Pinay student high school finger

Pinay student high school finger
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Purposeful breeding: n. The act of reproducing with the idea to maintain a stronger breed/offspring. While being very unpopular to the public, it is something that is in alarming uprise within our current society. I know this, because I've seen it in my career twice.

The worst thing is… it turns me on! I cannot understand why either. So I decided to write it down and publish it on the internet here. This is where you come in. The reader. Maybe you've heard of it. In stories. Or maybe in your personal life. Maybe you find it disturbing. Maybe it turns you on as well! Whatever the reason may be that brought you here, Eighteen year old new to sex sexy beauteous girl strongly advise you NOT to read this story if it disturbs you.

So you're still reading. Well this is the part where I tell you that purposeful breeding is a real thing. It's something rare, or at least so I thought. After I first got into contact with it, I looked up what I could find out about it.

It was much more popular than I thought. I'm a social psychologist (sort of) and my job is do the initial diagnosis of the patient's problem. What is bothering them. What's so odd is that in most cases, the victims are 'fine' with their situation, actually submit themselves to it, and live happily with it.

Very surreal! So I probably only see 2% of all the victims - ergo the victims that had the sense they were actually going down the wrong path. Since the victims can only be female, and females are very prone to be 'controlled', I have strong beliefs that I will never ever see that 98%, even if this became a popular occurrence.

I have beliefs that by 2020, it will be mainstream knowledge. The majority of the population will walk around knowing about this problem. However, it is no reason for the threat to disappear. "So what exactly is purposeful breeding?", you might ask. How does it work? Let me talk about my patient Shirley. She's the best example I can mention here. The other one isn't as bad as she only got pregnant once. Shirley dropped out of highschool. She was kind of the unsure type.

She found a job in the local convenience store and, well she had a low wage. But it was fine for her as she still lived with her parents. By the time she turned 23, she met a smart guy named Mike. He was an IT consultant (for a big company I'm not going to mention for the sake of my own safety [lol]). He didn't have ALL the money but had enough to live by himself. He was a bit shy. "The cute boy", she said to me. "He was the kind of guy that asked you what you did on a random day, and show up in the middle with flowers".

So I noted that Mike was a generous and giving, loving person. "Sometimes when went to eat out, he had trouble finding the right restaurant. He was sometimes unable to decide and asked me what I wanted. He blushed, it was sometimes cute". When she said THAT to me I immediately noted that Mike must have had a lower self esteem.

Often unsure and doubting his decisions. This is detrimental! I asked her whether that was disturbing to her or not. "In some cases it was a bit boring. I always responded with: 'We'll do what you want'. But he didn't get that hint every time". She moved in with him after a few years of their going relationship.

They were madly in love the few first months she told me. But after a while the feelings went away for her. But she gladly stayed with him because she felt in her place with him.

Mike, on the other hand, still wanted more of her attention. Clearly he still had those first deep feelings for a longer period of time.

"Sex was great", Shirley added. But they didn't have any of that in the first two months. "That's very long!", she added with a subtly irritated undertone in her voice. I noted there that this might have something to do with one of the later responses. Let me progress… When they did it for the first time they didn't stop having it for some years to come, almost 4 times a week.

But that's not a whole lot I thought to myself. This however is personal opinion. From my own experience I can tell thats below average. Sex was casual, she reported. "Did sex get boring after some time?", I asked intermittently. "Well…", she answered and paused for a short period, thinking yet about to admit for the first time: "Yes I guess I wanted something more. It lacked fire!". As a relationship office new girls big tists myself I know for a fact that keeping "the fire burning" is not an easy task.

It requires conscious dedication from both parties. The act of giving is potential. But Mike came too soon, Shirley remarked, abruptly interrupting his attention towards his girlfriend's satisfaction in bed. "Did you get to orgasm during sex?". "No", she replied. Very short and clear answer, pre-determined I felt. "Did you finish yourself, in secret or not, after he had sex with you?

Or did you fake an orgasm?", I asked her. She replied that indeed she had faked her orgasm. Like many women do. "I did not want to sexy big boom mom porn his feelings or ego. I felt it was the best thing to do. To lie to him instead of hurting him. It just felt like the better thing to do, please him".

But it must have gotten to her head after a while, since she didn't masturbate herself, as she reported. Guys just off-topic now, it's very important in your relationship to please HER!

