Bukkake festival 15 japanese uncensored bukkake tube porn

Bukkake festival 15 japanese uncensored bukkake tube porn
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"I should be feeling guilty" I thought to myself as my cock pumped in and out of her cunt. But I didn't, I just felt ecstatic. It felt so good to be fucking again. About one year ago my wife, Wendy, had stopped having sex with me. I had tried to discuss it with her. She couldn't explain it to me but she had definitely lost all interest in sex with me. It had been almost one year since I had fucked her, and I hadn't fucked anyone else, either. The cunt that I was pumping into belonged to Suzie, Wendy's baby sister.

Suzie came to live with us after a fight with her boyfriend. It was something about him ordering her to fuck two of his friends. She would have fucked them if he had asked her nicely, but she did not like his macho attitude when he tried to order her to fuck them. I think that, maybe, there were other issues before this particular confrontation. "I don't need a pimp." she told him, and grabbed her car keys, her phone and her wallet and raced out of the house.

When she arrived at our place, she was wearing a long T-shirt, nothing else. She begged us to take her in, and marissa mae bouncing off her pussy on top smalltits and blowjob course we did.

For one thing she was Wendy's sister, that worked for Wendy, for another she was cute and sexy as hell, that worked for me. The next morning, Suzie needed to go to work, but she had no clothes to wear.


She ended up borrowing clothes from Wendy, which fit her pretty well, except that there was no way that Suzie could wear one of Wendy's bras; they were at least two sizes too small! "Fuck it! I've always thought I'd like to give up wearing a bra, This is my moment of truth." The movement of her unrestrained breasts under her borrowed top had me mesmerised. I'm afraid that Suzie caught me staring. Fuck it. It was a magic moment. When Suzie came home from work, that first day, she went to her room (our spare bedroom) and reappeared wearing only the T-shirt that she had been wearing when she arrived at our place.

I guessed that she wasn't wearing panties. I was surprised, but pleased, that Wendy did not comment on Suzie's wantonness. I certainly liked what I saw. Wendy cooked a great meal, which we washed down with a special bottle of wine to celebrate Suzie's coming to live with us. Then we all moved into the living room to watch TV, but after half an hour Wendy excused herself and went off to bed. I was a bit surprised at Wendy's going to bed teen fucks her big oiled ass pov early, but since that left me alone with her beautiful younger sister, I didn't say anything.

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Almost straight away, Suzie got up from her chair and sat in my lap. Of course my hands started to explore her young body. Before long Suzy pulled her shirt off over her head, giving me access to her naked body.

(I was right about no panties.) My hands moved over her beautiful, smooth skin, exploring her sexy, young body, until one hand found its way to her breast, squeezing her nipple, while the other hand lodged in her crotch, stroking up and down her slit, slipping a finger into her cunt, and playing with her swollen clit. If I had any doubts that Suzie was enjoying what we were doing, the kiss that she planted on my lips convinced me that all was well.

Shortly after she stood up, pulled me to my feet and led me to her bedroom. She sat on her bed and pulled me to her. Within seconds my jeans and underpants were around my ankles.

I stepped out of them and kicked them away. Suzie lay back on her bed, pulling me on top of her. I slid into her cunt easily because she was already very wet. That's when I had the thought that I should be feeling guilty.

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After all my wife was in the next bedroom and here I was fucking her baby sister. I was loving it. Some time in the middle of the night I was awakened by the main light being turned on.

I opened my eyes and saw my wife, dressed only in her panties, her normal night ware, peering at me. I struggled to remember who was the naked body pressed against my equally naked body. Oh! Shit! It was Suzie! Then, to my utter amazement, Wendy bent over me, kissed me on the cheek, dancing and stripping on her bed whispered, "Go back to sleep." Then she left the room, switching off the light as she left.

Next morning I woke and found Suzie's naked body still pressed against mine. I blonde amateur down on her knees taking facial through hole to pee, so slipped out of bed, leaving Suzie asleep. With great trepidation I went into our bedroom, wondering what Wendy was going to say, but she was already gone from the bed.

In our en suite, I found evidence that Wendy had showered recently. I had a pee and a shower, then, back in our bedroom, slipped on a pair of shorts. I followed the smells of coffee brewing and bacon cooking to the kitchen. I was surprised to find Wendy, naked, in the kitchen. "Good morning, sleepy head. I hope that you don't mind, but when we were growing up, our family were always all naked on Sunday.

In hot weather we would spend the day in and around the pool, but even in the depths of winter we would all be naked in front of a roaring fire. I just hope that it will remind Suzie of happier times if we revive that custom. Would you mind taking your shorts off, honey?" Here I was expecting her to say something about my fucking her sister.

Instead she wanted me naked to make her sister feel more at home! Who was I to argue? I slid my shorts down and kicked them aside. "About last night ." I stammered. "Yes. About last night.

I'm glad that you and Suzie fucked. I know that I haven't given you any release for months now. When I saw you two naked and pressed against each other, I realised that this could be the solution to my problem. You see, I've been worried that you would stray and fuck some stranger. I've been watching for the signs for ages now. I'm impressed that you apparently have not gone behind my back in all this time." "I do love you, you know.

