepped out of the coach to go in the café at the truck stop. As I led Kristy towards the door, I spotted a younger looking girl near the entrance, wearing the most wrinkled and filthy clothing imaginable, with straggly hair sticking out of her skull cap and the biggest frown on her otherwise pretty face.

I glanced at her as I held the door open for Kristy and she stared back. I smiled at her and she barked, "What are you grinnin' at?" I ignored the question as I let the door close behind us and Kristy turned to look at her with a quizzical look on her face.

"What's that all about?" she asked. Shrugging my shoulders I replied, "Beats me," and continued to go in and find an empty booth. The waitress came up to take our drink order and asked if we had had any problems with the little urchin as we entered the restaurant and I looked at her and answered that it wasn't anything we couldn't handle.

She said that she was about to call the state patrol and Kristy said to me, "Gramps, she's probably just hungry and wanted some food. Please don't call the cops on her.

Let me go talk to her." I immediately objected but Kristy had her mind made up so she got up from the booth and walked out to see the girl. As they stood there talking for a minute, there was a bit of animation between the two and I was just starting to get up to protect my granddaughter masturbating in pantyhose free in pantyhose porn video c5-pantyhose4u tube porn they both walked through the door.

The waitress stood there with her arms folded across her chest and her head cocked to one side. A scowl crossed her face as she watched the two approach us, but when Kristy introduced the girl to me as Cathy and informed me that we were having a guest for breakfast, the waitress just took out her order book and frowned.

The girl kept looking down at her lap, not wanting to meet my gaze but she did manage to mumble a quick "Thank you for feeding me," as she continued to look down. Taking a sip from my coffee cup, I asked "What are you doing out here by yourself, Cathy?" "That's none of your business," she countered and glared into my eyes with distain.

"Sorry, I was just trying to make conversation," I offered but decided that there was more here sweet sophie analsex with dad from her friend met the eye.

So I dared to ask my question in another way. "You are a very attractive girl, Cathy. Aren't you afraid being out here all by yourself?" Her response was a glaring stare that would make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, but after a few seconds with that look plastered all over her face, she did manage to state, "I can take care of myself. Don't even think about trying anything with me Buster because I can take care of my self." Feeling well threatened but mainly amused, I replied to her, "I'm sure that you can so I will not try anything.

I'll just feed you and leave you alone." Kristy chimed in with a protest of "Gramps? You can't just leave her here." "Honey, you heard her, she can take care of herself so I can just leave her here alone," I said emphatically but I gave Kristy a wink so Cathy couldn't see it. Kristy stifled a slight grin but played the part well by pleading, "Oh come on Gramps, at least take her to a decent place to find a ride, not at a truck stop." Cathy suddenly asked Kristy, "He's not your ol' man?" "No, he's my grand father, Gramps.

I'm traveling with him this summer in his huge motor home. You should see it, its gorgeous and big, it could sleep three easily," she insisted. I thought for a second about inviting this stranger to travel with us but I thought I would wait for a bit to put the nix on this idea. But Cathy seemed intrigued by this new thought from her new friend and her Gramps and as the waitress brought our food out, her mind must have been twirling around in that pretty little head of hers.

We watched in amazement as she devoured her breakfast. She acted like she hadn't eaten in a long time so she was taking advantage of her new found benefactor and was filling herself to the brim. When she had finished one plate and looked on hungrily, I ordered two more eggs with some bacon on the side for good measure. These were polished away in no time and when I went up to pay the check, the waitress looked at me, smiled and mouthed, "Thank you." Kristy showed her the way back to the coach and soon we were on the way towards Winnipeg; Kristy, my granddaughter, her filthy dirty friend and I, the fool that picked up this little package of trouble.

We had been on the road for just a few minutes when Kristy came up to ask me a question. "Gramps, could we stop early today so Cathy can take a shower. She's starting to smell something terrible and I'm just about to throw up." I started looking for a campground and soon pulled into one for the night.

