Teen aziza gets her pussy licked and plowed

Teen aziza gets her pussy licked and plowed
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Chapter One: Beginnings I've been enamored by Chelsea for over two years. She had an angelic face with deep brown eyes. Her beautiful brown hair always dipped down on the right side of her face just above her eyes. Her bust was not exceptionally big, about B size, but sometimes, I could make out the shape of her breasts through her shirt as perfect, round little lumps. She had a very lean body, her curves were nice, and her ass was not too big nor too small.

I always wanted to have rough sex with her, but my true feelings were a lot deeper than just sex. I'm a 16 year old boy named Sundeep. I'm a junior at Milkwater High school, and gorgeous virgins can serve studs hardcore blowjob for me, so is Chelsea.

Ever since 7th grade, I've always been in at least one class with Chelsea, but this year, I happen to be in all of her classes. I've talked to her a couple of times, but I wouldn't say we're friends. I'm considered somewhat of a nerd, but not in a bad sense. I'm friendly with everyone at school. They all know I'm smart and sometimes make nerd jokes about me, but it's all just in good fun; I joke back.

Chelsea is smart, but she isn't a "nerd." She's very popular and even had a boyfriend with whom she very recently broke up. I think it was at this point where I realized I had a chance. I recently found out from my parents that we would be moving across the country due to a job transfer. I realized that now would be the best time to live my social life to the fullest as I would never see any of my classmates ever again.

I started talking to Nick, one of the most charismatic boys in our school. He told me that I seemed cool and could come to his party on Saturday. He said that there would be plenty of "chicks" and that I should definitely hook up before I move. I was also told by one of my other friends that Chelsea would be among the many guests at Nick's party. My heart pounding, I accepted the invitation. On Friday, the night before the party, I hung out at my friend Sam's house. I started talking to him about some girls and "hooking up".

"Sundeep, you're gonna be leaving in two months! You gotta get some ass from this shit-hole town. How are you gonna score with the big town New York chicks if you can't even score with these shitty Milkwater bitches?" "Not all of these girls are 'shitty Milkwater bitches'" I replied, slightly pissed.

"Oh yeah? Who is it then? Who you got your eye on?" "Uh, no one." I really didn't want to tell Sam that I had my eye on Chelsea. "C'mon man, I know you want some. you can trust me." "Fine. It's Chelsea." "Dude! Chelsie is mad hot! I think you could go for some of that." "Don't call her 'that'!" I responded, interrupting Sam. "Man, I can tell you really like her. Listen, you know how she just broke up with Matt? Well, I hear it was pretty bad. This is your chance! She's gonna be real easy now that she's so down.

You gotta get her before someone else does!" I thought about that for a second and said, "OK, fine." I also told Sam, "You gotta learn to respect women a little more," and left before I could get a response. Busty dyke gets her pussy licked by taxi driver day of the party finally arrived, and I dressed sharp. Black pants and a grey striped button up shirt retained my nerdy image, but the rolled up sleeves and the unbuttoned collar added a flirtatious touch.

Nick's house was packed. The music was loud; people were dancing and talking, and there was alcohol. No one seemed drunk yet.

I spotted Chelsea; she looked a little glum, so I decided to wait ten minutes before approaching her. Tattooed brazilian awesome chick rides penis hardcore and blowjob was there, and when he saw me, he rushed over to introduce me to Christine.

She said hi, and Sam told her to get him a beer.


I thought that was kind of rude, but that was just his style. He came a little closer to me, as if he wanted to tell me something he didn't want anyone else to hear. "Sundeep, isn't Christine a hotty? I started talking to her fifteen minutes ago and I think she already wants to suck my dick" "Yeah, that's great." This was just like Sam. He'd pick up girls wherever he went despite being so rude.

"So, Sundeep, when are you gonna hit up Chelsea?" I spotted Chelsea at the drink table. "I think I'm gonna go now." I replied. "You can do this. Just don't bring up her break up too soon, m'kay?" "Yeah, thanks for the advice." I still felt a little nervous. I took a deep breath and walked over.

The first thing I did was grab a glass and the wine bottle. Then, as I started to pour, I said, "Hey Chelsea, how you doin'?" "I'm OK." "What's wrong? You don't look too OK" "You know, Matt and all." "Oh yeah, sorry about the break up." I had already broken Sam's advice, so I kept going.

"Matt didn't deserve you." I hot babe with hot big tits toying her pink it wasn't too early for that type of remark.

"What do you mean he didn't deserve me?" At this point I was panicking on the inside, but I kept a calm composure and said "You know, you're really nice, smart, a-and pretty" The last part just came out of me and I hoped it'd work to my advantage and not creep her out. "Oh, Sundeep, you're so sweet. The break up was bad. I thought I really liked Matt." She looked like she would almost tear up, but luckily she didn't. I didn't want to have to deal with a crying girl.

"Is it anything you'd like to share, you know, just&hellip. let out of your system?" "Well, I don't usually just start talking about these things to anyone, but you seem different." "Hey, you can tell me anything." I used the most reassuring voice I could manage.

"Well, I. okay. Matt and I had something planned one day. at his house. He said his parents wouldn't be home. At the last minute, I found out that I had to go to my Aunt's wedding the same day. When I told him, he got really mad. The next day, he took me to the movies. He told me that since I bailed on him the other day, I had to. 'suck his dick' in the bathroom stall. Of course I didn't want anyone to see, so I said no.

Th-then he s-slapped me" "Wow." I said. I had just found out that she was damaged goods; Chelsea wasn't so holy to me anymore. I knew I wouldn't be afraid of doing what I had wanted to do for a long time, and I intended to speed up the process.

First, I shook my head to make it seem like I cared, and said, "What a jerk. where does he get off pulling that type of stuff? He should have considered himself lucky even to look at you!" "Oh, Sundeep, you're so nice!" Chelsea exclaimed.

I was ready to take it a step further. "Hey, Chelsea, what say you and I get out of this place?" "Um, sure, where are we gonna go?" "Uh, we could just drive around. C'mon let's go." We got in the car and I drove off to nowhere.

"Wow, Sundeep, you have a nice car!" Chelsea exclaimed. Proud, I said thanks and asked her if she had a driver's license. She told me she planned on getting it during the summer. We stopped at a park, and, seated at the hood of the car, we started talking about the fact that I was moving.

"So are you going to miss all your friends?" I didn't think I would even miss my closest friend Sam and his dirty mouth, so I didn't think I would miss anyone, but I put on an act, "Oh my god, I'm so sad. I have so many good friends here, I really don't want to move." "Oh, that's so sad, but you can stay in touch!" Chelsea suggested. "I know, but it won't be the same.

It also sucks that I'm moving so soon and barely know you yet." I hoped my extremely emotional charade would have some effect, and it sure did. Chelsea got quiet for a second and then exposed petite woman likes be my tight queen for me a big hug and said, "Sundeep, I've only talked to you for about an hour, but you seem like such a nice guy that.

I think I really striking czech chick was teased in the supermarket and penetrated in p you!" Now was my chance. Chelsea was quite submissive. I knew I could take her as far as I wanted with little resistance. "Chelsea, you're such an amazing person, I think I really like you too!" I leaned in, skinny indian babe indiana fox ass fucked for money to my delight, so did she.

When our lips met, a wave of ecstasy rushed through my veins. After what seemed like forever, we pulled apart. There was no tongue, just pure passion. "Chelsea, I hope you realize how beautiful you are," I stated. "Wow, believe it or not, Matt never once called me that." I leaned in for another and was rewarded with tongue. This time, I gently placed my hands around her waist.

Feeling no resistance, I slowly moved them up and down as our tongues explored each others mouths. To my satisfaction, she put her hands around my neck and pulled me a little closer. Cautiously, I moved my right hand up and brushed it against her breast.

I felt her twitch a little, as if to signal slight discomfort, but she didn't pull back. I waited for a few seconds before I finally reached towards her breasts again. This time I kept my hand there. She pulled her head back and caught her breath. Our bodies were almost touching, and my right hand remained at her breast.

She moved one of her hands down to my thighs and squeezed a little. I gently took her hand and moved it down towards my groin. I felt some resistance; she pulled her hand up ever so slightly, but I persisted and she submitted.

She rubbed my already erect member. Being the first time someone besides myself touched my penis, I couldn't help but hyperventilate. Before she could notice, I evened my breath and leaned in for another kiss. This time, I actually stuck both my hands up her shirt and started rubbing them up and down. I heard Chelsea moan softly. Her skin felt smooth and cool against my hands.

Feeling sly, I slid my left hand down her back, almost reaching her panties, and slowly inched my right hand up to her bra, all in the guise of pulling her close into a hug. By now, she was breathing much more deeply. I brought my left hand up, and now with both hands, I unhooked her bra. At this point, Chelsea pulled away and said, "Do you think we're moving too fast?" "No," I stated quite frankly, "but if you think so, we could slow it down." Chelsea was silent for a few moments as if she was thinking.

Then, she unhooked my pants and I helped her take them off. She started rubbing my shaft through my underwear. Words cannot describe the pleasure I felt; after all, it was the closest anyone came to my cock. "Wow, it's big." "And it's all for you." As Chelsea busied herself massaging my cock, I worked her bra. After I pulled it out, I unbuttoned the back of her top and pulled it off. Wasting little time with foreplay, I unhooked her panties as well. She sat there, a fully nude goddess, in front of my eyes.

I remembered Matt that instant. Suddenly she was not so godlike anymore, just a tool for my sexual pleasure, so I didn't hesitate.

I took off my underwear. Both of us naked, Chelsea stated, "Sundeep, we're both completely naked out in the open. Are you sure we're not moving too fast? Do you still respect me?" "Chelsea, you worry too much!

You're like a goddess to me. Of course I respect you!" Taking her hand off my cock, I told her, "Chelsea, you just lay down and let me have you." I gently plunged my erect member deep inside her warm void.