A relationship is about the two of you and that means not leaving her in the cold when you finished up first. And admit it guys, most of you DO finish up in 10 minutes. For those of you that last longer: Bravo! But you're still not there. You need to make HER orgasm FIRST. This might not be easy when the girl didn't masturbate a lot outside of the relationship.

A girl's reaction or response to stimuli had to be a bit "trained". She needs to be able to guide herself into an orgasm. A man can't do it all. It requires her dedication. Once again a successful relationship requires DEDICATION FROM BOTH SIDES. I strongly advise lasting at least an hour in bed. And do a lot of cardio in your local gym.

The harder you can give it to her the more likely she will have a good response to that. For psychological reasons mainly. But I'm not a sexuologist, so this advise is really just me talking about my own experience. The psychological side of it all, I can tell you all about… It's not looking pretty when she's in the position of submitting herself without receiving a lot of pleasure. Of course the relationship is much larger than just the sex, so that goes on for a few years, in the case of Mike and Shirley.

At this point she talked to others about how she felt. Not really seeing it as a problem. But you know how women are when they talk to eachother. They need to open their hearts and let it flow. Whether it's joy or misery. In Shirley's case she had a colleague with whom she went swimming on fridays. She discussed her sex life a few times. There for the first she heard about another person with his or her sex life.

Her Colleague was in her thirties and was married to an investment banker. Successful man with a bunch of cash and a cadillac. Oh and he also had an 8" cock. That's not really a detail since she told her that cock would stretch her out each time over and over again.

"I'm so tight, and a day or two after he had stretched me out to be a bit more loose, I was engulfing a gigantic male weenie pornstar hardcore as tight as I was before. You can see where the story is going? I know it's so damn cruel to us 'average' guys.

I myself am not a hung horse or anything. Just above average and in doubt myself too from time to time. You want to know the truth with size?

Well here's the hard truth. From what I've researched, and what these few patients have told me. Yes size mattered to THEM. There are about 50% of the women that find they don't stretch well, or their cervical regions are just plain too sensitive, and they cannot handle it because it really hurts.

So these girls don't want the large penises that are currently on the market, and rest assured, they never will. So our average size still has a purpose! Yay! Now have you ever taken the ruler next to your penis? Then you have probably been anxious about your size.

Nothing makes a human "check it for sure" as much as a human with the feeling of anxiety. You just want to make sure that what you are feeling is in fact true. That your assumptions were correct. You wanna slay any form of doubt and just get it over with.

Average penis these days is 5-6". That's about 15 centimeters if you're not used to imperial systems. If you're under it don't worry, if you're above, all the better. Back to my case study.

In Shirley's case, she was anxious her man wasn't competent enough. This is a whole new case. Very uncommon. Because she heard her colleague describe so much pleasure which she then also repeatedly linked to the size of her man's cock.

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It played this little trick on Shirley's mind. She didn't even have any idea how large an 8" cock was. Her colleague then again also described it as "monstrously thick". These placid descriptions of penises make a woman wonder about it all the more.

She went a step further than what I thought she would. One night during sexual play with her boyfriend, Shirley did something out of the "routine" of their intercourse. She got up and got the rulers from the garage workbench.

Probably in a state of shock, Mike couldn't find any words to describe what he felt at that point. Well it must have hurt him somewhere. Even though she described it as trying to play it out as a game, when your girl tries to find out what exact size you are in numbers, it can only be used in comparison situations.

Every man knows that. So even though my patient could not tell me this, I'm certain that her lover felt hurt by this. Girls if you are ebony fucks machine and squirts on it this. NEVER, I repeat NEVER (even when the relationship is over) share the size details of your (ex) man with others. Not even for shits and giggles!

It's very sensitive data. You don't want your (ex) man to talk about how flappy your lips were or how your buttcrack smelled like shit? Truth is that most men actually want to keep this info about you to themselves, which is against popular beliefs that the man is vulgar and says EVERYTHING about his girlfriend to his friends, drinks a beer and laughs out loud. Get rid of the stereotypes in your head. Yes there are men and women doing this, but joining in on this game is very raunchy.

Don't do it. So yes size is very sensitive to a man. It has to do with his role as a man. To be responsible in protecting his wife and kids. To consciously direct his family in a good direction. To be able to please his wife and make her happy. Make her feel emotionally good.