We had made exactly 54 miles that day, but I kept telling myself that we had no schedule and no where to be so it didn't matter. Kristy was just a little smaller than Cathy, so after she had taken a thorough shower and cleaning, she squeezed herself into some of Kristy's clothes and sat down to join us outside with a wet head and a real tight tee shirt and shorts.

Kristy immediately suggested that we go shopping for her to buy her some new clothes. "What am I, the First National Bank of Urchins and Waifs", but relented to my granddaughter's suggestion.

We took the Jeep into a local Wal-Mart to shop for clothes and for some food and you would have thought that the two girls were long time friends as they walked and joked around. I did my grocery shopping and then waited for them to come to the checkout counter. They arrived pushing a cart full of clothes from outer wear to under wear. She must have bought a week's worth of clothes and guess who was paying for it all?

Fifteen minutes and $147.59 later, just for Cathy's new wardrobe, we exited the Wal-Mart and headed back towards the campgrounds and the coach. I fixed our dinner and the two girls went in to change into Cathy's new clothes. I heard giggling and laughter coming out of the bathroom and the finally, Cathy made her appearance wearing the shortest shorts and the flimsiest tank top in the world.

I almost dropped the frying pan as I looked on in amazement. Was this the same girl who only hours ago told me that, "I can take care of myself" in the most defiant look on her face in the whole world.

Now her face was radiant and jovial, full of life and joy like any normal teenage girl. She had transformed into quite a beauty and I was noticing it. "What do you think, Gramps?" called out Kristy with a big grin on her face. "Well, I think she cleans up pretty good," I said admiringly. Cathy face lit up and both of the girls laughed and squealed their delight. Cathy turned her backside towards me and stuck out her read end. Then both girls laughed and squealed again and ran back to the bathroom.

I was shocked at their attitude and wondered what my granddaughter had up her sleeve. I called them to dinner as I sat the table for three and brought over the meal I had prepared. Our conversation was much more open than it had previously been, with Cathy willing to discuss anything that we wanted to know.

Kristy was more concerned about things like age, year in school, her family and whether she had a boyfriend or not. These questions seemed to bother her a little but she was willing to answer them in all honesty. It turned out that she was going to be a senior in high school next year, she was seventeen and lived in Detroit, and yes she had had several boyfriends but didn't have one now. My questions were more of a serious nature than Kristy's because I wanted to know what she was doing up here in Canada all by herself.

She answered in the most candid way imaginable. She told us that her father was messing around with her and forcing her to do sexual things with her. She told her mother about it but her mother just said that he wouldn't do such things. So she ran away and she had been gone two weeks and was tired of running.

She had run away from one circumstance right into a worst one. It seemed that all of the truckers who were willing to give her a ride wanted something in return. If she wasn't willing to put out then she would just stay there at the truck stop waiting. That's why she was so rude to us when we came in; she was expecting me to solicit sex out of her. I told her that it never crossed my mind, but to myself, I had had a secret fantasy about just that.

After we ate and I had cleaned up the kitchen, Kristy asked me if she could make up the bed for Cathy and her. I looked at her for a second, not wanting to make a big deal out of it, but I silently wondered if Kristy had told Cathy about our relationship and our sleeping arrangements.

Evidently not because when the thought came to my mind about our little Aussie friend, I began to wonder about our previous conversation about Kristy's sexual orientation and a certain doubt crept into my mind.

After the girls made up the couch into a bed, they went into the bathroom to change and went they came out, I got the definite impression from Kristy that I was excused so at 8:30 at night, I told them goodnight and retired to the bedroom. I was not the least bit sleepy so I grabbed my book and settled in for a long night by myself.

But after only a few minutes, I could hear through the thin walls of the motor coach, a muttered talking between the girls.

Try as I might, I couldn't concentrate on my book and I found myself trying to hone in on the conversation that kept interrupting my thoughts. So I very carefully got out of bed and quietly went to the door to listen better. From that vantage point with my ear to the door, I began to eavesdrop on their discussions. "What did you mean when you said that your Dad started messing around with you?" Kristy asked.

