The empress ass fucked in the terms

The empress ass fucked in the terms
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Warning: this story contains a rape scene. If you don't like reading stories of such, then don't read. Also, I do not condone rape this is strictly fantasy. And if someone does rape an individual may they meet justice and may it be swift and violent. Jack stood at the edge of the cliff over looking the town below.

A wolf walked up and stood next to him. He reached over and scratched the beautiful animal behind her ear. Ruka and this pack are his family now since he had left humanity behind. Thanks to his government he was milf bianka and teen sarai shared a hard cock on sofa threesome and blowjob for life.

A life of being a werewolf. He hated humanity, but his pack he loved. Luka came up to his other side and shoved his muzzle under Jacks other hand. "Are we jealous ol boy?" He laughed as he scratched Luka's head. After he had escaped the government facility and ran off into the woods injured and tired he had found this cave. He had hidden there hoping to hide from the military that would be searching for him. He had passed out still in were form when this pack of wolves found him.

When he had awoken Ruka had been licking his face, his first thought and action was to back away quickly, which scared the pack and Luka bared his teeth ready to pounce this strange creature in his packs territory. He could since it's fear, he was confused though his female Alpha was protecting this thing.

Why? Jack could sense the anger from the alpha male but felt like he could understand its stance. He knew that with the experiment and his change he saw things differently and could do things he never felt possible.

Now he could feel and understand these wolves. He slowly reached forward to touch the female, She jumped at first but turned and gave him a quizzical look. That was two years ago; now he was apart of the pack. Though he was now considered the packs, Alpha Luka and Ruka were the Alphas. Tika squeezed herself in between Jack and Ruka which elicited a growl from Ruka.

The younger wolf stretches and ignored the female Alpha and laid down with her head in Jack's lap.

Tika had become Jack's favorite of the pack, and she never left his side. Jack looked down at the town below and wondered if his family and friends missed him.

Luka's head quickly turned the right he began sniffing and growling a low growl. Jack then sensed and smelled what had gotten Luka's attention. He jumped up and changing forms as he did so. Moving ahead of the pack he turned and growled a deep, intimidating growl, the pack backed up, and Ruka and Luka stood in front of the pack understanding his command. Jack leaped forward into the woods; he quickly went into a nearly invisible state.

Something he had learned during his escape. He quietly made his way towards the smell. Thinking to himself he questioned why a lone human was up here. The only ones that did come up here were always accompanied by others and were mainly hunters. With the wolf population as it was humans never came alone. Jack smelled the human then could hear them.

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Its voice was female, and she was headed his way. He quietly made his way swinging wide as not to come arunachal pradesh itanagar local porn storys to face but instead to come around and get behind the intruder.

Carol walked up the trail crying. She didn't care that she was in wolf territory. She wanted away from her family, and she wanted far away from her jackass boyfriend.

He cheated on her, and her family wanted her to forgive him, but why should she, he fucked her best friend. She laughed at the thought of the word best friend.

Little fucking bitch stabbed her in the back. She wanted to knock the bitch out cold. Carol saw an old stump walked over and kicked it, the old rotted stump splintered on impact.

"Fucking slut." SNAP!!!! Carol turned toward the noise. Fear swelled up inside her. She squinted her eyes trying to find the source of the noise then thought then yelled. "GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!!!!" She grabbed a rock and threw it back down the trail.

Jack dodged the rock just barely and watched as it thudded behind him. He looked back at the female and sniffed the air. He sensed her anger mixed with fear. He heard her heart beating quickly. He watched as she continued up the trail. He started stalking her keeping his ears pricked for anything.

He smelled it then looked ahead of the human female and saw Tika just up ahead. She was hiding behind a large rock. "Stupid little misbehaving non listening little bitch," he thought to himself.

It seemed no matter what he did Tika would always follow him. He shook his head and gained ground on the human female. Carol saw the wolf and stopped. The wolf was staring at her intently.

Then came out onto the trail teeth barred ears pinned back. Carol stepped backward. Fear over took, and she screamed. She put her hands in front of her. Telling the wolf to stop telling it to stay. "FUCK what am I thinking this animal ain't going to listen." She thought to herself. She knew that no matter how loud she screamed she was screwed. SNAP!!! Carol turned around and saw it appear from nowhere.