The next few moments were bliss. I took it slow at first. Chelsea's eyes were shut and she purred in delight. "Do I feel good to you?" She asked. "Mmmm, you're amazing." It was silent for the next minute or so, except for our moaning. Slowly, I started to speed up until I was practically pounding her pussy. "Sundeep, please, you're hurting me. Slow down!" I had jessica marie loves to blow his cock waiting for this moment for years.

My mind was suddenly flooded with turbulence. Chelsea and I could have a good thing going. Should I slow down and apologize? Maintain our wonderful relationship? Or should I keep going hard for my own pleasure?

After all, I was moving and would likely never see Chelsea again. I made up my mind. Chelsea was a bitch for telling me to slow down in my moment. "Shut up, this is my moment and you're not gonna tell me to stop" I barked over her cries and my incessant thumping. Chelsea pushed me away and out of her, saying, "Sundeep, stop.

Drive me home and we'll forget that we ever talked." All of a sudden, I didn't feel like myself, but I was outraged that this unholy bitch was telling me what to do during sex.

"You bitch, I can do whatever I want to you!" Support wolf by purchasing that full movie snapped. "Sundeep, this isn't like you at all!

You know what, drive home yourself. I'm not getting in that car with you!" At this point, I just grabbed the naked Chelsea, placed her in doggystyle position, and penetrated her rectum. "Sundeep, please stop!" She screamed This was my moment, and there was no way I was going to stop. I muffled her mouth and kept going. Suddenly, I noticed blood dripping out of her anus. I pretended to be oblivious of the crimson and kept thrusting.

She attempted to scream, so I muffled her mouth with my hands. She dug her nails into my thighs, only contributing to the intense pleasure. Suddenly she let out a guttural wail, which I stopped by squeezing her throat. I kept kept thrusting, the pleasure in my loins steadily increasing. Suddenly, the inception of my climax began to unfold. I increased the rate of my thrusting until the full force of my climax overwhelmed me.

I slowed down, pulled out, and marked my territory on the back of my property. I flipped her over. Suddenly, I was filled with a suffocating sense of guilt. I flipped Chelsea over and began to formulate an apology until I noticed how pale and lifeless Chelsea' complexion was. At first, I tried to convince myself that she was just unconscious.

I shook her a bit and noticed she had wet my car seat. I started to panic, and all my fears were confirmed when she emptied her bowels all over my car.

She was dead. Chapter Two: Teacher's Pet I looked at my schedule and noticed that my first class was AP Chem in room 69B. It was my first day in Wilkinson's High School. Eventually I found my class and took a seat in the back. The teacher was a well built, toned Indian man named Dr. Ahmed. His eyes zoned in on me, and he said, "Another brown fellow." Suddenly all eyes were on me. It was my first day and I already was the center of attention.

"Stand up and introduce yourself to the class. mister.?" "Sundeep Sirdhani." "Oi, tu punjabi heh?"* "Whatt," I said in the most jocular manner I could produce, causing everyone in the class to laugh. "Hindi nahin bol sakhte ho?" "Ummm, no sorry. I'm not that brown." "Okay, mister Sundeep. Someone needs to teach you hindi. Sit down please." So far, my day was off to a weird start. During chemistry class, my eyes wandered around to the other bright kids in my class.

There was one girl in particular that Mr. Ahmed always had his eye on. Apparently her name was Aashna. She had well groomed black hair, voluptuous curves, and long, sexy legs. Her skin tone were was a lot lighter than most Indians. She could have passed of as a Latina. Beautiful as she was, I had no interest in brown people.

Besides, ever since that night. Anyways, Dr. Ahmed, on the other hand, had different intentions. It was December, and the weather was a lot colder. By this time Dr. Ahmed had already developed an admiration for me and my intrinsic knack for chemistry. A new girl had also moved in during mid November. Her name was Yili Wu. She was kind of pretty. Dr. Ahmed assigned us a Acid-Base titration lab and paired me up with Yili. "Hey Yili!" "Hi, You went to Milkwater Highschool, didn't you?" "Oh, yeah, I did." I didn't particularly want to talk about my time at Milkwater, but I entertained her conversation.

"It's so funny because I did too!" "Wait, then how come I never saw you there?" I was taken aback. This seemed like too much of a coincidence, and too much began to come back to me. "I kept a low profile to focus on my grades." "Okay." I said skeptically, wanting to change the subject, "Let's get started with the lab." The bell signalling the end of the day rang, and Yili and I had finished the lab pretty quickly and efficiently.

As I got up to leave, Dr. Ahmed told me to stay for a little bit. Seeing as though I lived so close to the school, at home with russian webcam phenomenon vickie would not hurt missing my bus and staying a little late.

"What do you want to talk about?" Dr. Ahmed just looked at me. After a short pause, he said, "You know Sundeep, I really like you. I mean besides not knowing Hindi, I always knew you were a lot smarter than those dumb fucks." I was dumbfounded by Dr. Ahmed's remarks. But then again, he seemed like a nice guy to me. "Whatever you want Sundeep, I can help you out with.

Maybe if you're interested in anyone, I could help you out? There are a lot of good brown-folk in our school." "With all due respect, Dr, I noticed your eye on Aashna." Dr.

Ahmed looked amazed but understanding to me. "Yes, and why do you bring that up." "I don't know, just putting it out there." "We brown folks look out for each other. Aashna was just a fellow sister." "Okay," I said. As I started to leave the room, Dr. Ahmed said, "Hey, Sundeep, You may get good grades, but High school is a tough place. Come to me whenever you want." As I was walking home, Yili ran up to me.

"Hii Sundeep!" "Ummm, hi?" "So remember you were telling me you used to live in Milkwater?" "Yeah, I remember," I said, pissed that she couldn't just let this go. "Sam was your best friend, I think. He used to be kind of rude to me." "Yeah, that's Sam alright." "I didn't have too many friends, but one of my best friends was Chelsea, you remember her don't you?" Suddenly I went pale. The blood rushed to my head.

I had tried my hardest to forget about Chelsea, but suddenly, my past came rushing back in one instant. "Yeah, Sundeep, whatever happened to her, do you have any ideas?" "Ummm. no," I said, "I remember seeing her at Nick's party, but I never saw her again." "You know Sundeep, I think I remember seeing her leaving with you that night.

But I never saw her after that." I lost all feeling of my body and started to panic. Hastily, I bit back, "What are you trying to say?" "I don't know," Yili said, "All I do know is that if this leaks out, then you'll be in big trouble." Suddenly I realized that if Yili noticed, then other people at the party may have noticed.

Reading my mind, Yili said, "Don't worry, I was the only one who noticed you leave. Everyone else was having too good a time." I remembered the night of the party. Chelsea and I kind of snuck out, and I was so sure that no one saw me. I had gone home early and called Sam's cell. He was still at the party. I told him that Chelsea and I hadn't hit it off that well and that I just went home.

It was the truth after all. I told him Chelsea left with another guy, but that I couldn't quite catch his face. It was fool-proof. "Did you follow me here, Yili?" "Mmmm, irrelevant. The point: I won't blab, but you have to fulfill my every desire." By this point, my world was spinning.

I started hyper-ventilating and suddenly everything went black. I woke up in someone else's bedroom. Almost immediately, I noticed a great feeling from my penis, but as soon as I realized what was going on, I jumped back and let out a wail.

Yili was sitting down in front of me in all her glory. "What the fuck are you doing Yili!" "Nothing. I just thought we should get started now." "Hell no!" I cried, pulling my pants up. "Okay, that's fine you can leave.

That way I can pay my respects to the American justice system." "Please, Yili, can we talk about this." "Yeah we can talk about this. While your dick is in my pussy hotty feels sperm in mouth smalltits and hardcore is." "There has to be another way!" Yili didn't say anything. She just stood up and picked up the phone and mock dialled 911.

"Okay, Yili, okay, I'll do whatever you want." "Good boy. From now on, you are my slave." At this point I was fighting to hold back my tears. "First I want finish what I was doing before you so rudely interrupted," she said. I just sat down, closed my eyes and let her do the work. "This is a tasty cock alright," she said with obvious pleasure.

The feeling was pretty good, I thought. At first she just teased my cock by running her tongue around my glans in small circular motions. Soon she moved on the sucking the tip, providing me with a reasonable amount of pleasure; however, when she moved her mouth all the way down my shaft, I exploded. She removed her head and let all of it cover her face.

"That was kind of quick, Sundeep. Is this really you've got?" "Umm, sorry," I said in embarrassment, "But uh ever since Chelsea. I haven't even touched my cock." Yili just giggled. "This'll be fun then!" She licked up most of the cum around her mouth and my cock. "Now I want you to eat me out," she said.

"Your freedom depends on how good it feels." Fuck, I thought. I've never licked a pussy. I decided to use what I knew from porn and hoped for the best. I went down watch great bi sexual action hardcore groupsex her.

Like most Asians, she had a bush. I started by licking the outside of her pussy, slowly moving my tongue up and down the opening. "You're gonna have to try harder, Sundeep!" I put a finger in. Her pussy was warm. I let it slowly envelope my finger. It felt good. "I'm bored! Sundeep, stop dicking around and do something or I'm gonna have to make that call!" I snapped out of my trance.

I stuck two, then three fingers and started thrusting in and out. I put my other hand to use by attempting to stimulate her clitoris. I found it and, like the book said, it felt like a little bead. I rubbed it slowly and gently at first, in contrast to the more violent thrusts of my right hand. Yili let out a moan, a very satisfying moan that seemed to turn me on.

She had a soft, yet full voice. Full of pleasure. Slowly, I started rubbing her clit harder. I put my tongue to good use, all while both my hands kept busy. Her moans grew in volume, in excitement.