It hasn't been easy, but I've clung to the hope that we would some day go back to fucking again." "I'm afraid that that is not going to happen. However, if you and Suzie continue to be lovers, and we all live together here and all love each other, then I think that that would be my ideal solution." "You want me to continue fucking your sister?" "Yes. Don't you think that that would work?" "Sure.


It would work for me. But Suzie shouldn't be stuck with an old bloke like me.


She should be fucking someone nearer her own age." "Why shouldn't I be stuck with you, Dick?" Suzie was standing, naked, in the doorway. Beside her on the floor was her big T-shirt. Apparently she had discarded it when she saw that Wendy and I were both naked.

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"I don't know. I'm a good deal older than you. Wouldn't you rather fuck some young stud who would be able to fuck you 3 or 4 times each night?" "Two things.

(1)You'll remember that I came on to you last night, although I must say that you were very easy to seduce. (2) You are a great fuck; I can't imagine anyone better. So Wendy, how come you and Dick don't fuck anymore? You're missing something wonderful." "I can't explain it Suzie. I do love Dick. I just don't want to fuck him or anyone else.

I was terrified before you turned up that Dick would soon go looking for someone else, and then I would lose him. When I went to bed early last night I was praying that you two would fall into each other's arms. The ideal solution, from my point of view would be if the three of us lived here together, and you two continued to fuck." "And that wouldn't make you jealous?" Suzie asked.

"No. Last night, late I came into your bedroom and saw you two naked and pressed against each other. It made me happy to see you like that. I did miss having Dick sleep beside me, but that is the only slight difficulty that I had, knowing that you were in bed together." "Would it work if we all three slept in the same bed? Or would the bed bouncing whenever we fucked be disturbing for you?" Suzie asked, rather cheekily, I thought. "I would like it if we all slept together.

I don't want you to ever be embarrassed to fuck, suck, kiss, touch each other whether I'm there or not. I want to watch you sometimes doing all of those things. I think that I am becoming interested in sex again, but only as a voyeur. So, no, the bed bouncing would not upset me at all it might be a signal for me to turn on the light and watch. I hope that that would be OK with both of you?" I was stunned by all this. I didn't know what to think, except that it seemed that Wendy was OK with my fucking Sally, more than OK really, and Sally seemed happy about that too.

I decided to test the water. By now I was seated at the kitchen table and Sally was close to me. I reached out and grabbed Sally's hand and pulled her closer to me. Sally is short and I'm tall, so her nipple was at the right height for me to suck on. I licked her nipple, then started to suck on it. I half expected her to pull away, instead she put her hand on the back of my head and held me crazy stepsister teens hard banged by a nerdy stepbro her.

After I had been sucking happily for a few minutes I was disappointed when she pulled back from me, but only briefly because she pushed the other nipple into my mouth. Meanwhile Wendy just continued piling fried eggs, fried tomato, bacon and toast onto 3 plates and placing them on the table. "You guys had better come and eat your breakfasts. I think that Dick is going to want to make up for all the fucking that he has missed out on over the past year, which means that you'll both need to eat a big breakfast to keep your strength up." Over breakfast Sally told me: "You've already cum in my cunt.

I want you to fill my arsehole and my mouth to make it a trio." "I can't wait to see Dick fucking you in the arse, Sally." This from my wife that had never let me fuck her arsehole! So that's what we did first after breakfast.

"I'll get the lube.", my wife volunteered. She came back with a tube of KY and passed it to me. I smeared some on my cock which was already rigid and bouncing in front of me. Then Wendy took the tube and pressed some lube into Sally's arsehole. Yet again, I was amazed at my wife's action.

Sally lent over the kitchen table and Wendy spread Sally's arse cheeks for me. Wow! Wendy really was into my fucking her sister! I pushed in a little way, fairly easily, then paused for Sally to relax. "OK, Dick, you can push your big cock into me now. Aaaahhh!" I was in heaven and, to judge by the noises that she was making, so was Sally.

I was pushing in and out and she was pushing back to meet me. Wendy reached under Sally and started diddling her sister's clit. Suddenly Sally was having a magnificent orgasm. I could feel that her cunt was spasming and started to pump my next load into her bowel. "OK.

In my mouth is next. However, first we need to take a shower together and while we are doing that I want to make sure your cock is clean again. Come on." To my surprise, Wendy came with us; the three of us crowded together into the small shower stall. I found it quite erotic having two naked wet female bodies pressed against mine. Sally's attention jessica rox blows guy and swallows cumshot the cleanliness of my cock, on top of all the other erotic stimuli that I was receiving, had me sporting a full erection again before I got out of the shower.

Without bothering to dry ourselves, Sally threw a towel on the floor and knelt on it in front of me. She took the head of my cock into her mouth and I felt her tongue exploring the underside. Wendy, still as wet as Sally and me, just stood there and watched. The feeling was incredible, made even more so by my wife watching closely. With a huge moan, I squirted my next load into Sally's mouth. Sally showed Wendy and me her mouth filled with my cum. Then swallowed and showed us that her mouth was now empty.

I was in seventh heaven; after a year of going without any sex I was suddenly getting as much as I could handle. Sally and Wendy both seemed to be happy about this turn of events, too.