"Oh, you know, he would come into my room after I went to bed to tuck me in supposedly and then he would put his hands all over me and stuff," answered Cathy. "It was as if I didn't know what he wanted, my gosh, I was a freshman in high school when he started and he thought that I didn't know anything that was going on. Just how dumb did he think I was anyway? So I would fight him off and tell him I was going to tell Momma and it worked for awhile. Then he started getting more insistent and forceful.

When he tore my panties off of me I decided that I had had enough, so I left and I'm never going back." Kristy thought for awhile, then asked, "So he never did "do it" with you? He never put his thing in you?" "I didn't say that," she answered with a lump petite blonde wife interracial purse snatcher learns a lesplaymates son her throat.

She sobbed a little and said, "It was the last night, the night he tore off my panties." She was crying now, uncontrollably. Between her sobs she continued to tell the story. "It was terrible, he put his hand over my mouth and told me not to yell or he would have to hurt me real bad.

Then he laid down on top of me and put his thing into my pussy and he did it to me. All I could do was lay there quietly and take it. When he got through, he just told me not to ever say anything about what happened that night to anyone and he left. He didn't even ask busty slut trixie cas is having some fun with sex toy before getting s I was alright or anything.

He just left!" Suddenly I wanted to run into the room and give Cathy a big hug and console her tears. I was so mad at that ass hole of a father of hers I wanted to scream, but I knew that I couldn't. So I bit my tongue as I continued to listen to Kristy's response. "Oh my God Cathy, that's horrible. How could your own father force himself on you like that.

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I mean, Gramps and I do it all the time but he never forces me to do it. I want to do it with him. He's so gentle and loving and careful with me. He's never hurt me one time. Well except when he put it in my butt and that hurt the next day but it was all my fault because I…" She stopped when she realized what she just said and I'm sure, turned beet red from embarrassment.

There was an uncanny silence throughout the dark room where the girls were. Kristy finally stated, "Oh my God, Cathy. You can't tell anyone what you just heard. Promise! You can say a word! If you do I'll just die! Oh please Cathy, promise me you won't say a word?" "Kristy, who would I tell even if a wanted to. I just can't believe that you do it with that old man. My god, he's your grandfather for Christ's sake.


You're pretty, you could have any guy you wanted. What are you doing with that old man?" she asked. It took Kristy by surprise for a second and then she responded. "Cathy, he's the only man I ever wanted. Other guys are like your father, they have one thing on their minds and that is to get in your panties. Gramps is not like that. He's gentle and loving. He loves me more than anyone in the whole world and I'm glad that I'm with him. I'm willing to give myself to him and I love it when he makes love with me.

That's the difference; he makes love with me, he does just have sex with me," she stated emphatically. "I don't care what anyone thinks, I love him and I'm going to love him in any way that I can and that includes sleeping with him." With that, she got up out of their make shift bed and walked towards to door leading into the bedroom. I jumped back into bed just as she entered the room. She was crying big tears as she crawled in beside me.

I didn't say anything but I lifted the covers and welcomed her into my embrace. She buried her head into my shoulder and began sarah gets fucked by her horny lesbian friend her eyes out. Lying there on my back with the girl that I loved sobbing uncontrollably into my arm, I felt a sense of pride but yet total admiration for her.

I had never felt more in love than at that very minute as I pulled her into me further and I kissed her on the granny young teen girls and pizza blowjob im finally beginning to understand my power. I never let on that I had been eves dropping in on their conversation; I just stayed just as I was, hugging and kissing my crying little granddaughter. I heard a gentle trap on the door and then a soft little voice say, "Kristy, I'm sorry I said those things.

Kristy, can you forgive me? I so sorry, I guess that I felt jealous that you have what I want; to be loved and cherished, you know by your Gramps, except I want to be loved by my father. Can you forgive me, Kristy?" Kristy didn't say a word in response but continued to snuggle up in my embrace, trying to dry her eyes. Then the voice came again from the other side of the door, it said, "I guess not. I guess I can't blame you, but I want you to know that I am sorry." I could take it no longer so I answered her plea by saying, "Cathy?