Suddenly her body started to spasm, and her pussy sent squirt after squirt of her cum at my face. Eventually she calmed down. Chapter Three: It's a Rough Place Right when I got to school the next day, I rushed into Dr. Ahmed's office. "You told me that I could come to you if I had any problems, right?" I asked. japanese cousin fuck english subtitles. I am always happy to help a brother." I told Dr.

Ahmed everything that happened. "All you did was fulfill your desires. Chelsea was just another casualty in this world. Also,Yili Wu is a fairly pretty girl, besides not being brown.

Have some fun with her." "You don't understand, Dr., ever since that night with Chelsea, I haven't been able to look at a pretty girl without feeling evil. These days I get all these disgusting images in my mind at the thought of beautiful girls." "I see, Sundeep. I think you do have a slight problem." "I killed someone, of course I have mormon teens tits cummed handjob and blowjob I screamed.

"Sundeep, people die every day." "But, I think about what her parents are going through because of me. And then I realize the monster within me. It's growing, Dr. Ahmed, I can feel it." "Sundeep, please, calm down. I think you and I have a lot in common. You know, when I was young like you, I loved a girl, but she was so out of reach.

Sundeep, you know what I did one night?" "What?" "Well, this was in India, and you know, no one notices a thing there. So one night, I kidnapped the girl and had my fun with her. The next day, Daddy told me i can do anything now dropped her off far from home so no one would know." "Dr., you're sick." "Not as sick as you, Sundeep." I looked down in shame.

"Sundeep, I think I can be of assistance. After school, I want you to come back to my classroom. I think I can cure you of your fears.

Maybe even subdue the monster inside of you." "Ok, Dr., maybe you can help me." Chapter 4: Brown Power As Sundeep left my room, I felt like I could actually connect with someone. This boy was truly extraordinary. I leaned back in my chair, relieved for once, until I remembered.

That joke of a school administration assigned me to sub a standard physics class. I don't even know why I teach in an American school. As soon as I walked into that class, I surveyed each and every dumb fuck America had to offer. I spotted a brown person. "Hey, you, stand up." He was one of those Indians. The type that tries to act black and dumb.

"Aapka nam kya hai?" "Yo I don't speak Indian, none of dat." I was outraged. Indian? Did he really not know the name of our beautiful language? I approached the impudent boy and lifted him up by the collar. "Dude, what the fuck, you're a teacher, you can't be pulling this shit!" "What language was I speaking? Tell me?" "Indian, I said Indian!" I threw the kid on the ground and kicked him in the gut, ""Try again!" Suddenly, a white kid stood up and said, "Hey, I'm gonna go report you to the school administration." "I don't give a FUCK about the administration!

I AM the administration. And you, sir, are not Indian. Your mother is probably a white-washed whore!" I calmed down a bit and walked back to my desk. "What do you even learn in a standard class? Gravity?" The next 55 minutes were a complete disgrace. I was dealing with kids that probably couldn't even rearrange an equation.

As soon the bell rang, I rushed to my AP classroom. At least then I could deal with kids who weren't complete idiots. I set up my materials and waited for the students. First, Chris walked in. This kid was pretty dumb. Then Gary, what a retard. Bill.

What the fuck is he doing in AP class? Frank. Ehh, yeah, he's alright. Then Rohan. This kid is probably going somewhere. Siddharth. This kid is a genius. Aashna…that xxx pap not sex mom xxxson. And lastly, Sundeep. The wonder child, the most amazing one of all. He looked at me as to remind me of our conversation an hour ago.

I nodded reassuringly and started the class. An hour later, I dismissed the class. After about 4 hours, the bell dismissed the school. I awaited to give my first "therapy" session.

Although I had and still have no experience with therapy, I always have been quite knowledgeable about sex. I couldn't wait to pass down my ideas. Chapter 5: A Lesson in Sexology Sundeep arrived, and I told him to sit down. "Doctor, how are you gonna help me?" he asked.

I thought for a moment. "Sundeep, besides Chelsea, what is the most disgusting thing you have ever done?" I asked. He went deep into thought, clearly perplexed as to what could even compare to that night. I realized that despite his academic prowess, he was still a novice in the social and sexual arts. I would have to teach him like we did in the Homeland.

I would solve this one problem for him so he would learn how to deal with the rest himself. Yili would be dealt with here and now. "Sundeep, you told me Chelsea was attractive.

Yili is fairly attractive as well. Are you familiar with the Hot Pair Law?" "No, Doctor." "In the late 1980s, sociologists discovered that attractive female teenagers tend to become close friends either with girls as attractive as them, or with much less attractive ones.

They found that there was no middle ground." "I follow. I've observed that this year." He caught on quickly as always. "Far more interesting was one related observation. It was found that an extremely high percentage of the female attractive pairs, or FAPs, as they were called, tended to have sexual relations. It started with an innocent pillow fight at a sleep-over, things rubbed up against other things, and from that first inadvertent moan of pleasure, many purposeful ones followed." "The Hot Pair Theory is common knowledge now.

How come I've never heard of this FAP Law?" "Unfortunately, it was only an observation that was never fully developed and published." "Why? It seems like this rule is extremely important." "The researchers couldn't work - they were unable to.

Don't you see how this idea sister sleeping big boobs pressing drive a man to madness? The idea that every pair of voluptuous girls that are seen prancing about together are having sex regularly?

Most males consider and visualize this sex every time they see two attractive women together, but the sociologists on that team had proof that all FAPs truly did have sex. They began to dwell on each FAP they saw more and more. Their research ended when they began to use two hands to masturbate. Eventually, they lost self-control to the point where they masturbated upon the sight of a FAP, even if they were in public.

They were arrested for public indecency, and the research project was restricted by the government." "Then how do you know about this, Doctor?" "There were two people on that team who stayed in control. I was one of them. I saw the danger in the project early on, and using skills from the real chemistry classes back home, produced a chemical cocktail to inhibit these thoughts. I used a FAP-inhibitor, if you will." "Who was the other person?" "She was the only woman on that team." I trailed off.

Sundeep was fully engrossed in this story, but I knew he would not yet understand this woman, or the nature of our erotic-hate relationship. "That's enough theory for now. Let's move on to application. I think you understand what you need to do now." "Chelsea and Yili were a FAP.

so, by the Sax story sex stories xx 2019 Rule, they must have had sex!" An elliptical bulge quickly formed, embossing Sundeep's pants. He was not immune to the effects of the FAP Rule. He saved face effectively, keeping his eye level to mine and adjusting his manhood, not directly with his hands as a lesser man might have done, but with a slight twist of the hips. An old saying came to mind: "Consider yourself masturbating in your room when a parent barges in.

You are only truly a man if you can look them in the eyes and finish." This boy was already on that path. He continued, asking "But, how does that help us?" "You told me that Chelsea flocked to you only when she was rejected by her previous sexual partner, a boy named Matt. She was a pretty and kind girl.

Why would Matt be abusive?" "He was kind of a douche, but. did he know what Chelsea and Yili were doing?" "Yes, Sundeep. It was his rage at not being included in a threesome that caused him to hit Chelsea, which led to her eventual death at your stepmom caught teen sucking off cock and enjoyed some threesome and blowjob. Yili already felt guilty as an Asian being part of a FAP, yet not wanting to disappoint her family.

When she felt responsible for a death." "She went crazy. And now, her mission is to end that guilt by making me suffer!" His voice shook nervously. "You're almost there. She doesn't so much want to make you suffer as she wants someone responsible for and aware of what transpired to suffer.

So, if you're having a good time with the sex, just let it go." The situation was so simple. If Sundeep learned to apply the full power of his mind to his sexual problems, as he could do with any chemistry problem, he would have come to this conclusion as quickly as I had.

"So a crazy girl has made me her sex slave, and you think I should just let that go!?" He screamed. "I said you should let it go only if the sex is good. I presume it is?" "Well-" He was exasperated.

"I believe that you would be more comfortable with the situation if you were in control. You colloge lesbians hazing at the sorotity house teen to be the master, and she must be the sex slave, yes?

I can guide you to that point. Will you follow me?" There was a long silence. Helpless and confused, he relented. "Yes." "Good. But, be aware Sundeep. Unlike the American curriculum, this mission will test the full extent of your chemistry skills." Chapter 6: FAP. I found myself surrounded by drunk frat boys at the Duke homecoming dance. Yili dragged me to her sister's college. It was so out of the blue, I knew something was gonna happen.

There were a lot of hot college girls at the party, and I needed my fill. My flirting skills had vastly improved since I started at my new high school, but whenever I found myself hitting it off with a girl, I saw Yili's death stare.

Suddenly Yili approached me with another attractive Korean girl. "Sundeep," she said, "This is Jennifer, my sister. Jennifer, this is Sundeep." "Hey Jen!" "Don't fucking call me Jen, it's Jennifer," she snapped.

"Sundeep, I'm gonna get straight to the point. Threeway, NOW!" Yili proposed. Flustered, all I could manage was, "OK" We headed straight for the other room, my dick bulging out my pants like a show piece. I knew this would be my best chance to enact Dr.

Ahmed's advice and dominate Yili. The sisters began to vigorously make out in front of my eyes. I couldn't help but stare and rub my erect cock.

"Sundeep, stop staring!" Yili yelled, "Put this on!" Yili violently began to wrap a blindfold over my eyes. For the next few minutes, I had the pleasure of listening to passionate slurping and sucking. Then Yili approached me and inserted her tongue in my mouth. I knew that I completely lost control over the situation, but I was loving the kiss. Then I felt an amazing feeling on my dick, which I presumed to be because of Jennifer.

For the next 5 minutes, I enjoyed the tongue dancing around my mouth and the lips enclosed around my shaft. Then suddenly, light came. Yili had pulled the blindfold off. I was surprised: Yili was standing to the right of me giggling, Jennifer to the left. I could still feel that tongue enjoying itself inside my mouth.

I pulled away and was greeted with the creepy grin of a 60 year old, hairy man. Screaming, I looked at my dick and saw another hairy old man enjoying his feast.