Make her feel safe. When he knows his wife thinks he's too small, and knows there are other larger men out there that could potentially please her better, he feels he's being dominated by a better man. It devours his ego. The ego of the man is important. It's the fundament of his self confidence. Without his self confidence, the male does not fulfill his role, and the girl will not feel in her place with him.

This is all instincts and nature playing. And a girl in specific, is very terrible in keeping her together against her hormones. A man can still fall back to logic. A system that might not 'feel' right but still makes you make the right decisions, and over time make you feel better. The woman does not reside to logics always. Most can, but younger girls (16-25) are more prone to just go with gut feeling.

"I'll do whatever feels right". They don't need logic as long as they are happy. A man sacrifices happiness to postpone it.

Just so in order to do the right thing. That "the right thing" sits in with logic. Now note that there are also men that go with gut feeling, and that some women out there are also thinking more in logical terms.

Just stating what the average woman does. Shirley hit her man deep. He did however wait a full two weeks before he started about it. I noted, just like I previously noted. This is a product of low self esteem. He was doubting his decision to talk to her about it. The good part is that he eventually did it. But since it was an argument starting two weeks late, Shirley was a little hard on him.

She dismissed him completely, ignoring his feelings. To her at the time, she couldn't really understand why he felt so bad.

Old shaft enters juvenile aperture oldvsyoung and hardcore just thought he had a bad day and was working it out on her by bringing up something old, something irrelevant… to her.

Well all aboard the 'feel-train'. A relationship is all about 'dat feel'. (I have a fascination to the 'dat feel' memes. I'm quite a young psychologist myself, I printed one out and hung it here in the office, LOL). But no kidding here for a moment now, if you're not open to try and feel what your partner feels: "It ain't never gonna work out nigga!". Every time you hurt somebody or get hurt, you must talk about this, and not wait too long with that. If you don't share feeling with each other you can forget that the relationship is going in a good direction.

That's obvious of course. But I'm also talking about feelings that aren't so obvious. Being honest is key. Especially when you're in the stage of the relationship, one or a few years, in which you can start telling each other just about anything.

From: "I just farted", to "I peed on you when we were in the shower together". The two of you are just humans and no feeling is an offending. So you should share everything. As if you were to grow intertwined.

Why am I bragging all of this off-topic? Because those are all some factors that play the grand role together in this very weird situation, read closely: Mike's self esteem dropped, A LOT.


Shirley on the other hand knew now that Mike only had 5". She's seen only one bigger, average penis in high school. The guy before that had a very small three-incher. That was her first. But back then she thought these were all normal sizes. To the point where Mike's size actually mattered. It was amongst the better sizes to her.

Well 5" is not that bad. Depending on what you did with it. But judging from how Shirley described her sex with him, I could figure out that he didn't put in a lot of power or force into their intercourse. At least compensate for god sakes. Actually invest some time in trying to last longer. But I think Mike just didn't feel any competition in that.

And thus didn't feel the need to "try harder". Also Shirley gave him feedback. Faking her orgasms and always telling him that he was good. It's her own fault in the end. If a women says you're ok or good in bed. You're not! Only when she exaggerates, or see that she's trying to make a point, you should trust her. So their relation went downhill. Getting into arguments a lot. Doing their own things instead of doing stuff together. Not having sex, or at least Shirley not faking any more.

The line went a little dead for a while. Up to the point they said: "hey what's going on here". They needed to talk.

They aired their frustrations, but Mike was becoming less confident, and started being heavily dependant on Shirley. This scared her away from her. Against Mike's will, their relationship amateur facials and cum swallowing with a funnel on a lower frequency for a while.

"We should take it easy for a while now", Shirley said. Porn anel sex meerut free would go on for about a year. In which they simply had NO sex. Shirley started working in shifts to earn more cash. Because she didn't want hot girlfriend get pumped in her ass depend on Mike's wallet.

Mike used to share a lot of his money with her. But she just didn't want to get in the way of an already upset Mike. Working in shifts caused the two not to be home at the same time.

Mike had office hours, and Shirley worked in a two-shift system. She also went out a lot more. Did a lot more stuff with friends she used to drop a lot. This is initially very good because it gives her some distraction from their situation. Often a solution comes up after a while.

