Milf and daughter share studs big cock

Milf and daughter share studs big cock
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The walls had started to melt around me. Every step I took felt as though I had plunged my foot into the depths of a marshmallow coated floor. It was then, that the visualizations started to take hold. At first I had noticed the same repetitive pattern was replacing the textures of every surface around me.

Lights began to flash all around me. I had started to doubt my own sanity. I had taken far too much acid. And in that moment I had become fully self-aware.

I had found myself at another festival, wearing the same dirty clothes for the past 3 days, induced in a drug stupor of sorts. It had reached a point that I was taking whatever substance had been offered to me. But as fearful as you may be of these narcotics and the effects it makes on an sex sanilaon xxx story com, I enjoyed it.

The freedom, the confidence I had gained, the people I had met, the experiences I was having and the sex I was soon to enjoy.

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Auditory hallucinations were a common side effect of the research chemical I had ingested a few hours ago. I was also experiencing massive visual hallucinations and was struggling to determine what was reality and what was a part of this psychedelic experience.

My inner monologue was abruptly interrupted by a feminine voice that pierced the chaotic sounds that confused my frantic mind. "Max! Max! Is that you?" I turned to look, the dim lighting resulted in my blurred vision leaving trails of fractals and beams of multi-coloured light in its wake. Was this female voice just another hallucination or perhaps a metaphor for my deprived sexual existence in my mundane life? I was snapped back to reality as I saw a familiar face approach me. Her silhouette was defined against the bright lasers of the stage.

Rays of neon green and fluorescent pink shot out from all sides. Her dress was covered in the most entrancing floral pattern. I gazed up at the face of this goddess. It was warping in front of my eyes. A shot of distrust forced it way through my spine. I had recognized the voice, but the face seemed somewhat unrecognizable.

It materialized after a period of 10 seconds. "Oh Caitlin, it's you! Man, I'm pretty fucked. I'm tripping pretty fucking mom and son sex story very hot and hard breathed a sigh of relief. It was Caitlin. A good friend from my University days. The one girl that was willing to take as much substances as I was.

Her boyfriend was with her. A pang of guilt shot through my spine at the dirty, sexual thoughts that ran through my mind at that instance. But it was hard not to notice the sheer attractiveness of this goddess that stood before me. Her sky blue eyes highlighted my world. Her delicate fringe that played across her forehead, inadvertently shielding her one eye reminded me of a cartoon I had seen once long ago as a child. I then glanced down and noticed her supple, yet perky breasts protruding from beneath that mesmerizing floral dress.

The dress had begun to distort and manipulate infront of my very eyes. The patterns had begun to dance and pulsate with the heavy bass of the music that drowned out menial conversation. "Hey man, what are you on?" Her boyfriend feebly muttered in an attempt to make the somewhat awkward lull in conversation less noticeable. He was couple fucking with milf on the table of his element.

He'd be much more at home in a gym or doing study or whatever responsibilities people our age generally tended to. Their pairing had certainly been an odd one and I had often considered how it came about and whether it would last as long as either of them would've hoped. "Ummmm, well…" I began, as I rattled off the long list of substances I had abused in the past 72 hours.

I couldn't help but notice the tinge of pride in my voice but also the fear of the thought of the massive stress I was putting my body and my mind under. I was tripping myself out. "Well me and Caitlin are candy flipping. But I dropped a Viagra about half an hour ago. Hate the floppy cock that Ecstasy gives you!" A common problem that a lot of MDMA users noticed was the difficulty in getting an erection while under the influence.

I've personally never had that problem, but I tended to palm it off to my own sexual depravity. "Oh my God! I love this song! Do you guys want to dance?" The dulcet tones of Parisian Goldfish filtered through the background noise.

I was eager to do whatever this nymphet suggested. She had appeared as a Goddess and I was willing to do what she asked of me. I stumbled in my half conscious and half aware state to the dance floor. Bumping into humanoids- left, right and center. But no one cared, we were all pretty fucked. After what seemed an eternity of maneuvering through endless crowds, we had reached the dance floor. The music was louder than ever, and I felt the heavy bass working its way through my feet and coursing through my entire body.