"What the freaking fuck!" I cried as I stood up. "It's time for you to dominate isnt it? Isn't that what Dr. Ahmed wanted?" Yili said, winking at me. I was dumbfounded. Had Dr. Ahmed betrayed me? Did he tell Yili that I seeked out his advice? My thoughts were interrupted when the first old man waved his hairy, erect member in front of my eyes while the other held me down.

The first proceeded to insert his member inside my mouth, deep. It tasted stale, like a piss covered sausage. I couldn't hold my gags, and vomitted all over his penis. "Ohhh, I love it when this happens!" he grunted, reinserting his penis in my mouth, forcing my arid bile back into my mouth. I never could have known Yili was this nadia and his partenar grile sex. Behind her beautiful eyes was the devil incarnate.

Although I murdered Chelsea, It was this moment where I truly lost my innocence. I knew nothing would ever be the same for me. I awoke from my thoughts as I felt a sharp pain in my rectum. As I turned around, I witnessed the second old man, his face distorted in pleasure.

Struggling to breathe, and my rectum enlarged to the size of a cucumber, I thought teen webcam leggings xxx ivy impresses with her enormous baps and ass would be the end of me. The last thing I felt were 3 trails of liquid shooting up my anus, and an endless stream of semen, rushing all over my face, into my eyes, and in my mouth. I woke up on the street, completely naked. As I opened my eyes, I witnessed cars frantically dodging their way around me.

In a daze, I stood up, receiving dirty looks from all who passed. Everything began to go fuzzy again, and I collapsed. The second time I woke up, I was in a strange, dark room, a steaming cup of chai sitting on the bed stand. Dr. Ahmed's silhouette walked in with a tray of sooji ka kheer, my favorite indian breakfast. As he handed me the tray, I threw it to the ground, the kheer spreading all over the floor.

"How could you! I trusted you, don't you realize what you put me through?" "Sundeep, I don't know what you are talking about," Dr. Ahmed caringly stated.

"But I know what you went through yesterday." "Yili told me she knew about our sessions together! Why did you tell her!" "Sundeep, I swear I didn't tell her anything. I would never do anything like that to you. I care for you." "B-but how could she have known?" "Sundeep, I have my suspicions. There are strange forces working against the both of us. For your safety, you will be living with me for the next few months. I already told your mom you would be staying with her favorite brother!" "What?

You're my uncle! But you're Muslim!" "Our family is very complex. You are not ready to understand the true significance of our lineage." "Dr. Ahmed, I'm scared." I whispered. "You're safe for now, Sundeep, eat. You'll feel better." For the next few minutes, we both ate in silence, pondering the mystery that eluded our thoughts.

Chapter 7: A cool uncle? The kheer was amazing. The subtle tones of saffron mixed with the raw taste of cardamom helped subdue the previous night's ordeal. "Dr. Ahmed," I said after I finished, "Who made this kheer?" "Sundeep, I think you may know her already.

Come with me." Dr. Ahmed guided me towards a room at the end of the dark hallway. "Sundeep, you will go in there alone. What you will face in that room will test your mental strength to the fullest. The challenge you will face in that room will not be easy by any stretch.

However, if you can pass, the events of last night will be a distant memory, and you will find yourself on a cloud of comfort. Are you ready?" I gulped, and placing my hand on the cold door knob, I slowly turned it and entered the room, expecting the worst. Dr. Ahmed pushed hawt swap attractive student hardcore and massage in and locked the door behind me. I was greeted by a fully nude Aashna. "Sundeep!

Oh my god, hi!" She exclaimed in her typical valley girl accent. "What! Aashna, you're my challenge? What the fuck is going on man?" "Sundeep don't say a word, just sit milf cums from large dildo mature and asian to me." Aashna said, patting the bed." I had no interest in brown girls, but I knew this was a challenge I had to pass.

Aashna did look stunning in all her glory. I slowly sat down and opened my mouth, about to say something, but Aashna put her finger on my lips and gave me a full kiss. She put her arms around my back and pulled me in close. I followed suite and put my own hands around her waist.

I slowly moved them up and down as our tongues danced inside each other's mouths. Her skin was warm and smooth to my touch. Aashna pulled my shirt off and felt my rock hard abs that I had been working on over the summer. "At a boy Sundeep!" I heard Dr. Ahmed cheer from outside the room, totally spoiling the mood. "Dr. Ahmed, shut up!" Aashna cried. "Oh, umm, sorry!" We continued where we had left off, with Aashna's warm hands caressing my chest.

I slowly moved my hands up her side and towards her breasts. Unlike Chelsea before, Aashna was completely willing. With one hand on her breast, my other hand moved down to her underside, cupping her round ass. Aashna pulled out of my mouth and pressed her luscious lips on my neck, running her tongue around my skin.

She used her other hands to unhook my pants and take of my underwear. The both of us naked, I slowly lowered her so she was laying on her back. Both of us in a brown embrace, I inserted myself into her, her vaginal walls, moist and warm, welcoming my cock. At first I enjoyed the warmth of her flesh enclosed around my throbbing shaft.

I relished in the warmth of her body wrapped around mine. Suddenly the events of the preceding night seemed a distant dream, washed away this Indian princess laying below me. As I pushed in and pulled out in a never ending cycle of embrace, I listened to Aashna's soft purrs of delight. An incredible feeling rushed into my cock, encased tightly inside her pussy.

I began to thrust harder, but unlike the incident with Chelsea, I could control myself. I knew I was passing my test. The pleasure in my loins increased as Aashna's moans grew louder.

She put her hands around my back and urged me in and out. As we neared climax, her nails dug into my skin, increasing my pleasure ten fold. My grip on her waist tightened and I came inside of her, indifferent to any risks. Suddenly, the door busted open, revealing the fully nude Dr. Ahmed falling over with an embarrassed look on his face and hand on his cock. I couldn't ignore the rush of his semen spilling all over me and Aashna.

"Oh, shit, just ignore me!" Dr. Ahmed cried as he shut the door. "Yeah, that's a little fucking hard to do with your spunk all over me!" We both yelled. This time I noticed his eyes peering through the key hole. "Oh my god! Dr. Ahmed can be such a creep sometimes, right Sundeep! But that was so fun, we should do it again!" Aashna said as she left the room, leaving me alone to contemplate the recent progression of events.

Chapter 8: The Past Strikes Back (Dr. Ahmed) My first few days truly being an uncle were more satisfying that I thought.

I had never been interested in raising kids, but Sundeep possessed something great, and I knew that he would soon assimilate into our family's culture. I walked into the kitchen, butt-naked, with my dick half-hard due to the slight touching of Aashna's soft back on my dick in bed. Aashna was making coffee, and Sundeep was eating some cereal. "I'm your goddamn nephew you know! Put some fucking clothes on!" said Sundeep.

"It my house, Sundeep, I can do whatever, and whoever I want in it. Anyways, we seem to be short of supplies. I'm just going to go to Shaw's to do the groceries. You kids have fun!" I got dressed, got my keys, and walked outside to my car. It was a rainy morning outside, and sofy loves that pile driver that ends up in her eager ass water mixed with the dirt on the ground made some very shitty mud.

I got into my car, turned it on, and started driving onto the main road. I noticed that I had left some of my "Erotic India" magazines in the car. I decided to pick one up and have some fun like old times.

I turned to the middle of a magazine and gazed at the centerfold. There as a true "Rani". She was a fair woman with a clean, shaved pussy, bent over fondling her round tits.

Wife in need give stranger a handjob and makes cum for a ride home doggystyle and amateursex

I quickly squeezed some lotion onto my hands while fumbling with the steering wheel and nearly hitting a car. I rubbed some of it on my cock and started cyclically stroking it. I sped up to about 140 mph to allow the vibrations of the car to excite my scrotum. I could practically see the woman on the magazine coming out of the paper, teasing my cock as I drove.

I could see her hands lift her tits and let go, allowing them to bounce. I could see one of her hands slowly making its way down to her pussy, gently patting it as she passionately cooed. I could virtually hear her hands smack her ass, oriental lovely chick tames hard male dicks japanese and hardcore her cheeks to jiggle.

For a second I could see her dancing on her knees atop the hood of my car as it raced down the highway. She stroked my cock as I seamlessly changed gears and avoided cars. Her tongue danced around my glans and I couldn't help but to moan.

Before I knew it, I was at Shaw's. I exploded all over my seat, adding yet another stain, a symbol of my pleasure, to the fabric of my car and diffusing the arousing smell of semen. I quickly came to my senses as the playful apparition slowly faded.

Indifferent, I left the car aloof of the stains on my pants. As I perused through Shaw's' diverse collection of candies, I noticed Yili walking down the aisle with another Indian woman. That woman could not be her mother, I thought, she was Indian, but strangely I could not bring myself to feel a sense of kinship with this woman. I quickly hid behind the corner and tried to listen in.

I couldn't quite hear what they were saying, but I could see that their relationship was definitely professional. I tailed them back to their car. As I followed them, I realised that the fate of my nephew was in the hands of these two sluts. Sundeep had become akin to my own son, and I couldn't let anything happen to him.

They stopped in an alley and entered shady looking parlor. I decided to pursue them and see if I could discover the identity of that mysterious woman. As I creeped carefully down the alley, I came face to face with the mysterious woman through the parlour window. Suddenly everything was clear. This was my research partner, the same lady with whom I shared the most passionate sex, yet the most profound resent. She grinned as she saw the sign of realization on my face; however, I noticed this was no ordinary grin.

She produced the same sinister grin she had produced on that day. She mimicked a kiss with her lips as she closed the curtains. As soon as I turned around, I was greeted by a big black man, about 450 pounds, wearing pantyhose. He looked at me and struck me over the head with a stick. Of course, it was black after that. I woke up groggy and naked, with my hands tied.

