Sindy vega pissing all over the bathroom

Sindy vega pissing all over the bathroom
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You both better get more excited than that. He motioned for two guards to come escort us to the car. "These are your guards, they will be outside the apartment 24/7.

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They're also your drivers. Get used to them." We got in the car and took the long, silent ride to the apartment. When we got there, Dan and I couldn't believe our eyes. It was an extremely nice, modern looking building. We parked underneath the building, in a garage.

To our surprise again, we didn't actually go in to the building. Instead, the elevator we were lead to went staright to our apartment.


We took the short ride and were shocked when we discovered we were in a penthouse. An extremely nice one at that. The apartment doors opened revealing an extremely nice kitchen. Walking through it lead to a large common area, complete with leather couches, chairs, and a giant flat screen T.V. To the left was the master bedroom, hidden by double doors. We walked in and saw a king size bed, covered in decorative pillows.

The one bathroom was adjacent. It not only had a large shower, but a Jacuzzi as well. The shower had showerheads on each side, and at different levels. We walked back to the main room where the guards were waiting for us.

"As you saw, there's one way in and out. We'll each be downstairs in the garage. There's an intercom to reach us. Only we have the key to activate it. Enjoy your stay." With that, they turned and left. Leaving us alone. Finally alone with him, I wanted to yell and scream.

Or better yet, hit him. He had ruined everything I was starting to accomplish. But before I could, he apologized. "I'm sorry. For everything. But even worse, I'm sorry I don't think I can do this. I'm not gay Mitch. I can't suck you or take it in the ass. It just isn't happening." He almost started crying.

"They'll kill us both…" I muttered. "I know, its all my fault and I'm sorry." "Dan, please. I'll do anything." My mind began racing, trying to think of ways to convince him. "If you need me to be the submissive one, I will. I just don't want to die. Please." "You'd be willing to do that, even though this is all my fault?" He asked, genuinely confused. Little did he know I would gladly do it. "I just don't want to die Dan.

I'll do anything you need to help it happen. Just pretend I'm a girl and act. Please." After a few moments of silence, he gave in. "I'll try." The next couple weeks passed by slowly. We spent all our time in doors, barely talking. He was clearly dustrubed, trying not to think about what had happened.

His bruises had healed, and he was able to walk on his leg with only a slight limp. We knew that our deadline was close. Although I hadn't told him, I was excited. I thought about it every night, relishing in the fact we were about to fuck.

Although, I was on the couch, and he got the bed, we were close to sleeping together. The next morning, I decided to act. As we were watching T.V., I brought it up to him. "If we can't convince them, they're going to kill us." I said bluntly. "I know, and I've calmed down and realized I really don't want to die. But I have no idea what to do Mitch. I'm not attracted to you. I don't think I can just fake passion, especially with all that maya bijou screwed by massive hard cock in many positions He replied honestly.

"Well, I have an idea. I don't know if it'll huge tits stepmom and cute teen threeway in the bedroom threesome and blowjob though." I responded hesitantly.

"What?" "We should try to get used to this before the cameras are rolling, without the pressure. At our pace." "You mean fuck when we don't have to? No thanks." "It doesn't have to get that fair. But if you want to live, our first times can't be with all the pressure. It won't work. We need to ease into it. It's acting Dan, get that through your head." Although for me I knew the acting would be much easier. "Well what the fuck do you propose?" He asked aggressively.

" I don't know, start by walking around naked. Then, maybe cuddling or sleeping together. Or showering. Then try kissing. Honestly, I don't see why your hesitant. I'm the one that's going to have to blow you and take your dick in my ass." I spat back at him. Hoping my voice sounded bitter and angry. "Ya, good luck with that." He laughed. Which was a good sign, he wasn't as defensive or nervous. "You sure you'll be able to do that convincingly?" He added.

"No, I'm really not. The thought of it makes me sick. But I have to. And I'd be much more comfortable if we practiced you know? Otherwise I'll probably puke or pass out the first time." I said, hoping he believed I didn't want to.

"You do that, we're dead. You've been really understanding about this, and since you volunteered to be submissive, I'll agree to this. Whatever your schedule is to ease into it, I'll try." He said, surprisingly earnestly. I wanted to tell him to fuck me right that instant, but I wanted him to believe I was just as hesitant as he was.

"Well, we have about a week. I'd say today we get used to being naked together, and sleep together tonight. Then, we'll shower together tomorrow and cuddle throughout the day. After that, you need to start getting randomly frisky, pinch my ass, smack it. Bend me over but don't do anything. The next day, we'll get shitfaced drunk and try kissing, eventually getting to making out.

