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A cloud of dust followed the crusaders, as did a cloud of flies. The group of 20 25 was weary, and any cheering or singing they had started the march with had long since faded. This group of travelers was bound for the holy land, to fight for the church, to serve a penance worthy to secure entrance into heaven.

Now, they were marching, or dragging their feet through, southern Bavaria, with a long journey ahead. David was different than most other crusaders, as he lacked the religious zealotry typical of his companions. Instead, he had been coerced into the campaign with several of his friends to avoid persecution at home. He was tall, muscular, and only 22, so if he had waited out the war at home he would have surely been humiliated and harassed.

After all, an able lad like him forsaking his friends in the holy war would surely be equal to fighting for the other side, at least in the eyes of the church. Whatever. He never liked his village, with the inescapable smell of manure, and stiff rules of the clergy. This would be his opportunity to escape, to see the outside world. Even now, Bavaria was more beautiful than anything David imagined of the outside, the lush green forests with white-peaked mountains spanning the horizon.

David could hear the people ahead of him talking suddenly, and there were some relieved cheers, evidently the group had reached the next village. Then, David saw it too. An empty looking collection of narrow streets sided by brick houses with red tiled roofs, a church tower, and a town square, nestled in a small valley. The appearance of red tiled roofs, as opposed to wooden anissa kate dilateacutee par deux grosses bites noires, indicated to David and some others that they were getting farther South, closer to their destination.

Some of the crusaders picked up a song, and soon enough they were all singing as they marched into the streets. The town was, as its appearance suggested, mostly empty. Obviously most inhabitants had already left for the holy land. Because of this, finding accommodation for David and his friends turned out to be as simple as kicking in a few wooden doors until a satisfactory (luxurious) dwelling was found.

With a room settled, they turned their priorities to the next pressing essential. Nighttime fell, which made finding the nearest tavern an easy task as well. It turned out to be one of the few lit buildings. However, the previous waves of crusaders had obviously depleted the supply of liquor to nil. David's friends were especially displeased. "Not even a good drink after such a long day! What a disappointment of a tavern" Rowan exclaimed loudly, within earshot of the tavern's keeper.

This seemed to annoy him greatly. "I told you, we're dry. If you don't like it here, sod off" muttered the man. David, being the smartest of his friends, thought about how to solve the liquor problem. Maybe if there were another tavern or another store, something that had closed before most crusaders had come through town.

EUREKA! He remembered a building they had passed by when finding accommodation, David had looked in through cracks in the boarded-up doorway to see a room with barrels, and assortments of small glass bottles. That might have what wanted. David stood up and made an announcement to his friends, trying to mock importance. "Boys, men, I think I may have a solution" With that, he coughed and stumbled out the door into the night.

Finding the building again was easy, the town was small and relatively compact. But getting inside was a challenge. By pulling out a few loose boards, David managed to squeeze through the doorframe. There was enough moonlight through a window at the rear of the room to see around, and David squinted his eyes to see what loot might present itself. The first thing he noticed was that most bottles were obviously not liquor, and the barrels were empty.

Instead, the bottles, although full, were labelled with hastily scrawn notes, mostly illegible. Some bottles also naughty and moist gang bang striptease hardcore liquids, solids and powders David didn't recognize. It seemed that he had stumbled into the laboratory of an alchemist or someone of similar profession. But even alchemists are human, and there could still be some alcohol to be found, perhaps hidden.

The first place David tried to look was in the ceiling amongst the rafters. Picking a stool to stand on, he positioned it and tried to climb up onto it to get a good view of the dark overhead. CRACK! THUD! The stool's shortest leg snapped in half, and David fell onto the floor. However, as he got up he noticed that the floorboard he landed on had broken, to reveal a hidden compartment beneath his feet.

He moved the shattered board, and EUREKA once more! Several stoppered glass bottles, concealed before, were now exposed. David pulled one out at random, concealed the stash with the floorboard once again, and removed the cork of the bottle with a quick tug.

An intensely bitter smell pervaded his nostrils, comparable to the taste of copper. Odd, he had never tried any drink like this.

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But this town has tiled roofs instead of shingles, things are evidently different around here. He tasted a sip. Sweet heavens, this was the smoothest, sweetest liquid he had ever tasted! He tried another gulp, but the bottle seemed to be getting further away as the room got darker and his body got heavier.

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His vision faded and his rump was assaulted by the floor once again. Soft sheets. So soft. Was he still on the floor? No. The floor wasn't this soft. Did his friends find him and bring him back to their borrowed room? No, he never told them where he went. Where in the fuck was he? A hand touched his wrist and he jerked awake. A woman was standing there, her face shrouded by her long brown hair.

David looked around. David? Yes that was his name. What happened?

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He drank something, and woke up here. He looked up to see the woman had turned her attention to him. He exquisite doll is showing off her opened narrow twat in closeup see now that she had a beautiful face, and although very pale, was still pretty with petit features and bright green eyes.

She looked like a northerner. "Are you alright? I found you in the alchemist's shop, passed out. You looked like a corpse." "I'm alright, thanks. Let me just-" David tried to chap satisfies seductive beautiful nymph hardcore creampie his leg but nothing happened. "I can't move". The woman smiled knowingly. "I'm not surprised, judging by how much of that you drank." David looked at her questioningly.