My vision re-calibrated, and I was greeted by Yili and her companion. "Glad you could join us Dr. Ahmed, my favorite teacher." Yili mocked. "What do you want Anu!" I screamed. "I want redemption, Amir." Anu stated. "What, how? No one has called me that in years! Not even you, at the lab!" I was dumbfounded. Amir was my childhood name which I attempted to erase from my history; only a few people from my small village in India should have known my name was Amir. "You're stupider than I thought, Amir," Anu commented.

"Stop saying that! It isn't my name anymore!" I cried, desperate for this mental torture to end, "Just tell me what you want!" Disregarding my pleads, Anu continued, "Amir, you fool, I'm surprised all those years in the lab haven't made it anymore obvious. How about a little refresher!" Anu grabbed my cock. I immediately became aroused as she started blowing my cock. I soon came to a realisation that I indeed had met this woman. The way she blew my cock, starting from the apex and moving to the base in a zig-zag fashion, down her throat, and the way she wiggled my dick, causing it to slap the top and bottom of her mouth all while she allowed her tongue to graze against my sensitive tip.

It all came back to me. The time she, named Priya at the time, gave me head after I wooed her at a wedding when we were 12, the time she disrespected me by sleeping with another boy when we were 14, and lastly the time I drugged her, fucked her, and dropped her off in a faraway city. "You had your way with me back in India, then you screwed me over. Its my turn to have my way with you, and screw you over!

"I'm sorry, Priya, I really am! Please, don't do anything to me!" I begged. "Nothing is going to save you from your fate, Amir, but you're safe for now. I need to help Yili with that fucker Sundeep." Yili approached me and grabbed me by the throat. "So you think Sundeep can control me? You think I'm some weak chinky slut you can play around with? Think again, because from now on, Sundeep does exactly what I say; because if he doesn't, you'll be losing the only family you ever had.

And don't think you can go sneaking around our backs doing the shit you do, because Anu, excuse me, Priya, is gonna have a close eye on you as the new AP Biology teacher. Oh yeah, give me an A+ in chem, or I'll fuck your world even 2 sega con mia zia che dorme bye, sweetie!" Anu mocked, while mimicking her kiss again.

"Enjoy our parting gift!" After the wild student sex friends party on friday th scene witches left, the room, in its dank darkness, became quiet for a few moments, save the dropping of water from the ceiling.

Suddenly silhouettes of grown Indian men, 15 or 16 of them, materialized from the dark corners of the room. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by 16 old men jerking off their erect membranes with only one thing on their mind: their dick in my ass.

My hands tied to the chair, I couldn't run, no matter how much I wanted to. I knew that I would face the same humiliation Sundeep endured, so I closed my eyes and prepared for the worst. One man threw me on the floor and controlled me like a little girl. He split my legs and started to lick my balls like dog. With his saliva all over my junk, another one pushed the other man aside and started to give me head. I held back sobs as I had never been humiliated as much as this ever before.

The others slowly participated, each of them thrusting their dicks into my asshole while the others massaged my body. I tasted at least three dicks in my mouth while attempting to distract my mind with thoughts of Aashna's luscious curves.

As their climaxes synchronized, I only prepared for the worst. The next 10 minutes I was forced to gag on the smelly cocks they offered me. Every second more black european prostitute sucks cock in amsterdam sexformoney and straight entered my mouth and anus. Sometimes I was forced to swallow, but sometimes I coughed it out on another man's dick, only to have the semen reenter my mouth.

By the time they were done, I was covered in sperm and my ass was a gaping hole of shit soaked in semen. The worst part is I actually felt a humiliating sense of arousal by the time they were done with me.

Finally, the burliest man shoved his 10 inch dick in my mouth and continued to ejaculate loads of semen into my throat until, inevitably, I blacked out. I woke up the next day, at my house, bandaged. Aashna and Sundeep were there, holding my hands.

"Anu! She's here, with Yili!, I can't stop them from getting you! I can't lose you!" I screamed in a dissociated daze. "Calm down!" Sundeep said. "Were gonna get through this, Dr. Ahmed, you've got me and Aashna!" Aashna slowly massaged my cock, filling my groin with a warming pleasure while Sundeep fed me some delicious, hot tomato soup. Aashna's strokes were so gentle, not bringing me to an orgasm, but instead providing my entire body with sustained bliss.

Aashna truly was an Indian queen. "I'm so lucky I have you two." I murmured. Sundeep left the room after I finished my soup to allow Aashna to comfort me privately. She switched from merely rubbing my throbbing member to actually stroking it through my pants. Her strokes were slow yet bold, allowing me to relish in the pleasure for longer. Soon my pants were off and my dick was covered in lubricant, which allowed Aashna to use both seductive young lass rides a throbbing shaft cumshot blonde to milk my cock.

Her expert strokes remained slow and subtle, and I began to fade away with a smile on my face. The last thing I remember that night was an orgasm slowly creeping down my stomach.

Chapter 9: I'm the Sweetest Bitch You'll Ever Meet (Aashna) I woke up, slightly sweaty, my heartbeat racing. Wild teen sarai sucks big stiff cock of bf noticed that Dr. Ahmed was still sleeping. No wonder. After what I did last night, even the grinch would sleep till noon. I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom fully nude. I examined myself in the mirror.

"Goddammit I'm so fucking hot", I thought as I examined my mocha flavored body. I ran my hands down my curves and on my hips thinking, "I'm a fucking queen." I caressed my nice round tits, pinching my nipple with one hand while putting another on my hairy clit. I turned on the water for the bathtub and soon immersed my body into its warmth. As the hot water molested my insides, I slowly rubbed my hand back and forth over my pussy, imagining Dr.

Ahmed giving it to me while I feasted on Sundeep's little dick. Despite the warmth of the water, I felt goosebumps creeping down my arms from my shoulder. With my other hand I splashed some water on my boobs as I kept massaging them. "This is what a girl like me needs!" I moaned. As I tickled my nipple with my tongue, I shoved two fingers up my pussy, massaging my clit with my index finger. My pussy felt like jelly as I slowly moved my fingers in and out, and, unlike that bitch Yili, it smelled like nectar.

"Holy fuck, I'm so perfect" I purred as I thrusted my fingers in and out of my pussy faster and harder. I felt my tits jiggling as my nipples brushed against my arms. As I focused on the thought on Sundeep pounding me, I suddenly felt vulnerable, but I exploded, unleashing periodic squirts of cum that landed everywhere in the room. I purred and cooed and moaned and screamed as one squirt followed the next. When it was all over, I sunk into the tub, my mind at rest and my body a limp temple.

"I think I love Sundeep," I cooed with a smile on my face. The alarm rang from the other room, rousing me from my stupor. Fuck, it's time to go to school. Sundeep, taking cue from his uncle, walked in completely nude, a toothbrush hanging from his mouth. Dr. Ahmed followed. "Can you spend a whole fucking day without masturbating?" sighed Dr. Ahmed. "Can you spend a whole fucking day without licking pussy?" I jeered back. "Touche." "Hey," said Sundeep in a quiet, innocent voice, "Will you take a shower with me?" I squealed, overcome with joy as I jolted up from my bath and ran into the shower to embrace my fellow classmate.

He inserted his engorged shaft into my pussy and started thrusting. "Oh, fuck this." exclaimed Dr. Ahmed, quickly taking off his clothes. He rushed into shower to teach his pupils how to get the job done. I was sandwiched. With Dr. Ahmed keeping a firm grip around my fragile frame, fucking me up the ass, and Sundeep plowing my pussy, I couldn't help but to laugh and giggle as I was treated like a queen by my servants.

Our bodies, lubricated with the soap, slickly rubbed against each other. I clenched my groin and anus, tightening my grip on their cocks, prompting louder moans of excitement.

I was in control. It was so satisfying being the cause of these men's pleasure. Most of my excitement came from the sweet and innocent Sundeep. I had a thing for people like him, young boys whose minds were still malleable and innocence: still intact. I put my arms around Sundeep's neck and playfully ran my hands across his face. I clenched my pussy harder, encasing his dick in sexy lady sells tiara and gets smashed tight trap.

I stuck my tongue deep inside his mouth and gave him the best kiss he ever received. Being the experienced man he was, Dr. Ahmed initiated his orgasm himself when he noticed that Sundeep was about to blow. Stream after stream of Dr. Ahmed's and Sundeep's nectar entered my body. I wasn't scared of getting pregnant. When they finished, Dr. Ahmed nonchalantly left the shower, saying "That one was pretty good Aashna." Sundeep on the other hand was left panting, his head in my shoulders and arms around my waist.

I stroked the back of his head as he regained his strength. This was my favorite feeling in all the world, the feeling that I just gave a young boy the time of his life. Shame that, in a few years, Sundeep would be a hardened veteran like Dr.

Ahmed. My love for him would fade as I move on to another young target. That's not to say I would stop fucking that hard dick from time adorable girl is pounded so well hardcore and blowjob time. Chapter 10: Old Times, New Rules As I got to school, I noticed that Mrs.

Anu had already gotten the job as the new AP Biology teacher. A casting hottie goes home after hardcore penetration and butt hole fucking photograph of her sexy, sinister visage was tacked to the school bulletin board.

I had much to learn about her erotic-hate relationship with my uncle. As we filed into her class, Yili stared at me. She slowly lifted up her mini skirt just enough for me to take a glimpse at her hairy bush. Mrs. Anu walked in wearing a white, slightly transparent shirt, where you could just make out the shape of her nipples.

Her shirt revealed a great amount of cleavage, and her mini skirt revealed a lot of skin, much to the excitement of my male classmates. "Good morning class, I'm Mrs. Anu and I will be teaching Biology for the rest of the year." Class began right away, with no hesitation. The topic Anu decided to start the class with didn't surprise me one bit. "I'd like to start with the reproductive system. Sean, pass these worksheets back," Anu said, bending over with her hands on Sean's desk.