But Mike remained too much of a beggar. One friday she went swimming with her colleague and she spotted a handsome looking young man. Previously not attracted to other men in any direct way, she now noticed this guy was so called "hung". She and her colleague talked about it again. Shirley then commenced to talk about the size of her man in numbers. Her colleague was surprised. "He's just that?". Clearly her colleague must have been used to above average lengths.

Days go by for Mike. He just either comes home to find his girlfriend going to bed, or not at home and still at work, coming home when he's about to go to bed. Yet after a few months things start to go better. Shirley suddenly starts talking to him again with a smile on her face. "Things are getting better after all", he thought. One day she suddenly surprised him, by suggesting the two to go on a vacation! Things cannot be any better.

Mike is more than happy to add some extra money for a very supreme vacation. "It's gonna have to be the best we had", he thought. Imagining make-up sex. His location he selected, and proudly presented her: The Maldives! Very expensive from what I've heard. She never told me any prices. Probably because he actually paid it before she could find out. They're talking about their feelings also much more, even though they aren't together as much as they used to.

The relationship was building and building. They went out for dinner sometimes. Spent some more time together when they could. But still did not sleep together. She was getting back in touch with her friends more and had a more balanced social life. It coloured her! Mike was very happy with the fact that she was much more positive than she used to be. But at the expense of having some of her friends in the house when he came home.

A lot of girlfriends. Giggling and laughing aloud when Mike tried to concentrate in his study just at the end of the living where she sat with her friends.

Shirley developed some close friends. Especially since she was taking swimming much more seriously now. She wanted to take the sport to a higher level and started training more.

Her colleague was with her at home most of the times. And sometimes she had a few guys over from the new swimming club she was in. Mike had high respects for this club since all of the swimmers that were now in his house all had national titles.

Very crazy. They helped Shirley a lot in her training. They even said she had a huge potential and dedication to get very far. Mike was often afraid of these guys' appearances. Usually afraid of black men (they were black dudes) he now felt more comfortable with them. Because they were really nice to him.

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They got along with Mike very well in a short time. They were encouraging Mike to start swimming as well. So he could spend more time with Shirley (They told this when she wasn't around).

They were actually being nice and helping Mike get Shirley back. So Mike started training too. Going out for secret cardio runs in the dark with these guys. They were really mom seduces son friend blowjob to him.

After a few months he started at their swimming club too. He now was spending a lot more time with Shirley, and she totally loved this! It was going good after all. Well not all. One black monday, rushing after some files at the office, Mike falls down from the staircase, and breaks a hipbone.

Very painful for Mike. No more training, and mostly sitting at home. Instead of spending time with Mike, Shirley kept training hard. It hurt Mike a bit. But he held on to the fact things were going better. One night Shirley wanted sex again with him. Yet he could not please her due to his broken hip. Some months pass, and Mike is still revalidating. He can go to work, but takes longer to get there, and back.

Cannot go swimming at all, and feels Shirley slip away. One day he called her about a problem with their vacation, she picked the phone up, was out of breath, and then hung up. Probably she was doing a cardio training. Now the truth was that Shirley was already on a LOOOONG run of cheating.

It kind of happened. Her hormones, she just went with her feelings. Yes those black guys were coaching her, and also in bed. In the swimming club they often (when the pool was about to close) swam a few runs fully naked! These black dudes pulled their pants off and Shirley together with her colleague were flashed by their huge dongs! After having done this for a while, the two decide to jump in as well and just swim around them for the fun of it.

Shirley eventually took the step herself of tapping the head of one of those guy's cock. Just for teasing. But by doing that, she unconsciously admitted that she wanted to feel his thick dong. Even when flaccid, it was huge! By doing so, the guys also started playing around with her.

Fully aware she had a friend, and fully disregarding that fact. Pressing their finger unblock proxy sites romi rain oil sex big boobs into the top of her crack, for example. Instead of refraining, she actually liked it. Fully forgetting Mike. Things escalated very fast from that point. Up to the point when she invited them at her house, for a very different happening. She mentioned to me that she just wanted to see their penises up close.

I have no clue how she asked this of the guys. But it must have escalated quickly. This was beyond what her colleague advised her.

Instead she advised her to STAY AWAY from them. Yet Shirley felt so naughty being seduced by them. The men undressed themselves, and started showing off their 10-11" cocks.

All of extreme unseen girth! By then the control was taken over by the guys, they start holding her down, undress her, slap her in the face, disrespect her. Spread her cheeks and pussy out to look inside her. Throwing her around, ripping clothes off… etc.

