Pink slits are licked masturbation and smalltits

Pink slits are licked masturbation and smalltits
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when i was very young, my dad hustled pool on the side of his regular job so that us kids had the extra things that his regular job couldn't pay for. that was very cool. so as you might amagin, i have been around a pool table most of my life.

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now i'm not a world class pro, but i can whoop some butt at the table and i have made a few bucks here and there. when i was 21, i went to california, los angeles to be exact, for an interview for possible relocation with the west coast based company that i work for. i take my stick everywhere i go and on the second night there, i was bored being in the hotel room so i ventured out to find a billard hall or pub with a table and play a little stick. little did i know that i was about to get more than i bargained for.

the only thing somewhat close to where the hotel was located, was a biker bar that had three tables. i admit that i looked out of place there, but it was eather play there, or go back to the hotel.

so i stayed. i warmed up by drinking a few beers and watching games to see who i was going to play. it was a bit akward real hot beauty watch more of her at ulacamcom the beginning, the way they looked at me and talked among themselves, but what i saw, was that they liked to bet on the game.

perfect for me i thought. i put my name up on the board and waited my turn.

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when that time came around, they taunted me with a "your going to lose" attitude. they seem so sure of themselves i almost busted out laughing. well, as the night went on, my wallet was getting fatter, and they were getting angrier. the beers were affecting everybody's emotions and it looked like it was a bit dangious for me to stay. so i decided to leave.

after paying my bar tab, i used the restroom and when i came out, four of the men that lost money to me were waiting. i said, "excuse me please". the big man said in return, "we're going to get our monies worth". thats when they grab me and took me into the back storage room and closed the door. with the four of them blocking the door and stairing me down, i said, "let me guess, i got an ass whooping comming". they walked up to me and the big man who was standing right in front of me, began to unbuckle his belt and said, "you took alot of money from me.

the only person i spend that kind of money on, is my bitch." thats when he droped his pants and underwear down around his ankles unleashing his very large penis. it was a natual reaction to look down at the commotion, and as i did, the site of his large member had me trying to anilize the situation. it was obvious what was about to happen, but the brain try's to find more reasonable reasons rather big bob mom my friend except the actual fact of what realy is happing.

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however, there was only a few seconds of this before the reality was set in by the other three men who pushed me down onto me knees leaving the big dick 2 inches from my face. i looked up at him with the "don't make me do this" look, but he just grabbed a handful of my hair and jerked my head back and said, "your going to earn that money bitch, now! suck my fucking dick".

i didn't say or do anything for the first couple of seconds until i was smacked in the back of the head by satp dad son couch satpsister of the other three bikers.

i knew i couldn't get out of that situation, so at that point, i grabbed hold of his dick and put it in my mouth. it was a very wierd feeling, having a dick in my mouth.

at that particular point, i was wishing i never experienced that feeling. for awhile there, i heard nothing as the dick just sat in my mouth, then it was like a bullhorn when i heard, "suck the dick". being as i never sucked a dick before, i just started to move it in and out of my mouth. but it wasn't long before i head him tell me to use my tounge and stroke his dick with my hand at the same time.

then he told me to hold his balls as i sucked. i just followed his direction and did what i was told. i remember tasting his salty dick and smelling his sweat.

my mouth was strected open wide and he was forceful as he rocked back skinny chick knows how to please her cunt forth almost forcing me to gag on his dick.

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as i sucked on it, he just kept repeating himself. he was saying, "ya, suck it". i don't know how long i sucked his dick for, but when the time came, he grabbed my head with both hands and tightly held it in place as he began to fuck my mouth harder and faster.


then i heard a loud grunt come from him, his dick swelled up in my mouth, and all of a sudden, hot, thick, salty sperm was hitting and running down the back of my throat.

i started gagging but he said, "eat it bitch! eat it!". doing my best, i began to swallow his cum as squirt after squirt kept shooting into my mouth. i didn't think i was go to make it because he kept cuming, but finaly he stopped and i manage to swallow it all. he pulled his dick out of my mouth and i was gasping for air when one of the other men stepped up in front my face and dropped his pants. i noticed his dick wasn't as big as the first one, but it big enough, and it made no difference once he put it in my mouth.

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i heard the other laughing as he held my head and fucked my face. i guess i was getting better at it because he told me i was a pretty good dick sucker. i sucked his dick for some time and found that i was beginning to enjoy it. by the time he was shooting cum down my throat, i noticed that i had a erection. i couldn't believe that i was getting turned on by sucking dicks.

when he was done, the last two stepped up and put their dicks in my face and told me to switch back and forth sucking them as i jerked both them off. i did what i was told, and i even seemed to enjoy it. of course it took a bit more time to get the two of them off since i was switching, but when one of them was ready to explode, i concentrated on making them cum.

same with the other man.


and i ate every bit of cum they gave me. when it was all done, they just walked out of the room leaving me there to size up what just happened.

i split and went back to the hotel and had very mixed emotions of that whole situation. but in the end, i found myself sucking another dick about 6 months later. and then i sucked another, and then another, and another. it hasn't stop even though i had girlfriends over the years since then.

i still find myself sucking dick from time to time, and i enjoy it.