Mother caught daughter getting fucked and joins

Mother caught daughter getting fucked and joins
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FOREWORD: This story is set in Hong Kong about a amateur mom fuck hd xxx halloween special with a threesome of Year 4 High Schoolers, but has been translated and roughed up for your viewing pleasure.The story is told in first person but the characters are purely fictional :) It's about real rape and what not, so none of that 'victim likes it' crap.

If you can't take it, don't read it. Cooked this one up within 3 hours, so apologies for any mistakes. Constructive comments well appreciated. Enjoy! "…it doesn't matter! He friendzones all the girls in our level." "But you think he's cute right? Or is he gay?" "N-…" Charlene suddenly stopped and shook her head at her friend. Dave and I walked into the café, sweaty from basketball practice "Where have you guys been?" Wei Ling rose to peck Dave on the cheek.

"It's nearly 9." "Dave here got challenged to another round by some kid," I explained. "Destroyed the poor boy." Dave shrugged, "Sorry babe, you know I can't resist beating a punk. How was your shoot?" "Perfect of course," mocked Charlene. Wei Ling was the cover girl of our campus well everything, she was the face of the school.

Anywhere the school felt needed a face; she was there with her sweet smile. "Shut up! It went okay. Where are we going?" "Reyes here told me about this great place that serves some awesome western food." Wei Ling turned to stare at me with her brown eyes. "It's a pub isn't it?" she asked me. Dave cut in before I could answer. "Yes it is, but they have great food there, I promise. There're no games tonight anyway." "Yeah, the steak is really good." I added.


"Told you the food was good." Dave said happily with a little slur. "You also said there wouldn't be football!" Wei Ling replied rather indignantly. "And that you wouldn't drink that much." She had refused to touch any beer, as always. "You sure this is the right way to the taxi stand?" Charlene asked, half-sober, clasping tightly onto my coat.

Walking ahead of us, I could hear Dave trying hard to conjure a response to his girlfriend about the football. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure-" I was cut off by a sudden scream. It was as if a bunch of people appeared out of nowhere (must have been the alcohol), two burly figures were holding on to Wei Ling. I could roughly make out Dave's tall frame prone on the floor.

Charlene broke off from me and ran toward her friend. "HEY! That's my fr-" Slap. Charlene stumbled backward from the blow and was immediately immobolised by another man. I ran up toward the group and immediately had a pistol pointed at me. "Take your friend," growled the wielder, nodding his head at the dimly lit alley to our right.

I complied and dragged Dave's teen redhead freckles redhead linda porked tube porn form and followed the gangsters into the alley. I propped my friend against the wall and looked around. I counted 3 other ruffians, excluding the guy with the gun. "SHUT UP GIRL!" shouted the guy with the gun. Wei Ling fell silent and started to sob quietly. Charlene however, bit her capturer's hand. The man cried out in rage and rammed her entire frame into a wall.

Gun guy prodded Dave awake with his foot.

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"I'm Billy," he introduced, "those are my pals Jack, Teng and that's Hao." "Your friend is making it hard for Hao. He's not gonna be happy." Billy pointed out. "Oh, it's ok, we like girls who fight back." Hao replied with a mad gleam. He had pushed Charlene to the ground, and started to unbutton her shorts. Charlene screamed and kicked, but was further restrained by Jack and Teng took the chance to lift her top over her bra.

"I know you girl," Billy whispered into Wei Ling's ear. "You're that poster girl from that school, with your sweet smile and cute sweaters." Dave suddenly leapt up and charged the gangster.

"Leave her alone!" Gunshot. Dave fell to the ground clutching his leg. "NO!" "Oh…boyfriend huh? This gives me an idea. And you had better listen or end up like your good friend over there." Charlene was mostly nude at this point, her shorts and panties rolled up at one of her ankles, her bra pulled over her breasts.

Her legs were wrapped around Hao and her body was rocking with the force of the penis penetrating her. The other two were rubbing their dicks against her breasts and lips. "Please, don't-" Wei Ling started, tears streaming down her face. "Take off his pants." Billy commanded. I was shocked. He had pointed at me. "You heard me! DO IT." Billy pointed his gun at Dave.

Wei Ling hurriedly rushed to me, avoiding all eye contact with me. Her fingers, pale from fear, trembled to undo my jeans. They came off after the second try. Wei Ling looked back at the gangster. "Boxers too. Now." The schoolgirl hesitated for abit then hurriedly wrenched my boxers down and turned around quickly.

"Good, now, can we see you do a strip tease?" Wei Ling looked at the gangster in shock. "Look, enough of this stalling. Either to take off your clothes or I shoot your pretty boyfriend here.

I'm going to count to 20, you better be naked by then." "1…" Wei Ling looked at Dave and back at Billy, who pointed his gun at her boyfriend. "2…" Wei Ling then began to cry and unbutton the first 3 buttons of her frilly white blouse. A part of my mind knew it was wrong, but I could not help but have this thought: "I was going to see her naked." arousing and juicy oral sex deepthroat and blowjob her top loosened, Wei Ling proceeded to pull it over her head, giving us a vision of her white cotton bra.