Come on in here for a second." The door opened and a head appeared into the light of the bedroom as she looked around the opened door. She looked so crushed and defeated that my heart began to weep for her so I lied by saying, "I don't know what went on in there, but do you want to join us in my bed?" As she looked on, I raised the covers on the other side opposite Kristy's in an open invitation.

She hesitated just a moment and then came around to take me up on my offer. I watched as she pulled the tee shirt that she had been wearing for a night gown up a little and scooted under the covers. "I want you to know that I sleep in the raw so if you want to leave then I'll understand." She froze for a second, obviously thinking it through and then put her head on the pillow next to mine and stretched out sunny leone com vivad com legs.

She didn't come over and cuddle me or touch me in any way but she just lay there quietly, not moving a muscle. After awhile, I fell asleep to the rheumatic breathing of the two girls, one on each side of me, as they immediately drifted off. I awoke to whispers between the two and the sunlight easing its way into the bedroom the next morning. The sunlight happens every morning but I was shocked at first to hear the whispering. They were saying that they were sorry for the events of the previous night and as I opened my eyes, there was total acceptance all around.

So when I said, "Everything's all better now," they just smiled a broad grin and nodded their heads in agreement. They both were on their sides, facing each other with me in the middle, so when Kristy rose up a little and came over to give me a kiss good morning I wasn't at all surprised. But, when Cathy rose up and asked me, "What about me?" I was somewhat taken back but I smiled and said, "It's okay with me if you want to give me a good morning kiss." As she brought her head up to mine and started to kiss me right on the mouth, I instantly thought how this little waif had warmed up since our first encounter a mere 24 hours ago.

Kristy immediately felt left out since her good morning kiss had been on my cheek so she teasingly said, "Hey, wait a dog gone minute here. He's my Gramps Cathy. You keep your paws off of him." They both giggled and took up the game. First one then the other came up to kiss me on my lips and they were acting like they were fighting over me.

I didn't mind the attention at all but as each kiss got a little more passionate, I started to get aroused. In my sleeping condition and laying on my back, my problem soon became apparent, at least to Kristy. With one look down at my enlarging tent at my crotch, she giggled, sat up a removed her tee shirt and scooted over to lie down upon my chest.

Cathy's eyes got big as she watched the seduction begin and I grabbed Kristy by the butt and pulled her in between my stretched out legs. Hers were together as my hands grabbed the waistband of her panties and started to remove them over her hips. She was wiggling her bottom and as I took them down to her mid hamstrings but then she rose up on her knees and pulled them down over her legs and off of her feet.


She stopped to look at my now erect cock standing up between my legs and grinned and then crawled up to straddle my waist. Cathy was looking on in amazement, not believing what she was about to witness but feeling the effects of the anticipation. She sat up and crossed her legs right next to my hips; she had a front row seat and she wasn't about to miss a thing.

Kristy smiled over at Cathy and said to her, "Now watch what this old man can do." She rose up on my crotch and placed the head of my cock in her opening, then closing her eyes for a second, she slowly lowered herself down upon my engorged cock, impaling it into her opening as far as it would go.

Cathy looked on with wide open eyes and mouth as her fingers started to go between her legs. She couldn't help herself it seemed, the sight of us making love right there beside her was starting to drive her into wanting her own pussy rubbed. I was really starting to get aroused watching my beautiful granddaughter as she started to rise and fall on my cock.

I could feel the wonderful sensation of her vaginal opening expand and contract around it as it slid its way to its depth with each thrust of my hips. I looked over at Cathy and she breathing very heavily and her finger was stroking the inside of her panties.

Her eyes were glued to Kristy's lips as they stretched around my rampaging rod penetrating her depths. Kristy had her eyes closed and was swinging her head from side to side, keeping time with every thrust downward of her hips. She was moaning out loud and with each slap of our bodies, she would make a wanting sound that resembled an "O".

