Betty sparks drills her nicely shaved snatch

Betty sparks drills her nicely shaved snatch
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I walked into my homeroom, Algebra II AP, and sat in the back left corner. Soon after, my close friend Andrew sat behind, next to me. "Hey, it's been awhile since I've heard from you," I said to him "Yeah well I've been busy most of my summer, you know, same old shit, just camping and football practice. My summer's always the same." "Yeah I know how you feel," I said, "I spent the whole summer training for Cross Country." "Yeah I saw you guys training during football practice.

So did you make Varsity?" "Yeah. And you?" "No," he said sadly, "to make Varsity football you gotta be buff as fuck.

And look at me; I'm nowhere close." I just smiled and he's exaggerating. Soon after that class officially started. And for the first day of school, everything went by pretty normally. I was surprised no one gave me any shit for being gay.

Last year, everyone called me a faggot wherever I went. I guess Andrew had enough of it, this girl will always be your cum hungry he knocked out the guy who started it. Andrew and I have known each other since Kindergarden, and ever since we've been close friends.

And yes people have thought Andrew was my secret lover, but then Andrew started going out with girls, which convinced everyone that he was straight.

Even though Andrew's only my friend, I have to admit he's pretty damn hot.

He has a good build, and he's pretty buff, so he can definetly make the Varsity football team. Both of us stand at about 5 ft 11, and we both have the same humor, personality, and we're both equally smart, which is why we're always in the same classes I guess.

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However, I have a nice runner's tan, and he's kinda pale. Not only that, but I have green eyes, while Andrew deep dark blue ones. Plus, we both have undercuts, but he slicks his hair to the side while I style my hair upwards. Anyways, it was 6th period and I noticed on my schedule that I had Dean Sohinski for English 10 honors.

I didn't know whether to be happy or nervous about having him for English. Mr. Sohinski is also my coach for Cross Country. He's young, about 26 or 27, and honestly he's really fuckin attractive. This summer as I trained in Cross Country, I noticed he really liked to stare at me.

While I was running, he would catch up to me and start talking to me. Once I would go back to the locker rooms, he'd go in as well and we'd both shower. at the same time. Not ever did I look at his naked body (although it was very tempting). I thought that if I did, he'd see me looking. I did look at him shirtless during practice, however, and brooklyn chase real life part 5 has the most hottest body; he has a nice, tight eight pack with hair leading down to his crotch.

But still, he always stared at me during practice and I didn't know whether to be turned on or off. So, as I walked into his classroom I immediately noticed I sunny leone xxx movies free download the first one inside. "Hey Allen," he said as he got up from his desk, "you did real good at the 5m run the other day." "Yeah I still don't know how I ran for a whole 5 miles straight." "You're an amazing runner.

You have very good endurance, and we need you on the team, so I'm glad you made Varsity this year." I stared deep into his sexy, dark eyes. Something came over me and I felt so turned on by him. "Yeah I'm real glad you're my coach this year. I can get used to running.and showering with you, Coach." I stared down at his crotch, "I just can't wait to get started." He then walked towards me and said, "You know I'm in desperate need of someone like you." "A good runner?" I asked biting my lip.

He walked every even closer to me and said, "I think you know I mean." He grabbed my waist and hugged me real tightly against his body. He then leaned down and kissed me. I felt the need to break away, but when it happened I just couldn't.

I liked the way his warm tounge rubbed against mine. His breath was minty fresh, and he was hugging me tight. I could feel his muscles against my body, and instantly my dick started to become erect.

As if he knew, he grabbed it and rubbed my hard on. I felt his dick becoming erect too. I've wondered how big his dick was, and this was my chance to find out. Right as I was gonna grab it, the school bell rang and we broke our kiss. We both sat down and waited everyone else to arrive. For the next hour, I couldn't keep my eyes off of him.

His physique was incredibly hot; His muscles were so big it looked like they were gonna just rip out of his button up shirt. Whenever he turned around, I checked out his round butt. His voice was so deep, and his eyes were dark brown.

There was something about his mysterious feature that made him attractive. I wanted to know more about him. I also wanted to know what he looked like fully nude. But what I really wondered, was how big it was, what his dick looked like. It's probably hairy. I mean, I've seen him shirtless before and he's a hairy guy.

I imagined myself sucking on his rod. Taking in every inch as I possibly could. I could almost hear him moaning as I imagined seeing curly, dark pubes at the base of his cock. All these thoughts made my dick become rock solid. I rubbed it on the outside of my shorts. When he sat down at his desk, he witnessed my erection in my shorts. He smiled at me. I smiled back. Then, the bell rang.

Everyone left within seconds. Finally I had him all to myself. Right as was about to make my move, I heard Andrew say, "hey Allen lets go to the locker rooms." Of course.

I should've known Andrew was in this class too. I got up, packed my stuff and headed out the door. Before leaving, I looked back at him. He winked and gave me a sexy half smile. That night, the only thing on my mind was Mr.

Sohinski. My dick got so hard I felt like I could shoot a load with just one stroke. I rubbed my hand over my chest. I pictured Mr. Sohinski naked on top of me, while I pulled my underwear down to jack myself off.

My dick was wet with precum. I sucked on my two fingers pretending they were his. I wanted him so badly right now.

I wanted to feel his hairy body on top my body. I wanted to suck on his dick until he shot loads of his hot cum into my mouth. I took my fingers out of my mouth and stuck them inside my tight hole. I moaned. It hurt a little bit, but it felt so damn good. I pretended he was fingering me and I jacked myself off faster. Soon enough, two big loads of hot, white cum shot out my dick and onto my chest.

I took my fingers out of my hole and layed there on my bed, realizing that I've been starting to have crazy, lustful thought about other guys. I've been fantasizing about the jocks, mostly, and I american girl romantic sexy xxx what was keeping everyone back.

Then it hit me. I'm too innocent, too naive. At school, I'm lube sex fairy tales vidixxx bale smart, athletic gay boy, who never gets in trouble. I have a big, strong jock (Andrew) who guards me like a puppy dog. If I'm gonna be taken seriously, I've gotta cut loose.