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Cholas polleronas cachanden la chacra
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Naruto: Nine tails of love. (Authentic note.


This will be the only chapter that is in third person the rest of the story will be about Kyuu And in first person. I hope you enjoy this.

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This will also be a ten chapter story.) Chapter one. It was night time in the hidden leaf as Naruto was about to have his life changed forever. "Ugghhh ohhh man this isn't working." Naruto looked down at his eight inch clean cut cock he loved his cock as much as his training, Though lately he's been dreaming of loosing his virginity.

When he closed his eyes he imagined Sakura, But that wasn't even helping anymore he needed a real tight cunt to fuck. He grabbed his cock which was now soft a cute little four inches.

He started to rub it with his index finger and thumb. "Man I really need to fuck something!" He closed his eyes and started to imagine the perfect girl. His cock sprung to life with a force he didn't know he had. Suddenly he heard the sly voice of the evil fox trapped in his body "If you bringing big ass girls home from the club xxxx her to be real un leash my power and make a shadow clone I will give her the power to never Leave." Naruto sighed he was so lustful now he stood up his cock standing out at a new ten inches his balls were tight and full of cum.

"Fine you fucking fox." He put his hands up and "Shadow clone." With a 'POP' Naruto looked as he saw the most beautiful girl in the world she had short red hair her eyes were a sexy shade of red, Her c-cups bounced lightly as she looked at Naruto who was gazing lustfully at her clean shaven pussy.

The girl felt herself being looked upon and put her arm over her little pink cherry nipples. "Uhhh." She looked down her face was as red as her hair now "Kyuu." Naruto just looked at her. "What does Kyuu mean?" His cock was twitching he didn't care he knew he was going to fuck this girl soon. "M-my name is Kyuu m-master." She looked up and before Naruto knew what was happening he was on his bed and Kyuu was kissing him, her tongue had found it's way into his mouth now they had there tounges intertwined.


Naruto moved his hand seachle rompen el cula la cachetona her body and rolled Kyuu's nipples through his fingers pinching them lightly, She moaned in to his mouth as she broke the kiss moving down slowly her tongue trailed down his body and she stopped and licked and sucked on his nipples.

"O-ohhh Kyuuu suck my cock." He moaned loudly as she grabbed his hard cock which was still standing at ten inches. Kyuu lowered herself and sniffed Naruto's cock "Master it smells Kyuu will clean it for you." She licked the head softly, And Naruto almost shot his load his moans were almost screams as Kyuu took his cock into her mouth.

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Her head bobbed up and down slowly Naruto could beautiful teen makes love to his cock every sensation as her tongue licked everywhere the heat from her mouth was intense, "Ohhh fuck Kyuu I-I'm gonna cum!" She moaned onto his cock making loud slurping sounds she wanted his cum in her mouth. She took her finger and rubbed it over her cunt and made it nice and wet before shoving it into Naruto's asshole his eyes shot open and he let out a wild yell as he shot load after load into kyuu's mouth who swallowed it all.

Her finger still fucked Naruto's ass softly. "Master do you like my finger in you?" She looked up at him with innocent eyes "Y-yes Kyuu I do." What was Naruto saying there was no way he could like that he was only twelve and her she looked the same age he felt the need to do anything she asked though. "Kyuu get on your hands and knees" She nodded and turned her back to him.

Getting on all fours she wiggled her ass in the air for him to see. His cock was hard again He got behind her and sniffed her pussy and ass he was in heaven, He giggled to himself as he licked her clean sweet asshole his tongue probbed it as his fingers played with her pussy and clit she was screaming out as her pussy got wetter. "O-ohhhhhh master fuck me!" Naruto was happy he was about to loose his virginity.

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He placed his cock at her pussy entrance and teasted her making her moan and writhe in pleasure. He smirked and grabbed her sides and forced his cock into her pussy breaking her hymen she screamed out but that was soon filled with pleasure and Naruto slowly mom son xnxx xxx sxse storys her. He moved forward and she started to match his thrusts he used one hand to play with her nipples and the other to play and tickle her clit.

"Ohhh Kyuu you're so fucking tight oh god I love this!" He pulled his cock out of her and slammed in back in.

Kyuu moaned out in pleasure as she hit her climax her pussy started to squirt and tighted on Naruto's cock "Ohh master cum in me!" She screamed and that sent Naruto over the edge. She unloaded his cum in her tiny pussy making it leak out of her.


He got up and layed in bed "Oh master do I get to fuck you now?" Naruto sighed and sat up with a start he managed "Kyuu what is that!?" She only giggled "It's for model couple try hardcore anal loving master." She stood there with a twelve inch monster cock.

Naruto pulled Kyuu forward and blushed at the cock he was seeing he grabbed it and started to lick it the taste was amazing and he could hear Kyuu moaning he managed to get five inches in his mouth and sucked on her cock making louder slurping noises then she did "M-master I'm gonna cum!" Naruto didn't care he was ready he knew he was crazy now he was sucking this girls dick this girl that he made why did he feel the need to do this?

All this was going through his head when a loud scream brought him back Kyuu was cumming he felt her first load in his mouth he swallowed all he could, But he soon was covered in cum he loved the feeling of it being on him and with that he stood up and kissed Kyuu.

"Mmmm lets go get cleaned up." .