How did she know what it was? She replied to his unspoken question. "Tricks of the trade dear, where did you find it? I've looked around that shop for useful potions before, but never found anything." At the word 'potions' she paused. "Are you a witch?" David asked jokingly. Her eyes flashed a yellow color for a second, but David dismissed it as his imagination.

"Are you?" "Does it matter?" David thought about it. "How do I know you aren't going to kill me?" She laughed, her face lifting momentarily. "Honey, I haven't had good company for a long time, alright? Killing you is the last thing I'd want." The fire made a snapping noise, and the woman turned away to tend to it. The fire? David's eyes focused now, he was fully awake. He was in a room, empty save for a bed, fireplace and door, without windows.

The room was probably 15 feet long by 20 wide. The bed was wonderful, adorned with sheets and furs, and he was lying sprawled out, naked. NAKED? David panicked, pulling the sheets to concentrate around his nether regions. The woman looked back at him and chuckled when she saw. David realized she was burning his clothes in the brick fireplace. "What the hell are you doing?" "If it would make you feel better, I could go naked too" "Its fine".

David instantly regretted his response. Looking at her, she looked about his age, with a nice body, bust and butt. She was wearing a dress that could have just been a former blanket, tightly cloaking her body. "How polite of you. You seem to know that you're my patient in my house." David nodded in acknowledgement. "What do I call you?" "Trisha. And you?" "David." The next day the feeling was brought back in his legs, and David could make minor movements.

However Trisha still insisted on feeding him a mixture of herbs in his food that would "make him feel better". Once Trisha left the room and locked the door after David finished eating, he carefully walked over to the table. His reading skills were minimal but existent, he had learned some words from studying in church. The book had a collection of recipes, several circled.

The circled ones were for fortitude… that was strength… magnit- and something unreadable, maybe size? The last was obedient.

That was obvious for anyone.

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Reading over them again, David realized something, shocked. He wasn't being kept here to recover, she was trying to turn him into some sort of slave, or golem. He had to work fast before she came back.


Using the description in the book, David managed to make the strength potion easily. But he didn't know how to apply it. Taking a drop, he put it on his tongue. It had a cool numbing effect, but the single drop was effective enough for him to feel an immediate change.

His muscles grew and tightened around his body. Looking at his reflection in a copper cup, he saw he was absolutely ripped now. Good. Next was size, he would need it if he wanted to overpower the witch. This was harder, but soon Carla cox pov tube porn had a crude paste for this as well.

Now he turned his attention to the door.


The door was small, so David reasoned he would have to take the size potion once he got outside. Using his new strength, he pulled, and pushed at the door, but it was locked well. Hmm. With a mighty fist, he punched it as hard as he could. BANG. Instead of punching down the door, he had just made a circular hole in the center.

Fuck. Then he heard footsteps. Double fuck. David knew this was it, so he took a smear of the size potion and put it on his tongue. Keeping his eyes level with a spot on the door, he waited for his body to grow and for the door to open. Ready to go goliath on some fuckers he thought. Then he felt something. Instead of his head, legs, body or arms, his cock was slowly expanding. Becoming erect, to normal size, it began growing once more, to nine, ten inches. David laughed at his foolishness and admired his work.

Not what he expected but that should come in handy once he left this prison. A fist hit him in the chest and he fell onto the edge of the bed beside the fireplace, grimacing from the pain.


Trisha was standing there over him. She was still wearing her strange dress, and in her unclenched hand she held a short knife. "The fuck did you do to my stuff?" she yelled. "I know what you were trying to do, and I didn't want that" he responded cheekily, despite still feeling the pain from her blow. masseuse with big tits jerking off dick what was that?" "You wanted to change me into a golem or soldier or slave." The woman laughed.

"I wanted a mate, you were a bit too smart to chase villagers and dig holes all day." "What was the difference?" "Here". Trisha slipped the blanket dress off her shoulders, and the whole thing fell on the floor. David got a brief glimpse of her pale white skin, her breasts, disappointingly small with red pointy nipples, and a triangle of hair between her legs above a small pussy. The look was brief however as she stepped forward and grabbed his head, kissing him. The locked duo fell backwards onto the bed.

David was shocked by the affection, so he responded by kissing back. Without clothing already, foreplay was minimal.

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As they kissed, Trisha put one hand, then both hands on David's swollen member and started jerking him off rhythmically. David responded by gripping her ass and rubbing her pussy, now starting to radiate heat and moisture. She grabbed his cock firmly, and was about to sit on him when David suddenly flipped her over, and all at once, pushed it into her pussy from behind.

The surprise pleased her but there was still some pain and she moaned as she took the length. Using her hips as handles, he repeatedly pulled himself laura lee teases with her massive boobs her as she took it on her hands and knees. They switched sides eventually and then she was riding him, while he caressed her nipples.

After several minutes though it was obvious she was not going to last. David felt her pussy clench as muscles around her body flexed. The Trisha's eyes rolled into her head as she orgasmed, and she made a soft groaning noise.

David kissed her, but he too had reached the edge. His mind had a light show while he blew an enormous load into Trisha, still moaning in his arms. Great tranquility followed the climax, and they fell backwards onto the bed, covered in sweat. David looked over at her, her lips slightly open as she faced the ceiling. What the fuck did he do and what the fuck was he supposed to do now?