That's another female thing. Abusive behaviour, sort of attracts them. There's some manliness to it that they cannot resist. Shirley didn't have sex for a long time with Mike, so she wasn't on the pill. It didn't occur to her directly. She was extremely wet. She used to be wet enough, but now she reported to me that she was "leaking fluids like a tap which was just open enough not for it to leak in droplets anymore. A thick stream of "cunt-juice"" she remarked. She put her panties to the side and one of them simply "threw her" into a doggystyle position.

He injected his penis straight into her sending her flying off into a higher level of pleasure. Now my anatomy is not great, but I actually looked this up. It is true that a very large penis can reach past the cervix. During arousal the uterus tilts, making the vaginal shaft longer and larger. Most average guys cannot reach past the cervix. Let alone touch it. But this huge dick, not only stretched her vagina out for the first time, it reached a spot she never was touched before.

There's this anterior fornix spot and posterior fornix, which have an erogenous zone. It's proven that these give massive pleasure to a woman. But in my opinion, it's just every time a new untouched spot is being touched, it feels very awesome.

That was the case for Shirley. Top that up with the fact that these guys lasted hours, each! They fucked the living shit out of her! Taking turns. And shirley didn't question anything.

It sucked her up completely! She orgasmed several times during one run. Even experienced uterine contractions as she later discovered. She wasn't a "squirter" she told me, but for the first time, she squirted very small streams of liquid when she came.

She also reported to me she had a very different bodily reaction when she had a heavy orgasm when one of the guys came inside her. The uterine contractions act as a sort of suction. Contracting and expanding, it sucked in the sperm pooling against the cervix. It made her feel 'full' like she never did before. I looked this up and it's true! There is some speculation that actual liquid sperm can get sucked into the uterus. She was now officially cheating.

These guys were sofia leon and suny leon very dominant. Often restraining her, throwing her around. Pulling her by the hair as they rided her ass and cunt.

Hurting her. Disrespecting her in every way. All they cared about was fucking her, dropping their seed in! Now comes the more disturbing part. This bunch of black guys was sort of part of something. Not really a clan, but you know their own little thing. You could say it was for fun, but when you look at it it's very serious. She never really questioned the fact that they "knocked her up" after her first time with them. But they did. No condom.

She initially "forgot" she wasn't on the pill. But this is where I think it's part of this hole role-play thing that she convinces herself that she did. Because they never had sex with a condom. Ever. And they did it a very fucking lot from what she told. Every time they could. Every fuck was another new un-immaginable trip into extacy for her. Having thick brown-black cocks spurting HUGE LOADS (she told me sometimes half a cup full) of semen into her belly.

The biggest guy you could even see his cock make her belly bulge, way up her naval zone. That guy must have pushed and stretched back the end of her vagina way inside into her gut! She loved it! Being filled up completely.

The black dudes, they just wanted to breed with this "bitch", as they refer to it. They even laughed at the fact that she had a boyfriend, and he knew of nothing, and that he only was half the size and girth of these guys. She also said to me she told those guys an awful amount of humiliating stuff about her boyfriend. She told me she had a lot of regrets that she did that in the end.

They told her she is in good hands, superior black hands & cocks. Now the reason she ended up sitting with me… They knocked her up so much (like nearly every day) with a full womb, so yeah she was pregnant! Of a black baby! "White pussy stuffed with a black cock, the way it supposed to be", they often yelled in her face when they were riding her extremely hard from behind. "No other cock but a black cock belongs there". This role-playing, or what she thought to be role-playing, turned her on twistys charlotta starring at i just want t. I think she liked the fact that maybe it wasn't roleplay, but REAL.

It turned her on even more. She came 10 times in one day sometimes. 10 Hard times! With full spasms and all. Now they had put a baby in her womb. Didn't even know who of the three was father. To them it didn't matter. They had bred the bitch.


The stronger breed was now set for the offspring. She was "converted", they had said. Things got a little out of hand. Shirley was now completely dominated by these guys. When she did something they did not want, they beat her.

She got beaten up once. But after that she didn't want to get in trouble with them any more, and obeyed their orders. She was afraid, yet she still loved getting her holes filled even when pregnant. She was forced to leave her boyfriend and live together with two guys from the swimming club.

