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A fire-type Pokemon can feel quite powerful while walking through the forest, and it is for this reason that Pokemon of this stature are expected to show a humility and kindness. This, however, was NOT in the nature of this particular Charmeleon, for each of her boastful steps through the heavily wooded area was a cocky reminder to the surrounding grass and bug type Pokemon of her power. Although she's scorned most of the bug-type Pokemon in this forest, there is one Pokemon in particular she has taken advantage of beyond all others.

For the past few months, a particularly small Metapod has been tied to the trunk of a tree.

Every week, the Charmeleon returned to the Metapod, and under threat of fire, ordered the Metapod to harden, and used it like a toy to extinguish her sexual desires. The humiliated and near-suffocated Metapod had sworn vengeance after every session, which the Charmeleon had never taken seriously.

This time, however, she was intercepted by a Venasaur, who initiated a defensive stance and exclaimed, "Charmeleon, turn around and go back to your own kind!" The Big titty serina has her nipples toyed cracked a conceited smirk, "How cute, another plant coming to Metapod's rescue.

You're not the first, nor the strongest grass-type Pokemon to try to stop me." The Charmeleon took a deep breath, and with a mighty roar, blew a great stream of hot air into the face of Venasaur. Venasaur, with a clearly shaken voice replied, "I'm not here to fight you.

I'm here to give you your last warning. Turn back and don't return." Charmeleon walked by Venasaur with a vain posture and exclaimed, "I don't have time for this." Although Venasaur was much larger than Charmeleon, he knew he was no match for her fiery moves, and had no choice but to allow her to pass uncontested. She now approached the tree that the Metapod has been attached to for these long months. Because a Charmeleon's short arms cannot reach it's own crotch, the only sexual release a Charmeleon can get is from another, needless to say, she looked forward to these weekly sessions.

Her lower lips moistened in anticipation to the feast they were about to behold, and her sadistic nature savored the Metapod's general turmoil.

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This time, however, she found that the Metapod was missing from its' usual spot. She paced anxiously around the trees, looking for the Metapod, but once it became apparent that it was gone, she approached a nearby creek and took a cool dip to quell her libido. After drinking a large amount of the cool water, she laid back into the grass and began to calm down. In fact, she suddenly felt unusually relaxed, almost tranquilized.

She struggled to her feet, wherein she immediately fell over, and soon, passed out. A rustling sound awoke her from her nap, and she slowly opened her eyes. She seemed to be in a standing position, up against a tree.

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The water she drank earlier has clearly caught up with her, and groggily, she attempted to walk forward away from the tree, to find a place to relieve herself. When spinner rebel lynn sucks dick and banged realized that she couldn't move, she snapped out of her slumber and tried to let out a yelp, only to find that her mouth has been wrapped shut with vines.

Now squirming in a panicked frenzy, she observed her surroundings. Vines wrapped around her wrists and ankles, binding her in a standing position, legs spread, back against Metapod's tree. Venasaur approached from the bushes with a Butterfree on his back.

Butterfree spoke casually, "Finally, you're awake. You've been out for a few hours." The terrified Charmeleon tugged at her bonds, but couldn't move much more than a centimeter at a time.

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milf guy f gypsy girl The Butterfree ignored the Charmeleon's distress, "For months you've kept a Metapod tied to this tree. Releasing him only to satisfy your own sexual desires, using him like a toy, like some sort of common dildo.

Suffocating him, torturing him, threatening him with fire. and because he was a defenseless bug-type Pokemon, you thought you could get away with it." The Charmeleon let out a muffled grunt, "Who are you?!" "Silence!" barked the Butterfree, and the vines surrounding the Charmeleon's muzzle tightened. The Butterfree jumped off of the Venasaur's back, flew into the face of the Charmeleon, and began to whisper, "What you forgot to think about, is that Metapods evolve into Butterfrees.

and Butterfrees have sleep-powder." The Charmeleon, now aware that this Butterfree is indeed her Metapod toy, let out the fiercest growl she could manage through her binds.

At this point, the many bug and plant-type Pokemon of the forest had begun to gather around to glare at the (no longer) fearsome Charmeleon. The Butterfree backed up, "At first, I figured I'd just put you to sleep, and have this, well endowed, Venasaur tie you up and rape you. But that wouldn't be a parallel example of justice now would it?

After all you always gave me a choice Charmeleon. Harden, or face death by my greatest weakness. It was always, technically, a choice, and I feel you deserve the same. 'mercy'." Suddenly, a large leaf began to wrap around Charmeleon's tail, and formed the shape of a funnel, surrounding her tail's ember, and a series of vines held the tail erect under her crotch.