The creature was huge. He stood on hind legs. She saw his teeth barred as arms almost human like, his hands had long claws on each finger. She tripped over a rock as she backed away falling on her ass. Then she felt the breath of the wolf.Fuck they had been hunting her. She began crying then pleading.

She knew this had been a mistake to wander out here and now she was going to become a meal. The larger creature growled then barked, she heard the wolf as it began backing away. The creature now towered over her glaring down at her. She closed her eyes and cried louder. Jack looked down at the human. She was crying, and for some reason, this excited him. Her fear motivated him. He looked at Tika, and she had the look of hunger. He looked back down and rationalized his next action.

To kill her would mean humans are coming to look for her and that jeopardized his pack. He could let her go, but that may lead the government coming to search for him again, and that threatened his pack. He leaned down to get a closer look and a good sniff. Carol was scared, more than she had ever been in her life.

She remembered all the stories of werewolves and had even heard a rumor of one. And now she was face to face with that rumor. With all she could muster she began begging for her life, hoping this creature understood. "Please please don't kill me. Please, I won't ever return, I just want to go home" The creature cocked its head a bit. Jack laughed to himself. Here this pathetic human was begging him to spare her. He laughed even more at his quandary. Kill it or let live. Tika growled as she heard the human speak.

She knew humans couldn't be trusted except one. And he was preventing her from a meal. Jack reached down grabbing Carol by her throat and lifting her up and pinning her against the tree. She grabbed his wrists and struggled. And this excited him more. Carol fought for breath. She grabbed the creature wrist squeezing with all she had. She felt the bark of the tree when he pushed her up against it.

Then his grip slackened. She took the chance and dug petite liona pleasures a thick dong brunette cumshot fingernails deep into the creatures wrists. The creature looked at her and growled and tightened his grip. She struggled to breathe, tried to talk but only managed a small squeak. She looked at him, and she thought he was smiling. Tears started flowing. Jack was in fact smiling. Her feeble attempt didn't even phase him.

He was enjoying himself. Part of him was trying to let her go.

But he couldn't, not after what they did to him. The pain they caused him, now was his chance to take advantage of what fate gave him. He struggled though wondering what to do. That's when his grin got real big. With his free hand he ripped off her top, exposing her breasts, He leaned in and licked one of her breasts.

The resulting lick ended with a solid punch to his head. With a low growl, he bared his teeth and put his muzzle inches from her face. Carol couldn't believe what was happening.

She punched him with everything she had after this vile thing had licked her tit. It didn't even faze him. Her fear was getting stronger did this thing intend on raping her before he killed her? Her thoughts went to the safety of her home. Why did he have to do what he did, why were her parents defending him? Why didn't she listen before she jumped into her car and drove off? Why? Jack lifted the girl into the air. With his claw, he tore away at the flimsy fabric that covered her body.

Pulling down what was left of her pants and panties he got a good whiff of her pussy. He stuck out his tongue and graised it across her pussy. 2yrs it had been since he tasted a woman. God, it made him feel good. She began kicking and struggling to make it hard to get at her pussy. Carol cried out as this thing had now licked her in her most private area.

No one had ever done that to her. Not even the jackass boyfriend. It was gross, and now this creature had done it to her. She tried crying out, but with his grip it was useless. Without warning, she was slammed to the ground her head hitting a tree root.

Darkness enveloped her. Jack looked down at her limp, unconscious body. Looking at her he got more excited more aroused by her scent. He lowered himself. Spreading her legs, he took more licks even pushing his tongue inside of her. She tasted so good. He heard her begin to moan. Her hands on his head.

Carol slowly began to wake not quite realizing where she was. Her hands reached down to grab hold of what ever was making her whole body tingle with pleasure. Then she realized where she was and what was happening.

She screamed and began pushing away in an attempt to escape. She kicked him in the face with all she had. She turned trying to get up and run. She looked and stood before her was that female wolf.

Teeth bared growling, eyes daring her to move. Carol froze, fear taking its grip. She felt something grab her hips. She turned to see the werewolf as he was pulling her back. She screamed. "NO PLEASE NO PLEASE PLEASE DONT!!!!" Tears filled her eyes she clawed at the ground trying to escape.

She wanted this nightmare to stop. Now he was pissed. He let his guard down, and now his jaw hurt from the vicious kick. If not for Tika she might have gotten away for a moment and the resulting chase, fun as it might have been, would have possibly hurt his now prey even more. He pulled her back against him. He now fully intended to fuck her he wanted to fuck her.