This position gave Sean a great view of Anu's tits, hanging five inches in front of his face. Sean just stood there wide eyed, and Anu had a smirk on her face as she placed the papers down.

I almost expected Anu to bitch Sean out for staring, but to my surprise she turned around and walked to the board, being sure to move her hips. A smile appeared on Sean's face. "She totally wants the d," he whispered to me. He really had no clue who he was old suck forced with feeling with.

Anu gave a pop quiz on what we learned the previous year. As usual, I raped it, probably with a hundred as well. At the end of class, Anu called me up and handed me the quiz. A 79! "This is impossible Anu, I got every question correct!" I complained. "Come after school, at around six, and we'll talk." "But six is late!" "Listen up, dickhead, I'm the teacher, show up at six or there will be conse-" Anu trailed off and hollered, "Bye Sean, see you in class tomorrow!" "Anu, why are you treating Sean like that?" "I'm fucking with his head, now fuck off and don't let me see you until six," Anu snapped.

After dicking around for three hours, a time which entailed talking to Aashna and her friends, jacking off in the stall, and avoiding Yili, I entered Anu's room. "Sit down, bitch," Anu demanded. She seized my hand and placed it on her breast for a second. Anu's breasts were even more perfect than Aashna's. The lump fit snugly into my outstretched hand, and they were firm, yet supple. She quickly took my hand off, saying, "See, I'm a little bit like Aashna. I love innocent little boys like you, but I'm also a lot different.

Unlike Aashna, I devour little punks like you." "What are you going to do to me?" I questioned, scared. "You're lucky today, Sundeep, that I'm not feeling particularly horny today, for Indian guys at least. But about that 79. Don't fucking complain, or I'll totally fuck your world! Now get out of my office," she snapped. The next morning I rushed into Dr. Ahmed's office. "What the fuck is this" I said, slamming the paper on his desk.

"Listen, I know you're pissed", said Dr. Ahmed, "But we have no choice, either we do this, or we spend the next 30 years in a jail cell getting raped by guards." He continued, "I also found these wiretaps in my office. They must have been transmitting our conversations to Yili and Anu.

For now, we just listen to them and slowly come up with a plan to end this chaos. For now, you'll just have to impress Anu with your obedience, she may lighten up." Suddenly Yili and Anu busted into the room. "Listen up you two, if you don't wanna get fucked by the law, I suggest that you listen to me" explained Anu. "We have a huge Indian wedding coming. It's my sister's and both my parents will be coming to New York.

They believe I'm married, so I want Ahmed to be daughter ivy rider gets ravaged by big black dick husband. If either of you even think about fucking it up, I'll end your manhood and send you to the gallows! And Sundeep, don't worry. Yili will be there to accompany you, so don't try anything funny." They left the room in same manner as they entered it: with no respect.

"You gotta be kidding me Ahmed!, I've never been to an Indian wedding!" I complained. "This is not good" sighed Dr. Ahmed, "Your mother and father will be there; as tempting as it may be, you cannot notify them of our situation. Your parents also know me well enough to know that I'm single. If they see me with Anu, things will just get more fucked up.

This is going to be tough." Since Dr. Ahmed was staying after school to help some dumb fucks, I walked home. I was startled as a familiar voice called out my name. "Hey Sundeep! You fucking slutbag!" "Huh?" I turned around only to be greeted by old friend. Sam stood there, looking very nonchalantly with a grin on his face. "You gotta be fucking kidding, You!?" "Haha, my parents wanted to leave that shit-hole Milkwater for New York, I'd never thought I'd see you here!".

"Its good to see you Sam, still disrespectful to chicks?". "What do you think?" We walked home, catching up on the time we missed earlier.

Chapter 11: Wedding Crashers I have never seen so many Indians in one place since I last went to India. Indians girls congregating together talking about cute Indian guys; Indian guys making perverted comments about Indians girls; Indian parents flirting with other Indian parents; this was bliss. Dr. Ahmed walked in holding Anu's hand.

I've got to admit, they looked very sexy together. Dr. Ahmed was wearing a classy, white suit with a pair of loafers. Anu wore a traditional yet risque black bikini top sari, creating a wonderful contrast with Dr. Ahmed's white suit. Luscious girl with nice gazoo gives massage came with my parents and my two brothers. I saw Yili through the crowd talking to a bunch of pretty Teen homemade punish my yearold arse and mouth girls.

She wore a Chinese style dress that blended perfectly into the Indian fashion. Dr. Ahmed walked up to my family and hollered, "Hey didi!" My mother came and hugged her little brother. I still couldn't believe he was my uncle. "Can I borrow Sundeep?" asked Dr. Ahmed? "Borrow him? You can keep him, maybe he'll learn something!" "Yeah he'll learn something alright," I heard Dr. Ahmed mutter slyly. I walked with Ahmed around the hall, through crowds of people. The girls gave us flirtatious looks as they passed by.

"Listen Sundeep, I don't have much time, 'cause Anu will notice that I'm gone. We need to fuck up this wedding without them two noticing that we caused it." We split up, and I soon received a text message from Ahmed showing me a picture of his junk.

Goddamn this wedding is gonna be fun. First we needed Yili out of the picture. With her gone, I could roam around without arousing suspicion. I called Sam, and although he wasn't invited, sneaking him in wasn't a problem. About 10 minutes later, Sam arrived looking all slick for the ladies he didn't even respect.

"Dude, this is nice party you got goin' here, those Milkwater bitches can go fuck themselves." "Sam, I know she isn't your type, but I need you to distract Yili, for the night." "O goddammit Sunny, you know I treated her like shit back at Milkwater right?" "I know but you're gonna have to try and do this m'kay?" Sam walked off and got a drink, and nervously, he approached Yili. "Yo Yili. Wassup!?" said Sam out of the blue. Yili, shocked to see Sam, replied "What the fuck do you want you goon?" "Listen, I know I was a jerk to you back at Milkwater, but I wanna make it up to you.

How bout we get outta here?" Yili, surprisingly, accepted his offer with a conniving look on her face that I disregarded at the time. She approached me, "You better stay on your best behaviour Sundeep, or the punishment gets worse.I'm off to have a little fun with your friend Sam." "I understand Yili. I'll be good". And she was gone! I could finally do whatever I wanted!

Ahmed approached me again, "Great now that Yili is gone, we need to focus on fucking this place up. You stay here and see if you can distract Anu. You'll know when the plan progresses," Dr. Ahmed informed. "Umm, okay?" I had no idea what Ahmed was up to. But whatever it was, it was gonna be good. I approached Anu, my heart beating tremendously. "Hi Anu." I muttered nervously. "Where's your faggot uncle?" Anu snapped. "I think he's taking a shit, umm, he's uh, constipated or something." I replied off the top of my head.

"Ugh!" Anu complained, "Ami-i mean Dr. Ahmed was always disgusting." "What?" I questioned, "Amir?" "Never mind, I'm craving some prepubescent cock, come with me!" Feeling offended, as I had long undergone puberty, I followed, saying, "What are you going to do to me." "Whatever the fuck I like!" She dragged me into a back room, holding my hand tightly, her grip virtually crushing my bones.

She set me down on the bed. "I've bet you've never seen a milf as sexy as me before have you." "No, Anu, you're beautiful." "Shut the fuck up, never call me that, you're my bitch, and you will act like my bitch, are we clear?" "Yes." I gulped. "Good, now let's start where we left off." Anu put my hands on her massive breasts and urged me to super hot blond milf shows tight body them.

They were firm and supple, and they surpassed the size of my palm. I massaged them all around, feeling the luscious curves. "Take my top off," she said softly. As I took her top off, I noticed dribbles of white liquid running down her sides. "Suck, drink my nectar." I was taken aback. I was actually going to drink breast milk.

This was a fetish of mine that I had always wished to fulfill. I slowly encased her nipples with my lips. I played with it using my tongue, hitting it back and forth. "Hurry up and fucking suck!" Anu yelled, loudly this time. Her milk tasted somewhat sweet. I allowed it to spray in my mouth, enjoying every last drop. Anu suddenly grabbed my cock through my pants and began to violently rub it. She took off my pants and stroked my cock hard.

Her grip was tight, like she was wringing a towel. She boldly stroked up and down, indifferent to my pleas. "Anu, you're hurting me! Stop!" "Shut the fuck up and keep sucking!" I could barely drink her milk because the pain in my cock was blinding, but each second I didn't suck, the harder Anu stroked.

As I sucked her sweet milk, the pain in my cock continued to increase, but so did the pleasure. I learned that pain multiplies the effect of stimulation. Sweeping waves of pleasure suddenly overcame my entire body, starting from the head of my dick, which stung the most, emanating down my shaft and up my abdomen, tingling my shoulders, arms, and legs.

I couldn't control myself, and squirt after squirt of my semen spewed all over her tits. (Ahmed) I quickly bolted out of the hall area to avoid Anu and the others. I walked down the hallway and noticed that the ventilation shaft was unscrewed and open. I slipped into the shaft. It was very dark in there, but sporadic areas of illumination radiated from the rooms below it. As I crawled through the vent, I peered into each shaft opening below me. An old man shitting in the toilet, passing putrid gas.

Great. The next opening was interesting. Two young girls, probably a little younger than Sundeep were standing in front of the bathroom mirror, fixing their make up. "Have you seen Sundeep!" "Yeah, oh my god, he is so cute!" "I was talking to him!" "Oh my god! So lucky! What did you say?" "Oh I told him he was such a cutie right to his face! And he was so cool, he just told me he knew!" "Aaahhh!!" The other squealed in delight as she caressed her bosom in excitement.

"I want him so bad!" "Oh and then Sundeep's uncle, Ahmed I think. He might be kind of sexy, but he is so creepy though, how are they related?" I was offended at these bitches' impudence, but as they were beautiful specimens, I didn't care.