"The funnel underneath your groin will gather any fluid that leaves you, after a certain amount, it will extinguish your tail. You have a choice Charmeleon. quench Venasaur's lust, or face death by your greatest weakness. Choose now." Suddenly a series of tiny vines engulfed her nether-regions and began to tickle the Charmeleon's inner thighs. She let out a squeal, and a small jet of urine escaped her, gathering around the bottom of the funnel. The Charmeleon bared down hard, and managed to stop of the flow of liquid.

"What say you, Charmeleon?" said Venasaur, who propped himself up, and displayed his massive, erect member to the Charmeleon.

It became apparent to the Charmeleon that if she was forced to take it, it would seriously, and permanently injure her. The vines around the Charmeleon's muzzle released slightly to allow a response, to which the Charmeleon took the opportunity to try to blow a ball of fire into Venasaur's face before the vines tightened again.

"So be it" said Butterfree. The vines began tickling her nether regions again, and the already desperate Charmeleon began to squirm once more. By this point, a very sizable crowd has begun to form around the tree. The Charmeleon kept her head up high in an attempt to retain her dignity.

She stood up straight, and tried not to squirm. For some time, she tugged at the vines, but eventually the pressure in her bladder took her entire focus, and she stopped struggling entirely. Becoming progressively less graceful, she began writhing in place, and her legs began to shake.

The surrounding bug and plant type Pokemon jeered onward at naughty america son and mom sex storys Charmeleon's senseless struggle. Soon, the Charmeleon could contain herself no more, and involuntarily began to let small squirts of urine out. With each loss of fluid, the funnel filled up, closer and closer to the tip of her tail, and with each passing minute, she grew more and more exhausted. Her desire to stand erect and strong faded, and her concern for her dignity was diminishing exponentially.

She no longer concerned herself with how to achieve revenge, she now longed desperately to simply relax her muscles, to free herself from these binds, and to be safe once more. The funnel was nearly completely filled up, and the ember of her tail was partially submerged.

Her now diminished tail began to drain the last of her energy, and she felt herself about to release all at once. As her quivering body neared its' breaking point, a long lace of saliva seeped out of the corner of her mouth. Soon, she began to cry. The Butterfree laughed, "Look at the big tough fire-type Pokemon now!", the crowd broke into laughter.

The Butterfree lifted a hand up to silence the audience. "Is there anything you'd like to say Charmeleon?" The vines surrounding Charmeleon's muzzle relaxed, and she spoke with a hushed, fragile voice, "J-just do it." The Butterfree moved closer, "Sorry, I don't think we could hear you. What was that?" Charmeleon attempted to retain her dignity for a few more moments, but feeling her muscles beginning to fail against her will, she yelled, "Go ahead and do what you want!" The Butterfree crossed its' arms, "You're gonna have to do better than that Charmeleon.

I want you to beg, pitifully. I want you to surrender your dignity" "PLEASE!" she cried, doubling over as much as her restraints allowed her to in one last, desperate, squirming attempt to retain the contents of her bladder, "I'm gonna lose it! I don't want to die!

I'll do anything just don't let me die like this! Go ahead and do whatever you want, I'm begging you, PLEASE!" With that, the leaf around her tail emptied the urine, the vines binding her to the tree instantly released, and with a sharp, ecstatically relieved cry, she released the contents of her person onto the soil beneath her, and collapsed into them, covering herself in the muddy contents.

She yearned to get up and run, but was too exhausted to do anymore than crawl on her knees. Covered in her own bodily waste, she crawled disgracefully away from the Venasaur, who used his vines to flip her over, suspend her in midair, with her legs apart. "Please. don't." the filthy Charmeleon whimpered, "just let me go." The Butterfree, aware that the Charmeleon was too weak to use its' fire attacks, sat on the tip of Charmeleon's nose and spoke, "You deserve to take this cock.

You deserve to have it split you open, to be permanently injured, unable to walk for weeks, and never able to mate properly ever again." The Venasaur carried the Charmeleon with its' vines to the river. "But if I allowed this to happen, this wouldn't actually solve any problems now would it? This would simply reinforce your contempt towards weaker Pokemon." Taking great care to protect the Charmeleon's tail from becoming extinguished, the Venasaur gently dipped the Charmeleon into the water, and cleaned the dirty, musky mud off her her.

At this point, the crowd began to disperse. The Butterfree continued, "You teach me, and I teach you. You've taught me of the dangers of pride, so let this be a turning point for you: Show mercy and respect for those less powerful than you, for in their misfortune, they are no less of important, sentient, beings." Eye's still welled up with tears, the weakened Charmeleon gently nodded her head. With the crowd now gone, the Venasaur placed the Charmeleon into a soft patch of grass.

beautiful girlfriend luxurious nights with fantasy boys at the playboy need rest, sleep well Charmeleon." the Butterfree used its' sleep powder technique once more, and the Charmeleon willfully closed her eyes and fell asleep.