He was going to give her his seed then let her go. That made him happy. Carol clawed harder than she felt it hit her skin. It was hard and wet. Then it went away, then without any warning, she felt it enter her pussy. Oh God no please no. She cried out trying harder to get away. He pulled away then slammed into her again. Now it was bigger, longer now she knew what was happening with a frightening revelation.

She was getting fucked by a werewolf. She was being raped. She cried, she begged and pleaded. But with each tear and with each plea he pounded his were cock into her. Jack couldn't believe how good it felt; he relished being inside a woman again.

He thrust harder and faster. Then he felt it and looked down. He had a knot, and it was beginning to swell. With one solid hard thrust, he pushed it into his bitch. He lifted his head to the sky and howled. He humped with pure pleasure. Carol couldn't believe this was still happening. Then she felt a lump hit her pussy. Then with a violent thrust, she felt him shove the lump inside her.

She screamed at the new violation of her body. Then her body began betraying her. "God no oh god please no." She felt her first orgasm hit. Her eyes rolled back. What ever he had shoved into her was now swelling and hitting her G-spot. She cried more now, not only was she being raped but her body was betraying her. Her body was enjoying what her mind told it not too. Then she felt something new. A warm almost hot something inside her.

Her eyes opened wide when she realized what it was. Then he let out another howl. Her body began betraying her again as she felt what ever was inside her throbbing. Then she remembered when she was younger the two dogs humping in the front yard. She recalled asking her mom why the male dog has a big bulge at the bottom after it had pulled away from the female dog. She remembered her mom calling it a knot, and he used it to help make sure his seed took to the bitch. They had tied what she called it.

She screamed out realizing she was now some creatures bitch, and she was full of his seed. She cried clawing trying to pull away, but he held her firm. Her body betrayed her once again. This time more violently, she came with such force that she blacked out. After about what seemed for ever, Jack was able to pull away from his new bitch. As he pulled out his cum flowed from her pussy.

He rolled her onto her back looking at her tear streaked face he leaned down licking her face. Looking up he grunted and Tika to come to him. She sniffed the human. She smelled her Alpha inside the human. She looked up at him then down at this vile human. She pushed her muzzle between the human's legs and began kicking her Alphas seed from her. Carol didn't want to cry anymore. She didn't even want to fight. Even when the female wolf started licking her.

She didn't want to understand why her body betrayed her. She looked at the werewolf; she saw the angry red cock with its knot still protruding from its sheath. She closed her eyes and prayed this nightmare would end. When she opened her eyes again, she watched the werewolf and his wolf companion leaving. He stopped for a moment, looked at her then bared his teeth, then left into the woods. Carol laid there for a while crying and wanting nothing more than to brunette honey toying her tight asshole on web cam. She couldn't tell anyone; they wouldn't believe a rumor had raped her.

She finally got up leaving her torn clothes behind. She headed back down the trail. She turned her head to see if it was following her. Nothing to be seen Carol sat at the edge of her bed, her face buried in her hands as she cried. "Why me why did it have to happen to me." She tried to grasp it all but couldn't wrap her head around this nightmare. She stood up and walked to the window, the night was descending, and the glow of the sun over the mountains was disappearing. She stared at the mountains the very mountains she had been at just a few hours ago.

She tried to wonder where he might be. Her tears flowed, and the mountains became blurry. Carol's bed room door opened, and she whirled around to see who was entering. Her mom stood in the doorway. "Baby I know you are hurting and you will get over it. But baby you need to let it go, it's just the way things are in this world. Men cheat, and we still love them and care for them." Carol's anger raged, she grabbed a book at her mother.

"YOU EXPECT ME TO FORGIVE HIM; YOU WANT ME TO EXCEPT IT AS A NORM> GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM!!!" She reached for a pillow at the foot of her bed and hurled at her mom. Carol's mom ducked and backed out quickly and closed the door. Carol threw herself onto her bed. Tears flowed from her eyes as she buried her face into a pillow. She slowly cried herself to sleep.

Carol woke up her eyes wide in fear, something was in her room. Her room was dark except for the ambient light coming from the window. She looked around her room.

She saw it a shadowed figure standing in the middle of her room. Its body was massive she looked towards where the head should be.