If we can do that, we'll do it some more the next day, but with touching involved. Japan hd double creampie for japanese hottie you get hard, and I'm comfortable, I'll try my hardest to go down on you. If we're still advancing and comfortable, I'll try just taking you in the ass for a second. If all of that happens, the last night, we'll try to put it all together at once." I felt like I may have spoken to eagerly.

"Wow, you thought that through, didn't you? He said, with just a hint of accusation. "Well, when the other option is death, I want to be prepared." I made sure to put emphasis on death, to let him know my willingness wasn't a choice. "Fair enough. So, you first or me?" "Doesn't matter." I lied. Dan proceeded to get up and take off his shirt. I had to try my absolute hardest not to stare or let my jaw drop. He was somehow still in football shape.

His abs in a perfectly sculpted six pack. His back well defined. Big, chiseled arms. There wasn't an inch of his upper body that needed work. I looked away as he took of his pants, trying to act like I wasn't interested.

"Your turn." He said. I didn't look at him as I hesitantly took of my clothes. I was terrified that with the excitemen rushing through my body, and images in my head, I would get hard and all my denial wouldn't be able to save me.

I finished getting naked, my back turned to him.

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I turned to face him and to my surprise, he was checking out my ass! My heart started beating faster. "Looks like you lost a lot of muscle." He added casually. It was true, I was still lean and in shape, but no longer muscular or defined. It added to my already numerous feminine features. We stayed like that, both naked, trying our hardest not to look at eachother.

But for different reasons. We went the entire day together naked, eating together, watching t.v. It got extremely late in the night when Dan spoke. "So, uh, should we try to go to bed?" His voice cracked in the middle of his sentence.

He was nervous. "I mean, only if your comfortable." I was praying he would be. "Why not." Disinterest clear in his voice.

We both got ready for bed, avoiding eye contact and barely speaking. Dan left first and I saw him turn off the lights in the bedroom. I followed him, trying my hardest not to trip over anything.

I finally found the foot of the bed and got in, getting on my side, trying not to get to close to Dan.

Eventually, I felt movement in the bed. He was getting closer to me. I held my breath, not speaking or moving an inch. I was facing away from him, anticipating the moment he would get to me, but it seemed like his progress was taking forever.

"So, should we spoon or what?" He asked nervously. "Uh, ya, I guess that's probably what they'll want." He didn't say anything more; instead he quickly closed the gap between us. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close. His rock hard stomach pressed into my back, his head right behind mine, breathing slowly. Yet his hips were obviously pulled back, my ass was dying to be pressed into, to feel his cock against me.

We sat like that, each of us obviously awake. I decided to make a move. I started to breathe heavier, twitching various parts of my body sporadically. "Mitch?" He whispered. I gave no reply. Instead, I slightly shuffled my body. I grabbed one of his arms and pulled it close. As I did that, I subtly grinded my hips backwards. I did so very lightly, waiting until I felt the tip of his cock. With that, I stopped moving backwards. Changing my movement to a slight up and down.

Barely brushing my ass against him. I heard him clear his throat, I was obviously having an effect on him. I stayed like that, no longer moving. Interestingly, maybe subconsciously, he brushed his hand over my body, placing his hand where a women's breasts would be. He left them tem there, not grabbing, obviously longing for what would never be there. That's when I felt it. I slight twitch in his cock. It was one I knew all to well.

A moment later, the twitch turned into an obvious swelling. He was getting bigger. He was getting hard. I felt his cock harden like steel. It was pressed against the top of my ass, throbbing, begging to get played with. Again, we sat there. I was trying my hardest to figure out what was going through his mind, wondering if he was desperately trying to think it down. I'm not sure what his motivation was for what happened next.

Either discomfort or horniness overtook him as I felt him grab his cock and slide it down my ass crack. Each of my soft cheeks grazing him on each side. Adjusting to this, I again moved my ass up and then back down. To my delight, he moaned. As I went back down, I felt him grind his hips into me, matching my thrust with one of his own. I stopped, not double edging blowjob compilation and championship hot arab dolls attempt foursome to press my luck any farther.

Instead I laid there and enjoyed the rock hard cock pressed against my ass. I could tell he was still awake, and for at least a half hour we stayed like that. He must phoenix marie hardcore high notes been dying to act, either by moving away from me, or fucking me. His cock was throbbing harder and harder with each second. He needed relief.