She referred to it as their "crib". Or that's what they officially all called it. Big house shared with 6 other black guys.

They called it their breeding club too sometimes. Other girls (always white girls) were living there too. She entered that house and ran in on a gangbang in the kitchen of the house. They were fucking a little blonde there. With 5 guys. Mike noticed that Shirley had left him, without any notice. He tried calling her cell, but he noticed that her phone was still lying next to her bed.

That's when he found out something strange. Browsing through her messages, he found out that the nice guys from the swim-club were texting her too often. Things like "Be here at 5, wear that cute little thing, you know". Nothing definite, but just something for him to worry about. Meanwhile Shirley is getting locked up inside that house and isn't allowed to go to her work, or even outside the "crib". "You don't need to go work you bitch, we bring you the money & the dick.

What you frontin'?". They slapped her in the face pulled her against the counter, and fucked her some more. "You're our bitch. We use you for breeding. For making black babies and keeping you away from making white! We give you huge cock! Lucky slut!". Mike called the police and reported that his girlfriend went missing. Investigation was being started up. Really some disturbing shit (I told you). The local police really sucked at searching though. After the black guys at the crib heard this, well they had to let her go.

But threatened that they would actually kill Mike, or cut off his balls if she stayed away for longer than 12 hours. Shirley returned back home after a week missing, keeping shut about her new place. She had to break up with Mike. "The feelings are gone Mike, I'm sorry". Mike bursted into tears. He was torn apart by it. The vacation he booked was only a month away. "Where are you going now! Please don't leave", he begged. But she left him anyway. With just only a little wild fucking for a sexy gorgeous bitch of pity.

But she was programmed. To go back.

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A sensational one eyed monster riding session hardcore european didn't feel like it was something she didn't want. She felt ok with it at first. She felt in her place with the guys. They treated her right as long as she did was she was supposed to do.

Fuck black cock! 5 months later, she returns to Mike to tell him she's pregnant. Mike sees her full belly but can't remember when's the last time they fucked. He thought the kid was his, but didn't count the months properly. He goes to the clinic with her, because the black guys refused to go with her.

They actually said: "You should take your white boy!". He did go along. When they time came, Mike was shocked by the sight of a pitch-black baby coming out of her ruined cunt!

His stomach sunk in on itself. "What the fuck!". Instead of being angry, he just started crying, and left the room, never to be seen again. Shirley had no other place to after the birth. She took the child, which was soon taken away from her. "We sell this child illegally to some nigga's from the hood who wanna raise a real man! Thanks to you we made that shit possible!". She never saw any money for that in return. She didn't need to.

Just after a week of recovery, the first black dick entered her again. She was stretched out more by the birth and took on an even harder ponding now! It only took a few months for her to get knocked up AGAIN. Once more she had no clue who the real father was. It was just another impregnation. There were other white girls there too. They got knocked amauter puremature perfect milf brandi love fucked from behind one by one.

"We're creating a stronger nation! A black nation! White pussy is meant for black dick only! White boys should use their hands". That's what she heard most of the times. There was just this one day she suddenly realised. "Where's Mike? What's going on?". But she had already given birth to 4 black children! And was willing to give more!

She ended up sitting with me in my office because one of the guys in the crib got broke, and they couldn't pay the rent any more. All of them got kicked out, and the niggers split, mostly running from their debts. She landed on the streets. Tried to get back with Mike, but no. Having given birth to 4 children in the smallest time possible, she felt very weak. And her purpose… getting fucked, was gone.

She realised what she had done. She's still broke now, probably the worst fucking cunt I've ever met in my life. But if she hadn't told me all this, I probably would think she's a nice and kind girl. You cannot predict whether your girl is going to be a black bitch or not. It kinda just… happens. There are probably thousands of devoted black breeding "owned bitches" out there right now doing their submission. Their service. Unpaid. Charity work for the black breed.

Maybe it's just their humongous size? That drives them crazy when they make their king kongs fit way up their pussies? It freaks me out really! So when you get your girl on your phone, out of breath. Doing cardio in the gym… maybe she just called you by accident while she was fucking a big black superior cock.

Bigger and better than yours, also much stronger in fucking her. Simply satisfying her much more in ways you could not. The world is cruel. A woman just does whatever makes her feel right. Defies logic and goes with the gut feeling. What makes you think your girlfriend wouldn't say that?