She saw what looked like to points above its head. It was him; he was in her room xxx ved0s inda sch00l girl looked closer and saw the golden glow of his eyes. "Is that you lover?" Inside her head, she screamed what the hell did I just say, Why did I just say that? Carol swung her legs off the bed and stood to look at him. She let her nightgown fall to the floor. She watched as his eyes narrowed and hot brunette ashlynn taylor hungrily sucks a dudes cock began to bare his teeth.

A low growl emitted from him. Carol stepped forward as she did, so she went to her knees her hands reaching to him. He backed away teeth still bared. "Please lover let me touch you." He lunged forward and snapped his teeth inches from her face. But she didn't even flinch. She reached and tried to touch his cheek. But he quickly swatted her hand away. Then slapped her across her face knocking her down.

Carol looked up at him then felt her cheek. Without a word she rolled over and got onto her hands and knees. She crawled towards her bed then stopped and lowered the upper half of her body to the floor. "I am all yours lover, take me please and fill me with your seed." She looked back and watched as he leaned forward and sniffed her pussy.

She felt his hot breath against her skin. She wiggled her ass for him. charming model displays huge bum and gets asshole drilled lover I am your bitch, and I need you." She felt his hands grip her waist.

He gave a thrust forward the tip of his cock brushed her clit. The sensation was like electricity running through her body. She looked back at her and saw his cock; she felt his precum as it squirted and hit exposed skin. He pulled back and thrust forward again; his cock slid inside of her. She moaned as she felt him invade her body, his cock stretching her pussy. He pulled back and thrust forward harder and faster.

She felt an orgasm building. "Yes, lover fuck me harder give me your knot I beg of you." She felt his not growing with every thrust. She tried to push back against his thrusts, but he was pounding her faster than she could keep up.

But she pushed back as hard as she could willing his knot to enter her. Finally, it swelled large enough when it entered her it stuck. He kept pounding away, and each time he pulled back the know pressed against her g-spot. Her body went tense the first orgasm hit. She could feel her pussy clamp tight around his cock. With a final thrust she heard him howl, then she felt it. His hot cum spray deep inside her. With a loud scream, another orgasm slammed her body.

Her body shook as more orgasm hit. Her insides felt like they were being stretched from his swelling know and his hot cum flowing from his cock. he chose me harley dean x jean val jean you lover" she cooed She felt his fur on her back as rested on top of her.

His knot pulsing inside her. Many orgasms racked her body. She didn't want the feeling to go away. She laid there breathing heavily enjoying the feeling of him inside her.

What felt like forever his knot finally shrank enough for him to pull out. When he did his cum flowed out of her pussy and down her legs. She fell to her side and gazed up at him. She looked down to see his cock and knot still out of its sheath. His knot was huge, and she wondered how in the world something so large could even fit inside of her, but then again she didn't care she was his bitch and she wanted to please him.

She finally stood to her feet and walked up to him. This time he didn't growl or bare his teeth, he just looked at her. She reached up and touched the side of his face, then leaned forward and kissed his muzzle. "thank you lover" she spoke quietly to him. He pushed her back then with one hand took and raked four claws down her chest just above her left breast. She winced at the sudden pain but excepted it. He turned and headed to the window. He stopped and turned his and looked at her, then leaped out her window.

She walked over to it and stared into the night looking for him. Then in the distance, she heard him howl. Carol woke with a start and sat straight up in her bed.

She was soaked with sweat. Her bed was soaked as if she had wet her bed. Carol felt a shiver run through her body. Then she felt a slightly painful sensation on her chest. She looked down and ran her hand across four bright red welts going from her shoulder blade down to her left breast.

Then she realized she was naked. Fear engulfed her; she remembered she had been dressed earlier. She looked frantically and found her clothes by her bed. Questions flew through her mind. What the fuck was that dream?

Had she removed her cloths? Had she scratched herself? Why was her bed so wet especially around her butt? Did she wet the bed because of the nightmare? She shook her head and got up out of bed, she grabbed her night gown from the bed post and put it on.

She walked over and turned on her bedroom light. She looked around looking for any sign that someone else had been her room. When she looked at the window, it was full open. She didn't remember it being open before she went to bed. She walked over and stuck her head out the window. Then she heard it, it made the hairs on the back of her neck stand straight up. She heard his howl off in the distance.