The bodies brushing all around me were starting to scare me as my mind began to race and fear for the worse, but then, I saw her. She had appeared to have grown 4 extra arms.

The time distortion was unbelievable. It seemed as though I was viewing life through a series of still-photos, being flipped through at a noticeably slow pace. Or perhaps I was just blinking really slowly? Her appearance at this point had resembled some sort of Indian goddess, her pale skin was glinting and shining as though her entire body was covered in diamonds or some sort of precious stone.

The dance she was doing was hypnotic, to say the least. Her body moved and swayed as her arms gracefully carried the motion of the music with them.

For a split second, her midriff was exposed and I saw a bead of sweat, glistening like a crystal older woman gets and gives pleasure julia reaves the bright flickering lights, trickle down her waist.

Her waist flowed and my eyes were instantly glued to this Diva infront of me.


Suddenly, this massive force knocked me aside and assumed my position, my prime viewing spot for her enchanting beauty. It was her boyfriend. I was stunned, shocked, I started to worry about how I would've appeared and how inappropriately I was acting. She noticed. "You guys wanna grab a drink?" I nodded, still somewhat confused as to what had happened. And so we entered the labyrinth of people on our long journey to the bar.

The line for a drink seemed to stretch on forever and I managed to mumble something along the lines of: "I'm gonna take boinking when my parents are not home suck bj blowjob blow job cum cumshot cum shot blonde amateur piss." And stumbled off into the darkness.

I found a gathering of trees that seemed like a suitable place for me to urinate. I unzipped my fly and noticed that my penis was semi-erect. I was struggling to stand upright and forced myself to focus on the tree infront of me in a feeble attempt to maintain my balance.

The bark infront of me started to ooze down and manipulate into a demonic face. I felt my penis shrink as this inexplicable fear ran through my veins. I zipped up and turned to head back to my company. "Max! Man, where the fuck have you been? Come take a hit of this shit!" It was Ryland, a childhood friend of mine that I had made my way up here with.

He was with Sadun, a friend from University, who was holding what appeared to be some sort of glass pipe and a baggie covered with smiley faces. One of the faces winked at me. "What is it?" I mumbled. "Shard, I made it myself!" He chuckled. Before I could realize what I was doing, I was inhaling this acrid grey smoke through this intricate glass pipe. The pipe was covered with characteristic colourful swirls that seemed to spiral as I inhaled through it. The smoke was somewhat bitter and salty.

The gooey crystalline substance slowly deteriorated in the glass bowl as I inhaled deeply. Held my breath. And finally exhaled in a plume of bluish-grey smoke. My heart began to race and I could feel it pumping wildly in my chest. The methamphetamine's had made me extremely awake, attentive and hyper focused. I had only tried Ice a few times before, the experiences were less than savoury to say the least. And without a second thought, I marched off back towards the bar. There she was, reached across the bar holding out her money in a desperate attempt to get served.

And there he was, forcefully clutching her waist as if to mark his territory. I pulled up beside her and ordered my drink. Bottle of beer, it was the only thing that came to mind. I instinctively pulled out my wallet and thrust my money at the bar tender. My hand seemed to stretch on forever and I felt the ice cold beer against my palm. "Lets go drink over there!" Said the angelic voice.

I turned and all of a sudden everything started to spin. I was going to be sick. I panicked. Keep your shit together, Max. I told myself. We stumbled to an opening on the grass and lay down. Whew, I was relieved. I felt the aches in all my joints from standing up and partying for so long and so hard.

Caitlin and her boy toy sat down next to me. And pretty blonde babe sucks off and railed by pawn keeper when I started to get angry.

Meth gives me massive surges of pleasure. But I also have this tendency to get aggressive. Combined with these psychedelics, my mind would shoot off on an emotion jarring tangent that would make me feel like it was a matter of life and death. My adrenaline had started to pump.

He had straddled her and they had begun making out. His erection was visible through his trouser front. I had found myself in a situation that I often find myself in.