Cathy was starting the form a little sweat on her forehead as her own pussy was being stimulated by her fingers and her eyes were glued to the action going on between Kristy's legs. I was just about there as I felt my climax started to culminate. I was breathing shallowly in short spurts and then I was holding my breath completely. I could tell by her writhing that Kristy wasn't far off either so I tried to extend it as much as I could but it was inevitable so as I shot my load deep within her, I cried out in a loud "AAAGGGHHHH!" and rammed it home with all of the force left in me.

I glanced through squinted eyes over at Cathy as she had her entire hand buried inside of her crotch of her panties as she about to reach her own gigantic orgasm.

That left just Kristy and as I shot my load, she reflectively started cumming hard on my throbbing cock. We collapsed together in an exhausted heap with Kristy lying on top of me with her pussy still encompassing my now cougar busty mom is jerking dick member.

Cathy had joined in on the cuddle by scooting up next to Very young sandra romain gets two cocks up her ass and lying on top of me also. I was spent as I dozed off in a wonderful period of afterglow and I stayed that way for about a half hour or so. I finally crawled out from under the two sleeping beauties and went to the bathroom to relieve myself, take a shower and clean up. After I came out, I glanced back at the bed and found the girls snuggled up to each other, sound asleep.

I had to move redhead teen sucks and gets anal fucked slide out back into the coach before I left the campground but I decided to let them sleep as long as possible. By the time that I got everything ready to haul out of there and I woke them to move the slide, they weren't ready to get up yet, so I told them that they could get some rest and we would stop at a truck stop for them to take force for sex 1 day shower and change clothes.

As I headed out on Canadian Highway 1 West, I was wondering what this day would bring. It started out so good that I was anxious to see how it ended. They came out of the bedroom just before noon. They hadn't changed from their pajamas yet and as I pulled over and stopped the rig, they each came up to me and gave me a big hug and kiss.

Cathy was still wearing her tee shirt and panties but didn't seem the least bit shy about showing me everything that I wanted to see.

As she reached over to give me my kiss, the front of her tee shirt fell away from her breasts to expose them fully to my gaze. Even when she noticed me looking, she didn't try to cover up at all. She just smiled and mamita from brazil cant live without hard cocks me good morning again.

Kristy had put her tank top back on over her panties and as she came up for her kiss, she purposely bent over to expose her breasts to me as she smiled a broad smile.

I had never been around two more seductive little minxes in my life but I knew that I could get used to this treatment with no problem what's so ever. They took turns taking their showers in the coach while I fixed them something to eat. They were famished and ate everything on their plates. They seemed as if they were long time friends and I wouldn't have known that they had just met the day before.

They joked and laughed together as I watched on and I knew right there that we had made a good decision to take this waif sindy vega pissing all over the bathroom with us.

As we traveled along towards Winnipeg, I was struck by the way Cathy had changed in her demeanor, appearance and attitude. She was now a jovial young girl, a lot like Kristy was, and busty trixie cas enjoys riding long cock in bedroom pornstars hardcore not a trace of that chip that she had on her shoulder when we met her at that truck stop.

I was really enjoying her presence and I wondered how she would work into our lives. I got to thinking about the last time I was in Canada. I was traveling towards an Alaska trip a couple of years ago when I ran into some difficulty with the main crank staff in the Jeep. I had it out in the back country and snap it right in two. I put in a call on my CB radio for assistance and this guy came to my rescue.

He not only towed me back to a garage for repairs at no cost to me, he even insisted on taking me out for dinner that night before dropping me off at my coach. His name was Cory, and he asked me if I was ever up in this neck of the woods again to look him up and I could return the dinner. Well, this is kind of up in his neck of the woods since I could be up in Dawson Creek, British Colombia in a couple of days so I decided to head northwest on Canada 16 in Winnipeg and look my old friend up.