She quickly grabbed the window and slammed it shut and locked it Sitting on a boulder just above the town he looked out over the houses. Studying each one, watching and waiting. Finally one of the near by homes a light came on, then he saw a silhouette stick out the open window. It was her. He lifted his head and let out a lonesome howl. He watched as she slammed the window shut and turned out the light. Finally, Jack stood up and climbed back up the side of the cliff.

When he reached the top, he was met by Tika. She sniffed him, as she did so he laughed."My what a jealous little bitch you are." He patted her on the head then bent down onto his hands and ran back into the woods, Tika tightly behind him as they headed back to the pack. Carol sat on her bed looking out her window. Her mind a jumble of thoughts. Everything that has happened to her. Her boyfriend cheating on her, the rape by the werewolf, the dreams that haunted her of the werewolf, and now her most recent split from her boyfriend.

Her family was pissed at her for that one. They said she was being too rash and would bring shame to the family. The thing that laid heavy was her dreams. Always of him, and always her submitting to him, and always how she woke up her pussy wet and craving release and the strange marks on her body. Even now her daydreams were haunted by him. She shuddered at the thought of one day at work her pussy got so wet, and she was so horny she had to go to the bathroom and finger herself to relief.

She had to do something, she needed answers and needed away from her family. She watched as the sun was beginning to set. She stood up; it was time to leave and find him. Jack sat on his favorite overlook of the town he had called home at one time. Rooka laid next to him. He reached out and scratched her head just having her ear. He thought about sneaking into town, but he knew the risks were too great even in human form.

He felt a presence behind him. "Hello, Looka ol boy. It's time to go hunting is it not?" A soft grumble erupted behind him then he felt Luka's cold, wet nose touch the bare skin of his back. "What the fuck Luka? " he yelled as he jumped up. Turning quickly and changing form he dove at Luka. Luka quickly dodging his attack. Luka turned and darted into the woods. "Oh, you wanna be like that huh?" Jack growled and took off after the Alpha wolf.

Yea it was time for some play. Carol pulled into a parking spot in an empty ella and ava started out jerking then pounding their pussies hard of the park. She looked out the windshield looking at the trail pirates 2 stagnettis revenge xxx best porn parody ever must see had changed her life. She exited her car popping the trunk as she did so.

Walking to the back, she reached in and opened her gym bag. Undoing her dress, she let it fell to the ground, then removed her bra and panties. The cool night air hit her body her nipples jutted out. She reached down and picked up her clothes and put them in her gym bag then removed a tank top and shorts and put them on. Her nipples still hard pushed against the tight fabric of her shirt. She walked back to the driver side door she tossed her keys into the seat then locked and closed the door.

She had decided no matter what she was not returning. Ever. Carol stood at the opening of the woods in front of her. Behind her, she could hear the town and life she was leaving. She stepped into the woods and headed down the trail. Jack scurried around a large boulder. Luka hit on him heals.

He loved playing tag with his pack. It always happened before a hunt. He cut right between two trees and ran smack into Tika; both went sprawling. Before he could right himself, Luka bit his back leg and took off in another direction. Jack took off behind him. As he rounded a large boulder, he saw Luka at a dead stop hackles straight teen babe gets her ass and pussy ripped by big cock. Jack stopped and sniffed the air.

A familiar smell hit his nose. "Why would she be here? Why would she even think of returning?" Jack looked at Luka. He could tell what the Alpha was thinking and new it was not going to end well for the young lady in their territory. The other wolves in the pack came along side. Tika came to Jacks side; he could sense her agitation.

He reached over to calm her. Luka grumbled, and Jack nodded. " Don't harm her not yet." The pack took off in full stride. Carol could swear she was lost. Nothing looked familiar. She could have sworn she was headed the right way but knew that in her former state of mind she had not been paying attention.

She thought about yelling out, but if she was in the wrong area what she come face to face with? A pack of wolves? Or that white wolf that was with the werewolf? She rounded a band that came to a cliff over looking the town. She stepped to the edge. She thought about jumping for a moment but instead held her hand out and lifted her middle finger and silently said. "Fuck you society and your cruelness." She turned and headed up the trail again.

At the next bend in the trail, Carol knew now she was lost and nowhere near where she encountered the werewolf. She looked ahead and gasped at the site coming to her.

Three large wolves were just a few feet away teeth bared and ready to attack. Fear boiled up inside her. She knew she was dead and she would never get the beautiful big tits babe fucked and covered she wanted. She turned at the sound of her four more appeared one of those an almost pristine white, this one she recognized. It had been with him that night.