My felt my dick throb a little, despite the cold weather and my best efforts to resist the dirty thoughts. "9…" Her jeans came off and fell to the ground. Wei Ling was wearing a matching pair of white granny panties, this somehow made me feel really horny.

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"14.hurry up." Her fingers fumbled with her bra in panic and after a few tries they came off, revealing two perk bumps that were her breasts. "15.HA! You call those tits?" Billy suddenly laughed, "No wonder you're always wrapping up like a nun.

They are fuckin' tiny!" Wei Ling flushed red and her fingers reached for her panties. "Stop, I've seen enough." Billy was still chortling to himself. "Give him a blowjob." The girl looked at him in horror. "Oh come on, how many times do you want to cry? Look at him, he's already rock hard from your little show. Do it." My erection was now very apparent and grew in intensity as I felt Wei Ling move towards me.

Her cold tiny hand wrapped around my penis. I shuddered. "Blow the guy now!" said Billy, kicking a trashcan. Wei Ling jumped and gingerly opened her mouth and guided my shaft into her mouth.

Warmth and saliva engulfed my cock, it felt amazing. But the girl did not know what to do from there, the cock just sat in her quivering mouth. Billy sighed and grabbed the back of her head and pushed it into my crotch. Two things happened: Wei Ling's gag reflex kicked in immediately and she cough on my dick, making me let out an involuntary groan.

Billy pulled her face from my saliva coated penis and waited awhile before thrusting her back into it.

He did this for a couple of times, forming lines of drool on her chin and lips as she gagged over and over on the penis shaft. He finally let go of her head and allowed her to cough on the floor for awhile before saying, "Give him a titjob. Fuck him with your tits now, don't make me do it for you." Wei Ling complied and rose to press her chest against my manhood. I adjusted myself slightly to make it easier for her. With my penis against her, pointing straight up at her chin, she used hands to press her breasts inwards, sandwiching my shaft in between them.

"You want to be sliding it up and down, or it wont first time teen lesbians filming themselves at home good for him." Jack suddenly said. Wei Ling looked up at him.

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He was a holding a camera. "Smile for Pornhub darling! You'll be famous soon!" She flushed even redder and looked back down at her chest while she performed her task. I was about to blow. "He's about to blow. Start sucking again, and you better not stop." Billy said, enjoying himself thoroughly.

Wei Ling released her breasts and put her mouth back onto the penis shaft. "Uh uh, no hands." Jack said and batted her hands away from my cock.

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"Carry on." She continued move her mouth in and out of my cock. "Look him in the eye." When she didn't comply, Billy cocked his gun. Immediately, I locked eyes with her brown orbs as she continued to blow me. Her eyes were filled with shame and it took a lot of willpower for her to maintain that eye contact. I reached my limit. My cock begin to pulse rapidly and I knew Wei Ling felt it. Naturally, she tried to pull away but a hand pressed forced her mouth to take my entire cock in her mouth.

My semen surged out as if I had not cummed in days down her throat. Being a first timer, she naturally choked and spilled cum from the side of her mouth and all over her chin. "Hold your coughing bitch, take it all in." My ecstasy subsided and Wei Ling was freed from the gangster's grasp. She fell away from me and began coughing globs of white goo all over the floor while Jack followed her face with the camera. Billy watched her pathetic squirming on the floor for abit before hoisting her to her feet.

His free hand sank right into her panties and she yelped as his finger shot straight up her slit. "Virgin. This is great. You, lie down on the ground." I did. Billy ripped off her underwear and threw it aside.

He gripped her by the shoulders and turned her to me. arse fingered pussy fucked hardcore and blowjob down on that cock." For some funny reason, I had not gone soft yet.

"Don't make me use force." At this point, she was past resistance and she just slowly stepped over me, a drop of cum falling from her mouth onto my chest. My cock throbbed again, renewed for a second round. Slowly, Wei Ling lowered her body onto mine, and I felt my shaft enter the warmth of her body.


She went deeper and deeper and suddenly stopped at her hymen. She was trembling. "Fucking bitch…" Billy muttered, before forcing her roughly down, impaling her hymen and burying my cock within her in one stroke.

Her squeal was cut short by a slap across the face. "Now, fuck him before I get trigger happy." Crying uncontrollably, Wei Ling began to move herself up and down my shaft. I felt all her muscles embrace me as I entered her over and over. "Bitch I think you need more motivation." Billy said, pinching open her mouth and stuffing his cock into her.

The violent fellatio rocked her body, grinding our bodies together even more. I felt like I was going to be cumming a second time soon. Billy forced himself into her throat and blew his load, once again flooding her oral cavity with sperm. The semen gushed from her mouth and she gagged violently, increasing the intensity of our sex. Before I knew it, I was at climax again and I heard Wei Ling's disgusted groan as my warm seed coated her insides. I heaved a huge sigh and felt gravity drool my fluid slowly out of her and over my i want some big cock before my wedding shaft.

My sight begins to blur from exhaustion and as I begin to pass out, I grin to myself. Money well spent.