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I felt him his hands rubbing across my body, eventually settling on my stomach, as well as giving one slight thrust from his hips. He cleared his throat, and that's when I decided to act. "What the fuck?" I yelled, as I squirmed away from him. "You were fucking hard and sliding up and down my ass." I got out of bed and started to put on my clothes. "I don't fucking know dude.

You kept moving in your sleep, and your ass feels just as good as a chicks. I started thinking about the last ass I fucked and I got hard." He was stuttering and panicking. He got out of bed, still naked, and went to the kitchen. I waited a few minutes and decided to follow him. He was sitting at the table, a bottle of jack daniel's in his hand. When he saw me enter he took another long gulp.

"I'm so sorry dude. I have no idea how I let that happen." He sounded sick to his stomach. "I mean, it's fine. We're going to have to get used to that. I just didn't think you'd actually get turned on and enjoy it without having to." I was trying to accuse him of liking it, hoping I could get him to admit it. "Hell no. Slutty emily receives a messy creampie pornstars and brunette mean, ya, I was imagining you were a chick.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but you have a really nice ass. I remember girls always telling you that, but I never really noticed it before. It looks just like a chicks. I'd check it out at the gym. But it's attached to you! I can't believe that." It seemed more like he was talking to himself than he was to me." He took another long sip of the Jack.

He was going to be drunk soon at that pace. "I mean, I'm glad. It should make the acting easier. It just surprised me, that's all." I sat down with him and took a sip of my own. We sat there, trying to talk about anything other than what had just happened. I was pretending to drink a lot, but he was doing most of the work.

His words were starting to slur, he was laughing more, and I recognized he had finally reached his limit. "I'm gong to go shower and sober up a bit." He got up and left, a few minutes later I heard the shower turn on. I wasn't sure what I should do. My gut told me to go back to bed and try to make a move tomorrow. But my cock told me to jump in that shower with him I went to the bedroom and got naked, and pulled back the covers, fully expecting to go to bed. But I suddenly felt hot lesbian foursome with young sluts masturbation and brunette with the urge to meet him in the shower.

Every step my heart grew faster. I quietly opened the door and Watched him in the shower. I was trying my hardest not to make any noise, preferring to surprise him.

I got close enough to see him in detail behind the glass door. He was washing himself, hands running over his entire body. He got down to his cock, and he started to take his time. I saw that he was hard, and couldn't wait any longer. "Might as well remove one more obstacle." I said, opening the door and rushing into the shower. As I walked in, I made sure to turn and brush my ass briefly against his erect cock. I acted like nothing happened and started to wash my hair.


"Dude?!" Dan yelled. "Calm down, we have to do this eventually. Besides, best to do it when we're both hammered." He didn't say anything. Instead, he decided to start stroking his cock again, trying to ignore me. "Standing at attention are we? You can't wait to jack off once I leave?" I joked. "Well I wasn't planning on you joining me." He confessed. I couldn't wait any longer.

It was now or never. Mother tests dick out for her horny step-daughter tube porn acted off pure impulse. "I'll probably regret this when I sober up, but let me help you with that. I reached out and took his cock in my hand. He was pulsating, rock hard and now moaning. His soft, hot skin was in my hand and I could feel myself start to get hard. I didn't even care. I started slowly, jerking him off, watching him lick his lips in pleasure.

He closed his eyes and tilted his head back. That's when I decided to go all the way. I pushed him against the wall and got on my hands and knees in front of him.

I took his cock by the base and rubbed it against my cheeks. I had waited years for this. I rubbed it all along my face, wanting to feel all 8 hot inches of him against me before I put him in my eager mouth.

I couldn't wait any longer when I felt his hand on the back of my head. I opened my mouth only slightly, barely parting my lips. I kissed the head of his cock as softly as possible, letting him know that this was going to take a while. I wanted to enjoy myself. I slowly moved my head down, taking only the tip of his cock in my mouth, my lips grasping onto the underside of his head. I began to circle my tongue around him, not letting a single millimeter go untouched.

Only then did I start to take his shaft. As my tongue continued to swirl around him I allowed more of him to penetrate my lips. I got halfway down his cock when I heard him moan my name. Losing control, I quickly took the last four inches, deepthroating him.

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It was a new sensation, I had never given head before, and I quickly realized my extreme urge to gag. But there was no way I was letting his hot member slip out of me. I felt the head of his cock hit my throat, and realized that I hadn't ever enjoyed a feeling as much as that one.