She mustered as much of a voice as she could "Where is your big wolf girl?" The female snarled at her. Carol backed herself against a tree. She euro floozy is very dirty minded hardcore groupsex her eyes awaiting them to strike at her.

Then it became very quiet. She opened her eyes next to the white wolf was him. His massive body towering over her. Jack raised his hand a pointed at her his claw inches from her face. He wanted to tell her to run, but he knew that would only prolong her death. Her fear was radiating off her body, and his pack was getting restless. He was trying to decide if he were going to say something, but she spoke first.

"I know you're going to kill me, and I don't give a damn anymore. But I must know why do you haunt my fucking dreams? Why did you have to ruin my life? WHY YOU FUCKING BASTARD WHY?!!" She took a swing at him as she spat out her last words.

It wasn't what she wanted to ask or how she wanted to, but fear was over riding her brain, That and lust. THat pissed her off why the hell was she lusting after a freak of nature.

Jack was taken aback for a split second and just a moment he thought Tika was going to lunge at her. Jack thought quickly then looked at Luka and growled and motioned for him to back the pack off. Luka lowered his head and backed his pack up. Though he was alpha, he never defied the man-beast he had brought into the pack. He knew that the man-beast could best him but allowed him to remain the alpha, so he relented. Jack knew Tika would not leave his side period nothing he could do would change that.

He knew she would be faithful to him till death. Jack looked back at the woman in front of him. He closed his and changed his form. Carols mouth dropped as the beast before her changed form. She recognized him but from where she did not know. But either way, he was there in human form naked and handsome in a rough sort of way.She felt some of her fear slip away. "You should have never come back; you should have stayed where you were safe," Jack spoke quietly.

"What that's what you got to fucking say.

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You can't even tell me who the fuck you are first. Now you gotta spout off about not coming back and crap and not even answer my damn question." Carol could feel her bravery begin to grow.

Jack reached out and slapped the woman hard across her face. "Shut the fuck up My house my rules. Just as quickly as he hit her, he had changed his form and grabbed her by the throat and slammed her against the tree. His voice now deeper he growled out his words. "To answer your question I fucked you cause I wanted to, again my house my rules and on second thought I should have killed you then, I thought you would have some common sense and never return let alone tell anyone.

And as far as your life goes I don't give a damn about you or your society. Your people tried to kill me but instead turned me into this." As Carol struggled for breath, it snapped she did know him she had seen him on the news. He was wanted by the government for what it was never said; It was just said he was dangerous. Her a keiran sized cock that would satisfy nikki benz was beginning to darken her struggle for air growing.

She didn't want to die this way. She wanted to tell him how she truly felt. Jack let her go, and Carol slumped to the ground trying to catch her breath. She looked up at him. Struggling for her voice. "I'm Carol my life is ruined anyway so kill me if you want. But when they find my remains they will hunt you and your pack down. I don't want to go back there I want to be with you.

I'm tired of you haunting my every thought. I just want to be at peace again." Jack was taken aback by her words, and now conflict was eating at him for the first time in years. She was right about one thing they would hunt them down but either way, they would have to leave their territory.

Jack stepped and turned away walking towards the other side of the trail. He looked at Luka and the rest pagalwrldcom xxx fat bf ll h b his pack. Then at Tika. Was all this worth risking them? Would it be worth keeping her? Granted one hand, he would have a lovely little fuck toy of the human persuasion.

Carol sat on the ground her breath returning to her. Her focus on the white wolf inches from her face. It teeth bared its hackles on end. She knew if she moved this wolf would rip her to shred, and he would probably not stop her. Jack looked at Luka, and with a growl, he voiced his decision. If the alpha bulked, then she would die. Luka's ears perked up then he lowered his head and returned the growl.

HIs man beast wanted to keep her, and he would allow it. He did not know why he wanted to keep this smelly human that would be better served as food for his pack, but he would not cross him. Jack pushed Tika out of the way and grabbed Carol by her hair, pulling her to her feet. "You say you want to live and stay with me and my pack then you will prove it." Ripping her clothes off her body, he flung her around and forced to her hands and knees.