We didn't have a schedule to keep and we had lots of time until fall, so I might as well show Kristy northern BC while I was at it. It took us the better part of three days of driving through northern Saskatchewan and Alberta to finally arrive at Dawson Creek. I had phoned ahead and shocked poor Cory right out of his mind but got a sincere welcome and a promise of a place to park my coach. So when we pulled up in the evening of the third day of traveling, he was standing at the front door of his cabin, waving his hand like he thought I was lost or something.

I set the brakes and bolted out of the coach to give my long lost friend a grand hand shake and bear hug. He hugged me back with a broad grin on his face, slapping my back with his massive hands and arms. Cory was a big guy, about 6' 4" and he weighed about three hundred pounds. But in all of those pounds, there wasn't one that could be attributed to fat. As burly as he was, he was the most tender hearted in the world. There wasn't a thing that he wouldn't do for you and he would laugh out loud as he was doing it.

After I greeted Cory, I introduced my granddaughter and our new friend Cathy. Cory looked at the two, then at me, then back at the two girls. He got a big grin on his face and slyly commented, "It must be tough on you Ol' Buddy, travelin' around with two beautiful women on your arm." The girls blushed deeply as we all walked into his cabin. Cory and I spent the entire evening talking and catching up on our lives since we had last seen each other.

We found that the bond that we had formed before was still there and only had grown stronger. This guy was truly a friend, one of the best I had ever known and I suddenly realized just how much I'd missed him.

The girls had gone to bed long before we even thought of retiring. Enjoying our fifth or six beer, the topic of Cathy came up so I related the story of how we found her at a truck stop and "rescued" the poor little waif. He listened intently as I retold the story she had told to Kristy and I about her abusive father and how she had left home. He just shook his head in disbelief when I had finished. The only thing he said was, "She deserved better than what she got." About two in the morning, I staggered out to the coach and into my bedroom to go to sleep, or more appropriately stated, pass out when I discovered my two beauties in my bed.

I stripped off my clothes and I pulled back the covers to slide in next to them when my eyes were treated to the most wondrous sight that I could imagine. Neither of them was wearing any pajamas, they were totally naked and they were in each others arms as if they had fallen asleep like that. Now I was really starting to wonder about Kristy's sexuality. The next morning, I was dreaming the best dream about my Kristy doing naughty things with me when I slowly came out of it and felt her hand down between my legs.

It wasn't a dream I was having, it was actually Kristy doing naughty things. She was stroking my limp cock into an erected state and as I opened my eyes, I saw her smiling face looking on as she cooed, "Good morning, Gramps." I said a groggy "Good morning" back to her and sighed a deep sigh.

Then I heard a voice from the other side of me saying, "What about me? Don't I get a "Good Morning" too?" It was Cathy sitting cross legged right next to me grinning.

I thought for a moment about the pleasure that I was feeling from my granddaughter's hand but I had to ask, "Are you enjoying yourselves as much as I am?" "Cathy wanted to see it in its full erection and so I started pumping on it to get it hard. Now she knows what it looks like at full size so I can take it I my mouth and suck on it," she added as she lowered her mouth around my cock.

Cathy let out a loud gasp as she exclaimed, "Kristy, what are you doing?" "I'm going to do the best part and the most fun part for me. I'm going to suck his cock, all the way down my throat," she said enthusiastically as she dove down on me.

In her own masterful way, she started licking and sucking on the head of my bulging cock and then slipped it in to the back of her throat. Cathy's eyes were glued to the spectacle that was playing out before her but her agitation over the sight was starting to grow, her eyes almost popped out of her head as she watched Kristy open her lips and take the entire thing into her mouth and down her throat.

"My God," exclaimed Cathy. "How can she do that?" she asked anyone who heard the question. But no one answered as she continued to watch drop jawed. As Kristy was really working over the throbbing meat that she had in her mouth, my right hand worked its way over to were Cathy was sitting and found her crossed legs and started running up an inner thigh towards her pussy.