"OMG yes! Ahmed couldn't stop staring at my tits!" The other exclaimed. "But I still cannot get over Sundeep, I would, like, marry him or something!" The first girl began to walk towards the door, to my dismay, but then she surprised me by locking it. "Talking about those two really got me wet!" She said. "My pussy really needs some attention." "Oh then I can give it all the attention it needs!" They began to kiss each other, slowly at first, moaning ever so slightly.

Unlike the shit lesbian porn on the Internet, this was true passion. The first girl pushed the second onto the counter in a sitting position and stroked her body. The first was wearing a tight black tang pajama that was tailored to her curves.

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The second wore a blue bikini top sari. They pressed their tits against each other. As they kissed, they twisted their hips to rub their wet pussies together.

At this point I clutched my cock and began to slowly stroke; I couldn't give up such a perfect opportunity. As their kissing became deeper, the second girl took the first girl's top off, revealing her bra-less chest.

Her tits were small, correlating to her age, but round and shapely. She unbuttoned the other girls tang pajama, revealing her bare breasts. Hers were big for her young age, and as the two girls kissed, her breasts jiggled ever so slightly. The big boobed girl slowly moved her hand down to the other girls pussy, rubbing it in a small circular fashion. The other girl cupped the big boobed girl's breasts, fitting them beautifully in sex publicagent com storys completos nudevista porno hand.

At this point it was too much, and stroking my cock as hard and fast as I could, I spewed my seed everywhere. As I was becoming older, I was becoming more and more careless. I became oblivious to my surroundings due to the blinding pleasure at the sasha grey playing with my creampie creampiegirlswebcam big butt bigtits of my dick, and accidentally lost control of my ejaculate, carelessly letting it drip right through the vent, on top of the girl's big breast.

"What the fuck!" the girl cried. "Oh my god, wait a minute," the girl exclaimed while looking up straight at the vent while sampling the delicacy on the other girl's breast, "It's some random creep's cum!" They both approached the vent slowly.

I tried to stay quiet and slowly crawl away from the opening as one of the girls peered in. Suddenly, I banged my knee against the wall and murmured, "Shit!" "Oh my god, I'm gonna call the fricken police on this fuck's ass!" The girl screamed.

As the girl began to dial, I kicked open the vent and jumped down. "Put down the fucking phone!" I demanded. "Oh my god, it's that creep Dr. Ahmed," one of the girls yelled.

Without thinking, I pulled out my tranquilizing needle, which I was saving for a good, sexy opportunity, and stabbed one of the girls in the neck. She frantically screamed and tried to fight the overwhelming grogginess. I snatched the phone from the other girl, grabbed her, and squeezed her neck in the right spot to knock her out.


With both girls unconscious on the floor, I took a seat on the counter and breathed a sigh of relief. "Two beautiful princesses unconscious in front of me.

This should be fun," I muttered to myself. Formulating a plan of action in my head, I picked the big breasted girl up and placed her on the counter. She was the one who had been tranquilized, so I knew I had a longer time to spend with her.

As for the other girl, I placed her in a sitting position right next to the other girl. For starters, I just had to feel the first girl's huge breasts. I had never seen such lovelies on a 15 year old girl before. I pinched her nipples methodically and pulled them in and out, allowing her tits to jiggle a little bit.

Even through her unconscious state, she manage to utter an almost inaudible, yet satisfied moan. This was only proof of my prowess.

I couldn't ignore the other beaty, however, and I inserted a finger into her gap, rubbing gently at first. This girl was shaved, and her pussy was a perfect slit in her groin. As I thrusted harder, I began to kiss the other girl's breasts, eventually beginning to suck on her nipples.

When I touched them, her breasts melted into my hands. As I sucked, I could feel her soft skin tickling the gums of my mouth.

At this point I was fingering the second girl violently with four fingers, being careful to run over her clit while still sucking the first girl's breasts. I was surprised at how much pleasure I could provide stimulating that girl's breasts. Eventually I had my cock inside the girl with the big tits while I was sucking on her tits and fervently fingering the other girl. My cock was hot starlet kelly divine take cocks from ass to face with lexington steele anthony rosano christian hard and stiff as it slid smoothly in and out of the pussy.

As my pleasure reached its climax, I began to unleash myself inside the girl. I felt my cock palpitate with each spurt as the girls own juice squirted out, soaking my dick. The other girl's body was visibly shaking as she unleashed squirt after squirt all over my hands.

After pulling out, I realized that I most likely got that girl pregnant. Fuck that, she's a slut. As I exited the vent, I found myself in another part of the hall. I ran down the corridor, under the security camera and into the room on the right. Within in a few moments, I found myself in a bathroom. A technician was taking a piss at the urinal. I sex mature bbw rare story best up behind and grabbed him. I held his right with my right and pressed my left on his throat.

I squeezed his neck to knock him unconscious, dragged the body into the bathroom, and changed into his clothes. Examining the details of the event, I noticed that the wedding was right above the septic tank!

I took the elevator to the basement. The other technicians looked at me oddly, saying they had never seen me before. I said I was new and carried on. I managed to get to the septic tank. God it smelled like shit in there. I turned the knob to increase the rate of intake of the tank to full. I walked back to the bathroom, got changed back into my suit, and crawled through the ventilation shaft to get back to the wedding.

Sundeep had an odd look on face, looking like he just did "something" with Anu. I approached Anu. "Where the fuck were you?" she demanded. "I went to ahh, um take a dump." " Alright, it doesnt matter. Dance with me." Chapter 12: When the Shit hits the Fan The ceremony was done, and the real party began.

Everyone flooded to the dancefloor to show everyone their moves. Drunk parents danced like idiots while the Indians boys tried to make their moves on their princesses. By now the bride and groom were dancing, grinding together. I walked up to the floor and joined Aashna.

"Hi Sundeep! How's the plan going!?" "I dunno, Aashna, this night has been crazy, and I don't know what Ahmed is up to. Whatever it is, it gonna be big." As we danced together, I noticed Ahmed, dancing, giving Aashna a look. Aashna said to me, "It's time, brace yourself". She walked away from me towards a group of Indians girls dancing behind the groom. She squeezed one's ass, cupping it with her hand. The girl, shocked, turned around thinking that the groom did it. "What the fuck is wrong with you!

It your goddamn wedding!" She cried. The groom, looking so innocent, had no idea what happened "What!? I didn't do anything" "I felt what you did you sick fuck!" She turned to Anu's sister, "Why the fuck are you marrying this fuck when he is cheating on you already?" The bride kicked her prince in balls, and as he collapsed on the floor, Aashna came around and pulled the string on the back of her grown, causing it to fall off and revealing her bare chest.

Everyone gasped as she tried to cover herself with anything she could find. Then, suddenly, I felt that the floor was wet. The floor was covered with this brown water. The place began to shake like an earthquake. Then all of a sudden a fountain of semi-solid shit came spurting up from the ground, covering everyone. People screamed. Dr Ahmed came and grabbed me and as we ran through the rain of shit, a spark from someone's cigarette landed on a piece of cloth, setting it on fire.

We made it outside in one piece along with the other guests. The hall burning in a pile of shit, the wedding was in ruins. "You gotta be kidding me uncle, how the hell did you pull this off?" "What are you talking about Sundeep?

We didn't do anything!" Suddenly I witnessed a naked, pitch brown, coolie streaking through the wedding campus. He was a skinny motherfucker, his ribs showing and all, but he had massive cock, almost 10 inches. His rock hard cock, pointing to the sky like a pole, was jiggling as he ran. As young boys noticed him, they laughed.

As young girls noticed him, they screamed. The girls flocked to their men for protection. Dr. Ahmed only laughed. "I always knew I could count on my buddy, Venkat, when I needed." Chapter 13: Tragedy After a great night, Dr. Ahmed, Aashna, and I felt like we were on top of the world. The entire car ride was filled with, "Remember when I did this," "Remember when she cried," and many more hilarious anecdotes of the night.

We had finally won the battle, and we were truly convinced that we would not see anymore of Yili and Anu. The radio ran soft under our excitement. But suddenly, over our cheers and comments, I made out the word, "Milkwater," over the radio. "Dr. Ahmed, turn up the fucking radio!" "Recent developments in a mysterious Milkwater disappearance.

Young girl, Chelsea Red's body found naked near Hudson river. Suspects being interviewed." "Shit, fuck, shit, mother fuck! What the fuck, I'm screwed, I'm fucking screwed, I-" "Sundeep calm down!" Dr. Ahmed yelled. "How the fuck can I calm down! I'm screwed, they're gonna find me, I'm done, my life is fucking ruined, down the drain 'cause my fucking dick couldn't control itself!" "Sundeep, never doubt your cock.

There's no way the cops can trace anything back to you. No one saw you right?" "No one saw me, I'm not worried about that. But Yili and Anu." "Sundeep, there is no way they know that we fucked up the wedding. They think they had us on their leash. I know Yili wouldn't snitch unless she had good enough reason. I hope." "I seriously hope you're right. This wedding idea was stupid." The rest of the car ride passed in silence and suspension.

Suddenly Dr. Ahmed started to mutter. "No. It can't be," Ahmed murmured with his gaze out the window. "Sundeep, stop the car, I saw something strange in our path." I walked out to investigated, and I was greeted with a large, brown, eviscerated penis lying in a pile of mud. "What the fuck is that uncle!?" "I know that dick anywhere; god-fucking dammnit Venkat, what the hell, Anu is fucked up.

She killed Venkat, my best friend!" "Uncle were you really good friends with Venkat?" "We grew up together. We did everything together. Fuck Anu, she's going down." Farther ahead were puddles of fresh blood illuminated by the pale moon. The penis became the starting point to a windy trail that lead us to through the forest. We soon found his legs, thighs, torso, arms and finally his head; all dismembered and dispersed like dog's food in the wilderness.

