He could barely watch her being drilled

He could barely watch her being drilled
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I stared up from my cereal when I heard one of my sisters come into the kitchen. It was Anna and she looked hot in her sun dress.

In fact she looked hot in anything she wore even her simple nightgowns that stretched to her ankles. I let out a low whistle and then she turned giving me a chance to observe her dress but I dropped my eyes to my bowl when her stare wasn't as inviting as I thought it would be. Soon she was sitting at the table with me and eating her own cereal when Jessie came bouncing into the room with her usual dress.

A halter top with some skanky shirt underneath, short skirt with black and white see-through stockings. Until about seven or eight months ago I stopped finding those things attractive. Now she just looked like a slutty whore ready for any boy. Unlike my sister Anna who dressed like the innocent girl she always had been. And I loved her for that but also I worried about other guys claiming her and destroying that innocence.

I couldn't bare to watch that happen to her. Jessie had already lost her innocence beyond repair. Anyways I kept staring at my bowl feeling a little embarrassed for staring at my middle sister like she was some secretly hot babe. Which she was. I loved how her brown hair curled when it reached to her lower back from being straight. It was natural for she didn't own straighteners or curlers.

I knew because I would sneak around her room when she wasn't home from school yet. I didn't do it for any sport but to learn what she was like when she was alone. She was pretty much the same as she was in the outside world. Innocent and beautiful. Not one shred of perversion anywhere. Not even a diary full of all the men she fucked, kissed, or anything.

But there were some mentions of secret fantasies but they weren't like my other sister's which was full of hardcore shit. Anna's were basic and sweet. Sometimes my name would show up but I often thought it was another boy she had hoped to have sex with for the first time. Her diary was simple and easy to spot among all her books which were mostly strange amateur wife submitted all holes at same time gangbang storys vampires, dragons, and fairytales.

If I went to Jessie's room it would be full of sex books, porno tapes, condoms, toys, and her nasty sex filled diary. It was fill with every guy she fucked including me. But I only did her once and after that she craved for more.


I regret I did that everyday afterwards when she started to buy and dress like a slut. She was my first and so far the only girl I fucked for all the girls were like my youngest sister, none were like Anna.

She dressed like she was still ten or twelve with very little to no make up.

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In fact she only wore lipstick and some eyeshadow when she did. Even without those enhancements she was a knockout but she never seemed to bring new stories of men she's been with. I stood up from the table and said I was going to school but all I did was sit in the car hoping Anna would come out to join me.

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She rarely did though since I suppose Jessie made her claim that I was her brother and not Anna's. But I never did go to Jessie's room when she would cry late at night. When Anna cried though I grew concerned. She seemed to cry often at night after I told her I lost my virginity. But I never mentioned who it was.


She always said it was nightmares and I believed her automatically for she never lied to me in all her life. I heard the front door open and shut and saw my sister Anna walk out to the car. I bet she was surprised to see me out here still.

She leaned into the open window and I could smell her fresh breath. It was heaven to be this close to her and seeing her cute face up close to mine. "What are you doing sitting around?" she asked me in her sweet voice.

"Waiting to catch a glimsp of my sister." I replied lightly cupping her chin trying to say without words I meant her. "Jessie's in the house though." she replied el hijcoje a la madre mientras hace trampa made me nearly laugh. "Not her, but you Anna." I closed the distance between our faces and gave her a soft kiss that I didn't give as a brother to a sister.


"Do you want a ride to school?" I asked hoping she would say yes. She nodded while surprise gleamed in her expression and she walked around to the other side of the car and got it. "Why are you being like this?" she suddenly asked of me. "You're more likely to treat Jessie to things like this." she finished and her voice sounded sad to me.

"Because she's a little slut and she doesn't appreciate the things I do for her." I replied while looking into her innocent brown eyes. She seemed to have her breath catch in her chest and I began to wonder why for I couldn't tell what she saw. "What kind of things?" she asked softly. "Give her rides to school. I was even her first in bed." I replied in shame as I looked away slightly. Her eyes widen in shock as she looked at me.

"You what?" I knew she couldn't believe I fucked our own sister. "I had sex with her and it was my first time too." I continued fully looking away from her as the shame clung tighter to my heart. "And everyday I wished I had waited for someone better. Like you." I whispered, meaning every word. The silence dragged on and I didn't know if she hated me or not. "Anna?" I prompted for I couldn't bare her being so latina babes ass destroyed by a huge black monster cock any longer.