Being the awkward third wheel once again. A couple furiously making out besides me and I had nothing to do but awkwardly look around in silence, with a background noise of heavy bass, mindless chatter and furious love making.

But not this time. He was not going to defile my Goddess before my very eyes. She had taken a red sheen at this point. He was masked in black. And before I could stop myself, I had done it. The next few moments were a blur. I had grabbed that deathly cold bottle and swung it across at his face.

I felt the opposing force but carried on with my home run swing. He crumpled in a heap on the soft, green grass. His erect penis was exposed through the fly of his pants. That sick, fucking bastard. She started at me in disbelief, tears had begun to stream down her face.

I glanced down and gazed at her exposed genitalia. Her clean shaven pussy was there for all to see. She was not a slut, I could tell from the tightness of her vagina. I was startled as the lips began to move and beckoned me to come closer. I was still tripping pretty fucking hard. "I'm sorry Caitlin. I don't know what came over me. I thought he was&hellip." My apology trailed off and my eyes drifted to the unconscious heap with the comically erect penis that lay next to us.

Blood dripped down from the side of his head and snaked its way to the bottom of chin. I looked at her and she gave me a faint smile. And in that moment, I felt as though I had done no wrong.

"Thanks, I guess. I mean, I have no idea what came over him. I don't usually do this sort of thing." Our eyes locked and I knew she was telling the truth. She was not this sort of girl.

She was somewhat respectable in that sense. Not some backdoor slut that would get fucked at every opportunity that presented itself. And I had defended that honour.

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I felt the proudest I had ever felt. My heavy breathing had started to cease, my aggression nulled down as I looked at her peaceful face. There were a few more moments of silence in which I thought about the oddness of the situation I had found myself in.

She leaned over to me and kissed me gently on the lips. My heart began racing again, it was as though I had just taken another hit of Ice. My tounge enjoyed every sensation of intertwining and doing that sensual dance with hers. My breathing got shallow and I felt a growing sensation in the seat of my pants.

She noticed this aswell and giggled to herself. I ran my hands down the side of her body and felt the gentle curve of her behind. Somewhat soft and easy to play with, yet firm and tight to the touch. My eyes were closed, I was in heaven. This feeling of absolute ease overcame my entire body. I felt as though all eyes were on me, a paranoid side effect of the narcotics I was on, but I did not care.

I was the happiest I had been in a long, long time. After 10 minutes or what may have been a blissful eternity. We stopped locking lips, I moved my head back and smiled a cheesy, lopsided grin at one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen.

We were far from the stage, the music had dulled down to a faint bass. The bright lights and fast paced action seemed miles away. It was just me, her and her unconscious, fully erect boyfriend. How do I find myself in these situations? I spluttered out a feeble attempt at menial conversation. "I have always wanted to be with you.

Remember that personality quiz we did in class? We were the perfect match&hellip." She shushed me and placed her soft hands on my lips. Thank god, I was droning on again, I had a tendency to do that. She pushed me on the floor and started to unzip my belt. My eyes shut as I was drifting in and out of consciousness.

She stopped. I opened my eyes and she was laying down on the ground next to me. She had lifted up her dress. Exposing her bare ass. I couldn't help but notice how tightly her underwear clung to her buttocks. I traced every line with my eyes.

The curves of her behind made me want her more than ever. I could not wait. "You seem a bit tired. Here, have a line." She reached over and produced a small brown bottle. She opened it and tapped it on her buttocks. This magic white powder swirled in the air as it formed a scattered line on her quivering butt cheek. I twisted my body around to face her. I have never met a girl that could please me in so many ways.

I brought my nose down to the warmth of her posterior. I snorted and felt the rush immediately. This was nice. Cocaine, I thought to myself. Certainly a lot better than the cheaper and weaker amphetamines I was used to. While my face was still submerged in the heavenly sight that was her ass, I felt a tugging as my cock was exposed.

The cold, night air stung it a bit. But the warmth grasp of her soft delicate hands comforted it. Next I felt the soft, moist caverns of her mouth encapsulating it. Her rhythmic backwards and forwards movements seemed to match up with the dull thudding of the bass.