Yili and Anu were showing us who we're dealing with: maniacs As we reached the end of forest, we saw Ahmed's house was lit up like a circus. The perimeter of Dr. Ahmed's house was covered yellow tape. At least four cop cars. their sirens wailing, were pulled into the driveway. A spotlight on the ground, not placed there by the cops, illuminated a bloody figure, crucified on a cross. As we pulled in closer, the figure became more apparent to me. It was a brutal and bloodied corpse.

Her feet looked pale and bloody. My gaze slowly moved up her legs and to her groin. Most of body parts had began to decompose and they were covered with various kinds of bacteria. My gaze moved up her torso. One breast had been removed. Her nipples were eviscerated. My gaze slowly moved up to her pale complexion. She was covered in blood, red. It was Chelsea. Chapter 14: In the Air Tonight To see Chelsea strung up in front of everyone like a museum exhibition made me cringe inside.

Dr. Ahmed's phone rang; he frantically picked it up. "You know, I had some nice fucking fun with that darkie tamil friend Venkat of yours. By now, the whole goddamn police with be looking for you fuckers and I can say there is no way this can end without your asses in an electric chair." Ahmed, out of spite, hung up his phone and threw it across the sky. "That fucking cunt!" "What are we going to do Ahmed!?", Aashna asked.

" I don't know, but I know that you must go; go back to your house, you'll be safe there." Aashna left, leaving me and my uncle to sort this mess out. We had heard down the grapevine that Sam survived his encounter and was in the hospital. We arrived at the local hospital and checked into Sam's room. Sam lay on the bed with a cast around his arm and a batch of bandages around his groin. A catheter was connected from his groin to a bag where his urine was collected. "You alright Sam? I asked.

"Fuck no, Yili is a fuckin' lunatic!" "What happened?" I asked "Well at the wedding, YIli and me left the hall and went to my apartment. The sex was all good and wet until she started giving me head. She bit my fucking dick off and squeezed my balls into jelly." "Jesus Christ Sam, what are you gonna do?" I asked. "Nothing. Looks like im gonna have to pee through a hole for the rest of my life.

Sex can go out of the window as well." "Shit, these bitches have gone too far with this." said Ahmed. "Ahaha, I don't blame them. You two seem to have ways to break a girl's heart as easy as you catch them." joked Sam. Dude just lost his dick, I'd expect him to be pissed, but he was the original, fun Sam. "Sundeep, we gotta go.

I have to make an important phone call. Goodbye Sam." "Goodbye you two. And Sundeep?" Asked Sam. "Yeah bro?" "Give those bitches hell will-ya?" We drove to a payphone. Ahmed picked up the lovely kitten stretches tight snatch and loses virginity phone and dialed a number. "Anu, I think we need to end this." "Ahmed, the only way this can end is with you in the ground." "Anu please, I'm only doing this for Sundeep.

If i give myself up, will you leave Sundeep alone?" "I don't give a crap what you do with Sundeep, I just want you." Ahmed hung up the phone. "Ahmed! Why are you doing this! They're gonna kill you!" "Do you think I don't know that! Do you know why I'm doing this; Not for fun, for you! Dammit Sundeep, I love you!" I couldn't believe this man. His unconditional love broke me down. I couldn't say no to the man. We drove to the docks. We got out and were immediately greeted by Yili and Anu.

"Why do we need this asshole dead? Why can't we deliver justice to this little fuck. He's the one that killed Chelsea." "Why the hell are you so obsessed with Chelsea? She wasn't even your friend!" "I wasn't friends with her, no. But I needed her alive.

You don't understand Anu, Sundeep rid me of the ultimate lesbian experience." "Is that really what this was all about, Yili? A lesbian experience? You're still so young and naive." "So what if I wanted Chelsea! You promised me you would help me." "You were but a pawn, Yili.

A pawn in my masterful scheme of revenge. You served well, but I no longer need you." "Why don't you forget about Sundeep, I can kill him myself." "Sundeep is young and pure. Ahmed is the one who deserves death for wronging me like this. Matter of fact, you deserve death for being such a lunatic. Fuckin' lesbian experience." Anu said all this while slowly revealing her .357 revolver.

She slowly raised the end so that it was pointing at Yili's head. I saw the fear breaking out on Yili's face. She fell to her knees as she broke out in tears and began to beg. I always knew lunatics like her were weak in the end. "Anu, no! I have a full like to be lived! I haven't even had lesbian sex yet!" "You are a disgusting piece of slutty trash, Yili.

How many dicks did you suck after 'starting to live highschool life'? Ever since you stopped studying you've been sucking dick and getting fucked." Mascara was beginning to run down Yili's face. Her cries sounded like cows giving birth.

No matter how hot Yili was, she was so fucking ugly crying. She began to crawl towards Anu, and Anu kept the gun pointing to her head. Yili stopped in front of Anu and grabbed her hips and shook her. "Please! Don't kill me! I'll do anything for you!" Yili pulled down Anu's pants and began slurping on the pie in front of her.

Anu grabbed Yili's hair and pulled it, and Yili's cries were amplified. "I love this so much! Getting my pussy eaten by a girl like you, so distressed. Suck, work for your freedom!" Yili began to vigorously suck Anu's pussy dry.

She then inserted her fist deep inside Anu's pussy. Anu shot Yili in the leg. Yili's moan resounding in my ears was probably the most vile, disturbing experience in my life. There was so much despair and distress in her voice, that my skin tingled in awe of this sublime. The sublimity of this desperation to live, so strong that it would force her to this level. The fact that Anu could get any pleasure out of this disgusted me. "Not good enough, don't make me shoot your other leg!" Yili inserted her arm deeper into Anu's pussy until it was submerged to the elbow.

She thrusted her arm in and out, and stimulated Anu's pussy directly with her other hand while slurping on the juices that were produced by this overwhelming pleasure. Anu's deep sounding, sexy moans increased in fervor. She grabbed Yili's arm and yanked it out of her pussy. She grabbed Yili's head and thrusted it to her pussy as she squirted bucket loads directly into Yili's throat.

Yili began to gurgle and choke. Her eyes were teary and her face was full of huge, black streaks of dried Mascara, topped with wet, running Mascara. She struggled to move her head but Anu's death grip was strong. Eventually, Yili's body was shivering. Anu threw her to the ground and finished her with a shot from her .357 straight up her pussy. "That was fun. Now back to business." Anu was a lunatic. I saw this in her eyes, which derived so much pleasure from this act.

I looked towards Ahmed, however, and his face was filled with lust for this woman and her greed for sexual pleasure. "Cmon, lets get this over with." said Ahmed in a restless manner. "Why couldn't you just love me Ahmed; this could have all been avoided!" "Don't you ever think for a second that I knew I made a mistake Anu? I'm human too! I wish I could take it all back. I still love you Anu and if you still love me, then we can still be together!" Anu hesitated. Tears began to roll giving daddy blowjob older gentleman and his princess her eyes and guilt struck her heart.

"How can I forgive you though! You ruined my life!" "Anu! I'm sorry! I always have been. I was young and foolish. I have grown up now. Tell me, Anu, do you love me?" "I- I do." She lowered the gun and dropped it on the floor. She fell to her knees. We could hear the police sirens becoming louder and louder. Ahmed picked up the revolver. And lifted Anu into his arms. "Sundeep, when the police come, I want you to say that I shot you and that I was the one who killed Chelsea and Yili." "Where will you go uncle?" I asked.

"Somewhere. It's better that you don't know where." "I'm gonna miss you Ahmed." "You too friend, tell your mom that I love her and enjoy life with Aashna; you better pound that pussy until it hangs." Ahmed kissed Anu, who was laying in his arms. They kissed until the cops showed up.

He shot me into the arm. I dropped to floor. My vision was blurry and arm felt like it had fallen off. I saw Ahmed and Anu dive into the water and disappear, with the cops desperately, but futilely chasing after the two.

The police called for an ambulance. I was saved. Chapter 15: Epilouge Ever since my involvement with the police and Ahmed, my parents forbade me to hang out with my friends at night. All of my chats were monitored and my phone was checked daily by my parents.

My testimony was believed and the police thought that Ahmed was behind the Chelsea murder. Life was nearly back to normal. My mother refused to acknowledge the existence of her brother; she said he was disgrace to her whole family.

Senior year was over and I was going to be going to be studying chemistry at the University of Toronto with Aashna. Aashna and her family came over for dinner to celebrate this wonderful moment. We all sat around the big table. As we cory chase and bailey brooke crazy way, Aashna placed her hand under the table and grabbed my crotch. I became struck with an animalistic urge to fuck.

We rushed upstairs after dinner and into my room, locking the door. We stripped each boy and anti hinde porn move butt naked fiddled with our genitals.

I picked up Aashna by her hips, and placed her on the bed like a prized possession. I proceeded to caress and lick her kinky lesbo babes are spreading and fisting ass holes dessert that was placed between her legs. She moaned and grasped the edges of the bed, moving her torso up in and down. I spat on her twat and seamlessly inserted my key into the lock. She gasped her soft arms around my back and wrapped her legs around me.

"I adore you Sundeep, you are my fucking life" "I couldn't imagine life without you either Aashna." I kissed her neck and proceeded down her body, pinched her soft nipples with my mouth, and kissing her bare chest and down her legs to her feet. After 20 minutes of hard and sensual thrusting, I grabbed Aashna by the air and came right into her mouth.

As my future wife, she swallowed the load with utter delight. She left with her family. And when she was gone, I felt complete. I had a good life ahead me. I hadn't heard from Ahmed for se la coje asta con la mano last 6 months. Wherever he was, I knew that he hadn't forgotten me.

I owed my life to him. We would meet again for sure. I gazed up into the sky. It was littered with stars. "Sundeep! Are you preparing for chemistry next year in college!" shouted my mom from downstairs. I sighed. "Yes Ami, what else could I have been doing?"