"Can I kiss you?" I asked as I looked at her eagerly, hoping she would say yes or made an invitation of some sort for I really wanted to feel those sweet lips against mine again. Finally she nodded and I smiled.

I took my time to lean towards her and press my lips to her. It was like electricity was racing down my spine. She pressed her lips more firmly against mine and I placed my hand behind her head holding her tight to me as we kissed. I hoped she loved how I was kissing her for I was trying to do everything she had wished in her diary for how her first kiss would be like. I broke the kiss and held back a soft laugh as she continued to kiss the thin air between us her eyes closed which made it seem so cute.

"Anna," I gently brought her back to reality, "That was great." I said in a soft breath. She looked up at me as though she had been stunned.

Unknown to both of us Jessie was watching and getting highly angry from the livingroom. If I did know I wouldn't even care for I wanted Anna now and I hoped to keep her as mine for as long as she would let me. I looked into her brown eyes as she stared into my hazel eyes. "Want to be my girlfriend?" I asked hoping beauteous babe exposes anal gap for fuck would say yes for I truly wanted to be with her.

She continued to stare at me as confusion showed in her face. She began to reach for the door but I grabbed her hand and placed it on my chest so she could feel what she did to my heart when I was near her like this.

"Do you even have school today?" she asked softly. "No, I just wanted to get away from her." I gestured with my head towards the house though truthfully I did but I would ditch for Anna any day. "Oh," she leaned up and kissed me.

I stared at her in surprise for she never made the first move until now. But I returned the kiss happily. Suddenly there was banging on the window on my side. Anna and I both looked to see a pissed off Jessie. She was giving Anna the death glare but I didn't see the smirk she returned.

"Get out of the car John!" she nearly shrieked but I just ignored her and looked at Anna wanting to play a cruel game. "Should I get out of the car, Anna?" I asked in a serious voice though I was full of mischief. Anna giggled, "I dunno, should you?" she answered with a question. "I don't think I should leave my favorite sister unattended in my car it can become quite touchy." I said with a small laugh while still looking at Anna. Jessie finally left with her feet stomping as her rage flew out of hand.

Anna began to laugh and I joined her loving the sound of her laugh. I leaned and kissed her softly knowing she had fun taunting Jessie. "Do you have school today as well as that brat?" I asked while rubbing her cheek. She shook her head and I smiled knowing I could get some time alone with her for once without the stupid bitch trying to hang off my arm.

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She looked at me with a question in her eyes and I just guessed what it was. "No I'm not going to give her a ride after her stunt. You know I don't like being ordered around by a bitch." I held her close and rested her head on my shoulder as I thought, But I wouldn't mind being ordered around by you.

"When did how to make fake vagina your pleasure is my world guys have sex?" she looked up at me.

"Back when she was eleven. And hell of a lot nicer." I replied with a deep blush coloring my cheeks as the shame returned. She seemed to go back to her own little world and I started to remember how nice Jessie used to be.

I guess she was just like dad always wanting shit including a bunch of sex. I began to hope that Anna wouldn't be that way once we do it ourselves. I didn't want her to change as drastically maybe dress a bit more flattery to her body but I wanted her to retain her innocence. Just that smart smile and special gleam in her eyes that always shined with silent questions and undeniably love. "Do you want to know something, big brother?" she asked me in a soft voice.

"Yes. What is it Anna?" I asked as I stroked her soft cheek lightly. "You know all those nights after you told me you lost your virginity when I would cry." she looked up at me. "Yeah, what about them?" I asked a bit unsure of what she was getting at. "Well the reason why I was crying was because I had a silly hope you would come and lose yours with mine." she looked down as my eyes slightly widen in shock. "Anna." my voice was full of sadness as the shame returned yet again and I held her closer to me, "I didn't know." She looked up at me, "Do you want to take mine now?" The question took me by surprise but I smiled, "Sure, were you going to wait for me forever?" I looked at her then realized it was me that she was talking about in her diary.

"Possibly." she replied then took my hand and led me back into the house. At first I thought we were going to my bedroom which I hoped she wouldn't do for that was were me and Jessie fucked for the first and only time. Relief swept through me as real localsex storys in car led me to her room then shut and lock the door behind her.

As to why I could only guess.

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Maybe to keep mom from coming in but that couldn't be the case for she never was home when we got up. So it must have been to keep Jessie out.

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I was surprised as she led me to the bed and gently pushed me down on it. I laid out completely as she sat next to me. I softly rubbed her thigh as she sat there.

I wonder what she was thinking as she looked at me. I sat up and whispered in her ear softly, "I love you Anna."