I had rolled over at this point and decided to change the scenery from the unconscious body of a sexually stimulated man to the delicate folds of her vagina. I leaned my head forward a bit and started to lick gently. She let out a squeal of delight. There was suddenly a victoria lawson and jessica steele hot sexxxy panting and I felt my testicles being licked with more vigour.

"Oh my God! Go away Lenny! Shoo! Shoo! Bad sizzling hot lesbian sex of two sexy beautiful babe quickly shot upright and looked at this black beast of the night that had appeared out of gorgeous ashley rides on a throbbing boner pornstars brunette. Whew, it was only Lenny.

He was supposed to be with Ryland and Sadun. What was he doing here? This night has certainly had a series of unexpected turns. I kicked at the hound and he got the message. Master does not want to be played with right now. He hung his head and tail in shame and shuffled over to the unconscious body next to us and started to lick at his exposed, erect member. His penis flew like a white flag against the dark backdrop of the Forrest that surrounded us.

A figure moved in the distance. I was suddenly alert. I squinted my eyes and tried to readjust to the light. I had certainly seen something or someone there. Was it Ryland? He was known for doing this creepy shit. As long as he didn't join in. I wouldn't mind giving him a private screening of the activities soon to follow.

Or maybe I was still hallucinating? I had taken that acid about 12 hours ago. It should be wearing off. I stopped my drifting mind and focused at the task at hand. I started thrusting deeper and deeper into the divine mouth of this Goddess. She started to choke and gag on my pulsating member. My mind started to wander as I thought of tales of sexual encounters with God-like entities.

I grew weary of this position and craved to look into the eyes of this sexual beast once again. I flipped around and once again, got lost in her eyes.

Her forehead was coated with thin layer of sweat. She wiped at it and her cute fringe stuck to face. I started thrusting, deeper and deeper.

She clung to my back and I felt her nails digging into my back. Pain echoed through, but I enjoyed it. She was enjoying it, I could tell. Her tight cunt was throttling my cock. I ploughed through savouring every moment. She rose up and straddled me.

Her long, flowing blonde hair flicked over her face and shimmered in the pale moonlight. Adapting hues of pink and green from the fading colours of the lasers from the distant stage.

She did that magical swaying motion with her hips that I witnessed her do on the dance floor earlier that night. Her rhythmic motion was taking my cock deeper and deeper than it had ever gone before. Finally, my carnal desire took the better of me and we rolled over to assume the classic position of beasts from many years before us, doggy style. I heard a yelp as Lenny was pushed aside by these two love-making animals rolling onto the unconscious body that lay beside us.

We both let out a chuckle. I began to stand up and move to a more peaceful area of flatter land. But she ebony slut has oral fun with a big black guy me there and grasped the fully erect member of her unconscious boyfriend. I watched in disbelief as she forced his penis into her vagina. She turned to me.


"Is that a problem?" I had a smirk on my face and quickly inserted my penis into her holiest of holies. She let out a yelp as my purple-headed warrior forced his way into the uncharted realm of her sphincter. I squatted down to a more comfortable position and we continued our erotic adventure with a new addition. I was almost done. I looked down and saw both our penises moving in absolute harmony into this sexual Diva.

I'm sure he would've enjoyed this more if he was conscious. My eyes trailed up her back and I focused intently on every muscle, every moment. As I continued thrusting, I gazed up at the sky and it appeared to be made out of jelly. The stars swerving and drifting as though it was a meteor shower tonight.

I was definitely still tripping. Finally, my eyes rested on the trees infront of us. Faces appeared out of the darkness, mouthing strange things. I heard my name being called out multiple times, but I convinced myself that these were all figments of my drug-fueled night. I was about to cum. My mind started racing at the thoughts of the repercussions of ejaculating inside her.

Children, getting married, dropping out of University. I quickly pulled out and ejaculated. Alexis fawx truth and dare semen flew and coated the face of the unconscious sex object that we had been using. We both rolled over on the soft grass once again in a never-ending embrace.

This was definitely the weirdest sex I had ever had.