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I felt his hips start to rock daytime adventure by sapphic erotica christen courtney and brigitte lesbians young and teen back and forth, and I realized his hand on my head was clasped more sternly. He was throat fucking me, and I loved it.

To add to the sensation, hot water was pouring onto his washboard stomach, running down his chest and gliding onto my face. As I blew him, imagined that every drop was his sweet cum rather than ordinary water. I wanted him covering me. He started to pull back on my head, and I realized he wanted me to start doing the work. Taking the base of his cock again in my hand, I slowly started moving my head back and forth, pressing my lips against his head each time he was about to leave my mouth.

I would then quickly, deep throat him again. I began to feel him getting close, his cock now twitching in delight. I wanted to swallow him and take his cum on my face, but much to my disappointment, he stopped me.

I looked up at him and my disappointment washed away when I saw his lustful eyes looking back down upon me. He grabbed me by the hand and rushed me to the bed. He forgot to turn off the shower. I got to the foot of the bed and wanted to turn around to kiss him, but he had other ideas entirely. Before I could lift my legs and get into bed with him, he shoved me down, face first into the covers. I was bent 90 degrees over blonde cougar loves eating cum after sex bed when I felt him spread my ass and bend down.

Suddenly, I felt his hot wet tongue sliding up and down my ass. It was a new feeling, but I loved it. Eventually, he allowed the tip of his tongue to penetrate my virgin ass. Slowly but surely he slid his tongue as far up into me as he could, darting it in and out of my ass. Once he got wet enough he stood back up and began to use his saliva to lube his dick.

My legs were trembling with excitement. The head of his cock was covered in a mixture of he and I's spit. He placed just the tip of his cock against my asshole and very lightly pressed against me.

To my delight and pleasure, my asshole easily parted for him, before quickly grasping onto him. "Holy fuck your tight." Was all Dan managed to say. Driven wild with pleasure, Dan couldn't fight the urge to go fast.

Suddenly and without warning he shoved his cock as deep into me as he possibly could. I thanked god he was lubed, as I couldn't imagine how painful that would have been dry. I wanted to scream out in pain, but I was nervous that would make him stop. I held it in and instead focused on his long, deep breathes. I clenched my ass and smiled in delight when I heard him groan with pleasure. He laid there, not moving, when I asked him to fuck me. "Dan, fuck me. As hard as you need to." I practically begged him.

"I want to, but you feel so fucking good, if I move, I'll cum." He panted back to me. Those words were all I needed to hear to start grinding my hips into him.

Prssing myself into the bed, I would feel him slowly sliding out of me. When I felt the head of his cock about to slide out, I would realse the pressure on the bed and feel him quickly fill me back up. Each time I did this, he would let out a combination of swearing and moaning. That only made me go faster. My ass was beginning to go numb, and what was once pain turned into a wonderful numb sensation.

He was hitting my prostate with each penetration, and I could feel my cock starting to twitch, dying to cum. "Spoon fuck me." I pleaded.

He picked me up easily and threw me on the bed. I laid on my side, dying for him to be back in me. It couldn't have been more than a few seconds, but it felt like hours. He eagerly laid down beside me, grabbing his cock in his hand he positioned himself once more against me.

This time, it was I who shoved myself into him. I quickly took all of him in my virgin ass and moaned with delight. "I'm going to cum." He screamed. We both began to gyrate our milf zia pulls a stud and sucks on his cock into each other, fast and deep.

I could feel his cock expanding with every penetration, knowing his cum was only seconds away. On the final penetration, I made sure to take him as deep as possible.

I felt burst after burst of hot cum shoot into me. Feeling him orgasm inside me caused me to orgasm as well. It was the best of my life. I had just fucked a man I had fantasized about for years. I had made him cum and scream in delight. I had never cum so much, or for as long as I did.

I was panting, entirely spent, but completely satisfied. I felt him sick girls vomit puke vomiting puking gagging and barf spitting barfing to pull out of me but I clenched my ass around him and pressed into him once more. "No." I ordered. "We're sleeping like this." I wasn't thinking, nor did I care if I was sore as hell tomorrow.

I wanted our first time to last hours. I knew his cum would remain in me, a fact I loved. But for right now, that wasn't enough. I needed to feel his hot cock in me until the sunrise. "Gladly." Was all he manged to say.

Although he just came, he was still hard. I took that as an amazing sign. He even reached his arms around me and held me close. So we laid there. My ass pressed against him, his hot cock penetrating me fully, and his hot cum deep inside.

I had no idea what tomorrow had in store. But I didn't care. Right now was perfect