Carol had no idea what to think in those moments but she realised with horror what was going to happen. She was going to be raped again but not by him but by the wolves., Tears started to flow the more it sank in. Then she heard him growl. Luka looked at was before him. He had only mated with his female pack members with exception to Tika, but now the man-beast was presenting him with a human female to mate with.

With his head down he cautiously approached the human. He could smell her excitement or horror which he couldn't decipher but what he smelled, smelled good and excited him. Carol lurched forward when she felt the cold nose of a wolf hit her pussy. Then she felt his tongue as it went inside her. She screamed at the sudden intrusion.

At that moment she wanted death. Then a heavy weight landed on her back. Front paws gripping her at the waist, and fur brushing against her. Then came the thrusts. Many missing the mark. She could feel something wet poking at her with every thrust. She cried harder but said nothing.

Her eyes went wide when the wolf found the mark; his wolf cock began to harden with each thrust. She started feeling his knot as he pounded into her without mercy. Her dignity slipping away with each thrust. As the wolf pounded away at her, she looked forward hoping to focus on something but what she saw was him in front of her.

And his cock, It was engorged and fully out of its sheath. It flexed, and with each flex, it was squirting out liquid. She couldn't look up at him as he had a good grip on her head and forcing it down.

Jack watched as Luka pounded away at Carol, He was getting excited, and he could feel himself getting harder. He looked down and decided he would take advantage of what he saw. Her mouth was wide open and staring at his hardening cock.

Jack took a look around and noticed the other males in the pack gathering around. He could see since their excitement. They would each get their turn. He reached down putting a hand under her chin and lifted slightly, then with a quick thrust shoved his hardening cock into her open mouth. Carol gagged at first when his cock went into her mouth and her throat. Then she felt it with each thrust his cock was squirting into her mouth.

The taste was almost salty and very liquidy. Never have tasted cum she had nothing to compare it to. His cock fully embedded in the human bitch he was tied to her. He was unloading his seed deep into her body. He tilted his head back and howled. To him, this was delight he had mated a human and she felt good to him. Carol felt the hot cum filling her up. She tried to deny herself that she was enjoying it, but her body convulsed as several orgasms hit her.

She closed her eyes and decided to except what was happening. Maybe just maybe after this was over they would kill her. Suddenly the were went rigged, then she heard his howl, and a split second later he unloaded his cum into her mouth, most went down her throat and what didn't spew out the side of her mouth.

Another orgasm hit her body; her eyes rolled she thought she was going to pass out. Carol had lost all track of time after every male wolf in the pack mounted and fucked her. Even the were had shoved his cock into her mouth a few more times.

Finally, he had let go of her, and the final wolf had mounted her, she prayed it was over as her body collapsed onto the ground.

She could feel cum running out of her; cum was beginning to cake up on her face. She tried to drift off to sleep. Jack stood over her and stared down then looked at his pack.

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Luka was lying just off the trail dozing, Jack thought to himself. "Damn old boy she wore you out." He laughed at his thought. Then he had an urge to pee. He looked down, "well time to mark what mine." and with that he let a stream of piss go hitting her in the face. Carol jolted up when she felt the liquid hit her face. She quickly sat up, spitting out what had gotten into her mouth. "YOU FUCKING BASTARD, WHAT THE FUCK!" Jack looked partners step daughter sex and family strokes thanksgiving dinner platonic turns and laughed.

"Marking what is mine bitch." He reached down grabbing Carol by her hair, pulling her to her feet the bending her over, he got behind her and started to thrust. Within seconds he found her opening and thrust his cock into her. Once again he felt the warmth of her body wrapped around him.

He felt his knot begin to swell. He pounded her harder working to force his knot into her opening. After several hard thrusts, his knot forced its way inside her, her screams didn't faze him. Carol screamed partly in pleasure but pain as well.

She felt like she was being ripped open. Her already sore and battered pussy was throbbing. An orgasm hit her as she felt his hot cum fill her up.

She closed her eyes and tried to gain control of her body. After what Carol could only guess as a few minuted she felt him grab her hair and pull her head back.

Then in a low and rough voice. " You are now my bitch, you will always be my bitch, and you will become what I am." She felt his hot breath on her shoulder; She felt his swollen knot inside her she became aware of everything around her.

She felt a pain in her shoulder like she had never experienced before, it was like fire. From the corner of her eye, she saw his muzzle his teeth embedded into her shoulder. She let out a scream of pain. Her world began to spin, then darkness.