Story sek tante2 bohay bahenol

Story sek tante2 bohay bahenol
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please ignor typos I'm on my phone!!!! I had liked my friend tiana since we were 14, we always hung out and she was the only person who understood me. Soon, whenever I masturbated I would think of her.

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She has huge tits and a nice figure I always imagined fucking her. one day when we were 16, I couldn't take it any longer!!! She came to my house and nobody was home. I took my chance. we went up to my room and as soon as we got there I tackled her onto my bed. " what are you doing?" she said. "I love you!" I said.

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I then have her the most passionate kiss I could without fainting. she go up and ran out. I was confused. In school the next day she avoided me until 5th hour when she handed me a note. it read: come to my house after school. I followed her command. as soon as I reached the door she yanked me inside, locked the door, and kissed me.


"I want you so bad" she said. I was so wet I didn't know what to do. I've never done anything like this before. she took me hand and I followed her to her room. she striped to just her thong so Isis the same. She pushed me onto the bed then went to her dresser.


she came back with a purple vibrator. she took of my thong and started rubbing my clit. rubbing her fingers through my juices. she turned on the vibrator and began rubbing it up and down my slit. I was already about to climax when I started moaning she used the vibrator into my sopping wet cunt and stole my virginity. I gasped and she stopped momentarily I gave her a smile and she continued pumping my cunt.

I moaned and squirted all over her chest as she giggled. as soon as I recovered I turned to face her. I moved forward on the bed and positioned the vibrator between our cunts after removing her undies.

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I was just copying what I've seen on porn videos. we both started grinding on the vibrator and our best friends pussy. we both orgasmed very quickly. I was about to shove my fingers in her pussy when we heard the bedroom door open. Tianas dad was standing there in shock. all three of us were frozen until I stood up, went over to my best friends dad, and began undoing his pants.

"what are you doing!?" he asked. I just continued. why shouldn't he get to join the fun? soon I had his pants around his ankles and his big hard cock in my mouth. Tiana came over and started helping me get her dad to cum. Vidya balan xnxx fuck story not sure why but I really wanted to taste his cum.

"I'm gonna cum!" he said, so I began moving faster until he squirted his load into my mouth I swallowed everything. It was great! I went and layed back on the bed. I wanted to fuck my friends dad. he came over but was a little unsure. I smiled as he straddled me. he slowly pushed his cock in me and I moaned and bit my lip. he was soon in me slowly pumping. Tuana ce over and say raddled me face and I began licking up and down her clit. We were all moaning and grunting.

we all came within seconds of each other. Tianas dad ran out of the room ashamed of what had happened. Tiana and I traded ositions as I straddled her wet face. she slowly licked up and down my slot testing my ass. too soon she entered my cunt and too soon I was moaning and squirting again. we just layed there for about an hour. we were both exhausted and glowing. " this has been the best day of my life" I told her. she looked at me and smiled. sadly, I had gotten a text from my mom that I had to get home.

I was upset. I put my clothes on and walked to my house around the corner. I was up late the night thinking over the day which made me horny. I got a brush and started pumping my pussy fast and hard. I was imagining tianas dad. I kept masturbating for hours whenever i could and came 5 times that night. I was up for the next three night fantasizing and dreaming about what would happen if there was a next time.

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I would masturbate whenever I had a chance and paid no attention in school for the rest of the week. it was my first time with anybody and the first, but not last, adventure with my best friend. we had many more adventures with friends, boyfriends, and even complete sstrangers. after our first time together we turned to complete whores. even now, we meet one or twice a week to fuck. comment: should I tell more of our stories?