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Busty blonde bbw beauty loves playing with her soaking wet pussy
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My sister layed there, sprawled out on the sofa; eyes glued to the television. She was in one of her horror movie phases where she watched a different horror movie everyday. Today it was Nightmare on Elm Street. You could tell she was engrossed in it from the way her little hand was gripping the edge of the sofa.

My sister, whose name was Miracle, was quite petite. She only stood about four ten, actually. She had black hair, loves it in the out hole anarchy in choppy layers and side swept bangs. There was a small, silver stud in her nose from when she had gotten it pierced at age fifteen -- one year ago.

Overall, she was rather appealing to the eye. Though I would never tell her that. We were a few notches above normal sibling rivalry, even though I was only two years older. She was always telling me what a dick, asshole, or jackass I was.

Probably because I was always teasing her which made her pissed off at me. She also said that I was to full of myself. Which was true, to some extent. From my place on the stairs, I continued to gaze over at her. Then, I got an idea. Casually, I walked past her heading for the front door.

"Bye, Miracle. I\\\'m going to play basketball with some friends." I said. "Mhm," she said absentmindedly, waving her hand for me to go away. With that I closed the front door, after I was outside. Walking around to the back of the house, I crept in the back door -- luckily it was open. Hoping I was unheard, I tiptoed down the hall and up the steps to my room.

Picking up my cell phone, I cleared my throat. I dialed the house number, and waited. "Mmm" said. "Hey baby." I said into the phone, mustering my best Freddy Krueger voice. Then, I hung up. Waiting five minutes, I called again. "Hello" Miracle said after the phone rang several times. "I see you Miracle. How\\\'s your movie" I asked her, still sounding like Freddy. I hung up. Then, I called once more.

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"Don\\\'t fall asleep, Miracle." I whispered, referring to how Freddy Krueger killed his victims in their sleep. I closed my phone before she could speak.

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I was aiming to make her terrified. Hopefully it was working. I pressed redial. "Freddy\\\'s comin\\\' for you, baby." I whispered into the phone. Ending the call, I chuckled softly to myself. Then, I decided that was good enough.

Getting up, I walked downstairs quietly to see the back of the couch, and Miracle sitting up, frozen in place. Perfect, I thought. Determinded to be unseen and unheard, I tiptoed to the light switch and flicked it out, then ducked behind the couch.

She whimpered softly. Crawling to the side of the sofa, I kneeled. Waiting for the right time, I finally did it. "BOO!" I screamed, jumping out, to the side of her. Startled, she fell off of the couch, onto the floor. "Oliver, you fucking bastard! I\\\'m gonna kill you! I\\\'m gonna get you! OLIVER!" she screamed loud enough to wake the dead. I stood there, doubled over with laughter, tears coming down my eyes.

Finally, I calmed down, french fetish orgy films yves baillat she laid there with an angry look on her face. "Damn, I just love it when you scream my name like that." I teased her.

I often did things like this, with no intention of actually meaning it. "You\\\'re such a fucking bitch. I hate you," she snarled, standing up and storming out of the room. Talk about not being able to take a joke.

I rolled my eyes, teensloveblackcocks sneaky small teen gets a bbc pounding living room and interracial flopped out on the couch. Turning off the movie, I turned the channel to Jerry Springer.

After awhile, I thought I heard something. I couldn\\\'t make out what it was. Pausing the television, I listened. It was coming from upstairs. I followed the voice, and it lead me to my sister\\\'s room. Opening the door I found her, sitting on her bed. crying! I never thought that I would see the day she would cry.

You have to know she was one of those \\\'tough\\\' girls who could and would \\\'tell off\\\' just about everyone. She saw me, and immediately glared and shook her head. "Don\\\'t you knock Get the fuck out." she hissed, getting up, and wiping her eyes free of tears. Heading over to me, she tried to push me out. Which wasn\\\'t working to well, since she was three times smaller than me.

Finally, she realized it was pointless and stopped, shaking her head. I was speechless, and still awestruck she had been crying. "What" she snapped, seeing the expression on my face. I shook my head. "Nothing." I finally said.

"You are a jackass." she said softly. This was so different. I could see the look in her eyes. It wasn\\\'t anger, anymore. It was. hurt This was so weird. Miracle, my sister, was hurt. Today was just full of surprises. I tilted my head to the side, and stared down at her. "Look, I\\\'m. sorry. For scaring you." I said, having trouble. I didn\\\'t apologize often, you see.

"No you\\\'re not. You thought. and still do think it was hilarious!" she objected, putting her hands on her hips. "Meh, you\\\'re right," I shrugged. That was true.

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No sense in lying. She shoved me. "You\\\'re horrible." Miracle told me, trying to suppress a laugh. I grinned down at her. "You\\\'re my wittle sister. Do you really think I\\\'d let big bad Freddy Krueger get you" I teased her, tickling her in her ribs a little.

She giggled. "I hate you," she laughed, pushing me away. "You need to relax. You\\\'re so tense, Miracle," Oliver said. "Tsk, Tsk." "Relax! How the fuck am I supposed to do that with certain PEOPLE calling and acting like serial killers" she asked sarcastically, putting a hand on her hip again. Damn, she looked so cute aletta ocean fucking big black cock behind scenes that.

Pushing the thought out of my mind, I chuckled. "Mmm, like this." I said to her, moving so I was behind her. Putting my hands firmly but gently on her shoulders, I began to massage her shoulders. "Ooh, that\\\'s nice." she said softly, letting her shoulders drop. We walked back downstairs into the living room, and I saw on the sofa, while she sat on the floor in front of me.

I continued to massage her shoulders, and we turned the movie back on. Eventually, she got back on the sofa, and was currently resting her head on my chest with my hand on her thigh. This was so odd!

Usually, she didn\\\'t even want to be in the same room with me, let alone this! About an hour later, it was a little past midnight and I peered at her face. Her eyes were closed. She was sleeping. Miracle just looked so adorable when she was sleeping.

Peaceful. After some time, I fell asleep as well, forgetting that our parents were due to come home early the next day. TO BE CONTINUED.