She recoiled at first from my touch. It brought back too many bad memories for her I'm sure, but in an instant she was scooting forward trying to make it easier on me to fondle where she wanted to be touched. As Kristy was licking and sucking my cock deep into her mouth, my hand finally reached its destination between Cathy's legs. Feeling her kinking hair that grew at her mound, I touched it lightly, running it through my fingers as I felt gf punished by her boyfriend by letting his buddy fuck her girlfriend hardcore her luscious little lips.

She gasped out loud as I found them but the gasp turned into a moan and one of them inserted itself between them and ran up her slit until it reached her clitoris. She quivered as I made contact with the nubbin and she rose to her knees and separated her legs a little more to make access to her private area easier. I was rubbing her pussy fully with my entire hand as she was slowly getting into my rhythm and movement.

I then grabbed her by the inside of her thigh and pulled her around so she was kneeling right over my head facing towards Kristy bobbing face. "Straddle my face," I commanded placing both of my hands between her legs. She didn't move at first as if she was thinking my orders through. She finally moved herself over my mouth and placing a knee beside each of my ears, she sat there hesitantly waiting for my next instruction. "Now lower yourself down on my mouth and hang on," I jokingly said and as she complied, I ran my tongue between her lips and licked her clitoris.

She screamed from delight of her first oral assault on her private area. She recoiled from it initially but very soon she settled herself back down on my tongue and a very satisfied sigh revealed her pleasure. Now she rocking back and forth over my tongue as I was licking her entire channel, getting it wet from my saliva when I decided to mix in some of her own fluids to the mixture and went down to her vaginal opening.

This caused another repetition of hesitancy of movement then complete submission and enjoyment. A gasp came from her throat again when I slid my tongue into her as cameryn coxxx and cory chase as I could stretch it out and then a slight moan as she spread her legs even more and settled down upon the magical linguistic intruder.

At this time Kristy came off of my cock, looked up and saw where Cathy was and what she was doing and proceeded to straddle my waist and lower herself down on my pulsating cock. As she slid it into her deep canal, she was still balanced on her toes with just her pussy lips making contact with it.

As she reached to bottom of her descent, a strange gurgling growl escaped her lips and then she started to rise up and withdraw it out of her hole. But before it found the light of day, she reversed herself and fell back down upon me, impaling herself upon my stiff rod, causing her to scream out in lustful pleasure.

Kristy's screaming brought Cathy's attention from her own sense of ecstasy to the face of her sister in lust and noticed that she was bobbing up and down directly on my cock. Out of pure desire, or lust, or compassion, Cathy reached out with both hands and took Kristy's breasts and started to squeeze and fondle them in a playful manner. Kristy reciprocated by placing her hands on Cathy's breasts and squeezed down hard causing Cathy to winze just a little and squeeze back with greater force.

I was beside myself feeling my cock being ground into and tasting the juices straight from an open vagina when that welling started to swell deep in my loins. I knew that in just a few seconds I would irrupt into a surging mass of sperm blowing into Kristy's waiting womb but I wanted to get Cathy off before that time arrived. So I switched back to her clitoris and oh so gently, I bit down on the hooded treasure as Cathy went ballistic. She cried out as she tightened every muscle in her body and sat there rigid as can be for a second.

She held her breath, trying to extract the greatest amount of pleasure out of it before she released her pent up emotions, along with a gallon of fluids onto my chin and neck area, and started to writhe and hump my face like a wild woman. It was more than I could take as I raised my hips off of the bed knocking Kristy off balance and into Cathy own orgasm. They inner twined their arms into a mad passionate embrace as I shot my wad deep into her cervix.

Kristy wasn't far behind as she gushed out her juices into a sloshing mixture sperm and vaginal fluids, coating us both with the overflow. They fell together, off of their perches on top of me, to one side, still in their embrace, to leave my crotch and face slimy with fresh juices, and me being dead tried.

But I slept the most contented that I have slept in a long time. I now had two lovers to care for.